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Kayle Build Guide by Lvl99gamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvl99gamer

Kayle - The Judicator's Compendium (A Comprehensive Guide)

Lvl99gamer Last updated on December 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First off, Welcome to my guide!

I am Lvl99gamer and this is my first guide (and only ever) on my all time favourite champ: Kayle
I have played Kayle almost solely for almost a year straight and though I've fiddled with other champs I always found myself coming back to her so I decided to share my knowledge I have earned.

I will try to fit in as much video content and visuals as I can which is kind of how I want to set apart this guide from the others, especially for things like strategy and how to handle lanes. If all of this catches on and I got the time to spare I will even do full commentary video's for all builds in this guide.

For those of you who don't really know who this champion is and what she does (she isn't exactly the most well known champ), allow me to inform you of her potential.

Kayle is stronk

There, I said it. And when I am saying Strong I'm saying DPS-their-entire-team-down in the blink of an eye strong. Most people know her as that lackluster support that no-one plays (especially some time ago when I started playing her) but she has the potential to grow into something much more... Demonic

However, I am going to be honest with you in this guide. Kayle has flaws. I see some guides say things like: ''OMG follow this build for guaranteed epic rapesauce vote up pls'' But this is just not the case. Every champion has flaws and in this guide I will try my absolute best to help you overcome these weaknesses to get the most out of this champion.

In this guide I will cover every possible role you could want to fullfill with her and although some roles are much more viable than others I assume you opened this guide because you are interested in or Love this champion and want to get the most out of her regardless of where you're taking her.

Please leave your suggestions/opinions/critiques in the comments below or send me a PM. Your help is greatly appreciated in my efforts to make the best out of this guide!

*There WILL be insame amounts of errors/spelling mistakes/double information when I publish this so please bear with me and lots of clean up is required, if you find any errors I would love to hear about them in the comments or PM's. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in cleaning this guide up. If you have any suggestions to make this guide prettier id love to hear that as well. I will publish this when all of the text is finished and add video content as I go*

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my guide!

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Season 3 Theorycrafting!


So yeah with season 3 just around the corner quite a few things will change for Kayle.
Let's get right to it.

First off, Surge is getting deleted which is VERY sad. Kayle was pretty much the only champ who could make good use of it though so it was to be expected. Don't be afraid though there's plenty of great stuff ahead!


Guinsoo Rageblade

Item Cost: 2600
Recipe Cost: 865
+30 Attack Damage +40 Ability Power
Passive: Your basic attacks or spellcasts grant you 4% Attack Speed and 4 Ability Power for 8 seconds.This bonus stacks up to 8 times.
Unique Passive: Falling below 50% health grants you 20% Attack Speed,10% Life Steal and 10% Spell Vamp until you exit combat - 30 second cooldown.

I'm not entirely sure if I like this change. While the AS boost and LS/SV are very nice they only activate at low health. I have to do more testing to come to a conclusion on this one. I'm not happy about the higher cost for worse stats though.

Blade of the Ruined King

Item Cost: 2900
Recipe Cost: 975
+40 Attack Damage +10% Life Steal
UNIQUE Passive: Your attacks deal 4% of the target's current health in physical damage and heal you for half the amount (120 max vs. minions).
UNIQUE Active: Drains target champion, dealing 150 physical damage plus 50% of your attack damage and healing you by the same amount. Additionally, you steal 30% of their movement speed for 2 seconds (60 second cooldown).

Is coming to Summoners Rift! This is GREAT news for Kayle as it synergises great with her. Not only that it's now also a VERY strong pick for AD Kayle. The sustain this thing gives is great and gives Kayle even MORE kiting potential. We lost Madred's Bloodrazor but this item is just so much better. And it also has ridiculous synergy with the next item.

Runaan's Hurricane

Item Cost: 2350
Recipe Cost: 1000
+70% Attack Speed
UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets, each dealing 10 + 50% of your Attack Damage. These apply on-hit effects.

Now this is just incredible. Together with Blade of the Ruined King you will WRECK the enemy team and giving us so much sustain in teamfights it's ridonkulous. It gives great AS (which we love) but the passive is where the fun is at. It might only deal 50% AD on its secondary hits but it actually deals our FULL AP on-hit damage from Righteous Fury. This item is going to be a must have on every Kayle build except maybe Jungle and Support (and Jungle might even be great too haven;t tested it yet though). This item should be bought after the laning phase has ended as it doesn't help you alot in 1v1 scenario's. Your total DPS will skyrocket with this item in teamfights though. I actually think they might nerf this item because the way it is now it would be WAY too overpowered on Kayle, Teemo and Kog'Maw.

AP Kayle:

Ok this one might have gotten the strongest upgrade of all. Together with the Spellsword mastery (5% of AP as Magic damage on basic attack) and the Malady upgrade (10% of AP as Magic Damage on Attack) Combined with Ruraan's Hurricane (which deals full on hit damage) AP Kayle just MELTS entire teams and has the most AoE teamfight capabilities of every Kayle build at present. I have been having great succes with this on PBE. I still need to experiment with the build order but as it is right now it's great.

Extra extra! Liandrys torment

Oh boy this item might be a new core on AP Kayle, sort of like a Blade of the Ruined King but for AP Kayle. The great thing here is that it's effect is DOUBLED (!) against enemies whose movement is impaired. Which is ALWAYS since we iniate with our Q! and best of all our autoattacks with Righteous Fury on proc the effect. Not to mention our splash damage procs it too! (albeit at halved effectiveness) Combine with attack speed and Runaan's Hurricane for a VERY sad enemy team. I'm still working how to put this in the Kayle but and LOTS of experimentation is required but AP Kayle might be one of the strongest builds now.

Jungle Kayle:

A bit mixed on this one, her first clear is REALLY weak without a leash (it's possible but I REALLY recommend getting a good leash as the Jungle punishes Kayle pretty hard now even with a machette. Armor might be a better start but I haven;t been able to check that yet.) But on a more positive note the extra Gold in the jungle and new items REALLY make Jungle Kayle shine. Spirit of the Lizard Elder (Red buff in item form) is procced by Kayle's splash damage (!) and the new black cleaver + Kayle's Passive Holy Fervor + Runaan's Hurricane will be your allied carry's wet dream as the armor shredding is INSANE. So far I'm positive about this one!

AD Kayle:

AD Kayle is least affected by the new changes in my opinion. Runaan's + Blade of the Ruined King might be a good pick on Kayle (albeit slightly situational since you give up some single target damage) and the new Sword of the Divine also works REALLY well on her (especially with the removal of Surge) This item will DEFENITELY be nerfed because as it is right now three consecutive crits as AD Kayle + 100% AS is just way too insane.

Hybrid Kayle:

The Guinsoo nerf is unfortunate but it's nothing TOO bad. Runaan's + Blade of the Ruined King is a GREAT pick on her and so far has been very effective on PBE. All in all the changes are nothing TOO big. I would have to play a LOT more matches before I can accurately estimate the change but for now I have to say the changes have been pretty much in her favor so far but this might change as I heard Riot is going to be very aggressive with changing new items.

Thats it for now folks! IMO Kayle got buffed across the board imo. Some builds more than others but so far I'm VERY excited for the next season! Special mention goes to AP Kayle. A build I was previously a little indifferent about in season 2. It defenitely wasn't the strongest pick for her but with the new items it might actually be one of the stronger build options for her.

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Pros / Cons

First off, her strengths and weaknesses. This part could span entire pages so I chose to just to pick a few obvious ones and go into far greater detail further in this guide.


  • Incredibly versatile.
  • Hypercarry.
  • Scales with AP and AD.
  • Can slow enemies and speed up/heal allies.
  • Her Passive shreds defenses.
  • Great at Farming.
  • Correct Intervention can win you the game.

  • Squishy early game.
  • Can be very mana heavy early especially if you have to heal often.
  • Paying mana to be a ranged champ.
  • Lackluster early game.
  • If you're forced to farm with Righteous Fury you will push your lane too hard.
  • CC shuts her down HARD

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Holy Fervor
Although it's a mere shadow compared to Kayle's old passive it's not all bad. It provides an on-hit effect that shreds armor and magic resist The stacks are very easy to apply with Kayle's attack speed but enemies rarely if ever live past 5 hits. I shouldn't complain though, it's a bit more of a lategame passive but extra damage is extra damage right! Her passive will only apply to Kayle's main target so your splash will not apply the debuff

You iniate most fights with this skill, it deals decent damage thanks to its 1AD/1AP scaling and slows the enemy, allowing you to get more hits off. You also do increased damage to your target which is always nice.

Divine Blessing
Your ''heal'' and ''haste'', unless you are going Hybrid or AP you won't really be notice the healing effect but it's still usefull as a speed boost and can save lives. It has no cast time so it can be used while moving. It comes with a whopping 1200 range as well(!). If an enemy is about to die be sure to use it on someone who attacked that enemy for an easy assist <3.

Righteous Fury
Ah Righteous Fury. The flaming sword is really what Kayle is all about. Activating this grants you Bonus magic damage on hit and you splash you splash both your AD and AP with a 0.4 scaling on both types. There's a few great things about this skill. You will STILL deal your splash damage and magic damage even when you're blinded or when the enemy dodges the attack (jax). Your autoattacks will proc Spellvamp (making Hextech Gunblade a very sweet item on her and you will also proc Rylai's slow effect. Attacking a turret will not proc your splash so you can attack it without drawing turret aggro when an enemy is underneath it. Attacking an enemy close to it DOES splash to the turret.

Arguably Kayle's most iconic spell. Intervention does not grant crowd control immunity, and will neither cleanse nor prevent crowd control from taking effect on the target. It's utility however is great and can turn fights around and save lives as well as more towerdiving capability. Knowing when on who to use this on is what seperate the good from the great and if used well can earn you much respect.

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Summoner Spells

I believe summoner spells are largely up to preference with a few exceptions, below I will talk about the viable ones and leave it up to you to decide.

First off, Surge! My personal favourite. Kayle might be one of the only champs this spell is viable on and boy it's like it's made just for her.
Ignite might be good for finishing enemies off and dealing some guaranteed true damage but popping this spell at the beginning of a fight will make you deal FAR more damage than a few silly ignites ever could. This spell can win you teamfights.
Naturally this spell is less attractive on AD/Support/Jungle Kayle but it's my Top reccomendation otherwise.

The spell everyone knows and loves Ignite! You can't go wrong with this spell really, it deals True damage which scales over level and all you need to do is cast it. Use this with the summoners wrath Mastery for 5 AD and AP when it's on cooldown. It also deals 10% extra damage when combined with your Reckoning at max level but that only comes down to about 41 damage at lvl 18. Use it if you're not going AP or Hybrid or if for some reason you are really opposed to Surge or Exhaust. It's a really strong summoner spell on Kayle.

Ahh Exhaust. It can be used both offensively and defensively and can shut down a fed enemy carry or greatly help in taking down a champion. In my opinion almost as good as Surge. The only reason I take Surge over Exhaust is because Surge amplifies your damage instead of weakening just one enemy. Making it easier to just melt their entire team.

A great spell on Kayle allowing you to make a quick escape or chasing down an enemy. Popping Ghost will allow you not just to keep up with an enemy but also leave time inbetween for attacks. Either this or Flash is a must take.

Probably the most used summoner spell in the game and for good reason. It allows for quick escapes flashing over obstacles and all that good stuff. Suddenly flashing to an enemy can net you kills as well.

A must have for Jungle Kayle. Smite with a point in Summoner's Resolve will net you 10g on use which is not much but nice to have. It makes Blue, Red and Drake considerably easier to take down and not taking it is just asking for your buffs and drake to get stolen.

Supportive spell, with the current meta you're better off taking Exhaust as a Support Kayle to help your carry get kills but it does have its good points. It's on a relatively short cooldown and it gives considerable map awareness which is a very important thing to have. Also usefull for checking on Drake and Baron.

A very good spell when against a CC heavy team. Your ult does not protect you against CC and very often Cleanse will save your behind far more often than Flash will. It can also win you a lot of fights if you find yourself taking all the enemy CC. You can also replace this with Quicksilver Sash if you really need it. All in all not a bad summoner spell.

Some people swear by teleport and it sure has it's uses. I actually like it when at least one person on my team takes Teleport. It allows for Ganks, saving towers and backdooring. If you're a fan of teleport don't hesitate to pick it up as it can be a great summoner spell to have.

This spell can give you an advantage during a Duel if the enemy forgot about it. They will keep attacking and think they are winning and you can surprise them by casting this. It can also save your life in you're in a pinch but it loses effectiveness really fast.

Any other Summoner spells I didn't mention are not worth taking.

This concludes the part on Summoner Spells, choose the ones you like and read on.

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Number Crunching

*I will leave this part open for when I start number crunching on skills (making graphs etc.) Because Moba likes that kinda stuff. but just because one build turns out with a higher damage output does NOT mean it's better, it's more about the type of damage we deal(Or we'd have 5 AD carry's every game). Every build deals more than enough damage*

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The many faces of Kayle

Here's where it all begins people!

I've decided to cut the guide up in a few different parts. The thing is, Kayle can be played in many many ways and people are having a lot of arguments about what the best way to play her is, if she should be build AD or Hybrid or whatever.

I won't decide for you how to play Kayle. I will talk about her roles and ways to play those and I will leave it up to your preference. One thing almost all builds have in common though ''ATTACK SPEED''. No matter if you go AD,AP,Hybrid etc. Attack speed is the way to go on Kayle.

Chances are you already came here with a lane/role for her in mind anyways, if not, please read the guide and decide for yourself how you want to play her.

If you MUST know I prefer Kayle Hybrid mainly because I love the concept of a champion who deals hybrid damage and it's great fun seeing both blue and red numbers flying off the enemy but I'm itching to try some new AD stuff on her lately. I will naturally update this guide with improvements I find.

As for Hybrid or AD on toplane well... I find it hard to actually notice much difference because you will 3 shot Carries regardless of what you choose. There are good arguments for both sides and even some hard number crunching isn't decicive because there are too many factors to account for.
In any case, both builds can get you 20-5-10 scores so go with whatever floats your boat.

Of course, this rant isn't very interesting for all you aspiring Support/AP/Jungle Kayle's out there.


I feel your pain fellow summoner, there's SO many guides out there with strong opinions on which items to use. What I hate seeing though is guides that take a particular item as example and label it ''bad'' and give a few weak arguments as to why they think that is so. This is a problem especially with champions like Kayle who are very versatile with many playstyles. The truth is, even after playing literally hundreds of games with Kayle even I cannot find the one true build that owns all. This is made even worse by the fact that there are many different WAYS to play Kayle which also have a factor in this. Know that the items I use for the builds here have been tested countless of times and have served me well personally for many games. I can safely say that these items are GOOD but that does NOT mean they are the one defenitive way to build Kayle.

I spend a lot of my time just experimenting with different builds and trying things out. For instance; even after having played AD Kayle in a particular way for a ton of games and having great results with it, when experimenting with new items I found some setups that were just as good and even BETTER in some cases depending on the match. The thing I'm trying to make clear is that itemizing Kayle and any champion really cannot be decided by just looking at raw stats but should be decided through experience and knowing which item and build order in the current situation you are in. You CANNOT get away with number crunching on this one.

Of course, this being a guide and all. I will note as much viable items as I can in every build together with my reccomendation and arguments as to why and when these items should be taken.

I will NEVER stop experimenting with Kayle and anything I learn will be put in this guide. Your help as a reader of this guide and fellow summoner is also vital in this. I can do only so much by myself. If you know anything I don't or have suggestions I would LOVE to hear about it. There can never be enough discussions about Kayle.

Still haven't decided?

If you aren't sure yet how you wanna roll with Kayle here's a little overview.

AD Kayle: AD is a very good pick on Kayle, items like Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster are great on her and she can easily roll the enemy teams faces. You benefit from very hard hitting autoattacks and crits.

AP Kayle: Basically the other side of the coin, you benefit from stronger heals and Reckoning nukes hard and her Righteous Fury deals more bunus magic damage on hit. She can be a really good pick on Mid lane.

Hybrid Kayle: There are few champs who can really make Hybrid work as good as kayle. You deal both types of damage which is very hard to defend against. Kayle benefits greatly from both AP and AD melting entire teams with this build.

Jungle Kayle: Kayle's starting speed in the Jungle is a bit average but in mere moments she can blast through the jungle with almost unrivaled speeds. Though she has no hard CC she can slow and has good ganks.

Support Kayle: As a support Kayle brings quite some decent utility to the table, with her heals, slow, haste and ult which are good regardless if she is fed or not. Her heal range is the longest in the game. She also has decent harass with her E which also shreds defenses which your whole team benefits from, including your Carry.

I will go into much greater detail in their respective parts in the guide. I try to keep most general tips about Kayle in the general sections but there's nuggets of information scattered through all parts of the guide.

Now without further ado,

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General Strategy

Kayle can be tricky to play at times. She's squishy, her normal basic attacks are melee and her role is not always clear. In this part I will put the Strategy that's independant of whatever role you choose to play her. If there's things you need to know thats unique to a certain role or build I will put that in its respective part.



Being able to trade harass effectively is vital to winning your lane and Kayle has quite a few ways to put down the hurt on enemy champions but it's generally along the lines of casting Q-E, kiting the enemy around and casting Divine Blessing when you need extra speed or your Intervention if they decide to go all-in and are about to blow their entire combo on you. However, The same approach might not work for every type of enemy champion. Knowing how to do this is largely based on your experience with Kayle and your knowledge of enemy champions but I will cover the most basic types of enemies you will face here.


Farming with Kayle is almost a joke, you can clear entire creep waves in moments from level 1 because of the splash damage from Righteous Fury. When I really want to clear an entire wave with Righteous Fury I usually attack a minion until it's low health and then start attacking a different minion and let the splash damage do the rest. Regardless of how you do it killing minions is no problem for Kayle. However, this can also be a little bit of a curse. There will be times when you are forced to farm with Righteous Fury (when you're up against a ranged champion for instance) which means you push your lane HARD whether you like it or not. This can make you easy to gank so keep this in mind.


One of the most important parts in Teamfights is correct Intervention use but let's start off with some basic Teamfight rules for those who don't know.

Generally the standard Carry teamfight rules apply for you here. Never go in first, no matter how fed you are or which build you use. Every team has some CC and you can't take 5 man focus fire. In a perfect world your tank/team would get a great initiate off and you can fly in and take everyone out, sadly this is rarely the case. Target priorities can change a little depending on the match. But you should almost always go straight for their Carry's or Fed/other high-damage champions. NEVER focus their tank in a teamfight under ANY circumstance, no matter how annoying or low-hp they are. Those 2 seconds it takes to finish off their tank might just be enough for their fed Graves to blow your team away.

Who to ult?

Kayle's ultimate Intervention makes her into one of the greatest savers of Butts in the game. You can almost always get an ally out of harm by casting Intervention on them, speeding them up with Divine Blessing and if you can get away with it, spit out a Reckoning to slow their pursuers as well.

Knowing when and who to use Intervention on is a decision that's largely based on experience with Kayle but I can give you some pointers. First off; try not to use your ult just when someone is about to kick the bucket. You should almost always ult the person who is being targeted (and about to receive high burst damage spells or attacks), when taking someone down people want to do it as quickly as possible and if you ult the targeted person they will likely blow ALL of their spells against your shield, leaving you with a full hp ally.

Secondly, and this may seem like the harshest part but especially in teamfights you might have to give up on people. It feels kinda bad to let the player who has been supporting dilligently the entire game die but it's often better to save your ult for the most fed champion in your team (most often you) so he can just DPS their entire team down. That being said, don't be stingy with your ult! The cooldown is quite low (especially with certain builds) and except in the aforementioned cases and when you KNOW there's an unavoidable big fight coming you should just go out of your way to save people and ult them.

Also keep in mind that your Intervention at lvl 1 is just 2 seconds so don't get TOO cocky when you hit level 6.

Your ultimate is also perfect to bait people into towerdiving you for potential kills. Don't just towerdance when you have ulted yourself either but throw everything you've got at them. They will think twice about tower diving you next time.


Lets start off with the Lanes you could be taking as Kayle.

Top lane: This is my recommendation. Kayle is a very good top laner and often used in higher ELO's. Solo top means you often face bruisers which you're good against and you can have all the farm for yourself ( Kayle is very farm dependant). Top lane is also an easy lane to gank so keep that in mind and be sure to coordinate with your jungler and you should be able to rack up a few kills. Having a Kayle top is pretty much like having an extra Carry on the field.

Mid lane: Mid is actually a very decent pick for Kayle. You will most likely be up against an AP carry who often posess decent harass and burst damage so there's that to keep in mind, but you can farm to your heart's content and not encounter too much problems, you deal serious consistent damage and they won't be able to take you face to face, just don't get overconfident and get ganked.

Bot lane: Kayle can also be a really strong pick to carry with on bot lane provided you have a good support ( Soraka and Blitzcrank are my personal favourites!). There are some issues you need to be aware of though. You will pretty much be forced to constantly farm with your Righteous Fury because the enemy carry will just auto-attack your *** out of the lane if you try to melee attack the minions. This makes it hard to keep your mana up and some unwanted pushing of the lane. Also make sure that your Support knows the cooldown on your Righteous Fury, this may seem like a trivial thing but it is VERY important, it's nice if your Blitzcrank gets a good Rocket Grab off but if your E just went on cooldown you won't be in a very strong position. This is why I take CDR glyphs. You should be able to take any carry in a good engagement when you have Intervention and Surge though unless you are very underfed.

Support:: Kayle is a tricky support to play but she has a very viable kit she can rely on. You should know that Divine Blessing is NOT a Soraka heal and should not be used as such. It can give a little extra sustain to you and your Carry but it's very mana heavy and should be saved for chasing/escaping if possible. I will go more in-depth on Support Kayle in that respective part of the guide but you should harass as much as you can get away with with your Righteous Fury and Reckoning. (try not to steal CS with the splash damage from Righteous Fury.

Jungle: Kayle is a surprisingly good Jungler. While her first clear isn't the greatest due to her squishiness she quickly becomes one of the fasted junglers in the entire game. She has a slow and her ganks are fast and high damage, her Intervention also makes for great towerdiving.

Enemy Champions


(Garen, Darius, Renekton, Nasus etc.)

You flat out counter most of these champions. They dont really have any gap true closers (but generally do have ways to get closer to you such as Apprehend and Slice and Dice but if you're carefull these should pose no problems for you. Harassing these champions is as simple as hitting them with Righteous Fury.

There are some mindgames involved with this however. I generally try to farm as much I can with basic attacks and when they get close I use Righteous Fury and hit them as much as I can. After this they will often get wary. After hitting lvl 2 you can throw a Reckoning to slow them and then hit them with Righteous Fury, they will either decide to engage you or run away. If they run straight at you should stutterstep (moving back, attacking then moving back a bit again) back or get away from them completely (using Divine Blessing for movement speed if nessecary but try to avoid this as its mana heavy)

Bruisers shouldn't be much of a problem to you but try to not get overconfident and push the lane too far and making you an easy and tasty target for their jungler.


(Irelia, Akali, Pantheon, Talon, Lee Sin etc.)

Avoid these at all costs! These champions often posess a gap closer AND a stun/silence. laning against these is the absolute worst case scenario for Kayle. Play very safe, try to harass really early game when they don't have all their skills yet. Make sure your jungler knows your situation and ask for ganks. If you really can't win you should just tower hug and get as much farm as possible, pray that the rest of the team can carry the game. It's hard to accept that they can get very good farm off but it's better than getting killed. At least you won't be completely useless later in the game and they won't be crazy fed from you.


(Ahri, Morgana, Orianna, Brand etc.)

Fighting these champions can go both ways, they often posess good harass and deal strong burst damage. But you are fully equipped to take them on. I almost always start boots and pots against AP Carrys because their skills are usually all skillshots. Dodge their attacks and then harass them with your Righteous Fury.


(Graves, Caitlyn, Corki, Ezreal etc.)

If you are taking botlane you are most likely facing a Carry. Most of the popular Carries in the current meta have some sort of dash and steroid so be wary of this. If you're carrying with Kayle there are a few things you should keep in mind. Kayle isn't ranged for free and so you're pretty much forced to farm with Righteous Fury, luckily Kayle is pretty good at farming though so you shouldn't get behind on CS. Once you have your ult you or the Carry you're supporting should be able to take the enemy down or mostly before the enemy can fight back.

*note*If people are having real trouble with specific champs I will consider putting information on EVERY champ you might face but for now I am keeping this format.*


So, what aside from specific champions counter Kayle?

Frozen heart gives not only insane amounts of armor (which hurt every Kayle build because you still deal autoattack damage even if you go AP) the REAL pain in the *** comes from the 20% attack speed reduction aura this item gives.

The cheapest tier 2 boots in the game. They give armor AND reduce autoattack damage by 10%, guess where all your damage comes from? Thats right. It's not an insta GG when your enemy lane rushes these but they can be real annoying early game, some top champions tend to take these.

I give Thornmail as an example but with this I mean all kinds of defense as well Thornmail is just the most annoying of them all. Kayle is a very high-damage champion but can't really take that much herself. There are way more pleasant things than having your damage returned to you. Luckily mostly tanks take these and you shouldn't be focusing them anyways.

This summoner spell can ruin your escape and messes up your attack speed. There will almost always be someone who takes Exhaust these days so you're kind of just going to have to take this one like a man.

This problem isn't really unique to Kayle but every champion really. The thing is, you just can't do anything when you're stunned/knocked up/surpressed, not even cast your Ult like Tryndamere can. And there WILL be times when you die due to hard CC before you can even get your Intervention off. This is why I sometimes take Cleanse, Quicksilver Sash or Guardian Angel(even when there's five people waiting for you to revive you can still cast Intervention on yourself immediately and take a few squishies with you).

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Hybrid Kayle

So what's this Hybrid build?

Kayle is one of the few champs who can be viably built as Hybrid and boy does she do a good job at it. Hybrid means that you deal both types of damage. If you attack with Righteous Fury on ingame you will see both red (AD) and blue (AP) numbers fall of your enemy and this makes Hybrid Kayle difficult to defend against and fun to play.

Hybrid Kayle is incredibly fun to play and has serious damage output. By going Hybrid we benefit from everything Kayle has to offer and a VERY strong Mid/early Lategame. We try to get as much Attack speed as possible, not only does attacking faster mean more damage we also make better use of on-hit effects such as her Holy Fervor and Madred's Bloodrazor and makes keeping stacks on Guinsoo rageblade(one of her most important items) much easier to keep up.

See the despair in your enemies eyes when they get melted and have no clue what defensive items to build against you!( Ninja Tabi) This is Hybrid Kayle!

Wen we get to full power we should be about 300 AD and 300 AP (Thanks Guinsoo's!)

With that out of the way let's get to the Runes, Masteries and Items.

Offensive Hybrid Kayle Masteries


We are going for Hard hitting with this one, this is the one I normally use. As you can see there is very few survivability in this Mastery page and it might be tricky for some people who are used to playing tankier characters. Later on Kayle gets a bit beefier but not by much. I will see if I can make a more defensive oriented version later on but you really should try to avoid getting hit, this will get easier when you're more comfortable with Kayle.

If you really want you can take some points out of Havoc and put them in Resistance or Hardiness depending on what you're facing. If you play normal games and you aren't sure then put the points in defense if you are taking bot or top and Mres for mid. In my opinion the 3 armor won't make much difference but feel free to adjust the masteries to your taste.

Offensive Hybrid Kayle Runes.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Precision

Starting off with Marks.

For Marks I take Greater Mark of Precision these are VERY expensive but are ideal for hybrid champions. They give both Magic and Armor penetration and much more than you would get from trying to balance your marks with Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration although it's an option if you can't afford these. If you're serious about playing Hybrid Kayle I definitely recommend taking these as the effect is really noticable.

Next are Seals.

I take Greater Seal of Attack Speed. I realise these are secondary runes but they still give a much needed boost in Kayle's attack speed. Most of your damage will come out of your Righteous Fury which is basically auto-attacking, hitting faster will greatly amplify your Damage output. Again if you're really adamant about getting more defense you could switch these out for Greater Mark of Armor. These are more for surviving early game as you aren't as squishy later on, in fact you WILL be able to kill their entire team in about the 3 sec invulnarability Intervention grants and the only times you die will because of continuous hard CC. But in my opinion Kayle's role is to deal ungodly amounts of damage in the shortest time span possible and Greater Seal of Attack Speed help a lot with this.

As for Quints.

Nothing special here, I take Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed for the same reason as described above. If you must have alternatives Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is a good pick as extra mobility is never a bad thing to have, great for finishing fleeing enemies or escaping. If you want a more defensive option you can go for Greater Quintessence of Health allowing you to take some more hits.

Last but not least, Glyphs.

*note. I've been playing a bit less with CDR these days and in some situations getting different Glyps can actually work out better. You will still miss out on kills here and a teamfight starting when your E is on CD hurts even more than it already did so it's still a bit open to debate*

For Glyphs I take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction There is nothing worse than missing out on a Kill or dying because your Righteous Fury is on cooldown. This is one of Kayle's greatest flaws and being able to tell when to use your Righteous Fury is a must for a good player. In my hybrid build I take no Cooldown Reduction so these Glyphs are almost a must. They are expensive as hell, setting you back about 820 IP per Glyph. Having lower cooldowns on the rest of your skills is a welcome bonus. Alternatively Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction should work fine as well. Early game you won't be able to spam your skills anyways and they give more CDR in the long run. There aren't a lot of alternatives for Glyphs but if you are going mid you could go for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or if you want even more attack speed you could go for Greater Glyph of Attack Speed or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power to supplement your AP damage and make your Divine Blessing's heal more potent for more sustain.

That's it for Runes.


Starting items
I start with Boots and a few pots. The boots give you some well-needed mobility and allow you dart in and out harassing the enemy champion. If you harass with Righteous Fury champions will either run away or decide to close in on you and boots allow you to chase them or move back to safety. You are at a disadvantage if the enemy had boots and you don't. I will go more in depth on how to harass later but boots are the way to go. As for the Potions, the HP pots give you some decent sustain should you get hit and the Mana pot allows you to harass/farm a bit more and chug some more Reckonings.

Core Items
These items are your core. Berserker's Greaves are the way to go on Kayle as you greatly benefit from the Attack speed. (Some people swear by Mercury threads But you're almost always better off going greaves) After greaves comes Guinsoo's Rageblade, a must have for any Hybrid champion really. It gives you some nice AD and AP and with your attack speed you will pretty much constantly have full stacks every fight, giving you 32% attack speed and another 48 AP. At full stacks it's actually the most cost-efficient item in the game if I'm not mistaken, a must have in any case. Another important item is Madred's Bloodrazor, you will notice your damage skyrocket with this item. Aside from giving some nice armor, AD and attack speed this items passive is what makes it shine, especially with your already high attack speed.

Other items
After Madred's Bloodrazor I usually build a Phage if I haven't bought it already. This item builds into Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet. I usually go for Trinity Force, despite it being on of the most expensive item in the game. Kayle just makes such good use of every stat it provides it's often too good to pass up. The game usually ends around this point and nobody should be able to take you on. Should the game carry on further you can go for a Hextech Gunblade for all the hybrid goodness and the slow it provides. Kayle's autoattacks with Righteous Fury on not only give you lifesteal but also procs spellvamp. Its like this item is made for Kayle.

Alternative items
For those of you who like to have a lot of options in their builds here are some good items on Kayle. These are just a few suggestions but there are many more, since we are going Hybrid anayways we could just as well take an item from AP or AD Kayle and get away with it. Malady is a relatively cheap item, giving you some AP and good Attack speed, combined with your passive you can shred some decent amount of an enemies's defense. If you want some more defense Guardian Angel is a very good pick on Kayle. Aside from giving some decent defense it's passive lets you revive every now and then. As Kayle there will be times when you die before you can get your ult off due to chain cc. If you revive you can either take 1 or 2 squishy champions with you before you die again or if there aren't any squishies they won't have enough to take you down a second time, a win-win situation. If their team has alot of AP champs then Wit's End is a good item to take, giving you a nice attack speed bonus and some sweet Magic Resistance. While Nashor's Tooth is mostly an AP item it gives great Attack speed and good CDR so keeping Righteous Fury up will be much easier. If you really want this item you could switch it for Guinsoo Rageblade but I don't recommend it.

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AD Kayle

Here it is, AD Kayle!

AD is probably the most popular build for Kayle and for good reason. While her early mid game might be a little slower than other Kayle builds it sure pays off in the end.

Although you don't benefit from the Bonus On-hit magic damage scaling on Righteous Fury you will still deal tons of damage because of your autoattacks and crits. And you still benefit from the splash which also scales with AD.

AD Kayle excells at toplane because of how counter-bruiser she is but ADC botlane is very viable as well because even when behind on the enemy carry Kayle can still outduel them.

There's a little less Attack speed in this build than AP and Hybrid because we want to hit hard with AD and don't rely on applying on hit bonuses as much but we'll still be getting as much AS as possible, hitting faster equals more damage.

Lets get to the Masteries and Runes and whatnot,

AD Kayle Masteries


The standard AD Masteries. There's not much to say about these, this Mastery setup is popular for a reason. It makes full use of the Physical damage Masteries giving us goodness like attack speed, armor pen, attack damage and the leftover points go into Defense to make Laning a bit more comfortable.

AD Kayle Runes


Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Again, pretty standard AD runes.

Marks: You're an AD Carry so you're going to need AD, Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives you just that. Kind of a no-brainer. You could also go for Greater Mark of Attack Speed for that much needed extra Attack speed.

Seals: I take Greater Seal of Armor, these runes make laning on Bottom and Top lane a bit more comfy. If you're going Mid lane or if you really want to shred everything in sight you can switch these for Greater Seal of Attack Speed (not recommended for beginners but they're great on Kayle.)

Glyphs: For Glyphs I take Greater Glyph of Attack Speed because this runeset does not have Attack speed yet (notice how I'm really hammering on attack speed? Not only does hitting more often equal more damage you also make use of your bonus magic damage and splash even when going AD). Again, you can really switch all of these up if you feel like. You can take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you know you're facing AP but I recommend either getting Attack speed or CDR glyphs.

Finally, Quints: Because we're not getting all that much armor pen I start out with Greater quintessence of desolation but there are quite a few other good picks. Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed is also a great pick since we get a tad less attack speed on AD Kayle and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is also good if you want to hit their Carry even harder. If you don't have a support that can heal or you're going top lane then Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is also a very strong Quint to take.

AD Kayle Items

Starting Items:
I usually start with a Doran's Blade unless I'm facing a very skillshot dependant Champion like Ezreal. Both have their advantages, Doran's Blade gives you more HP, AD and Lifesteal while boots and pots give you more mobility and sustain.

Core Items:

A pretty standard AD Carry Core. Berserker's Greaves give you more attack speed which means more damage and more chances to crit(important!). I usually get an early Zeal for the early extra crit chance, attack speed and movement speed or a very early B. F. Sword if I happen to get fed early game. After these items I get an Infinity Edge for SWEET extra crit damage/chance and upgrade my Zeal into a Phantom Dancer. The real Core build ends with a The Bloodthirster which gives some the most AD in one item in the game at full stacks.

Other Items:

Once you've finished your core you can decide on your next items. Not hitting hard enough? get another The Bloodthirster. Dying too fast? Go for a Guardian Angel. Or you can just go for the sweet spot in the middle and get a Frozen Mallet (No matter what you take I recommend at least taking a Frozen Mallet with it.

Alternative items:

Not all that much items for the alternative part but it'll have to do. If their team is building crazy amounts of armor like Thornmail and Frozen Heart then it might be wise to invest in a The Black Cleaver giving you some nice on-hit armor reduction and Attack speed, this goes great with your passive Holy Fervor.

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AP Kayle

Here we go, AP Kayle!

First off, we won't be building standard AP Carry items as one might expect. That's because Kayle's damage output doesn't come from big one time use spells like Dark Binding (though we do have Reckoning that nukes decently) but her Autoattacks augmented with Righteous Fury. This means we are kind of going for a Teemo-like build, building not only AP to boost Righteous Fury's Bonus magic damage and splash but also Attack speed so we can hit as often as possible while it's active. There's also a lot of items we can build on AP Kayle so just because an item is in the alternative section does NOT mean it's any less viable.

AP Kayle can has some similarities with Hybrid Kayle but still has too many differences with AP to make it into one part.

AP Kayle Masteries


We're going for the standard AP side of Offensive Masteries here, putting points in great AP Masteries like Blast , Archangel and Arcane Knowledge . Executioner is always a nice damage bonus to have and combined with our Reckoning and Holy Fervor gives us a pretty sweet damage amp. We're taking up attack speed along the way and dump the points we got left into Utility.

AP Kayle Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power
The Marks:

I take Greater Mark of Attack Speed. You might be thinking, why Lvl99gamer, why? When going AP you should always take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration right? Well with Kayle (especially AP) you actually get a way higher damage output when hitting more often than you would get from more Magic penetration (due to the on-hit effects of the items we're getting. We're also taking Malady which combined with Holy Fervor reduces some of the need for Magic penetration.

Next up, Seals

Two types of Seals? Yes, I normally try to refrain from doing this but I've found that you just don't need 9 Mana regen runes to keep your mana up. On the other side taking 9 Attack speed seals is a bit uncomfortable mana wise (But still very much possible, none of the other builds use any form of mana regen and that's working fine as well). So that's why we're taking a little of both.

On to the Glyphs

We want to deal AP damage so obviously we're getting some AP runes. You COULD take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for CDR (We're actually taking CDR in items though) or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist but I don't recommend it.

Finally, Quintessences

For the same reason as above we will be taking AP Runes, our team is depending on us to deal AP damage and we should be getting as much of that as possible. Of course, Greater Quintessence of Health and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are never bad runes to use, they just aren't what we're supposed to be building.

AP Kayle Items

*Just because a few items are in the alternative section does not mean their less effective. Please read that section as well.*

Starting items:
We start with standard boots and pots for sustain and mobility, giving us more time in lane and improve our ability to kite foes around and dodge skillshots. You can also start with a Doran's Ring if you want. It gives all around good stats but comes at the cost of mobility and not being able to build it into any lategame items.

Core items:

Our core items consist of Berserker's Greaves for the much needed attack speed. Malady is taken for the same reason and because it also gives some AP(always nice to get on AP carry's) and reducing Mres on hit. Should the game carry on until lategame and you're full build you should sell this item. We take a Nashor's Tooth for mostly the same reasons but it also gives us some much needed AP and with the CDR we can give our Righteous Fury more uptime. The Rabadon's Deathcap might be single greatest item one can take on an AP carry, not only giving you a crazy amount of AP but also increasing it by a really sweet percentage.

Other items:

Yes only one item in this part, there's a few other great items we could be taking so I'm going to use the alternative items part for that but we're going to need more AP at this point. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great pick on AP Kayle giving us a good amount of AP, Health and with Righteous Fury on our basic attacks will slow!

Alternative items:

First off, Wit's End is a great item on Kayle especially when going mid. If you have trouble on mid lane or the enemy is AP heavy you should defenitely take this one up but it's good in a standard build as well. Should you decide to pick this one up be sure to do it early when it's most effective. If you really want to WRECK things then Madred's Bloodrazor is the item for you. The AD and armor are nice bonuses but the thing that makes this item great is the attack speed and it's passive. Your autoattacks will deadl 4% of the target's base HP in damage, this combined with out insane attack speed will give you all the DPS you could ever wish for. Last but not least, Lich Bane is overall a very good item. Giving us desirable stats like AP, Mres etc. But again it's the passive that makes this item shine. Just activating our Righteous Fury makes our first autoattack proc and combined with all of our other zero-cast time spells make our autoattacks hit like a truck. These items are all great picks but depend a little on experience and largely on preference and playstyle. Try these items out and see what works best for you and when.

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Jungle Kayle

Flying through the Jungle, I present you Jungle Kayle!

Kayle's kit is very suited to the jungling role and is one of the fasted junglers in the game with her haste, AoE damage and can pull of very high-damage ganks. She's like shyvanna in some ways but has a 35% movement speed debuff with a sweet 4-second duration and even HIGHER damage ganks (and unlike shyvanna's speed up you can use your haste on ally's as well <3). Did they enemy still make it to their tower? Well that's what Riot gave us Intervention for!

Going for a jungle build leaves you with a lower damage output than most other builds because of a few necessary jungling items but you can still very much carry the game. On the plus side you will have a little more survivability.

While Kayle isn't the softest champ running around the fields she is still a very squishy girl despite the large shoulder pads. Make sure that either the top laner or the Support takes on the Tank role.

In short: Kayle excels in Jungling speed, Ganking power and scales well but at the cost of some resilience and sustain (mostly mana-wise, if you have a mana-efficient or mana-less champion on mid you're in luck and can take Blues for yourself but most of the time's you're just going to have to suck it up and just take a Mana Potion or 2 with you, it's far from crippling).

Jungle Kayle Masteries


We are going for high damage Masteries here. Supplementing the DPS of your Carry and should your Carry get taken out in a teamfight your team will still have decent enough DPS to finish the job. We won't be taking too much damage until later in the game but we're taking a few necessary points in Defense to help us clear the Jungle.

Jungle Kayle Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

ForMarks: We take Attack speed marks because they greatly improve our jungling speed and damage output. You COULD take Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you so desire or don't have the attack speed marks.

As for Seals: We're jungling, these are a must-have no question about it. They ease the pain of Blue buff whacking on your pretty face a little.

Next up, Glyphs: These are a little more open to debate. Mres seals are generally the safest option as they allow for safer AP champion ganking but since the enemy champions generally don't return fire when getting ganked you could switch these out for a stronger early game. Greater Glyph of Attack Speed and CDR Glyphs are generally good picks.

Lasyly, Quints: I take Greater Quintessence of Life Steal for a bit more sustain in the jungle, combine these with Lifesteal Masteries and a Doran's Blade and we can skip Wriggle's Lantern altogether. Don't have these? Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, Greater Quintessence of Health and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed should be able to keep you going as well.

Jungle Kayle Items

Starting items:

When jungling we're going to start with boots and pots. The reason why we're not starting with Cloth Armor is because we want to be ganking soon and often with Kayle and if you start out with armor and try to gank a lane who started boots then you're just going to make a fool out of yourself.

Core items:

For our Core we're going to start off with the usual Attack speed boots, after this I take a Doran's Blade I'm normally not that big a fan of Doran's items but picking this one up gives us a little more sustain and resilience in the jungle and allows us to skip Wriggle's Lantern. After this we are going to build a Zeal, this item provides us with precious movement speed (faster jungle clears and ganks), Attack speed (Higher damage output) and Crit chance (even more damage output).

Other items:

After our Core is finished it's time to look at what to build from there. I used to always go Madred's Bloodrazor on Jungle Kayle But these days I go for The Black Cleaver more often, aside from giving you sweet AD and attack speed this item synergises well with your passive Holy Fervor and makes it easier for your true AD Carry to do damage as well (remember since we're going jungling we're getting less fed and farmed so we're more like an ''off-carry'' if you will). We're also upgrading our Zeal into a Phantom Dancer because well... it's basically a better Zeal and that's why we build it in the first place. Furthermore at this point you're gonna have to choose between survivability or more damage. If you find yourself taking too much damage/dying too quickly etc. you could take up a Guardian Angel. If your team is lacking DPS because your Carry is underfed or whatever you can take up a Infinity Edge and/or a The Bloodthirster for some more ball-busting power.

Alternative items:

Any of the above items not suit your tastes? I got your back my friend. As far as alternative items go Frozen Mallet is a good pick because of the extra damage, health and most importantly more Ganking effectiveness because of the slow. Wit's End as always is a pretty good pick on Kayle because of the Attack speed, this item is most effective against a very AP heavy team and I pick this one up if they have a 10-1 Ahri wrecking my team. Next up is Madred's Bloodrazor, this item is so good on Kayle it's not even funny. I used to have this one in my standard Jungle Kayle build because it builds our of madred's razor but recently I switched it out for a The Black Cleaver it's still a VERY strong item to pick up however. I generally take it when they are building a lot of Health or just when I feel like it.

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Support Kayle

And last but not least! Support Kayle

According to Kayle's champion page in League of Legends she's a support! (it also say's she's a fighter >_>, it even used to say she was a tank but thats another story) And sure enough she can do a good job at it too! The most viable Supporting build for Kayle that I found was looking at her as a harassing support with some sweet utility build in (your carry will love your Intervention believe me.

Let's look at the things we need to make this work shall we?

Support Kayle Masteries


We put most of our points in the Utility tree forSupport Kayle, taking up Greed for some more GP/10 which is always welcome on a Support and Wealth so we can start with a Regrowth Pendant (should you choose to do so) and still be able to buy a ward. We go further into this tree to pick up Awareness and finally the CDR so we can use our spells more often.

Furthermore we put some points into the offensive tree. I take up up Mental Force and Sorcery for more effective spells but you could also put them in Brute Force and Alacrity for harassing purposes. I also put a point into Summoner's Wrath so our Exhaust reduces some defense as well. Alternatively if you don't want to put points into Offensive at all you can put them into the Defensive tree, stuff like Hardiness , Durability and Veteran's Scars .

Support Kayle Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Gold

ForMarks: I tend to take Greater Mark of Attack Damage to improve my Harassing power. I take these instead of Greater Mark of Attack Speed because we won't be going all in on the enemy Carry trying to hit as often as possible during Righteous Fury, but we want to be ''harassing''. Just flying out of the bushes every once in a while and hitting the Carry/support once or twice and then getting back quickly before Vayne condemm's our *** back into the wall. Alternatively you could go for Greater Mark of Armor, these are a great option to take since we are going to be between Carry crossfire for the entire laning fase. Take whicher one you prefer and lets move on to...

Seals: I take armor Seals for pretty much the same reason stated above. Kayle is squishy enough as she is and constantly having to go back to base because the enemy Carry does too much damage does NOT help our Carry. You can take Greater Seal of Gold if you really really want to or stick just a few in together with your armor runes if you want a little bit of both.

About Glyphs: I go for greather glyph of potency as they well... make our spells more potent. Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power are also fine if you prefer those. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is also always a good pick. Especially when the enemy is AP heavy.

Lastly, Quints: As Support Kayle we take Greater Quintessence of Gold for the much needed GP/10. As a Support we won't be getting ANY farm unless the Carry is back to base and these combined with GP/10 items make sure we don't get TOO gold starved. If you don't want/have these, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for stronger spells/healing or Greater Quintessence of Health are decent replacements.

Support Kayle Items

Starting items:
Sight Ward OR Sight wardSight ward
Start with either option listed above depending on your preference. Going Regrowth Pendant + Sight ward alows for more health sustain and still have the safety of a ward but going for the second option allows you to greatly annoy the other team by taking out their puny sight ward with your superior Vision Ward.

Core items:
Philosopher's stone Zeke's Herald
Boots are a necessity and you have choice here, I personally prefer Ninja Tabi for the armor and so that the enemy Carry can annoy you slightly less but you can also take Mercury's Treads for the Mres and CC reduction. Taking a Philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold gives us some good sustain and health and build into decent Support items aside from the precious GP/10. After this we build an Aegis of the Legion and zeke's herald. These are two VERY cost-efficient aura items and will help your team out especially in teamfights.

Other items:
Shurelya's Reverie
Our Philosopher's stone builds nicely into Shurelya's Reverie, it's passive is great for getting your team to (or away from, if you lost a fight) objectives faster. Next we can build our Heart of Gold into either a Randuin's Omen or a Locket of the Iron Solari. I tend to favor Randuin's because I find the locket a little lackluster but it's still an OK option. There's other items we can build from here and it's really dependent on the state of the game so I'm just going to put them in the ''Alternative items'' section.

Alternative items:
Kage's lucky pick
Aura items are always a good pick. These items are expensive though so you're probably only able to pick one of them, take up Frozen Heart if the enemy is very AD heavy or Abyssal Mask for an AP heavy team. Alternatively, you can get an early Kage's lucky pick, giving you some AP for your abilities and some extra GP/10. You can build it into Morello's Evil Tome or a Deathfire Grasp depending on your preference.

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Yes! Wards get their own section!

The thing is, everyone KNOWS they schould buy wards but few actually do so, or do so just because the pro's are doing it. Here I'm going to explain how and why.

(thanks to SivHD, he is the one who truly made me see why wards are a must)

This is most important for Top laners and Supports but also goes for all other roles as well.

Let's say you are on Top lane which is unwarded (early game) and the lane is a little pushed. There's minions to be farmed, you think you can have this farm. there's a VERY small chance there is actually a Jungler coming to gank you. So you go and get this farm and guess what happens? Nothing! You're going to get that farm and everything is K. THIS is what makes it hard to teach people the importance of wards. Because you get rewarded for taking risks.

No matter how small the chance, a GOOD player would never risk taking that farm. No matter how small the chance, that ONE time where there WILL be a Jungler coming to gank you you will not only feed the enemy team but you will also MISS a lot of farm because you're not on your lane. And it's just not worth it.

By this logic, wards will actually EARN you money. Because when your lane is warded you KNOW you can get that farm, you can farm minions that you wouldn't have been able to get if there wasn't a ward there. A simple sight ward costs only 75g, that's like three minions.

Good players Ward.

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The Hall of Fame of sorts.

Feel free to send me screenshots of your match history etc. and the great things you have achieved with this build! I will post them in their respective sections. For now I will be filling them with my own (I had some great match History's saved but I lost them, I still got a lot of LOLreplay files though so I might post those as well.






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Thats all folks!

I sincerely hope this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of my beloved Kayle and hopefully you close this guide as a wiser man and a better Kayle player.

If you liked my guide please help me out by voting and PM'ing/commenting about any mistakes/suggestions.

Now go out there and kick some *** with Kayle my young padawan!


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[*]-Published the Guide! Still much work ahead of me.
[*]-Elise Patch! No changes on Kayle but the new TT with the new items opens up plenty of possibilities! Working on it.
[*]-Added Season 3 Theorycrafting section! Still working on it. Very excited!
[*]-Started on the herculean task of revamping the entire guide for Season 3.