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Katarina Build Guide by Sandoxio

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sandoxio

Perfect Katarina

Sandoxio Last updated on December 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey. This is my first build with Katarina. She has been my main in over a year. She is funny to play, but requires some skill to be used at full potential. In this build I will focus on:
Item choices
When to use your Death Lotus
And how to love Katarina as the best Ap Carry she is

Some shorts in this guide are:
SS= Summoner Spells
CD= Cooldown
CC= Crowd Controll
Aoe= Area of effect
MS= Movement speed
MP= Magic penetration
SV= Spell Vamp
OOM= Out of mana

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Why pick Katarina?

Katarina is an ap carry assasin. She is one of the most endurant ap carries in the mid lane. She can also be played at top and bot lane. In this guide i will only focus on mid lane, so at early game descriptions, it will be mid against an Ap carry

Pro's And con's


-Super endurant with no mana!
-Epic ultimate that can take down entire enemy teams
-Can be played in all lanes
-Tons of damage -Phreak-
-Extremely mobile with activated passive Voracity and E Shunpo
-Awesome passive for teamfights
-The hottest in the game


-Bad early-game farming
-Squishy if unskilled
-CC'd and killed
-Focused often
-No CC herself
-Easy to mess up combo

When to take Katarina?
Katarina should be picked in a team that has:

-Plenty with CC
-Lacks Ap
-No multitarget spells
-No assasins
-No sexy champions

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Summoner Spells

My choices of summoner spells

Ignite is probably the sumnmoner spell I have used most in the game. It's very easy to use and the most clever SS in the game. It helps you with finnishing of kills. Ignite is also an amazing skill on Katarina and can be activated while using your ultimate Death Lotus and not cancel it. Ignite works well on badass self healers like Dr. Mundo, Volibear and Sion

Flash is also a good skill on Katarina. It helps you enclose huge gaps with the help of your E Shunpo and if you end up in a bad teamfight you can flash out if your Shunpo is on CD. Flash is also a great element of surprise. If you run in a brush and a skillshot dependent enemy champion like Lux, Morgana, Ezreal or Xerath follows, you can Shunpo behind them, and Flash back to the brush when they fires their skillshot at you.

Other SS you can take

Exhaust is a great spell for Katarina. Personaly i like ignite better, but it can be usefull in 1vs1 fights if you go mid. However you will lose the extra killing power that Ignite provides.

Ghost can be useflull to catch up on kills and run away. But having ghost instead of flash, will bring you bad luck when you want to flash over a wall.

Barrier is a season 3 SS and is quite nice. It gives a sheild that protects you for 2 seconds, but have big sheild strength. I take this at 1vs1 and Aram matches. In normal games, you would prefer Ignite and Flash

Teleport is also a nice and funny SS on Katarina. By having it, you can teleport into teamfights and surprise the enemy team. Can also be usefull for early ganking

Heal can be an ok spell on Katarina. If you play her at low levels and neither got Flash or Ignite, you can use Heal and Exhaust.

SS you will probably don't use
Smite Katarina is not a jungler
Cleanse The reason you get cleanse is to get away when CC'd. When you activate it, the enemy team would already have killed you.

SS you should be ashamed for picking:

Clairvoyance Leave this to the support
Clarity You don't even use mana..
Revive Don't take it. Won't do any good

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Katarina has a good set of skills that makes her the ultimate asassin and ap carry. Let's have a look at these skils..

This is her passive, Voracity. it makes all the CD on your normal skills,reset, everytime you score an assist or kill. It also gives you 15 sec lower CD on your ultimate. This is pure gold. It makes Katarina a killer in teamfights and can be used to get a kill under a turret, and leave with the CD reduction on Shunpo.

This is her Q: Bouncing Blades. It's her harass and farming tool. Use it for harassing enemies from afar. Hit a close enemy minion with your q and shunpo back to avoid damage. I recommend maxing and getting it second. This proides with the next most damage afer w. It's your only "safe" ranged skill. Use Bouncing Blades right after you have dogded the enemy's skillshot. Then Shunpo towards them and run. With the damage reduction on 15% is present, you will take less damage and do a great deal of damage to your opponent.

sinister steel
This is her W: sinister steel. It's a small Aoe damage dealer that makes farming 50% easier. It's also great for extra power against champions, and if you hit them, you will gain a nice amount of Ms for 1 second.After the nerfs on her q and w spells, i recommend maxing w 1st. It will deal medium damage , but in return it has a very low cd on just 4 seconds. This skill scales from both ap and ad. This is also a reason why we build Hextech Gunblade. When you get chased by someone who has higher Ms than you, activate Sinister Steel and run from them. If they don't have any sorts of CC, you will get away by constantly spamming W when they are close.

This is her E: Shunpo. It's her initation and escape skill and should be taken at lvl 2. Shunpo brings you great mobility. However the CD is quite long after the rework. The power and scaling went down, but it keeps its job as a mobile skill. The damage reduction is also nice. Max it last. As a damage output, it will deal not very much damage but the CDR at each lvl is nice. Having Sinister steel's power is better in my opinion.

Remember you can shunpo to enemies,allies, visible wards, teemo's Noxious Trap zyra's Rampant Growth+ plants, yorricks ghouls, Jarvans Demacian Standard,Annie's Summon: Tibbers, Heimerdingers turrets H-28G Evolution Turret ,Malzahar's vodilings Summon Voidling, Shaco's Jack In The Box and Hallucinate and Woukongs clone Decoy

This is her R: Death Lotus. The ultimate over all ultimates in the game.It makes Katarina sends up to 30 daggers against enemy champions around her for 2 seconds. Every champion can maximum be hit by 10 daggers. Death Lotus also applies Greavious Wounds which lasts for 3 seconds.

It can only be activated when your're close to an enemy champion. Shunpo to an opponent, release your power and spin to win. When you kill 1 of 4 in a teamfight, Kataraina will automaticly start channeling towards the foutrth champion.This ultimate is channeled ulti. This makes her voulnerable for CC.Just a single silence from a weak Soraka can stop you. It does as Sinister steel stack with ad.

Having a Amumu, Malphite or Alistar in your team, will make your job a lot easier. When your tank stuns/knock's up the enemy team, you Shunpo in, activate Sinister steel and unleash your deadly dance Death Lotus
I will come back to the use of Death Lotus in a later chapter

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Finally... This will be the longest chapther in this build/guide... Let's get started!

Starting options

and 4X

These are the starting items I use in 70% of my games. It grants you mobility to dogde skillshots. The four Health Potion will grant you some early sustain and contain 600 potential health! you can quickly build your Boots of Speed to Sorcerer's Shoes. However, you would like to build Cloth Armor and five Health Potion against ad laners with skillshots.

and 1X

You can get this for sustain early on. However you will get noticably slower. Dodging skillshots and Aoe will be harder. Still a start to consider, espcially against long AA range champions.

and 5x

This is actually a very underrated start for Katarina players. You will gain 18 more armor which is actually quite good against AD laners. Rememeber that minions and champions deal physical damage aswell. If you are up against someone like LeBlanc or Kassadin you would actually like this start, to build it faster into Seeker's Armguard and then into Zhonya's Hourglass to negate their burst.

4x and 5x

I am not a big fan of this start, but It is viable against some matchcups. I know it's effective against strong early gankers like Lee Sin and Shaco. However I have just tried this start maybe five times and I think boots or cloth armor is way better. You do got Shunpo to run away,so where lies the problem?

Now I will continue the build in three main scenarios.

First back:

Scenario 1.
You're against a medium skilled lux and managed to get a kill and 40 cs on your first back. It's 10 minutes in the game. Get Hextech Revolver and 1-3 health potions. If they have a scary jungler like Amumu, Shaco or Rengar, get some wards.

Scenario 2.
You managed to get a kill on the difficult Zyra. Her harrass is way 2 much. Get your Sorcerer's Shoes early to dodge her skillshots. Remember to constantly spam skills to get Hp from Hextech Revolver. You don't use mana and ur CD on Q and W is quite low

Scenario 3.
You got killed by the bursty LeBlanc she is way hard for katarina to counter. You should get your Abyssal Mask quite early, and Haunting Guise ain't much of a bad idea either. Don't forget to call in your jungler to gank. Seek to help other lanes in order to get assists and a kill or two.


Sorecerer's shoes are great boots for katarina. It wil grant her Ms and some nice MP for early damage. You see. When a target's mr is reduced to under 0 you will do increased damage to them. Beacause of that, you want extra penetration for extra damage. Ok?. Take these boots. Personaly i take them every game. Read it. EVERY GAME!

These boots can also be taken. Personaly I would rather have increased damage, than having 15% shorter cooldowns that my passive will reset anyway.

Boots you might want to purchase

These boots grants Tenacity, something you might want to get against a team with plenty of CC. If you're facing a more than 2 strong CC mages, you can take these boots.

These boots grant some very nice movement speed, as long as you don't take damage. These are "Ganking" boots. If you are playing
very ganky, consider these boots.

The rest of the boots shouldn't be taken. Period

Enchantment for boots

After the season 3 patch, you can now upgrade your boots a second time. The 5 different effects can be discussed heavily ,but my own choice is shown in the build section. I would recommend building that enchantment you feel you're best with. None of them are completely bad at Kata so make your choice by only thinking for that one you feel are the best.

Items that should be taken

Rabadon's Deathcap is a MUST. No Katarina can play without her Deathcap. It's a core. A nice amount of 120 Ap and even a buff wich grants you 30% extra Ap from all sources! It's rather expensive(3200 Gold). Personaly i rush it after my Hextech Revolver and it gives so much power that it's worth the risks. Having it early will even make the beefiest tanks, fear you. This item should be gotten at all scenarios. Only at different stages in the game

Hextech Gunblade it's close to a core. It should be gotten at scenario 1 and 2. It provides 65 ap and 45 ad to feed your W and R with some power. You will also hit harder with basic attacks. Spellvamp is also a factor why we get this. 20% of the magic damage you deal will be given back as Hp. The active is also very usefull. Activate it when you are chasing, being chased, or securing a kill with a 40% slow! A great item for Katarina, but shouldn't be rushed and can be finnished builded after Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Is one of the more " discussed" items on Katarina. In my opinion,Rylai's is very usefull and should not be ignored. It grants you 500 bonus health, 80 ap and a slowing buff on your spells. This is very usefull when channeling Death Lotus ,because the target/s will be slowed and be held longer inside your deadly vortex. The bonus health will make you survive easier and the extra Ap is nice. A nice item that should be taken at all Scenarios. It costs 2900 gold.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an amazing item on Katarina. The 120 Ap is extremely usefull and the 50 armor is good against feeded ad carries.The active is very nice if you make a wrong decicion, dodging skills like Requiem, or heavy stuns/knock-ups like Unstoppable Force.It will also give you time to get your skills up from CD, espacially Sinister steel.
Normaly I take this last or before the Abyssal Mask. The reason is because the 3410 gold it costs, should be spent on other stats like Health, MP, SV and item passives and actives.

Abyssal Mask is a wise item choice on Katarina. It provides 70 ap, 45 MR and a nice aura that lowers the enemy champions MR. It should be rushed if you do bad against a bursty Ap champion at mid. Getting it later is very usefull. Grab it for some MR and the aura. The amount of Ap is kinda of low, so brag it for some defence. It has a total of 2650 gold cost

Items that can be considerated

Void Staff is a very good item on Katarina. It provides her nice MP, but should only be purchased if/more than 2 enemy champions have over 100 MR. It can be replased with Abyssal Mask if the enemy Ap carry is underfeeded or if the enemy team lacks Ap and magic damage is not more than 25% of their damage source. It costs 2295 gold in total and is a very cheap item compared with your core.

Lich Bane is a cool item on Katarina Providing nice amount of ap, does the passive makes you almost unbeatable in an even 1vs1. I usually never get this. If you end up with full build and need more power for pushing, sell your Abyssal Mask or any other item than your core, and get your Lich Bane. It can be discussed to be gotten early, but your role is to fast kill the AD and Ap carries. It costs 3000 gold and is a bit expensive.

Mejai's Soulstealer is a snowball item. It provides up to 160 ap and 15% when you have got max stacks. It is nice, costs nearly nothing compared with your core... Just one hatch... It needs kills and assists to stack up. You lose a third of your stacks on death. A risky and awesome AP provider. If you get a nice team, pwns early-game and have enough gold for the risk, buy it. It's yours.

Thornmail is a nice 100 armor and passive that sends back 30% of the physical damage taken, as magic damage. Nice against the deadly feeded Twitch or Ashe. Get this if the enemy team have tons of physical damage. With 2 or more ad carries and maybe a Darius in the top lane, it would be wise to spend 2200 gold on this nice deffencive item.

Warmog's Armor is the item that provides most Hp in the game. You will not usually get this, but if the game lasts more than 50 min and you get insta-killed very often, you should consider this magnificent armor. 1000 hp is yours for 2650 gold. The passive will help you survive in ninja pushes. Take this when you need more defensive stats but the enemy has both lots of Ad and Ap.

Deathfire Grasp is a powerful item on Katarina. It provides 120 ap and a rockin passive that blast your target with 15% of their max health as magic damage, and will increase the magic damage the target takes with 20% of 3 seconds. After the season 3 patch, the CDR came back and the passive had even more power if you dived in, making this item a bit more atractive. It costs in total 3300 gold.

Liandry's Torment was a new season 3 item that actually is awesome on Katarina. It grants Ap, Health and some MP. But the real nice thing is the passive. This actually gives the killing power Katarina needs to take down tanks early tanks. However brand's passive scales with max health when Liandry's Torment scales from current health.
Since it deals less damage from Aoe and Multitarget spells, it ain't that effective... But with Rylai's Crystal Scepter you get the power the item really contains. This is really nice and if you are a fan of an early Haunting Guise I really recommend this item. The cost of 2900 gold is a medicore cost for a finnished Kata build.

Morello's Evil Tome can be usefull on Katarina. It provides 75 ap,20% CDR and a active which will cause Grievous Wounds for 8 seconds and got just 20 seconds CD!. It also provides some mana regen which you don't need. It can work if you're facing a Dr.Mundo, Sion or Volibear. But these can be shut down by your own Greavious Wounds appliers: Ignite and your ultimate Death Lotus. The evil tome costs 2330 gold and is a cheap item compared with your core.

Will of the Ancients is an Ok item for Katarina. It provides a small ammount of 50 Ap and an Aura taht provides you and your allies with 30 Ap and 20% SV. It can be nice if your team has 2 ap carries and a tank, but try to let them get Wota instead of you. It costs 2500 gold, and as you have read... a bit cheaper than your core ;)

The Guardian Angel is a nice deffencive item on Katarina. It gives you armor and MR and a rockin passive that fits with katarina's playstyle. When the enemy team focus you and brings you down, your team fight back, bringing the enemy team low, and when you now come back to life, you will execute one after one. Ga is a great item, costs 2600 gold. It fits nice as a replacement for Zhonya's Hourglass.

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In lane, remember to constantly spam skills to farm and harass your opponent. Combining Bouncing Blades and Sinister steel provides amazing farming capability. Just remember to stay close enough to hit all the marks from Q with your W. Shunpo shouldn't be used due to it's long CD. I only use it to engage fights, travel faster to destinations and last-hit when the lane is completely safe. Katarina is extremely vulnerable without her E.

Start trading damage with your enemy early. Your q doesn't deal much damage without a basic attack or other abilities to proc the mark. If you're up aganst a skillshot champion like Morgana or Lux, try to dogde their skillshot an destroy their combo. Use your Q, E and W combo and some basic attacks to ensure great harass.

Lane domination early is the best thing to have. Get it with an early kill or have your jungler constantly ganking early. Katarina is a great mid-game champion, but can easily be outdamaged and outfarmed by early damagers and farmers. Thefore, survive as long as possible, call in ganks often and get your ult before the others do. With the huge advantage of your Death Lotus, attack the enemy mid champion. If they don't have flash or if they don't have more HP than you do, it should be an ensured kill.

Now you have your ultimate. After the kill on mid, keep ganking other lanes. If your turret is low on HP and the enemy turret is not, simply push it while they're gone. Katarina excels in ganking and teamfights thanks to her passive and multi target spells. If you can give your other lanes the advantage, the enemy team will surrender or lose.

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Lane matchups

You can have many different lane enemies. Some are harder than others



What is dangerous?
Ahri can be a pain in the *** if she is skilled. Her Charm is what destroys you. If landed correctly, she can insta burst you to abut 10% health after lvl 6. Her passive gives her sustain, but not very much. Her farming is decent. She use an average amount of mana.

What should I do?
Try to harass as much as possible. If she misses her skillshots [ Q and E] you have destroyed her full combo.Stay out behind minions to dodge her Charm. As all goals, get your ult before she does, kill her and get her underfeeded as sh*t!. She is not very mobile until lvl 6 and ganking should be easy if your jungler can dogde her E.


difficulty: Easy-Medium

What is dangerous?
Akali is an ap assasin, just like you.Her Q= your Q and her E=your W and R=your E. You can now see that your Death Lotus is what gives you the advantage. Her W Twilight Shroud makes her stronger and harder 2 catch during ganks. Her full combo gets you to about 30& health.

What should I do?
Your harass is better than hers. She has less power in both her Q and E than you own. She shouldn't be any problem unless she gets her ult before you do. It grants her massive power and mobility. She runs on energy, making her vulnerable to intense short battles. She can't spam all of her abilities at the same time, like you can.


Difficulty: Hard

What is dangerous?
Anvia can burst you down with a heavy AOE stun, followed up with a single target nuke and an Aoe damage and slow. Pretty terrifying. Her passive Rebirth makes her very endurant in lane, and can turn the tide into her favor in a long 1vs1 fight.

What should I do?
Anivia is very hard champion 2 face in lane. Try to harrass as much as possible but you will get lower farm than her after lvl 6. Call in ganks early to shut her passive on CD. It got 4 minutes CD so use the next 240 second wisely!. Her stunning q is slow and can easily be dogded. Never engage on her if you are at same or lower hp than her. She is mana dependant and you should be able to mana starve her, if she plays aggressive.


What is dangerous?
Annie is an exeptional Katarinacounterer. She has a passive that after using 4 spells
, her next damaging spell will stun for 1.75 seconds. She got extreme single and Aoe nukes with low CD. She will stun and burst you down to 30% hp ,and a huge bear Summon: Tibbers that gives her extra killing power.

What should I do?
Without a jungler, you will fail against the Dark child, if she knows what she's doing. Harrass and get ur ult as quickly as possible. Call in ganks and simply try to outfarm and get lane domination. She's extremely powerful after gettin Rod of Ages and will survive your own burst. Never engage on her when her passive Pyromania is up



What is dangerous?
Brand is exeptional at bursting down entrie enemy teams with Aoe and bouncing abilities. As a solo midder, he can be a huge threat if given farm and feed. His entire burst will actually kill you when both of you are at lvl 6. Never walk into his E and stunning Q. You will just face his mighty ult Pyroclasm and get killed by his long range W. His passive Blaze makes him a real threat for beefy tanks with no magic ressist. This means also extra killing power against you!

What should I do?
Brand is very squishy and have no deffenicve abilities. Harrass him early and stay behind your minions to aviod his Q. If he runs out of mana from trying to hit you with is Q and W, simply burst him down as won't have anything to face you with. A jungler can be necessary if you walk into his combo once. He will suffer without kills late game and is item and mana dependant.


Difficulty: Depends

What is dangerous?
Cassieopia is your sister. That means she deals tons of damage like you. Her Q,W and R is Aoe and her E got very low CD if you are already hit with Q or W. Her ulti stuns you if you are facing her. Cassi's burst is quite big, but she needs more than 2 seconds to dish out all of her damage cuz of spammable Q and Channeled R. Her passive Deadly Cadence makes her able to spam her abilities more.

What should I do?
Cassieopia is very squishy early on and harass her as much as possible. Her mana pool is decent but she can quickly go OOM. Her skills are mostly Aoe meaning that Sorcerer's Shoes can be gotten earlier to be able to dogde spells easier. It should be mostly up to who that gets the 1st kill that wins the lane. Get your jungler 2 gank her early. She have a speed boost on her Q and a slow on her W. She can be hard to win agaisnt if she's skilled. Just keep harrasing her early since she have no self-heal.



What is dangerous?
Diana is very similar to you. Melee,Ap,assasin. She have a burst that is quite nice but not as great as most mid-champions. As a pro, she can sheild damage, and a nice poke with her Q Crescent Strike. Her passive makes her strong in long fights. She will survive your burst, and will win a fight with spells on CD

What should I do?
Diana needs feed to provide her team a nice Ap carry. She don't have any sustain and can get oom pretty quickly if not used wisely. Farm and harras with Q and if you get your ult 1st, you will win the lane. Diana is easy 2 gank early and have only a pull+ slow to deffend herself. However never forget that her sheild makes her pretty tanky.



What is dangerous?
Elise is an ranged/melee changing mage that can also jungle. She has a burst which is not as huge as other ap carries. However her form-changin ult, makes her able to burst down single targets and can stay alive more effective than other ap carries. In lane, she can stun you and poke with her Q and W in human form. She can go oom pretty quickly, but as Nidalee doesn't spells in melee form cost mana.

What should I do?
Elise can get easily countered if you harass her early on. Her farming is pretty low so you can easily outfarm her. Use the extra time you have to Q E and W combo. If she misses her stun, you will easily lower her Hp alot. You will have the advantage after lvl 6 and get there as soon as possible.


Difficulty: Easy

What is dangerous?
Evelynn is an stealthy Ap assasin. She can easily burst down multiple targets at once thanks to her Q and R. Dark Frenzy ,W makes her quite mobile. Her entire burst lowers you to about 30% Hp. She has her greatest time in mid-game, when she ganks as fast as possible.

What should I do?
Evelynn has no sustain and is very squishy early on. If you can harrass with Q,E,W combo more than 2 times, she should be easy prey. She can be a real pain in the a*s cuz of her passive. She can be invisible and gank other lanes while you think she's low on health and under her turret. Remember that she will be visible after taking or dealing damage as well casting spells. This will last 6 seconds, so target her often with your Q to keep her visible.



What is dangerous?
Fiddlesticks is a very good mid pick early on. His Drain makes him able to stay in lane forever with some mana regen. His fear Terrify and silence Dark Wind gives him a nice advantage. Never engage on him as he will just drain himself for the damage and silence/fear you if you use Death Lotus. His ultimate Crowstorm is extremely dangerous in teamfights and in 1vs1. However he needs to channel it for 1.5 seconds.

What should I do?
With a Catalyst the protector, Fiddlesticks can stay in lane forever. He is not very vulnerable for ganks as he can terrify one of you. Try to prefer farm over harrass and try to roam as fast as possible. If you can, snap some kills and remember 2 say ss when fiddle is gone from his lane. His ulti makes him able 2 jump over walls. Be carefull!!


Difficulty: Hard

What is dangerous?
Fizz is an exceptional mid champion as he can move around in the lane with his 2 mobility skills: Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster. With his Playful / Trickster he will not receive damage when you channel Death Lotus. His W Seastone Trident gives him nice farming and sustain damage. His ulti Chum the Waters makes him strong after lvl 6 and can burst down most ad-carries to 5% Hp.

What should I do?
Fizz is a very good Katarina counterer. That's because of his knock-up from ult, his good sustain damage and dogde from his E. Never play ranked against him as he will dominate mid-game. Try to harass early on and take him from that stage. If you manage to harrass him from lane, you will get a lvl advantage that an bring the difference of a feeded kata or feeded fizz. Call in a gank early. You are really screwed if you have jungler without skills or CC.

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Katarina has a veriety of set of combos. The difference between them should be because of:

How fed you are
Who you fight against

Don't go toe to toe with ur opponent beofe lvl 3. Just harras with Q and get all of your basic abilities. When you have the 3 of them, use Q-E-W sinister steel and run away. You are most likely to win this trade unless you get caught in a heavy stun. The passive after using Shunpo will make you take 15% reduced damage. If the enemy is skillshot dependant, try to get behind a minion while running away. The MS bonus after Sinister steel is also very good for these trades. If you can do these more than 3 times, and get your ult before they do....You just won mid ;).

The deafult combo for a lvl 6 kill is Q-E-W-R sinister steel

If the enemy jumps on you but you know you will win the fight, use Q-W-R sinister steel . Save shunpo so you can use it to catch up if your target has a blink ability or Flash

If you get Deathfire Grasp remember to fire it BEFORE you go crazy. You will do more damage when the target is at full Hp and you will do 20% more damage with ur abilities against them for 4 seconds.

Therfore use Dfg-Q-E-W-R sinister steel . If you got a Bilgewater Cutlass or Hextech Gunblade use the active to slow ur opponet while channeling death lotus. Also burn your ignite to get kills. This combo is the MEGA-SUPER-DIE-CARRY-AND-ALL-OTHER-CHAMPION-COMBO.

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In teamfights you have to know:

When to use your Shunpo
Who to focus
When to use Death Lotus
and smaller tasks

The biggest decision that Katarina does in a teamfight is when to Shunpo into the fray and take targets down. If the enemy team has a heavy stun/silence/suppression like Infinite Duress, Nether Grasp or Static Field, you should stay away from the fight. The best way to find out if a Katarina is skilled or not, is to see when she engages. When there is no CC that threatens you, Death Lotus can be cast without problems and the damage you do will be terrefying. When one of the enemies goes down use E , Q and W to secure that kill and keep doing what you can to take people down.

Your main target is the AD carry. Why? They destroy your tanks and bruisers and will dominate if fed. Therfore flash/ Shunpo to them. Remember to don't do this before almost all CC are used. Then, use your Q,W and R and item abilities and Ignite if needed. When their AD carry is killed, jump to the AP carry. Do the Q,W combo and with the damage from Q and R earlier they should be dead. Now you will take down the nasty offtank. With the rest of your team, kill the remaining enemies, push the lane and claim victory!!

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This guide

If you comment and vote I will be very happy and don't forget to ask about anything, I mean EVERYTHING about Katarina.If there is something you want me to add, it's just to comment bad or good feedback. Stay awesome!

The build is not yet finnished and I am trying to get away all the grammar mistakes. Season three made me make even more changes. Hope you now know how to play and build my favorite champion Katarina.