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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amoneychan

In-Depth Guide to ARAM w/ Tier List [Updated for Patch 7.14]

Amoneychan Last updated on July 19, 2017
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About the Author

Hello, my name is Amoneychan and this will be an in-depth ARAM guide. I have been playing ARAM since it came out and have over 1500 wins! I mainly played ARAM because it was different and less stressful than ranked or normals. As I played more, my mmr increased and I found myself playing with challenger players from time to time. In this guide, I will provide a detailed overview of ARAM to someone that has never played before. While ARAM is mainly for casual fun, this guide will educate you on how to win and improve your ARAM game for those who played ARAM before. Note that this guide assumes you know the basics of League of Legends and have played in Summoner's Rift before. Also, be sure to check out the tier list down below to see how good the champion you got really is.

The reason I made this guide is to show ARAM is more than just a novel mode. ARAM, in my opinion, teaches players more about team compositions, itemization, champion diversity, and teamfighting than Rift. Rather than just learning how to cs and lane, ARAM jumps straight to the action. Along with winning more, I hope the guide will make you appreciate ARAM more and maybe put some thought into the mode itself. Feel free to leave suggestions for the tier list and ask me questions about build paths in ARAM.

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For those unfamiliar with ARAM , ARAM stands for “All random, all mid”. Originally, ARAM was played on Summoner’s Rift in a custom game with all players having to get a random champion, go to mid lane, and not recall. However, in May 2013, the Howling Abyss was released and included the ARAM game mode that has stayed ever since.

So let's talk about the Howling Abyss map itself. You will see there are only two turrets before the inhibitor, but everything else is the same as one lane in Summoner's Rift. Also, on the lower edge of the bridge, there are 4 health relics. These give health and mana to any player who passes over them. They spawn at 2:00 and every 60 seconds after being taken. You will also find Poro's and these can be fed Poro-Snax. If you feed the Poro enough, it will burst and make more Poros!

So what is ARAM on Howling Abyss? In ARAM, you will be randomly assigned a champion from a pool that includes champions you own and the free champion rotation. Instead of the lock in button, you will see a reroll button. Rerolls are earned from playing games in ARAM and is capped at 2. Using a reroll does what it says; you get a new champion at random. Like in draft, you can trade with people if you both have those champions. You will also notice there is no Smite, Clairvoyance, or Teleport, but there is a spell called Mark/Dash. This is similar to Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave in that the first move marks the opponent, which grants vision, and the second can be reactivated to dash to the target like Resonating Strike. You can also buy skin boosts for your whole team to have skins and extra IP!

Now into the game, you will notice you start at level 3 and with 1400 gold. You will also notice you cannot recall and must die in order to shop. Additionally, going back to the fountain will not heal you. The objective is simple; break down the turrets, inhibitor, and nexus just like in Summoner’s Rift. You will also notice some items are specific to ARAM and some items are not in ARAM. You will gain gold and experience passively in ARAM, so if you disconnect, you will not be behind that much. That’s basically the game, but there are a lot more intricacies in ARAM so keep reading!

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Team Composition

So before the game even begins, you have to focus on team composition. Team composition is very important in ARAM and can often be the deciding factor. I have had plenty of games where the loading screen might as well been the end screen. The game is based off of sieging and teamfights. Having a composition with little poke, waveclear, and turret pressure will probably spell a lost. So the moment you get your champion, look at everyone else. For an idea of who is good and who is bad, you can check my tier list. Note that the tier list is a vacuum pick and does not take into account for your team composition. You may not be a fantastic Shen, but if your team has no tank, but lots of damage dealers, you might need to keep him. Use your rerolls wisely, but don't be afraid to reroll and save your teammate from a low tier pick. You cap at 2 rerolls and can gain rerolls in a few games. If one of your teammates has a horrible champion, you can reroll for them and trade back, hoping they have the champ you rerolled into of course.

You also want to mix up your damage on the team. Even though poke heavy champions are usually good, they are often times all AP. This will work well in the early to mid game, but once the opponent gets tanky, they will be very hard to kill. Luckily, some champions can go either AP or AD. This makes champions like Ezreal and Kennen very good picks.

Lastly, you want to identify whether your team will be engaging or poking. I have a section about this is greater detail further down, but you should be looking to see if you have any ways to engage a fight should you need to or what forms of waveclear and poke you have.

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Summoner Spells

The next important decision in ARAM are summoner spells. Summoner spell selection are very important in ARAM and there is no set choice to which are the best. However, there are some guidelines you should follow:

Mark/Dash is great for dive champions including assassins, bruisers, and hard engagers. If your champion is melee, you should probably get it.

Flash is a common all-around spell that can be used defensively or offensively, so pretty much anyone can take this.

Ghost is a great spell for immobile champions like orianna] or [[viktor. It is especially great for teamfights to run to the right when you have an engage ally like Malphite that snowballs and ults and is like ten miles away.

Ignite can be used to help take down healers and tanks. Great if no one on your team can build morello or mortal reminder.

Heal is good for ranged, poke champions to give sustain and movement speed to survive divers.

Cleanse is good for high damage dealers that are immobile.

Exhaust is a good supportive spell to counter the assassins diving onto the pokers. If your team lacks good cc, taking an exhaust can help deal with these assassins.

Clarity sees some use as there is no backing. So, if you run out of mana, clarity can solve your problems. Mana hungry casters should take one of this.

Basically, all spells have some use and choosing the correct ones can make or break a game.

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Masteries and Runes

I won't go too deep into masteries as most of the time you will be going standard masteries as on rift. However, there are some significant changes you should note. One, grasp of the undying is pretty bad on aram as it is hard to trigger and is more of a laning mastery. Also, do note that bond of stone will prevent warmog's passive and garen's passive if an ally gets hit, so keep that in mind. For non-keystone masteries, look for expose weakness, natural talent, and bounty hunter in the ferocity tree as powerful masteries. In the cunning tree, use secret stash, merciless and dangerous game. And in the resolve tree, make sure to grab siegemaster and legendary guardian. All these masteries benefit from having full 5v5 teamfights. These suggestions are only if you are already getting the keystone in that tree and just simple switches from normal masteries.

As for runes, scaling is obviously better than flat because of the starting experience and passive experience gain. As for other runes, it is really up to you. I have seen cheesy less time spent dead runes to help defend structures better to a bit more standard mana regen runes. Runes are not as important because you start out with so much more gold, but just remember to get scaling.

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Starting Items

Knowing which items to start with is important because 1400 gold is not a number you should be used too. Luckily, with the new item changes, all items are under the starting cost. However, you do not know when you are going to die and get to shop again. Therefore, learning which items to buy and start out with is very important.

First off, I will say at least 1 potion is highly recommended. Potions will keep you alive and useful through the early game. After around 10 minutes, potions will stop becoming of use, so you should stop buying them then. With mana potions being gone, you only really need 1 or 2 health pots. Just with whatever money you have leftover, buy a few pots. Refillable potions are an option too. Basically, if I have 150 gold, I get a refill, but if I have less, I get normal ones. If I plan on building Warmog's Armor later, I do get Rejuvenation Bead on tanks too.

Boots of Speed have low priority on ARAM because they give zero combat stats and the movement speed isn't as important as there are no roams and returning to base. Boots of Mobility are really bad as you are in constant fight mode, but the best boots are probably Mercury's Treads as tenacity is really good for teamfights. Again, don't focus much on boots and get your core items first. Only buy boots if you have the extra gold.

If your champion shields or heals, then chalice is a great choice. Chalice is very good in ARAM as Athene's Unholy Grail gives both sustain for yourself and sustain for you team. Also, the small amount of magic resist can help deal with poke early on. Starting with chalice and an Amplifying Tome is a great start.

Lost Chapter is great for any high damage mages that is looking for mana and cdr. The remaining gold allows you to get an Amplifying Tome and a pot. Morellonomicon allows you to cut healing on champions like Dr. Mundo and Swain and also gives you precious mana when you get kills or assist.

Tear of the Goddess is good for champions with low cooldowns and may get in range to need a shield from Seraph's Embrace or can use the Muramana damage like ( Sona, Zilean, Jayce, Ezreal). Tear of the Goddess is a good first item as you can charge it right away, although it charges faster than usual because of quick charge. You want to upgrade the tear faster than on summoner’s rift because you don’t know when you can back to finish it. A good number to upgrade on is between 500 and 600. Therefore, it will transform for the fight and you are not sitting with no damage and a fully stacked tear. In addition to the tear, you can get an Amplifying Tome and some pots.

Finally, a Catalyst of Aeons is good for tanky champions who wants to scale well ( Karthus, Malphite, Maokai). Catalyst’s passive is good on ARAM as it gives you health and mana sustain. For champions that get both tear and catalyst like Ryze, Singed, and Karthus, I recommend catalyst first as you can stack a tear fairly quickly due to the 6 stacks instead of 4 for ARAM, but need to finish rod of ages under 10 minutes or it will not reach the full stack by the end of the game. Rod of Ages is a powerful item on ARAM as the stats are great for almost any mage and finishes much faster than Summoner's Rift. Alternatively, you can get a Blasting Wand and Sapphire Crystal if you want more AP than sustain.

Now that I covered mana champions, let’s talk about ADC’s and AD assassins. With the ad item changes, the standard for adc's is a B. F. Sword. For ad assassins, Caulfield's Warhammer is pretty good as it builds to both Maw of Malmortius and Youmuu's Ghostblade.

For AP casters that do not have mana problems or would not benefit from the mana items like Katarina or if you do not need the waveclear and can use your spells to poke them. A Needlessly Large Rod is mainly for a Luden's Echo rush, which is a great teamfight item. The aoe splash damage combined with the raw damage can get a snowball going very quickly. Also, your early game poke will hurt a ton so try to use your skills only to harass and not to clear.

Moving on, we have tank champions. A common start is Spectre's Cowl as it gives regen, health, and mr. Giant's Belt is not bad as straight health is good early on. Glacial Shroud gives armor and cdr, which is good against AD comps. Overall, health is great early on and cdr is good at the beginning to lower your long cooldowns.

Most fighters will get The Black Cleaver, so you can start with a Phage. Hexdrinker is pretty good too for some offense and defense. Sometimes I would just get tank starting items at first, and get my offensive later as you cannot engage hard and expect to live at early levels.

I am not a big fan of Guardian items because since you start out with so much gold, you should really rush your core items. Also, lifesteal from Guardian's Hammer isn't that good as you cannot reliably lifesteal off minions in ARAM as the wave dies too quickly from your teammates "helping" you.

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Core Items

A mage and AP Assassin will typically build similar to Summoner's Rift. Finish your mana item and stack that AP. Also, if the enemy has a lot of tanks, a mage should get Morellonomicon and Liandry's Torment. These will help cut through their healing and high hp. An Assassin should look to get Quicksilver Sash or Banshee's Veil to minimize getting caught in teamfights. For poke mages, Luden's Echo is a strong buy as the narrow lane allows strong aoe poke to hit. Void Staff is also good for assassins as well because the magic penetration can cut through the tanks.

A marksman will, like a mage , build similar as in a normal game. Again, lifesteal is not as important on ARAM due to limited chances to hit minions. I recommend getting your lifesteal item as your third item or later. [lord dominik's regards] and Mortal Reminder are both strong for killing tanks so make sure you grab one. Finally, Elixir of Wrath is very strong as getting assists is easy, thus extending the duration of the elixir.

A support will build a bit differently than normal, since there are no standard support starting items on ARAM. Most supports will go full damage with more emphasis on cdr, so Athene's Unholy Grail is a great item if your champion has any heals or shields. Banner of Command can help increase your utility and cdr. Redemption is a new and very strong item. As it scales with health, I prefer to get this third after a mana item and a tank item. Redemption has a variety of uses. It can be used as a psuedo-Janna ult to heal your team before or after a right or it can be used during a teamfight to heal your teammates while damaging the enemy. Just remember there is a significant delay and the cooldown is quite long, so treat this like a Taric ult. Also, as your AP ratio's are lower than a typical mage, you should aim for more magic penetration like Void Staff.

A tank will build with more emphasis on aura items. For AP, Locket of the Iron Solari is good for the emphasis on mr and shield. Do note that after the nerf, it should be swapped out later as the stats it provides is a lot weaker than standard tank items. Also, you can get a Spirit Visage. Against AD, go either Randuin's Omen for the strong active or Frozen Heart as the aura is strong. Finish off with Thornmail if they have a lot AD. Also, Gargoyle Stoneplate is a super strong item for ARAM as the passive will always be up. Finally, Warmog's Armor is good all around and can counter poke very well.

A fighter will build similar to a normal game. You want to finish your one core offensive item like The Black Cleaver or Maw of Malmortius or whatever your champion needs. After that, getting the strong juggernaut items like Dead Man's Plate and Sterak's Gage will give you tankiness and damage. Stay away from the hydra items because you should not the your teams source of waveclear and these items were made for split plushing.

An AD Assassin will also build similar to normals. This includes lethality from items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade. Getting more AD is also nice. Like AP assassins, getting a Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash is important to make sure you can kill the backline before you get cc for a million years. I have also been recently liking Edge of Night because the cooldown is so low and can be used to get free dives onto the backline.

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Poke Comp

So now that I have beaten item selection to death, you are probably wondering what to do in the actual game. While knowing what to buy and what spells to get is helpful, you must know how to put your champion to use. In this section, I will discuss one type of composition you might have: a poke comp.

So what's a poke comp? A poke comp specializes in hitting the enemy with skillshots again and again, while not committing to a fight. The idea is to slowly chip away at the enemies health, while keeping a safe enough distance where the enemy cannot retaliate. This is very similar to a kite comp where you want to poke, back off and then re-engage. The main difference is kite comps have some anti-dive component to them, while poke tends to have more damage.

The objective of a poke comp is simple. First, use your wave clear to fast clear the waves so the enemy cannot hide behind minions. Then poke them under tower while slowly getting a few pop shots on the tower. Eventually the tower will fall or they will be too low to defend their tower. Rinse and repeat until the nexus falls. Better yet, you can use the threat of your skillshots to zone the enemy away. This is great for pushing the wave without using your spells as you do not have unlimited mana. The best skillshot is the one you don't have to use!

What are the strengths of a poke comp? First off, a poke comp has superior early game. Since the tanks are not tanky enough, your poke will be oppressive and make sieging easy. Secondly, if you have some ADC’s. poke comps can quickly take down towers. This can snowball your lead very fast and end the game in under 20 minutes. Also, poke comps tend to have high tier champions like Xerath and Lux who can hit multiple opponents. Poke comps can also have inherent synergy between champions with hard to hit skillshots. Say you have Ahri and Morgana. Morgana can hit a Dark Binding, which allows Ahri can follow up with a Charm or vice versa. This allows strong pick potential and cc chain.

Poke comps are of course not without their weaknesses. Firstly, they typically do not get to engage fights and are more reactive. Due to lack of dive potential, poke comps are at the mercy of the opponent and them hitting Mark/Dash. Also, poke comps tend to be squishy and can struggle against assassins and divers. Poke comps are also mana hungry and may lack peel to remove divers. Poke comps additionaly tend to fall off in the late game when tanks are unkillable. Poke comps also rely on exerting pressure early and shoving in the wave. If they can't, they can't poke. Finally, poke comps are great at killing one target at a time, but not all the enemies in one go. This can make the kill lead higher, but taking down turrets hard as a team can still defend 4v5. The poke comp might then be low in health/mana and the enemy they slain will be full and have extra items.

So, if you are in a poke comp, what should you do to improve your chances of winning? Firstly, I recommend taking Exhaust on one champion. Many poke champions are very squishy, so taking exhaust can help deal with assassins and divers. Second, try to focus more on seiging and your waveclear. Being able to push the waves fast in the early game provides so much pressure to the turret and you need to capitalize on your early game strength. For the most part, a poke comp is a race against the clock. Another important part of a poke comp is disengage. Champions like Janna, Alistar, and Varus are very strong in providing peel and cc for poke comps to battle the engages.

Ok, so how do I play against a poke comp? First, respect the early levels. Many champs lack cc without their ultimates, so don't go in hard expecting your team to follow. Second, your level 6 hard engage is where you will probably come back. Try not to get poked down that much early (easier said than done) and try to get an ace quickly at level 6. Taking down turrets will be hard, so try to bait them out of their turret, connect a snowball, and dive to the backline. Lastly, you can just turtle up to late game until you are too tanky to care about their poke and go straight onto them.

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Dive Comp

Dive comps are usually more intricate at the beginning, but can be very simple later. Firstly, you have to survive the early game and try to bait them into tower or find picks. Then, wait for your ultimates to come up and go in together. Next, land a snowball on a carry or on a minion and have flash ready. Last, focus the carries aggressively and leave no champion standing.

So what are the strengths of a dive comp? Well basically everything the poke comp is not ;). OK so the strengths are being able to kill multiple enemies on one go, deciding when to fight, and scaling well into the late game. When I talk about dive comps, I don’t mean just assassins. Dive comps include bruiser champions like Irelia and shorter range carries like Ryze and Graves. They just need the upfront burst to pop a squishy before they can kite back and peel. Additionally, some champions like Blitzcrank can provide the threat to create a zoning pressure. This makes the opponent hesitant to attack your towers and can keep them from poking.

Their weaknesses include wave clear, poke, and early game. These can stack upon each other to a point where they cannot come back. If you have a weak early game, you cannot poke well and will lose towers because of your bad wave clear. This allows the opponent to snowball and keeps you behind. Additionally, even if you win a team fight, you might not have the minion waves in the right place or be pushed too far back. Then you end up not being able to take down the turret or execute, putting you and your team at a health disadvantage because you can't return to base.

So, if dive comps have such a bad early game, what the hell should you do? This is why I said dive comps are more intricate. They have to find small picks and use tower aggro to their advantage. Trading kills is fine as you are just stalling to level 6 and more items. You will win late game as long as you don’t mess up, so try to keep them off the inhibitor tower for as long as you can. Your nexus turrets provide a good place to catch up, but you can’t stall their forever because if more than 3 of your team die, the game is over. Also, even if you ace them, you have to push all the way to their turrets and once they come back, some team members will probably be low, so you are starting a fight almost at a 4v5. Once you win one teamfight, you will know your team is stronger and can really bully the enemy. Catch them off with a snowball and then engage hard.

To counter dive comps, you should pressure early on and take down the towers fast. Keeping them low and not killing them can be helpful as you can just force them off the tower and not let them buy. Kiting is very important so buy a Quicksilver Sash or Banshee's Veil to keep them from popping you. Make sure you get poke off BEFORE the fight because your burst isn’t that high. Even if late game comes, you can still win by dodging snowballs and poking their team low.

A special note for team comps: Very rarely do you get perfect team comps that fits into a poke comp or a dive comp. You may be a Lux in a game, but are the only form of poke. The enemy team might have Xerath, Jayce, and Ziggs. Your team is now a dive team because if it becomes a poke war, you will lose. This does not mean you dive to the backline though! As a Lux, your job becomes aggressively fishing for a Light Binding to lock down the pokers so your team can engage. You also provide wave clear and early game pressure so your team doesn't fall behind. While you are still a poke champion, you have to adapt to your team and know you can't just stay back tossing Lucent Singularity at them.

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Tier List

Some champions are on here twice as you can run many variants of them. For example, you can run AP or AD Ezreal. From the tier list, you will see marksman and supports are the strongest class as the poke, seige, cc, and utility is the most important for the team. You will also notice fighters being one of the worse as they specialize in 1v1 and not 5v5. Again, this list is my personal opinion, so there will be some disagreements with others. As for who I think is the strongest in ARAM, my pick is Jhin because of his poke, pick potential, and strong ultimate. The weakest in my opinion is Aatrox. He lacks strong engage, burst, tankiness, and sustain fighting as he is made to be a strong 1v1 champion and split pusher, which is not what ARAM is about.

Tier 1: The "#Freelo! This is my ARAM only account"
Marksman : Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Ezreal (AD), Jayce, Jhin, Jinx, Kog'maw (AD), Miss Fortune, Sivir, Twitch, Varus
Fighter : Darius, Gangplank, Galio, Garen, Wukong
Mage : Anivia, Annie, Cho'gath, Ezreal (AP), Fiddlesticks, Heimerdinger, Kog'maw (AP) Lux, Malzahar, Orianna, Swain, Viktor, Xerath, Ziggs
Assassin : Ahri, Katarina, Master Yi
Tank : Amumu, Alistar, Leona, Malphite, Maokai, Taric
Support : Blitzcrank, Janna, Karma, Morgana, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Zilean

Tier 2: The "GG. You guys lost before the game started"
Marksman : Draven, Graves, Kennen (AD), Lucian, Quinn, Tristana, Urgot, Vayne, Xayah
Fighter : Camille, Fiora, Gnar, Illaoi, Irelia, Kayn, Kled, Renekton, Skarner, Vi, Xin Zhao
Mage : Aurelion Sol, Azir, Brand, Cassiopeia, Ekko, Karthus, Kayle, Kennen, Leblanc, Lissandra, Malphite, Nidalee, Nasus, Nunu, Rumble, Ryze, Shaco, Syndra, Taliyah, Teemo, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Vladimir, Vel'koz, Zyra
Assassin : Diana, Fizz, Kayn, Kassadin, Talon, Zed
Tank : Cho'gath, Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Nautilus, Rammus, Sejuani, Sion, Tahm Kench, Warwick, Zac
Support : Lulu, Rakan, Thresh

Tier 3: The "Does anyone want or should I reroll?"
Marksman : Kalista, Kennen (AD), Kindred, Teemo (AD), Twisted Fate (AD), Lulu (AD)
Fighter : Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Jax, Lee Sin, Olaf, Poppy, Shyvana, Trundle, Udyr, Volibear, Yorick
Mage : Corki (AP), Elise, Gragas, Mordekaiser
Assassin : Akali, Kha'zix, Rengar, Riven, Tryndamere, Yasuo
Tank : Braum, Ivern, Shen, Singed
Support : Bard

Tier 4: The "Plz reroll or I dodge"
Marksman :
Fighter : Aatrox, Rek'Sai
Mage : Evelynn
Assassin :
Tank :
Support :

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  • Poros are afraid of champions, so when they move out of a bush, someone must be in there.
  • Place traps around relics to dissuade the enemy team from getting it. You can also place traps between the first tower and the right edge of the bridge. This dissuades the opponent from diving from the side and better positions your team.
  • Champions that can summon mobs like Zyra can easily trigger traps. Look at the mana of the enemy to see if they used a trap in a bush.
  • Remember that relics spawn at 3:00 and every 60 seconds after they are taken. At 2:55, try to get a push going towards the enemy tower so you can take their relic. If you see them approaching the relic around before the 3:00 mark, use this time to start a fight to punish their position.
  • Value towers over kills. Towers are very hard to take down in ARAM, so focus them down hard.
  • If you guys are losing, do not give up. ARAM can change very quickly. The enemy team might do a sloppy tower dive after getting impatient from your wave clear. Games can be won with a troll or even 4v5.
  • If you do have a an AFK, you can still win. Remember, you will probably hit level 6 first as a team. Engage hard before the enemy is level 6. Snowball the lead quick before the number disadvantage is too much.
  • Give the relics to the healers as they can heal you and the extra mana allows them to heal more often.
  • Clarity is actually a decent spell that I use sometimes. Clarity allows for strong early game and mid game poke, which is where poke teams shine. Clarity will diminish in value as the game extends, so treat it as an early game tool like ignite.
  • Leaving the enemy low is sometimes better than killing them. If they do not die, the next fight will be like a 4v5 as the enemy is too low to really engage.
  • The toughest place to take down is the nexus turrets. Normally, you could go get dragon or baron in the meantime or push another lane. In ARAM, however, you cannot. Try to have everyone focus on one tower because once it is gone, the win is very close. If you are losing, wave clearing and stalling the game is good at the nexus turrets as they are hard to dive on.
  • Backdooring is very possible with ults from Twisted Fate or Pantheon or stealth like Twitch and Shaco.
  • Try to kill the entire team in one go, not one by one. I have lost many games where we had a lead early on. Although we were getting more kills than the opponent, we could not get towers off the kills because of the opponent's wave clear. The enemy then got to shop and kill us all from getting low from focusing that one person. They then get 2 turrets and an inhibitor and we are now behind.
  • If you can, execute yourself. You can then buy and keep that killing spree. Don’t be that Nidalee in the back who hasn’t died in like 20 minutes, but does zero damage because you can’t shop.
  • Try to get to the middle bushes first. This gives vision and can set early kills. Hug the edge of the bush near the middle of the lane to avoid getting hit by a Mark/Dash.
  • Remember, although you may be playing a tank, you will not be tanky at the start. Don’t carelessly dive in and hope to make it out alive.
  • Some games will be an uphill battle. If they have a super strong poke team with cc, you will have trouble winning regardless of how well you play. Relax and have fun because, hey, that's what ARAM was originally built for.

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  • If Braum feeds a poro, they will have a mustache.
  • After killing the first tower, you get another poro snack!
  • If you leave the victory or defeat screen up long enough, Lissandra will tell you a story!
  • The hole with the fallen blocks next to your first tower acts like a wall. Bard Magical Journey and Vayne Condemn can be useful there.
  • The Mark/Dash is based off the poro toss from Legend of the Poro King, which was a featured game mode in the winter of 2014.
  • Mark/Dash used to be the most broken spell ever. It did high true damage, the cooldown was low and the range was equal to a Nidalee Javelin Toss. It has been nerfed ever since.
  • The shopkeeper has unique interactions with many characters in ARAM.

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What Can I Learn From ARAM?

Now that you know how to play, build, and win in ARAM, why should you even bother playing it to begin with? You don't learn how to cs, jungle, objective control, or lane in ARAM. So why bother playing it over normals? Well ARAM teaches you things Summoner's Rift just can't. Probably the most notable is skillshot dodging. Man do you get good at this from playing ARAM. With limited places to run and long range poke champions being king, you learn very quickly to sidestep. While normals does teach you this, ARAM takes it to the extreme. Conversely, you learn to better aim your skills because of ARAM. With no blue buff and limited mana, you have to make every skill count. This is actually the reason why Xerath and other long range mages are my best midlaners.

Additionally, you learn to have a BIG champion pool. Just from playing ARAM, my champion pool is quite large and I can play almost any champion at a decent level. Of course you need to play normals to learn to master a champion on the rift, but playing ARAM forces you to play all the champions. Having a large champion pool allows you to counterpick your opponent and switch to the meta picks with relative ease. Also, you know who else is known for their wide champion pool? FAKER!

You also learn the importance of team composition. You learn the value of mixed damage, what a seige comp should do, what a dive comp should do, and having enough cc. Being able to look at your comp, decide whether to reroll, and itemize effectively are important factors for any map. While AP Ezreal is incredible on ARAM, if you have only AP damage on your team, it might be wise to go AD. Things like this gives you knowledge of how to play and build in ARAM and all other maps.

And finally, you learn how to teamfight. ARAM is all about teamfighting. Knowing to save cc for the yi or kat or knowing how to kite and protect you carries can all be learned on the rift, but not always. See, on the rift, laning phase can blow certain champions out of proportion. This makes some fights one-sided and partially decided from just who won lane and snowballed. In ARAM, if someone is on a killing spree, they are actually not stronger than you for the most part. Unless then executed themselves, they have not bought yet and are just sitting on gold. ARAM produces closer fights and more back and forth action to really learn the skills needed in teamfights.

While ARAM does not teach laning and jungling, ARAM is the BEST in teaching teamfighting and compositions. Also, you might learn you love a new champ you never even considered before.

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And that wraps up my guide to ARAM. I know it is a long article, but that just shows you how much ARAM can offer! I hope you either want to try ARAM out or found new techniques to improve your ARAM experience. Feel free to add me on League if you want to do some ARAM or see if I really know what I'm doing ;). This is my first guide so any feedback would be appreciated. Again, thank you for reading and I hope to see you on Howling Abyss soon!


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