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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Riven Build Guide by SkullzX

Riven - Broken Sword Style

Riven - Broken Sword Style

Updated on June 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkullzX Build Guide By SkullzX 41 12 232,014 Views 58 Comments
41 12 232,014 Views 58 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SkullzX Riven Build Guide By SkullzX Updated on June 22, 2013
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I will be updating for season 3 soonish TM
Hello, welcome to my Riven guide!

[Riven is a bruiser(tanky dps), this does not mean she is an off tank! An off tank will build items that are tanky such as Warmog's Armor which is not needed on riven! As Riven it's your job to try and disrupte the enemy ad/ap carry in a team fight, to do this you need to be tanky, so you don't get instantly bursted down by the ad/ap carry you are trying to disrupt and deal damage so you can actually MURDER THEM!

Bruiser: Riven is a perfect example of a bruiser! She is semi tanky, deals good damage and can easily disrupte the enemy carries! What's a bruiser do in team fights? Well typically you will want to either defend your carries or kill/disrupte theirs, as Riven I usually go and kill there AD carry and then go for their AP carry. Once I have completed those jobs I will help save the rest of my team from their off tank, bruisers, ect. Don't always go straight for the enemy carries though because in some fights protecting your own carries is more important Example: if you don't have a good support/jungler or the enemy team has assassins.


The main reason for this guide is posted below...the laning match ups! I am constantly working on improving them and adding more, if I have missed a match up you would like to see please PM me!
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Twisted Treeline

Coming soon
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What makes Riven...well Riven

This is basicly the PROS/CONS of Riven
+ Great mobility
+ Very high scaling
+ Naturally high damage
+ Very fun to play
+ Safe blind pick
+ No mana or energy just CD
+ Very strong level 3
+ Powerful/spammable ult
+ Is a bunny :D
(_) (_)
( 0__0)
(____)(_)_) <=BUNNY!
| )|_| )
|__) |__)

- Item dependent
- Requires an OK early game
- Hates CC
- Armor is anoyying to her
- Besides Wind Slash she is melee
- Range/poke zone's her hard
- Hard to master Blade of the Exile
- Falls off late late game
- Is a girl! LOL JKS She is awesome!
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Why use my runes?
Well the reason I use these runes over other is because with AD quints and marks you get 15 additional AD level 1 WHICH STACKS WITH YOUR PASSIVE AND ABILITYS! I would say an extra 15 damage or 15 hp sheild is nice level 1. Seals I always run flat armor, it's good vs any laner due to it stops the minons from hurting you, stops powerful auto attacks and they are good in team fights. I run MR per level glyphs, grabbing 6-7 of them.You can use 9 MR per level glyphs if you want, I just like the little bit of extra CD that the CD per level runes gives you.


X3 Stats: 2.25 AD+

These are the only quints I would recommend. Why only these quints??? Well as Riven you scale EXTREMLY well with bonus AD and these give you an extra 6.75 AD level 1!

X3 Stats: .25 AD+/lvl

These are ok runes I personally perfer the flat AD because it is so much stronger early game and at level 18 you only get 13.5 AD for a worse early game.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationX1-2 Stats: 3.33 armor pen.

These are more for jungling than top lane. If you want you can add a few armor pen quints/marks instead of your flat AD. I Jungle Riven a decent amount but don't usually use armor pen quints but, if you wanted to go for fast armor shread through quint, marks, masteries and a The Brutalizer rush it would make for effective ganks...even laning would be strong due to the next to true damage.


X9 Stats: .95 AD+

These are the marks I use, I find they work the best because they give you a lot of early game AD and in the end this will help you snowball better! Also for the same reasons I run the Flat AD quints.

X9 Stats: .13 AD+/lvl

I am not a fan of these because you are way weaker early game which is where you have the potential to dominate. I don't think giving up early game domination is worth the little bit extra late game AD

Greater Mark of DesolationX4 Stats: 1.66 armor pen.

Again this is more for jungling I use 4 of these and 5 AD marks. If you want though you could use a full armor pen page and rush The Brutalizer to try and go for near true damage on champions.


X9 Stats: 1.41 Armor

These are always the best seals in almost any possible situation, they reduce damage taken from minons/jungle creeps and are great verse almost every top laner. I would highly recommend just using these no matter what because even if you are laning verse an AP they will have an AD carry who you will have to assassinate...why die to him?


X 3 or 9 Stats: .05%CD/lvl
These basicly give you 1% extra CD at level 18. This doesn't seem like a lot but, trust me having just a few of these can make your Blade of the Exile and other spells come up that much faster and make kills that much easier. I usually mix these with MR per level Glyphs unless I am going CDR Riven and getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity then i will take 9 of these.

X 5-9 Stats: .15MR/lvl

These runes are generally the most helpful MR runes in the game and I would highly suggest you have atleast 5 of these so you don't melt to the enemy AP carry when trying to assassinate them! Even if you are facing a person who deals mainly physcial damage these are still great for team fights.
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Summoner's Wrath Gives you the most bang for your buck no matter what summoner spell, 5 AD AWESOME, reduced armor/MR by 10 AWESOME, 35% more move speed AWESOME! THIS IS A MUST IF YOU TAKE INGITE, EXHAUST OR GHOST!

Brute Force 3 extra AD at level 1 makes last hitting and laning easier!

Alacrity The bonus attack speed helps last hitting. 4 points in alacrity is required to get weapon expertise!

Sorcery CDR rocks even if it is 1%, remember Riven loves CDR!

Weapon Expertise 10% armor pen. YES PLEASE! requires 4 in alacrity.

Deadliness gives .5AD/lvl, by level 18 that's a lot! If you for some reason don't want this use the points for sorcery.

Vampirism 3% life steal works good with your passive and helps you sustain a little more, if you dont want this just put the poitns in sorcery!

Sunder 6 armor pen. this helps more early on making cloth armor 1/3rd as effective.

Executioner Blade of the Exile and this STACK DAMAGE! So basicly any enemy under 40% will take massive damage from your ult, anything under 25% is almost an instant kill with enough AD.


Hardiness great for top lane, extra armor is awesome verse bruisers and is also effective vs minons and jungle creeps!

Resistance put more points into this if facing an AP top such as Vlad, extra MR is always good!

Durability 108 hp by level 18 is pretty good because you are now tankier, vigor also works but you cant get veteran's scars then :(.

Veteran's Scars level 1, 30 extra hp for 1 point YES PLEASE!

Honourable Mentions:(swaps)

Summoner's Insight If you wanna run 26 3 1 or something you can get this. by doing this you get full points into sourcery and butcher! Also flash comes up faster!

Good Hands you can run 23, 3, 4 and get this. get extra points in sorcery for attack, hardiness for defence and summoner's insight and 10% death time reduction for utility!

Butcher Helps make getting creeps easier, I perfer the 1 extra AD because it works with abilitys and not just on creeps.

Vigor the extra HP regen in lane is great with 3 points the only thing is you can't get veteran's scars. If u want vigor run 21, 8, 1 and get summoner's insight!

Tough Skin if the minons kill you to much this can help! I personally perfer the flat 2 armor over this because it helps verse champs aswell.

Summoner's Resolve I take this when jungling the extra 10 gold per smite is worth it in the end!

Bladed Armor works well in the earlier leaves to help you kill the camps faster but, veteran's scars also works too well jungling!

Indomitable if you don't want bladded armor or vets scars get this! 1 damage off everything doesn't seem like a lot but if you jungle and the creeps hit you 20 times a camp it could add up. Even in laning the creeps will shoot you and this helps reduce damage!

Lethality If you build crit then get this if you don't build crit don't get this...simple!
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This item is one of the best items on Riven, WHY? Well a fully stacked Bloodthirster gives 100 AD THATS HUGE ON RIVEN! It also gives 20% life steal, this is why I love having 2! A bonus 200 AD=super strong Valor/ Ki Burst and the 40% life steal off an auto attack with your passive gives you MASSIVE HP BACK!
This item is pretty good for early armor shredding, It works great in team fights because it helps allies do more damage but, i suggest getting a Last Whisper late game if the enemy has over 150 armor. This item if rushed can dominate a lane especially if they don't stack armor...true damage YES PLEASE!
This is a good late game item especially verse tanky teams. I would reccomend getting either a Last Whisper or Black Cleaver for the armor pen/shread. Even if you are versing mainly squishys this item can make your damage output so much more due to the insane armor pen, not to mention the AD it gives.
This is a strong item, I personally don't pick it up myself that often because I perfer the extra 20 AD a bloodthirster gives and the life steal over the crit. This item does work for the very late game and you might consider selling a bloodthirster to pick this up due to the crit does give you more damage in a quick fight.
This can be a situational item and you should only pick it up if they are an AP heavy team. I love the passive on it because it's like Olaf the lower your hp the more AD you get. Don't pick this up if the enemy isn't ap heavy because than the sheild passive may not proc and that is what makes the item. If you are verse an AP top I suggest you pick up an early Hexdrinker building it into a maw after you have tier 2 boots and a blood thirester! This item work's well with Riven because if you are low hp and Valor with the sheild proc on you will have almost a full HP bar but, massive damage from the passive.
This item is a pretty good item on Riven I usually would take this instead of a Guardian Angel if I noticed I am not being focused in fights. This items passive works very well with Riven's high mobility, helping secure kills. This item gives a good chunk of HP and some nice AD which obviously is good on Riven. I personally take Guardian Angel over Frozen Mallet a lot of the times but, will get a phage just for the slow proc, I sometimes take both and don't get a Maw of Malmortius or Last Whisper but, that really depends on the situation...for this to happen the enemy can't be building a lot of armor and they must be mainly AD.
/ If you you are facing someone who stacks armour such as Garen you might want to pick up a early The Brutalizer for the CDR/AD(armor pen helps but the CDR reason you want it). A The Brutalizer is very cost effective giving you AD, armour pen and CD for only 1337 GOLD! I generally dont upgrade to the Ghost blade as I would have to be full build to do that and I usually would sell the The Brutalizer for another item such as a second Bloodthirster or guardian agnel later in the game. If you want the ghostblade that's fine too but remember to use it's active when you use your ult/gap closer. If you went the I.E route I do suggest you upg to the ghostblade though over another item.
Doran's Blade is super cost effective and I highly recommend getting 1-3(anything more than 3 will hurt you later 3 is the absoulte MAX, I usually only get 2) of these early on! I don't suggest getting more than 3 because you will have to sell them for inv slots and this wastes money :(. Doran's Blade gives everything Riven wants 80 HP, 10 AD and 3% life steal, by stacking 3 of these you have 240 extra hp 30 extra AD and 9% extra life steal...the cost? 1425 gold...yes a 225 off a b.f. sword but you don't have to save to get Doran's Blade like you do for a b.f. sword, always choose a b.f. sword over 3 doarn's if given the choice due to the extra 15 ad is better than all the other stats combined due to you get 15 more damage every Ki Burst and 15 more shield on Valor also it builds into amazing late game items :D


I am personally a huge fan of this item because I like the ability to come back into a team fight if they hard focus you right away. I will usually pick this up or a Frozen Mallet after completing my Bloodthirster. This item gives a large amount of armour and magic resist at a pretty good price plus you get a second chance! I would reccomend this item if you are getting focused due to the good amount of armor/MR it provides, plus the revive will literally put you back into the fight. If you aren't a fan of Guardian Angel you can get Frozen Mallet or Maw of Malmortius instead.
This is by far one of the best item's for Riven. This item gives a really good chunk of armour some HP, has the ability to slow your enemys and gives your CDR! This item is very cost effective I would suggest picking up an early Heart of Gold if the enemy team is AD heavy so you can build this later. I get this item any time there is a brusier top because if they have a bruiser top and an ad carry that means they deal a lot of physical damage and this will do a great job at keeping you alive and your team. The de buff on Randuin's Omen is also very useful in escaping/ chasing enemy's and in a team fight since you will be near the Carries this makes it harder for them to escape/they deal less damage from the attack speed de buff making it harder for them to kill you!
I generally don't pick this item up very often but when I do the enemy team usually has 3+ hard stuns. The MR is nice but the real reason I would get this item is it give you basicly a Cleanse.
This item is good for very heavy AP team, I suggest getting a maw/merc treds before picking this item up though. I find that usually those two items give enough MR for most teams but if you still are getting bursted down and need the MR get this item, the move speed and health regen are also useful!
This is more of a situational item, I find if you have a Randuin's Omen and a Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet you are usually tanky enough for most AD heavy teams, but for those situations where they don't really have any AP and they like to auto attack you this item can be very cost effective due to the high armor and the passive that returns damage!
SKULLZX RIVEN IS NOT A TANK OR SUPPORT WHY SHOULD I GET THIS! Well this item is about 2k gold and gives you 30 armour 39 MR 270 HP and 8 damage! Plus your team gets 12 armor 15 mr and 8 damage. If no one else on the team has this I suggest you consider picking it up due to how cost effective this item is and how strong it is in team fights!
This item work's well if the enemy is heavy AD and you already have/are building a Frozen Mallet. I wouldn't get this item if you don't plan on getting a Frozen Mallet because you won't get much out of it's passive if you don't have a lot of health! This item works well if you build a Randuin's Omen and Frozen Mallet, these 3 items will usually be enough to hold back any AD heavy team.
Great item for laning phase! This item is probably the single best item to help you win a lane verse another bruiser! Bonus AD, armor and lifesteal is everything that you want to win a fight! PLUS you get a free ward every 3 minutes so ganks are less effective and avoidable! This is a great item especially if you are behind. This is not an item you end with though, sell this for a blood thirster later in the game! This item is also good for jungling and securing baron/dragon. I usually will skip this item and just rush a Bloodthirster.
SKULLZ WTH IS THIS ITEM! Well this item here might not look to impressive( i didn't think so at first) but, look at the stats it gives and how cost effective they it is! 250 HP, 30 MR, 10% CDR, 15% more hp back from life steal/spell vamp and 15% more health regen! I would suggest this if the enemy is running an AP mid/Top. This item you could always sell later for a FON or CSS but, as it stands it is a cheap form of health MR CDR lifesteal and regen!


First off before buying boots/shoes look at the enemy team comp and what would work best to destroy them! Also don't rush tier 2 boots I suggest getting atleast 2 doran's or a b.f. sword or some sort of damage before getting tier 2 boots unless you are way behind!
Great for laning(most of the time) and amazing verse heavy ad teams. I suggest getting these if you are behind in lane aswell because of the extra movement speed and armor(unless facing an ap then always mercs). Cheap, gives +25 armor, good movespeed and 10% auto attack avoidence... so it's amazing verse tanky dps/bruisers!

If you are laning verse an ap(vlad, kennen ect)than these are a must! These are more expensive than Ninja Tabi but they give much better stats, 25 MR, alot of CC reduction and speed. I usually pick these up unless the enemy team is heavy AD. I pick these up due to the fact it lowers how long you are slowed/stunned and in the end CC kills Riven so to shorten the duration makes you much stronger.
These aren't so great late game for the fact you will get focused more and more late game and these give no defensive stats. I usually don't get these boots for that fact. These boots can however help you early-mid game by greatly increasing your damage output due to way way way shorter CD! Spam ult more YES PLEASE!
Good if you plan on roaming a lot, I only suggest these when jungling and still they are iffy because you are already so mobile with your spells. I wouldn't reccomend these unelss you roam a lot plan and simple due to no survivability from them.
These boots aren't the worst in the world...attack speed does help land combo's faster but, you also aren't as tanky as with other boots. I wouldn't recommend these unless you are a head trying to keep the advantage but, still Ionian Boots of Lucidity work better for keeping the advantge due to super spamable skills/ults. So in conclusion I highly suggest a different pair of boots.
If you buy these please do the following
1. Slap yourself for wasting money
2. relize you do 0 and I mean 0 magic damage
3. suck up you pride and sell them for a different pair of boots/shoes
You move fast enough with abilitys...these don't make you tankier and aren't nearly as good as Mobility Boots for roaming, I suggest getting a different pair of boots/shoes :D.


With these items you have a good amont of damage but aren't to squishy so you instantly get bursted down...and even if you do you have a Guardian Angel for an extra life!

heavy AD

Versing heavy AD comps Ninja Tabi are usually a must. if you want more damage and feel you are tanky enough you can always switch out Frozen Mallet for a Last Whisper or Black Cleaver. If you feel you have enough damage but you/ your team aren't tanky enough consider a Aegis of the Legion it gives good defensive stats to the owner with a bit of offence and gives some decent stats to team mates!

Heavy AP

or /

Versing a heavy AP comp you will probably be laning verse an AP carry so remember to fix masteries/runes accordingly! That being said you may want to get 2 dorans on your first back and then get a Hexdrinker early instead of a bf sword and maybe another Null-Magic Mantle if you are really struggling in the lane(build second null into mercs). If you are fine in lane and don't need the extra MR just get the standard bf sword but still build mercs!

CDR Riven

/ or

When going CDR Riven you might want to put a few extra early points into Broken Wings, you also might want to get a The Brutalizer instead of a B.F. Sword aswell right away. You will want to use this build to help yourself snowball, only try this when you are ahead because if it back fires you are screwed. Usually the CDR boots and The Brutalizer is enough so I don't suggest upg to the full Youmuu's Ghostblade until near the end of the build aswell or just sell the The Brutalizer in general for another Bloodthirster. Going CDR riven means you usually are a bit less tank due to CDR boots over defensive boots, this being said you might want some extra tanky items like Frozen Mallet instead of another Bloodthirster. by going this build with Riven you are very very dependent on your abilitys and using them well.
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Hidden Technique 3 Sword Style!
Yes just like Zoro Riven is a bad *** who uses the 3 sword style! Wait Zoro uses 3 swords! RIVEN USES A SWORD BROKEN INTO 3 PIECES!

The point? Riven can use 3 swords/weapons(or more if you like being glass).

I personally like

I find this combination gives a good amount of life steal, damage and MR so it isn't complete glass. I personally would run something similar to this in a real game, this is even better verse duel AP due to the added MR and the Sheild from Maw of Malmortius

Another good option


This option here gives you an ok amount of life steal, Great damage due to the armor shread, and some MR. I would consider running this verse a team who is semi tanky and has a good amount of AP damage.

Crit Riven!

This is pretty much Glass cannon mode due to your other items will be boots and HOPEFULLY a defensive one. This will give you a INSANE attack speed, armour shread and yes the chance to crit a whole 40%! I suggest you take Lethality if you plan on running this.


or +

To do this makes you SUPER GLASS CANNON MODE! you want Lethality I personally don't suggest this becuase naturally moving you are a bit slower due to no boots and you rely greatly on Valor and constantly attack for life steal so hard CC will kill you next to instantly! By doing this you can output A TON OF DAMAGE with you attack speed, massive amount of crit(70%) and armour shread(basicly AD carry but melee range)! I personally wouldn't suggest this in ranked games, only when messing around with friends. Seriously running this will make you super squishy so make sure you Valor because your sheild will be HUGE and constantly attack like Master Yi would to get your HP back(life steal op nerf Irelia)!

The Blood!

I included the GA since you will probably want it for this build...over 400 bonus AD and 80%+ life steal, with your Blade of the Exile you should have OVER 500 BONUS AD! DAMN THE BURST DAMAGE! Super Ki Burst nukes and super Valor sheild. To pull this off you have to Valor and you have to wait for the right moment to jump into a team fight...also you have insane life steal USE IT!
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This is Riven passive it can be charged up to 3 times from your abilitys. Every time you use Broken Wings, Valor or Ki Burst it gains 1 charge, this charge gives you bonus damage on your next auto attack. Don't spam abilitys and waste your passive! This passive does over 100 additional damage per auto attack in most situations which is a lot that means with all your abilitys used it can give you over an extra 500 damage!

Your passive in the early levels will be one of your main source of damage so don't waste the charges but, remember if you can't hit the enemy champion you can hit a minon then go for them with the remaining stacks later. Always be aware of how long until the stacks will dissapear, the timer will reseat if you use a stack or gain a new one.
This ability works best with your passive because it is able to give you 1 stack per use(3 stacks total). Using Broken Wings early on with your passive will be your main source of damage on the enemys. Broken Wings can be used to make you very mobile, I suggest using it to run from place to place and get back into the lane, it also is helpful for escapeing enemys, chasing enemys and poking people.

Why not max this since it gives me more passive stacks/damage? Well by maxing this first you will do more damage, but all the other skill will have longer CD because this skill doesn't get a shorter CD as you level it unlike the others. So by maxxing this first you are less mobile and have less utility, it is good to put an extra point or 2 early into Broken Wings to do more damage in lane/team fights.

Pro tip: Broken Wings can be used to jump over small walls like jarvans ult!
Also you can use the last Q and Flash and the damage/knock up will effect where you land!

Always remember when using this ability look at the timer for when it will go on CD, if you don't you may lose this ability after the first use!
This ability is amazing it gives you a powerful nuke with a full 1.0 AD scaling...every 6-7 seconds! Did I mention it has a short stun that can disrupt Nunu & Willump ult, Karthus ult, Katarina ult and anything else that channels is instantly stopped and put on CD!

Pro tip: You can stun people who are moving past you, example lee sins Q, he will be stunned at the place he lands.

I use Ki Burst to harrase the enemys in lane and to disrupt people in team fights, this ability gives great utility because of it's short CD and stun. Combo Ki Burst with Valor for good lane harrase or initate on someone. I tend to max this first most of the time due to it's extreme nuke, low CD and the kick stun allowing you to get in an extra auto attack or 2, plus it makes ganks extremly easy if because you can get it off twice a lot of times during a gank!
This skill is a great mobility skill, it provides a full 1.0 AD scaling sheild! I use Valor and Broken Wings to roam around the map faster. I will also combo Valor with Ki Burst to harrase enemys then Broken Wings away and they can't do anything about it!

Pro tip: Valor like Broken Wings can jump over small walls.

Why should/shouldn't I max this first. I will sometimes max this first because it does give you more mobility with a lower CD and it is great verse heavy poke teams for surviabilitys escpecially in the laning phase since early on Riven has little survivability/sustain, so blocking their attacks with this sheild is effective. You will generally want to use this ability ASAP so it comes off CD faster giving you more mobility and another sheild, especially if you plan on tower diving! Always remember when tower diving or going for a last hit in tower range this sheild will fully block atleast 1 tower shot! Combo Valor with Flash and you can close any gap SUPER FAST and can catch people/ escape almost anything with Broken Wings afterwards!
This is you ultimate, it gives you a range increase making you have a longer range than ANY OTHER MELEE even people like Fizz with polearms :O. Blade of the Exile also gives you a bonus 20% AD which gives your abilitys/auto attacks WAY more damage

Pro tip: can be used through all walls, this means you can steal buffs/secure kills without actually being there!

I semi spam Riven ult because it has such a short CD, by this I mean if I know I can get a pull combo off and severly weaken the enemy or kill them I will use it because even if you get them to 20% HP and they back you are now a head in the lane and the ult will be back relativly soon!. Rivens ult CD start the second you use it so when the big sword portion is done it will be 15 seconds off CD already, keep this in mind! You ult scales off the enemys HP missing and your AD so use the wind slash portion on enemys with low HP to deal more damage, this stacks with Executioner btw ;)!Now you have to keep in mind in a team fight not to use this on one person but, to try and save it for multipul people to optimize the damage output of it!
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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Max order usually: Ki Burst-> Valor-> Broken Wings

What skills to take!(first few levels)

Normal: Broken Wings-> Ki Burst-> Valor-> Ki Burst

Heavy poke: Valor-> Broken Wings-> Ki Burst-> Valor Consider an extra point or 2 into Valor in the early levels or even maxing Valor first if the poke is heavy enough!

Level 1 gank: Ki Burst If the your jungler is coming right after blue or red you should start Ki Burst for the stun because you won't be level 2 by the time the jungler is near! By doing this you secure a kill or atleast summoners/hp pots maybe a potential back!

When Ahead: Put a few extra point in Broken Wings over Valor early, this will give you a longer valor cool down but WAY more damage that is why you only max it if you are ahead because of the longer cool down/lessened shield will hurt you if you are behind/tied.

ALWAYS MAX: Blade of the Exile at 6,11,16 NO EXCEPTIONS! The extra damage and 15 seconds cool down is way to good to give up!

Play the Lane: Don't always just max Ki Burst thought it is usually the best to max in some situations you might want Valor first agiesnt some heavy poke champions. I will some times go Broken Wings-> Ki Burst-> Valor-> Broken Wings then max Ki Burst by doing this you have a higher damage output throughtout laning phase but lose a little but of a sheild/CD. The reason I max Ki Burst is because I use it so often to chunk the enemy and it is a stun with a short CD so if the enemy jungle comes to gank you and you just used ki burst, it will be back up in time before they can kill you...usually!

Ki Burst VS. Valor which to max!
Most people assume you should always max Ki Burst first, this isn't always the case! By maxing Ki Burst you do more damage and have more utility from the stun! This being said you are less mobile but, have a much stronger nuke! I would max Ki Burst in most match ups verse bruiser to harrase them and to be able to keep them from last hitting by stunning them right before they can last hit the minon.

Most people don't ever think of maxing Valor first for some reason that is beyond me. Typically people get Ki Burst first just becuase of the CD/Damage disregarding the situation...this is wrong maxing Valor first makes you way more mobile and very very hard to kill in lane. I usually max Valor first if I am versing someone who is a heavy poker such as Kennen but, still take a few point's in Ki Burst for the stun utilitys incase they jump on you, or if you want to harrase your Valor will tank all the damage then you can Ki Burst auto attack Broken Wings auto attack and then just back off with Broken Wings before their skills come up again!

Don't max Broken Wings first, A few early points is ok but by maxing it first you cause yourself to be have less mobility and less utility(longer CD). Putting early points in Broken Wings will give you higher damage output though and is generally good if you are winning the lane to push the advantage!
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Summoner Spells

Awesome Summoners!

This is a great Summoner spell on Riven, It provides the bit extra true damage you need to get some early kills and works very well with your Blade of the Exile! This spell is sometimes a must verse certain champions that can heal in fights such as Vladimir/ Mordekaiser. I would suggest you take Summoner's Wrath with ignite giving you 5 extra AD when you have used it, making it more effective if you use it at the start of a fight. Also don't forget the healing de buff!
I like this summoner with Ignite, they work very well toghter to flash assassinate people. To Flash assassinate you use your Blade of the Exile Flash Valor/ Ignite auto attack Ki Burst and send Wind Slash. Flash also is great for team fights so you can Flash Valor to the enemy carry to Ki Burst at the least or kill them!
I personally like running Ignite Heal sometimes. The Heal bait is extremly strong on Riven because she can Heal Valor and be near full hp,then turn Blade of the Exile, Ignite/ Ki Burst the enemy and then burst them down extremly fast!
This summoner works well with Riven's kit. If they are near your tower you can Blade of the Exile Exhaust/combo them and if they just try to run away you should have no problem catching up and kill them. This also work's great with Summoner's Wrath due to the reductions!

Pretty Good Summoners

Teleport works well with Riven and can help her have map pressure. I personally don't run this in solo q because I am not a fan of the super long CD! Riven is pretty mobile by using her spells to travel places so I find Teleport isn't completely needed in laning phase but, can still help. If you have a willing team consider 5 Teleport...un-gankable with a reliable team!
A speed boost on an already mobile champ?!?!?! WHY NOT! Ghost works well with Riven because she is mobile already. This is probably your best bet of catching someone in a long chase or getting away from people really fast. I personally perfer Flash over Ghost just because Riven can Flash assassinate people and I find it's more useful in team fights.
Riven gets shut down hard by a lot of CC. I typically don't take cleanse but it can be a useful spell if the enemy have a ton of CC because Riven is effected so much by hard CC. If you don't want this but need to clear CC try getting a QSS or banshee's vail.
I personally won't take this on Riven because of the long CD and I find it isn't the best summoner on riven in 5v5, this is more of a dominion summoner! If you play dominion than this can be very useful, if you don't I wouldn't suggest it!
Just like revive this is a dominion thing. This summoner can be pretty effective in dominion though I personally perfer Ghost with Ignite/ Exhaust/ Revive on dominion, works well if you have 4 friends in the dominion game and no one else has it though.


Let's be serious how much would 10000 AP do for riven? NOTHING! so 10-78 is also worthless! The attack speed is ok but, not worth it.
I don't care how mana dependent your team is DON'T GET THIS SUMMONER! It does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR YOU!If you didn't notice you run off CD not Mana or Energy!
Leave this summoner for the support take something that will be useful in 1v1 fighting or team fights such as heal ignite flash exhaust!
Seriously do I have to go over why this is a bad summoner? This summoner pushs the lane making you over extend and making you easier to be killed! Also it hurts your CS due to it's high damage output and low damage in take.


No smite, No jungle! Don't be a 900 elo idiot who doesn't pick up smite! This allows you to clear the jungle so much faster and keep so much health! This also gives the ability to steal/secure buffs dragon and even BARON! This is by far the best summoner you can take if you are jungling!
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Bruiser in a team fight!

Riven is a bruiser, this means when push, comes to shove, she knock's them out! Bruisers are generally stronger than every other role naturally from higher base stats/scaling but, tbeg are usually melee! I am now going to talk about what YOU the bruiser will want to do in team fights.

Team Fights Offensive

As a bruiser it is your job to disrupt the enemy AD/AP carries, I generally go for the AD carry first since they are constant damage well the AP carry is more burst damage. The AD carry is generally the most squishy person on the team so with your extreme burst from your Blade of the Exile into Broken Wings into Ki Burst you should easily kill them, now remember to put an auto attack in between each spell cast! Now once you kill the AD carry or chase them off(both work but killing is better) you will want to go for the AP carry because he generally is doing the 2nd most damage and is usually also pretty squihsy, this being said look at everyones HP if it is low I suggest sending the wind slash portion of Blade of the Exile into the lower HP people. Now when fighting the AP carry watch out for snares, stuns, suppression and other CC these can and will get you killed if you aren't smart about trying to engage on them. Just like the AD carry you will want to Broken Wings, auto attack, Ki Burst auto attack, Broken Wings auto attack Valor auto attack Broken Wings auto attack, this combo will do maximum damage this being said you can Valor at the start to close a gap or to block an incoming spell don't just follow the combo if you will get chunked for it. Now once both AD/AP carries are out of the picture the enemy team is lacking on damage but, will still have a pretty tanky team, this being said you might want to kill the support off or just trying and peel the tanky people off the rest of your team, you can do this why Ki Burst or Broken Wings in front of them knocking them back.

Assassin (defensive) Team Fights

If the enemy team has assassins such as Talon or Akali you will want to defend your carries instead of going for theres. Almost all assassin's as squishy and build glass cannon this being said you can usually kill them very very fast with the high burst from your Ki Burst and the strong damage from your Broken Wings. When dealing with assassins act like a brick wall stand near or infront of the AD carry usually works best, wait for the assassins to make a move or if you see them out of postion you can Flash to blade of exile to Valor to Ki Burst, auto attack Broken Wings auto attack and do that until they die ( most should die around the 2nd broken wings earlyer if you use wind slash but I suggest saving this to hit multipul people). Now after the assassin is dealt with you will want to do what I mentioned in the team fight section and go for the AD carry, then the AP carry, then just peel who ever else is left off your team and beat them down!


Do not be the one to initiate a team fight, wait for something like and Amumu ult or Cow head butt/pulv combo. After the inital fight breaks out look for a safe way to get to the AD carry(or ap depending on situation). When close ish to the AD carry you can jump on them with either Flash, Valor or you could Broken Wings, Valor to get right into their face BUT REMEMBER TO Blade of the Exile BEFORE YOU USE ABILITYS TO HURT THEM! Once this gap is closed use a Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst auto attack, Broken Wings auto attack. Once the AD carry is out of the picture I usually go for the AP carry but, prioratize your team! Since you disrupted the AD carry they are gone, now either go for another target or if your team is in danger SAVE THEM! Who cares if you kill there damage if you are the only one left in the fight! The best way to peel people off is a nice Ki Burst auto attack, this gives you team time to re position, another good thing is your knock back, use this infront of them knocking them away from your team!
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What is winning the lane?

Winning the lane isn't one set thing but a combination of many things. Winning the lane doesn't mean you take the enemy tower ASAP but that you beat him gold wise, level wise and help your team out.

You can never truly shut someone down, i once faced a jax who was 1-6 because of me. He roamed I called mia but, our mid(who was feeding already) died a lot to him and he got back into the game because people fed him kills and he did well in team fights. At the end of the game we lost...I was 15-7-? he was 21-14-? YEAH 21 KILLS!This just goes to show that you can never truly shut someone down.

Now back to winning the lane.
To "win" the lane you can do this by either
1. doubleing their CS or more.
2. being levels up on them.
3. kill them 3-4 times(more is better) in lane without dieing yourself.
4. Destroy the tower and be up in creeps/exp by a decent amount.
of course these aren't the only ways to win the lane just some that indicate that you have won.

SkullzX, I'm losing the lane what do I do?!?!
Well don't just give up because you are behind some things you can do to get back into the fray:
1. buy armor/mr
armor/mr is WAY WAY cheaper than building damage early on. by having armor you are harder to kill therefore you can fight back and get CS so you don't fall further behind
You have a team, use em. Ask for a gank from either the jungler or the mid lane if your behind don't not ask and fall further behind because of it, alot of bad players won't relize how badly you need help so ask for it, i'm sure your team will be glad to help!
3. Build 1 or 2 gp 10 items
Build an earlyer Heart of Gold or philosopher's stone these item's won't help right away but will help you in the mid-late game.
4. When you're so far behind you can't CS properly ROAM ALOT!
Screw the tower, yes the enemy team gets 1k gold but, with the tower down (or up if they leave it to try and farm) you can roam and gank lanes. This is more of a last resort where you can't lane verse the other top laner anymore without instantly dieing. When the wave gets pushed just freeze it near your 2nd turret, the enemy top laner now can't get cs from top for a while and if he tries he is WAAAAYY over extended usually and can be 3 man ganked rather easily!
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How to lane

Now that you know what winning the lane is I am going to talk about how to lane!

The Basics

CS is more important than anything...except maybe a quick kill. CS is your main income of money so last hitting is very important, work on this! As A general rule 100 CS every 10 minutes is good. Killing the enemy laner is around 19 or so creeps as a general rule of thumb. Now by CS is the most improtant I mean laning phase, objectives like tower/dragon/baron are more important later on but, in laning phase CS is generally the most important thing!


Skullz you already have a Skill order section! Well yes I just thought I would add this to clairify that you don't have to max this than this than this(except your ult), Riven is very versatial and should level up her skills accordingly, I personally am aggressive that is why I like to get an earlly 2 points into Broken Wings then max Ki Burst, by doing this you get more damage though out the lane and can contantly harrase. Now if facing a poke heavy jerk put a few extra points into Valor there is no reason to get poked if you can have a sheild every few seconds :).


Riven has shortish CD especially in the later levels, this being said you can harrase a lot easier than most people(also having no mana/energy helps too). To harrase the enemy laner you can walk up to them and just auto attack Ki Burst auto attack, to just walk up I suggest you make it look like you are going for a last hit! If they are far away Valor auto attack Ki Burst auto attack now after you do your poke you can just walk away, if they try and hit you back just Broken Wings to safty. Another good form of harrase is to Broken Wings to them Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst auto attack then Broken Wings knocking them back auto attack then just Valor away, if they don't have a big gap closer they won't be able to catch you and even if they do your skills won't be to far away so you can always just keep running then Ki Burst them and they should stop chasing you.


You forced your opponent back and push the wave to the tower, you can either kill the tower, farm under it or ROAM! To roam you can ward the enemy jungle and steal camps such as the golems or the wolves Or even the red/blue buff if you got enough vision! Counter jungling is pretty fast and easy as Riven because of her good AOE abilitys. After you counter jungling just go back to lane and focus on CS or even getting a kill/forcing them back AGAIN! You can force people back pretty easily by using Blade of the Exile a lot since it has a short CD or you can do a harrase combo 1 or 2 times wait until they are 65% HP then Blade of the Exile and go in for a kill with the maximum damage combo! Now after you kill/ force them back push the wave to the tower so they miss CS/EXP then go roam again, take more camps or consider ganking middle, if you can get a kill middle this might be a good time to go for a dragon since you have all 5 in the area and the enemy has atleast 1 backed and probably 1 on the way back top...3v5 YES PLEASE!

Buy items

This is over looked a lot especially in the low elo games, people will stay in lane until they are level 11 despite them having 2k gold because they want X amount to buy an item. This is bad avoid doing that! If you have a lot of money that means you could spend some of that money get some decent items and then do better in the lane. So just remember don't stay in lane forever, push the wave, go back and get some items then when you get back into the lane you will be stronger! You also hurt yourself by not going back because you are lacking items and if you don't back you don't have wards so you are easier to gank!
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Starting items

Health Potion X4
This gives you great mobility making it so you can harrase easier, escape ganks and get to last hits better. You get a good amount of sustain from your Valor and the 4 Health Potion. I usually get Boots and 4 Health Potion verse AP top laners or people who aren't heavy AD.

Health Potion X5
This gives you less mobility but, allows you to stay in lane longer since you have an extra Health Potion and the armor will prevent you from taking as much damage. I would reccomend this verse heavy AD bruisers top.
This is an item that give's you next to no sustain but, allows you to do more damage and have a better sheild! This allows you an early first blood. You will want to all in before level 4 if you go this route.

Health Potion X2
Not a suggested route but, if you have problem's facing AP's this is allows a route, though I would suggest Boots and 4 Health Potion over this. Basicly on go this if you have really big trouble with AP.
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Early Game

Riven excells early game and can snow ball with a kill or 2. Riven is semi item dependent so you will want to focus on CS and if you can getting kills. Boots and 4 Health Potions is the easiest way to get FIRST BLOOD since you have sustain and mobility, it also helps you escape ganks. On the first back you will want either a b.f. sword or 2 Doran's Blades and remember to get a sight ward and 3 Health Potions. If you want you can swap the dorans blades for a Heart of Gold but, thats up to you. At level 3 you are very strong and can start to do some real poke, I suggest being more aggressive level 3 since you have one of the stronger level 3's. At level 6 is when you really shine, you will have your Blade of the Exile this is when I like to start playing even more aggressive(this doesn't mean stupidly push/over extend) with my poke. At level 6 by farm a lone you should have 1350 from just farming that is just short of your b.f. sword so in theroy if you back for the first time at level 7 you can get a b.f. sword or more! With a b.f. sword you are scary...VERY SCARY! This is when you can start to pick up kills easily and deal tons of damage, once you have farmed up enough $$$$ get Bloodthirster and it's on to mid game.
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Mid Game

I consider the game is mid game when I have a Bloodthirster, Riven is very strong mid game especially with a fully stack Bloodthirster. Around this time laning phase should be ending and you will want to be warding more of the map and trying to take/force objective such as dragon and stealing their blue buff or securing towers. You are very strong in team fights and have very strong peel at this point so make sure you protect your carries and try to kill theres because at this point in the game they will be very squishy and won't be able to kill you really fast. In the mid game you will want to adapt to what the enemy is getting/how much money you have, If I am dominating and have a lot of money from CS and kills I will generally get a 2nd Bloodthirster right away to push the advantage then build a Guardian Angel or Randuin's Omen to prevent myself from dieing. Riven is a good roaming because of her 4 dashs so keep this in mind for potiential split pushs. After you have 2-3+ items it will be late game(boots don't count).
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Late game

We are at late game, Riven kind of falls off now but, not by a lot. At this point in the game securing objectives is a must! You have to be warding the baron at all times! Consider an oracles if you aren't dieing so you can clear wards gaining an advatage over the enemy team in map pressure. In the late game you will want to try to get inhibiters so the minons push then get other objectives like dragon/baron. Don't roam by yourself without wards because 1 wrong move could cost you baron, towers, inhibiters or even THE GAME! This is when team fights are the most important because 1 fight can determine the game, so make sure you are properly equiped to defend your own carries and even to try and kill their carries! DON'T CHACE THERE SUPPORT AROUND OR CARRIES TRYING TO GET AN "easy kill" AND LEAVE YOUR TEAM TO DIE! Now since team fights are so important you should make a plan to intiate with your team, try to get a Malphite or Amumu to initiate and then you follow after wards, if you don't have a strong intiate you can always do it yourself by sheilding then flashing into them and Ki Burst them though I would only use this as a last resort any kind of changed stun or snare would be better. well with all of this being said GL HF guys and happy hunting summoners.
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Kill...Kill them all! (match up)

If you don't see a match up and you would like me to add it feel free to send me a PM and I will be more than happy to add it! I am currently still adding more so don't worry! The colored parts are things I pointed out so you DON'T DIE HORRIBLY! Alphabetically ordered for your convience!

Rating 1-10
1. You can win with a blind fold
2. Very easy
3. Pretty easy you should win the lane easily
4. Usually easy
5. Not hard but not super easy
6. A little difficult
7. pretty difficult could be a probelm
8. very tough match up, will require practice to win
9. extremly hard match up
10. GG out you can't win!

This being said NO ONE IS A 10! Now the rating system is assuming the enemy knows how to actually play that champ(except some match ups I put baddie ratings for)
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Valor first with Boots 4 Health Potion
Akali can be difficult to deal with once she hits level 6.
I suggest you start Valor verse Akali because her ranged poke can be blocked and help you not get chunked when trying to get early CS.
laning tips: Don't be afraid to carry a Vision Ward and place it down when she is trying to go invsible to escape an all in fight. If she Ignites you she is going balls deep be CARFUL! In the early levels be very agressive she is weakest then, don't let her near the creeps and zone her hard because at level 6 she becomes very scary but not if you can shut her down early! Akali is a good roamer so remember to always call mia on her so your team doesn't get assassinated! Blade of the Exile allows you to always win a fight with her, but if she uses her shroud your Blade of the Exile could go to waste, so try and save it or carry a Vision Ward.
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Broken Wings first, this match up i would suggest Boots 4.
Some people will go Blitzcrank top, for this to work he HAS to pull YOU INTO HIS TOWER! If they send Blitzcrank top expect the jungler to camp your lane and try to hide behind minons.

Laning tips: Blitzcrank is easy to lane verse since he has a hard time denying you CS, his spammable ult is anoyying same with his mana barrior so be careful when tower diving! Riven by far out damage Blitzcrank so you will win most fights hands down. An easy way to win this lane is to ward a lot and just push the wave constatnly to tower then take jungle creeps or roam(blitz has a hard time farming under tower if his ult doesn't nuke the wave). You should never lose a straight 1v1 verse him if you are on equal footing so just farm well and maybe throw in a Heart of Gold because most blitzcranks go tear into gp10 items.
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Broken Wings first, this match up i would suggest Boots 4 Health Potion or a Doran's Blade if you want to go for first blood. Cho'Gath becomes very hard to kill after level 6 so you might want to start doran's blade to try and get an early kill level 1 or 2.
laning tips: if you don't kill him early it will be difficult to kill him because he will stack armor, I suggest being aggressive in the early levels forcing him to base or killing him, an early gank works well verse Cho'Gath because he is slower and has no real good escape. In lane you will want to avoid his knock up in fight even if u causes you to miss an auto attack in a combo. I suggest you try and predict his silences and Valor to the side to avoid them/take minimual damage. Cho'Gath can't really kill you by himself unless he gets way ahead some how, I suggest getting an early Heart of Gold and just working on out CSing him in the lane.
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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Darius is an extremly strong laner who can actually trade with you and break even! His passive dealsMAGIC DAMAGE MAKING ARMOR LESS USEFUL! Like Riven, Darius has no real sustain early game, but unlike Riven he isn't mobile making him EXTREMLY EASY TO GANK!
Laning tips: An early gank could easily win you the lane since Darius has no escapes and is semi item dependent. The reason you start Valor is so when he spins to win you block the damage at level 1. When walking away try to Valor so he can't get you in the extra damage portian and if he does you atleast sheilded some of the damage. To trade you will want to try and quickly Valor in auto attack Ki Burst then Broken Wings out, this way he can't pull you, or you can Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst valor out! Be carful of him pulling you into the tower! When Darius ults you can hit him in mid air and kill him before he lands! A fast Vampiric Scepter/ Chain Vest can really help you if you are behind.


Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion or Boots and 4 health
Dr. Mundo has strong sustain after 6 so be agressive early on!
laning tips: You can easily out farm Dr. Mundo and zone him with your kit. At 6 you become very strong but, his regen in ISANE DON'T GET BAITED BY HIS HEAL! You should be agressive at level 1, you do more damage than he does if you can use your passive, at level 2 you will have Ki Burst so start to chunk him with Ki Burst auto attack then just run behind a minon. When he throws cleavers dodge them with Valor. When you use Blade of the Exile and he uses his ult make sure you don't underestamite his regen and send wind slash to early! Focus on farming will be the best way to win the lane in the higher level since he will be able to out sustain you.
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Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
You are stronger than fiora in the early levels. Knowing this you should be super aggressive pre 6. After 6 you might want to not be as hyper aggressive but, still agressive.
laning tips: When she activates her steroid try not to fight her. In the early levels you can out damage her easier. Try not to use your passive auto atttacks when she activates reflective move, IT WILL HURT YOU! In this match up you will have to time your Blade of the Exile so she doesnt ult on you and you miss it completly, i would suggest sending it a bit earlier than normal. Watch out for her turret diving capability of her ult. The easiest way to win this match up is to be aggressive early on and constantly so she can't heal up using her passive.
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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Gangplank can be really anoying if you don't know how to deal with him.
laning tips: You take Valor first and might want to put an extra few early points into it to block his parrrlay. Around level 3 you can really trade back and force him to use his mana on oranges and parrrlay which Valor should soak up. If you see Gangplank insta orange your Ki Burst and raise moral I suggest backing off from that fight because the increased attack speed and movement speed can really hurt you in a fight especially when he slows you. At level 6 when you fight him make sure not to fight in his ult circle! The random cannon balls will kill you most of the time(it's pure luck). When Gangplank is out of mana you can be extremly agressive on him as he can't use orange to cleanse your Ki Burst and he cant parrrlay you. Remember his passive slows you and deals damage over time DON'T UNDERESTAMITE IT!

Valor first with first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion or Boots 4 Health Potion
Garen is a tanky champion that can come out ahead or even with you in early level trades, I don't suggest always trying to fight him because he can silence you and spin to win damage you.
laning tips: Start Valor allows you to block his level 1 silence so you don't take damage well getting early creeps. Garen] will stack armor in the early levels this makes him extremly hard to kill once he bases, most Garens will pick up a gp10 item though before getting a Chain Vest. Garen in most fights will come out ahead unless you quickly poke him, don't fight him prolonged or he will silence you and your Broken Wings can go off cd if you don't use it properly and you miss out on a lot of damage. BE CAREFUL WHEN HE IS level 6! Garens level 6 is similar to your's it nukes people who are low hp, so avoid fighting him at level 5 if you are low hp because the second he hits 6 he will probably be coming for you. Since Garen is hard to kill and naturally fast he can be a pain to gank but it is your best shot of killing him! Keep constant poke on him or his passive will go into effect and will start to heal him. Since you can't really kill him just try to out farm him that is very manageable because Garen Does'nt have a 100-0 burst combo move but, he hurts you over time.
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Valor first, this match up i would suggest Boots 4 Health Potion.
You scale harder then Hecarim and should be able to sheild most of his damage with Valor. I get Valor first so when he uses his spin to win you can just block the damage and auto attack him coming out ahead in harrase and being full HP.

laning tips: Hecarim is more of a jungler IMO because of his mobility, this being said try to ward well so he can't gank you other lanes plus keep constant pressure so he cant roam(and boy is he fast). Don't fight him if there are several large creep waves around and he activates his Spirit of Dread or he will heal a lot off the creeps and you could lose the trade. Hecarim is very easy to gank for since he has a fear and a knock back plus his natural high mobility! The best way to harrase him is to Valor auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst then just walk back, if he try to follow Broken Wings auto attack.
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11/10 Irelia op, NERF!
7/10 on serious side

Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion or Boots 4 Health Potion
Irelia can be anoyying when she stacks armor making her hard to kill later on, that being said she is weaker earlier on so I suggest you harrase her more in the earlyier levels.
laning tips: Try not to fight her when she activates her true damage but also try to not let her hit minons to get all her health back! In this match up you want to keep the early game advantage so an early jungler ganks can really help! Watch out for her burst damage and don't underestamite her ult's healing ability!. If Irelia has a strong jungler with a lot of CC watch out because she already has a stun, much more CC can mean instant death! An early Vampiric Scepter will make it so you can easily stay in lane and come out ahead in trades. Harassing Irelia can be semi difficult due to her dash, a good combo verse her is to Valor initate into Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack then just walk way, if she dash just juse the last Broken Wings then Ki Burst her and she should back off. She will be getting GP10 most likly so consider a Heart of Gold for yourself so she doesn't get ahead of you. Fighting her level 1 will most of the time go into your favor because of your passive, remember to use a Health Potion if you plan on going all in level 1.
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Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Jax and you typically trade pretty even the thing is you have CDs well he has mana so you can out sustain him by wasting his mana then forcing him out of lane.
laning tips: you will want to bait his stun out by going up for auto attack then Valor into a bush, if he fights you without counterstike/stun you will always come out on top and he will lose valuable mana. Be carful when he hits 6 as he becomes very strong and hard to kill, watch out for the 2 minon hits leap stike, Empower combo, when he jumps to do this Valor back and then Ki Burst so he cant land Empower. You can kill Jax but he can kill you so don't get cocky and think you can always be aggressive or he will punish you for it! So remember to keep a constant eye on his mana and if he is dipping low then be more agressive because he can't trade aswell.
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Broken Wings first with Doran's Blade or Boots and 3 Health Potion
This is a COUNTER PICK tell your team you are going mid to counter kassadin...yes you can go mid screw the meta! Tell someone to go like Vlad top or another source of ap such as kennen.
laning tips: go for first blood, be super agressive ALWAYS this guy is melee so are you! if he goes for a CS HURT HIM! He goes for harrase Valor it! Now by doing this kassadin might switch with the top laner, if you see this happen inform your top laner and push the wave to the tower so he misses cs, next time you back go gank him top and then follow him to what ever lane he goes back to(don't constantly follow him or you will fall behind). Now he can't really kill you with burst because even when silenced you can out damage him with just 1 proc of any spell. Be aware the the jungler will probably gank you early...BE READY! So remember you should always, always, always win in trades and with you ult kill him in 1 combo no problem. if you get a Null-Magic Mantle on your first back he literally can't hurt you BTW. So zone him and shove the lane so he won't be able to have any CS and will be useless mid game!

Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Kayle is a considered a counter to Riven(so is Teemo) due to her ability to kite you and she has range, this is not an easy match up at all! Like Teemo get more points into Valor maxing it first if you really need to!
Laning tips: ABUSE THE BUSHS! At the early levels you will have to Valor get a cs and then walk into the bush (or Broken Wings into it). Keep bush control she can't kill what she cant see and if you level 3 and she tries to walk into the bush PUNISH HER! Broken Wings her auto attack Ki Burst auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Valor auto attack Broken Wings auto attack (dont chase if she backs off chances are you came out ahead just wait for cooldowns). If you want to apply some pressure then Valor at Kayle auto attack Ki Burst auto attack then Broken Wings into a bush(she shouldn't follow and if she does you can win since she will be in melee range so you will win because she can't kite! Important note her Righteous Fury (range spell) has a 5 or so second CD before she can re cast...don't forget this and abuse it, also remember to block her nuke( Reckoning) with Valor!

Valor first with Boots 4 Health Potion
Kennen is a very good poke champion, who can kite extremly well! I suggest putting extra points into Valor early on to deal with his insane poke ore even maxing it first. Kennen can be very burst but relize on energy if he is 1/4 energy he cant use Lightning Rush so he can't escape you very easily keep this in mind.
laning tips: Always be aware of his energy if it's low go in and try and poke him he shouldn't be able to run away. Abuse the bushes but beware of random shurikans he will throw in them! Valor to get cs and if he is close or tries to Lightning Rush you use Ki Burst auto attack him then back off behind a minion(he cant hit u behind minons with his skill shot). Be aware of when his passive shurikan is on him this mean he will auto attack you W you then stun u with his skill shot DONT LET HIM GET THE SKILL SHOT OFF OR LIGHTNING RUSH YOU if he does you will be stunned and will be hurting, hide behind minons and if he Lightning Rush at you then Ki Burst him! Kennen can be extremly hard to gank later on unless you have a jungler with hard CC so I suggest you get an early gank from the jungler on Kennen. At 6 you can win a straight up fight assuming you can dodge his skills because he will run out of energy you won't. be very aggressive with Blade of the Exile spam it on him because his ults CD is always 120 secs well yours is 75-60-45(minus 15 due to the sword is on for that long)!
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4/10 or 8/10
Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Lee Sin is a Champion that greatly relize on skill for this reason he can be between a 4-8 to deal with ususally. In this match up you might want to put a few points in Valor over Ki Burst for the sustain vs lee sin.
laning tips: DODGE HIS Q! He will constantly fire this at you and if it hits you he will jump to you than Safeguard to a minion, if you time it properly you can Ki Burst him before he can Safeguard but if it's not timed properly he will chunk you for free and just be stunned at a minion. Try to abuse the fact that he has ENERGY well you have CD ONLY! In a long fight he will run low on energy and won't be able to use all his spells YOU on the other hand can!
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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Malphite will probably be running a heavy armor rune page so be aware of this early game because he will be so tanky.
laning tips: Malphite is very very hard to kill after level 6 due to his great escapes, this being said try to get a jungler gank early on. You probably won't be able to kill him since most malphites get gp10/ chain vest early and make it so you do no damage to them. to beat Malphite in lane get a gp 10 yourself and just try and beat him in cs, shoving the lane to the tower makes it hard for him to farm due to his lack of major aoe damage in the earlyer levels(make sure you ward properly because he is very very easy to gank for). Be careful verse strong junglers because at 6 Malphite gots slows, knock ups and as debuffs any good jungler could CC you aswell and you would die if you are over extended. Try not to fight Malphite when he uses his AS debuff on you because you won't be able to combo as easily and this hurts your DPS also be aware of his passive rock sheild, try not to let that proc back or he will be impossible to kill!

Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion or Boots 4 Health Potion
Master yi can be very anoyying at 6 due to your CC doesn't work on him...but then again he is squishy!
Laning tips: At level one if he Alpha Strikes to you back up as much as possible pop an Health Potion (or wait a bit to use one) and Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack, this will give you a huge advantage. If he is smart he will Alpha Strike minons, be carful because his Alpha Strike does A TON OF EARLY GAME DAMAGE! Stand off to the side in the bushs and not in the middle of the lane to avoid taking damage. Master Yi is very easy to harrase as he has little to no get away pre 6, use this to your advantage and Valor at him ki burst him auto attack then do the Broken Wings combo! At 6 you might want to watch out as he will do a lot of damage and your cc wont work, if he uses alpha strike early on and ults in ult ignite him and Valor auto attack Ki Burst auto attack if you havent by now pop 1 Health Potion then do the Broken Wings combo when you see his hp is low use the 2nd half of your ult! YOU CAN OUT BURST HIM! When in dought you can always shove the lane, master yi has no real cc so jungler ganks usually aren't very strong especially pre 6, this being said master yi also sucks at farming under tower so you can shove the lane forcing him to miss a lot of cs.

Broken Wings first Boots 4 Health Potion OR Doran's Blade!
Why start Doran's Blade, then I have no sustain except 6% life steal(or 3% if u went cdr over lifesteal) well you can kill him straight up level 1 if he wants to fight. To do this apporch him from the side so he cant hit minons with his spell to get more sheild, auto attack if he goes to fight auto attack again Ignite Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings POP Health Potion if you haven't! auto attack Broken Wings auto attack auto attack and he should be dead by this point. take MR in masteries instead of armor and take all mr runes no cdr runes.
laning tips: avoid getting hit by his spells, dont fight him with a huge wave of minons behind you or his sheild will absourb all of your damage. Mordekaiser does deal a lot of damage in the later levels so still be careful even when ahead. Final tip be aggressive on him and Ignite him when he ults you! DON'T BE HIS GHOST B#$CH!
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Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
nasus isn't very tanky or strong early-mid game and you can shut him down pretty early if you zone him correctly.
laning tips: I would suggest at level 2 you look for a kill on Nasus with Broken Wings and Ki Burst you can easily have enough damage to majorly chunk him or kill him, well he can't really do any real damage early on. Don't roam to much or he will farm his Q and be deadly later on. if you see him charge his q Valor in and Ki Burst him so he misses the cs then apply some auto attack damage, this will effectivly zone him and he can't really stop you. Watch out for the jungler because he has a deadly deadly early game slow and can shread a bit of your armor, so be CAREFUL! Other than that just work on cs maybe get an early HoG and at 6 let all hell lose on him because you are way stronger at 6, but dont get baited by his ult!
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Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Olaf is a strong top laner and most likly will be running armor pen. with his ult and his W he can be very dangerous in fight because you Ki Burst won't stop this monster!
laning tips: try to dodge his axes(using Valor helps), this moster runs out of mana really fast the more he wastes mana from missing axes in the end making him easier to kill. Don't fight him if he uses his w, just back off he will outsustain you in that fight but dont just let him hit minons and get all his hp back, Ki Burst him and Broken Wings him apply pressure so he can't get free hp! Ask your jungler for an easlyish gank olaf only really has his axe to save him(pre 6 thats why it's early) so you should be able to get an early kill with the junglers help or atleast burn a summoner of his.
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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Mantheon is a pretty strong laner due to his high damage from his AD castings. The reason Riven is good verse him is because of her sheild and stun that can cancel his spells.
laning tips: Valor his spears THEY HURT! Put an few extra points into Valor early so he can't do any damage with his spears. If he goes to jump stun you Valor back then stun him once you are un stunned, Broken Wings combo him afterwards if he start another ability like heat strike then spam Broken Wings until the knock up cancels it. Panthon has an ult that is good for roaming but remember you can cancel the channeling using the knock up from Broken Wings or Ki Burst. You scale hard in later levels so make sure that you take advantage of this.

Broken Wings first, with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Poppy is anoyying, She will literally stack armor for days and can run a full armor page and be OK! She is very difficult to kill since she stack armor but, can be killed.

you miss cs from knocking you back then hammering you! Poppy will stack armor so getting a fast Last Whisper will be helpful. Watch out for Poppy passive it is very anoyying since it makes your Blade of the Exile do WAY less damage. To beat poppy you can bait her into activating her Devastating Blow by Broken Wings at her so she thinks you will fight then after she activates just Valor away and Ki Burst if he jumps you, she will go OOM very fast if you do this or you will get free harrase. Poppy can become vary fast and is able to tower dive you with her ult very easily so be careful when you are low HP near her. Ganking Poppy after 6 is very anoyying since she can give herself a speed boost and ult 1 of you meaning the other can't touch her for 6+ seconds! A trick you can do verse Poppy is Valor into her when she goes to Heroic Charge you into a wall, this will surprsie her since you won't get stunned by the wall!
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out of the 100+ champions not one starts with a Q!

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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
You scale harder with items then renekton but early on he is very deadly so be very carful not to get FIRST BLOODED!
laning tips: you want to take Valor first because of Renekton aoe spells. The first few level he will be aggressive when you go for CS so Valor his agression! Renekton is very hard to kill because of his ultimate, I don't suggest trying to fight him until you have a B.F.sword / Vampiric Scepter because of his deadly ult, after you have those items you can fight him and come out on top! Try to farm as much as possible in this lane since Renekton is so hard to kill an early Heart of Gold can really help beat him mid to late game.


Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Rengar is a VERY BURSTY champion in the early levels. He does INSANE DAMAGE with full furocity escpecially if he jumps out of the bush at level 1 with full furocity. He can be a little annoying with his constant slows and lowish damage harass. You should always watch his furocity stacks because he can combo and refresh his abilitys doing a ton more damage. This is one lane I will get a few extra points in Broken Wings I do this because Rengar is pretty tanky and you need the full on extra damage to deal with his heal sustain. A fast Vampiric Scepter or a Chain Vest if you are having trouble verse him. NEVER! try to fight him in the bush or beside on or he will just dominate you! Be careful when he walks into a bush, Rengar might ult for a surprise attack/jungler gank and catch you off guard, rooting you to the ground. You can get some good harass off by Q'ing him when he goes for CS or Ki Burst auto attacking him, if he doesnt get a refresh on his abilities you will do more damage then him, if he slows you just Valor away. Overall Rengar gots some quick bursts, good sustain and an amazing escape{his ult and bush jumps). You can buy a pink ward and place it down when Rengar ults, this will allow you to continue figthing him but, watch out because he gets more furocity from his ult. Also remember his bone tooth trophies will be at 0 so he spent 1000 gold on 10 AD +2 per level so early on it won't be as effective but, with every level he grows strong especially if you or someone else dies to him due to the trophy buffs.
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Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Shen does do a lot of magic damage but you will want Cloth Armor for his auto attacks, Boots and 4 Health Potion also works if they have a strong jungler. Shen is anoyying top because he is so damn tanky and is pretty easy to gank for with his taunt.
laning tips: you might want an extra point or 2 in Valor early on to fully sheild his throwing knives damage. Try to bait his sheild out by Valor near him then just wait for it to go away, once it's gone Ki Burst auto attack into Broken Wings combo. Don't let shen pull you into the tower with his taunt, always be aware of your position near him. Shen has no real ult to kill you or save himself but, it is anoyying for your team so announce when he is 6, this being said at level 6 you are powerful with Blade of the Exile, he has a sheild for a teamie/himself (but you can break the channeling with a knock up or stun) that is on a very long cooldown SO SPAM YOUR Blade of the Exile AND HURT HIM!. If you don't kill shen early on by yourself or with the jungler he gets near impossible to kill and has great lane sustain so keep this in mind that if you can't kill him just beat the him in cs by a lot and take the towers when he goes to help his team.

Valor or Broken Wings I personally would start Boots 4 Health Potion but Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion works if you know he is ad. Sion isn't a super hard lane because he doesn't got any real burst damage spells, all he has is a stun, steroid(hp per kill strong), and a sheild this being said if he goes ad he has no real damage from his sheild and his stun so he relys only on his auto attacks to kill you (and ult life steal).
laning tips: you should be able to zone Sion pretty easily away from CS with your kit, I suggest you spam your Blade of the Exile on him and carry Ignite. Abuse the extra damage from your Blade of the Exile and that Ignite destroys his ult! Be careful of early jungle ganks! If he stuns you don't just try and fight him unless you sure the jungler isn't around, also Valor so it doesn't do any damage! Hurt him by Valor into Ki Burst him and just use Broken Wings to get out of his range so he can't stun.
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Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Talon is a pretty easy match up, sure he can silence u and has range on you but you can easily survive his burst and at level 6 straight up kill him if he trys to fight you.
Laning tips: talon is a pretty easy match up just hurt him a little now and then before 6(or kill him if you can) and at 6 let all hell loose and Blade of the Exile and Ki Burst the squishy down. His silence is anoyying so I would reccomend mercs vs him.

3/10 or 9/10
Valor first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Teemo can really hurt Riven or can suck and just feed you. A good Teemo can kite you with his Move Quick and Blinding Dart you so if you catch up you can't auto attack him because you are blind! Taking a few extra early point into Valor really helps in the long run.
laning tips: Teemo can be extremly anoyying if he knows what he is doing, if he doesn't EASY LANE(hes a squishy!). A good Teemo will put Noxious Trap everywehre in the lane including the bushs and river, this makes him EXTREMLY HARD to gank! Remember he has no real ultimate the second he hits 6, it will take him a while to put alot of Noxious Trap up...ABUSE THIS! At lv 6 start spamming your Blade of the Exile to try and chunk/kill him because he is squishy, if you can bait his Blinding Dart then Blade of the Exile into Flash on him then Ki Burst him auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Valor auto attack Broken Wings auto attack then send your Wind Slash if he is 2 or 3 hp bars usually means D E E DEAD! Remember to always use the windslash even if it will only do 100 damage it's still damage! This match up will take time to learn, try to abuse the bushs as he can't attack what he can't see, but at 6 don't try hiding in them as they will have Noxious Trap in them. Remember to always Valor his auto attacks and Blinding Dart he will run out of mana if you Valor at him forcing him to Blinding Dart then Broken Wings at him(forcing him to use mana on his Move Quick) if he doesn't try and run you can usually just kill him.
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Broken Wings first typically you may want Ki Burst though, due to his massive nukes at level 1(tiger) I would start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion but Boots and 4 Health Potion work aswell.
Udyr is a very strong top laner, though he is usually jungled. Udyr has great sustain once he gets a few points into turtle and around level 9 will be hard to kill.
laning tips: Udyr deals MAGIC DAMAGE from his spells, don't be fooled into thinking he is all ad and only build armor! He will most likly start Wilding Claw or Iron Mantle and get Blazing Stampedethird, most top lane uydr's don't get any points into birdzzzz so don't expect to see it. If he runs at you with Blazing Stampede then Ki Burst him and Broken Wings/ Valor away from him, he is an extremly strong dueliest with amazing sustain from Iron Mantle so try not to fight later on when you have items. You may want an early Heart of Gold because this is most likly a farm lane where you want to just beat him in CS. I dont suggest diving him unless you are near full hp and he is less than 1/3rd for the reason he can stun you under the tower then sheild himself! So remember after about 2 backs for items(unless forced back really early) he will be VERY HARD TO KILL and might even be able to killYOU! The first few levels is where you must be aggressive remember but, don't tank Wilding Claw when trying to get minons!
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Valor first with Boots 4 Health Potion
Vladimir is a pretty strong sustain lane that is weak pre 4 or 5(doesn't become strong until 9 but, is very very weak 3-50...CAPITALIZE ON THIS use Valor when he is going to q you and use it to help not get poked. FACT his troll pool has over 20 sec cd lv 1 ABUSE THIS!
laning tips: Don't let him get health off you or minions for free all game or he will just sustain and stay in the lane FOREVER. Vladimir is very week pre 4 due to most don't take their pool until this level and his early game is bad! If you can get a early gank before he gets pool its usually an easy kill. at level 3-9 you will want to harrase him by Valor in from a bush Ki Burst him Broken Wings once then use the other Broken Wingss to get into a bush(abuse the bushes). Don't be baited into diving him if hes 1/3 hp ITS A BAIT! he will ult combo you before you stun him and pool...YOU WILL DIE! This is one of the match ups you want to freeze the lane and not push it to his tower because then you CAN'T kill him but he can farm easily under his tower. So remember be aggressive early on because he is weak, around level 9 he is very hard to kill and can fight back and easily out sustain you! The best way to beat a Vladimir is to beat him early, give him 0 breathing room(don't miss cs for it though), if he goes for CS Valor to him and combo him! Vladimir literally can't farm early if you just stay near him or he will just die to you.

Broken Wings first with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
Volibear is a very strong laner due to his high sustain from his regen and his high HP.
laning tips: Volibear is hard to shove out of lane and cause usally farm pretty well under towers, this will be more of a farm match up. If you don't get an early gank you probably won't be able to kill him. I suggest grabbing a fast Heart of Gold because Volibear can't really kill you by him self if your just Ki Burst him when he goes to toss and Valor or Broken Wings away. Be careful of ganks Volibear is extremly easy to gank for since he can toss you! Be carful when he is lower hp aswell because his passive gives him INSANE REGEN so don't get baited into diving him or fighting him when he is low hp, also alway always Ignite him when his passive kicks in!
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Valor first with Boots and 4 Health Potion
He has very good sustain from his Q and other life steal, so can be difficult to push out of lane. He is very very very easy to gank for since he had a slow, speed buff and a supress!

laning tips: Don't over extend after level 6 without wards due to a jungler gank is basicly a kill for them. Most Warwick will buy a Chain Vest early and wriggle's latern giving him amazing damage sustain and protection, with a Chain Vest he will be very hard to kill. Make sure you Valor when he has his Q up if you are going to go for a last hit so he doesnt get free harrase. If you get an early Vampiric Scepter you can trade easily with him, stay in lane and eventually he will become OOM and you will easily win every trade. To trade do the basic Valor auto attack Ki Burst auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack, most of the time you dont have to dis engage Warwick since he doesn't have a lot of burst damage spells but, fights with auto attacks so keep this in mind. Be carful that you send your WIND SLASH before the last second of its CD because if Warwick ults you than you won't be able to send it!
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Broken Wings first, with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
He has some pretty powerful in the early levels so be careful. early ninja tabi's are really effective verse Xin Zhao since he auto attacks so much.

laning tips: Xin Zhao is pretty burst and can do outstanding auto of damage at level 4 with his three talon stike so be very very cautious, he will be looking to all in! At level 6 he is very deadily but, so are you since you scale harder with items(he scales very poorly), i would suggest fast ninja tabi's and an early Chain Vest to deal with his insane early damage. harraseing Xin Zhao can be difficult to dis engagle since he has a gap closer, I would suggest starting the fight with Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst auto attack then Valor away before his 3rd talon stike hits and if he goes to close the gap use your other 2 Broken Wings to get away before he can kncok you up! xin zhoa can burn through mana pretty fast if he spams his spells so if you can Valor most of the damage he will go OOM rather quickly and you will be able to bully him. Watch you for jungler ganks since he can knock you back and knock you up, this being said make sure you know if you have the challenge mark on you so you will know if you will get knocked back when he ults or not. Finally comment, watch out for Xin Zhao Battle Cry, AS buff and it gives him passive life steal so he can stay in lane for a long time!
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Valor first, with Boots and 4 Health Potion
This match up is anoyying! Yorick deals heavy magic damage but, also does a good amount of attack damage! This match up you will want Mercury's Treads to stop some of his damage and to get out of his slow faster. This match up will take time to learn how to win. At 6 you are stronger generally if on even footing. In this match up consider 2 early Doran's Blade and a early Vampiric Scepter to deal with his sustain, if you are still having a hard time then get a fast hex drinker instead of a b.f. sword.

laning tips: Yorick is anoyying to lane verse and that is that. He has nearly unlimited sustain once he builds a tear so in the early levels try to deny him. This match up requires you to be all in aggressive a lot of the time since if you aren't he will have full hp by the end of the minon wave. Try to go in after he used a spell or 2, harrase using Valor auto attack Ki Burst auto attack Broken Wings auto attack then back off using the other 2 Broken Wings, in the early game this works better since he can't spam as much since his tear will be empty or he won't have one. Trying to make yorick waste his mana early forcing him to base before he can get a tear is the best way to come out on top. Yorick can be ganked EASILY, since he has no real escape just a slow. You will scale harder with levels and items so if you can match or beat him in CS you will be ahead escpecially since you are more useful damage wise in a team fight(his ult in a team fight is amazing). remember Yorick doesn't really have an ult to fight you with and it is only useful when he actually dies soooo if you kill him RUN or the ghost will kill you!
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The art of jungling!

Riven can be a prety good jungler, I usually don't mention that I jungle her because I do perfer her top! I jungle her a pretty decent amount because she has strong ganks.

Why jungle Riven?
Well Riven is a pretty fast jungler due to the massive aoe damage she unleashes and Runic Blade!
Where do I start?

I will list 2 main way that I go when I jungle Riven with alterations.

Red start
1. Start at the wraiths 2. Go to RED BUFF(get a leash) 3. look for a gank perferably mid! If no gank oppertunitys then continue to step 4! 4. wolves 5. either take blue for CD for faster jungling/ better ganks or give it to the mid(only take this first blue the others belong to the mid or another lane you don't need it). 6. look for a gank! If for some reason still no ganks go back to wraiths 7. You should probably base get some boots and start a Heart of Gold or Wriggle's Lantern (though wriggles isn't 100% needed)!

Blue start
1. Start at wolves 2. go to BLUE BUFF(get a leash) 3. go to wraiths unless someone IS WAY OVER EXTENDED! 4. Go get Red buff it is time to gank! 5. GANK! If it is impossible then clear more camps or counter jungle! 6. Base and get some items.

I start red to level 2 gank usually, there is no point in starting red just because you don't have mana if you aren't going to gank THATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF RED! Even if you have to force a gank at level 2 you will have a stun and cap closer this should ATLEAST burn a flash from a forced gank!

The reason you start blue is if you aren't planning on ganking early this saves the Red buff's slow/damage for when it is needed most THE GANK! You can also start Blue if you want to clear faster from the CDR then go for a later gank with Boots.

I burned their flash!
I burned the enemy Flash/ Ghost ect. I did good right?
YEP! This means they have no escape so the laner can kill them later or even better within the next 5 minutes you gank them again know they have no flash and it will be an easier kill since they have no Flash or Ghost!

Do I get the kill or the laner?
It depends on how the lane is doing really, if it is for first blood then it really isn't a big deal if you get the kill over the laner since the assist gold will be so high and you now will be way more effective at ganking lanes. If you gank top lane or mid lane I suggest trying to give the lanner the kill the first time atleast and if not then give them the next one because those lanes typically snowball WAY WAY WAY harder then bot lane will. I will usually take a kill when ganking for my self so I am now ahead by a lot in the jungle and then feed the other kills to the laners.

Setting up a tent!
Camping one lane can be effective and very anoyying for that lane forcing them to buy extra wards (especially if you Vision Ward where they ward this will really piss them off). If you do Vision Ward their wards gank that lane a lot because they have no vision meaning they have to always play cautious making it easier for your laner to CS ect. but please dont only camp top or mid the other lanes could use help too!

They are winning!
A lane got first blood ! They are winning so I shouldn't gank there right? I should focus ganks on another lane?!?! WRONG! If you see a lane get first blood for free go to that lane gank that guy and feed the kill to the lanner, when this happens that lane is now completly SCREWED!This will force the enemy jungler to camp there or give up on them giving you guys a huge advantage. Keep in mind if you constantly kill one guy he won't be worth a lot of gold so don't spend to much effort in killing someone 0-5 becuase they won't be worth a lot and are already really far behind, so just focus on helping others at that point!

How to gank
Level 2: walk in from behind them(or atelast try) Broken Wings when you can close the gap to do damage, auto attack/ Ki Burst combo! auto attack Broken Wings ahead of them then INSTANTLY q again knocking them back towards your team, keep auto attacking if not dead! Also if you gank a side lane (top or bot) at level 2, there is a good chance the enemy jungler will try to steal your BLUR BUFF(if they are good) so thats why perferably gank mid. If you have a good chance at the other lanes go for it a kill is worth way more than potential blue buff loss.

Level 3-5: walk in behind them if possible. Broken Wings them then auto attack/ Ki Burst combo! auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Valor ahead of them auto attack Broken Wings ahead of them knocking them back auto attack and when the Ki Burst comes up again instantly stun!

Level 6+: do the same as befre but Blade of the Exile right after you Ki Burst or before even showing yourself if you are going to full on commit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANK!: Blade of the Exile into Flash + Valor into Broken Wings at the enemy Ki Burst them instantly then continute to auto attack and Broken Wings. This is a gank you do to hard initate on a lane who isn't over extended but killable if you and the laner work toghter. I don't suggest this in low elo unless you planned it with them(duo works best)! This works best with someone that is willing to Flash and stun/snare them like Ryze.

You will get blamed if a lane is losing...even if you try to gank for them. It happens, learn to deal with it -__- sorry but, just try and help them and don't waste time arguing with people who don't understand why you can't gank a constantly pushed lane ect.

Special items:
When jungling you will want some early GP10 like a Heart of Gold! You may want a Wriggle's Lantern for dragons/barons but, will sell it later for a Bloodthirster (or keep it and sell it for the last item you make). An early Phage helps big time when jungling, this can make the difference between them flashing away and you catching up with abilitys! The last item usually isn't a big deal if it isn't a Guardian Angel having a Maw of Malmortius or Atma's Impaler also works well with this build since you want a Frozen Mallet and Randuin's Omen for ganks/easyier jungling.

Clearing camps doesn't require a special combo.
I typically use Valor auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Ki Burst auto attack Broken Wings auto attack Broken Wings auto attack.
Anything really works but I find this is best for saving HP/CD efficentcy!

Use your abilitys in the later levels to move around the jungle, don't do it before level 4 because you despretly need the ability to actually kill stuff and take way less damage. Also if ganks are failing you can use Valor and 2 Broken Wings's to close the gap save the knock up until infront of them then after the last q knock bakc use W and then massivly auto attack around that time your Valor should be off cool down! Special Sonic trick Use a Broken Wings then an Valor to save the stack CD a Broken Wings then the last Broken Wings by the time you do all this your passive will have 3 stacks and all your abilitys will almost off CD (assuming you did this correctly). By doing that you will be able to deal a bit more damage in a gank but this can also back fire if you don't time it right because abilitys might be on CD also you have to go right away or you may lose the passive stacks. When doing this you should probably Valor in behind the laner to re set the CD and to restart passive stack timer so it doesn't go down!

Do I need wriggles lantern?
No. You can get Wriggles for faster dragons/barons but, it isn't needed for clearing you can do that just fine by getting 2 dorans blade into a b.f. into a Bloodthirster
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There are many Combos that can be done with Riven I will be listing a few!

AA+AA+ + +AA/ + +AA+ +AA

FIRST BLOOD!(level1)

To get first blood you usually want to start Doran's Blade or Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. To get first blood the best COMBO is auto attack, auto attack, Ignite, Broken Wings, auto attack, Broken Wings, auto attack, Broken Wings, auto attack. If you land this full combo they should be dead if they have very little health don't be afraid to go for 1 last hit or Flash hit for first blood, though I don't suggest tower diving for it.

+ +AA+ +AA+ +AA+ +AA+ +AA+ +AA+


This combo will give you the max amount of damage you can deal! Ignite, Blade of the Exile, auto attack, Broken Wings, auto attack, Ki Burst, auto attack, Broken Wings, auto attack, Valor, auto attack, Broken Wings, auto attack Blade of the Exile Wind Slash. This combo is very very deadly and will deal the maximum amount of damage. If you want you can e earlier for the reduced CD but if you time it wrong you might lose your Broken Wings or miss an auto attack so be carful!

/ +AA+ +AA+ + if needed, Then OUT


If you see someone low HP(400 or less in later levels) and you have high HP and you want to dive them this is the combo I would use. Walk up as if you were going to hit the tower(assuming creep wave tanking wait for them!) then Valor/ Blade of the Exile auto attack Ki Burst auto attack and then send Wind Slash this should kill them if not Ignite them and that should finsh the job.

+ + + If needed


Riven can be very Mobile if you use her abilitys to move around (also use them to get back to tower faster and move around the map!) If you are caught in a stick situation where you are getting ganked the best thing to do is run up near the brush (or straight for tower if faster) to try and get vision lost so they cant skill shot as easily use Broken Wings to move Broken Wings to move Broken Wings to move and try and save Valor to tank/dodge a skill shot or ability! If needed on the last Broken Wings Flash! If the enemy get close throw out a Ki Burst to stun them! With this combo you should make it to about the tower, if you don't think you will live just burn Flash to live it's not worth dieing over saving it! If they got someone with a hook move I suggest saving Valor to dodge it and if you are going to get hit by it then Flash to the side to get out of the way! If you have to move ASAP Valor into Broken Wings third charge will make you move a little fast!

+ into brush
Enemy enters: + AWAY


This is more of a 1 on 1 get away. If you are under attack try to Valor into the bush and use maybe 1 Broken Wings, if they go to follow you in the bush you can either auto attack then Ki Burst them to fight or stun them then just Broken Wings away and they should back off. If not then just hug the tower and call for your jungler because if they are that close to the turret they should be an easy easy gank(this is assuming you can't just walk back into the lane without dieing)!

+ + +AA+ +AA+ +AA+

Other 2 can be used to get there faster or damage depending situation!


This is more of your role in a team fight situation, you want to disrupte(COMBO BREAK) the enemy ad/ap carry to do this wait a second for the initation, try to dodge around the tank like/ heavy CC Broken Wingsfor movement if needed, useTWICE MAX SAVE THE THIRD! when in range Valor(if needed Flash+ Valor)/ Blade of the Exile to the carry and auto attack, Ki Burst, auto attack, Broken Wings them auto attack and then when they are low Wind Slash. After killing the one carry a huge chunk of the enemy damage is gone. If for some reason you could kill them and they just ran away thats OK you just zoned one of their main sources of damage away from the fight, now just head back to the fighting area and focus down who is left.
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How to ward, why to ward, where to ward

Buy a ward, stop a gank, save a life, wards.
The blue arrow is the way you are walking(blue team)
The blue circle is a good spot to ward

The purple arrow is the way you are walking(purple team)
The purple circle is a good spot to ward

Aggressive/defencive wards not always needed but help
The river/tri bush areas is the main place you will want to ward to prevent a gank, warding one area is usually ok if you are getting camped consider warding both, I marked off which is more important for which team. . The white wards are not requires but help. By having the white ward you can steal the red or blue buff or protect it from a potential steal! This also gives you vision of the enenmy jungler which allows less pressure on the map for a potential gank! The blue ward in the tri-bush(near his tower) is a very very defencive ward you only want this if you are afraid of getting dived, this ward can also be placed for the purple team but that is if you are WAY WAY WAY over extending to push to the T2 tower The yellow circle give you bush control, you may want these verse people who constantly use the bush to kite you such as Akali.
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Tips And Tricks

Here I will be talking about some of Riven's less known tricks/tips and some more commonly known ones.

1. Riven can jump over some small walls using her Q or E. A good example is Jaravan's Ult wall.

2. On Riven's last Q finsh if you press Q then flash when you land the damage will apply knocking them up still.

3. Riven can spam her ability's to travel around the lane/map faster!

4. If jungling if you space you Q times out and use an E or W your Q will come off CD and you will have 3 stacks of your passive built up(good for ganking).

5. Riven can stun people well being stunned. An example is if Irelia goes to stun you, and you hit Ki Burst fast enough you will stun her aswell.

6. By getting a head of an opponent and using the final Q on Broken Wings you will knock the enemy backwards.

7. The CD for your ult starts the second you press R, so though at level 6 the CD is 75 secs it will say 60 secs when you lose the big sword.

8. Use your ability's AFTER you use Blade of the Exile because your abilitys do more damage with the big sword!

9. Speed boost work with your abilitys. meaning if someone pops Shurelya's Battlesong you will move even faster with your abilitys!

10. Valor can save you from Ignite and other DOT, so remember to use it!
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