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League of Legends Build Guide Author pauloxisto

Shields - Dafuq is this? (INCOMPLETE)

pauloxisto Last updated on May 5, 2012
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Moar Shields

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Patch Notes

Edit@: 05/01 Published the Guide
Edit@: 05/05 Finished Spell Shields
Added "The Buff Shields" Topic
Remake of the Mastery / Runes / Items Page. PT1 / PT2*
Added Tags

*Karma's Quintessences aren't the same from the top guide, I can't find the real QT's. I'll fix this ASAP


Things to do: My comments for each shield
Finish "The Buff Shields" Topic
Add The "Sunfire Cape Type" Topic
Add the "Other Stuff" Topic
Add credits.

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Everyone, once, have already played with this guy. Sometimes with, sometimes against. But what is this? What are shields? Some people will think that's my build is useless and stupid, but I'm just explaining one thing that a lot of people don't know how to explain, or how to is it.

But ok, lets go:

In this build, You'll see:

  • What are Shields;
  • Types
  • Tips and Tricks
  • And another things.

I'll quote all tips and tricks from the well explained Guides from this site.

I hope you like it.

Only the mordekaiser build are mine. All the rest are Builds / Masteries / Runes from the top guides.

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Definition and Types

First, Remember:


Ok, Shield is like a buff, but it isn't. Hard to understand, isn't?

"Shield is every type of ability that blocks or decreases the damage received from an attack."
But Remember²: Shields block or parry the damage, does not miss it.

Ex: Mana Barrier is a shield, but Playful / Trickster is not.

I would divide the shields as four types:
  • The Absorption Shields*
  • The Spell Shields*
  • The Buff Shields
  • The Sunfire Cape Type**

*: Some people add the Spell Shields with the Absorption Shields. Take Care!
**: This type isn't a shield, but it seems nice to talk about them.

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The Absorption Shields

"Absorption shields refers to the game mechanic which grants temporary health to a champion for some time. These shields absorb a set amount of damage before it disappears, whether because it reached its capacity of damage absorption or because its duration ran out. It is marked by an extra white bar in the champion's health bar."

League of Legends Wiki

There are two types of Absorption Shields and One Special Type:
  • "Normal Shields";
  • "Magic Shields";
  • "Perfect Shields"

"Normal Shields"
These are the most common Absorption Shields. They absorb all types of damage, including true damage.

Mana Barrier: When Blitzcrank's life is brought below 20% health he activates Mana Barrier, creating a damage shield that lasts 10 seconds. The shield strength is equal to 50% of Blitzcrank's current mana. There is a 60 second cooldown before Blitzcrank can activate this effect again.

The Quote from the Expert, BBeger

"People won't mention it in the same way they'll mention Rocket Grab, but it's still his signature characteristic. With this build, you will have a massive lifesaving shield once you hit 20%.
People generally blow everything they have the closer you get to low health. People also tend to forget this ability from time to time, and do not time their abilities accordingly.
So you can often Overdrive / Ghost away safely as they try to chase you with no mana or abilities readily available."

Eye of the Storm: "Janna conjures a defensive gale that shields her target ally champion or tower from incoming damage and buffs them to increase their physical damage." Janna shields her target ally champion or tower, absorbing 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.9 per Ability Power) damage and buffs them, increasing their attack damage by 14/23/32/41/50 for 5 seconds (can target Turrets).

The Quote from the Expert, Panglot

"Your main supportive spell. Don't forget that this spell doesn't only shield but adds up 50 damage to your target. 50 damage is basically equal to B. F. Sword. If you are pushing, usually the best choice is the ally with the most attack speed. Otherwise you must cast it mostly on the AD carry.
Also don't forget that it can be cast on towers. Usually its not the great help but one or two shields can save your tower.

Priority targets
  • The carries. Usually the AD carry is the most viable target, because it takes benefits of the bonus damage. However if the AP carry is targeted you must save it no matter what.
  • Initiators. Most likely its champions who's job is to dive into the enemy ( Xin Zhao, Jax, Jarvan IV and such). They will most likely be targeted, as they pose a threat to the enemy carries. The bonus damage also is a great bonus to their stats.
  • While pushing, pick the ally with the most attack speed as the damage bonus will be of most use to them."

Prismatic Barrier: "Lux throws her wand and bends the light around any friendly target it touches, protecting them from enemy damage." Lux throws her wand to the target location and back, protecting herself and all allied champions it touches from 80/105/130/155/180 (+0.35 per Ability Power) damage for seconds.

The Quote from the Expert, koksei

"If you use it correct it's an awesome skill and most opponents can't predict the damage absorbation because the shield resets if you hit your mate two times with it.


+ Nice supporting abilty comes in handy if you got a support like
Blitzcrank, Yorick or Leona.
+ Shield comes twice, and resets - making it hard to calculate!
+ Huge range (1000)


- You "just" have 3 damaging abilities due to that skill
- Skillshot that flies like a boomerang on it's way back"

Command: Protect: Active: Orianna commands her ball to travel to and attach onto an allied champion, shielding them for 4 seconds from the next 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.4 per Ability Power) damage. Enemies the ball passes through along the way are damaged for 75% of the shield value: 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.3 per Ability Power).

The Quote from the Expert, LaCorpse

"// This is a sweet shield.
// Toss your ball out and pull it back to you using this for a nice harass.
// Use it on friends who are trying to run away!
// Use it on friends (or you), when ignited.
// Use it on friends (or you), when enemies try to ult you.
// Examples; Caitlyn's Ult, Lux's Ult, Ezreal's Ult."

Terror Capacitor: "Urgot charges up his capacitor to gain a shield. While the shield is active, Urgot gains slowing attacks." Urgot charges up his terror capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs 80/140/200/260/320 (+0.8 per Ability Power) damage for 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's attacks and missiles slow targets by 20/25/30/35/40%.

The Quote from the Expert, bigfatcow

"While Urgot does not stack AP, this skill is nowhere near useless. A 320 health shield is decent and can be used like Shen's Feint. However, the best part about this skill, is its slow. This shield is vital when kiting with Urgot. More details will be explained in the Skill Sequence section. Even at low levels, the shield provides enough slowing power to prevent escapes. With full CDR and max levels, it will be off CD again very soon after the shield fades off, effectively giving you some sort of perma-slow. Going anywhere? I don't think so. *trollface.jpg*
Note: Maxed together with Noxian Corrosive Charge for greater slow and better cooldowns."

Power Transfer: "Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, returning a portion of the damage dealt as a shield." Viktor blasts an enemy unit for 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.65 per ability power) magic damage, returning 40% of the damage dealt as a shield. Void created by the black lines, this was made to scare you. -q

The Quote from the Expert, Heyth

"A single target Nuke, dealing magic damage with an ability power ratio of 0.65, returning a shield to Viktor withstanding 40% of the damage dealt by the ability. Great for a poking ability, although it has short range. An important thing to bare in mind is, that the shield is not instant. I can't tell you how many times i'v gone to poke someone and the shield hasn't arrived in time to block their returning-poke. this was recently increased, however it's still a bit iffy so just be careful.

TIP: You can now use this ability to poke! just bare in mind its still not instant so be cautious."

Crystalline Exoskeleton: "Skarner gains a shield, and while the shield persists his movement speed and attack speed are both increased." Skarner is shielded for 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6 per ability power) damage for 6 seconds. While the shield persists, Skarner gains 30/35/40/45/50% Attack Speed and 15/17/19/21/23% increased Movement Speed.

The Quote from the Expert, SirSpankAlot

"This skill gives Skarner a Shield and some useful buffs. A Movement speed buff to move around the map and a strong attack speed buff to jungle. But all of this can be countered by destroying this shield so try to play this tactical. This is a great skill for skarner and it's particle effects are quite nice in my opinion."

Scrap Shield: "Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed. While in Danger Zone, the shield strength and speed bonus is increased." Rumble tosses up a shield for 2 seconds that absorbs 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.4 per ability power) damage. Rumble also gains an additional 10/15/20/25/30% Movement Speed for 1 second.

The Quote from the Expert, HoboBobby

"This move is what makes Rumble so OP. A spammable shield that reaches up to 500 hp later in the game. What is there not to like? It even gives you that hefty 30% extra movement speed. This will save you many times both early and late game, and don't forget to definitely pop this up when you have a DoT spell on you such as Ignite or poison, and 3 seconds of that damage is usually gone. Don't forget that with this shield on you can usually tank 2 tower shots late game, 1 mid, and 1/2 early. So use that knowledge to your advantage when either tanking towers, or tower diving. Also, time your opponents skills (for example Galio) to find the best time to use shield, if you block all of Galio's skillshots, he'll be quite out of mana and easy to push around."

Titan's Wrath: Nautilus surrounds himself with dark energies, shielding him from the next 80/130/180/230/280 (plus 10% of his bonus health) damage for up to 10 seconds. While the shield persists, Nautilus' basic attacks apply a damage over time effect to all units around his target. The effect deals 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.4 per ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds.

The Quore from the Expert, Fak3cz
  • "Remember, you gain AoE magic damage from autoattack only if you are having shield. Once you lose your shield, you also lose its offensive bonuses. If you want to deal bonus damage for full 10 seconds, you have to stay untouched.
  • On first look it seems to be useful for pure AP build too. But look on previous tip... Pure AP doens't build much health and has weak shield. So it's relatively easy for enemy to pop 80-280 points of your health and then completely interrupt your damage source from this ability.
  • Because DoT doesn't stack with itself, theoretically you need to touch your enemy only once per 2 seconds to deal biggest possible magic damage from it.
    Underneath the enemy turret be vary of using Titan's Wrath because even attacking minion can cause turret aggro when enemy champion is standing nearby because of AoE. However, when you attack turret, AoE isn't applied.
  • Don't forget it deals massive damage to minions when maxed. so be careful when you don't want to push your lane."

Soul Shield: "Karma summons a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage." Karma summons a protective shield that absorbs 80/120/160/200/240/280 (+0.8 per ability power) damage for 5 seconds. Mantra Bonus: In addition to casting the shield, energy radiates out from the shield, dealing 80/120/160/200/240/280 (+0.8 per ability power) magic damage to enemy units around her target.

The Quote from the Expert, Egypsian_Lover

"The cooldown is 10 seconds at all levels and the shield lasts 5 seconds. The amount of AoE damage dealt to each affected unit by Mantra+ Soul Shield is the same as the amount of damage the shield can absorb for the unit it is cast on; this is why I only put one power column in that table. If the shield is 240 strong, using Mantra+shield on a unit will deal 240 damage to adjacent units.

Ok, so the same things apply to this example chart that applied to the last two. Not to be repetitive but the effectiveness of this skill as well is proportional to how many units you can affect with it and the ability power in your build at various times throughout the game (as well as the times in the game you choose to unlock certain abilities) may change drastically depending upon the conditions of the specific match."

Feint: "Shen shields himself, absorbing incoming damage for a few seconds." Shen shields himself, absorbing the next 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6 per ability power) damage. Lasts up to 3 seconds. While Feint holds, his attacks reduce Ki Strike's cooldown by an additional 1.5 seconds.

Stand United: "Shen shields target allied champion from incoming damage, and soon after teleports to their location." Shen places a shield on target allied champion, absorbing 250/550/850 (+1.5 per ability power) damage for 5 seconds. After channeling for seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.
Shen has two shields, so i'll put them together in the same quote

The Quote from the Expert, Siveo

Feint: "This ability can be very useful because you're a tank and want to take as much as damage on you as you can. A lot of summoners forget to use the ability but it can be very good to block towers, some abilities of enemies, ...
Since you will be a tank/support, the shield won't be so high as AP Shen but it will still block some.

Tips and Tricks with Feint:
  • Feint is the perfect skill to block tower hits.
  • After using Shadow Dash it's most wisely to use your Feint since you will pull the aggro and so taking the damage on you."

Stand United: "The ultimate of Shen can be used for multiple purposes. At first looks, it's a quite powerful shield for your teammates but it can also be a way to teleport yourself to a champion you want to help! Using this ability can suddenly make 1 vs 1 lost fight into a winning one since you shield your mate and you just teleport in to help him out."

Tips and Tricks with Stand United
  • Don't forget to tell your allies who you're going to use it on so the shielded ally can take advantage of it.
  • Can be very usefull for protecting a teammate who's attacking a tower and joining in the fight.
  • By using Stand United you won't reveil a stealthed ally so you can teleport easy to him/her for a more succesful gank.
  • People often forget about your ulti so by using that info, you can try to push a lane while your team is in another lane. The other team will see a 5 vs 4 and they will try to take advantage of that or try to gank you. That way you can push a lane AND save/jump in the fight at any time and turn the chances."

Golden Aegis: "Jarvan IV calls upon the ancient kings of Demacia to shield him from harm and slow surrounding enemies." Jarvan IV forges a 50/90/130/170/210 (+20/25/30/35/40 health for each nearby enemy champion) health shield for 5 seconds, which slows surrounding enemies by 15/20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds.

The Quote from the Prince Expert, Sinjustice and the Other One, crazieshado

From crazieshado: "A good shield ability with some interesting utilities. The slow can help you save teammates and yourself and help you catch an opponent. While the damage shield seems underwhelming at first sight, it is decent when fully leveled, and when used around a group of enemies, it will shield for even more."

From Sinjustice: "While you can accidentally trap unwilling friends in your Cataclysm, you can also save them from pursuing enemies. Just drop your ultimate on a chasing foe, drop Golden Aegis so they're slowed, and then use your knock-up combo to escape your own cage, thus leaving the enemy alone in there for another second or two."

Help, Pix!: If cast on an ally, Lulu commands Pix to jump to an ally and shield them. He then follows them and aids their attacks. If cast on an enemy, commands Pix to jump to an enemy and damage them. He then follows them and grants you vision of that enemy.
On Ally Cast: Commands Pix to jump to an ally and then follow and aid their attacks instead of Lulu's for 6 seconds. Upon arrival, Pix shields them from 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.6 per ability power) damage for 6 seconds.
On Enemy Cast: Pix deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage to target enemy unit. Pix then follows and grants vision of them for 6 seconds.

The Quote from the Expert, Minkey

"This spell is amazing, it has really much base damage which makes you able to haras your enemy. It also grants vision to your enemy and lets you cast Glitterlance really easy. You can also cast this on yourself or an ally to grant a shield + your passive will help the target you selected. All these things combined is the reason why i max this skill first.

You want to max this ability first (ranking up Wild Growth whenever possible of course).

Tips and Tricks:

  • Don't cast this spell to much on your enemy, it has a high mana cost.
  • Don't waste it to farm minions or to haras your enemy to often because you'll miss the chance to save your ally with it.
  • Try to cast this spell on stealth champions (when fighting versus one) instead of their support, this will help your carry kill him easier + his stealth wont help him escape."

Safeguard: "Lee Sin rushes towards a target ally, shielding them both from damage. If a shield is broken, half the Energy cost is returned." Lee Sin rushes towards a target ally, shielding them both for 40/80/120/160/200 (+0.8 per ability power) damage over the next 5 seconds. If a shield is broken, half the Energy cost is returned. After using Safeguard, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will for the next 3 seconds.

The Quote from the Expert, JakofAllSpaydes

"This is great for sustain and the lifesteal is great. Don't understimate it. It is a decent shield mid game and the lifesteal is like a free scepter every few seconds. This, combined with your wriggles will give you nice sustain and recovery in jungle or in lane."

Also, check it out these great combos from Duff's Competitive Lee Sin

Valor: "Riven steps forward a short distance and blocks incoming damage." Riven does a quick dash in the direction of your cursor and becomes shielded, blocking up to 60/90/120/150/180 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) incoming damage for 2.5 seconds. void void void void void void bla bla bla potato this is a ptatoes -q

The Quote from the Expert, Beeswarm17

"I sometimes max this first. Why max this skill? It gives you more mobility for early game harass, as well as a shield that will keep you alive in lane and during ganks. Leveling Valor allows you to use it more often with greater shield strength. It lets you use her short dash very frequently, helping to chase down enemies or prevent damage. Riven does not have much early survivability, and this covers that nicely. Also, it lets you position yourself well for Ki Burst and Broken Wings, which is why I put a point in it at level 2 and wait until 3 to learn Ki Burst. The combination of Broken Wings and Valor gives you roughly the range of Flash at Ghost speed. I like being that mobile early.

Having the shield at a high strength with a lower cooldown will keep you alive through more than you thought possible. It's biggest impact is early game, when you can Valor into a tower, kill both champs, and then Valor away, with turret aggro and Ignite on you. Nothing is more annoying to me than knowing I would have lived if I had a .5 second lower CD on Valor.

Lastly, I feel that maxing out Valor early streamlines her transition into midgame. Being able to soak about 200-250 dmg (depending on items) will block a majority of the laning harass, especially on a 4-5 sec cooldown (with runes, masteries, and The The Brutalizer). Being able to block this much damage, combined with building her fairly tanky, makes her so survivable it's not even funny. However, if you find yourself up against a very passive lane opponent, feel free to keep this at a low level until later."

"Tips and Tricks
  • Use it. Seriously. It is your edge in 1v1 fights, team fights, ganks, jungle, counter-initiations, tower-dives, and more.
  • When harassing, you will usually want to start with Valor and lead into Ki Burst. Charging in with a Valor followed by Broken Wings isn't bad if you want to try for a very early kill, since that shield will stop a lot of the first hits, letting you get a clean Broken Wings combo without taking too much damage.
  • Just like Broken Wings, Riven ignores unit collision while she dashes. You can charge through a minion wave, dash behind a champ, and can get you through thin walls as well, such as Anivia's Crystallize and Jarvan IV's Cataclysm. You can't dash through terrain, though.
  • It's also incredibly useful for dodging skill-shots and getting away from champs. A small dart to the side or away from your enemy is usually enough. And even if it's not, you've gained a damage soaking shield.
  • Valor should be your tool of choice when facechecking brush. If you really want to find out if anyone's in the bush, Valor right on in. Hell, I charge in when I know that a Shaco has been dropping boxes. It clears the boxes without you taking damage.
  • This skill will also not work while snared. Snare will prevent you from gaining a very important Valor shield, so make sure you avoid it when possible. This is another reason why Mercury's Treads are so important to Riven."

Turtle Stance: Persistent Effect: Udyr's attacks cannot crit, but he restores 10/12/14/16/18% of his damage as Health and 5/6/7/8/9% of his damage as Mana.
Activation: Udyr gains a temporary shield that absorbs 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.5 per ability power) damage.

The Quote from the Expert, Restrictnine

"Used to be Rain Man's main skill in lane, but after the nerfs it just doesn't give the sustain that used to make Udyr broken in lane. Still, if the enemy is super aggressive, you can max this and get wriggle's and no one can harass you out of lane assuming no successful ganks. Note that you have to play smart too. You can't just afk auto attack minions and expect to live if the enemy is hacking away at you. That only works sometimes."

Death's Caress: Sion surrounds himself with a shield which absorbs 100/150/200/250/300 (+0.9 per ability power) damage. If the shield is not destroyed in 10 seconds, it will explode, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+0.9 per ability power) magic damage to surrounding enemies. He can cast again after 4 seconds to manually detonate.

The Quote from the Expert, Cháncellor

"Sion creates a shield around him for 10 seconds that absorbs damage. After 4 seconds, you can manually explode the shield, dealing damage in a AoE to surrounding enemies. The amount of absorbtion, and damage dealt upon manual explosion is increased by 100% of your AP. This is Sion's bread and butter technique, and is the scariest AoE in the game. ( Biased Opinion ) This move allows Sion to walk around as if he owns everything. It absorbs an abnormal amount of damage, and then allows you to blow your load ( Ha ) all over the enemy. ( Seewhatididthere?) You should always attempt to pop this BEFORE you engage, so it allows you to pop it, the start up another one as soon as possible. After Level 3, and with a tad AP, itll allow you to completely kill a creep wave, and with Enrage activated, it allows you to PUSH WHENEVER THE **** YOU WANT. People will stroke your ego when you push your lane in 10 minutes. Do it, and watch your TRYHARD ego soar."

Granite Shield: Malphite is shielded by a layer of rock which absorbs damage up to 10% of his maximum Health. If Malphite has not been hit for 10 seconds, this effect recharges. bla bla bla bla this is pudding, hi everyone! lolwut i need more words to fix this... words words words words microsoft word world word drow ok, thats enough.

The Quote from the Expert, PsiGuard

" Malphite's passive is actually one of the best in the game in my opinion. If you use it correctly, you become immune to all but the most aggressive harass. It's like a health pot on a 10 second cooldown early game, and late game it gives you a free shield to absorb pokes or tank towers. Since Malphite usually builds tank, your passive will get stronger the more items you build.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Granite Shield scales with health, armor, and magic resist. Survivability items will improve its effectiveness.
  • Early game, Granite Shield will protect you from harass and minion aggro; late game, it can tank repeated tower hits after you've built some armor.
  • If you're hit by harass, try to avoid damage for the next few seconds until your passive recharges."

Iron Man: 35% of the damage dealt from Mordekaiser's abilities is converted into a temporary absorption shield. Shield generation is only half as effective against minions and monsters. Maximum shield strength is 90 + (30 × level). The shield decays by 3% per second.

Well, I think that I'll need to explain this shield. (No offense, top Mordekaiser Guides, I just couldn't find a nice explanation for this.)

Locket of The Iron Solari: +300 Health +35 Armor UNIQUE Aura: Nearby allied Champions gain 15 Health Regen per 5 seconds. UNIQUE Active: Shield yourself and nearby allies for 5 seconds, absorbing up to 50 (+10 per level) damage (60 second cooldown). black void space here with some potatoes and tomatoes... blackeseption -q bla bla bla ok

Storm Shield: The unit with this shield has: 212.5 (+12.5 x level) health absorption shield. If this champion has not been hit for 10 seconds, the effect recharges. Additionally, autottacks and damaging spellcasts proc a damaging nuke on afflicted targets that deals 90 (+10 x level) magic damage. This can happen only once every 4 seconds.

"Magic Shields"


According to League of Legends Wiki: "Absorption shields are classified by the type of damage they absorb. Most of them absorb all types of damage, including true damage. Magic shields absorb ONLY magic damage, so physical and true damage will just ignore the shield.
  • All absorption shields take the champion's resistances on account when receiving damage to the temporary health.
  • Spell shields, which allow to completely block the effect of one single ability, are not considered a type of absorption shields.

Black Shield: "Morgana places a protective barrier around an allied champion, absorbing magical damage and disables until penetrated or the shield dissipates." Morgana places a shield around target friendly champion, absorbing 95/160/225/290/355 (+0.7 per ability power) magic damage and preventing disables while the shield holds.

The Quote from the Queen, jhoijhoi

" Black Shield is a vital ability to learn as it stops all forms of crowd control and shields them from all forms of magic damage, including spells, items, and pets. Similar to Sivir's Spell Shield or Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness, learning how to use this spell will make you OP.

Tips and Tricks

  • Casting Black Shield on champions with channelled spells (e.g. Katarina and Fiddlesticks) will help keep their abilities from being interrupted.
  • Remember that the CC immunity is tied to the shield. If your opponent does too much spell damage and breaks the shield, you will lose your CC immunity.
  • Also, remember that it is ONLY a spell shield. All physical attacks will damage your health. This is not all bad, as it means that you will not lose the CC immunity for the duration, so effects like Frost Shot will hurt like normal, without slowing you.
  • It's important to remember that it does not block debuffs, just CC. Specifically, things like Sigil of Silence and Mark of the Assassin will be placed on Morgana even if her shield is up. However, if these get activated, Sigil of Silence will not silence Morgana if the shield is up on activation, and in both cases, the magic damage will be absorbed."

Hexdrinker: +25 Attack Damage +30 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: If you would take magic damage that would leave you at less than 30% Health, you first gain a shield that absorbs 250 magic damage for 3 seconds (60 second cooldown). Creates Maw of Malmortius ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ black void over here lalalalalalaalalalalalalallalalalalalala

Maw of Malmortius: +55 Attack Damage +36 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: If you would take magic damage that would leave you at less than 30% Health, you first gain a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds (60 second cooldown). UNIQUE Passive: +1 Attack Damage for every 2.5% of your Maximum Health that is missing.

"Perfect Shields"
They are the special type. They just null all damage received, regardless of strength and the type of damage.

Intervention: "Shields Kayle or an ally for a short time, causing them to be immune to damage."
Kayle bathes a target ally champion (or herself) in holy light, rendering them immune to all damage for a 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds. black void is nice... oh, nice ^^.. puddings, buildings, everythings, things? '-'... ok, i'll stop it moar black voiids MOAR MORA MAOAMR MOR

The Quote from the Expert, Speeder132

"The ultimate 'I'm not gonna die' button. The reason Kayle is support. It truly is underestimated, and some people hardly use it or use it at wrong times. It gives your carries the ability to go in for 3 seconds and destroy everything in sight while suffering no damage. It allows you to save a teammate from getting focused and turn the fight around. It allows you to tower dive and take a lot less damage. It allows you to be tower dove and live, possibly even picking up a kill. It truly is useful at all levels."

Diplomatic Immunity: "Poppy focuses intently on a single enemy champion, dealing increased damage to them. Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target." For 6/7/8 seconds, Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target enemy champion. In addition, Poppy's attacks deal 20/30/40% increased damage to the marked target.

The Quote from the Expert, Dotter

"MC Poppy: "You can't touch this!"
- This ability is Poppy's bread and butter in teamfights. For 6/7/8 seconds only one enemy champion can damage you. This gives you something to think about. You can either use it on the enemy carry and take him/her out with your abilities and exhaust, so they will lack damage in the teamfight. Or you can use it on their tank, who can't really damage you that much, so you will have tons of survivability, but no increased damage on their squishees. You are vulnerable to CC, so Mercury's Treads are important when you fly around like a killing machine in teamfights, if the enemy team has a lot of CC. It is also really useful for towerdiving, since you are immune to turrets. This ability makes Poppy one of the best towerdivers in the game. You will learn to time this ability as you play Poppy more and more, but you shouldn't waste any seconds, so don't use it before an initiate. Try to figure out, who to use it on when the fight has started. Either take out a fed enemy, by boosting your damage with 20/30/40% extra damage on that target and then focus it down, or you can charge around on different enemies to create chaos in their positioning."

Teleport:(?) "Teleport is a 'targeted' summoner spell. It is used to quickly travel from one location to a friendly turret or minion anywhere on the map. It is not stopped like Recall upon damage, but it still can be stopped with crowd control abilities such as stuns, roots and silences." No, I'm not crazy. Teleport makes a minion invunerable for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, it teleports your champion to target turret or friendly minion (making it invulnerable for the duration). Can be canceled.

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The Spell Shields

As I said upstairs, Spell Shields are a type of shield that completely block the effect of ONE SINGLE ABILITY. These shields are like the Magic Shields, except by the part that Magic Shields are Absorption, in other words, they block magic damage till pop.

There are only Three Spell Shields in all game. To extend this topic, I'll put here more two shields that aren't Spell Shields, but they don't have another nice place to stay. I'm talking about Riposte and Aegis Protection. These special shields blocks only one damage, considered "Spell Shields", they aren't, because they also block physical damage. ( Riposte only block physical attacks and on-hit skills.)

Spell Shield: Creates a magical barrier that blocks a single enemy ability cast on Sivir. She receives Mana back if a spell is blocked. Sivir creates a magical barrier for 3 seconds that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 150 Mana.

The Quote from the God of Shields, Meridianprime

"This spell tells you when a Sivir player is Pro or not. Simply blocking a spell isn't rocket science. But since there are about 75 different champions with all different abilities and effects. It’s only the master of Sivir that knows what spell is viable to block or not. The use of this spell determines the outcome of a fight mano-a-mano. On successful block you gain 150 mana back. Nice, but when people know this they can fake an attack and let you use Spell Shield for nothing. Losing those 75 mana will drain you if you aren't careful!
Good to use when a team fight initiates, when escaping, when tower diving or when you backdoor / push the turret. A gank from the woods will be lethal and Spell Shield will just be enough to let you take down the turret before you die.
A list of what it CAN and what you SHOULD block will be added in the chapter Sivir vs. Champ X."

So, why this guy is the God of Shields? Simply, He made an entire topic talking about SPELL SHIELDS. This topic is too long, I'll just link it with a lot of glory. Thanks for this guide, Meridianprime!

Shroud of Darkness: Nocturne empowers his blades, passively gaining attack speed. Activating Shroud of Darkness allows Nocturne to fade into the shadows, creating a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability and doubles his passive attack speed if successful. Nocturne creates a magical barrier for 2 seconds, which blocks the next enemy ability.If an ability is blocked by the shield, Nocturne's passive Attack Speed bonus doubles for 5 seconds.

The Quote from the Expert, PsiGuard

"Much like Sivir's Spell Shield, this ability blocks one offensive spell if cast shortly before Nocturne is hit. Use it to reduce damage taken by enemy casters, block pokes like Nidalee's Javelin Toss / Takedown, survive delayed spells like Ace in the Hole and Requiem, and shake off any crowd control spells that come your way. It is important to remember that this ability gives bonus attack speed as well, doubling after a spell is blocked. Also, if you block a spell, you get to hear Nocturne's evil laugh, which makes it all the more satisfying.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Blocking a spell with Shroud of Darkness doubles the passive attack speed bonus, allowing you to take down mages even more quickly.
  • Shroud of Darkness has a long cooldown. Sometimes it is better to get hit by a weak spell so you can block a more dangerous one later.
    Shroud of Darkness is easiest to use on slow skillshots, like Nidalee's Javelin Toss / Takedown or Morgana's Dark Binding.
  • Shroud of Darkness is a simple way to dispatch traps like Bushwhack / Pounce and Yordle Snap Trap without being revealed. You can also absorb Teemo's Noxious Traps without taking damage or being slowed."

Banshee's Veil: +375 Health +375 Mana +50 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: Gain a spell shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability (45 second cooldown).space space space spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace -q

THE "Attack, not Spell" SHIELD

Riposte: When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions. Fiora parries the next basic attack within 1.5 seconds and reflects 60/110/160/210/260 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions.

The Quote from the Expert, Minkey

"This ability is really awesome. The passive gives you alot of ad which means more damage. The active is the most interesting part, you can use this spell to counter attack on basic attack of your enemy and hit him instead of him hitting you!

You want to max this ability first (except if you can rank up Blade Waltz).

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the active wisely, watch your enemy carefully and whenever she auto attacks you, you should activate it.
  • Try not to spam this ability to often, it will cost alot of mana.
  • If you're in a 1v1 battle, don't cast it at the start but in the middle of your battle, it will suprise your enemy and may give you a win."

Aegis Protection: "After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will gain a shield, that will block the next Tower Shot or normal/enhanced standard attack that deals more than 40 damage to him." blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla

The Quote from the Expert, Forgottenduty

"This passive is what gives Pantheon its great durability on solo top. Most solo top opponents and junglers are attack damage oriented and since it procs very ofter you shrug off much of the incoming damage. With this block you can take towerdiving to the next level.
Aegis Protection can block:
- Ashe, Frost Shot(Blocks the damage, but the slow is inflicted).
- Blitzcrank, Power Fist(You block the damage but still get thrown airborn).
- Caitlyn, Headshot(You block the attack even when the passive is triggered).
- Ezreal, Mystic Shot(Blocks all the damage,but applies red buff if the enemy has it).
- Gangplank, Parrrley(Blocks the damage but Grog Soaked Blade is applied).
- Garen, Decisive Strike(Blocks the damage, but silence is applied).
- Irelia, Bladesurge.
- Jax, Relentless Assault(You block the physical damage part, but magical damage is still inflicted).
- Lux, Illumination(You only block the physical damage).
- Miss Fortune, Double Up(You block it if you are the first target,but it still bounces to the next target.If you are the second target you block the impact).
- Nasus, Siphoning Strike.
- Poppy, Devastating Blow(You only block the physical damage part).
- Renekton, Ruthless Predator(Blocks the damage, but the stun is inflicted).
- Shaco, Deceive.
- Shen, Ki Strike(Only blocks the physical damage).
- Talon, Noxian Diplomacy.
- Vayne, Tumble.
- Wukong, Crushing Blow.
- Xin Zhao, Three Talon Strike(You still get thrown airborn if its the 3rd hit)."

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The Buff Shields

The Buff Shields... well... they are buffs... and shields.(DAFUQ). Ok, I'll explain it better: Buff Shields are every type of shield that DIDN'T block / parry the damage, but they decrease de damage received.

I'll subdivide this group on three another groups and a special type:

  • The Normal Type
  • The Reflect Type
  • The IDR Type*
  • The CCR Type**
*Incoming Damage Reduction
**Crowd Control Reduction (Tenacity)

I'll explain this later.


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