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League of Legends Build Guide Author smiLiwaT

Three Lanes of Lee Sin- Jungle , Solo , Mid.

smiLiwaT Last updated on April 7, 2012
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Core / Tank(AP) / Tank(AD)



Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Thanks to MissMaw for image

In this guide i want to show Lee Sin potencial not only in jungle or solo top but also in mid lane or support , because he really can hanle and dominate all lanes of Summoners Rift.
Lee Sin is really unique champion not only because he got 7 skills, but of their use, you can choose what do you want to upgrade Safeguard for supporting or Tempest for team fights.
Lee Sin is the perfect sample of bruiser. He can be a great tank and same time deal damage, so he is that type of tanks that just cant be ignore.
My goal to this guide - I want to see more variety of Lee Sin not only jungle or solo , but mid lane.

When reading my guide you could listen to this music.

And probably 1 isn't enought so take listen this aswell

Great songs by great artists <3

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About Lee Sin


As a young teen, Lee Sin was intent on becoming a summoner. His will and dedication were unmatched by any of his peers, and his skill drew the attention of Reginald Ashram, the League's High Councilor at the time. While studying at the Arcanum Majoris, Lee Sin became frustrated with instruction paced for the other students. He spent his free time researching the nuances of summoning in hopes of graduating sooner. He made amazing advances in his arcane studies, surpassing all other students. By all indications, he would have become one of the League's greatest summoners were it not for one terrible mistake. Too impatient, he attempted to test his ability by summoning a beast from the Plague Jungles. What he summoned instead was a young boy, but not in one piece. He barely had time to look the boy in what was once his face before the jumbled human mass fell lifeless to the floor. A League investigation later revealed that the boy's entire village was obliterated by feedback from the ritual.

Lee Sin's talents were so promising that the League was willing to overlook the incident, but he could never forgive himself. He left the Institute and journeyed to the Shojin Monastery for eternal repentance, swearing never to practice magic again. Years later, hoping to atone for his crime with martyrdom, he set himself ablaze as a protest of the Noxian occupation of Ionia. He remained alive in this state, enduring searing agony for weeks. His actions paved the way for a League match wherein Ionia prevailed, but by the time he was doused, his eyes had been burned completely from their sockets. Hailed as a savior, he was reborn, and his will to act invigorated. He joined the League of Legends to continue his atonement with sweat and blood, a true monk's only possessions.

Videos about Lee Sin

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk - Champion Spotlight

League of Legends - Lee Sin Art Spotlight

Lee Sin - Emotes

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Pros / Cons


+ All game he got high damage even with out items.
+ His harassment is amazing
+ Attack speed and Life steal bonuses are just fabulous
+ Good tank , who can't be ignored
+ Ultimate can turn battle to your advantage
+ Energy gives you opportunity to farm well

- If you cant aim properly Sonic Wave will be screwed
- Depends on the team if he needs to use his Safeguard
- In team fight can be focused
- Easy kill early game
- Jungle can be easily ruined early game
- jungler like Udyr , Trundle can make him hard times at jungle

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Greater Mark of Strength
Used for maximizing your early game damage , because you dont start with dorans blade.

Greater seal of Resilience
One of the best type of seals in game, great for solo and jungle.

Greater mark of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
Good Quintessence for bruisers like Lee Sin. Start 78 bonus HP is always good.
Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation
Good mark with your masteries and you will feel it when fighting versus champions.

Greater glyph of Shielding
Also one of the best Glyphs in game because they got synergy with your masteries.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

The viable summoner spells

It's like standard summoner spell for most champions of the League
Lee Sin - It is good if you are a aggressive player or u are having a ganker without any reliable cc like Shaco so you can Flash + Tempest combo to slow enemy , then tag him with Sonic Wave and finish him !

It's good summoner for healing champions or for more damage and it goes well with your Dragon's Rage. Lee Sin can use it in team fight to put Ignite on carry so he will heal less.

This summoner is not really needed for you only if you are in lane versus some high burst AD carry like Graves so you can Exhaust him when you are fighting so he does less damage. Lee Sin - In team fight he can use it on carry as well as Ignite so he/she would do less damage.

The semi-viable summoner spells

This is not a bad summoner spell , but not so needed, best in 1 versus 2 lanes or in team fights. Lee Sin Can out smart enemys by trying to run away from a chasing enemy or 2 (after a team fight) bait them until your energy regains and attack with Sonic Wave and use Heal if you are low. Also it's good to use Heal in team fights !

Best for solo lanes or team fights. Lee Sin can do smart ganks like putting a sight ward in your bush and Teleport to it, when enemy will go to brush or will be pushing the lane you can Dragon's Rage him into a turret and if he decides to attack turret will help you ^^

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21/9/0 These are my most used masteries for Lee Sin, they give early damage and defense on any lane , versus AP or AD.You can take these masteries to jungle.

Offense Masteries
Defense masteries

Guide Top

Early game.

Junglers Early Game

As a jungler you got few main things that you might want to follow with.
  • First of all try to farm all early game, since you got energy you are not blue buff dependent and you can start a farmfest.
  • This is only a tip !!!. Whenmjungling ,you will be near red buff camp /color], because you can farm there better, and get good ganks ant your mid or bott/solo.
  • As a jungler you can choose a side of the map where you can camp lanes, if you see that your top is loosing and bottom is pushing you can focuse top lane, try to stay near your red buff and gank top, so your toplaner would have at least a minor advantige and same you can do with mid lane since you are near it.
  • Level 6 will be your moment when you will shine. Best if you would have at least a Wriggle's Lantern. You can gank better or initiate team fight.

I listed only tips what you could do as situational.

Midlaners Early Game

Lee Sin is really capable of holding and dominating mid , since it is easier then top lane.And i will mention why and what you should do.
  • At mid you will have to be defenssive till level 4 And hyper-defensive till level 2
  • Your main advantige is energy since 75% midlaners got mana and they are mana hungry you will have to dodge their spells and waste their mana so they would be harmless after few minutes,
  • As midlaner your a type of carry. so you need to try to keep up with creeps, that is kinda hard early game since your melee and other midlaners are ranged.
  • If you have time try to learn your enemies, you want to know their Cooldowns and spell costs so you could try to calculate your next move.
  • If you are not really good at landing Sonic Wave you can let your melee minion to go deep inside enemies caster minions then use Safeguard to it and then use Sonic Wave.
Lee sin is good at mid from many aspects, your jungler wont give you blue since you dont need it anyway.

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Mid Game

Junglers Mid Game

As a jungler your duty is to gank lanes, so try it at least few times. If you can't gank it successfully at least enemy will fear to go last mid of lane.
  • Try to gank lanes. This is really important for all junglers since mid and early games are the most important parts of the game you should try to help your teammates to win lanes.
  • As a jungler you should carry a sight ward not only because of Lee Sin escape mahanics but for map awareness since most ganks will go throught mid game.
  • When you will get a Wriggle's Lantern you can start countrejungling , but don't be dumb don't facecheck creep spawns just use a sight ward on bush near red so you could see where is your opponent going.
  • Don't initate fights before you get gigants belt since you are kinda squshey.
  • Controle/ward dragon since it's really important for whole team, try to get it or at least ward it.

Midlaners Mid Game

At Midgame you will feel all the power off Lee Sin especially when you will get The Brutalizer.
  • Try to harass your enemies withyour basic or advanced harassment combo
  • Try to ward at least 1 side of the river and ask your jungler to ward opposite side.
  • Try to ward enemies blue buff,and try to steal it since it's your enemies main damage Reasurce.
  • You won't clear creep waves in really fast time since you must melee hit creeps, but if you finished killing them and your pushing and got spare time try to take enmies wraiths since it's better then standing in the fog of war.
  • As a really mobile Midlaner try to gank other lanes and you can combine your ganks with junglers ganks.

Try to get as many kills as you can since you can try to carry later.

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Late Game

Lee sin's Late Game

At late game your no longer a jungler your tank/bruiser you are your teams secret weapon , your job is to initiate/change fights
  • Try to initate on enemy teams carry , because as a bruioser you want to focuse carry down firts
  • Try to use your Dragon's Rage properly to knock-up at least 2-3 targets.
  • Keep up times for your dragon or baron since both of these buffs can give you advantege
  • Now when you got your Warmog's Armor your good tank and its your job to initiate
  • All your damage will be unleashed with Atma's Impaler and its synergy with warmong's armor
Since late game you got same tactics

Guide Top

Lee Sins skills

Flurry (passive) - This is really good passive.It helps you with your jungle and in team fights.But only if you time it correctly and you will not spam your skills but you will wait those 2 hits.
Tip & Tricks
  • Lee is not the champion that should hit once to a minion and then activate his ability's to gain max damage output like Shyvana so use start by using any of your spells and activate Flurry
  • This buff still returns 15 energy even if the attack misses, is dodged or is blocked by Aegis Protection.

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (Q) - This is awesome skill, this is his main damage skill, main initiator skill, but only if you can aim it correctly.
AlsoSonic Wave/Resonating Strike- Is not only your biggest damage skill but good gap closer when chasing or when fleeting, just Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike to a neutral creep to get away.
Tip & Tricks

  • Try to predict enemys next move including minion movement (expect if it's Fizz and then you will easily land Sonic Wave.
  • Don't use your Resonating Strike if you landed your Sonic Wave wait for enemy to use his slow,stun,fear or any other cc, because enemys will be scared of you and some can actually Flash after direct hit or getting out of team fight
  • If some enemy chases you in your jungle and you got no allied champions or sight ward near you use your neutral creeps to Sonic Wave to then and and run away.

Safeguard (W)-This is your main escape, harassment or supporting ability.
Safeguard-I advice you to max it second at level 13 , you may ask why ? because at mid game you can tank at least one turret hit just with Safeguard spell or you can save somebodys life with it.
Safeguard- Lets not forget about life steal that it gives because it's really useful
Tip & Tricks
  • Safeguard-With this skill map awarness is life or death question so WARD,WARD and WARD at least your lane or carry one sight wardsight ward with you
  • At mid if your pushed and can't really attack enemy put a sight wardsight ward so you can Safeguard to it and start your attack with armor and life steal.
  • Also you can Safeguard to your allied champion to save him or your self from death.
  • Safeguard at rank 5 it block's 200 damage + 80% of your AP so Sheen and Trinity Force can be good for friendly life saver Lee Sin
  • Safeguardcan be used on Minions , sight Ward, Shaco's Jack In The Box, Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turret and Teemo's Noxious Trap.

Tempest (E)-Main Lee Sin farm ability besides auto attacks and big AoE spell with slow that can be used for many targets including minions,champions or neutral mobs.
Tempest - Lee Sin shouldn't max Tempest first only because of its low damage and small radius
Tip & Tricks
  • Cripple - In a fight it's same as with Resonating Strike don't use it immediately after Tempest if you missed Sonic Wave and enemy used Flash use Cripple to slow him and chase him !
  • Use Cripple if you want to save your teammates from chase and make their and your chances of surviving bigger then just Safeguard to allied champion.
  • When you are jungling take Tempest first ,because you deal AoE damage to other creeps so killing then faster and slowing their movement speed and attack speed so you can deal more damage jungling with Tempest is better then with Sonic Wave only because of slow and AoE damage
  • Cannot reveal wards but can reveal Noxious Trap shrooms.
  • Tempest will reveal invisible units around Lee Sin.

Dragon's Rage (R) - Your ultimate attack also it's a freaking nuke and fight changer.If your fighting 1 versus 1 don't use it immediately or if it's team fight use it to knock up at least 2-3 enemys then it's a good used ultimate! It's damage is pretty big and AD ration is just insane !!!!
Tip & Tricks
  • Dragon's Rage - Is great fighting skill1 versus 1 and enemy is low just use Sonic Wave hit 2 times to use Flurry use Ignite and then only use Dragon's Rage and when enemy is about to fall down just use Resonating Strike to finish him !
  • Dragon's Rage-As i said earlier in teamfights you will be focused really late so when their team is focusing your carry try to land a good Dragon's Rage to knock up at least 2-3 enemies !
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > > >

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Core items and Explanation

The Brutalizer
It's a very good item for Lee Sin because it gives you early game damage and CDR that's really important for your harassment. As you see late game it's not needed any more so i advice to sell it befor buying The Bloodthirster, but if you like it you can buy Youmuu's Ghostblade for maxing your escape or chase ability
Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler
This item combination is the core of Lee Sin, it gives him chance to maximize his tankynes and his damage. These 2 itemss got perfect synergy especially with Greater Quintessence of Health.Also this combo makes him a bruiseror as other knows him - tanky dps, this item choice combo gives him all right of dominating any lane.
To my mind it's one of your core items, because slow if fantastic, and you can build it into 2 really great items like Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force, both of them are adviced for Lee Sin only choose what to take to counter your enmies.

Guide Top

Boots Choice

Ninja Tabi
Is really good items for every high damage team , personally i like the remake of it and use it almost in every games
Mercury's Treads
Is really good choice versus CC teams or AP teams. Offten used on Mid lane, usually most mid champions are AP.


Berserker's Greaves
Lee's passive gives you enough attack speed , and this is more tanky build. Maybe better choice for lane Lee Sin
Boots of Swiftness
These items may be good versus skill shooters like Anivia or Morgana, but definitely not to tanky Lee
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
With your The Brutalizer you shouldn't have problems with CDR. Not really needed boots, because you will have mana isuess with energy

Guide Top

Tanky items

Force of Nature
Good versus high AP teams or AP nukers like LeBlanc or Anivia. Still it gives you HP regen and movement speed so i think it's good item for tank Lee
Frozen Mallet
This is really good item for Lee because it got synergy with your Atma's Impaler and slow will be good
Trinity Force
- This is great item for Lee because it give's you all you need HP from Phage and damage from Sheen
Frozen Heart
This is great item versus fed carries or strong AD teams. And CDR is always better for you.It's one of the rare type of items that you take on Lee Sin , because of wasted money on mana.
This is one of greates Defense items in League. I advice to buy it in combo with Frozen Mallet or frozen hearth
Guardian Angel
This is really use full late game items, Lee Sin can be a really good tank and a late game carry, so if you get focused and killed your Guardian Angel could help you
Wit's End
This item is great combo with Force of Nature and can totally block all AP carries.
Aegis of the Legion
This is great item if your not fed / solo top / supporting Lee Sin. Great versus balanced enemy teams and helps your Atma's Impaler
Randuin's Omen
One of the best tanky Lee Sin items. Really great if your solo , so take hearth of gold early so you can get some money from it. Also great when chasing/retreating or in a team fight because of attack speed slow.
Great item versus AP team or few AP carries. Remember its active won't work versus AD if your fighting 1 versus 1.
Banshee's veil
Really good item versus CC or AP team who rely on initiation spell like Sion Veigar or Xerath. Also it keeps you healthy and active got only 45 second CD.
Quicksilver sash
Great item versus massive CC team , use it wise. Wait till all CC is wasted on you use its active and be freeee ;D.

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Damage Items

The Bloodthirster
To my mind this is most popular and most needed Lee's item for more damage. Usually i stack 2 of them at the end of the game, and with Lee you got no problems of stacking it till maximum.
Last Whisper
This item is used for Tanky AD teams with frozen hearth or any other Armor item.Or if you want to maximize your damage, you could try to do pure damage.
Youmuu's Ghostblade
- This is good item , because it gives you attack speed when your fighting or movement speed when your chasing or fleeting.Also you got half of it with your - The Brutalizer
Phantom Dancer
This is really great item for Lee sin, because it gives you attack speed and movement speed for chasing/fleeting
Zeke's Herald
Zeke's Herald
New and effective item (way better then previous Stark's Ferver). It gives you CDR / AS / Life steal what else do you need ? Also a good combo with your The Brutalizer.
Zeke's Herald
Infinity Edge
Also Lee Sin can try to maximize his damage with Infinity Edge and if you got Atma's Impaler you will have about 30 % crit chance.

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Build analyze - "Core"

Your main build what you should use when playing Lee Sin , most used when your midlaner.

  • With this build you are the perfect Lee Sin your a bruiser , you are healthy and a hard to kill one and at the same time your carry and damage dealer.
  • You will shine when you will get your The Brutalizer , then your harass and damage will be noticable
  • As you see build isn't finished it is your CORE. items that you must have, then you can build tanky AP or AD

  • Early game , if your using this build don't be a HERO your not a thank until Warmog's Armor

This build I use every time

Guide Top

Build analyze - "Jungle"

This build is simmilar to "core build" only the start of it is different.

  • As a jungler you must have Wriggle's Lantern , with it you will jungle faster and you can ward map, as a Lee Sin you can jump in and out of battles with this ward.
  • If you buy a Wriggle's Lantern you secrifise The Brutalizer and your damage is bit lower.
  • As a jungler you must go bruiser , so your solo should go tank, this is meta.

This build is working , i and my friends and mobaFire readers have tried it.

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Build analyze - "Solo"

I'm not the best Lee Sin top lane players , but i tried i failed and now im getting better so i added this build.

    Not only junglers but solo laners buy
Wriggle's Lantern , because it gives you all you need, you farm faster, you have damage , armore and lifesteal also a ward for incoming gankers.
[*] This build is focused on late game damage and is kinda similar to "***asis" build.
[*] With this build your early game wont be the strongest but you will stiill be good mid/late game
[*] 2x dorans blade will be really good for your early game it will give you needed damge and sustain.

This build is good and tested.

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Build analyze - "Assasin"

This is reareley seen Lee Sin build , only because we all think of him as a bruiser/tanky dps.

  • Use this build if your team is tanky but got lack of damage.
  • Dont initiate fights, you are so squshey.
  • If you want you can take your guardians angel earlier, if you are getting focused.
  • With this build your no longer a bruiser now your a "glass cannon", you deal massive damage , and you can die very quick.

Thiks build is pretty much a "work in progres", im testing with it.

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About Mid lane Lee Sin

This guide is also about mid laning as a Lee Sin and i know that for some people that seems unreal so i want to explain all about it.
  • Usually 90% mid laners are squsheys and can't really defend them selves, so Lee Sin is the perfect balance for holding and dominating mid.
  • His main advantige is energy. Because of that his harassment is really great and deadly for most mid laners.
  • At mid we know few champions whos main damage is some kind of leap like Katarina , Akali but only few of them can leap to saftey - LeBlanc or Lee Sin so he got strong harassment and he can fell safe after finishing his combo.
  • Other thing is his farming abitlity and we can say thanks for it to ENERGY, if you got empty mid and wanna farm just use your skills or in this sample Sonic Wave tag a minion use your Flurry for hitting a cream then use Resonating Strike to last hit tagged one and use Flurry once again for hitting other creeps.
  • He is perfect counter for dangerouse mid laners or gankers like Twitch Akali or Shaco.
  • Also if you didn't know that mid is like second top lane so if a champion can hold top he got like 60 % of holding mid, Lee Sin , Talon , Mordekaiser.
  • Also Lee Sin is a perfect mid laner for any jungler because he don't really need any buffs or if he wants them he can take them solo.
  • Any jungler can gank Lee Sin lane because of his CC , slow and a gigantic knock-back that will help any jungler

    Yeah as you see Lee Sin got great advantiges at mid.

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Combo List

Flurry = Basic attack | Cripple = Tempest 2nd tap. | 1st Sonic Wave / 2nd Resonating strike

Pre level 6

| | to a creep - Harassment combo.

| | | to a creep - Advenced Harassment combo.

| | | | | - Close combat combo vs melee.

| | | on your self | | - Combo fighting leaper.

After level 6

| | | | | | | - 1 versus 1 combo.

| | | - The face basher.

| | | | | | - The face basher + basic 1 versus 1 combo.

| | | | | | - Versus steaalth champions.

to a ward | | | into a turret | | - Combo versus pushers

This is like Tekken , there are so much combos so try new ones and send them to me if you think that they are worth it !

Guide Top

Other Mid laners

Mordekasier - He's pain in the *** at the mid, hisharassment is just 2 strong for your shield. Mordekaiser is one of those champions why you start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. With morde you Greater Glyph of Magic Resist will come in handy, at level 4-6 go beck for Null-Magic Mantle for more MR. Then try to fight him, you really can't harass mordekaiser so you need to kill him fast and the best if he initiates ,so your minions deal some damage ! If he got Will of the Ancients ignite him first !

Morgana - So talking about Morgana , your harassment can't keep up with her spell wamp so try to take Mercury's Treads and then only dodge Dark Binding then you can easily kill her, also if she tries to harass you with Tormented Soil just Safeguard / Iron Will from it to some minion or on your self, an her Black Shield can only save her from your Tempest slow and Dragon's Rage knock back.

Vladimir - After the buff he is becoming hard to kill, but you can do it on low levels by using Ignite on him and when he's low tag him with your Sonic Wave and when he comes back from it just use Resonating Strike to finish him. If he is being fed, try to call ganks or use so called ward method to kill him.

Lux - She is just on annoying champion using her Lucent Singularity she can harass you and if she uses her passive Illumination she can deal great damage ! If she got no Clarity try to ward blue buff so she can't get it , then you got chances to win your lane.

Anivia - With this birdy you want to upgrade your Safeguard / Iron Will and use it properly for dodging her Flash Frost and then she's yours, for next 10 seconds she is yours! If she got her blue buff you will be 50% doomed because of her Glacial Storm and frost bite combo that is hard to dodge. So same as Lux try to ward it and steal it (it will be hard).Don't dive Anivia if she got her passive because it's only dumb and useless.

Gragas - Same as Anivia try to dodge his Barrel Roll and you will be OK. His Body Slam is not a big threat for you so if he does it try to tag him and then kill ! Don't try to turret dive him, his ultimate can easly change situation if turret will deal 70% of you damage taken.

Akali - She is really scarrrry late game but early she is all your's , you are her biggest early game counter (maybe besides Cassiopeia). when she is hiding in Twilight Shroud us your Tempest to reveal her and your damage will be more then enought to kill her.

Caitlyn - This sheriff can rape you hard since your melee , you will have some hard times countering her so i advice to take Cloth Armor and 5x healing potion it will be a great synergy with your Greater Seal of Armor.
As with other champions don't waste your Sonic Wave till she uses her 90 Caliber Net so you would hit her more. You can easily dodge her Piltover Peacemaker and yordle snap traps won't be a big threat.

Kassadin - This is one of the rare champions that can beat the **** out of you. You may ask how does Kassadin counters Lee Sin because you will give him stacks for his Force Pulse. Try to take his blue buff and he will be harmless. Also he is one of the rare champions that you shouldn't immidiatly use your Resonating Strike , so if he Riftwalk away from you , just close the gap and finish him.

Ashe - To my mind she is and easy kill for almost any mid laner, her damage is really low early, mana costs are big and sustain minor, you will kill her in 99% if she won't have Flash. Also you will counter her volly if you will stand correctly behind your creeps

Cassiopeia - If she is your match up it means that your lane is lost. If player isn't level 3 and playing her 1st time you will die to her harrasment and burst. If you want to try ask your jungler to babby sit your lane so you could feed on her. Cassiopeia is just dangerouse type of champions, You could try to ward/steal her blue buffs that will destroy her if she goes pure damage But if she got tear of godness or Catalyst the Protector your pretty screwd. Anyway if you got her mid try to switch.

Fiddlesticks - this scarecrow is really scarrry at mid. 3 sec Terrify and Drain combo will melt your hp and you can only kill him with your Dragon's Rage when he is casting Drain or crow storm. Also i don't really think that your a match for him because all your harassmanet will be useless, if you will try to use your Sonic Wave on him he will just teriify you and Drain his missing hp. If he becomes a threat you can counter him as same as any mana hungry mid laner , take his blue buff

Brand - You really can counter him , when he uses his Pillar of Flame or Conflagration you can dodge it with Safeguard or dodge Sear from getting sutuned. But if he will land few Conflagration and Sear combos following up with Pillar of Flame your chances will burn( kinda ironic isn't it).

Karthus - His harassment is really stong and way stonger then yours. You should try to dodge his Lay Waste but if you will jump on him he will probably melt your HP with Defile and Lay Waste, because it's hard to doge Lay Waste in close combat , also his Wall of Pain will be as a finisher followed up with Lay Waste.

Katarina - This is kinda similar lane, you both are cooldown based (or energy), but you got bigger chances of killing her , because your sustain and damage is bigger, you both are melee champions so it's easier to farm. If she decides to use her Shunpo she is easy kill. when she uses her Death Lotus you should use your Dragon's Rage so you would end her casting , but better use your Sonic Wave so you could leap to her and finish her

Kennen - Same as you he got energy so this isn't really a fair fight you can harass him he can do same to you only 20x times better and he does more damage. Remember when he ults try to Dragon's Rage away him.

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  • Lee Sin got no problems with his farming , his basic stats are high and he got energy, i wouldn't advice to farm minions with templest only because it got low damage, furthermore it's just waste of your energy.
  • So i would advice to use Sonic Wave and auto attack's.You can not attack by holding "S" button so you got higher chances of getting creeps .
  • Other thing what Lee Sin can do is to tag a minion with Sonic Wave use Flurry on other minion and then last hit tagged one with Resonating Strike.
  • If you are on mid lane and enemy's creep wave is missing you can jungle by taking out wraith's with your Sonic Wave and Tempest combo , when you will get back to lane your energy will be full or at least half full !

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So Lee Sin can jungle with any route but i like to follow stonwall008 route.

Runes he used


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Masteries - 21/9/0


In depth one , fromstonewall008


And again as u see im big fan of stonewall008

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Jungle creep spawn times


Baron Nashor

Gives : Gold: 300/ Experience: 900 / Exalted with Baron Nashor

Health : 8852 + 125 every 1 min

Spawn time : 15:00

Respawn time : 7:00


Gold: 190 (+25)
Experience: - 0
Health - 3030 + 220 * (highest champion level)
Initial Spawn Time - 2:30
Respawn Time - 6:00

Lizard Elder

Gives : Gold: : 72 (+0.324 per minute after spawn) / Experience: 231 (+2.5 per minute after spawn)/ Blessing of the Lizard Elder

Health : 1372 (+90 per minute after spawn)

Spawn time : 1:55

Respawn time : 5:00

Ancient Golem

Gives : Gold: : 72 (+0.324 per minute after spawn) / Experience: 231 (+2.5 per minute after spawn)/ Crest of the Ancient Golem

Health : 1372 (+90 per minute after spawn)

Spawn time : 1:55

Respawn time : 5:00

Giant Wolf

Gives : Gold: : 25 Experience: 128

Health : 550

Spawn time : 1:40

Respawn time : 1:00


Gives : Gold: : 35 Experience: 120

Health : 400

Spawn time : 1:40

Respawn time : 1:00 / 1:15


Gives : Gold: : 30 Experience: 140

Health : 950 (large), 450 (small)

Spawn time : 1:40

Respawn time : 1:00 / 1:15

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Jungle path - Boots

Start with Boots of Speed and 3x healing potion tanke Tempest at level 1

Ask your team mates or your self to deffend river zone if enemies will start an invasion.

After killing wraiths use a healing potion and go to the wolves. Dont forget about using your pasive Flurry when fighting wraiths or any other jungle creeps

Beware of enemies that can come out of the fog of war when you are low , so ask your mid laner and top laner def blue buff.

After finishing your wolves you will get level 2 - take Safeguard and go to red buff you masy want to use your healing potion

Before starting red buff you may want to check bushes for enemy jungler or kill red buff in bushes as well

After killing red you will be low so you can use your pots and continue jungle or kill your wraiths and go Back to base , because after wraiths you will be level 3 and ready to gank.

Start wraiths and use your Safeguard after Tempest so you will have shield and life steal.

After finishing this path you will have level 3 and 385 gold that enought for Cloth Armor and sight ward

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Jungle path - Vampiric Scepter

Start with Vampiric Scepter take Tempest at level 1

Ask your team mates or your self to deffend river zone if enemies will to start an invasion.

After killing wraiths go to the wolves. Dont forget about using your pasive Flurry when fighting wraiths or any other jungle creeps

Beware of enemies that can come out of the fog of war when you are low , so ask your mid laner and top laner def blue buff.

After finishing your wolves you will get level 2 - take Safeguard and go to red buff

Before starting red buff you may want to check bushes for enemy jungler or kill red buff in bushes as well

After killing red you will be low so go kill your wraiths with your Safeguard and lifesteal you will heal, then you will be level 3

Start wraiths and use your Safeguard after Tempest so you will have shield and life steal.

Then go to the golem side.

Try to tag big golem with Sonic Wave and then use esonating strike to leap to it.

Yeah i kinda missed but thats not a problem

After killing golems you will be in half way to level 4 and 480 gold to buy Boots of Speed and Health Potion or sight ward

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Other junglers

Shaco - Totally one of your biggest threats , his boxes usually are stacked near your wraiths and if you run into them its easy first blood , Also i saw few shaco that stack Jack In The Box near red/blue and if you run into them you will just melt, or get feared then clown will finish you.
After nerf he can put only 4 Jack In The Box in one place, so it's little less damage but still it's deadly.

If Shaco trys to 1 versus 1 you ,at low levels you got minor chances to kill him , because of his 100% crit from decieve and slow from Two-Shiv Poison so try to run from him.And even if you get him low his decieve will help him escaping.

Tryndamere - So about trynd , he's really strong 1 versus 1, so try to counter/bully him by stealing his buffs and killing him when he's low.
Trynds jungle at low hp with full Battle Fury to get crits and life steal from Vampiric Scepter. Also his ultimate Undying Rage , no sh1t it's OP but Lee Sin can counter Tryndamere easy mode (if trynd got no red) your Tempest got lower cd then his Mocking Shout so you can just run from him, but when your fighting and he uses his Undying Rage try to tag him with Sonic Wave then use Dragon's Rage and use Resonating Strike when his Undying Rage is ended to finish him.

Nunu - This Yeti is a king of jungle and all jungle creeps. At low levels he is the most dangerouse jungler in League. Care if Nunu is playing in opponent team , because he can jungle with Boots of Speed, healing potion and a sight ward , In 3 seconds he will take blue buff and he will be on his way to your red buff and ward it , then he will eat all your jungle and be level 3 so when you will try to take it , he will kill you and your red buff.

Cho'Gath - This mutant bug isn't really a great 1 versus 1 , so you can not really avoid him. But Cho'Gath will counter jungle really fast his repture and Feral Scream combo will eat your jungle. And remember that Feast does 1000 damage to minions

Riven - This girl is almost like Cho'Gath will destroy your jungle in seconds , so care. Also Riven is rather strong 1 versus 1. And even if you can get her low, she got one of the greatest escapability, so if you miss your Sonic Wave she will rune away safe.

Olaf - This mad viking most usually will be running low on hp in his jungle, and probably you will want to kill him, but don't be surprised if he rapes the **** out of you because of his passive Berserker Rage, try to slow him with your Tempest and use your Safeguard life steal so you both would have some lifesteal.

Fiddlesticks - This clown isn't really scarrrrrrry for you, because of your Dragon's Rage so you can end casting of his crow storm or Drain. If he is becoming a threat , just counter him by stealing his blue buff and for next 5 minutes he will be harmless.

Amumu - This mummy is team reliable jungler. And like caster he's blue buff reliable. If you want to kill him just wait him on his jungle and when he will waste his Flash and then just finish him.

GangPlank - Yaaaar this pirate is really scarrrrrrry in jungle and lane, so care from him. If it's a CritPlank you will have about 0 chances of killing him 1 versus 1.If you want to invade him or you saw him in your own jungle call your team for help and kill him.

Udyr - Definitely one of the jungle lords. He is really fast in jungle and really dangerouse 1 versus 1 especially if he is tiger-jungling. His Bear Stance and Tiger Stance combo can just melt your HP so beware.

Nocturne - Is really a great jungler because of his , Life steal from passive, Fear , spell block and good chasing ability. If Lee Sin will fight Nocturne i bet that Nocturne got more chances only because of his spell shield and Lee Sin's damage is really Sonic Wave reliable.

Shyvana - also known as a control-jungler. She is one of the fastes junglers in the League, so don't be surprised if you see her in your jungle. When figtinh her remember that her main damage ability is Burnout so try to slow her with Tempest and keep distance from her for next 3 seconds because her Twin Bite can't really do damage to kill you.

Alistar - a.k.a aliTard, because when you smash thing with your head eavey day you will become a tard. He isn't a threat to you when fighting him 1 versus 1 only that he can run away from you if you miss your Sonic Wave or us it 2 fast.

Master Yi - This ninja-samurai is really fast jungler especially if he gots lucky with his alpha stike prox. Fighting 1 versus 1 if he uses his ult Highlander you can't use your Tempest but remember that you can use your Dragon's Rage and than he will be an easy kill.

Rammus - He is like a Donatelo from TMNT really dangerouse and underrated, great tank with great damage or reflect damage. Fighting 1 versus 1 he won't kill you but he can easliy run away with his power ball

Warwick - He's a really good as a jungler but his ganks and fighting 1 versus 1 isn;t the best. If you got ignite or Executioner's Calling you can kill him easy mode.

Jax - After his remake he became really dangerouse person for Lee Sin becouse main Lee Sin damage comes from basic attacks he will dodge it and then stun you, if you will try to run away he will easliy catch you with his Leap Strike.

Jarvan IV - Demacian prince also really strong jungler and fighter. If you see Jarvan IV in your jungle or near you , care he is really strong and he have lots of CC. If he uses Cataclysm and your low and got no escape try to use Dragon's Rage properly so he would fly of his own ult.

MaoKai - This is really scarrrry tree, he is really underestimated but in general he is great jungler and 1 versus 1 he got high chances of damaging you. He got lots of CC and even if he can't kill you remember that he is a great tank, and his role isn't to do damage but to tank it.

Nasus - His early game is really weak , but at jungle he got really great sustain with his passive and Vampiric Scepter. If you want to counter him just try not leting him farm early, that will be easy playing Lee Sin.

Trundle - Troll is Troll, his jungle is mad , he takes out his jungle in seconds and at full hp. Also his ganks are really OP because of his slows even especially with red buff.

Volibear - This Vinny the pooh is great jungler and another underestimated jungler. His early game fight are really strong , at low levels his passive is like udnying rage and he is really hard to kill. Also lots of CC and care of his Frenzy.

Xin Zhao - Yeah . OP at lane OP at jungle. Yeah why all asian League players are so OP ? Lee Sin , akalia and Xin Zhao ?
When fighting 1 versus 1 try to run because you really got no chances.

Fiora - As far as i know this chick got some speed at jungle, but not really a big threat to Lee Sin at jungle. But if you want to fight 1 versus 1 it's a bad idea, because her burst is way bigger then yours.

Lee Sin - Yeah this is not rare match up, you can see him quite offten. You got same skills , so if you are fighting him 1 versus 1 it's all about skilll and passive useing.

Sejuani - a.k.a BACON , i haven't seen her for a while but i know that she is really not a threat, mybe her ganks are strong but 1 versus 1 she can't do anything to you. Also she is really mana reliable so taking her blue will stop her.

Lee Sin - a.k.a BIG DADDY, kinda like Sejuani good tank strong ganks , still really weak opponent , you will have no problems with him

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Score Boards

My Lee Sin games using this build
Other score with same build.

Build Works


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This is my guide on playing Lee Sin, at 3 Lanes of Summoner's Rift.He's a perfect jungler and one of those champions that can beat the **** out of anyone!!!
Very good mid laner , and really underrated that way.

Im just a simple guy from LATVIAso im playing on EU/W server , if you want to invite me my summoner name is - smiliwat.

Also visit slydunan Ryze Guide if you want to know how to rape Lee Sin mid.

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Thanks to all these people

  • jhoijhoi - For her guide - How to make a Guide.
  • Mr SkajMen - for letting me go mid as Lee Sin , then i first tried him mid.
  • Catway - His my brother and he helped me by bringing me tea.
  • IceCreamy - For helping with BB Codes and guide.
  • Taneren - For giving me a good look on my guide.
  • Slydunan - For helping me with my guide.
  • Big thanks to LOL WIKI
  • MissMaw - She is my guide Art worker. She made 80% of my guide images.
Thanks to all theese people (mybe only expect my brother jkjk)

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Change Log

2012/02/19 - Build Broke, Lost sections - Change log, Credits,summary ,Other junglers, jungle reep spawn time

2012/02/20 - Reworked on sectons - Change log ,Credits ,Summary Other ,junglers
-Upadted sections "other junglers" nad "other mid laners"
-Remake of section"jujngle creep spawn time"

20122/02/23 - Added section "About Lee Sin"
-Changed Solo buide , Flash changed to Ignite, The Brutalizer changed to Wriggle's Lantern.
- Small introduction change - added music.
- Expanded section "other mid laners" addede some info to latest champions.

2012/03/16 - Added Images to all tchapters
- Expanded section "other junglers"
- MissMaw edided to Credit list <3
2012/04/07 - Added new build - "Assasin"
- Added 4 new section - "Build analyze - ...."
- Edited solo build