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League of Legends Build Guide Author NicknameMy

The Dark Arts™ Of Master Yi by Jimmix

NicknameMy Last updated on August 10, 2011
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All Credits to Jimmix

This is the Guide of Jimmix on Leaguecraft:

All Credits to him.

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From Jeffro
So you saw the Table of Content and you’re afraid. I don’t blame you bro, My table of content is longer than half the guides out there. But it’s long for a good cause (That’s not what she said), this guide has a lot of builds incorporated in it, it’s for everyone Low, Mid, High Elo and level.

I’m aware that some of you don’t have the time to read this guide, it's not your fault. If there’s a specific Master Yi you want to play, look at the table of contents and scroll to the section(e.g DPS, AP). But you should read the general Yi stuff, you know the Masteries, Runes, and tactics with him.

I’ve also added “Quick Lookup Sections” for Yi so you can quickly refer back to the build you want, without huge walls of text. They include Item builds and abilities skilling.

Even though I added those sections, remember they are for convenience. Please read the guide.


(If you want to show off your skill to the general public :D, give me some credit for the ideas you'll read :D)

Guide Top


Change Log

-Random editing.

-Edited some stuff, patch discussion accomplishments.

-Fear not, I'm still alive


-Made some changes all around.

-Been awhile :)

-AP's heading my way.

-Patch notes


-Responded to comments

-Small Update
-Working with 3 Philostones.

-A ****load of changes :)

-Guide created

Guide Top

Who is Master Yi in the League of Legends?

Master Yi is an underrated Champion. In all honesty this is primarily one of the reason I chose to main and play him.

Don't be discouraged after 2-3 games of failing hard with Master Yi. He is very hard to play in the beginning(For higher Elo players) because he's just too easily countered and he's very different from other champions. After you get used to him, you'll find how to have fun and steamroll with him.

Master Yi is a champion known for either really EPIC GAMES or REALLY PATHETIC GAMES. Don't be surprised that you went 50/0/0 one game and than 0/50/0 the next. That's just how Master Yi is. Bare with it until Riot decides to buff him :D

Guide Top


Hello Fellow Summoners,

I am JLiberationArmy, and I am one of the rare players who at level 30 would Main Master Yi. I've played over 300 games with Master Yi. Most of them Victories. I am going to teach you how to play Master Yi my style a.k.a "The Dark Arts" mainly because people often frown upon me playing this way. But it doesn't matter because in the end, not even the most hurtful insults can stop the "Victory" screen from showing! As bad as you think these builds are, try them you'll find the most surprising results. The people on the comments section did and they loved it[Except for Jing :(].

If you end up liking this guide, give it a thumb up and post some feedback. Authors of guides with 20 sections plus spend a lot of time on their guides. If you really want to show them you're grateful for their guide, a nice "Thanks" or Feedback in general is always the way to go.


Also if you have a friend who wants to play Master Yi, give em a link to this guide.

Guide Top

Work In Progress Builds:

JLiberationArmy™ build.


Guide Top

Patch Discussion

Master Yi

Alpha Strike
Master Yi can now use Wuju Style and Highlander while Alpha Strike is active
Master Yi will now attempt to attack the target after using Alpha Strike to teleport to a champion


Guide Top


Double Strike
Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack.

-Great Passive, it can be used for tower killing to dealing massive burst damage at low levels. Your FirstBlood tool.

Alpha Strike
Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing magic damage to each enemy with a good chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.

-A great skill for: Catching up to an enemy and giving a finishing blow. Also used for farming.
_______(Enemy champion) has been slain.

Also this can be counted as WallHax like Shens dash or Tryn's spinning slash. You simply ward baron and other creeps in the jungle. Then when you get chased Alpha to Baron or Golem or Lizard to escape.

Master Yi channels, restoring health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains armor and magic resistance.

-This is an awesome skill which is often overlooked. It has many uses since it adds enormous amounts of armor + magic resist.
Announcer:"Karthas has scored a QUADRA-Kill"
You:"**** I have 300 HP"
You:*Meditates**takes like 250 damage

Penta-Kill foiled

Wuju Style
Passive: Increases physical damage. (Active): Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.

-Default/Passive attack damage? Oh ohbby.

For several seconds, increases Master Yi's speed of movement and attack by a large percentage, plus makes him immune to all slowing effects. Additionally, killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns, and scoring an assist reduce the cooldowns by half.

What is Highlander used for?
1. "PREPARE TO DIE,*Activates**Goes SuperSayan*, Does over 9000 damage. "YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY.
Remember people, there can only be ONE HIGHLANDER!!@@!!@!!@!

Guide Top

Masteries + Runes + General Points + Updates

I realize that most Master Yi's go offensive masteries because they want the "damage". But people need to understand that damage is useless if you're dead. You go defense masteries so:

A)Demacian Justice will 99% of the time never be able to finish you off.
B) Cleanse is going to save your butt so many times.
C)Dodging ftw especially for 1v1s.
D)You survive a little longer.
E)Nimbleness will help you run faster.

Runes are:
Quints can be your choice of Attack speed or Armor Penetration.
Glyphs are all CoolDown reduction.
Marks are are half attack speed and half armor penetration
Seals are all dodge.

Armor Pen is always great of a DPS champion. But getting some attack speed is also great because most of your items should be damage orientated.
Seals are dodge because well once again, you have almost no survivability, dodging will help you survive(Be like the next Jax).
Glyphs are cooldown because who wouldn't want a 6-8 second alpha strike or 1 Minute ult?
Quints are attack speed and armor pen, Read the first 2 sentences under "Why?".

The runes and masteries will benefit are 3 builds.(Not for Lifesteal and other builds specified though)

Guide Top

Rune/Masteries Leniency

The chances of me possessing all the runes are slim to none. The chances of you having the same exact runes for me? Slim to none.

So feel free to have some mana regen runes instead of dodge.

This part depends on preference.

For DPS(lower leveled one):
You can use the 0/21/9.
The Runes I listed are perfectly fine.

For LifeSteal
You can use 0/21/9.
If you jungle with Yi and prefer 0/21/9 over 21/0/9 or 0/21/9 it's okay.

For AP:
You can use 0/21/9
Mage Masteries 9/0/21.

For Final
0/21/9 is the only way to go for me.

Feel free to mix and match masteries to your gameplay. :D

Guide Top

Summoner Abilities


That is my summoner spells for Yi. There should be no other substitute regardless of the different Yi you choose to play. (Unless specified)

This is the best escaping mechanism in the game. With Cleanse, Ghost, Highlander. You can literally run into a 5 man team. Kill someone then Cleanse, Ghost, Highlander your butt out of there.

"Do not fear the unknown!"

"Yi I'll save you!"
If cleanse ghost and highlander is up. NEVER let your teammates save you.
Example: I was playing Yi and I stole baron(YAY) the other team knows and their on their way. So I check what skills I have up, I notice how I have Cleanse, Ghost, and Highlander up.

I can't type to my team mates due to me trying to micro my way out of baron's cove and I don't get a chance to ping either. But my fiddle on my team decides to "save" me. I'm glad I have caring teammates but with those 3 skills up I can get away from everything.

So I'm running and fiddle(could be anyone really) "meets me halfway"
Thing is with highlander + ghost I outrun him. So at half way where the enemy are chasing me, I outrun the fiddle(I have like half HP) thing is, the other team will realize I ran out but fiddle on the other hand can't. He's a slow walker and bam fiddle dies.

Think of it as the old bear joke.
2 campers are camping, and they see a bear. Both campers know they cant outrun a bear.
But one camper says:
"I don't have to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you"
Bear = Enemies
I = You
You = Teammate "saving" you.

Now I'm not saying "DONT SAVE THE YI" I'm saying, unless Yi pings like crazy. Don't bother or you better have ghost up.

Guide Top


Last Hit/Alpha. Not much to say here. You have at least 150 minion kills if a game last more than 30 minutes.

Don't spam alpha though, unless you have Golem Buff.
Helpful hint: IF the minion is dead and you alpha'ed to it, you'll return back to your original position. Try to get used to using this technique it's gonna be your main tower hug technique.

Also remember to last hit in the beginning of the game. You don't want to push to hard.(Not what she said)

Play conservatively, you shouldn't die during the laning stage.

Guide Top

Before the Game Starts

So you chose Yi, and your comp is pretty balanced. Ok.

Now you enter the loading screen, what do you do?
A)Alt tab->Watch pr0n, youtube, email, etc
B)Look at champion cleavage ->Dat Kat.
C)Look at enemy summoner's summoning spells.

Answer : C

Summoner spells
Exhaust->ATM( You cannot cleanse out of it. Even though it doesn't blind anymore. It's still a very dangerous toy to tamper with. Watch out for the champions who have it.
Ignite->All right, it's less fatal as exhaust but it does hurt. 22% true damage, you'll hate it. It now affects lifesteal. Winning a fight is now 200x harder. :(
Ghost->Please, you're the only highlander.
Cleanse->Yi has no CC. troll'ed
Heal-> "I ALMOST GOT HIM"*HEAL*"OH MY **** THIS GUY***** GOD FREAKING********" Watch out for these people. You don't want to tower dive someone with heal...
Clarity->trololololol Ryze is outta MP. I'll show *Alpha Strike* Him *Clarity**Spams spell combo**Master Yi dies*FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Revive->troll'ed. You get to kill em twice :D Unless you see a Rammus with this. Chances are you'll be at like 30 hp and he'll power ball at 100000000000000 miles per hours and your outta MP. He'll taunt you can kill you before you can ping for help.
Rally->Who even uses this? Regardless Wuju>Rally
Clairvoyance->Watch your back while jungling and ganking.
Fortify->BDing just got 100x harder
Teleport->"So anyway gonna 1v1 this guy" then OMG WTFBQQ ________ PORTED HERE AND I GOT MA BUTT KICKED.
Flash->Stops all ganks, and wall haxxors. Damn...

Guide Top

Yi Main Syndrome

Playing Yi is a dangerous game, the more you play him the more infected you become with Yi Main Syndrome. The beginning stages of Yi Main Syndrome are deadly and can lead to many deaths(ingame of course :D). But once you let all of the Yi Main Syndrome take you over, you can use it towards your advantage.

Yi Main Syndrome symptoms:
-Ignoring the existence of towers.
--*30 HP champion left* and you are chasing. In your mind you are deadlocked and focused on the enemy. You blaze past the first tower.-No problem nothing hit me-. You alpha through the second tower.-Oh yeah I'm still fine-
You just make it through the third -Close call- and Finally you are at the spawn tower and you hear "YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY". Mission Accomplished. With 10 HP left, you proceed to back to base.
-Raging Hard after being KSed.
Takes effort to tone down, but really, you will get pissed.

-Raging harder at tanks or support who KS you.
--*30 hp Malzahar is running. He's doomed* *In your head* You're going to get him. He is screwed, knowing that there's no TF you are glad you wont get Ksed. Suddenly *A WILD "Malphite,Taric,Soraka" APPEARS*. ZING. *KSED*

Sometimes you'll just have to deal with it. But tell them. DON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN.

-Raging about dying
--1000/0/1000, you die. AND OH MY GOD RAGE 1000/1/1000 NO!!@@!. MY PERFECT IS RUINED. You blame yourself not others. You get frustrated going WHY DID I JUMP IN THERE. Then you die again 1000/2/1000. From there on the rage consumes you and you just keep dying, therefore feeding. Eventually you'll get the Precious K/D/A syndrome.

-Precious K/D/A ratio
--*1/1/1* *In your head* OH ****, I'm neutral ratio? No nO NO. *you start raging at yourself, start towerdiving the spawn tower for a kill. You start to initiate teamfights just for kills. You lose all sanity and ask your team to fight every 5 seconds. You run into battle with 10 HP left. You see 5 enemies, 1 with 40 hp, 4 with stuns/snares/slows/knockups/you name it. You JUMP INTO THE BRAWL 1v5 style for the love of League of Legends I'm GETTING THAT KILL. You proceed on kill the low life champion and you cleanse highlander and ghost your butt out of the brawl.(This can scare the enemy sometimes) Seriously, imagine you have one low health team mate surrounded by an army of minions and the rest of your team. Then a random Yi jumps into the your team. You think he's crazy, but he gets the kill and runs away... The shock :)

-You Rage in general.
--I got nothing.

Guide Top

The Oath Of Wuju

Hey You!, yeah you, reading this guide. Before you play Master Yi. You will have to accept this oath. Put your right hand in the air, and agree to anything that's gonna need to be agreed to:

I, (Your Name) agrees that I will play Master Yi with not only my skill, but also with my soul. I agree to achieve victory with honor, and face defeat with grace. I am Beserk, I will Towerdive, backdoor the Nexus, and get my Penta-kills. No one can and no one will stop me. If I die, I will come back and roll your face. Twice. I will do the best for the interest for my competent team, and for myself.

Master Yi is not a Samurai, and neither am I. I will not be a coward and commit suicide over ONE feeder. TWO feeders… FIVE feeders. I will stand and fight against the 1000/0 Annie, or 9001/0 Olaf. I shall show that not only am I the only Highlander but Berserker. I will not surrender if I get ONE, TWO,… FOUR rage quits. I will stay till the end. I will never surrender and quit. I shall fight with my blade forged with the finest metal shining and gleaming with the sun decorated with blood of my enemies. I sit here in the battle field, waiting for you to surrender cowards, or I will wait here and face defeat?.

People say Chivalry is dead. Honor is gone. They are correct. But Wuju is not. As the upholder of Wuju and the leaders of the future of Humanity. I agree to never surrender, never give up!


Guide Top

"Rules" of Master Yi

1. During the time the whole enemy team is MIA and not at baron, even if all your teammates are alone walking around. YOU as MASTER YI will get ganked.
2. At the most crucial moment while killing/towerdiving/being Master Yi, you will be exhausted.
3. During a ranked game if you choose Master Yi, Expect at least 2 exhaust.
4. When you fight Cho'Gath somehow his ult's always up.
5. The Yi on the other team always has berserker grieves.
6. No matter how far you are in the back, somehow you die in the front...
7. The other team heavily dislikes you.
8. When you tower dive like the 2nd or last person in the enemy team, somehow they're always the person with the Exhaust Summoner Spell.
9. You will towerdive Vladamir's and Garen.
10. *Will add more*

Guide Top

Never Give Up

Guys, Yi is a late game carry, don't give up after you lose an inhibitor or tower. Keep fighting. Press on. Yi will carry and lead you to victory!

Guide Top

Team Interaction

Despite Yi Main Syndrome, You should generally be positive ingame. Be nice to your teammates, and just warn them when you're about to rage.

Help them out, give them tips.
Don't go,"u nob"
Type with PROPER english or close to it.
Don't call "HE KSED ME when your teammate saved your life in the process"
Let them get away with the first KS.
Don't let a team mate rage quit. Don't let team mates argue with each other.
Try to restrain your Yi Main Syndrome.

[Will be adding more]

Guide Top

Mid Yi?

Should Master Yi go mid?

It is viable but personally don't go mid unless you really know how to solo lane mid(Basically you play a lot of solo mid characters and know how to properly solo mid). Going mid as Master Yi is EXTREMELY difficult due to the fact Master Yi has almost no harassing capabilities(Alpha Strike is random so there's a chance it won't hit the enemy). But since Master Yi is a Melee DPS he can be harassed VERY easily.

Enemy Champions like:
Kog Maw

Can severely deny you and harass you. They simply just outlane you.

Ashe and Twitch however are free kills. They are EXTREMELY squishy. Often a double strike is enough to take down half their HP. But hey, it depends on the player.

All in all, Yi mid is amazing if you do well. But terrible if you fail. Not the average "amazing"/"terrible"

But if you do go mid, Here are some suggestions.

-Look at your health, you melee every time you deal damage expect to take some.
-You have really little MP conserve Alpha Strikes
-Tower hug like no tomorrow.
-Try to stay in the lane as much as possible.
-Get meditate. Seriously, use less alphas use more meditate.
-Use cleanse, it will save you from deadly stuns and snares which will lead to first blood.
-Back when you need too.

Guide Top

DPS Master Yi

*This is recommended for the lower level players. Higher level players don't try this. You'll get whipped ingame.*

*This is recommended for the lower level players. Higher level players don't try this. You'll get whipped ingame.*

*This is recommended for the lower level players. Higher level players don't try this. You'll get whipped ingame.*

Most Master Yi's you see ingame go DPS. It make sense with a passive attack damage skill + attack speed ult. But just remember, DPS has a limit. You only get an advantage if you're over leveled. Once you're level 18 and the enemy is level 18. They can kill you quite easily. It's advised that when you play DPS. You win the game at around 30~40 minutes.

Guide Top

DPS Pros/Cons

-High Damage output.
-High Damage output.
-High Damage output.
-Backdoors like a fiend.
-High Damage output.
-Carries a team.
-Basically you can destroy at a 1v1 with pretty much any champ.
-And I think I forgot to say High Damage output.

-1 nanosecond is all it takes to get from full health to 100 health.(Which basically just ruins you)
-Global Taunt/Focused on like crazy. (Ashe will shoot her arrow from Spawn to hit you at your spawn)
-You'll run outta MP really fast.
-Really really Late game, you are screwed.

Guide Top

Skilling Order

There are two ways to go DPS Master Yi.

Way 1: Master WujuStyle first. If you do this you can deal a lot more damage earlier in game therefore you are not useless.

(on top)

Way 2: AlphaStrike First, this way you can finish them off easy but your damage wont be too high.

Guide Top

DPS Items

Notice I have boots of speed there instead a better boot.
What I really mean is for boots of speed you can either get
A)Ninja Tabi-> A lot of DPS
B)Mercury Treads-> A lot of CC(This is just incase cleanse isn't up.)

You want Phantom Dancers because they add:
Atk Speed
Crit Rate
Movement Speed.
You can get two just to run faster and hit harder.
With a 95% crit rate, you'll be hitting 600s a lot.

Even though it lost it's dodge bonus,you can still deal good damage. Beside if you're low level enough, people wont even focus you.

Last item is debatable. You could get a bloodthirster. It's pretty epic lifesteal + boost your crit damage. OR you can get another item depending on the game like quicksilver if treads/cleanse just isn't working. Or Stark for everyone etc.

How to build this:
Step 1: You get a Long Sword and a Health Potion
Step 2: You get boots(either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads)
Step 3: You build your Long Sword into a The Brutalizer
Step 4: Get Infinity Edge(standard, B. F. Sword, Cloak of Agility, Pickaxe)
Step 5: Then you get Youmuu's Ghostblade
Step 6: Zeal
Step 7: Zeal
Step 8: Phantom Dancer
Step 9: Phantom Dancer
Step 10: Last item of your choice.

Feel free to mix and match this build as much as you want.

**On the side note:

Doesn't Yi benefit greatly from lifesteal what do you think?

That's a good question, My response depends on tiers:

Tier1:Lvls:1-10:> You won't get focused a lot of players would go around solo. So Lifesteal is useful, but if they go solo you might not even need it.
Tier2:Lvls:10-20:> Some people will focus others wont. Lifesteal will be useless if everyone focuses you.
Tier3:Levels20-30:>You'll just get focused like crazy since you're the 1 in the 100000 person who actually plays Yi at this level.
CompetitiveRanked:>No again, people WILL focus you, which once again makes lifesteal fail.

Also lifesteal is only USEFUL late game for a Melee DPS. I cring every time I see a Yi take a Vampiric Scepterat the beginning of the game. If you do 60 damage and you "lifesteal" 12% you heal about 7.2 health. Okay great 7.2 health, now at low level you walk into minion mobs to steal life and a Purple Caster Minion with global range hits a 12 on you. So while you're healing 7.2 you're getting hit 12. Then add on all the other minions.

Okay so you have 25% Lifesteal with The Bloodthirster and you do 500 damage(with crit) good. Now how much do you heal 125. This is much better and will actually help you. But regardless you probably get hit like 300 damage + while fighting during late game. Which makes this useless once again.

So lifesteal isn't that good unless you get in ENORMOUS amounts. But if you find yourself in low tier go for it.

Guide Top

DPS Yi Summary

This build is expensive. Not only is it expensive but it requires you NOT to feed and get fed. This build requires skill.

DPS Yi Rating
Survivability: 1/5 be glad it isn't a zero.
Damage Output: 5/5
Spells: 3/5

Guide Top

Working in the team

Last one in, First one out.

Guide Top

Pendragon/LifeSteal Yi

LifeSteal on Yi is pretty much useless UNLESS you have enormous amounts on him. Therefore this build will focus lifesteal + attackspeed + damage/minor crit rate.

Pendragon uses this build. Thought I should mention it.

This is one of the only builds where I will ask you to use Offensive Masteries, 21/0/9.

Guide Top

Pendragon/Lifesteal Yi Pros/Cons

-Surprisingly out DPS anyone.
-Can 1v1 anyone near enemy towers.
-Amazing lifesteal.
-Quick kills, if someone wants to fight you can finish them in like 10 nanoseconds.
-Tower diving is slightly easier due to lifesteal
-You can win battles you though were impossible.
-Tower killer.

-Low crit rate
-Exhaust = dead meat
-Stun = dead meat
-CC in general = dead meat

Also, this is one of the most "balanced" builds in the game. Balanced as in no matter what kind of game(early, mid, late) you should be able to do well.

Guide Top

Pendragon/LifeSteal Yi Skilling

(on top)

Nuff' said.

Farm with Alpha like a beast.

Guide Top

Pendragon/Lifesteal Yi Item Build

Notice I have boots of speed there instead a better boot.
What I really mean is for boots of speed you can either get
A)Ninja Tabi-> A lot of DPS
B)Mercury Treads-> A lot of CC(This is just incase cleanse isn't up.)

Build Order:

Step 1: You get a Long Sword and a Health Potion
Step 2: You get an Avarice Blade at 750 gold.
Step 3: You build your items into a Youmuu's Ghostblade
Step 4: Then get either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
Step 5: Next you get Targon's Brace
Step 6: Then Recurve Bow
Step 7: Then Zeke's Harbinger
Step 8: After that you get Wriggle's Lantern You can choose any recipe item to build into it. I'd get a Vampiric Scepter though.
Step 9: Get 2 Vampiric Scepter
Step 10: Get The Bloodthirster
Step 11: Keep your last Vampiric Scepter, you can change it to a Phantom Dancer or a Executioner's Calling. Get Executioner's Calling only if there's a Health Regen Hog.
Step 12: Optional: If you have Ninja Tabi you can sell it and make it a Phantom Dancer.

Last item should be a tankish item. Maybe a Warmog's Armor, Banshee's Veil, or a Frozen Mallet.

(To get use to this just remember every time you engage and click an attack button on an enemy champion press the active key for the item. Even if you don't have it yet or if it's on cool down. It'll help you get used to it.

Hey man, why no IE

So, I can imagine you guys asking, "Why no Infinity Edge?" Isn't that the best DPS item out there?

Thing is, you can feel free to substitute a item for Infinity Edge. But be warned.
1.You really don't need it.
2.The game usually ends before you get it.
3.If you score a Quadra or Penta kill, the enemy team will automatically surrender 2-5 minutes after.
4.It's not cost/time efficient. With that 4105 gold you can spend it on other items that can help you out early/mid game allowing you to get more kills rather than saving up till later.


Infinity Edge is okay for Yi now since it's price been reduced and got buffed. Get it after you pad 2 Vamp Scepters.

Guide Top

Pendragon/LifeSteal Yi Summary

Core Build is cheap, Full is expensive. But if you get fed it'd be easy to get the money to buy the items. Great team player.

Pendragon/Lifesteal Yi Rating
Survivability: 4/5
Damage Output: 5/5
Spells: 2/5

Overall a great build for lifesteal fans. You can literally sit next to a tower and tank it while fighting a enemy champion and win with like full health again.

You can easily get your life back up by just whacking a couple minions.

This build is also very synergistic because:
You have good lifesteal, decent attack damage, lowish % of Critical rate, and amazing attack speed.

What happens is the more you attack the more chance you Crit using the small percentage. Example: You attack 3 times in a 2 second. You have about 32% Crit rate so during that 2 seconds you can hit 1 crit. Which heals you up enormously. You also continuesly hit regular damage. If you Youmuus while fighting you gain a lot more attack speed dealing faster crits, normal attacks.

All in all this build works very well.

Guide Top

Working in the team with Pendragon/Lifesteal Yi

Charge in after that tank. Find the enemy who is out of position and alone. Focus him. Make sure you heal with life steal. Watch out for stray exhausts/blinds/cc.

Also with this guide after you get an The Bloodthirster you can solo baron in like 30 seconds-40 seconds(It will feel like a minute though). During this time you should tell your team to stay in enemy vision. Also have map awareness even though you're soloing baron. You wouldn't want to be ganked by 5 people.

-Wuju Style whenever possible
-Highlander when you have half HP
-Use the Youmuus.
-Repeat X100 times
-If you have an Anivia on your team tell her to wall you in when you're almost done.
-Once you get baron, run your butt outta there.
-After you get baron tell the enemy team
"So I heard I can solo baron"
"BaronNasher has RageQuit" Charge in after that tank. Find the enemy who is out of position and alone. Focus him. Make sure you heal with life steal. Watch out for stray exhausts/blinds/cc.

Also with this guide after you get an The Bloodthirster you can solo baron in like 30 seconds-40 seconds(It will feel like a minute though). During this time you should tell your team to stay in enemy vision. Also have map awareness even though you're soloing baron. You wouldn't want to be ganked by 5 people.

-Wuju Style whenever possible
-Highlander when you have half HP
-Use the Youmuus.
-Repeat X100 times
-If you have an Anivia on your team tell her to wall you in when you're almost done.
-Once you get baron, run your butt outta there.
-After you get baron tell the enemy team
"So I heard I can solo baron"
"BaronNasher has RageQuit"

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Jungling Yi

Before I move on, I would like to say this build is also for Jungling Yi.

-Keep in mind Yi is not the most effective jungler. If you go Jungling Yi, you'll need a lot more coordination with your team than if you went other junglers.-

Summoner Spells:

I hope you guys already know how to jungle but if you don't, it's okay.
Here's how(Concept first, items later)
Heal/pot/think if you can survive.
Mana Golem( Smite it)
Lizard( Smite it)
Dragon( Smite it)

Repeat x times, this can be your or the enemies jungle.

So, item build wise:

1. Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion
2. Madred's Razors and Vampiric Scepter, it's okay if you cant get both.
3. Boots of Speed
4. Youmuu's Ghostblade
5. Complete your boots.(someone suggested me this, he's on my BL I cant recall the name at the moment, but I'll credit him. Basically he said get Berserker's Greaves and Jungle. Which makes sense, if you're jungling there wont be much CC. And when you start teamfighting get either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.(Sell your Berserker's Greaves)
6. Wriggle's Lantern
7. Zeke's Harbinger
8. Continue the LifeSteal/Pendragon Yi build.

That's basically Jungling Yi right there. Experiment this in a practice game first, so you know what you can and CANNOT handle. Such as when to handle and when to get Mana Golem.

Also, you have to do this as fast as possible.

Also remember a Junglers duty. You have to gank and hold lanes if your teammates back.

Thing's not to do
-At champ select "I'm going Jungling", *You vanish into the jungle, never communicating ever again*
-Not ganking
-Not helping teammates
-Going to slow

Also, Don't jungle for the whole game or Jungle when your team is going to initiate a teamfight. As "Common sense" as this sounds... People do it anyway.


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AP Master Yi

Almost no Master Yi's go AP because only 2 skills really use AP(they have pretty good ratios though ). AP Yi works by you spamming alpha which can deal epic damage. Meditate will also let you survive a lot better.

Very fun style of playing Yi

Expect to do 600+ with Alpha and heal at least 1.5k meditate. Expect to do epic damage with LichBane and Backdoor like a fiend.

If you ever get to a 1k AP milestone, SS and send it to me :)
Scroll bottom for it :D

->Playing AP Yi has alway been a risk due to the chance you may never get a "high" amount of AP. But thanks to Deathcap you have an item that guarantees you significant amount of AP.

(It's okay if you use 9/0/21 for AP Yi)

Guide Top

AP Yi Pros/Cons

-Epic damage with Alpha
-Sorta Hybrid
-Meditate will save you and let you tank towers
-Good team fighter.
-ZhongYa Hourglass
-45 second ult
-6 second alpha
-Endless amount of damage

-****py damage early on.
-Spell reliant
-They stack Magic resist you become half useless.

Guide Top

Skilling order

Well, AP Master Yi is basically Hybrid if you think about it. You will still have pretty decent normal attacks.

Since AP Master Yi relies on Alpha

(look on top)

Get Alpha first.

Why not meditate second?

Because meditate will heal you a lot at level 1 if you have AP so it's all good bro. And you need to dish out damage to get more kills and get fed etc.

Guide Top

AP Items

Notice I have boots of speed there instead a better boot.
What I really mean is for boots of speed you can either get
A)Ninja Tabi-> A lot of DPS
B)Mercury Treads-> A lot of CC(This is just incase cleanse isn't up.)

(on top)


LichBane because that way you could backdoor and deal good melee damage. Mejai to boost AP. Nashor's tooth for AP/AS/CDR/Mana Regen. ZhongYa's ring if you get focused on. It's all good.

Just remember for lichbane

Wuju-Auto attack-Highlander-Autoattack-Alpha-Autoattack.

If you
Wuju Highlander alpha then auto attack. I'll eat you.

I've noticed I forgot add how to build this.

1. Sapphire Crystal, Health Potion Realize, you can also get an Amplifying Tome if you have sufficient Mana Regen in the beginning.
2.You get boots(either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads)
3. Sheen
4. Mejai's Soulstealer
5. Fiendish Codex
6. Nashor's Tooth
7. Rabadon's Deathcap
8. Lich Bane
9. Zhonya's Hourglass

For Mejai, this requires you to get stacks. At 3 stacks mejai pays for itself. I advise you stay back and just get assists until you can easily kill champs. By the time you can get 20 stacks you should be unbeatable.
(People have suggested to get a Guinsoo Rageblade and Hextech if you cant get enough stacks on Mejais. If it works out for you go for it. But just used them to get the stacks on the Mejais. After they've served their purpose move on.)

Also I after fiendish codex, I recommend you grab a golem buff. Late game you'll have the 40% max Cooldown reduction if you get the golem buff.

45 second Highlander
6 Second Alpha Strike

You really shouldn't have MP problems.

Also if the enemy does stack magic resist a Void Staff never hurts.

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T***enix's AP Yi build


Summoner Spells:


Marks are Armor Penetration
Seals are scaling Mana Regen
Glyphs are AP per level
Quints two are flat AP while the other is Armor Pen

Make sure you are the only Mage on your team. And you should have mid.
Doran's Ring

Mejai's Soulstealer+ lvl 1 Boot
Fiendish Codex
lvl 2 boot (I have never had a game where, if I needed a defensive boot, I chose anything other than Merc Treads. If they have no hard cc, then Sorc Treads. I wouldn't bother with anything else)
Finish Nashor's Tooth
build Lich Bane, taking Sheen first, then Blasting Wand], then finish up the last 1350 into Lich Bane.
then Rabadon's Deathcap
then, if they are stacking MR which (even if you're the only AP on the team) they are likely to do because you hit SO hard mid-late game, get Void Staff
If they're utter failures and don't recognize the threat you pose, get Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
If you are consistently unable to keep your stacks, first know that you're doing it wrong. You have the luxury of picking your Alpha Strikes, and remember that AP yi is not a melee... he is a very graceful, flexible caster.
so you have to be on your toes to pick proper harassment opportunities.

Skilling Order:
Level 1: Alpha Strike
Level 2: Meditate
Level 3: Alpha Strike
Level 4: Wuju Style
Level 5: Alpha Strike
Level 6: Highlander8

After this follow a standard skilling order.

It works

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AP Yi Summary

Core Build is cheap, Full is expensive. But if you get fed it'd be easy to get the money to buy the items. Great team player.

AP Yi Rating
Survivability: 2/5
Damage Output: 3/5
Spells: 5/5

Once again, Remember you should always use a skill then attack. Don't spam skills then attack.

Example:(aAttack=Auto Attack)

Also remember to grab Golem buff to MAXIMIZE you're CDR.

AP Yi dominates mid game towards VERY VERY VERY Late game.

With a massive amount of AP get a Lichbane. You can backdoor and own like a fiend. Wuju Style then attack a tower or champion. You'll nuke them SO HARD.

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Working in the Team

Last one in, Alpha Strike and then Melee attack X 100 times give or take.
Penta Kill.

Problem solved.

Use your Highlander and Wuju Style btw to proc your lichbane.

If you're getting focused you can either
A) Meditate
B)ZhongYa HourGlass->Remember you have one. Seriously.
"You have been slain"
*Looks at inventory*
"F*************************** I HAD A ZHONGYAS Hourglass THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME"

Happens man, happens.

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The Final™ Yi

The Final Yi is

I know I know,

Okay anyway after this rage is over.

The Final Yi works out AMAZINGLY. At late game. You just cant die and with global taunt this works out pretty well..

How'd I stumble to this secret art?
I was raging so hard because I had my DPS build and I really had 100% crit rate with 60% dodge and my team was 10-20 kills ahead of the other team. We got all their towers down. YET MY TEAM LOST. You know why? I'll tell you why because all I need is 3 attacks and I died...

That's when I swore, Never again.

I said to myself, I have to make the most unbeatable character in the game. I said I want this to be my signature build. And here it is, The Final Yi. The only Yi you really need to build. He's amazing late game and late mid game. A Unkillable damage dealer. What everyone wants.

Final Yi ftw.

So I decided to go this build. On the side note, even with tank yi you are still a "Master Yi" You still want kills. Apparently if you say "I'm building "tank" yi" Everyones just gonna say "Tanks don't get kills" So I suggest you don't say "tank" rather HP/Final/Awesome/Etc/Warmog/JLiberationArmy Yi .

You'll feel godlike.

Guide Top

The Final Yi Pros/Cons

-You're a freaking tank. You can absorb a ****load of damage. Everyone will laugh and not even focus you anymore.
-You have GREAT AND AMAZING DAMAGE. Just see how it works out.
-Fear nothing. Cleanse Ghost + Highlander = You can get out of anything. I mean it.
You can be getting get stunned by gold card, cryptic gaze, dazzle, slowed under sanguine pool, and shot by Ashe's frost arrow 1 at a time and still survive.
-Meditate makes you take no damage + heals you. What more can you want? Think of it as a recharge when you're running low on steam.
-Backdooring is easy because of great damage and you can tank towers for the love of league of legends.

-Unless you have a stunner on you're lane early game don't bother with this build. It's extremely expensive.
-You need to be fed(Or you must be able to farm properly).
-Without a stunner early game you wont get fed therefore you will lose and have no late game.
-This build is best with at least 1-2 pre-made buddies.

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Chapter 41

Skill Build
Wuju Style is first because you will fail at damage.
Then meditate to max out survivability.

It's recommended you go Alpha Strike first. Don't go Wuju unless you really know what you're doing.

Guide Top

Temporary, Yet still in time Testing, and probably will be the new Tank Yi

So anyway, since Doran's Shield has gotten Nerfed, I think we need a new starting item. I was reminded by the bold commenter WhiteAsuna.

He suggested we can start with rushing a Phage in the beginning. Allowing us to get a Frozen Mallet.

Frozen Mallet+ Boots of Speed+ Atma's Impaler+ Warmog's Armor

This does require more testing though, to make sure the Time Vs Efficiency Vs Time Efficiency Vs Cost Vs Time cost works out.

So far so good though.

Guide Top

Final Yi Items

Notice I have boots of speed there instead a better boot.
What I really mean is for boots of speed you can either get
A)Ninja Tabi-> A lot of DPS
B)Mercury Treads-> A lot of CC(This is just incase cleanse isn't up.)

Keep in mind this builder doesn't include WujuStyle. If you add it, its gets better.
You get +35 if you activate Wuju then you have the 18% crit rate. Zing. And since Yi is a great farmer, farming out warmog is easy. Somehow I think the damage here is less because ingame I normally have 3.5k HP at least with maxed out warmog and i deal 200 damage with Atmas but whatever.
Either way you still have a great 3.4k health.

The last two items are your choice.

You can get another warmog or rylais if you want. I decide to get bloodrazer just because they probably have tank.
You want an IE to get maximum damage, you go Legion to help out teamfights and yourself.

You can't really be called a tank, well sorta. You could initiate and really survive just about anything.

Also if you use meditate you'll be able to reduce like 85% damage taken. Good stuff.

With this build, You will almost NEVER DIE. With Tank Yi. I usually do great even perfect games with 10+ kills. I even managed to get my first Quadra Kill with tank yi. Too bad this noob Taric stole my last kill on their jax.(Yi Main Syndrome.)

Once again, this is a very expensive build but very worth it if you're in those games that just no one can outpush each other. You know the games where theres 2 Heimerdingers and 2 Sorakas.
Tell Riot to make those 2 champs free for a week. See what happens.

**Note from Comments:

Quoted Text:

brockpippen said:
First of all, I like your guide, although I differ on some of the spell progressions, the ideas are all pretty much spot on. I'm curious as to what other items you consider outside of your core for your tank build. I beleive that this is the only viable high level build, especially against organized teams. Would you consider switching out the aegis for a frozen mallet? Or perhaps a banshee's if MR is needed? How about a Guardian's Angel? And I find bloodrazor is fairly situation as well, but the attack speed component definitely makes sense. What other items would you use in its stead?

Well, You can actually mix and match after you finish your core build. You can switch Aegis if you want. I would personally keep it to help my team in teamfights. IF you switch it you'll have to realize Frozen Mallet is pretty expensive, though it will work. If you want a banshee instead that's fine too. I would probably get banshee right after Atma's or Warmog so I don't waste Catalyst's effect since you are building into a banshee. If they have a bloodRazer of heavy Caster team or Veigar in general you can get a Guardian Angel. BloodRazer is situational depending if they have any tankish people on their team.

Once again, after Warmog + Atmas the rest of your items should/could depend on the game. But generally Aegis helps out with HP/Armor/MagicR. HP for Atma. Armor + MR for meditate so you have like 400+ while meditating.

Quoted Text:

Koutak Said:
I think Phantom Dancer would be viable. The attack speed + crit chance would boost your damage (with almost finished Infinity edge I was critting pretty often, and another +30% will make you crit almost every attack), while the dodge chance will nicely boost your defence - almost 70% chance to dodge - AD champions will have a hard time hitting you and 15% movement speed is a nice bonus. I only had lvl 1 boots but I can imagine if I had tabi + this, chasing people with Ghost on CD would be a lot easier.
I think I will try this today, but I'll need a really long game to build this all (I suck at last hitting).

I would add a phantom dancer if the enemy team is mostly DPS.

So basically:
If your team is having trouble in team fights I'd go Aegis.
BloodRazer if the have an annoying tank
Phantom Dancer if they have a lot of DPS
MR if they have epic casters.

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Final Yi Summary

Core Build is expensive. But if you get fed it'd be easy to get the money to buy the items. Great team player.

DPS Yi Rating
Survivability: 10/5
Damage Output: 4/5
Spells: 3/5

Now wait I know what you're thinking.


They have a bloodrazer? NO PROBLEM Grab a Force of Nature and Spirit Visage

You will dominate mid to VERY VERY EPICALLY 200 minute games. You also cannot be capped. Just spam warmogs if you want lulz. Remember with 5000 hp you deal a EXTRA 100 Damage. Add the IE +80 then Wuju = +35/70 + Base damage = WINNNNNNN. ANd with 5k HP you really cant die. Even with a bloodrazer. Just remember, it takes them 15-20 attacks at least to kill you. You can probably out DPS them, (lulz, then stack magic resist for more win)

Guide Top

Working in a Team

Just run in after the tank. And just slaughter. Fear nothing. Focus the person with bloodrazer though. You'll be hitting crits everywhere with decent attack speed and due to Highlander. You can pretty much tower dive anything. INCLUDING SPAWN TURRET LOL. I'll backdoor that one day.

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Catch Phrases

Okay, So you are Master Yi and you just owned someone let me give you some catch phrases so you're uber cool.

You killed:

Warwick(If he/she ran)
-Say: "It's only fun it they run"

Tryndamere(If they use undying rage)
-Say: "The only rage that's truly endless is MY RAGE" or "My rage is the only endless one around here"

Master Yi(Careful on this one, make sure you can faceroll him before you say this)
-Say: "There is only one Highlander" /taunt.

Baron Nasher
-"So I heard I can solo Baron"

-"I throw my hands in the air sometime saying Eh Yo."(Cho Gath dance, he waves his hands up)

-"I've avenged my kinfolk" ->Reference to Lore.

-*If they use her ult to try to escape and STILL die*,"Your ult only delays your death!"


Leblanc(who used her passive but still killed her)
"Do you think you can deceived me for i have seven eyes?"

Ezreal(Who you just owned)
"I belong in a museum, but u belong in a morgue"

From: Audiolol

Malphite: "You got Rocked."

Lee Sin: "Got rice !@#$%? Got rice?"

Brand: "You've been branded with: Property of Yi."

Mordekaiser: "You're a real BOREdekaiser."

Alistar: "I'M GONNA ALPHA YA!"

Master Yi: "Nahmyouringekyoo, Nahmyouringekyoo, Concentrate - Meditate - Greetings from the Golden State. Master Y to the I come and take a walk with me!"

Ashe: "Gotta ketchum all gotta ketchum all!"

Garen: "Spin you right round garen right round!"

Tryndamere: "Both of my arms are a lot stronger than your right arm!"

-Feel free to comment to add more-

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Chasing with Yi is very easy especially with Highlander + Ghost.Just remember when you chase you should always try to have Alpha Strike ready. You should always get ready to press Alpha when you are in range. This way you chase up to them AND you get extra attacks on them.
Here's some tips

-Watch out for the brush, they're your mortal enemy. Seriously, people will run right into a brush and dodge your Alpha Strike even though you casted it. Luckily you don't waste your MP and there is no cool down since you didn't hit the target.
-Always keep your Alpha Strike cursor on the enemy. They may trick you by running in really random directions. Don't let this happen. Be ready to click anytime.
-If they run into the bushes you run in there too. It could be a risky gank but runners usually appears after a teamfight. Once you're in the bush get in range with Alpha Strike and finish them.
-Watch out at your HP and Towers around you. Never a good idea to tank tower hits unless you are Final Yi or Pendragon/LifeSteal Yi.
-If you're chasing and you see a Blitzcrank following you, If you time your Alpha Strike correctly you can Alpha Strike and dodge his grab.
-You're chasing an Anivia:
You can Alpha Strike through walls.
You can Alpha Strike through her ult.
You can catch up with her even after the stun.
-Wallhaxxors, watch out for Shens and Tryn or anyone who can go through walls. They can be pesky. But if you Alpha Strike and they wall hax. You have a chance of following them and go through the wall with them.

Guide Top

Tower Diving

Master Yi is a born TowerDiver. And I personally love tower diving. It makes the game exciting.

For early game Final Yi and Generally DPS and AP Yi.
-When you tower dive be aware of your hp. Make sure it can take a hit or 2.
-Watch your MP when you tower dive.
-Do not tower dive a Shaco, Heimerdinger, or any tanks, unless they have 30 hp or less.
-If your lane mates a healer, make sure he can heal you so you increase your chance of surviving.
Late game wise for DPS an AP Yi
-Make sure you have enough MP to highlander your butt out of the enemy base. This isn't a "must" but it will increase your chances of survival.
-Make sure you have Highlander if they are a "hard to catch enemy".
-Use meditate if you have too. At level 5 it's very useful.

For Final Yi:
-Final Yi goes where he pleases.
-Tower diving is easy no need for real preparation.
-You can tower dive even with 1/4 health.
-You can tower dive past inhib and next to nexus turrets.

Guide Top

How to BackDoor

Okay, Backdooring. If you want to be hated on. Backdoor.

Well, First what NOT to do.
-Do not backdoor when all are MIA.
-Don't backdoor without giving your team a warning.
-Don't backdoor if you know your team "needs" you.

To backdoor:
-Make sure you tell your team to hold off 4v5s.
The basic idea of backdooring is, when you're losing and the enemy is pushing: your team for 4 people can play D very well and wait for your enemy to overextend before they fight your team. You the master yi will be at their tower pushing a lane like no tomorrowing. Taking towers down quick and easy to win.

The enemy of team of course wont just let you backdoor towers. They'll send 1 or maybe 2 people back to get you. When that happens it becomes a 4v4 or 4v3. So your team can easily overcome the enemy. Kill them and you guys push.

This wont always happen but thats your goal.
To backdoor safely tell your team mates what you are doing and which tower you're gonna BD. Also tell them to IMMEDIATELY call MIAs. As the 5 enemies push you should tell your team to call MIA on someone who leaves, so you know you better hurry and destroy that tower.

To backdoor always use Youmuu's and Wuju first while whacking at a tower. If you see enemies converging on your location turn on highlander and quickly destroy it. Remember Highlander is one of your only escaping devices, if you're gonna use it to push down a tower you better have a good escape route

You might want to get Berserker Grieves when you do this.

Guide Top

Items if you're steamrolling

Occasionally, during the week, if you are winning and steamfacingrolling. Remember

Malady Mondays,
Tiamat Tuesday,
Warmog Wednesday,
Thornmail Thursday,
Frozen Heart Friday,
SightWard Saturdays,
Sunfire Sundays,

Just buy these for the lulz. You know. Make people laugh and lighten up the mood in the game.

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Last Words

Guys, Have fun.
Just remember you're either
A)Tower hug
B)Be an aggressive Yi and just get kills everywhere.

K/D matters for Yi. Watch it. Because the more ^&*^*& up your K/D is the more useless you are.

Guide Top

People to Watch out for

Here are people to watch out for Yi: Some strategies to get em, because they're harder to kill.
(This really doesn't apply to final yi)
1. Shen
-Anti-Yi, reasons why Shen's a pain
1)Global save my butt from Yi. If it's early/mid game. His shield is beast and usually saves his "almost" dead team mate. After the amazing save, both Shen and the guy he ults to, focuses you. And you die.
2)Stacking armor, with Feint + Vorpal Blades. He heals every time he hits you. He gets Ki Strike pretty fast due to your attack speed. He blocks out damage, and if he stacks armor you deal nothing.
3)1v1ing him is almost 90% loss. By the time you figure out 1v1ing a Shen is hopeless and you try to run, He'll taunt you. gg.

Finish him last, don't stay to close to him.

-2 turrets now, still dangerous with stun + blind. But that's why you have a cleanse :D

He's pretty squishy though, even though he has a lot of HP due to Rylais or other AP items.

-Here if you're DPS or AP Yi. Typically death spell combo. *grabs*->*Throws you mid air*->*Electrocutes you when you land.*

He's a pain. You really cant do much unless your team gangs up on him. I suggest you hang back, or at least be careful for his grabs.

-You cant get any kills in your lane due to the fact shes healing the enemy champion, which means no getting fed for you.

Focus her and kill her quick in team fights. Don't under estimate here.

-Oh my lawd that shield and epic harassing ability, all I can say is, don't fight morde unless you have no other choice. Hope he doesn't stack armor, and make sure he used his ult. Yi Ghost = Your teams worst nightmare.

-He is your worse enemy lore and game wise. Later on in the game he becomes PRETTY hard to kill and his poisons a complete _______. Honestly this guy has a tendency to fling you to the enemy champions. Stay away from Singed till hes the last one alive. Towards the end of the game, he just doesn't die anymore...

-She's squishy, which is good. But she has a annoying stun with enormous burst damage which is bad. Your best opportunity, wait for Annie to use her spell combo. Then jump in.

8.Cho Gath
-Stacking HP/Armor = your worst nightmare. Also remember the Yi rules. If you want to fight a Cho Gath his ultimate probably up lol... Leave this guy for your team.

-Throws you mid air is the real problem. Final Yi can easily get a thorn mail(you might not even need it). But for DPS and AP, either watch him waste his 3 talon on a ally or be prepared to get thrown up. IF you think you can get thrown up and still own him, be my guest. With lifesteal Yi, you can normally be able to out DPS XinZhao unless hes really fed.

-His ults a pain. But if you have crazy DPS or epic Alpha damage go for it. Just don't tower dive for him. He's pretty dangerous. Also watch out for cleavers. Do not let him farm up warmogs... Or let him take thornmails. Yi = Cheese, Thornmail = hot knife.


Zilean tends to get weaker but he shouldn't be a priority. Just MAKE sure you see WHO Zilean ulted. And make sure you don't focus that person unless you REALLY have too.

-Early game you can feed on him. Late game he should get focused first. He has lifesteal and massive crits. Don't be surprised if you alpha into him and BAM Parley and you see 3/4 of your health dops.

-The easy way to counter him is to get a Sword of the Divine and use it while fighting him.

-His shield will regenerate at the worst time. He's also stacking armor. With that said stay away from Malphites.

-Loaded with Stuns, not even cleanse can help you. Best shot at this guy is with your team or when hes low on health and used his ult already.

-Tanky, has CC, and a Shield. For AP Sion, he'll stun you (-1/4% HP) then pop his Shield (-3/4% hp) gg. DPS Sion with 100% life steal...

-Permanent taunt bro. With armor + thornmail, yeah........... Please... Don't ever try to 1v1 him...

-Just, just, just no. Unless his ults up. If his ults up. PLEASE don't fight him. You'll lose... 6 seconds of whacking you... You might survive with Final Yi, but not with DPS,AP or LS.

-She doesn't look that OP but my suggestion is, for you guys not to engage her if shes REALLY fed. If shes not fed then feel free. Irelias tend to suck compared to Yis. None the less don't under estimate them.


-Oh my god, somehow when you're running away with 3 hp
-You have been slain-

When fighting him, it's recommended you get out of the fear if you want to win a fight against him.

-His burst is deadly, however he's a free kill after he used up all his spells.

23.Nasus + Renekton
-For Nasus,
Not many Nasus do this but if they like stack HP and Armor. You will be virtual useless.
Renekton is just Tanky DPS.

-Once he has his circle up, you're pretty much useless.


Keep in mind these are still "killable" it's just slightly more difficult. But you'll be able to get em late game no heroes doubt.

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Master Yi F.A.Q


Question 1:WHY NO BERSERKER GRIEVES!!!?!?!?!?

A: Okay.
1)25% attack speed means nothing.
2)You're better off with OTHER BOOTS!
-Boots of Swiftness
My friend DuskL first used this item in a game for his choice of boots. Needless to say a Yi with Ghost,Highlander,Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Boots of Swiftness can easily outrun/chase anyone. Compared to Berserker Grieves, which inhibits(Not that much, but still enough) is based on keeping up with the enemy.

-Ninja Tabi
You never get boots for 1 passive. There's 3 present here:
1: Dodge, great for Anti-DPS. Nothings more awesome then you attacking and dealing damage while they miss everyone 12%.
2: Armor, if they don't miss, you take less damage. Nothing wrong with that either.
3: Speed...

-Mercury Treads
1.The 35% off CC is great. You can survive stuns without busting a cleanse. Thus allowing you to use Cleanse in more crucial moments in time.
2.Once again you never get boots for 1 purpose. Mercury Treads adds 25 Magic Resist. This is a great Anti-Karthas ultimate just incase you cant use meditate. I cannot count how many times I've escaped with 10-12 hp after a Karthas ult.

-Berserker Grieves
25% attack speed. YAY...
You get stunned? gg
You cant catch them? gg
You fight a more fed carry?gg

Question 2: Are these builds viables for 3v3?

A: Yeah, maybe not jungling though...(Unless you know how to jungle in TT)

Question 3: Why don't you bring Exhaust since Yi has no CC?

A: Exhaust is meh. It's great sort of. But Cleanse is a better choice because you can just survive better(Which is very important.) Also you really don't need Exhuast, you can 1v1 them easily...

Question 4: Why Ghost?

A: First blood getters. I've gotten countless numbers of FirstBlood with Ghost. I've also escaped from GIVING first blood with ghost.

Question 5: When should I go a ___________ Yi?

A: You make a mistake to solo queue a game after your "friends" abandoned to play a 5 man. As soon as you enter champion select you see:

Situation A:

2 people auto lock DPS.
1 person auto locks a caster.
1 person auto locks a free tank(for the week).
Since the person chose a tank during free week he's probably just trying the tank out. I would suggest you go Tank/Final Yi just as a off tank just in case.

Situation B:

3 people auto lock a caster.
1 auto locks a tank(that's not free that week)
With this said, please don't go AP Yi. And go DPS Yi/tank Yi.

Situation C:

You see 3 DPS champs auto locked
You see 1 tank autolocked
Go AP Yi if not Final.

Situation D:

You see Veigar on the other team. Please don't go AP Yi...

Question 6: How do I know I'm doing good with Yi?

1. You have a good K/D. Remember with Yi Main Syndrome that means everything.
2. You tower dive like a madman and SUCCEED.
3. You can easily own towers and other champions.
4. You get fed.
5. Yi Main Syndrome is scorched into your soul.
6. You get Quadra-Kills with one Alpha Strike.
7. You score a Penta-kill.

Question 7: Why do you play Yi?

A: No Comment.

I'll add more when you ask it.

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Build Your Own YI!

All right, so hopefully you read the whole entire guide, and you realized.

"Hmmm, his builds are a good basis for my own personalized build", "I think this item is better and I should try it and sub out another item [JLiberationArmy] said. "

I have nothing against this :) Feel free to change my builds around and make them the basis for your build!

Things to keep in mind while creating builds:

Time Vs Efficiency Vs Time Efficiency Vs Cost Vs Time cost. ->This applies to games for the more advanced players. You can follow this if you're low Elo, it'll only help you :)

Consider the great item Infinity Edge. It's a great item but should you "rush" it. Take a look at the recipe cost. B. F. Sword Cloak of Agility Pickaxe.

Let's say it's like 5-10 minutes into the game. And you're thinking whether to go straight for the IE. Should you? No you should not. Think about it, first you're gonna have to get the B. F. Sword.

The B. F. Sword cost 1850g. A sizable amount of gold. It adds 50 Damage. That's it. Now at that time in the game a smaller more efficient item might be a better choice.

Then after the B. F. Sword you get the Cloak of Agility. A raw critical rate item. That item is okay. But it's also 880g. Which isn't a lot of gold but still a decent amount. Once again maybe a smaller item would give you better potentialbility(is this a word?) to get fed.

Therefore, getting the IE in the beginning may not be as effiecent as getting smaller items which can help you get more fed faster letting you get the other god tier items faster. Hopefully you guys understand this :/

I tried to explain it the best I can.

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Lul Yi

So you read my whole entire guide or scrolled down to the bottom. But for whatever reason you decide that those Yi's aren't for you, or maybe you just face/steamroll so hard that there's no fun anymore.

So I now introduce Lul Yi.

So you play decent with Yi and you want to have fun now.

Who should play Lul Yi?
-Experienced players
-5 Man premades
-Bored people
-Level 30's smurfing.

Lul Yi focuses on Revive.

With this build I suggest you get the Revive Mastery. You'll need it. Everything else is can be random.

With this your summoner spells are as followed:


Kayle, Zilean, (you), AP Shen, and AP Janna on your team.
Skill Build:

Just remember priorities:

Highlander> Meditate> Alpha Strike> Wuju Style

Feel free to switch Alpha Strike and Wuju Style around depending on you.

Working as a team:

You charge into battle whacking at towers. Champion's do not exist. Only buildings. Smash through all 3 lanes and destroy every tower in your way.

No need to backdoor when you stand right in front of the tower and whoop it's sorry butt.

Now for this to work, you better coordinate with your teammates, here's how the team supposed to help you, bulldoze towers.

Kayle ults( Intervention) you right when you start,
After her ult wears off,Let Janna shield you with Eye Of The Storm(AP Janna has a good ratio with her shield)
After her Shield( Eye Of The Storm) dies let Shen shield you with his Stand United(AP Shen 1:1 ratio win)
After that fails, Janna's Shield( Eye Of The Storm) should be up, let her shield you again.
After that let Zilean use his ult( Chronoshift) on you.

Play him for the lulz.

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User Submitted Accomplishments

This section is for people who want to show off what these Yi builds have done for them. Maybe some "amazing kills" or "epic towerdives" maybe you got a QUADRA-Kill or something. SS it and send it to me via the comments. I'll post the links here!
(This is a new feature so it's empty *sadface*)

Well: I'll start.
(Lifesteal/Pendragon Build)
(Quad kill)
(Penta Kill)

From Leveling
(Quad Kill)

From MikD
(A great score,(Modified Tank Yi))

From esk213

Quoted Text:
Great guide, helped me alot (even in ranked :D)!
Just for your collection:

From Knuckarn

From Wozniewski

From iKool
Quadra Kill in ranked, Jungling Final Yi.

From Chech0
(So beast)

From T***enix

AP Yi, Ownage...

From WhiteAsuna

WhiteAsuna's Friend, he's only level 4 :D

From Ethaneo
Quadrakill with Final Yi
Used Frozen Mallet build

From Hollowtek

From Rinkuzora with his Quadra.

From eRepOzan2k3

From Eshar

From ThePalmtopTiger
1000 AP SIR

From ShadyFace
Quadra Kill

From Raptr121
Quadra Kill

From Hootzel
Great score Final Yi

From Tephi
Backdooring ftw?

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Hi all->Introducing me to League and queueing with me at lower levels.
DuskL->Helped me out with Hi all
Izinski->Caused my Yi Main Syndrome. Thank him.
iMightDCsoon->Always a great dual queue partner.
IgnisRain->Saves the day with a Stand United.
CheeseFactory->Keeps the rage on ingame.
Albaha->Helps out and is becoming a regular on the team.
T***enix->Pointed out somethings I should emphasis on the guide also helped fix some things throughout the guide. Feedback +1.

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Still Adding Random Stuff

Yep Yep.