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League of Legends Build Guide Author madalin120988

Top Lane: Way of the physical off-tank

madalin120988 Last updated on August 1, 2013
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Greetings, honorable Mobafire readers. Welcome to what is practically my first guide posted on this site. Yes, I have 3 previous others, but I took them down because of how dated they were thanks to the new itemization in the game. So this is my new guide for the new season. I thought about which champion I should make it about, because I play almost all champions fit for solo-top, but I just couldn't decide. Then it hit me. They're not entirely that different from one another. Why not do them ALL in one super-guide? So I created this, a guide in which I present everything you need to know about my favorite type of champions: the AD off-tanks. Keep in mind that the 10 champions in the cheat-sheet are NOT the only ones I cover here. They're just 10 archetypes of builds that I found work very well according to my philosophy of the offense : defense ratio = 50 : 50. With a few exceptions, most of the 10 builds are also applicable to other solo-top ad off-tank champions, thus covering almost the entire roster.(only ones I don't play are Warwick and Gangplank). That doesn't mean that those champions play the same as these, but don't worry, I will cover each and every one of them when we get to the strategy chapter. You can understand how this will be a very complex and long guide, so please bare with me. One interesting thing is that there are champions which can use, not just one, but two or more of the builds that I present in the cheat-sheet. This guide will also cover the situations in which each should be used, as well as variants of the builds suited to unusual enemy team composition. This guide will not cover AD melee champions that usually go all offense and neglect defense completely: assassins like Zed, Talon and Kha'Zix or the glass-cannon melee carries: Tryndamere, Fiora and Master Yi.

Some say that some of these champions( Jarvan IV or Renekton, for example) should be built full tanks, but I call bull***t on that since they don't have the specific drawing of focus to them like real tanks, neither do they do good damage when built all defense or have a whole lot of magic damage like most tanks do. Ok, here we go.

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I'll be starting out with the traditional order of presenting the runes first, then masteries, then summoner spells. These are practically the same for all champions so there's no need for differentiation. Obviously, the ability level-ups will be presented for every champion along with his/her item build at their dedicated chapter. For runes I use mostly the standard which are magic penetration marks, flat armor seals, scaling magic resistance glyphs and flat attack damage quintessences. They offer the best mix of damage and survivability possible for champiosn liek these.

The variation used on Riven and Garen is the there because, unlike most other champions in solo-top, they live and breath by their spells, so their need for CDR is a rather dire one. The seals have been replaced with Greater Seal of Scaling Health, because since they no longer get magic resistance, they need a global form of protection, seeing how armor just protects against physical damage. These are the best possible choice.

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Not much to say here other than the fact this is my personal choice for almost any ad based champion going in lane and not in jungle(carry, off-tank and assassin alike). I like high offense and I just can't pass up any of the choices from the Offense tree. You can certainly go more tanky than my 25/5/0, but in my opinion this is the way to stomp on your opponent in solo-top. From the Defense tree the choices are the obvious ones: health and armor, seeing how in solo top you wind up facing mostly physical damage dealing champions.

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Summoner Spells

I used to use Heal instead of this one, but then I realized that I don't need it since most of the champions I played in solo-top have great sustain, either from life-steal natural( Nasus and Lee Sin) of gained through items, on-hit health restoration( Irelia and Xin Zhao) good health regen( Riven) or some special abilities that restore health like Renekton's Cull the Meek or Garen's passive, Perseverance. So I switched to Ignite because it's much more useful for winning duels or finishing off fleeing opponents with less heath than it's "legal" to escape with.

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt the best summoner spell possible. I take it on EVERY champion I play, no matter what type, role or position. In my opinion, you simply cannot play LoL without it. Its uses are varied and complex and basically everybody uses it, so you'll need it just to keep up with them. Even champions that already have a terrain targeted blink ability built-in, like Kha'Zix, Ezreal, Corki, LeBlanc, Aatrox, Zac should still use it, because it doesn't hurt to have another one. Even on Nasus, I would never recommend trading in this spell for Ghost.

Teleport is a good alternative in summoner spells, but ONLY for replacing Ignite(never Flash). I suppose you could also replace it with Clarity if you have a very mana-hungry champion like Jayce or Irelia and are in no mood to buy mana potions, but I've never actually seen anyone do this. In any case, Ignite and Flash remain the best possible choices for solo-top.


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