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Tristana Build Guide by Abhuyl

AD Carry In Depth Smurfette

AD Carry In Depth Smurfette

Updated on March 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abhuyl Build Guide By Abhuyl 13 2 155,057 Views 28 Comments
13 2 155,057 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Abhuyl Tristana Build Guide By Abhuyl Updated on March 29, 2014
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Hello there. This is my first guide here in MobaFire so please be gentle with the newbie. Plus, I am brazilian so please excuse any poor English or grammar mistakes.
The reason I picked Tristana as my first guide subject is because she is my main character (and i have every single ADC except for Lucian).

"But why Tristana? when there are a lot of “better” champions to play with?", you wonder. Well, the answer is: there aren’t! Tristana is has a unique mix of most carries strenghts... I'll go more in-depth throughout the guide, but on a short-version, here's her skill-set:
Draw a Bead outscales Caitlyn's auto-attack range.

Rapid Fire is better than Graves's and Miss Fortune's Quickdraw/ Impure Shots.

Rocket Jump has a bigger range than Corki's or Ezreal's Valkyrie/ Arcane Shift plus Ashe's Frost Shot if you use it offensively.

Explosive Shot is a built-in Ignite on a low cooldown, plus a weaker (mana-free) version of Sivir's Ricochet.

Buster Shot (Ultimate) is the peel-off skill, comparable to a Alistar's Headbutt improved to be AoE or Gragas' Explosive Cask.

Ok, so I’m saying she’s incredible? No… not yet... SHE'S INCREDIBLE!!! Now I said it. :)

Well, obviously our little smurf isn’t any of the those guys listed above, but she has a great mix of them all in a single character and that mix is what makes her so great both early and late game.

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Pros / Cons

+ Incredible late-game due do her passive Draw a Bead and Rapid Fire.
+ Easy positioning in teamfights.
+ Extreme mobility and survivability with Rocket Jump.
+ Great defensive ultimate Buster Shot
+ Misplacing combos for ganks/assassinations.
+ Counters healers and "leeches" (like Fiddlesticks and Karma) with Explosive Shot.
+ Coexisting active/passive effects on Explosive Shot.
+ Easy farmer / animation.
+ Can push lanes (and enemies into their base) extremely fast when fed.
+ VERY strong combo and harass early game if you choose to play risky/aggressive.
+ Smurfette ♥
- Extremely squishy (like every carry out there).
- Rocket Jump and Explosive Shot DOWNSCALE into late-game falling to pure utility uses.
- Rocket Jump has been programmed as a DASH move.
- Weak early game trading potential due to lame range.
- Hard to master when/how to use her skills properly.
- Extremely vulnerable to CC.
- Mana dependant if you play aggressive early game.
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Personal Goals With this Guide

  • I have attempted to make this guide as newbie friendly as I could. Ok, you already know how to play LoL or Tristana but that next guy to read this might not, so let’s all be kind and give them some attention instead of just throwing out a build that they would blindly follow not knowing why. I'll try to mark most in-depth/newbie stuff as spoiler marks, and explain WHY did I make such choice over something else. That leads me to the second point;
  • I try not to be rigid with my item choices but after countless games with her in bottom lane I believe I understand her well enough to pick items that synergize well with her arsenal (look mom! I made a joke! I’m being funny! -_-‘). I have thought each and every one of them and will explain my choices in the proper section;
  • If you have any other build suggestions, any other items you would like to make or just chat about Tristana’s potential, feel free to talk to me and I will read whatever you say with an open mind, thinking about it, testing it and hey, good thing here, you can even help me improve! After all, I consider myself a good Tristana… But I'm FAR from perfect ^^

As I have learned in Egy’s **AWESOME** guide about old Karma, I will divide this guide in several parts. Some of them are Recommended Reading, some others are Essential Reading, others might be Optional Reading. Suit yourself =)
  • Introduction - this is where you were a minute or two ago. It's optional reading.
  • Pros/Cons - Essential reading.
  • Personal Goals with this guide - you're here. It's optional reading as well.
  • Coming Up Next... - Optional reading
  • General Game Basics - this section will tell you a bit about goals and what to do with Tristana. It's essential reading.
  • Runes - they don't add too much to your game but they do round-up your first 10minutes. This is Recommended reading.
  • Summoner Spells - if you know them all, you`re alright. This section goes through all summoner spells and my opinion on them. Recommended reading.
  • Masteries - almost every carry will have the same. optional reading, just like runes.
  • Skills - this section will explain skills, in a near future show videos of it and it will tell you how and when to put your arsenal to work (haha, I love this pun. -_-') Essential Reading.
  • Items - This section will go through item choices and "timing" as well as tell you about some situational items that might save your game. Essential reading for any good Tristana
  • Gameplay and Personal Experiences - This section will tell you what to do and when to do it. How to use Tristana, where to position, combo etc. Optional reading.
  • Matchups - this section will go through enemy carries you will face in lane and what they can do and how can you beat them. recommended reading.
  • Support pickups - this section will go through most support champions and how they synergyze with Tristana. recommended reading ((STILL MAKING THIS SECTION!!))
  • Thanks - This will say "thanks". Optional reading. Essential reading for those who helped me xD

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Coming Up Next...

  • I will update a section on support picks and synergies as soon as I get my computer back x.X
  • There's another way to play Tristana in laning phase and I will further test it to see how playing aggressive with skills combo synergyze with each support character out there.
  • I don't think AP Tristana is a good way to go, but for knowledge's sake I will update a small section on it too.
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General Game Basics

Well, this game is all about killing other champions, getting fed ASAP and PWN your opponents and dance over their corpses, curse them all, keep saying “easy, too easy” and calling them noobs, right? WRONG!

This is a game about patience, strategy, communication and teamwork. You’re an ADC (stands for *A*ttack *D*amage *C*arry – ADC). You’re nothing – wait, let me repeat it – NOTHING without your whole team to back you up.

Your support is the one who’s going to keep you alive, maybe even die for you if you do anything stupid (it happens more often than any of us would like…) and let you feed. He’s the one healing you, stunning your opponents, Exhausting anyone who threatens you, keeping your enemies at bay etc.

You and your support are stuck to each other and if you’re a d*ck, you BOTH lose. And I don’t think you WANNA lose. Well, anyway, you’re both stuck to each other in what we call the LANING PHASE.
  • LANING: The laning phase is where the game starts to form up. Some consider this to be the most important stage of the entire game. Don't be a d*ck if your support makes a mistake. Simply say "i'm sorry" if YOU make a mistake. Laning defines a good part of the game, but there's no such thing as a "lost game" until the nexus gets destroyed. In this stage of the game, your main focus is to FARM as much as you possibly can and, if possible, net a kill or two on the enemy laners as well.
    If you see an opportunity to harass an enemy, DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT! Punish him/her for playing poorly!:D This video is quite interesting and well made, if you wanna know more about it. :)
Game Comeback: - Click Here to View

Laning 101: - Click Here to View

Laning 201: Knowing your lane! - Click Here to View

  • TURN PHASE A.K.A. Mid Game: The TURN usually starts when a tower falls or when people get their somewhat level 9 (1st skill maxed out) and start roaming the map trying to grab some kills for the money reward (300g per kill, mainly) to feed faster than killing minions.

    Players start pushing objectives (towers, Dragon ) in this stage. Remember to call MIA’s when your matchup leaves sight for over 6 seconds or so.
    Your role is to communicate with other teammates coordinate actions and FARM. If you're winning your lane, take the enemy turret down and go roaming.

Mid Game 101: - Click Here to View

  • PUSHING A.K.A. End Game: Ok, so now our goal is to lay some turrets down and finally PWN our enemies, right? Nope, kiddo.

    Your main goal is to kill other champions (seriously, who cares for turrets? it's like a weak champion who can't heal, can't focus, can't skill you and you and your teammates can take it down in 2 second when fed...) – oh, wait… don’t forget to farm! – and get some gold out of it.

    Teamwork is essential. You’re naturally squishy that’s why Riot gave you that attack range so abuse it and don’t go melee versus somebody if you can shoot him dead before he reaches you.

End Game 101: - Click Here to View

This game is played 5v5 for a reason. Play accordingly. Play smart.
Want to play solo, roaming by yourself shooting people in the head? Go play Counter Strike, LoL is just not your game.

Understanding your support. Knowledge level over 9000! - Click Here to View

By now you probably already picked up how to play as Tristana.
  • Farm early, get fed on minions, grab a kill if you you can.
  • Always communicate with your support and other teammates.
  • Call MIA’s, help your allies.
  • Sit BACK in the teamfight pumping out damage on your enemies.
  • Play together. Play FIVE vs 5 (depending on their teamwork).
    Remember: the less organized and cohesive team loses. 120% of the time.

For more information on a few game mechanics, objectives and mistakes people make in low elo, This video is SOOOOOOO true it's actually quite scary!
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Honestly they don’t make a big difference. I’d like to point out to newbies out there: if you’re under level 20, save IP, buy champions… don’t throw it out on runes. I made that mistake. Runes suck. Those before tier3 are… ugh!
Runes 101: - Click Here to View

What about our beloved yordle? Tristana is mana hungry early on for her Rocket Jump is her greatest harass. So we should be getting some mana regen Seals, right? Wrong twice, young padawan. Her harassment is her Auto-Attack + Explosive Shot + Auto-Attack. We want to dish out as much damage as we can, as fast as we can with our auto-attacks throughout the whole game.

MARKS: 9x Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Why those / other options:

SEALS: 9x Greater Seal of Armor

Why those / other options:

GLYPHS: 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Why those / other options:

QUINTESSENCES: 3x Greater Qintessence of Attack Damage

Why those / other options:

After 10min into the game, those quints won’t even be noticed. But it is cool to harass you opponent a bit harder pretty soon into the game.

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Summoner Spells

As for summoner spells I can’t avoid to recommend Flash. It has so many uses, so many situations where you would want to close a gap, either for escaping dangerous situations and escaping from death’s jaws, or to jump towards an opponent to take that last shot to his face and net a kill but your Rocket Jump is on cooldown... So many uses it’s a must on nearly every champion in the game. .

This is THE summoner spell to pick up if you wanna go on a "KILL LANE" with Tristana. The amount of damage you can deal with it early on can net you a few kills in the laning phase of the game if your enemy makes a mistake. Rocket Jump > Explosive Shot (E) > Ignite > autoattacks. Try to combo him while in the air so you can max your time auto-attacking when you land. If he Flashes away from you, feel free to Flash too and kill him if you’re absolutely SURE you’re going to kill him. Otherwise, let him run in fear and go back to farming. You wasted his summoner spell while saving your own Flash for an escape if needed. When he gets back, he won’t have his Flash, but your Ignite will be refreshing in a minute or two. You still have a window of two minutes to kill him before his Flash is up again.

Well, this is a popular spell nowadays. And it’s good. The thing about it is that it must be used in that very exact second where the other guy is going to kill you. It gives you a two second protection. Late in the game it kinda falls off but hopefully you would be super fed anyway. Knowing how to use it can net you a kill early game.

Wanna break the meta? Get this beauty! It's actually funny when you coordinate with your support on a kill lane. Your Leona initiates, Exhaust their Draven so he can't fight back as you auto-attack > Explosive Shot > auto-attack. 2 seconds later you jump on his sorry head and Exhaust him again. He won't be able to run and will just lick your boots.

Well, well. Nobody likes to get CC’d (silence, stun, slow, snare, taunt...) except for Irelia and Gangplank. This is the solution to your problems! Buy Cleanse now and get a CC-remover, for only $9,99 !!
Seriously, this will take Crowd Control Effects off your pretty blue *** ONCE and let you either jump, hit them back and punish them for the audacity or, well, get CC’d again. If you go Cleanse versus a Leona and escape her Q ( Shield of Daybreak), she’ll just Ultimate you with Solar Flare and stun/slow you again. And that’s why I don’t like it THAT much. A Quicksilver Sash might save your life in the very late game, but it’s just unlikely that it would be so. Plus, the Quicksilver Sash builds into Mercurial Scimitar, which is a great ADC item to have.

Non-Viable Summoner Spell Choices

Well, the name says enough. Not a good pick for Tristana as she is not there to support nobody. Plus, go get some Health Potions, they don’t hurt. Your Ignite does.

Well it does allow you to ward-gank ( Teleport to a Vision Ward and surprise enemies) which can net you a few kills if you play right. It also allows you to come back faster to your lane not losing so much xp after a recall/death. Still, I wouldn’t pick it. Ever.

Seriously? Don’t you have enough mobility with Rocket Jump and Flash already? Besides, chasing isn’t your goal. You wanna erase them while they’re still in your range.

Don't. Just don't.

Gives you mana. Don’t pick it.

If I forgot any summoner spell, well it’s just so bad I don’t even remember it :p

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  • Fury : Attack speed increased by 1.25/2.50/3.75/5%. As an ADC, who relies on AS (attack speed) you definitely want this. You will go 3 points here.
  • Butcher : adding attack damage to your last hits. It's a filler for Feast.
  • Brute Force : Attack-damage per level. Best available option.
  • Feast: I like it. 2hp, 1mp... it's awful. But makes your Doran's Blade heal you for 5 hp rather than 3 since you should only attack for last-hits anyway. You can ignore this and Butcher and go Double-Edged Sword and 4/4 Fury . I don't like the idea of receiving more damage at all. And 1,25% AS won't break the game. It's 0,007 attacks per second...
  • Martial Mastery : More damage!!
  • Executioner : Deals more damage AND sounds good! Get it!
  • Warlord : Increases damage, looks like Mordekaiser and sounds amazing!
  • Dangerous Game : Killing champions give you HP and MP. In a teamfight you're the damage source so you should get most of the kills.
  • Frenzy : Whenever you crit (which is often with a Phantom Dancer and stupid attack speed) you get even more attack speed! Sweet!
  • Devastating Strikes I wanna do that, don't you? "I deal devastating damage! mwahaha!"
  • Havoc more damage. more damage! moooooorrreeeeee damaaaaaggeeeeeee! Yes, every ADC is a damage-junkie. So are we.


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Tristana’s skills are an incredible mix, like I said in the intro. She has a set of skills allowing her to increase attack speed Rapid Fire, chase/escape and deal slow and damage Rocket Jump, built in Ignite and a misplacing ultimate Buster Shot to keep enemies (that Akali or Vi will suffer!) at bay.

But let’s go more in depth into every skill of hers and their proper uses, shall we? After all, remember, that newbie might not know and we might have something to learn ourselves!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Draw a Bead: Increases Tristana's attack range by 9 every time she levels.

At level 18, Tristana has 153 bonus range on her autoattacks (703 total range).

Now this is AWESOME. Most people forget about their champions/enemies passive. They shouldn’t. You shouldn’t.

Draw a Bead 101:

Pros and Cons:

Draw a Bead 201: How and When to use this power!

Rapid Fire: Increases Tristana's attack speed by 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90% for 7 seconds.

This is not the first skill you get, but it's the first you max out. This is your face-melter as well as dueling skill. Champions like Caitlyn and Sivir aren't great duelists, due to their lack of steroids/debuffs. Keep in mind more AS doesn't only increase your Damage output, it increases your Life Steal output. I level this up from level 4 and max it asap. That way i have AS steroids and can focus on DAMAGE items rather than a Zeal.

Rapid Fire 101:

Pros and Cons:

Rapid Fire 201: How and When to use this power

Rocket Jump: Tristana fires at the ground to propel herself to target location, dealing 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and slowing surrounding units by 60% for 2.5 seconds when she lands. On a champion kill or assist, Rocket Jump's cooldown resets.

This is Tristana’s signature. It allows you to jump all around the place like a boss, closing gaps, escaping assassinations, setting up kills for your team... all sorts of benefits from high mobility........ WITH A RESET!!!

Some guides will tell you to max it first, for the cooldown reduction and increased damage. Although it could be OK when playing as a kill-lane, it sucks up too much mana (I go level 2 on a kill-lane, TOPS) and it's cooldown shouldn't be a problem anyway. You wanna jump in to either kill them or scare them enough so they won't fight back.

Rocket Jump 101:

Pros and Cons:

Rocket Jump 201: How and When to Use This Power:

Explosive Shot: Passive: Enemies explode when slain by Tristana's basic attacks, dealing 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+25% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies. Active: Explosive Shot rends the target enemy, reducing healing and health regeneration by 50% and dealing 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 / 270 (+100% of ability power) magic damage over 5 seconds.

This is your main harassing skill as it deals Damage Over Time, reduces enemy life regen/heals/potions. It can also passively harras enemies in lane if they stand by a low-health minion.
Explosive Shot 101:

Pros and Cons:

How and When to Use This Skill:

Buster Shot: Tristana fires a massive cannonball at an enemy unit. This deals 300 / 400 / 500 (+150% of ability power) magic damage and knocks surrounding units back 600 / 800 / 1000 distance.

This is your ultimate. The ultimate is your most powerful skill and it can be leveled up until 3. Level it up whenever you can, at levels 6, 11 and 16. Your ultimate works both offensive and defensively on a relatively low cooldown so don't be afraid to use it, but don't spam it either.

Buster Shot 101:

Pros and Cons:

Buster Shot 201: How & When to Use This Power:
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Well, items. The best thing I can say to you is: There is and there will NEVER be a "perfect" build set in stone for a character. ANY character. And this is why League is so amazing. everything from boots to top-notch stuff.... everything is situational.

You don’t have to go Berserker's Greaves + Infinity Edge + Statikk Shiv + Phantom Dancer + Banshee's Veil + Sword of the Occult just because someone said so or wrote a guide with that build.
Maybe you have seen someone build it and rock a game by himself. But maybe that was the only time in his life he would ever do such build... maybe that guy was just a pro player in a smurf account... maybe he had an excellent team to back his calls.

What’s essential here is that you STOP AND THINK about what to buy. I can give you tips, suggestions, but I must say and stress and repeat: THIS BUILD IS NOT WRITTEN IN STONE. YOU CAN (and should) CHANGE IT AND ADJUST IT TO YOUR PLAYSTYLE, ON A GAME-TO-GAME BASIS!

But then again, there are a few building tips I could give you.

Building 101: standard items, every other guide, how the .... and I supposed to know what to buy?

Well, this game is all about reaction. It's about studying enemies, paying attention to all champions whenever you recall and respond to who's fed and who's not. Therefore, I'll try to focus the Item Section more as a "decision 1, decision 2" kind of thing, rather than just spit several items and walls of text.

I think that way should be eficient to cover for "standard builds" that might not work in certain situations. If the enemy team has Dr. Mundo, Garen and Vladimir, the Blade of the Ruined King is a must and many guides won't even consider it.

In this game you have to make decisions for yourself, and fast.
The first one you’re going to make is:

Decision #1. Game started, champions picked, you can see who’s going against you in your lane. You also know your support by now. Define with your support which type of lane you guys will play (up and against). Your Sona can either become the ultimate poke-machine or a healing beast. Talk to her and coordinate your efforts. ^_~

Early game 101: When to pick each start?

Decision #2. As the game goes on, how’s your lane going? How much money have you got by now? This part is where you kinda define what your gonna aim for in this game.
Aim for finishisng off mid-game: You destroying everything like there's no tomorrow? Fine and dandy, go for badass damage and snowball.
Aim for Late-game: You're not doing so well and need some traction in lane? Go for sustain! Getting pwned? Get a Doran's and make a comeback!
Both situations, focus your boots soon!

And for the love of god: s!!

1st recall 101: Should I buy A or B first?

What’s important here is: Keep farming, level up and don’t die. Remember, even if your tower goes down fisrt (who cares, really?) if the score is 0x0, you didn’t die, neither killed your opponent, but you are 50 minions ahead of him, that means you won!

Decision #3: First big item.

At this point in the game you must notice other lanes to figure out which item do you wanna build first. Take some time, a deep breath, and analyze: Who's fed on their team? How are YOU doing? Can you afford to go balls deep into melting faces or you feel too squishy and would like more sustain?
A mix of those two questions will define your next item.
99% of the time you'll get either Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster.



Itemizations 101: When and why should i build A over B?

shouldn't I build a Last Whisper only if I were to counter armor?

"Goal build" by now should be:
+ + OR + + +

4. Well, by now, a few teamfights might be popping out here and there. Not a safe time to wander lonely through the jungle, or even the lanes. You’re nothing without your team so don’t push your luck. Focus on sticking with your team in times of danger. Separate to farm a lane ONLY if you know where their entire team is and there is no threat neither for you OR YOUR TEAM in doing so. That will nearly never happen, but if it ever does, quickly farm and go back to your buddies side.

As teamfights start to pop and become more and more constant you’ll notice you kind of lack some attack speed when you’re not on Rapid Fire steroids. For your next big item, most people go for the Phantom Dancer. It is an amazing item, but if you feel like you're behind your enemies and the PD is too expensive, the Statikk Shiv is a solid option.


This is what happens when you don't buy one of them:

Attack Speed 101:

5. I got all 4 "core" items! What do i build now?
Phew we’re reaching endgame here!

By now, what have we got in our pretty little yordle? Berserker's Greaves, Last Whisper, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer. We’re big! Probably level 16-18 by now, dealing tons of damage with every single blow and insane attack speed.

This far into the game i can't "throw up" an item's name and hope it works... you know enough about this game, so help ME help YOU!
If you still need my help building up, you haven't learned enough with this little guide xD
From this point on, you can choose between quite a few items that will add-up to your awesomeness. Ask yourself a few questions and make your call taking a few points into account!

OFFENSIVE options: I need more traction in those teamfights!

We should be focusing more damage, cause we're playing a carry, right? Nope. That, my friends, is already enough for our lovely carry. Especially considering our enormous range. Press TAB, look at your own score and ask yourself if you're dying too often.

DEFENSIVE options: How can I deal any damage when I'm too busy licking the damn floor?

Study your game accordingly and buy accordingly. That’s the best “brain” skill a summoner can develop.
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Gameplay and Personal Experiences

Laning as smurfette:

Well, as you might remember by now, your early game is where you FARM. You’re not strong enough to kill anybody with auto-attacks, your W is your most damaging harass but puts you into great danger since you have to land in your opponents head for the damage and the slow and you have a built-in ignite that’s ok but won’t kill anybody by itself.
Focus on farming. NEVER stop moving and if/when the enemy enters your range and goes for a farm… harass him with E Explosive Shot + immediate auto-attack. Don’t forget to farm.



Well, you do remember the Laning Phase 1st line, don’t you? It says “Early game is when you FARM”. And shows an example of a match and the importance of it, even tho I was harassed enormously. (by the time we actually fought I hated Caitlyn and her harasses. :X I went berseker_mode_ON when I saw her) Well, mid game is where you FARM. Wtf?! I believe you misplaced that sentence, mate. Uhhh, sorry man, I didn’t. You FARM. And FARM. And please, do not forget to FARM. You should have one big item by now, starting to do the 2nd one or at least, thinking about it. You probably have an Infinity Edge or a Bloodthirster/ Blade of the Ruined King and will go after the other. Ask yourself who’s fed on the other team and who’s not. By now you know that you should take CS (Creep Score) into account when checking that.
Are they working together?
What’s reeeeeally necessary to you now? Consider:
Mid-game is where you can get your face rolled OR roll theirs.
Your skills, specially W Rocket Jump, fell to a pure mobility use by now, not dealing any damage since it scales on AP. Your E Explosive Shot merely reduces enemy healing but deals no decent amount of damage since it also scales on AP.
Rapid Fire is what will save your yordle *ss endgame and that's why we focused it early on. =]
The right choice on items to build, plus farming well early on, will give you a sweet mid game as your team covers your back and you fire at will.
If you didn`t feed early in the game, don’t get desperate, ask your team, politely, to protect and corral you as you farm. (ask them to protect you by staying in strategic places while you farm the lane and you guys move to another one if/when you meet the other team). Try to avoid teamfights for now. Whenever you see a loose guy, wandering by himself on the map: Aim, Set, Fire!! Gather EVERYONE and go as a single cohesive unit on that person and punish him/her for being that stupid.
DO NOT RAGE if someone else gets the kill. You get the assist, you got 150g you wouldn’t get if that person wasn’t around AND having both fed is better than if you fed alone. So don’t be a b*tching kid saying “boohoo you stole my kill, ima ragequit and call mommy and tell her you’re a meanie!”


Back to Tristana
Carrying isn’t soloing. Carrying is cooperating with your team and doing our role. As you see a few of my scores in the end of this guide you’ll see I hold plenty assists. And I sometimes leave kills behind for my friends when/if they need money to feed a bit. Otherwise, how are they supposed to protect me for more than 1second? ;)
As you keep farming you can build more items but more important, you will level Rapid Fire to 5 as you level up and you will boost your passive Draw a Bead entering god-mode as soon as you get to level 16. =)
As for the personal experience, I have both situations to tell. Both good and bad early game endings.

GOOD GAME: Click to View.

BAD GAME: Click to View.

Now for the last part of the game.


By now everyone is around 16-18, everybody has some nice items, everyone learned how to combo their champions with their teammates and if they aren't downright STUPID everyone walks together not risking going solo anywhere, not even the bathroom (ewwwww!).
Your Draw a Bead is completely leveled, you got yourself nice sustain, nice attack speed, nice damage, nice criticals, great mobility... hopefully a great team too.
Stick TOGETHER, everyone. Maybe check the other team's builds one last time. Who's fed, who isn't, who are you guys focusing etc.
Maybe even adjust your build as you ask your team to postpone showdowns and corrall you...

More on that cursed Shyvana match

This far into the game, every teamfight could be the last (and probably will). With everyone fed, taking a complete lane will take around 40seconds, 3 turrets + inhibitors. Meaning being aced is deadly to your game. As well as theirs.
You wanna win teamfights by now, so ask yourself and your team: Is everyone fed? Does anyone need to finish an item quickly that could turn the tides to our favor? (remember Yamazato's Zhonya's Hourglass in my "bad early game" section?) and fight AS ONE. As for you, your role is to sit BACK on the teamfight. Ask your buddies with hard CC to save it to that Xin Zhao, Akali, Vi who's focusing you.
Study your positioning, hit Q Rapid Fire and shred your enemies to pieces. As you guys get them killed, it's up to you to either GG if you feel like you're strong enough or safely go get Baron Nashor and erase their base with a full team on full health with a great buff.

Peace, everyone!
Be cool to newbies and teach them just like I tried to teach you, please.
Don't rage on KS's if that guy is just trying to help.
Don't be afraid to ask a teammate what does his champion do. NEWBIES DON'T ASK CAUSE THEY'RE SCARED. You're a pro, you're golden. You know so much about so many champions that you CAN afford to ask about one or two. ^_~
Whereas noobs never ask, pros ask all the time.

Be nice when people ask and remember you're a carry but that guy tanking the whole damage so you can net some kills is NOT a newbie just because his score is negative. Plus, he's NOT less important than you.

Remember one last and VERY important thing. A good player's score is NOT - i said N O T - defined by the amount of kills he has. He is OWNING if he has tons of assists so don't call HIM a "noob" if his score is 1/9/45.
It's a LOT better than your 20/7/3. It means he is helping his TEAM, assisting his other three buddies in netting kills.
You're looking more like you should play Counter Strike by yourself with that score and attitude.

See you in the Fields of Justice, my Jedi knights! (if you read this entire guide you're no padawan anymore. Plus, given the extension of it, you automatically get promoted to Buddhist Monk too.)

Oh! And farm a bit more, will ya? ^_^
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I was asked to make a section about lane matchups and counters as well as how to play against them.
Since Tristana is so weak early game, everyone could be considered a hard matchup in lane, honestly.
Since Tristana is so incredible late game, thanks to Draw a Bead and Rapid Fire plus Rocket Jump mobility, Buster Shot defensive uses and Explosive Shot debuff to enemy’s Life Steal, everyone could be considered as an easy fight and underpowered carry.
Still… in order to please the crowd out there, let’s go through some basics on other champions:

Ashe - Click Here to View

Caitlyn - Click Here to View

Corki - Click Here to View

Draven - Click Here to View

Ezreal - Click Here to View

Graves - Click Here to View

Kog'Maw - Click Here to View

Miss Fortune - Click Here to View

Quinn - Click Here to View

Sivir - Click Here to View

Tristana - Click Here to View

Twitch - Click Here to View

Varus - Click Here to View

Vayne - Click Here to View
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Special Thanks

I’d like to, first of all, thank Leelan for quite a few things:
  • Introducing me to the game;
  • Being my girlfriend for quite a while putting up with my sh*t;
  • The friendship and trust;
  • Helping me practice and study Tristana and her builds.
  • Revising the guide over and over and over again.
  • Letting me FARM!
  • Being my support
  • Warding.
  • Corralling.
  • Harassing.
  • Warding.
  • Warding.
  • Healing
  • Warding.
  • Warding.
  • Healing.
  • Warding.

  • Thanks to my buddy Dylan as well whom I remember fondly whenever I play Fiddlesticks. Peace brother. Even tho you won’t ever read this guide… :/
  • Thanks to BOTs for dying so easily and allowing us to make our tests and learn new stuff about our champions.
  • Thanks to Ghanadaur Dragon for 1000 Shen ultimates Stand United plus Shadow Dash (tho he doesn't always lands them Mwahahaha) and saving my blue booty.
  • Thanks to Yamazato for being an incredible support when not playing mid-lane and trying to carry xD
  • Thanks to Bordoni for all the corralling, patience, fun, laughs and critics
  • Thanks to Red (that cursed Shyvana) for reading the guide and correcting it.
  • Thanks to How to make a guide! by jhoijhoi for allowing this guide to exist. =)
  • Thanks, to Egypsian_Lover who’s probably crying over Karma’s death, just like I did, for making the clearest and best guide I ever read here on Moba.
  • Thanks to mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, my dog, Phillip Morris for producing my Red Marlboros
  • And, last but by far not least: Thank YOU for reading it. =D
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