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Rumble Build Guide by EricXD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EricXD

How to Melt People While Laughing Maniacly

EricXD Last updated on August 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hiya! My name is EricXD, a 1700 Elo player. Rumble is one of my favorite champions in the game, and the champion i consider to be my strongest solo top, if not my strongest champ. Rumble is a very rewarding champion during all stages of the game. He is a very strong bully during laning phase, and his ultimate is game changing if used well in team fights. He is a great counter to many solo tops in our current meta, but is better than a lot of other "bullies" in lane, due to his great scaling. Overall, Rumble may be very unpopular, but don't let that stop you from picking him up and wrecking top lane! (and yes, i do own this same guide on

I hope you enjoy my guide on Rumble, The Mechanized Menace!

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The runes i take on Rumble focus mainly on being tanky in the laning phase, the area where he is deceptively weak. Armor seals and MR glyphs work well on rumble to make him tanky in the low levels (1-5) where he cannot bully the enemy. These help cover up his early weakness, and keep him strong for the time when he shines. Magic pen marks are taken to help pierce the defenses of most top laners, as Flamespitter's damage is very painful to enemies, especially if they can't negate some of it. Spell Vamp quints are what i take on Rumble, so he sustains a bit better in lane, and helps him regen a lot of hp in late game teamfights, especially in a double Will of the Ancients comp.

Substitutes for any runes would be:

    MR per level glyphs: For late game tankiness compared to early tankiness
    Move Speed Quints: Movespeed is great all around on Rumble, and really helps with kiting

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Masteries on Rumble was always a problem that i could never really figure out. I constantly experiment with the masteries, and i came to the conclusion that 21/9/0 was the best for my overall playstyle. I take generally all AP related masteries in offense tree, and take either 3 MR or 3 Armor in the defense tree, depending on my laning opponent. If you go blind pick, its better to run 3 in armor due to a large majority of popular tops being mostly physical damage.

Another set of masteries that i would consider is 9/21/0, but i feel that the extra damage allows you to have more of a presence in fights. I would only take this if you feel that the you need to play very safe in lane.

A slightly unorthodox set that i personally like is 10/9/11. I would take the magic pen in offense, general defense masteries in defense, and take move speed and spell vamp masteries in the utility tree. I would only take this set if you had spell vamp quints for the extra sustain in lane and fights. I really like the versatility that the move speed and spell vamp give you, as they don't fall off late game, compared to some other masteries, but if you aren't comfortable trying these, stay with the 21/9/0.

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Starting Items:

+ x3 OR + x5

I like to take Boots of Speed 70% of the time, simply because it gives Rumble the mobility to move around in lane to last hit with his Electro-Harpoon. It also allows you to kite most enemies early on. Take Cloth Armor in games where you're against a hard physical harrasser, who can close the gap easily. ( Jarvan IV Jax Riven etc)

Core: / , ,

I usually go with Sorcerer's Shoes most of the time, since Rumble shouldn't be playing defensively, and can usually kite out his lane match-up. If you started with cloth armor, you can upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi instead. The Will of the Ancients is always a great item to pick on Rumble for the great lane sustain, allowing you to trade with enemies effectively, and heal up afterwards without worrying about mana problems. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item, allowing you to perma-slow anyone who comes near you, allowing to catch people out of position very easily, and allowing you to kite many champions.

This is a good item for early game. I'd only get this if you need the extra magic pen to hurt your opponent becua but its cheap, and helpful! If you need it, get it, and sell it later to get a Rabadon's Deathcap or Void Staff

Late Game Item Choices:

My usual item choice if the enemy team has a large magic damage presence in fights. The magic pen makes all of your skills and those of your team to hit much harder, and the MR allows you to survive longer in fights. AP is always a great option on Rumble, along with Rumble being able to safely apply the aura on everyone. Overall a great item choice!

Essentially bought for AD survival, along with a ton of AP. The active works well on Rumble, as his Flamespitter and The Equalizer still work while he is in stasis. This allows you to deal lots of AoE damage, and be invulnerable at the same time.

I would go for this if the enemy is building a lot of MR, and you're having a hard time bringing down enemies. If you do opt for this, you can sell your Sorcerer's Shoes for Mercury's Treads to help you stay in your enemy's face. Usually an Abyssal Mask is good enough for magic pen.

A great item on Rumble due to his amazing ratios on all of his skills. However, the drawback of this item is that you're only getting more Scrap Shield strength in survivability, so you're not going to be able to abuse Rumble's ratios if you can't last the damage duration. Despite this, it gives a ton of damage output, making Rumble a team fight master, so its a good choice late game.

I hardly get this item, due to usually balanced team comps, but if you're against a hard AP team, its a good choice due to the move speed working well with his kit, and the passive allowing you to sustain more in late game poke wars. Abyssal Mask is more efficient for Rumble, so i wouldn't get this otherwise.

Its a decent item if their AD carry is just raping your entire team. It got an indirect buff with the lifesteal nerfs, so its a good choice if the enemy has a lot of auto attackers. Like with FoN, a Zhonya's Hourglass outclasses it, so only get it if you're getting your defenses pierced quickly.

A good item for Rumble because it allows him to slow his enemies, possibly allowing for max The Equalizer damage. Gives a lot of armor, and a good passive for taking down thier pesky AD carry, making it an all around strong item on Rumble. It lacks any AP though, so Zhonya's Hourglass is usually a more attractive option. Get this if thier AD is getting to be out of control.

An oddly unpopular item, given its active. Very helpful on Rumble since it allows you to zerg their carries with little worry about being stopped on the way there. Like Cleanse, it doesn't cleanse your Junkyard Titan overheat, so don't get it for that. Best used against teams that can chain cc you down before you can deal much damage.

A good late game defensive item, but I feel that a Zhonya's Hourglass is a bit better than this, since you can lay everything down, and be invulnerable for a while, instead of being invulnerable when you die. The stats are great, but gives little MR, so you can't rely on this for all your magic resist needs.

My Ideal Final Build: ,

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Great Passive, gives you a large built in steroid on all of your abilities. You should try to always keep this in the yellow zone during the laning phase, but overheating is painful. A good enemy will always wait for you to overheat, so be wary for overheating with no wards, or against a heavy harass lane. The AA steroid is nice, but it's not worth building into.

This is Rumble's bread and butter skill. However, it's painfully weak early on, making Rumble a weak laner during levels 1-4. However, the scaling on it is very strong, making him a horrifically good laner once he gets around 3 levels into it.

Keep this skill up as much as possible, because this is where your main DPS is coming from. Keep in mind this skill makes Rumble push like a madman, so keep wards up as much as you can. Almost no top laners can out DPS you when you overheat with your Q. Abuse that!

Maxed first for the massive DPS it gives

A great skill. Allows you to chase, run, and hey, its a shield, those things are always helpful! However, I prefer to max this last, taking a point in either lv 2 or 4, depending on if they harrass hard, or if i can trade well with my Q. 19 times out of 20, i'll get this at level 2.

Keep in mind this spell gets stronger if you're in the danger zone, so if you're in a fight, it'll get naturally better. This skill is also great for traveling the map due to its low cooldown, and its movespeed boost. Always spam this skill when you want to reach someplace on the map, or if you're running for your life.

Maxed last due to being effective at level 1

This skill is simply amazing. A 110 base damage nuke at level 1 is nothing to joke about. Not to mention it has a 1.0 ratio, assuming you hit both harpoons. The slow, combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter is also insanly powerful. This skill also gives single target spell vamp, allowing for great sustain with a Will of the Ancients.

Use this skill to harass their team all throughout the game, but be careful about getting caught, as its range is somewhat short. Always try to land this on their initiator, so you can dissuade them from starting a fight in their favor.

Maxed second for sustain, slow, and damage

This skill is one of the most game-changing abilities in the game, with a base damage of 650 at level 1 for the full duration, in an AoE. However, its due to this insane damage that i hate using this to initiate. If you initiate with it, your damage output decreases, since they'll just scatter out of it. So, what i like to do, is ult an enemy that's already been hard cc'd, and drag the line to hit as many people on their team. People like Jarvan IV, Alistar, Ashe etc. who can lock teams down will work great with Rumble's The Equalizer. Use of this skill will be explained more later on.

Take this skill whenever possible, as with most ultimates

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Summoner Spells


Very strong on Rumble because of his kill potential, this just makes him that much more scary

Good on anyone, but Rumble needs it due to his vulnerability to early ganks

Other Viable Spells:

Works well on Rumble due to his damage requiring him to keep up with the enemy. I feel that flash is a bit more useful though

Gives mainly the same use as Ghost, keeping the enemy in range for your spells. Good for late game, since you will zerg thier carries all day, and exaust means death for them. I like ignite more, since i feel that you already have enough slows, and if you're doing your job right, carries will be running for their lives instead of fighting back

Useful, but i feel that rumble works best with an offensive summoner. The main use of this is for Rumble to split push late game, or for some strong ganks in other lanes.

Not so Viable:

Synergizes well with Rumble when overheated, but you should generally avoid that state late game. Mainly used for 1v1's in early game, so its just better to get a summoner that's good late game.

Seems like a great spell on Rumble, but sadly, you can't cleanse your self-silence. This makes it not as strong on Rumble as other spells.

Jungle Rumble? Go for it. It's actually do-able, but thing is, Rumble is just such a strong laner that he's just wasted potential in the jungle. Besides, this is a top lane guide!

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Early Game

Rumble, despite what many players think, is very weak in the first few levels, since at level 1, his Flamespitter does a massive 12 damage per half a second! Meanwhile, many other opponents hit for like 60 damage early on with a single ability. This is why you need to be very passive during the first few levels, as if you die here, you're not gonna make an easy comeback. Keep in mind that Rumble is also very vulnerable to jungle ganks, so try to last hit with mainly your Electro-Harpoon, and if you can't, use your Scrap Shield to speed to the minion and kill it without taking much harass.

Once the lane starts rolling, and you hit level 5, i'd reccomend you start harrassing your opponent with your Flamespitter, as its damage output is greatly improved from the early levels. Keep in mind that they still have strong output to hit you back, so try to kite them with your Scrap Shield and Electro-Harpoon if they jump on you. If they don't jump on you, harass them out of their minion wave, and them try to hit them with your harpoons for a little extra damage. Be very careful about overheating if you push them away from the minions, because if you do, you might have just added a very deadly cc for their jungler to take advantage of.

Once you get your Will of the Ancients, you can most likely go toe to toe with the enemy top laner. If they get around half hp, you can easily wipe them out with your The Equalizer and other skills. Place the starting part of the ult onto the enemy laner, and drag the line in the direction of thier tower. This forces them to run to the side a bit in order to take less damage from your ult, but it gives you more time to hit them with your Flamespitter. I would recommend to try to do this when they're out of their minions, so its easier to land your Electro-Harpoon, and to help stop them from jumping away if they have a skill like Safeguard. Always Ignite them if you try for a kill, because that little extra damage might be able to snag that kill for you.

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Mid Game

By Mid game, you should have completed your Will of the Ancients and have at least a Giant's Belt for your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If you're not at this point, you need to start farming hard so you can catch up. Once mid game starts, its now time to start grouping with your team to start taking some objectives, like towers. If you are taking a tower, you should let your carry attack the tower down, and just stay near them so they don't get jumped on. This prevents the other team from making an aggressive move onto you right underneath thier tower, because during mid game, a tower could change a teamfight entirely.

If your team decides to go do dragon, try to make sure that the enemy team doesn't know that you're doing it, because they might try to do a baron while you're team is out of position to stop it. However, it is more likely that they may start a fight while you're taking damage from the dragon. If they are, always wait for the initiate from your team before placing your ult, because it allows you to hit it on most, if not all of the enemy team. (This will be explained more in teamfight section)

If the enemy is doing dragon, take a second to see if they aggro'd it outside of its pit. If they haven't, you can use your ult starting on the dragon, and then drag it straight out of the pit.

This makes the enemy team take damage trying to secure the dragon, or take damage trying to run out of the pit. Either way, they're taking immense damage, and it may possibly secure your team a dragon if they miss Smite in panic. If its outside the pit, wait for another person to initiate, like before. Make sure your whole team is there, so you don't lose a teamfight and dragon because of that one dimwit farming wraiths in the meantime.

If both teams are idly standing around, go to a lane and farm, as just waiting around isn't helping anything!

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Late Game

Late game is a lot like mid game for Rumble. By this time, you should have your core finished and be moving on to other items. At this time, teams do mainly 1 of 3 things. Kill towers, defend towers, and take baron.

If you're trying to kill a tower, stay near your AD while they try to chip the hp off the tower. This protects your AD a bit, so they don't get jumped on by the enemy team. If the enemy starts to move toward your team, try to dissuade them by hitting them with your Electro-Harpoon, because being initiated on might be the only reason why you lost a teamfight. Like before, if a teamfight breaks out, see if anyone is locked down, and ult like usual.

If you're defending a tower, use your wave clearing capabilities to try and not give the enemy a chance to hit the tower. If you see the enemy AD, hit them with harpoons, so your initiate can try to jump on them. Late game, killing the enemy AD is game changing, and can set you up for baron, or at least a won teamfight.

If your team tries to do Baron, make sure that the enemy has no idea, and if not, you can try to bait them by killing any wards and catch them in one of the thin paths leading to baron. try to start a fight in the the small areas around baron. The small brush area behind the blue team's blue, the ramp leading to the baron pit from blue teams blue buff, and the small ramp area from the purple team's wraiths.

These are easily the most common ways the enemy will take to try to contest the baron. These are also the most deadly for them, since there's no room to run out of your ult if they get caught there. If you want to star a baron fight, try to start it in those areas.

If the enemy is doing baron, despite its location in the pit area, you can wait for another one of your team to initiate, since if your team can lock them down while they're doing baron, baron will fight alongside you. Either way, ult like you would for dragon, and continue the teamfight if your team wishes.

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Team Fights

As said in the last two sections, i always prefer to start a teamfight after another one of your team members have locked down the enemy team. Once thats done, you Scrap Shield into the teamfight, and beeline straight for their AD or AP carry. Electro-Harpoon them the second they get into range, and melt them with your Flamespitter. Once the carry is dead, you can either move onto the other carry, or help your team deal with the more tanky opponents. The drawback of this, however, is that Rumble doesn't offer much else to the teamfight other than slows and damage, so, if anything, just hit enemy tanks with your harpoons to help peel them off your carries, and continue to zone out the enemy carries.

Although it is not very beneficial to overheat during a team fight, it is something that may happen.  If it does I would suggest trying to run back to your team because you are now very suseptible to being kited. If this proves impossible, and you didn't overheat with your Scrap Shield, you can try to slow down the enemy carries with your Rylai's Crystal Scepter and beat them down with your powered up auto attacks, and your remaining damage from you last spell.

If you get caught before a teamfight, and have a Zhonya's Hourglass, start your The Equalizer on yourself, and drag the ult onto the enemy team. Turn on your Flamespitter, face toward the enemies and instantly activate your Zhonya's Hourglass. This will allow you to live for a bit, which can help your team reach you, or at least get enough damage output on the enemies that your team can clean up the fight without you.

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Lane Match Ups

*if you find a champ that solos top, thats not in here, tell me in the comments!*

Enemies you can encounter:

Difficulty: 5
A very snowbally match up for both sides. If akali gets a kill, she burst you down quite easily, but if you get a kill, she's a push-over. Play this match up very defensively at first, unless you get a jungle gank. Try to shield her poke from her Mark of the Assassin, and make sure that she doesn't proc it onto you early on in the lane, otherwise she might get ahead. Bide your time and start harrassing hard once you hit level 4, so you have the advantage over her before she gets her Shadow Dance. If she goes into her Twilight Shroud, just back away and harrass her once again once the shroud fades. It might be a smart idea to bring a Vision Ward to help you take her down.

Difficulty: 6
He's an annoying match-up for Rumble because of his cc to keep you at bay. You'll have some trouble killing him once he gets a lot of Feast stacks, so its a good idea to harrass him early and try to kill him once you hit 6, because if you can't kill him now, you're gonna have a very hard time doing it later. He's quite susceptible to ganks, however so when you get close to hitting 6, see if you can't get your jungler to help take him down.

Difficulty: 7
He is a very very bursty champion, but you can hold your own against him since he's pretty squishy during the early game. You want to try and kite him early on, and if he gets very aggressive at level 6, you need to be careful that you don't get too many Hemorrhage stacks on you, or you might end up decapitated by his Noxian Guillotine. He's pretty managable, but his burst is ridiculous, so be wary of jungler ganks at level 6, since if he pulls you in, his burst along with his jungle will take you down easily. He's super susceptible to kiting, so abuse that, and once you hit 6, you can try for a kill, since he lacks escapes.

Difficulty: 7
Fizz, in my opinion, is kind of OP. He snowballs really hard, and really easily, and his burst is pretty insane. He's quite a decent laner against you too, since he can abuse you early with his Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster. He's also really really tricky to kill, since he's so mobile, and his Playful / Trickster is on a decently short cooldown. Bully him after he uses his Playful / Trickster, and you should be able to harrass him down. After 6, if he lands a Chum the Waters , you might die to his burst, so you need to dodge it at all costs.

Difficulty: 7
Galio is quite an annoying match-up to beat. He's very hard to kill, and he can poke you down very hard. He can get MR quickly, and still deal great damage because of his Runic Skin. He won't allow you to harrass him down easily, since his Bulwark lets him heal from attacks. Since you're mostly DoT, he can counter you pretty well if you're not careful. His Resolute Smite is also pretty annoying, since he can blast you with it when you try to harrass. Try to not stay close to minions, and try to harrass him down once he uses his [Resolute smite] to farm.

Difficulty: 4

Gangplank can do decently well in the early game, but he is very easily taken out once you get rolling. Early on, he'll try to poke you constantly with his Parrrley, so you need to block as many of his shots with your Scrap Shield. The real strength that you have, is that you can kite him very effectively with your Electro-Harpoon, since the double shot allows you to re-cc him after he uses his Remove Scurvy. This fact also applies when you try to go for a kill. Overall, you shouldn't have a problem against a GP.

Difficulty: 7
Garen isn't a very fun lane to play against, but he's quite managable. Garen, like many other match-ups, can be kited very hard. He's a huge bully in lane if he actually does get in range, so i like to start the lane off with boots, so you can still get away when he puts on his [Decisive Strike]. His Courage allows him to get very tanky throughout this lane, making garen a real trick to kill. You'd want to harrass him down during the early stages of the game by using your Flamespitter once he is slowed, and starts to back off, but be careful about getting too close to him.

Difficulty: 6
Irelia is a very snowball prone lane. You can do pretty well against her once you hit level 6, since you can easily out damage her with your The Equalizer, but you need to be careful about her trading with her Hiten Style true damage. You can out sustain her once you get your Hextech Revolver, but she's very hard to kill once she gets her Wit's End. She'll bully you really hard once she gets that item, so you really need to shut her down before she gets a lot of MR. Play this match-up like you would the garen match-up, but just be careful of her Equilibrium Strike stunning you, and costing you your life.

Difficulty: 6
Not extremely hard, but can be very annoying. He has insane level 2 burst, but you should be able to avoid it by staying at range. He's very bursty with his Demacian Standard Dragon Strike combo, but once you hit your golden levels, you can start to bully him around in lane, since most Jarvans don't get a whole lot of MR right away.

Difficuly: 8
A painful lane. Jax is really bursty early on with very little items, but the only saving grace about this lane is that you can kite him pretty hard after he jumps on you, and that his Counter Strike doesn't stop your damage. He'll most likely dominate you during this lane since his Empower does a huge amount of damage, but just play this lane like most others, stay back and kite, until you can kill him.

Jayce is annoying during the early levels because he can spend the lane in a ranged form and get free AA's off onto you. However, once the lane starts rolling, he'll be much more annoying because his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate will deal a large amount of damage, and will knock you away, stopping your harrass. Your best opportunity to try and attack him is when he just switches to ranged form, because he is squishier, and he can't knock you away.

Difficulty: 6
Kayle is a very tough lane in the really early levels because she has so much DPS with her Righteous Fury. Don't even try to engage with her early on, she'll kite you much harder then you can. Your best bet with this lane is to wait it out, and farm. As the lane goes on, she'll end up being much squishier than you are, and you'll be able to take control of this lane. Attack her when her range boost wears off. Don't let her get ahead though, because if the enemy team gets two AD carries, you're gonna have a bad time.

Difficulty: 8
Kennen is a very annoying match-up due to all of his stuns being able to keep you at bay. Since Rumble relys on kiting a lot of his enemies, Kennen excels at countering him. Since he can Lightning Rush away from you if you try to harrass, he's a trick to take down. Getting Mercury's Treads is essential for winning this lane, otherwise he will keep stunning you to death. Try not to get AA'd by his Electrical Surge passive, or he gets free easy harrass. Try to bait his dash, and then try to kill him, since he won't be able to escape without it.

Difficulty: Depends on skill
Lee sin is always a weird match-up, since bad ones are quite easy to defeat, but good ones can outplay you if you're not careful. Play this lane like you would normally, by kiting, but you need to dodge his Sonic Wave, or he'll slowly harrass you down. Always start Cloth Armor against this guy, because he has many ways to get up in your face. He's a hard match up to kill, due to his Dragon's Rage giving him a very strong disengage, so try your best to hit him with both Electro-Harpoons and get him inside your [The Equalizer] before he can kick you away. Be aware of his level 6 burst, as he can combo you down very quickly if you're not careful.

Rumble hard counters this guy pretty hard. There's not much you need to look out for other than his level 6, since his follow up to jungle ganks is really strong. Try to Scrap Shield all of his Seismic Shard's, and kite him. You really shouldn't have a problem with this match-up if you play it correctly.

Difficulty: 3
Honestly, he's one of the weakest champions you can find up top lane. His early game is really weak, like yours, but you should still be able to out damage him in most situations. Deny him from creeps a much as possible, and be careful of his Wither, because a 5 second slow is a very good initiation for jungle ganks.

Difficulty: 6
Nidalee, isn't really too hard of a match-up in the early levels, as she is decently squishy, and all she really has is AA's. Just don't get killed in the first few levels, and you'll start to dominate her. However, once she hits 6, she can fight toe to toe with you quite easily. Focus on kiting her, and avoid getting into melee range, as her burst will out trade your damage over time. Killing her is hard due to her Pounce allowing her to run quickly out of most situations, and her strong Primal Surge heal, so try to deny her creeps to get ahead, or get your jungler to gank.

Difficulty: 7
Olaf is a strong match- up because of his Reckless Swing providing him with massive burst all throughout the lane. He is easily kited, however, allowing you to deal lots of damage without getting hit back. Try to time your Scrap Shield to block his true damage, and avoid his Undertow. Once he hits 6, he's a tough opponent because he can no longer get cc'd, if he ults. Try to get ahead of him early on, and never let him have the chance to go for a kill on you, or you'll have a hard time getting away. Killing him is hard, but you just need to dodge his Undertow and stay close with your Flamespitter.

He's a strong laner due to his Spear Shot so always take your shield at level 2 and start Cloth Armor. Once you get past the early levels, you should be able to out trade him well. Get a Doran's Shield on your first back to help you survive his harrass. Once you get to level 6, he shouldn't be too hard to burst down, but call mia and make sure mid lane doesn't get ganked, so he doesn't get ahead from killing your other lanes. Pantheon naturally falls off, so simply outlasting him will also win you this lane.

Difficulty: 3
A weak laner overall, but she still can burst you, if you're not careful. She's very susceptible to kiting, so abuse that, like always. Unlike most lanes, you really need to be worried about positioning, because if she slams you into a wall, it could end up very badly. Never stick around with low HP or she will dive you and kill you, because of her Diplomatic Immunity. As long a you are careful, this lane isn't hard.

Difficulty: 7
Renekton is considered to be a very tough laning opponent for Rumble. While this is true, he's not a strong counter as many people seem to believe. Rumble can kite him extremely hard if he uses his dash to go in. Treat him like a weaker garen, since he's much less tanky, but avoid getting baited by his ultimate since it gives him a lot of HP. If you can out last him in the early levels he won't be able to trade as hard as you later on. Always go Cloth Armor against him.

Difficulty: 6
Riven can be a very scary opponent, but you can do pretty well against her. If she manages to kill you once, its impossible to come back, so you need to play safe in the early levels. Start Cloth Armor against her, because she can make a very aggressive start with just a Doran's Blade. Get a Doran's Shield against her, because all of her damage is physical. Once you get some armor, she becomes less scary, but you need to be very careful of her damage output once she hits 6. If she uses her dashes to get up in your face, shoot your Electro-Harpoon's at her and kite her with your Flamespitter. If you can kill her, this lane is an easy win for you.

Difficulty: 6
He's not an impossible lane, but he's pretty annoying. His Vorpal Blade is extremely short cooldown, and does a decent chunk of damage. He also gets decent sustain from it. Once you hit 6, you're much more threatening than he is, simply because he doesn't have an ult to help himself in fights. He can use it to escape though, so you need to be wary of that. Tell your team that he is level 6 too, otherwise he might gank other lanes for an easy kill.

Difficulty: 5
Singed isn't a tough lane, since he has little kill potential on his own. This allows you to bully him all thoughout the lane. Try to kite him hard when he tries to get free harass with his Fling. Don't let him get too farmed either, as he'll be near unkillable late game.

Swain can be quite a bully due to his sustain, and he has a decent amount of cc to keep you at bay. However, he lacks one very important thing if he goes top, and that is blue buff. If you can out sustain his mana pool, you'll easily get the upper hand, but this is easier said than done. If he lands a Nevermove on you, you'll take an immense amount of damage from all of his DoT, so you need to be careful of his Decrepify slowing you, making you an easy target.

Difficulty: 5
He's a lot like Akali, but he does AD damage. Start Cloth Armor against him so you can take his Rake harass. As the lane goes on, you should be able to slowly out trade his burst. Talon excels against squishy champions, and since you're tankier than the majority of them, you should be able to withstand his burst, and take him down. You may want to invest in a Vision Ward if you're having too much trouble killing him.

Teemo isn't a tough champion against you, since he's extremely squishy early on, and you aren't affected too hard by his Blinding Dart. He's good at kiting, but if you can land one Electro-Harpoon on him, he won't be able to get away from you. Don't get harassed early, by him, because he's very good at chipping you down with his Toxic Shot. Just do what you do best and melt him down.

Difficulty: 5
Tryndamere can be very strong in lane if he lands a few lucky crits on you, but you can win if you play the lane well. Start with Cloth Armor against him, and try to get a lead in the lane early on. He does mainly AA damage, so Ninja Tabi are a must against him. If he uses his ult, hit him with your Electro-Harpoon's and walk out of range. This helps stop him from running away, or from going onto you with his immense crit chance. Once the ult ends, he's a simple kill.

Udyr is a very tough match-up due to his early damage and good sustain all throughout the lane. He's kited pretty well, but he will punish you quickly if you get into melee range of him. He's a tough match up to deal with since once you get your golden levels, he's still as strong as you. He lacks an ultimate, but he uses the skill point to become tankier with Turtle Stance. In order to win this lane, you need to kite him very hard, and avoid getting hit by his Tiger Stance proc. His sustain relys on pushing, so get your jungler to gank if you're having trouble.

He can deal a good amount of damage to you in the early levels, but you have much more trading power than he does as the lane goes on. Try to land all of your spells on his when you trade, otherwise he'll just sustain it back up. He shouldn't be too hard of a lane as long as he doesn't get a lead early on. Try to bait him to use his Sanguine Pool, and then go for a kill on him

Difficulty: 6
Volibear is a very uncommon match-up nowadays, but he can still be very strong. Treat him like you would treat Singed, and kite him when he comes to try and fling you. Be VERY careful about his Frenzy burst, especially at low HP because it gets stronger the lower HP you are. Killing him is hard when he has his Chosen of the Storm up, as he'll get a strong free heal, so always have your ignite if you're trying to kill him.

Warwick is very annoying for you because of his immense sustain, and he'll get a Wit's End very quickly. Try to kill him before he starts to get a lot of items, otherwise he's impossible to take down in lane. Like Udyr, he pushes the lane if he sustains, so you should try to gank him whenever possible. Ward up against him, because his ult will destroy you if combined with a gank.

Not too hard a match up because his Decoy doesn't really pose a threat to you. If he jumps on you, throw a Electro-Harpoon out at him, and roast him with your Flamespitter. His Cyclone deals insane amounts of DPS though. Slow him if he uses it, so he doesn't win with said spin.

Difficulty: 9
Yorick is probably the only person i'd consider to be a counter to Rumble. He has sustain rivaling yours, and his poke is really strong. His Unholy Covenant allows for strong trading power as you won't be able to out DPS him and his 3 ghouls, especially when he gets 15% damage reduction. When he summons his ghouls head into the bush so they'll break aggro with you. You need to get your jungler to gank this lane in order to take him down. If you can get a kill on him, you can start to snowball against him, but be careful about his Omen of Death reviving him once he dies.

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