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Teemo Build Guide by Sovereign Kitten

Top platinum


By Sovereign Kitten | Updated on May 23, 2020
5,859 Votes
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  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo


1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Default Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #12 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Ability Order The Standard

Threats & Synergies

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Ideal Synergies

A very in dept spreadsheet for all match-ups.
● Useful tips on how to deal with them.

● Useful information pertaining to item builds.

● Who you should be primarily focusing, etc.

Runes and their alternatives. Please click one of the runes of your preference for all available choices in subs/shards.


How do I use this guide?

( ᐛ )و Hello there, Scout! Welcome! Welcome to the Intricate Guide to Teemo! I hope that the information provided here aids you with all of the knowledge to properly torment your opponents into submission.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm more than an internet personality, I'm a friend. You can count on me!
Many may know me from my REDDIT handle u/SovereignKitten on the subreddit r/Teemotalk.
I tend to be highly active here, when it comes to discussions related to Teemo.

I am a peak Diamond 4 season 9 Teemo player from [NA] who prefers to play casually on smurfs and norms. I am always looking for ways to improve this guide. I take criticism and ideas, to make this guide easier to follow and to understand for everyone. Be it either, changing runes or adding in a whole new section of information.



If you have any further questions still left to answer about this guide or Teemo or literally anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me with the contact information provided below. You are never bothering me, scout!

I started this guide 3 years ago slowly improving it as new changes arrived, and I am proud to present you with constant updated daily/weekly information that I hope improves your overall success with this cute champion!


+ Amazing ability to poke and harass.
+ He is cute.
+ Girls/Guys will constantly date you.
+ He is swift (Kinda).
+ Has good ward coverage.
+ Is a good decent split-pusher.
+ A perfect ADC counter.
+ Can build into literally anything
+ Good at learning mechanics.
+ Good at learning how to kite.
+ Good at learning to CS properly.
Teemo in general is all about making your opponents hurt. Both mentally and physically. He is basically an effective weapon when used properly. While being both cute and fun in the process.

Honestly, are you having a horrible day? Try hopping into a game, go in an out of a bush and spam laugh. The enemy will receive a "Heh-..." sometimes a "Haha-" nothing is more fun than a cut-laugh. Which I personally find very amusing and quite satisfying when you're trying to taunt an enemy. It always cheers me up!

Go into playing Teemo with a positive attitude!

One of the biggest and only problems with playing Teemo as your main champion or in general just playing him, comes at the price of being bullied and put down by everyone. This includes your Team, your Opponents, hell even Riot Games themselves hate Teemo!

Teemo has always been used as a huge meme and considered a "Troll" pick and overall absolutely "Useless." He may be considered the worst champion, however, if you love something in general don't you want to spend as much time as you can being around the thing you love so much? Regardless of what others opinions are towards it?

A Lover... Food... You get what I'm saying! Teemo is amazing!


- Very susceptible to CC.
- Offers nothing for hard CC.
- A poor team-fighter until late.
- Hard ganked and focused a lot.
- Hard flamed by teammates.
- Not for sensitive minds.
- Can be very stressful.

- Hard to master.
- Item and knowledge reliant.
- Very hard to carry 1v5.
- Can bring out the worst in you.
- Nobody likes Teemo.

It may be hard to carry as a 1v5, but the accomplishment of doing so with proper warding, shrooming, and utilization of passive, is such a good feeling, knowing you single-handedly won with skill alone.

Being TOXIC applies the same results as any other champion, regardless of how mindless and brain-dead those champions may be, face rolling their keyboard in a sea of saliva and Cheetos dust, while breaking their (E) or (R) keys in the process. Where is the fun in this? Where is the skill? What skills do they have?

The results will always be the same, being TOXIC is negative and will cost you the game, ignore it. Focus on yourself. This is a CON all champions and all players in League face on a daily basis. Do not fall victim.

ヾ(‘ – ‘ ) Hey again! It's me, your favorite mascot, Teemo! Hehehaha! Here to get you into shape!
You're better than this! You can do so much better! Come on! I believe in you! So listen up! *Tap-Tap*
If you're feeling like you are making zero progress with this guide and you feel like you're having major problems improving with Teemo while following this guide, then why not stop by and ask about some coaching sessions?

What makes you qualified to Coach?

I do not require payment, or any compensation. However, tips are always appreciated. I just want others to find their way with Teemo and to improve as a result. Players either refuse to, or they often make up excuses like...

"It's always my Team."
"I am better than everyone in this game. I should be higher ELO."
"I have better KDA/CS/Stats than a Challenger Teemo! Shut up!"

Please do not fall into this kind of mindset, you either stop pretending and get better, or keep thinking like the self centered person you are, who probably ends up initiating the toxicity and ultimately trolling your teammates by taking RED or BLUE out of spite of never being ganked. People feed and play poorly, but that's them not you.

If you have been struggling for a while, maybe you've been hard-stuck Gold/Platinum or you just can't get out of Iron 4, I am willing to sit down with you, in my free time to speak with you on a one-one level and understand what you are struggling with, check your replays, watch an entire game and maybe play a game or two with you.

It annoys me, seeing people claim that Teemo can only be played one way, and that pretty much every other rune besides Summon Aery is not viable. I would like to stem this misconception, because this is not true.

So if you're tired of trying on your own to improve, what do you honestly think you have to lose by getting a few extra tips and insight on what you could be doing better and avoiding more often? I'm always available.

You may message me through the contact links above, if you ever think you're ready.

Please do not feel restricted to just following this guide to 100% perfection.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what is to be expected of you when you play as Teemo.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what to build in general against all possible champions.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of where to go, what to do, in general but it itself will not carry you.


You have to be the one to implement your own type of play-style and charm to your builds.

This guide alone will yes, guide you in the right direction, be it with how to counter a champion, or survive a very hard match-up, however, it isn't foolproof. You have to learn this champion yourself with your own hands.

Teemo is not a champion that you can simply pick up, put on a rune and build items and hard-stomp anyone that gets in your way, he actually unlike some champions, requires the knowledge of the game to dominate.

This could be knowledge of Champion match-ups - as in what their abilities do and how to counter them. What objectives do for you and your teammates. Minion control and how controlling a minion wave can severely cripple the opposing team, especially around objectives. Kiting and knowing your strengths and weaknesses before charging head on into a 1v5 spamming your Mastery 2 Teemo into 4 CC champions... Yikes!

I truly hope that the information provided in this guide will help you and provide you with all the knowledge that you need to properly improve yourself to steadily & consistently reach your personal achievements and goals.

Why am I not winning games...?

Personal Settings.

You don't expect to start out weight lifting at 300lbs. You practice and improve steadily. The same rule can be applied while playing League of Legends. Practice. Improve. You'll continue to get better and better.

Which will get you closer and closer to your goals.

Rarely would you be choosing Teleport. This spell is primarily for players who simply would like to do nothing more than split-push and play objectively. You don't do too well flanking enemies in the bot lane, because they can simply destroy you as you appear if your allies simply leave you. You can flank and back door effortlessly with Noxious Trap's especially if you have them shoved to their open nexus while your team grabs Baron Nashor or Drake buffs.
It's a personal pref & you lose kill pressure in lane without Ignite but gain lane pressure.

Sometimes you can be seen taking Ghost. This spell has a few uses more specifically, it's like having two of every other spell, since it's on a low cool-down. This spell allows us to split-push but also gives us the added utility of movement speed, to chase and run away when needed. You can effortlessly roam and flank and even back door sometimes. It's primarily paired up with Press the Attack since it benefits this runes kiting auto attack play-style and on-hit reliance.

Your primary spell will normally be Ignite. It's used everywhere because it's aggressive. It's not worth taking anything other than this spell, because of the extra kill pressure. So if you do feel like you play more passive in lane, a different spell would most likely compliment you.

Some players may enjoy taking Exhaust in some of their games as a form of CC and added utility for when they get ganked and want to escape/kill when they dive you under tower. It will also reduce their damage by 40% allowing you to out-trade them when they extend into you.

Not many players take Barrier because other spells are just better. The only real thing this spell can do for you is (block) damage being dealt to you while standing in a bush an being attacked by enemies, so long as you stay still while the shield remains you can go stealth.

First and foremost, if you are playing Teemo in a solo lane. Your main goal is to take control of that lane, before they hit level 6. This means, being super aggressive when the time calls for it, being mindful of minion aggro and trying to push them out of lane or to get a kill every time they make a minor mistake, like going for that cannon minion and getting hit for 75% of their HP in the process, while also missing because of our Blinding Dart.

Teemo is at his strongest during level 1-5. Once most champions hit level 6, they normally have everything that they need to deal with you. Gap close, CC, Burst. While all we have as Teemo is a Move Quick which isn't really great. If they simply dash an hit us, we lose all passive speed and get ran down easily when caught.

You most likely will get the first blood or a few kills off of your laner in the early game, especially if you are a low-elo player, players here are more willing to make mistakes and allow you to freely snowball because of it, but this is where it becomes extremely important for you to remain ahead throughout the game through CS and levels.

You can do this roughly a few ways. You can utilize your lead to punish them further, while also zoning them from gaining CS while freezing your waves, preventing them from gaining EXP / Gold while building up a large enough wave to crash their tower while you once again utilize your lead to harass them under their tower, even further setting them back through gold with a huge wave to protect you from ganks and them moving forward.

Another way of utilizing your lead would be to do the same as above, but instead of crashing and harassing them, you would be looking to freeze your waves while harassing them out of lane. Once they are backing or dead you would immediately clear the minions as fast as possible, crashing it and then immediately looking for somewhere to roam. Be it MID or BOT for Dragon or simply to grab a 8-10 minute Rift Herald to close faster.

If none of these are options you can always roam the enemies Jungle to steal their RED or BLUE while warding it up giving you even more lead over your laner. Ideally you want to back to base to buy more item when you have control of the minion waves. Crash it and then back to base, otherwise you risk losing so much CS to minions.

These games tend to be very boring. If you are going up against an enemy laner that knows how to deal with you. They understand your threat/respect you, there really isn't much you can do in terms of snowballing. Especially if they play extremely passive during the first few levels, and allow the waves to naturally crash to their tower by giving up a few CS where they can freeze and zone you with their threat of Ghost pressure.

If you and your laner are even, you simply need to control your minion waves much more effectively and not simply push and shove all game. This simply sets them up for an ally to gank and kill you, setting you behind heavily because if you were not able to kill them before, you now have very limited options for what you can do.

Focus on last hitting, and utilizing your poke and harass for when they step forward. That's pretty much all you have to do, respect them when they act a bit more aggressively and punish them for making a minor or major mistake. A form of mistake would be Darius missing his pull allowing for us to play aggressive for a few moments, it's a small window but you get the idea. You're primarily going to be focusing on CS, warding and harassing when they make the mistakes while respecting them when their abilities are up and they are aggro.

So if you have not been capable of taking control of the lane in the early game, you should be once again prioritizing other lanes and your allies. Once you hit level 6, you become a huge asset to your teammates and to yourself if you are effectively utilizing your Noxious Trap and granting them vision of top sides jungle and mid sides fog of war, allowing you to play more strategically into champs who are only now beginning to play more aggressively towards you, now that they have their all in potential after letting you take control earlier.

The biggest thing you could do is to simply not get into this position in the first place, being behind on Teemo is one of the worst things that can happen to you in game. Once again, Teemo has his biggest chance to get a lead while he is level 1-5. If he is killed by level 2 or 3, that's it. You've pretty much already lost this lane in terms of snowballing, so tell yourself to STOP. It's over. Focus on CS, managing waves and simply staying alive while not making the same mistakes over and over and over again, killing is apart of the game, but you getting a kill after being set behind 2 waves of EXP isn't going to change things if the enemy is competent with their laning ability.

Keep the waves frozen, and don't try to help other lanes. You'll just set yourself behind even more and more.

While placing Noxious Trap in the laning phase you must be careful not to toss them dead center in the lane, unless your goal is to waste shrooms immediately and shove lane all game. The reason for this is you will just be wasting them on waves and inadvertently causing your control of the minion waves to turn from whatever you were planning, straight into an immediate fast push. These locations on both sides of the lane are the most common spots to have shrooms placed. They are not often touched by minions besides the ones by the wall near the river which will occasionally get proc'd by that one stray minion. Besides minions these are the most common areas to use for enemy champions who are trying to gank you, as they have to hug the wall for a moment when turning in from the river. The one by the bush will grant you a way of kiting back into your waves while you try to retreat back to your tower. The vice versa is true for them as well. You can set these up to chase them from an angle forcing them to run straight into a shroom you placed, as enemy champions are likely to run straight from your short range Toxic Shot.

The addition of the alcoves has made things a bit more tricky when it comes to dealing with ganks, since enemies can simply come from behind the alcove. Once in position all they have to do is wait for you to step forward enough for them to jump out and stun or CC you. So keeping the bushes warded with Noxious Trap is essential to keeping yourself safe. You yourself can also use these alcoves to kite and protect yourself, but I would advise you not to use it when you're up against champions who can just simply dash over walls. One shroom in the center of each bush and the center of the alcove is good enough, so long as you can see each side of entrances into the alcoves you shouldn't ever get into a position.

You don't really need to go super aggressive with shrooms in the river or bushes. So long as you have a few out in the most commonly auto-pathed locations, like the walls leading into the lane and the river along with the tri-bush. Which is again, a most commonly auto-pathed location when champions are chasing or running away from you. If they or you head back into lane, looking back at the previous Noxious Trap placements, I am sure you can notice where the enemy will be heading towards correct?

If the enemy is constantly placing Control Ward's in the river bush, it's better to place Noxious Trap deeper into the river instead. This guarantees their full duration/vision.

One often ignored Noxious Trap placement is the blast cone section of the jungle. It doesn't matter if you are on the red side or the blue side of the jungle. The enemy can easily use it to quickly get into your lane with very little reaction time from you. This is the most prefered section of the jungle for Zac and Kayn to gank you from. So simply keeping it warded will give you some much added protection and vision on them while you bait them out for your teammates to do things across the map. The shroom by the vision plant can be used to grant your team awareness of the enemy junglers position whilst he is clearing through Blue.

Here we have some specific tricks for vision wards.
Along the top side wall is a small patch of blue flowers. If you step on them and look in towards the wall you will notice that in between the trees there is a stone slab cliff. If you position your mouse over the edge of your vision ward range angled towards the river, you can actually place and bounce the ward further than you actually are capable of. You have to lock your camera to be accurate 99% of the time. The reason for this is because you can't place wards inside of terrain. The game looks for the nearest exit which in this case would be the river bush nearby to bounce to.

The same thing can be applied to the tri-bush. Inside the big tree there are a bunch of eggs nested within. If we place our ward on the edge of the tree stump just below the right side of the intact egg, the ward will jump over the wall and land in the corner of the bush. This can really help because the enemy will not be able to see you in this position, since the wall is blocking their vision if they are hiding in the bush. If you place it in the bush, you are forced to go closer which will make you visible to them and their gap close abilities, if they have them (Lee, Elise etc)

The most difficult vision trick while playing Teemo support would be the one being placed over the river wall into the tri-bush. This can be done by looking into the river where you can notice a small light blue patch going into the wall. You stand just above this and sink into the wall and look ahead over the wall. There are two pebbles positioned beneath the tree. It can take a lot of effort to get it right but simply put... you place your ward just to the right and below the bottom of the two pebble and it should spawn inside the tri-bush, it's not often used due to it's high failure rate and slight time sink, but it's useful to know.

I am unsure if it was intentional from Riot to change the interaction with Teleport and Guerrilla Warfare but if you ever find yourself wanting to have some fun, playing with your opponents mind. You teleport while stealth.

Who knows, you might find yourself being constantly destroyed and ganked in your current elo, an feel like you could do much more in terms of wasting their time for your allies to acquire dragons and objectives. It's basically an added escape in the right situations where there is no CC that can pull you from stealth. It works both in bushes and in the open, so not bush exclusive.

Even when you are at the top of your game, you will always run into some problems. Problems you might not be effectively able to deal with on your own. It might be ganks, your team or mana. Overall the message I am trying to spread is to keep your head up and keep looking for ways to improve yourself to do better next time.

This is something you need to understand. Teemo is a very easily ganked champion from levels 1-5, because there is no threat of shrooms and in most cases we don't even have out Move Quick or Boots of Speed. It doesn't help if all you do is shove to tower all game. If they can put you out the second you hit the lane at level 1-2 they can easily shut you out of the game entirely if they are somewhat competent in their ability to play the game. It's all about not losing to this by simply becoming more wary of these instances and your surroundings.

There are plenty of ways to prevent losing to the ganks. There are plenty of benefits to being the prime focus of ganks especially when it's the enemy jungler. Placing down a Warding Totem at the right time. Utilizing bushes and Guerrilla Warfare to waste time while allies grab objectives elsewhere an put pressure. In the end you may have died, but you wasted 2 or more minutes of two players time which is a huge set back if they don't kill you and simply walk away. You should trive on being ganked, you should expect to be the prime focus. If you're not? Go in on them hard and get the job top side done, so you can assist elsewhere to close out games.

League isn't an easy game to master. It takes the ability to multitask consistently to maximize your macro and micro management. You need to be focusing on everything, even if it is hard to do so. You need to practice to get to the point where you can do it well. This can be simply looking at your mini-map while you're waiting to poke the enemy or simply to last hit your CS. Pinging when you see something in the quick glance to alert your allies. You might notice you have 0% vision and decide you should shove the lane to roam a bit to remedy that.

If you don't try and improve yourself. You will ultimately always fall victim to Tunnel Vision. The act of repressing everything around you most prevalent while focusing entirely on killing champions an nothing else. You must avoid this by forcing yourself out of that mindset or you'll simply never improve and always make this fatal mistake.

I get it. You feel empowered. You're 20/0 and boy you're out for blood and nothing can stop you! However...
You'll lose sense of time, your surroundings will disappear among all things until it is too late and you simply get caught out over an over again. Killing is a part of the game, but don't let it consume you. Going 20/20/0 with 1 objective taken is nothing compared to going 0/0/20 with 10 solo objectives if all you're doing is trading deaths.

A lot of players namely new players or players who simply have not grasped the understanding surrounding minions, kill everything quickly and never try to utilize minions to their benefit against their enemies.

Is used to apply pressure to the enemy, set up kills, set up dives, set up sieges and prevent yourself being killed by the enemy due to our minions being larger. It's amazing to have them turn and fight to defend us especially while in passive since they can still aggro to defend us so, long as they are near us and the enemy can use some form of ability to damage us. It adds a layer of defense & pressure, which causes you to get ganked more often, which is what you want, you want your allies to acquire Drake or allow minions to lower their HP enough to simply turn and fight or get help to kill both.

Is mostly used when you want to put pressure on an enemy. They may have roamed or backed to base due to poke without Teleport. So you'd want to fast push to prevent them from acquiring a vast amount of EXP upon return. The tower can help clear them out, primarily cannon and melee minions are the most valuable. You'd want to return to base after having crashed your wave to retain as many of their minions as possible, so that upon return to the lane minions would be switched around into your favor due to their waves being larger and slow-pushing, so long as you last hit.

Is mostly useful for champions without killing or zoning pressure against you especially with no wave control. You become safe under the veil of your tower & can harass freely as they try to CS. While making sure to thin out minions/keep them alive long enough for your next wave to freeze them in case your tower messes it all up. So long as they have 4 minions alive more than your minions. It will remain a freeze until you shove it back out, otherwise by default it will force your minions to grow in size an keep growing on your side of the lane uncontrollably forcing a slow-push. If the enemy is allowed to freeze his lane against you. You're going to have a very hard time. Most notably champions with pressure running/zoning you down.

If the enemy has stuck you in a Freeze while permanently zoning you, you can't do anything, the only thing that you can do is ask politely for your jungler to help break free. Primarily champions who can run you down easily.

Is very simple. You are zoning the enemy away significantly. Preventing them from obtaining any CS and cutting them off from gaining EXP. If you can get in between them and their minions. If they try to move forward to grab the CS you back off while punishing them from range for making that mistake. Which causes them to back to base, allowing you to crash the wave further preventing EXP and CS while they walk back if they do not have Teleport. This can cripple any top laner.

The video references are a work in progress, takes a lot of time to get them together. I apologize about the wait.

The primary use of maxing your (Q) first is to deal more burst damage. This could be from a build like Electrocute or Dark Harvest coupled with Luden's Echo. This ability will deal a tremendous amount of damage later in the game if built properly. Otherwise, we would simply start with this ability to prevent early game cheese, and max our (E) instead, helping us early.

You would never start nor max your (W) first. This ability would only serve you well with 2 points in it early game, once you have acquired boots. You can, however, max it out second if you are playing a purely on-hit build reliant on kiting and (E) damage alone, especially if you were building a more AD variant like Blade of the Ruined King. Basically it's not worth to max your (W) if you're playing a full AP build, you should always be maxing (E) and (Q) first respectfully.

We would normally be maxing Toxic Shot almost every game, due to it being our primary way of dealing damage effectively. Because the higher it is, the better we CS and deal damage to enemy champions on-hit and over time. Basically play a practice tool game without putting a single point in (E) and try to CS after putting one into it. You'll understand the significance.

I am sure you have noticed by now, but by level 4. You will always have 2 points in (E) and one in the others.

I would consider Teemo to be a very unique champion compared to pretty much every other champion in League.
Teemo is an honest champion, he doesn't have the amount of **** in his kit to make up for the lack of player skill.
The Player controlling Teemo has to actually be able to kite just using his/her own micro/macro to succeed well.

If you are going in with Teemo expecting the easiest experience in all roles going from Iron to Diamond overnight please don't expect something like this to happen so quickly. The misconception people have is that he is a very easy champion to climb with. But in truth it is very difficult to climb if you simply do no wish to take the game seriously to improves on all of your flaws and weaknesses. Teemo requires a lot of knowledge to play well. He isn't as simple as playing Veigar nor is he similar to Karthus there isn't anything brain dead about him.

Teemo is diverse he can built into practically anything you put on him. He isn't held down to full AP alone, but just because you can, doesn't always mean you should. Proper itemization of the game to meet what is needed at the time is a whole can really save you the headache of making a silly fatal mistake and winning games.

Guerrilla Warfare is honestly the bread and butter of his kit, and is what makes a Teemo so annoying and fun. Very little is actually spoken of this ability and it's powerful passive to new players, because RIOT doesn't explain it in the champion menu in game. So for this reason I will go in depth on the ability and many ways to utilize it.

If you stand still for 1.5 seconds you will enter stealth. While in stealth enemy champions can not see you, hear you or damage you unless they have specific skill-shots that can strike you without targeting you. Control Ward's will not reveal you. The only thing that can reveal us is a hard CC displacement. If Teemo is standing or moving through a bush, the count down for stealth will begin upon entering. This can really save your *** while running away from a gank or champion while travelling through a bush. You can also Flash between bushes an remain stealth. Utilizing bushes to move avoid poke and enter stealth is very useful.

A lot of champions with abilities that let them see enemy targets far away, can not reveal you while under the effects of his passive. Quinn and her Heightened Senses for example. Champions like Lee Sin can reveal you with his gap close Sonic Wave and then Dragon's Rage you out of stealth entirely, however, he loses sight of you the second he re-activates his Sonic Wave so if you were under a tower and capable of going stealth before he hit you with it. He wouldn't be able to harm you after the tower dive, forcing him to back off. There are other champions who also behave like this, but Lee Sin is the most easily countered by it.

Once Teemo exit's Guerrilla Warfare by any means, he will activate the second ability within. When Teemo breaks stealth, he gains the Element of Surprise for 3 seconds, granting him... 20 / 40 / 60 / 80% bonus attack speed based on level. Utilizing this ability in the laning phase early game is extremely important. Especially if you are not building into items that keep his attack speed up. Performing auto attack actions much more reliably when trying to transition from CS to poke, and poke to CS against your enemy. It's best used while moving around in a bush, as added protection from ganks and targeted skills/abilities.

Blinding Dart is what will really makes people tilt. Watching his opponents writhe in pain wishing for their lives to come to a halt. It's also the main factor that will make people rage quit and never come back hehehaha!

Blinding Dart has a set duration of 1.5 to 2.5 seconds based on level. This ability has a long range, great for safely poking from a long distance and will cause a lot of burst damage. It can also prevent anyone who is a basic attacking champion to miss for the set duration. However, you would never want to just simply spam this ability willy nilly as it will drastically drain your mana. It's a great offense, but also an amazing defense, especially against champions that like to cheese you level 1 like Tryndamere and Wukong.

While enemy champions are under the effect of our annoying Blinding Dart, their abilities that empower their basic auto attacks with fail to connect or deal damage. This can be a absolute life saver in the late game against certain late game scaling monsters like Jax or Master Yi if you ended up in a position where you were going to be killed. Basically you can blind them and go press (S) to stand still and not react while they try to kill us as we enter stealth. It doesn't always work, especially if they have an item like Tiamat and activate it while blinded, or use their (Q)'s which will prevent us.

Blinding Dart as stated previously will prevent enemy champions from dealing empowered auto attack damage to us. But this will also prevent enemy champions from causing status effects on us, primarily stuns/silence/slows/specific forms of CC. The champions in question are mostly going to be your opponents who are playing things like...
Garen, Darius, Udyr, Skarner, Twisted Fate, Renekton & Leona with their empowered auto attack stuns or Blitzcrank's empowered knockup after his hook.

There really isn't much to talk about with Teemo and his simple Move Quick. It's just as the name suggests. He gains passive movement speed as you put points into it. It's very lack luster and one of the more pathetic skills in his kit, comparing back to his glory days. Once you take damage from any source (aside from minions) you will lose all bonus movement speed. So the idea is to never get caught in the first place. You can activate the ability to gain a bonus in movement speed double of what the passive is. It takes 5 seconds to restore our passive once damaged by a source.

Passive: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26%.
Activated: 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52%.

Toxic Shot is where all the fun happens. The more you max this ability, the more damage you do over time and on-hit to minions and to enemy champions. It also has great synergy and interactions with all runes.

If Teemo strikes an enemy champion or minion they will become poisoned for 4 seconds. This is reset with each consecutive auto attack. You can poison multiple targets so long as you keep switching between them. Toxic Shot is considered and "on-hit" applied effect, so acquiring an item like Runaan's Hurricane will also apply the on-hit damage and the poison which is amazing for split pushing as it's better clear speed than having to waste Noxious Trap's which could be utilized as vision/escape, while doing so.

Going back to what I mentioned before. Teemo has really good synergy with many of his core runes. The reason for this is due to the duration of his poison. Put simply. If you auto attack an enemy champion with any of the activation runes like Electrocute, you can extend their activation effect. So instead of having to constantly attack to activate it, all you have to do is make sure you poke every 3 seconds on the dot to slowly activate it or prolong it to plan out your activation.

One of the biggest mistakes new players make while playing Teemo is diving enemy champions preemptively under tower while Toxic Shot is still active. It may be to kill an enemy champion or to get a plating. But you need to be aware an be sure to back off for 4 seconds before attempting this, otherwise it could have been a factor into your own demise.

Noxious Trap's primary use is map control. It's designed to last for 5 whole minutes which is a very long time when properly placed in ideal locations, especially if the enemies do no clear them out effectively around objectives like Baron/Dragon. Warding Totem's will 2.5 last minutes, but are on a huge cool down.

While in the laning phase, really what you're looking for is placements that will slow the enemies advances towards you, while avoiding minions. Unexpected placed shrooms are usually the best, allowing you to lure your opponents towards them, positioning yourself at an angle so they run in that direction instead of straight ahead. It's both used as a defense as well as and offense so long as you kite them.

One of the most powerful assets to Teemo is his ability to infinitely bounce his shrooms. This can be done across the map late game if you just so happen to have enough mana and a preset section to bounce off of to make some objective plays which could even net you Baron Nashor or Drake Quite possibly even lower the enemies HP enough for your team mates to make a play or to get them to back off entirely.

One thing many Teemo players do subconsciously is utilize their Noxious Trap's to shove waves as quickly as possible. While this is okay to do, you never want to simply do it all game. It's a bad habit. Always be sure to keep 1 or 2 shrooms on you at all times and to always get rid of shrooms when you have the maximum you can carry. If you just killed your opponent it's absolutely important to crash your wave and make them miss as much of the waves as possible especially if you do not have Teleport to make it back in time. This can severely put them behind on EXP.

Chilling Smite makes ganking lanes much easier. Since we do not have any innate ability to slow or lock enemy champions down, besides our Noxious Trap which is easy to avoid when placed down. You could take Challenging Smite but you would again be losing your only real ability to apply CC while you are ganking their lane, unless everyone on your team has CC.

Playing Teemo in the jungle can be rather difficult. You need to be at the top of your game. Understand how to track your opponents clears and where they are most likely going to show up, to either match them and help your teammates out, or simply take objectives elsewhere. If you spend too much time ganking and not enough time farming in between you will quickly notice you are 2-3 levels behind finding it impossible to catch up. Catch up EXP was removed so if you stop or get invaded you will be very starved for EXP which is already scarce.

Before you even start with your clear, you might want to consider taking Ghost poro if you do by chance decide to play Electrocute or Dark Harvest and return with a sweeper to grant yourself early game damage and the ability to know if you have just been invaded or to clear vision more early on, it's really up to you.

When playing Teemo in the Jungle, you're always going to be wanting to start on your red side. The reason for this is due to the fact of how squishy we are as Teemo. We can kite and blind a lot of the damage from early camp clears. But red buff will grant us a lot of passive HP regeneration and damage allowing for us to clear just a tiny bit faster to stay healthy for ganks and possible invades. However, if you do get invaded and they won't leave, just give it up and start Blue or if you're feeling ballsy try and steal their red side.

Straight after killing Red buff you want to head right over to your Blue and take it out, while also keeping in mind you could possibly get ganked and lose your life, or your camps. Remember to ward over the wall and ping. You want to continue kiting the camps around to reduce the amount of damage taken. Once you have slain this camp, move over to the greater murk wolf camp.

It's quite easy to deal with the Wolves. Simply kite and kill the smaller of the three. They will deal significantly less damage than Gromp at this stage while kiting, where as Gromp will straight up reduce your health below 40% without smite. Once you finish, move on to Gromp keeping tabs on where the enemy jungler has been seen or could possibly pop out.

First and foremost Teemo can not Blinding Dart the first two attacks that gromp sends our way. These are considered empowered magic damage abilities, this was changed a while back when the jungle was reworked. Do not complain about this. This is simply the mechanic. So wait for the first two attacks and then blind the rest. You can kite him a little distance but doing so delays his attacks which again will allow your poison to deal damage while you mitigate and avoid any additional and unnecessary damage. Once you've completed gromp , look for a possible gank. Top side is a good choice by using the blast cone as Rift Scuttler will be spawning shortly so you will definitely want to be on top of it, but by this time most enemy junglers have finished Ancient Krug and are heading either mid or Top. So try your best to counter gank.

Rift Scuttler is a very crucial objective for you and your team, not only does it offer a lot of vision of the river, it also offers a lot of EXP and gold and movement speed through the ring it spawns which can really save you later in a fight or if you get caught out. If you let the enemy take both, you'll be set back a very large amount. Thankfully while playing as Teemo we can safely "glitch" scuttle into the wall of the Baron Nashor or Drake effectively making it stop moving all together while we zone the enemy from trying to capture it. While being close to top/bot side for help.

Once you eventually back to base and head back into your jungle. You're going to want to run over to your Ancient Krug and kill them. The same thing applies to Ancient Krug as it does to all other camps. You never want to stand still and fight, you want to kite and move out of their way as to not take a lot of damage. Utilizing your Toxic Shot to blind and run pass the large one.

Crimson Raptor can only be done fully at level 4 and onward, or earlier if you are capable of getting an assist or kill granting you the sustain to stay healthy enough by attacking each individual raptor while kiting and smiting the larger raptor. You would normally be taking this camp right after Ancient Krug which would be level level 4-5 if you have not been preoccupied.

It's not easy to tell you what you should be doing after the first clear because every game is different, your allies might all be shoved into the enemies towers, and there may be nothing you can do for the early game but wait until they get pushed back out. So with this in mind, you need to really just think about the situation you are in currently and adapt to that game. If allies are shoved under tower, get some ganks in especially if you have been tracking the enemy jungler and know he is going to be there. If they are all shoved in, invade a bit and farm, understanding the enemy jungle's pathing can benefit you greatly, because it allows you to stop them from attempting to get a kill and helping their allies snowball in return. Otherwise the jungle may not be for you.

There isn't any "better" or "best" rune to choose from. It is all based on personal preference. Some people really like playing one form, as opposed to others who prefer another. Electrocute and Grasp of the Undying are good examples one is for bursting, the other is to survive burst. Both can still build straight into damage, but one is more beneficial with that, where the other can still burst, but while staying alive with little risk of being burst in return. Regardless of what your friends or "coaches" tell you, Teemo is extremely versatile and can play pretty much anything, and isn't restricted to sticking with one single rune or build. There are plenty of Diamond, Master and Challenger Teemo players who run more than one rune page with good success, but they tend to be core.

Certain Teemo players can stomp anyone regardless of which runes they choose, but others, especially new players, may have a very hard time with someone like Darius, Irelia, or even a Tryndamere. This is where switching their runes around can become extremely resourceful. Teemo is not restricted to playing one specific way. He isn't Veigar there is nothing in his KIT forcing or restricting him from going straight AD or TANK. It's not as effective as AP in the long run, since he does scale massively with AP, but it is still an option.

Gathering Storm is an amazing late game rune, but that is just that. It's only use is late game. If you constantly play games that last 30-40-50-60 minutes. You're going to get the most out of your games by taking this rune and maxing out your AP with items that scale well, like Rabadon's Deathcap which will decimate our enemies.

Scorch on the other hand, is all about that early game. So from minute 1-19 is where you get the benefit. Once you hit minute 20 and onwards the use of this rune is less effective than Gathering Storm since Scorch is all about the laning phase if you do have some troubles keeping them low HP, especially while stacking Dark Harvest.

Nullifying Orb isn't a mandatory rune, but it can be used in very hard AP burst match-ups where you might have opted into taking Sorcery and Resolve to poke and mitigate damage. Besides this rune selection Manaflow Band is the much preferred sub rune in this section.

Manaflow Band is great for us now that we don't have to spam Blinding Dart to get a stack for the mana regeneration later in the game, It's quite simple now. All we have to do is land our Toxic Shot through poke and we automatically get a stack for free. This rune helps us manage our mana late game especially with a game where we have multiple clouds.

Absolute Focus is a great rune to increase your overall damage all throughout the early game so long as you keep your HP above 70%. This can really help you with the ability to last hit minions, and to simply deal a lot more damage to the enemy champion who can't really touch you primarily because of them being melee champions with no gap close or cc.

Transcendence is a great rune for support, since we lost our 10% CDR with the changes to the support items, we can no longer get an early game 40% CDR once we have purchased Luden's Echo or Nashor's Tooth. Unless you are fine with having to build 2-3 items to get your needed 40% CDR, you should take this rune and ask for a Blue Buff to reach 40%. Ultimately the extra damage you get from over-capping is useless and very minuscule.

Celerity used to be a really good rune back when it granted us extra AP based on how much bonus movement speed we had. Nowadays it's pretty much only ever taken on a Press the Attack build all about kiting and running people down. Ultimately Absolute Focus is the better choice of the two, unless you can't keep your HP above 70%, and feel like the bonus movement speed might you out more. Then by all means take this sub rune.

Cheap Shot is all about dealing extra true damage, which can't be mitigated with magic resistance or armor. It is the go to rune of choice when it comes to dealing damage. You can activate it automatically with Noxious Trap along with Blinding Dart so long as you have them poisoned beforehand it will automatically apply otherwise an auto attack will too.

Taste of Blood is all about granting you a little bit more sustain especially for those quick trades with ranged champions, or if you feel more comfortable knowing you can stay in lane longer by playing around the 20 second duration, which is good played together with a rune like Electrocute which is on a 25 second CD early game. It's a small heal, but useful.

Ravenous Hunter is pretty essential on most every Teemo build, just because we have no innate ability to heal, we have pretty much always in past seasons before season 7 utilized Hextech Gunblade to make up for our lack of sustain, but nowadays it's pretty much a no brainer most people would prefer to save the 3400 gold and get the free sustain rune. Without this rune we have no sustain period and need something to compensate for it.

Ultimate Hunter is a personal preference for Dark Harvest only, since it is all about the late game and dealing tremendous damage with one shroom alone, if you manage to get a Cloud Drake or 4, you will literally be incapable of keeping up with your 4.25 second cool down Noxious Trap's and this is usually overkill as you do lose out on precious sustain, if you don't plan on purchasing a Hextech Gunblade. You do acquire map control in return.

Eyeball Collection is a rune that requires you to get kills to stack it. So if you are not getting kills or assists, you're essentially wasting this runes potential, in which case a rune like Ghost Poro would be better suited for your play style since it stacks consistently.

Ghost Poro just like Eyeball Collection grants the exact same amount of damage, but this time around you don't have to get kills to get a stack, you simply place a ward down, it lasts the entire duration and spawns a ghost poro which grants you some extra vision and a warning ping if an enemy champion steps over it. It is often the go to rune since you can really take advantage of that early game vision an early game +2 AP before the game starts.

Presence of Mind is an great rune that compliments Dark Harvest builds more so than any other rune, since it grants you 20% mana on kill and a maximum of 500 bonus mana when fully stacked, which when added with Luden's Echo grants us a whopping 1000 mana which would be roughly 300-400 mana restored on kills. Which would really help in those games where you take Ultimate Hunter and end up getting 2 or 4 cloud drake. Because it's impossible to manage 6 or 4 second shrooms without a large pool of mana. You do need to get kills or assists to actually benefit from the rune just like Eyeball Collection.

Triumph is a sustain rune. It's best utilized while tower diving or getting a kill on an enemy champion while being ganked restoring your health enough to effectively trade and possibly kill the other champion or escape. You do not need to kill the enemy, so long as you get an assist, you will be granted the sustain, which could have come from across the map on a random shroom you had placed around an objective that you completely forgot about.

Legend: Alacrity is usually the only rune in this section of the precision tree that you would take, Teemo has a relatively low attack speed, all throughout the game, and this rune coupled with items like Nashor's Tooth will making kiting much more smooth allowing you to poke more in between kiting and to CS much more efficiently if you do struggle with it.

Legend: Tenacity isn't taken really at all, it's pretty much a personal preference type of thing, some people like having the extra tenacity against champions with a lot of CC which can be good when playing against a lot of CC and AP champions, granting extra tenacity through Mercury's Treads but ultimately players still prefer to take Legend: Alacrity over the other two runes in this section for obvious reasons. It's better and helps Teemo.

Coup de Grace will grant us 8% extra damage to enemies that fall below 40% HP, It's amazing with Dark Harvest and Electrocute because of both of these runes being all about bursting and keeping enemies low on HP, for when the rune comes back off cool-down.

Cut Down will grant us 5%-15% extra damage to champions with more HP than you and is great against tanks, however, you often will only see this in a specific rune build that uses Press the Attack when you're going up against 2 or more HP tank champions, like if you were faced up against Cho'Gath, Nasus, Sion or Zac who tank late game.

Last Stand will grant us 5%-11% extra damage based on how low our HP is. We grant the maximum once we fall below 30%. This is often a rune selection for people who like playing Grasp of the Undying with a more damage sub rune selection, instead of Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter mostly seen against champions like Vladimir and Riven who can be avoided but poked relatively well without taking too much damage in return.

Conditioning is more or less for a game where you feel you want to be a tad bit more tanky than usual. Normally with Grasp of the Undying where it can grant us extra MR and AR past 10 minutes. Especially if you end up getting 2 or 4 earth drakes and at least one MR and AR item to compliment the stacks increasing one of our resistances well past 200 while the other hovers around 140-150 based on which boots we decided to choose earlier on in the game. It doesn't offer anything early like Bone Plating which is preferred over it.

Bone Plating can really help us out, in those tough all in champion match-ups. If you find yourself having problems and taking too much damage from certain champions you can opt into taking this rune, because of the ability to mitigate and protect you from a small amount of damage. It, however, is on a rather long cool down of 45 seconds so you'd need to plan it.

Overgrowth as a rune this is the only other rune you would be able to take in the resolve tree, unless you really wanted to take Demolish but the extra HP can really save your *** especially in those burst AP/AD match-ups. It has great synergy paired with Electrocute.

When it comes to rune shards, it's all about personal preference. Some people prefer the default 10%/AP/AR or MR. Some people prefer AP/AP/AR or MR. Others prefer something different. It does make a difference how you end up doing in the laning phase. That extra AP can really help you last hit and deal damage. Mix things up, try something new. You might just find something new that helps you out massively!

Grasp of the Undying is a defensive, sustain oriented rune which allows you survive/stay in your lane longer. It will prevent the enemy in most cases from getting any kill pressure on you, so long as you constantly utilize the rune while also utilizing your ability to control minions to keep it on your side of the lane, or dead center.

This rune and it's subs are designed to help mitigate and heal most all damage taken from champions that trade very often, and raise your HP steadily. This rune is usually a good choice against many champions, but not everyone. Some champions you just need the damage or the poke, which this rune does not provide much of if you can't touch them. Champions like Ryze due to the fact that his range and stun out-range your ability to CS or really poke at all with your short ranged Toxic Shot. This build is normally taken against matchups that like to burst us like Riven or a Wukong sometimes a Vladimir even Renekton's all in burst.

I can not recommend this build into champions you have no hope of trading with in the first place, an example of these champions would be Anivia, Ryze & Azir really anyone with massive range and who can simply zone you very effortlessly. You can easily get a grasp proc by auto attacking a minion, waiting a few seconds, then attacking the enemy champion shortly after. Since you have 4 seconds of poison, you only need to wait 3 seconds and then hit the final second on an enemy champion and get 3 HP for free and a small heal while also refreshing the duration for the next full stack, since our poison duration is 4 seconds we simply play the duration.

This build is based around high health and moderate sustain, making you harder to kill with the added mitigation with Bone Plating from assassins and burst. Your damage does not suffer unless you end up taking actual tank items. I would suggest not doing this, as damage is important for Teemo, however, if your teammates are extremely fed and you wanna front line for them, by all means try something fun and new! You might just find a new playstyle. But for the most part, you're going to be building into HP/AP items that benefit us like:
Morellonomicon Liandry's Torment Spirit Visage Rod of Ages Warmog's Armor.

Summon Aery is an offensive rune in which you can relentlessly poke out your opponent while also focusing on CS, your (E) Toxic Shot compliments this rune greatly, as the damage over time will allow you to reset her, sending her flying in the enemies face once more, unlike damage this will not draw the aggro of minions nearby.

Keep this in mind as this is most effective when you run towards the enemy, as you have to meet her half way in order to take full control over this advantage. Simple things like the enemy hiding in a bush, make this useful.

This rune allows you to constantly poke them simply by utilizing her ability to fly out and strike. You would by default grab the Manaflow Band and late game scaling rune Gathering Storm with Absolute Focus due to the nature of this build you are capable of retaining your late game scaling damage, otherwise if you feel you want to go for a more early game domination, Scorch will do more for your games that last 20-25 minutes.

You can gain either more sustain with the handy Taste of Blood secondary rune or the extra true damage with the Cheap Shot rune to give yourself more of an edge against champions who have no ability to get in close to trade or to take less damage and heal back in an even trade if you do decide on taking the first rune option.

I would advise you to never go for bush plays or rather keep them to a minimum. The reason is pretty simple if you have a Noxious Trap anywhere near you, and an enemy is nearby Summon Aery will fly out and hop, skip and jump right back to your very location which can give you away in an instant. A good player will notice this and run you down so long as they can actually damage you or pull you out of stealth. A less than knowledgeable player will just ignore you, so be sure to keep your eyes on how you’re utilizing her ability.

Press the Attack is the best rune period for countering top lane tanks and bruisers that do or don't build the Teemo counter item Adaptive Helm or playing as a split-push Teemo. The biggest benefit of this rune is the ability to freely max out your Move Quick or Blinding Dart based on the situation you are in since we are going to be Toxic Shot reliant. If we need more movement to kite things like Garen, Olaf & Ornn we can, because it isn't going to dwarf our damage in the slightest, just help us stay mobile and avoid them entirely.

Normally this is a rune used in our main split-push build. It is impossible to justify choosing any of the other precision runes at this current moment in time for any purpose as Hail of Blades is superior to the precision rune Lethal Tempo and the others are relatively useless to us now, because we can't fully utilize it or previous synergies have been removed like Fleet Footwork and Celerity's movement speed AP/AD scaling split-push.

I would also like to mention that it really does matter what type of champions you take this rune into, it will not be good against champions you can not kite period. Champions with a lot of gap close and burst especially CC. So please at the very least try to keep this rune for the purpose of kiting champions, melting tanks and splitting. Sadly because of the nerf to a once strong item like Wit's End, taking this rune into hard AP match-ups is not as good as it used to be as a first item, so I would advise you to avoid trying to since other runes will benefit you way more in keeping you alive by simply granting you kill pressure and protection against them entirely.

There really is no downside to this build besides being hard CC'd and champions who have way too much mobility to click or kite them. If you choose sorcery as your secondary there is no alternative, you have to rush or build into Hextech Gunblade as we need the sustain. Otherwise, just take Cheap Shot or Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter at the expense of Gathering Storm’s late game scaling. Sustain is one of the most crucial aspects to this build but absolutely in no way is it worth a Hextech Gunblade gold investment unless fed.

But this is subject to my own personal opinion and play-style. It is extremely powerful, but only if you can get it very early. So if you would like to run Gun-blade, your damage will suffer early game if you're not dominating your lane an kick in late game as you acquire the spike items like Liandry's Torment and Nashor's Tooth.

If you are capable of dominating your lane against a tank, and they build straight into a Spectre's Cowl this allows you to simply build straight into Blade of the Ruined King to completely gut their ability to mitigate damage especially if you are the only AP champion on the team going for a more On-Hit tank shredder build.

Electrocute is one of the best runes in the Domination tree due to it's short cooldown and synergy with Teemo's Toxic Shot. This rune is strictly a bursting rune and primarily based around bursting people down with an auto auto Blinding Dart combo. Once you get them down below 40% HP you can start to lower the enemies HP very slightly through Toxic Shot's poison duration. The duration of this poison will extend the duration of which you are currently in combat with the enemy, this simply means your poison is being counted as ⅓ of the needed attacks to activate Electrocute for 4 seconds allowing for us to finish them off with a final combo of auto Blinding Dart & Ignite when they fall below 30% threshold through poison. It's simple!

So with this alone you can simply poke the enemy champion down with a single or double Toxic Shot. Once they fall below 40% and lower, you can simply by your time with poison before finally throwing out your burst with Blinding Dart and Ignite to set off the rune, as you toss out the finishing Toxic Shot which will often be enough to kill them or at the very least finish them off coupled with Ignite and poison duration.

Because of this rune being a short cool-down burst rune, it is no surprise that you would really want to maximize your amount of damage dealt to an enemy champion by maxing your magic penetration with primary items like Sorcerer's Shoes, Morellonomicon and Void Staff which all stack together nicely to take out anyone trying to build a moderate amount of magic resistance against you. You should never be prioritizing enemy tanks, because squishy targets should be your one and only main concern while fighting in a team fight.

Hail of Blades is a quick exchange rune. It's primarily only useful for champions and or certain tanks that benefit from very short trades due to their abilities to stun or lock you down in place or slow you while leaving very little room for you to react due to a lack of attack speed. The recent changes to this rune and how it behaves with our Toxic Shot makes it ideal now for players who have difficulties dealing with those gap close quick exchange types. We no longer will force reset the rune due to poison, so after 8 seconds it will be back up.

It's stronger than Lethal Tempo at the cost of being 2 seconds longer on cool down, it can also be very useful for wave control after striking an enemy once, focus on shoving a soon to be siege'd wave. You can still build full AP, it's mostly just a different type of feel for the play-style. You gain attack speed and a little bit of wave control at the cost of extra damage compared to other runes that do damage.

However, do not be fooled into thinking this rune is the most powerful rune. It's down to personal preference of the player. Stick to the runes you can actually utilize in your Elo and you'll be fine.

It can also be utilized with a full on-hit effect attack speed build utilizing Blade of the Ruined King against specific tanks, until they end up purchasing Thornmail to counter us completely. So keep that in mind.

Dark Harvest is strictly a soul stacking rune that requires you to consistently lower your opponent to 50% with little to no effort. Once you get them down below 50% it is very important to keep them that way in the entire early game to continue stacking your souls for the mid to late game. Your goal isn't necessarily to kill them, however, it's not frowned upon because compared to Electrocute your kill potential is late game and mid game, not early game unless the enemy you are going up against is practically brain-dead.

This runes late game is insane with a full build that compliments your Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap. You should never play passively with this rune, you should be aiming for at least 1 soul stack every 2 minutes to be decently powerful around minute 30. So by 15 minutes 7-8 stacks is average but 12 is more acceptable. This also being stated, you should never in your entire life ever play this rune into a match-up you know you can not handle or feel wary about even if the enemies composition is 100% squish. You would simply be better off with Electrocute, it isn't reliant on the rune or dealing significant amounts of damage to your laner consistently.

Dark Harvest is straight up a gamble of a rune to use since you need to be absolutely sure you can handle your laner and focus more on stacks, than surviving or killing. It is often times impossible to get more than 10 stacks by 20 minutes. Let alone get kill potential on your opponent. The long story short is this rune is meant for the late game and only the late game, so if your games are lasting 20 minutes, you're not getting much out of it.

Many variants of the build exist. The most terrifying of these builds would have to be max CDR with burst complimenting items. That being Luden's Echo, Morellonomicon, Void Staff with Liandry's Torment.

There are many sub-runes you can utilize for different reasons. If you have problems lowering enemies HP to get stacks early game try Scorch, which can be taken as a secondary with Manaflow Band if you are running into mana problems late game, but you would be losing the scaling AP of Gathering Storm. You could also take Presence of Mind with Coup de Grace which are both arguably better runes that transition well outside of the laning phase because of the synergy with granting us more mana and mana sustain on kill with extra damage for when champions fall below the 40% threshold which has great synergies with Dark Harvest. Mind you this is strictly if you have mana problems. Legend: Alacrity and Triumph also have good synergy.

Cloud Drakes are essential for this build as they can drop your CDR from 11 seconds to a potential 4 seconds, which is insane, because it will grant you entire control over every single inch of the map. Leaving them absolutely no choice but to use oracles to deal with it, losing them out on a lot of ability to place vision.

Glacial Augment, while not a primary rune for most Teemo players... The rune can be quite a change of pace from any of the other runes you can select from, but mostly this rune is used in very few match-ups. In-fact I would go as far to say you should never take this rune, unless you are going into a Darius top lane. It basically renders his ability to catch you useless, even if he catches you, because of the ability to double slows. Darius players are 90% of the time going to be running with the summoner Ghost and are very fast once they have acquired Black Cleaver, simply allowing them to run you down and catch you out. You often will never be able to escape this as he could catch you out with his Flash and by that time, we are already caught. So long as you hit him with one auto attack, and avoid the tip of his (Q) by hugging him and then running away. You will never have to fear him, and of course you also become a huge asset to your team late game with the additional ability to catch out people with the support item Twin Shadows or simply by hitting and enemy with Toxic Shot to slow them, followed by your Twin Shadows activation as they both will apply one after the other, giving you some much needed space if you happened to get caught out in the jungle or simply in lane. Once again, I can not recommend this rune outside of simply supporting or laning against a Darius as other champions don't have much of a need to be slowed. You can't slow a Garen as he can cleanses.

Phase Rush is a rune that really only has one real use. It's main use is simply to escape Nasus or rather to deal with his ability to slow us by up to 95% of our precious movement speed, constantly in the late game, which is very crippling for us as we need movement to escape and once we are stripped of our only safeguard, we are simply going to be run down. Some players do like taking this rune into general match-ups for the utility it provides to escape, but outside of that you get nothing. Phase Rush will grant up 75% slow resistance along with a large boost in movement speed, an if coupled with Boots of Swiftness will grant us with another big 25% gain for a grand total of 100% temporary slow resistance. You need to hit him 3 times and this works just like Electrocute as it extends the duration of the rune while in combat, meaning you'd need to keep poking him over a small duration until you're ready to Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot for the activation which you should use to run from him, not to chase if he has slowed you and is going for the all in exchange with Flash.

Health Potion vs Refillable Potion. Some people prefer the use of Refillable Potion persisting throughout the entire game, saving you gold, since you don't have to keep purchasing a few every time you go back to base. You can also start the early game or after a first back with Dark Seal which would provide you an increase to Refillable Potion's healing uses, while also potentially granting extra damage per kills/assists. Health potions on the other hand will heal more and is usually the preferred option. It's cheap and heals 25 more. It's honestly your choice, everyone has their own different tastes when it comes to items. They are basically the same, Refillable is just more gold efficient since you can sell it later, to afford something else or keep it all game.

Mercury's Treads will help you in those tough games where you are going up against a lot of AP champions, or simply a lot of CC or really both. It's not a good choice if it's just one champion that has heavy AP or CC. The extra tenacity will reduce their effects slightly while raising our low MR.
Boots of Swiftness will help you negate 25% of a slow effect, specifically built for a champion like Nasus. It is a unique effect that is stack-able with Phase Rush granting you a total of 100% temporary resistance to his Wither and allowing you to get out of his path. You use these boots to survive him, both in the early game and especially into his late game Wither.
Ninja Tabi will protect you against a lot of AD champions, who are more about auto attack reliant damage, and in general AD champions. If you find yourself losing hard to a Camille or Vayne in a solo lane, slip these on your little feet and the damage becomes bearable. It's not exclusive to these champions, if you find yourself against more AD than AP, these are useful.
Sorcerer's Shoes will increase your overall damage, it will not protect you, in any way or form compared to the other pairs of boots. It's seen on pretty much every build and stacks very well with builds that utilize items like Morellonomicon and Void Staff, be sure to use others.

Spellthief's Edge is the only Support item you would ever think about taking as a support player. Your main goal is to poke as much as you came all throughout the early game to get as many stacks as you can to upgrade it to it's much more desirable form, which would be the third form Shard of True Ice for 100% mana regen and AP. It can be sold later in the game if the game has gone on for far to long for better alternatives that grant your more damage, or mitigation. The reason is because we already have enough vision with our Noxious Trap to cover the vision portion late game. You would never use this in any other lane than support.

Liandry's Torment is one of Teemo's main CORE items, however, it isn't absolutely necessary on him as it's real purpose is to grant our Noxious Trap an Toxic Shot an increase in dealing damage to champions with a lot of HP, more specifically HP tanks. It does have its use against squishy champions and Dark Harvest shroom builds, but it really isn't that necessary if nobody is high in HP. It often can be swapped out for more burst, or mitigation, but this is a personal preference. It still is good regardless of the enemies compositions or whoever you are laning against, and still makes your shrooms deal a lot of damage late game. It lost its primary use of damage when they swapped the magic penetration from it, and put it on Morellonomicon. Both of these items compliment each other greatly so it's not a loss to our builds in the slightest.

Rabadon's Deathcap is the crème de la crème when it comes to full AP builds. This coupled together with all of Teemos core items like Liandry's Torment, Morellonomicon as well as items like Lich Bane or even Luden's Echo together with a late game Gathering Storm will see tremendous amounts of damage increase. This being said, it is a useless item if you build it as a first, second or even a third item. It's meant to be built into an already existing build. Unless you are just ridiculously fed. Then it doesn't really matter when you build into it.

Morellonomicon is also one of Teemo's main CORE items, however, it isn't absolutely necessary on him just like Liandry's Torment isn't, as it's only real purpose is to grant the ability to prevent enemy champions with a massive amount of sustain, from doing just that. Sustaining. The main champions that I am referring to are simply the few champions which I have listed below.
Besides this it also grants us some very useful and needed 15 magic penetration which was removed from Liandry's Torment and applied to this item. Which when paired with our trusty pair of Sorcerer's Shoes's will grant us 33 magic pen. This alone would be enough to lower every squishy champion to 0-6 MR. Adding Void Staff would only benefit tank MR champs.

Seeker's Armguard is a defensive optional item. The reason we take Armguard into the Top Lane is because, well… Let us assume you are going up against a hard lane, someone who can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, while also running away leaving you incapable of dealing much damage at all. These champions would be considered AD burst champions good at fighting short trades, while also being good at running away afterward. The cowards.

Nashor's Tooth is basically a core item on Teemo, this is correct. However, it doesn't really need to be in certain builds. The main purpose of this item is to allow for us to consistently CS and transition to POKE on builds likes Summon Aery along with granting us 20% CDR for more (Q) and (R) uses. So with this is mind, we now know this item isn't really meant to be used in a bursting build because it offers no real damage or magic penetration. So using this item with runes like Summon Aery, Press the Attack and Electrocute will give you the most benefit. It's usually a first purchase after boots, on Summon Aery and Press the Attack but with Electrocute it's usually a third or fourth item specifically for kiting enemies around better.

Blade of the Ruined King isn't a core item. It's a situational item, primarily used in unison with Press the Attack. The benefit is it's ability to shred through high HP enemy champions, specifically when they have multiple high HP champions in their composition. It's, however, countered by Thornmail, it's not great if they are building straight into it first. It's really good for when they rush Adaptive Helm into you, but once again, the item becomes less reliable once they have acquired the counter item. So you'd end selling it if you can't shut them out early in the game making it a dead weight item, the longer the game goes on. Keep this in mind if you build it.

Runaan's Hurricane is all about split-push. It benefits on-hit items and attack speed builds by allowing us to target 3 targets at once rather than 1. Because Teemo himself is an on-hit champion. His Toxic Shot will apply on-hit, before it applies damage over time. You will normally only ever see this type of build on something like Press the Attack but you can also see it present on other runes. You get the most benefit out of it with Press the Attack since it relies more so on attack speed, movement speed and kiting than bursting, which will allow you to quickly push out every lane. Taking all jungle camps and getting ahead of the enemies by restricting them on EXP is another good utilization of this item, if done correctly. It does have it's uses in a clustered team fight, but more or less you shouldn't be focused on fights, just disrupt and control.

The best synergies: Nashor's Tooth and Wit's End late game since they apply on-hit. You can purchase Guinsoo's Rageblade but you would be wasting its effect since you already would be capped at 2.5 Attack Speed, unless you decided to take Lethal Tempo which I would highly recommend to not do, unless you really want to take it based on your personal preference.

The main reason that we would take Executioner's Calling instead of Morellonomicon is mostly because of the cost efficiency. You can purchase this item early game, and end up selling it later for roughly 75% gold efficiency. This is only meant for Dr. Mundo and Nasus. The champions are basically super hard sustain champions and it's really not recommended to buy this item, but it’s cost efficient in the early game since you can sell Executioner’s for 560 gold in the late game to get a Morellonomicon. It's not an item many people like, but a lot of people look at it with the oversight of how much gold you actually get back from it once it has lost it's value and is replaced with Morellonomicon. This works great with Press the Attack in the early game.

Quicksilver Sash isn't at all a good item in terms of synergy, however, it is good for very specific match-ups that you just need in order to completely counter specific champions. This champion pool, however, is very small. It's mostly opted in for Mordekaiser, Malzahar and maybe a Morgana as it grants MR and the ability to get out of their ultimate's. Outside of this it is just not worth taking. The item is situational, but still has its use. Perhaps if it is added into an item in the future it may be more reliable to build onto non-AD champions like us.

Hextech Gunblade is a bit confusing... Alright, here is where my explanation will get a little… old-school… So for a very long time, this item was a must have on Teemo. Why? Because he had absolutely zero sustain. None of the runes existed, like Taste of Blood or Ravenous Hunter, so people needed to build this item to be useful and survive while catching people out with burst. That being said, nowadays people don’t really build this item for sustain. It is more or less built for hard carrying games where you end up snowballing or know you are going to snowball. It is pretty useful on an Electrocute build or for a Dark Harvest build since those are the runes for bursting squishy champions, but again, not for the sustain it provides. Is it a good item? Yes. Is it something you should be building every single game, and rushing into every single match-up? Absolutely not. It is often a waste of resources that could be better spent on something like a
Morellonomicon which would cost 400 less gold and has better stats. I personally rarely ever build it because I always favor the damage/situational items and treat this as a sustain item more than anything. There are Teemo players Diamond and above who do build it, but they tend to do it for the carrying aspect. You would start with Hextech Revolver, and buy Hextech Gunblade out right afterwards since the Bilgewater Cutlass is useless, and grants you nothing beneficial.

Luden's Echo is a very good item for exchanging our Blinding Dart damage with the enemy champions and late game damage for your Noxious Trap, it really compliments our
Dark Harvest build very well, this is due to its nature of granting you the ability to burst with Blinding Dart while also granting you a lot of CDR (20%) and mana which is going to be a problem late game. This is especially true if you just so happen to acquire yourself 2-3 or even 4 Cloud Drakes. Which could potentially drop your Noxious Trap down to a cool down reduction of 4 seconds with 40% CDR and Ultimate Hunter. It will oftentimes be the first item we take as a support or top laner while playing Dark Harvest, because of how useful it is for lowering them below 50% HP. It's a good item, very useful all around for managing mana.

Lich Bane is a very good item for Teemo, especially if you fill up on kills in the early game. It has a very low cool down (1.5 seconds) and Teemo can abuse it with all of his abilities with his R being particularly good since it can be cast 5 times late game. It works well with a combo like W-E, Q-E, R-E if given enough time to reset, but the usual purpose of Lich is to kill your target with the first proc. If it is coupled with a build like taking the runes Electrocute or Press the Attack build, you can take a enemy champion from 100%-0% with a E-Q-E-Ignite combo or E-E-E-Q-Ignite in most cases refreshing it's effect with your trusty Noxious Trap since we can carry up to 5 late game, a perfect thing to compliment an item such as Lich Bane because of it being on a cool down of 1.5 seconds. It is not as effective on Dark Harvest since Luden's Echo compliments it much better, however, it can be taken together to grant you even more burst.

Twin Shadows isn't really a super strong item on Teemo. It’s mostly a utility item that has great synergy with the Inspiration rune page Glacial Augment. It is a good team fight item to catch people out, and can also help you put some distance between you and your attacker if you get ganked. It is especially great against Darius while playing with the primary rune Glacial Augment rune. It isn't taken outside of this rune really, unless you prefer to play Teemo support with more of a supporting play-style, we won't really ever take this, but it's here for those that do. This build does have a counter, Phase Rush, so don't always rely on it.

Hextech GLP-800 just like Twin Shadows is an activate item which allows us to reach forward and slow an enemy down. It can be used in addition to using Twin Shadows since they are both their own unique abilities and not both hextech items. The main use would be to catch someone out with your 60% Glacial Augment slow or to quickly turn around while running away to apply slows to enemies you are facing, but this is more tricky and risky to do than to simply catching someone out. It's not really taken outside of Glacial Augment.

Wit's End is a great item to acquire if you are going up against a few AP champions who have literally no CC but a lot of damage. This item works extremely well with Hurricane, as it provides scaling on-hit magic damage (80 magic damage at level 18) which makes late game split-pushing and team fights more reliable for us, but ideally it would be strictly for split-pushing in most cases. It would be pointless to take this into a full AD composition. You'd be losing one of its prime uses.

This item is useless as a first item, you get NO damage until level 9.
The Cloak is decent to take early, however, especially into AP match-ups.

Void Staff straight up, is only meant for champions who have a lot of magic resistance. It is absolutely not a mandatory item. Because if you are up against a composition of squishy champions with no bruisers or tanks, this item will only add 15 Magic Penetration which obviously isn't a lot, so in that case you would be better off building other items since Morellonomicon and Sorcerer's Shoes will remove 33 MR, and most champions only have around 38 by level 18. Still if you are ridiculously fed, it's good to take in case they do build MR, and to melt objectives.

Spirit Visage is an item that no matter which rune page you have taken, you most likely will have Ravenous Hunter as a secondary. Spirit will enhance the healing which when fully stacked 5/5 becomes pretty much a free passive Hextech Gunblade, if you managed to get the Ocean Drakes soul or even a few Ocean Drakes, this will increase their sustain further. You will heal for quite a lot on every auto, poison and with shrooms poison. You also get some much needed MR and HP, which is extremely good on builds like Grasp of the Undying especially against AP burst assassins, giving you the ability to tank most all damage from AP champions instead of getting popped. It is a very situational item, which in most cases is not very mandatory.

Banshee's Veil is an item that actually does have synergy with Teemo, as it scales our AP, grants us a decent chunk of MR and 10% CDR. The bonus is, it will grant a one time spell-shield (refreshed after 40 seconds of not taking damage) which will prevent CC from an ability or ability damage of any kind from harming us. This item is usually Opt'd in if we get fed and want to keep our lead against a heavy AP enemy composition with a lot of CC. It has its place for certain compositions, but don't forget that Spirit Visage is basically the same item with HP.

You would be using Oracle Lens every game, to clear out and deny vision. Playing as Teemo comes with the perk of not having to keep your Warding Totem's outside of the laning phase since our Noxious Trap's naturally act as vision themselves every 11-4 seconds, there really is no need to keep these in our possession. The shrooms are based on your CDR and cloud drakes.

You would be choosing Farsight Alteration in games where you have simply demolished them and want to take full control over the entire map, permanently. Another reason would be to never face check a bush, to grant vision over walls where they might all be stacked and waiting, specifically out and around objectives like Baron Nashor or just around a corner in a bush.

There is no when or why. You would always purchase extra Control Ward's while you have enough gold to do so, all throughout the game. They are very important for many match-ups where the enemy might be stealth, or simply to grant permanent vision for you and your team for up to 15 minutes or more. If an enemy champion notices it and tries to destroy it, drop another somewhere close, to prevent them from gaining EXP and Gold, replacing it when it is safe.

Normally you wouldn't start with a Control Ward while playing Teemo. However, there are specific cases where if you are fighting against certain bruiser champions with a lot of movement speed, or in general if you like to start with a pair of Boots of Speed you can also pick up 2 potions and one Control Ward these locations are the best use for you and your teammates early. They can also last upwards to 15-20 minutes due to the unlikelihood that an enemy champion will path through these bushes at all during the early stages of the game. It's a specific play-style that not many plays tend to care about or refuse to use.

The following map will give you a rough idea as to where all around the map is good for either dealing damage with your shrooms. Basically the most auto-pathed locations. The most commonly traveled paths through the jungle will be the most common places to utilize shrooms as a way to catch people out for kills.
The following map will give you the basic idea as to where you would be placing shrooms that you would like to use for the entire 5 minute duration. These locations are basically the places where auto-pathed champions will walk through but not touch, making them useful for vision.
The following map is a great example as to how effectively our Noxious Trap work when placed properly and often increasing your value as a team player through vision alone. Do you notice something very useful with this?
We are much more useful than people give us credit for.
The following map is a great example as to how ineffectively our Noxious Trap works when placed poorly decreasing your value as a team player.
So don't be shy. Get out there scout! We need vision!

I have noticed Teemo support has garnered a lot of attention and praise over the last few seasons.
While this is great, it has also been targeted by trolls, bent on making us all out to be trolls.

I would like to start by saying... If you are playing Teemo support. You support your ADC.
You don't run off and AFK Mid or Top. You stay with your ADC and support other lanes when you can.

The benefit of playing Teemo support is the mind games you can apply. Even if you are not in the lane anymore. People will be scared which allows you to roam across the map and apply pressure to other lanes.

However, if you just so happen to be paired up with an incompetent ADC one who refuses to do anything but farm under tower. Leave them. It may sound weird, it may sound like you are signing their lane over to the enemy to freely take, but you have to understand. If they are not working together with you to win that lane. You will lose it and die over and over, so leave and go help out other lanes while roaming around. This normally would only ever happen with Ezreal, Ashe and Vayne the most hated and useless ADC champions to support.


The champions that Teemo supports well in the laning phase are as follows.
Jhin has everything he needs to compliment Teemo and protect himself. He has damage, he has traps which work well with our Noxious Trap, he has mobility and CC. Which is easy to apply because of our Toxic Shot keeping our targets in combat for 4 seconds, enough for him to land it.
Aphelios is pretty overloaded, and does well on his own often. He has CC, range, sustain, AoE and insane damage. He doesn't really do much for us like Jhin but it's still a pretty solid lane.
Caitlyn protects us from enemies trying to face check bushes to prevent us from coming out of stealth and dealing poke damage. She has a long range and a lot of damage especially if she catches someone out with her traps, so we are relatively safe sitting in bushes the entire phase.
Lucian is an amazing quick trade champion. We ourselves are more about quick trading and returning to our passive bush harass. Even in extended fights he does extremely well with his high mobility and damage while we protect him the best we can, a great ADC to support.
Draven is both amazing and bad, he hits like a truck and is amazing when he is aggressive. If they are playing passive, there isn't much that we can do to support him which loses early game.
Veigar is not an ADC you say? It's true, but it is something that Teemo can support extremely well. Veigar has the ability to lock down enemy champions with his cage. This prevents them from running away allowing us to deal massive damage. I've never lost a game supporting a Veigar.

The champions that Teemo supports poorly in the laning phase are as follows, especially with Dark Harvest.

Ezreal is Ezreal, and is the most useless ADC to support in the laning phase. Farming under tower while missing every single (Q) he throws out while feeding. I have never had more than 1% of Ezreal players playing amazingly in the laning phase, the 99% are equally the same bad players we have come to know. There is simply no synergy, even with an actual "support" supporting him.
Ashe, doesn't offer anything but utility in lane, we don't need utility. We need poke, we need someone who can take care of themselves with CC, mobility or sustain in most cases. This sounds selfish but we are speaking about synergy. Her Volley is all she's really good for until she hits 6.
Vayne is a very strong ADC, however, the laning phase tends to be a pain to deal with, since she needs to land her Condemn otherwise you don't really get much out of the trades, and the enemy comes out with better poke. So it's up to her to shove lanes and let you do your thing to harass the enemy from bushes while she farms to 6, for that all in potential and damage.

Whilst Teemo is considered a horrible (everything), there are certain match-ups you will just never be able to take on without feeding, trading one-for-one, or staying stuck under tower, if you do not respect them properly.

That being said, the worst possible match-ups to go up against are the main support champions.

As you can probably tell, Teemo doesn't do too well against hard or heavy AP champions with any form of CC.


This is unique to Teemo and his stealth.
A lot of things can reveal him, but a lot can't.

I could go super in depth for all interactions,
However, this would take too long to do alone.
So I will only give you a brief explanation.

The basic understanding is that...

Teemo can be revealed by all;
Pulls: because it's pulling you out of stealth.
Aatrox, Kled, Thresh, Blitz, Swain

Teemo can't be revealed by all;
Fears: like WW and Voli, Voli can, WW can't.
So long as he doesn't push you out of the bush!

Knock-ups: like Thresh flay can and can't.
Direct flay yes, side of flay not always!

Pushes: Thresh with his flay again.
Pushes on the side, sometimes won't reveal!

Stuns: don't affect your champions position.
You just gain the stun status effect.

Attaches: be it Kled(Q) or WW(R) can.

Vision Plant: will reveal you.
If you are in a bush or in passive, and press W.
This was changed in the recent 9.16 patch.


Please skip over this section if you do not care for math or numbers.
Math behind how Magic Penetration Works

Screencaps of my adventures

Many people ask on occasion...

"What is the best Teemo skin to use?"

There are many factors to be taken into account let me briefly explain.

Certain skins animations are extremely smooth where as some skins are clunky and have a sense of delay if you play multiple skins for a long time you would have eventually noticed this, especially if you were a fan of the old school on-hit 2.5 attack speed builds. Despite what some people may say, it's true. The animations are clunky.

Out of all the skins, I've played this one the most and this was the most clunky out of them all in my opinion. I was canceling a lot of my auto attacks on a regular basis possibly because I always misjudged the animation but even then it did feel clunky... The reason more people began to notice this is due to our On-hit play-styles becoming less viable over the seasons making this skin a very attack speed reliant skin, to counter the animations wind up.

My personal fav Teemo skin by far not because of the skin itself but merely because of the animation and how smooth it is, to the point where you never cancel autos, again this is all down to personal preference you can play any Teemo skin and be great at it, but if you have trouble with canceling auto attacks it comes down to skins and your experience with the animations if this makes sense. Attack speed counters this.

TEEMO ITEM LIST (COPY PASTE to your Items Import in League)

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