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Jax Build Guide by Pandamacko

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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pandamacko

The Predator of Top Lane : Jaximus

Pandamacko Last updated on June 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners my name is Panda. We have moved abroad and i am here in Netherland for 3 days. I don t have any internet just this fckin wifi what is so badass cuz it only good at 1%of the day , but i'm trying. Because of this i started to make this guide cuz i can't play LOL. I hope u will enjoy and give me request about it ! :) Thanks

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About the champion


  • Health : 463 (+98]
  • Attack damage : 56.3 (+3.375)
  • Health regen : 7.45 (+0.55)
  • Attack speed : 0.638 (+3.4 %)
  • Mana : 230 (+35)
  • Armor : 18 (+3.5)
  • Magic resist : 30 (+1.25)
  • Mana regen : 6.4 (+0.7)
  • Range : 125
  • Movement speed : 350

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
mark of armor penetration i take theese to increase my late game damage output and to help us to kill their tank on top lane in eary game
Mark of Attack Damage I take theese to help me in my lane early on in trading and lasthitting.
Seal of Armor i take armor yellows to help me avoid ganks and to i can win trades against heavy AD champions.
Glyph of Magic Resist I take theese to increase my defens against champions like Rumble and to help me stay alive in teamfights

Quintessence of Attack Damage I take AD bigs simply for increase my damage output

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Fury : Gr8 for jax he need attack speed so this one is core
Deadliness : What hybrid don t want scalching AD
Blast : Scalching Ability power is gr8 on jax
Weapon Expertise gr8 combinating with Executioner and mark of armor penetration
Arcane Knowledge Magic penetration , your w hit like aNUKE
Brute Force +3 AD is always is like 3 more mark.
Mental Force +6 AP with the magic pen. is makes the enemy s life into a nightmare.
Spellsword you deal 5% of your AP in basic attacks so you deal more DMG.
Sunder extra armor penetration OWERPOWERED
Archmage Increase your AP
Executioner You deal more dmg to targets who s are below 50% HP. This means you can win trades.
Perseverance Increase health regen for better laning phase

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(Q) : Jax jums to the target (what can be ward allied and enemy minion and champions )dealing mixed damage

(W) : Jax charges energy to his weapőon dealing magical damage with his next basic attack.Great trading spell it is almost free and small CD.

(E) : Jax spin his lamp post and dodge the enemy basic attacks for 2 secunds and if the enemy is near it stun him. Gr8 spell vs champions like Tryndamere

: Jax gain armor magic resis AD and AP for the duration of the time actived. He deal bonus magic dmg with his every 3. basic attack.

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This is a full dmg opinion combinated with Nashor's Tooth it is OP.
This is the best opinion for Jax in my opinion cuz it help you avoid and trade the AD toppers down.
Good opinion if they have AP top and mid/jungle. recude time of CC by 35% what is amazing!
Idon t rly recommend this because Jax has high based movement speed and Trinity Force give more
This one is one of the best item possible on every AD champ especially on Jax It give true damage , AD , AS , and life steal whatis simpliAMAZING on Jax.
This one is an absolutely core item on Jax it give everything u need.
gr8 item on every champ (exact AD carryes) take this if they have a blanced team with a feeded adc and apc.
i don t recommend just don t have enough hp to buy this item..just waste of money.
this is a gr8 item versus champions in enemy team like Blitzcrank or Amumu
Well it isn t a bad item but metagolem Warmog's Armor is mutch better i think.
This item is good..realy good use this in the place of sunfire if their ADC is rly feeded (feeded into sh it)
This is an "absolutely ****in delechious"(Gordon Ramsey) item on Jax he has extremely powerful late game so if the focus you this can help.
Gr8 item on every hybrid get this if the enemy in top is an assasin like you to get domination in the lane and can kill their ADC easyli.
Very good item it give spellshield and AD+MR . Can you imagine better than this against a feeded APC ?
can be a good item but trinity is better..mutch better . if the enemy top is feeded (your bad :D) you can get this instead of Trinity Force ..NEVER GET THEES 2 ITEMS TOGETHER !
meh...infinity gr8 item but not on Jax..You can get this if you are super feeded . If the enemy don t focus you just get this for the place of Sunfire Cape
This is gr8 item is the enemy get a lots of armor . Get this item in the place of 1 Damage item.
Ihave never bought this before i ll test it but i think it can t be so use your Empower rly often and it can stack up in the mid game to you can be a KILLING MACHINE in late game.
Well this one is a gr8 item it defend you from hard cc and you can carry the fight or save yourself.
very good item on jax give gr8 stats . If u r want a fun game buy this onto the place of Sunfire Cape
NO NO NO it s ok it give u AS and Crit but it is a shi t item for Jax
good defensive item get it instead of Sunfire Cape if they have feeded bruiser.
good item vs ap top mid or jungle especially if the fed . Get this in middle game.
spirit of the lizard elder Good item but all damage items is better get it instead of a tanky item if you super fed.
get this for unranked games just 4 fun :D combinating with hydra/muramana it is AWSOME.
gr8 defensive item i buy this in almost every game.
This one is for fun games just buy it if the enemy Rammus playing league of Thornmails.
the bloodthrister you can get this instead of Blade of the Ruined King for bigger nuke but remember u wont have true dmg .
Only if the enemy ADC has 25+ kills because otherwise it is waste of money.
metagolem hp is useful in teamfights , 1v1 , escaping or chasing with low HP (and solo baron attempt :D)
Gr8 item combinated with Statikk Shiv but only 4 fun games.
good item for fun games and can get in ranked too.Give enough speed to catch Master Yi Rammus hybrids .D .

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Matchups A-N

Jax 's counters are : Building HP , Outsustain and Hard CC .

Difficulity : 1/10 easy to counter him when he jump on you just start your e and give him a w than jump away if you didin t hurt him enough. An early Sheen and Ninja Tabi will just DOMINATE the lane.
If their jungler is can give him first blood just buy a Chain Vest.
Starting items : Long Sword Health Potion

Difficulity : 5 Maybe the most fun lane.Actually skill lane . Buy Null-Magic Mantle and Hexdrinker combo with a Bilgewater Cutlass and you can win the lane.In level 6 when she throw her mark on you start doing Counter Strike trade her and when she retreat life steal the HP back from the minions.That will dominate who get more kill/minion in mid games
Starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 6 Quite hard matchup.In laning phase play passively just farm farm farm farm and farm to dominate in fights. If he lands his Rupture on you before level 6 jump him spin dat e and HARASS him. In mid game he will just burst u you with dat ult. Try to outfarm him and buy Hextech Gunblade first.
Starting items Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 8 He is an extremely hard enemy because you can t defense against him but he have too mutch burst and his passive make him able to build extremely tanky and with his passively armor pen. you will suck. Try to play passively and attack him when he done his q on minions , stun him immidietly dodge his w and you win the trade.If you try to lasthit he will harass you hard with his Q . So try to take the minion wave nearly your turret and lasthit there. At the first some b start to buy Giant's Belt because darius can t be countered with armor.
Starting items Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 9 Elise is counter 80% of the champions cuz her tankyliti and burst... She is ranged so she will zoning and land Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite on you... if she land a Cocoon she will burst you. she will deny your farm. The only way to defeat her to call your jungler for 2-3 early gank and get some kills . Rly hard lane it is like all or nothing cuz if she can land cocoon she win if she cant and you attck her you have 20% chance 2 win... Hexdrinker is core item and flat magic resis rune if possible more armor pent reds and early ganks are the way to win this lane.
Starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

Difficulity : 0 She is a joke vs. Jax you dodge all of her attacks burst her down . If she get some early kills thanks 4 a wounder.. just buy a Chain Vest. that s it so fckin easy.
starting items : Doran's Blade or Long Sword and Health Potions

Difficulity : 3 He is just annoying with his Parrrleybut when u see he coming toward you just start Counter Strike and jump 2 him burst the **** down and farm the hp back . Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King combo is OOOOOWWWWWEEEEERRRPPPOOOWWWEEEERRRREEEEDDDDDD.
Starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 9 He is ****in annoying cuz every time you jump to him he will silent you and burst down with his q . Try to lasthit and stun him while he doing his e and that will be maybe right.if he build tank just buy Blade of the Ruined King for true damage and try to poke him with 1-1 w or sometimes a stun.Try move speed runes vs. him.
Starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 2 she is just strong cuz of her true damage ...but if we trolling and dodge dat true damage it can be a funny lane :DDD. So irelia's damage based on her w so just spin dat lamp post when she jump on you. It is realy easy lane but if there is a wounder happen just buy early Giant's Belt versus her cuz she is just like darius : you can t defend with armor against...the HP is the key vs. a feeded Irelia. Trade her in early game and if u have first blood GG.
Starting items : Doran's Blade

Difficulity : 10. Jayce is dat champ who picked by the enemy and you scream : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW **** WHY HE ??!! I DON T PLAY GG...exactly. Jayce is counter most of the champions like Yorick his ranged abiulities and his passive able him to burst his lane down and dominate in teamfights . He just like Elise who have 2 mutch burst.Try to buy Ninja Tabi and Chain Vest but don t forget to buy damage items because if you build too tanky jax will be a piece of S H I T .
Starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 7 Kennen is a ranged magic damage dealer so he will zoning and harass like hell. So he will hit you hard but you can t hit him . You should just jump to him when there is no mark on you and stun him or Counter Strike--> Empower--> Leap Strike.In mid game don t jump on him when he is at low hp vuz he will ult stun you 2 times and you can see yourself (as death...´) so your mid game is pretty suck. Try an early Hextech Gunblade Blade of the Ruined King combo for good life steal and spell wamp and build A Sheen IMMIDIELY!
Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 6 Well Kha'Zix probably has the hugest burst in the game with the combinating of his passive and his new q what evoled in level 6. But still dodge his basic attacks if he jump on you stun him than jump away.Don t try to trade him. An eary Sheen and a Vampiric Scepter can help . Call your jungler for an early gank and build Ninja Tabi immidietly
Starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 3 Lee sin is an amazing champion in early game but his mid and late game damage is realy weak. So it is easy to counter Lee Sin. Just play safe early game trade at level 6 when you have the passive of the ult just w8 till he fail his q and than it is easy kill. If he buy Sightstone just buy an Oracle's Elixir or some pink wards
Starting items Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 999999999 **** THIS CHAMP ! just impossible to beat him...his passive def full of your w can t trade him extremely tanky extremely strong with Seeker's Armguard and his q is annoying impossible to escape cuz he steal move speed especially when the jungler come to gank and if he camp on top... you won t give them any gold cuz you ll die so mutch time.Probably a Blade of the Ruined King is good choise because it give you true damage.Probably the possible hardest matchup.
Starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion buy 2-3 every time you go b.

(AP) Difficulity : 3 Master yi is a very paper champion who is good as AP carry with a Lich Bane but not to top... he do his q and he don t have any damage anymore so jump to him attack him while he healing himself lifesteal back dat Alpha Strike what he given to you. The most important thing is dat don t let him heal himself...attack him immidietly and it is a rly easy lane..just start your Counter Strike when you see he will use Alpha Strike
Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

(AD) Difficulity : 2 Mutch easier than ap just dodge his basic attacks Do core build , you can build realy aggressive buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Hextech Gunblade combinated with Iceborn Gauntlet and Nashor's Tooth for max cd and damage opinions . Just splitpush top and carry fights easily .
Doran's Blade Health Potion

Difficulity : 8 So ****in hard matchup he will mangle you easyli cuz of his passive...and this time Blade of the Ruined King isn t the good opinion cuz it deal the extra dmg basic attcks but his passive get same dmg so trinity is the best opinion now. An early Guardian Angel can help probably. Call your jungle to come caamp at top and maybe ou can get a kill. When he trip back and he get Hextech Revolver he can stay in the lane forever. But never give up ! If you have midder like Katarina or Karthus or Kassadinespecially with teleport call them for a free kill or for a double kill for the enemy :D
starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

Difficulity : 4 Nasus is a tanky champion who have life steal passively and deal huge damage with his stacked q , so don t let him to stack it. When he try 2 lasthit harass him jump to him stun and dominate the lane! He will buy Sheen first than upgrate it to iceborn. So he will be realy tanky early on so Blade of the Ruined King is core item at this time. Buy Hextech Gunblade to have awsome life steal. Try to trade him when he used his q to lasthit minions cuz than he lose 30% of his dmg.
starting items : Long Sword Health Potion

Difficulity : 6 Nunu is realy annoying cuz of his e and dat q healing is so amazing.Rly hard enemy and if you jump to him he do his w . IF your jungler cme to gank and he have ward(s) he start his ult on the brush and you r death...Try to jump him often stun him and trade far from the minions.Once he get Rabadon's Deathcap he will be unstoppable. Hextech Gunbladeis the best choise if he build ap but if he build tanky 2-3 Doran's Blade and the Blade of the Ruined Kingis a good choise. He just can t farm rly well cuz he don t have aoe and he is ap champ..if you outfarm him it will be easyer. rush Mercury's trades early on , and if u wanna go to a bush annd u beign slowed jump away immidiatly.
starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

(AP) Difficulity : 4 Javelin Toss is one of the strongest skillshot in the game but it has 2 disadvantage : slow projactable speed and it can't go throught the minions.So stay behind the minions and play league of farmville . Once she hit level 6 she will wanna fight you. If you can t jump away try to fight her. IN level 6 immidiatly go home cuz u will outfarm her . try a Hexdrinker and fight her .
starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

(AD) Difficulity=5In my opinion AD Nidalee is useless . She don t tanky enought and she don t have enough burst. But she can be annoying in laning phase. She will harass you hard but if you gap close enough to jump on her you get a kill.An Early Sheen is good aspecially if you have life steal and spell wamp so Sheen+ Hextech Gunblade is GG.If she hit level 6 you can t fight her immidietly retreat buy shenn than **** her !
Starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

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Matchups O-Z

Difficulity : 6 Olaf is a realy annoying enemy especially if he build full tanky , but cuz of his Reckless Swing he will win every trade. buy Blade of the Ruined King early on cuz the true DMG. Call your jungler for an early gank (or 2) and get a kill. buy an early Phage against him. Farm you can but be careful with his e cuz in level 5 you don t need 220 free damage every time u hit a minion. WHEN u go b you must buy Phage+ Vampiric Scepter. If he play aggressively try to w8 till he use his Reckless Swingon minion or if he did it on you but he retreated.
Starting items : Long Sword Health Potion

Difficulity : 7 Pantheon is a realy popular champion with a ranged skill witch have good scalching and a realy OP passive (not the q , pantheon :D) .So he will harass you hard early on. First of all never jump first cuz he stun u in the middle of the Counter Strike. If he jumped and the stun ended spin your e and jump to him deal free dmg than go away. Remember he can block 2 basic attacks so be careful with harassing. He will splitpush your lane so Teleport is a good choise this time. Life steal is important on this lane for both side so Hextech Gunblade is core such as Ninja Tabi and Sunfire Cape too.
starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 7 Renekton has a big advantage in laning..he can heal himself can stun can jump can gain health immidietly.So he will build Sunfire Cape Phage The Brutalizer and Hexdrinker so he will have 2800 HP 210 AD if finish off theese + 150 armor 150 magic resis..rene is op like hell. Your task is rushing Blade of the Ruined King and than Sunfire Cape immidietly. Call your jungler for a gank and only use Leap Strike when he already used his Slice and Dice. early Blade of the Ruined King and Phage is optional and than build trinity / iceborn.
starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 4 Rengar is a high damage dealer but if they build dat (and usually they r) he can be extremely tanky but he deal most of his damage from his q and the basic attacks after dat.So just dodge him build full dmg Hextech Gunblade Trinity Force Blade of the Ruined King and Ionian Boots of Lucidity
starting items : Doran's Blade and take life steal quints if possible.

Difficulity : 3-6 Riiven has an extremely strong combo , and a huge shield.. so you just stun her give an Empower than jump away. With her passive she can deal extreme damage but she can build tanky enought to beat you. But actually it isn t a hard lane cuz u win trades if u stun her and have bigger life steal so Hextech Gunbladeand Blade of the Ruined Kingare core at this time . take Ninja Tabi immidietly and if she has advantage just buy Chain Vest
starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 6 Rumble s q deal extreme damage what will just destroy you. Be careful with him especially when u dive cuz he has a shield an aoe slow ult and a double slow wut is ranged. but actually after life steal and Hexdrinker it is easy lane just use your nuke to destroy him try to trade when he did his q on minions and dominate the lane
starting items : Long Sword Health Potion

Difficulity : ? , never played against him on top Ryze is often used to top nowdays so i put him to the matchups. He is a rly hard opponent cuz he ranged he have the zoning advantage. He has huge nuke and a snare ( Rune Prison) so it will be hard to beat him. As every time u play against AP top buy mercury and Hexdrinker. Don t forget about Hextech Gunblade Guinsoo's Rageblade combo with an early Sheen giving you massive damage and laning skills. If you see he will use his Rune Prison on you just walk away and jump b suddenly . If u jumped+stunned him go away or u will get a nuke. Try to trade him often max Empower first ALWAYS against him (and against every champ :D) If u have that 3. hit on level 6 jump to him nuke him and get the dominating of the lane. If you have stealth jungler like Kha'Zix or Shaco call them at level 6 to slow/stun them till you arrive and get him cuz he will use his Rune Prison on the jungler.
starting items : Boots of Speed Health Potion

Difficulity : 5 Shen is a realy strong champion who can carry the fight with his ult and taunt. his abilities makes him almost undefeatable. The best combo against him is Blade of the Ruined King and Sheen . Shen will try to outfarm you he will splitpush but he can t win trades cuz if he taunt you and use his knife and shield he don t have any dmg anymore so burst him try to trade often if u see he wanna taunt u just use your Counter Strike against him and maybe if his taunt don t long enought u will stun him or if he just miss it. Use Empower to harass him jump often and call your jungler for an early gank. Be careful if they have a jungler like Jarvan IV cuz dat combo is deadly for you.
starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

Difficulity : 10FUUUUUUUUUU. I hate singed ...he will farm behind your turet behind you he outfarm you he win trades he do double kill when your jungler come se actually he do what he want. If he go to farm behind the tower just call your midder especially if it Kassadin for example and yourr jungler and maybe you r can catch laning phase i absolutely don t have any good tactic vs. him..Just don t fallow him , don t trade him because he will destroy you. Call your jungler often or if it needed tell him u suck and cme camp on top.
starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

Difficulity : 2 Talonis a joke to top cuz he is simple don t tanky enough and don t have skills to laning here. You simple burst him down in earlygame. Try to trade often . You simply can outfarm him .Build full dmg Hextech Gunblade+ Trinity Force is Owerpovered . Buy Ninja Tabi if he want to molestate you.In dat secund u have ult Jump to him use your Empower combinated with Grandmaster's Might. This lane is rly outdated i played it only once but it was as easy as possible it is.
Starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 4Trynda has huge burst damage he has free AD from his q and passive and free 35% crit chance from his passive. But because he jsut don t have spell damage exact Spinning Slash you can dodge his basic attacks when he spin to you trade him stun and dodge him than when he become stunned Leap Strike away quickly. Be rly careful cuz if you do your Counter Strike bad time he will just simply destroy you. If he get a kill just buy a Chain Vest...if he get more kill he will be undestroyable and he will carry but however Thornmail can stop him. I'd recomment Hextech Gunblade to first item because you can deal enought damage in thades with this.
starting items : Cloth Armor Health Potion

Difficulity : 11 Volibear is like a massive can's damage him but he will destroy you. First of all try laneswap.. if they don t want just play ****in passively. If he starts his q just sump away or start doing counter strike. Stay in bushes and call your jungler for many ganks. Blade of the Ruined King is the best choise cuz it's true DMG. Take teleport because with dat w passive he will push like hell.
starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

Difficulity : 3 Vi isn't the best against Jax. If she build too tanky jax just buy Blade of the Ruined King and execute her. Vi simply can t hurt him cuz when she charges her q jax jump to her stun and dodge her outburst her and kill her. Your Counter Strike simply destroy her and carry the lane. If she build The Black Cleaver simply burst her down cuz she can t hit u cuz of Counter Strike. Jax is an exellent duelist so use this.In mid game when she use her ult on you when their jungler come to gank try to jump away before she can do it .
starting items : Long Sword Health Potion

Difficulity : 10 Yorick's ghostes are ****in annoying because the fallow you everywhere . he will destroy you in trades , his passive makes him amazingly tanky in fights and with his Muramana he deal huge damage. His counter informmation is about dodging his q. But remember if you win a fight against him and he use Omen of Death just run away don't fight. He just annoying cuz u can t farm u can't go near him so stay at bushes if possible.he will push so call your jungler for many early ganks. An early Sheen and a Blade of the Ruined King can help but not always.
starting items : Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion

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In team fights you are the assasin of the team...remember this. Always focus the ADCfirst than the APC after it the Offtank and everything after that.

so order is :
--> --> --> -->