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Jarvan IV Build Guide by DontSuePplPanda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DontSuePplPanda

Jarvan Slayvitam - Your S3 Solotop Slaying Machine

DontSuePplPanda Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 20


Utility: 1

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Introducing Jarvan, the Prince of Demacia

Hi all! Welcome to this guide. I would like to start off with a short movie which shows why I love Jarvan IV!

/league-of-legends/champion/jarvan-iv-71 For Jarvan IV's lore, click the spoiler!

Spoiler: Click to view

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Introducing me

So, here I am, talking about myself in a guide on Mobafire... I've been playing League of Legends since summer 2011 and ever since I have felt the love towards Jarvan IV. I'm not a high ranked player of any kind, and some of you may have noticed some of my annoying or silly comments already here on Mobafire. I'm glad.

I like to play Jarvan IV how I think he excels best, as a tanky monster:

  • tanky: because of its items.
  • monster: the way I, and hopefully you later too, play him.
I have tried many different builds, but I feel that not building him as a tanky bruiser is a waste of extreme beast potential. Although he does not have superdamage like Pantheon, he is a very welcome addition to any team providing a knockup, a slow, a buff for the team, a lockdown, and Demacian balls of steel.

I would like to add that a downvote only because of items or masteries would sadden me, if you haven't tried it out yet. I know, I may put a few (seemingly) unexpected item and mastery choices. However, this is the way I play Jarvan IV and how he brings me success. I will explain them further on in this guide.

Still didn't find out why this guide is called like this? Click the spoiler!
Spoiler: Click to view

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A tanky monster, you say? In order to become a tanky monster, one must hit like a beast and absorb loads-a damage.

I have chosen for a mixture of offensive and defensive masteries, with a utility-touch. It serves my role best as beasty and monstruous Jarvan IV.


The offensive masteries help you the same way the Greater Mark of Armor Penetration help you: making sure those attacks of yours penetrate and hurt your foes! The extra attack speed bonus from Fury also enables faster, and thus easier, timing the last-hits on creeps.


The defensive masteries help you with:
  • Health regen
  • Armor
  • Health
  • Reduced slow-effectiveness
  • Damage reduction
  • Reduced slow effectiveness
  • Tenacity (= AWESOME)
All of these make you beastier and tankier. We like that as a Jarvan IV-monster, don't we?


Summoner's Insight buffs both our Summoner Spells ( Teleport and Flash). Getting this over Honor Guard is better in my opinion. If you disagree or take different summoner spells, take Honor Guard instead.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
Making sure your attacks, as well as Martial Cadence, penetrate your opponent.

Greater Seal of Armor
The standard Seal when laning against an AD-bruiser like Riven, Pantheon or whatever top champion you're fighting.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
We want to be a tanky beast. Armor alone doesn't make you a tanky beast, you'll also need magic resist. Therefore I take these babies. The scaling ones are better for lategame purposes.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
I like these Quintessences because it gives you a huge movement speed bonus, combined with your Boots of Speed-start. Later on, when everybody has their upgraded boots, this will provide you with a movement speed advantage too.

Other options

As stated before, this is how I play Jarvan IV. There are plenty of other viable options and sometimes it depends on your opponent as well.

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Summoner Spells

When I'm toplaning with dear Prince Slayvitam, I always take Teleport and Flash:

My personal need for Teleport comes from its multiple uses. You can either get back to your lane very quickly, perform surprise ganks (it's especially fun if your bot lane wards the enemy bush in the lane and then all of a sudden Prince Jarvan IV pops out), you can backdoor, etc. Add to this the above masteries and you will be all over the map.

In my opinion, this summoner spell is just very, very valuable. It increases your initiation even more and it improves the likeliness of not getting ganked/getting away. Superuseful.

Other Summoner Spells:
  • Barrier - Could be good, but we already have a shield! Therefore, the other options are more viable.
  • Clairvoyance - Leave this for your support. You already have Demacian Standard for scouting as well.
  • Clarity - I'm not even gonna explain. Don't take it.
  • Cleanse - Even if I'm up against a heavy CC team, I'd still take Teleport and Flash. People might disagree, but Cleanse doesn't satisfy my Summoner Spell needs.
  • Exhaust - Not my favorite on Jarvan IV. Flash has more uses, and with your knockup, ulti and slow you can already shut down an enemy AD Carry more often than this spell can.
  • Ghost - More useful for a champion like Olaf. It's not as useless as Clarity, but it doesn't provide good synergy with Jarvan IV in my opinion.
  • Heal - I wouldn't recommend this. If you're getting low on health, play more defensive and regen or go to base.
  • Ignite - Many people take this, rather than Teleport. Although at least one Ignite is much needed in a 5-player team, the mid champion or ADC can get this.
  • Revive - Kinda useless in my opinion, due to its insane cooldown.
  • Smite - Jarvan IV in the jungle takes this. Toplane Jarvan IV doesn't.

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Champion Abilities

Mousing over the icon of the skill reveals the official skill description. In orange is its short description in my words. In white is an extended description.

Martial Cadence - Passive
You deal a percentage (6%, 8%, 10%) of the target's health as physical damage with your first basic attack.
The first attack you land on an enemy deals an additional %-health damage. This is a BRUTAL passive, adding a lot of damage to 1 hit pokes. (Indeed, it looks like Contempt for the Weak, Zed's passive. However, Martial Cadence is better dealing damage every time it procs!)

Dragon Strike - Q
A damage dealing and armor reducing skillshot.
This ability is fairly straightforward. You aim, click and Jarvan IV's oversized lance sticks out to poke opponents. If it hits, the enemies armor is reduced.

Also, if the lance hits his Demacian Standard, Jarvan IV gets pulled towards the standard, knocking up everyone in its path. I will have an extra chapter devoted to this.

Golden Aegis - W
An instant personal shield + slow around Jarvan IV.
Hit W and you get a temporary shield which absorbs every sort of damage. The amount it absorbs increases by the number of enemy champions surrouding you. (Use this in teamfights for maximum effectiveness!) Added to this, it also slows surrounding enemies for 2 seconds.

Demacian Standard - E
Passive: grants Jarvan IV armor and attack speed.
Active: Jarvan IV throws a standard to the desired location granting friendlies the attack speed passive.

This one got nerfed with the 3.04 patch, granting less benefits to the team. Its uses come from the attack speed passive and the scouting possibilities. The passive is a pain for heavy AD's like Riven. The attack speed buff is very useful in teamfights and when assisting junglers early game.

Note: friendly champions can Teleport to your Demacian Standard. And even if it vanishes after 8 seconds, the Teleport will not be interrupted!

Cataclysm - R
Jarvan IV jumps towards a target, damaging it and creating an arena around them.
(Oh, he also shouts DEMACIAAAAA!!!!!!!!!)

There's a special chapter devoted to using Cataclysm cause two sentences will not get the job done. It took me countless games to master this. This can break or make escapes, engages and teamfights.

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Abilities Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The first skill I take is always Demacian Standard:
  • It's a great scouting tool for invading/countering invaders;
  • The first level gives you an armor and attack speed boost, giving you a small advantage from level 1 over your top-lane opponent;
  • If you decide to invade, it helps your team securing kills with the attack speed buff;
  • Putting it next to your jungler when he starts with his first buff helps him/her with attack speed for 8 seconds.
Need more reasons? I think not.

Then at level 2 I take Dragon Strike to get the knock-up, which allows you to start poking your opponent at level 2 already. Hit your opponent with Demacian Standard, aim your Dragon Strike towards the opponent (and if you do this fast enough, also the Demacian Standard), knock your opponent in the air, land an auto-attack (in order to proc your passive Martial Cadence) and walk away. Within a second you deal a lot of damage, they never saw you coming, and they wasted a healthpot restoring the damage you just inflicted. You win. Getting these 2 first also increases your mobility if you get ganked in early levels.

At level 3 I take Golden Aegis, granting you a puny shield (kinda useless, but hey it still can save you!) and a very useful slow. This way you can stick to your target's booty if you knock him up and decide to go mental with auto attacks. Or, you can slow your lane opponent or enemy jungler if you get ganked and get out with your Standard-Dragon Strike knock-up.

Then I level up Dragon Strike together with Demacian Standard. I max Cataclysm whenever available and Golden Aegis last, because I mostly use this for its slow. I max Q and E together, because the armor and attack speed bonus of Demacian Standard is great, but also the extra damage of Dragon Strike while poking. They both add value to the way I play Jarvan IV.

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In the last games I played Jarvan IV, I found out this is the best start. Health Potions give sustain, the Boots of Speed (combined with the Quintessences) give us a speed advantage. You could also choose for an extra Mana Potion, because Jarvan IV is quite the manahungry champion in the early game.


sight ward

I normally go back when I have gathered ~600 gold. I get the Doran's Blade. This item provides us with health, attack damage and regen per hit: some useful sustain in the lane. AND, I take a sight ward. I don't like to get unannounced visitors in my top lane.

These purchases can vary according to several game changes, like:
  • You are bullying your opponent so fast that you are pushing your lane. You see him recalling. Now it would be wise to push your lane, let their turret kill your minions and recall fast to get a Doran's Blade and run back, saving your Teleport.
  • You get an effective early game gank. Maybe you feel strong and don't need Teleport to go back to your own lane after you recall. At this time it could be useful to Teleport to bot lane for a surprise party with your jungler: an early game 4vs2 is not fun for the enemy team.
    Note: make sure to communicate with bot lane, let opponents push and such, otherwise you might not get 2 kills which would be a pity and waste of Teleport
  • You get ganked. This should never happen. Hitting level 2 brings you your powerful Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination and you still have your Flash.


sight ward

Once you have obtained The Brutalizer, you will start dealing alot of damage. Always get this after Doran's. Next, buy a Phage for the health and attack damage it provides. It also has a nice slow: you and your fellow jungler can come gank and together you can beat the slowed opponent down. If it doesn't proc, you still have your Golden Aegis.


These 3 items are always my next choices. Normally, after obtaining boots, The Brutalizer and Phage I get these 3 sweethearts. First, I build the Phage into a Trinity Force. Triforce is a MUST on Jarvan IV: he benefits from ALL stats it has and deals tons of damage. Next up is Randuin's Omen: it provides us with an AOE-slow which is a horror for the enemy team in teamfights. The health and armor make us an even more tankier monster. After Randuin's, turning The Brutalizer into a The Black Cleaver is a good idea: Extra health, armor penetration and attack damage.

In case you did not know yet: the combination of Trinity Force + Randuin's Omen makes Jarvan IV a beast:
  • Trinity Force brings you tons of damage, it has so many uses and we benefit from all of them.
  • Randuin's Omen gives us the tankiness and health pool we need to (off-)tank during the game. The active slow is useful for chases and the passive is super if you get focused by their AD Carry.

In some matches, you have to build according to the enemy team's setup:


If we're laning against an AD opponent, we want to build some armor. Just to make sure you can take some hits and to make sure exchanges with your Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination come out in your advantage. Normally I take Atma's Impaler as it also buffs our attacks, but it's really your choice. Because I buy a Randuin's Omen after my Trinity Force, you might not want to get Frozen Heart, even though the passives stack. Upgrading the boots can vary, if they have an insane CC team with Amumu and Alistar, you might want Mercury's Treads instead. (And, of course, add a sight ward!)


In some cases, you are up against a Katarina, Akali, Swain or another AP-champion who's on top. In these cases, Hexdrinker is your best friend. It provides us with damage, magic resist and the passive is very good against AP champions: when you receive magic damage leaving your health below 30%, you get a temporary 250-magic damage shield. The other options can be viable too, upgrading the Aegis into Runic Bulwark, the QSS into Mercurial Scimitar or the Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius. Upgrading your boots to Mercury's Treads is your only choice here. (And, of course, add a sight ward!)


The remaining 2 items of your build are situational. Take a look at both teams: does your team have a tank? Does the enemy team have insane damage? It all comes down to the following question:
Do you need extra tankiness or extra damage?


So we want some extra tankiness because your team is lacking a tank, or the opposing team has huge amounts of damage. My advice is to take either one of the above:
Guardian Angel will give you a second life. Upon death, you resurrect. It also gives you nice armor and magic resist: a nice tanky item all-in, but its use comes from the passive.
Warmog's Armor increases your max health and health regen even more. You will be an even bigger threat to the enemy team.


So our team already has a tank, or we are tanky enough as it is: we want extra damage! Even though both of the above items are core AD Carry items, they work well on Jarvan IV if you already have the 3 core items.
Blade of the Ruined King gives you more uses than BT and it has a nice active. Don't forget to use it!
The Bloodthirster has, once you have obtained all stacks, the highest AD damage of any item ingame. Beasty Jarvan IV likes.


Enchantment: Homeguard is my choice to finalize your boots: you get an insane movement speed bonus which is still in effect if you Teleport to a desired location. You could also choose Enchantment: Captain: it makes you the center of attention for your team. If you get in the fight, your teammates will need less time to be in range to get some damage done. It's also good for retreating as you can get ahead of your teammates with the Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination.

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Knock-Up Combination

The Q+E combination is one of the strongest combinations of two skills in the entire League, provided that it's being executed well. This combination makes you very hard to gank. It has, just like Cataclysm (see next chapter), many awesome uses. These uses will be explained below.
(Note, if I mention the DS&DS-combination, it (obviously...) means I'm talking about the Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination.)

Getting away / evading ganks / being a slippery bastard

The first epic use for the DS&DS-combination is that it's a great getaway tool. You can use it to get over ANY bush and you can cover a huge amount of terrain. If you find yourself in trouble, lure the opponents to surround you and get out over a bush or wall. You will be incredibly hard to catch. If they happen to catch you anyway, you still have chances of escaping thanks to your slow ( Golden Aegis), lockdown ( Cataclysm) and/or Flash. Plus: you might survive the beating you get thanks to your tankiness and be able to perform another DS&DS-combination.

Evading a gank is fairly easy, depending on which champion is ganking you. Normal 'gank-evasive'-rules apply (such as dodging skillshots, like Bandage Toss) but added to that you can be near your turret fast enough to prevent the ganker and your lane opponent from killing you. Keep in mind that you often have an option: do I use DS&DS-combination to get back to my turret asap? Or do I use it to knock-up the jungler and get away via river or jungle so I can unite with my jungler. Don't forget your Golden Aegis works countering ganks as well!

You're a slippery bastard if you remain calm enough to pull out these getaways. You will bring a smile on the faces of your teammates and you let your enemy team cry and go mental on each other for not being able to grab you.

Poking / initiating / gap closing

I have explained the poking above in the Abilities Sequence-chapter:
"Hit your opponent with Demacian Standard, aim your Dragon Strike towards the opponent (and if you do this fast enough, also the Demacian Standard), knock your opponent in the air, land an auto-attack (in order to proc your passive Martial Cadence) and walk away."

In some cases, you are the only tanky bastard in your team. Don't be afraid, because Jarvan IV can take a beating. However, in these cases, your team needs to pay attention closely to your moves: you're still not a true tank. You might want to poke, rather than initiate, and you use your DS&DS-combination to do so: try to avoid this. Let the other (preferably) ranged champions in your team poke the enemy team, don't burn your cooldowns on the DS&DS-combination in order for you to initiate a fight.

Another great use of the DS&DS-combination is the gap closing potential it offers; especially combining it with Flash and Cataclysm. Use this to pick out squishies on the enemy team who are stupid enough not to go back to base while they're low on health.

Interrupting abilities and ultimates / creating chaos in the enemy team

So, what happens if you land the DS&DS-combination on an enemy? That's right: it knocks them in the air. If you are up against an enemy team with a Katarina, wait for her to pop Death Lotus and just deny her from dealing insane amounts of damage. This also works for other ultimates, like Idol of Durand. It doesn't help against Ravenous Flock or Crowstorm.

When a teamfight breaks out, in some cases it can be useful to use your super DS&DS-combination to cause intense chaos. If you can use it to knock-up 4 or 5 enemy champions, in many cases they forget about dealing damage and start retreating. Jarvan IV is good at creating chaos with this combination, together with Cataclysm. Just make sure you don't scare your own team...

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Optimizing Cataclysm

This is the biggest reason why Jarvan IV is a monster. I love using it while shouting 'YOU DONT LOOK SO TOUGH NOW!', while I continue smashing enemy champions' faces. This skill has tons of uses; but mind you: some uses can turn out very badly, for you and your team! Read this chapter, in order to prevent the following from happening:

Spoiler: Click to view

#1 Cataclysm RULE

There are many ways to use Cataclysm, and many of these ways COULD be useful for the team. There is one very important rule Jarvan IV-players need to remember:

You can REMOVE the Arena you created by pressing the R-button again after casting it.

It can happen in any game at any time that you, somehow, executed a fail- Cataclysm. In these cases, DO NOT HESITATE TO REMOVE THE ARENA! Placing a stupid arena and removing it is not the best feeling you can have, but hey that's life sometimes! People sometimes even give you kudos for removing it instantly if it was a fail move.

So, what else do we need to know before using Cataclysm?

Firstly, Cataclysm deals alot of damage, together with creating an arena around the champion. However, every champion with a Flash can just get out of the 'impassable' terrain you have created. Other than that, there are many champions who have (dashing) abilities that make Cataclysm only useful for the damage it does, not for the arena it creates.

I have made a list of champions and their ability which makes the arena of Cataclysm useless. In these cases it's also good to know if they need to use their skill on a friendly or enemy target or in some cases no target is even needed!

(Note 1: if it says enemy target below, it means it's an enemy target for the described champion and a friendly target for you!)

(Note 2: even if a champion can get out, in some cases it could still be useful to Cataclysm, because it deals a lot of damage. Therefore, in some cases, you could use it as finishing skill.)

So what exactly do we know now?

Many champions only get hurt because of Cataclysm's damage, and just don't give a p00p about the arena. Any champion can even get out with Flash! However, Jarvan IV's ultimate is still very useful. The above abilities can also be used effectively for friendlies to get in your arena; so it happens the other way around, see below random situation.

Random situation #491572
You and your junglerteammate Xin Zhao are chasing a Sona. With your Dragon Strike & Demacian Standard combination you get in range to trap her with Cataclysm. Here comes Xin Zhao, dashing into your arena with his Audacious Charge, and together you slice Sona to pieces.

Similar situations like the one sketched above happen very often. In above situation, it would have been very different if your junglerfriend was a Skarner. You could have better popped Golden Aegis, rather than Cataclysm. Then, if Skarner also got in melee range, you could use Cataclysm to trap all three of you within the arena.

In these battles, decisions are made within a split second, so you have to keep track of enemies who can dash, who still have their ulti, whose skills are on cooldown, whose Flash is on cooldown. All these things are important to keep track of when playing with Jarvan IV. If you decide to assist mid or bot lane with a gank, always inform if their flash or dash-ability is on cooldown. We don't want to waste our precious Cataclysm, while leaving the enemy laughing under their turret after he dashed out of your arena.

Turret Trapping © with Cataclysm

The next part of this chapter will be on Turret Trapping ©. The idea of this, is to trap the enemy under your turret with Cataclysm. You have to take note of several possibilities. In all of the following possibilities, you are hugging your turret.
  1. The enemy champion uses his dash ability (if they have one) to get close to you and (will try to) finish you.
  2. The enemy champion uses minions as cover and use their dash ability (if they have one) to get out of turret range.
  3. The enemy tries to pull you out underneath your turret.

Number 1
In this situation, ALWAYS trap the enemy champion with Cataclysm. If an enemy dashes towards you, Turrethugging Jarvan IV, it means they deal damage to you and they will automatically get targetted by the turret. You can even use your Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-knockup when the arena fades in order to get most turret damage done to your opponent. This is the ideal situation for Turret Trapping ©.
Some people, like Lee Sin, are insane at turret diving. (or Ahri, or Zed, etc.) They use Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike on you to get in, kill you, and get out with Safeguard / Iron Will without taking more than 2 turret hits. In these cases, you didn't go back to base early enough. And/or, you failed to dodge Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

Number 2
In these situations you have to make a decision: do I have enough health to survive before the turret lands some attacks on the enemy champion? You'll have to make this decision, because the turret will attack the minions, not the enemy champion. If there are only 3 caster minions, it might be wise to kill them fast with your Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-knockup, so the turret immediately starts attacking the enemy champion.
If enemies save their dashing abilities to get out, normally I still trap them hoping they start to panic. If not, bad luck and you'll have your Cataclysm again after a minute or so.

Number 3
This could be the case with an enemy Blitzcrank, for instance. Or Urgot, if he's stupid enough. This is an easy one. If you, the turrethugger himself, gets pulled out by any means, just hop back with your Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination. In case of an Urgot's ultimate, you can even use Cataclysm to move back under your turret and trap him underneath it. This is a situation that only happens in theory, it's not likely to happen in a real game. If however, the enemy Urgot is silly enough to do so; please do not forget to laugh at that guy. Alot.

Other champions synergizing with Cataclysm

Check out your team composition, some champions and their ultimates synergize extremely well with Cataclysm. Below are a few examples:

Obviously there are more synergies with Cataclysm. The best example happening to me recently was in a ranked game with a Katarina. We were getting pushed and were 4vs5, but she was a little fed. I asked her if she was ready for it and at the right moment I trapped 4 of their enemies in my Cataclysm. Katarina jumped in right on top of me and popped Death Lotus. She got a pentakill, it was GG. However, these (just like the dashing abilities) can also work AGAINST your team. If you trap an enemy Gangplank together with your entire team and he unleashes his Cannon Barrage, you will not be a happy team, and the #1 Cataclysm-rule is of effect.

There are also friendly champions whose abilities/ultimates are horrible when you just landed a Cataclysm. Some examples:
I would advise, if you play with certain champions, always tell them to respect the Arena of our mighty Cataclysm. And then pray that they will respect it for the rest of the game.

Team Trapping with Cataclysm

In some situations, you will find a friendly player chased by the other team. It is of utmost importance that if you decide to team-trap them, you do not trap your teammate! If you happen to do trap him or her, the #1 Cataclysm-rule applies. I have saved many teammates like this and it can be very useful.

- So, I have trapped the enemy team in my Arena. Will they not kill me now?
Fear not, for you are Jarvan IV, Prince of Demacia! I would not suggest waiting a second or two with getting out of your own Cataclysm, but you are tanky so you can take a few hits. You can use your Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination to get out of your own Cataclysms. If one of these abilities happens to be on cooldown, you can still Flash out. Preferably get out of the Arena over a wall, so both of you vanish in the fog of war.

Please be aware of the fact that this can help yourself too: if you're fighting an enemy and you need to get away, maybe a Flash alone will not get the job done. In these cases, it might be wise to first trap them in your Cataclysm and then Flash out, or use the Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination.

Another sweet use of Cataclysm is that you can block alot of jungle paths with it, so you can personally make sure that nobody from the enemy team can go through, unless they burn valuable spells/abilities. Not alot of extra explanation is required for this, it's just useful to know.

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A word of thanks

Goes out to jhoijhoi for that epic guide on how-to-guide.

Goes out to you for reading this.

I will try to add some pictures for the Cataclysm and Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike-combination chapters. This will happen once I have internet at home again. I moved last weekend, 3rd of Feb, and requesting new internet takes a couple of weeks :( The only time I get online now is at work.

If you happen to find any flaws or mistakes: comment and I will adjust accordingly.

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Change Log

07-02-2013 - Guide published
07-02-2013 - Small adjustment to Golden Aegis-description
11-02-2013 - Adjustment to Elise-part in Cataclysm-chapter
12-02-2013 - Adjusted lay-out of Runes-chapter
19-03-2013 - Adjustments made because of patch 3.04: Updated chapters: Items, Runes, Masteries
25-03-2013 - Adjustments made to items section
25-03-2013 - Adjustments made to title and introduction
11-04-2013 - Few changes to introduction and item notes
07-05-2013 - Updated Elise-part in Cataclysm-chapter