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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laeust


Laeust Last updated on January 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The current meta is set up with a solo top, jungler, and mid, along with a duo bottom. The top is usually a tank & sustain based champion, the jungler is often a bruiser, an ability power mage is usually mid lane, and an attack damage carry with a support to assist them. Vi, The Piltover Enforcer functions as a bruiser, or as an off-tank. Because of this she fits best into top or jungle lanes because the meta has shown it to be effective to have these types of champions in these position to farm gold, score kills, take towers, and destroy the enemy nexus.

Vi, The Piltover Enforcer is a champion who is capable of being a great single lane champion in top, collecting creeps by herself and trading off with an opponent over gold, experience, and kills. Vi is also very capable of being useful to her team with her unique skills and powerful ultimate if she is chosen as a jungler. The power ability set on Vi allows her to take the jungle creeps with relative easy for their gold, and buffs, as well as providing high damage ganks on lanes that need help. During team fights Vi aids the team with slows, armor penetration, and an impressive ultimate.

Because of these reasons, this guide will focus on Vi, The Piltover Enforcer's two most viable roles: attack damage bruiser, and jungler. Vi, The Piltover Enforcer is a great addition to the team as either role as she can setup kills on enemy champions with "tons of damage" as well as keep the team moving forward with daring dives & strikes. Vi has powerful slow skill that can punish a focused carry, a passive armor penetrating skill, a brutal punch, and a dive that hurts opponents and shows how badass Vi truly is. Being able to maneuver around Summoner's Rift and lead the team into victory is what Vi is all about.
Table of Contents

Vi, The Piltover Enforcer
Playing Vi
In Game

The most viable summoner spell, and most popular has to be Flash as it provides a short range flash from one spot to another, avoiding skill shots, dodging ultimate & escaping the map. Flash is viable, and a must for anyone without an escape mechanic. this summoner spell fits into both of Vi's roles.

The second most used summoner spell, and likely equally as popular is Ignite as provides true damage over 5 seconds. As a top lane bruiser, this summoner spell is used to finish off the opponent before they can escape, use potions, or recall back to base underneath their turret after a successful gank.

I selected Smite for jungle Vi, as a jungler this is what clears essential creeps. This allows Vi to strike a creep for massive amounts of damage. Allowing her to move through additional camps, onto the fray of nearby lanes. A popular choice is to smite the blue golem or the red elder lizard for early enhancements, then onto further camps to be used again on a golem camp.

Lastly Exhaust for jungle Vi, during exchanges in between lanes as jungler, Vi does not have a stun or impressive crowd control, using exhaust secures ganks & kills. Using exhaust will drastically slow down you opponent, and reduce their damage, this executed correctly can earn your carry a kill each time this spell is up.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage offers raw attack damage, the best quintence for the influence points. With several of these Vi will have close to additional 6 attack damage from the start. We take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, this will support you while focusing on ability power champion early game & surviving the nukes. Greater Seal of Defense will help keep you in lane longer, allowing your to harass your opponents to keep them from collecting gold & creeps with the less damage you take. Lastly Greater Mark of Attack Damage will increase your attack damage by an additional 15 attack damage. This set I use for both my solo top & jungler, as it provides a fair amount of everything you'd want in either position.

* With Season Three reduction of Greater Mark of Armor Penetration & Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration, I believe Attack Damage now is the better choice, however they are still viable.

When your setup for top lane, you want 21 | 9 | 0 for your masteries, this provides Vi with additional attack damage & additional crit % as well. Masteries such as Brute Force & Lethality . With Executioner & Havoc for a heightened damage output. The points not spent in the offensive tree brings Bi additional HP such as Durability & Veteran's Scars with a small portion added to armor and magic resistance.

When your setup for jungle, you want 9 | 21 | 0 for your masteries, into the offensive tree Vi benefits from additional damage from Deadliness & armor penetration Weapon Expertise . From the defensive tree Vi benefits from the additional % & amount of armor + Bladed Armor against jungle minions. Juggernaut provides Vi additional health that helps her passive Blast Shield. Jumping out from the jungle, with style.

Are a strong start for champions that need the extra mobility, promoting Vi to catch up quicker to her opponent as well as avoid skill shots. Purchasing several potions ensures that Vi will remain up in top lane without having to return to the summoner platform, the extra healing may just save your life.

* build Berserker's Greaves for a damaged based vi, and build Mercury's Treads & Ninja Tabi situational to your opponents team composition.

Are a strong start for jungling champions, promoting Vi to deal an increase of 10% damage, plus an additional 10 true damage to creeps. Purchasing five potions ensures that Vi can defeat anything in the jungle and support her for an early gank with plenty of health.

Frozen Mallet was built for Vi. With Frozen Mallet providing Vi with 700 additional health increasing her Blast Shield passive strength. In addition + 30 Attack Damage & a slow that reduces the opponent movement by 40% for 1.5 seconds. With her Vault Breaker slow the frenemies wont move an inch. I consider this a core build item, to both solo top & jungle, helping secure kills & increasing gank strength.

Black Cleaver provides health, static armor penetration, cool down reduction, stack-able armor penetration. The addition of 250 health fuels your gears, your passive and survivability pulverize upward. A 10% cool down reduction means you can Vault Breaker & Excessive Force more often. The unique passive offers a flat + 10 armor penetration, and passive ability on contact with the enemies 6.5% each physical strike, stacked up to 4 times. An additional 25% armor penetration on top of Denting Blows makes Vi punch her opponents into oblivion.

Maw of Malmortius benefits Vi with additonal 55 attack damage and 36 magic resistance. This provides a boost to damage and a small amount of protection from ability power champions that you might cross, wither in top lane like Nidalee & Teemo, junglers like Nautilus & Diana and any middle lane champion. Though the dual passives are the true kicker & cost behind the item. The first passive provides + 1 attack damage for each 2.5% health missing, those low health encounters become dangerous when your damage sky rockets with your Denting Blows your likely doing 'tons of damage'. The second passive - Lifeline offers a shield that protects Vi from 400 damage when brought beneath 30 %.

Atma's Imapler combined with Vi health robust build offers her additional damage and protection. The item gives 45 armor, used to reduce the oncoming blows of attack damage based champions. Atma's Imapler also combines 15% critical strike into the item to increase the chances to do 'tons of damage'. The passive turns 1.5% of your maximum health into attack damage, with an ample supply of health your likely to add a B. F. Sword worth of AD.

Wriggles Lantern aids jungle Vi via sustain with the additon of 10 % life steal. Wriggles offers 15 attack damage & 30 armor as well, an item that strengths your defenses in the jungle. Wriggle's Lantern as well has a 25% to proc an extra 500 damage to neutral creeps. This increases your jungle speed massively, and enables you to prevent & counter jungle efficiently. Securing Dragon & Baron Nashor become easier with the addition of this item. Lastly the item provides a single ward every three minutes, a free ward every time the last expires. Wither you use this to aid your top lane, or watch over important creeps & buffs this item is worth its weight in gold.

Trinity Force reads 'tons of damage', tell me why you would not want your Vi to do tons of damage. Trinity Force massive amount of stats and passives assist Vi incredibly. The Phage portion of Trinity Force gives her 250 bonus health and your basic attacks have a 25% chance to slow the enemy by 30% for 2 seconds. The Sheen addition of Trinity Force provides 30 ability power which aids Excessive Force along with 200 mana. The passive from Sheen works beautiful with her, as your skills cause your auto attacks to deal bonus damage up to 150% of your base damage. Lastly the benefits from Zeal are seen through the additional 8% movement speed and 15% critical strike chance.

Zephyr is a brand new season three item, the new piece of equipment brings to the battlefield an array of helpful increases. The item begins with a 20 Attack Damage increase, aiding Vi commit more raw damage. In addition to 50% attack speed, increasing the amount of Auto Attacks swung by Vi, which helps apply your status effect from Denting Blows. The 10% cool down reduction & movement speed keep Vi chasing her opponents and keeping her impairment applied, along with her other techniques coming up sooner. Lastly Zephyr provides tenacity, which revokes the strength of stuns, slows, snares & similar effects by 35%. If you did not pick up Mercury's Treads this is a suitable item to combat a crowd control heavy team.

Warmog's Armor is a very popular choice for Vi, it offers her the most hit points for her gold. A combination of Giant's Belt, Ruby Crystal, and Rejuvenation Bead. Warmog's Armor provides total of 1000 health gained from the armor, as well as a passive that regenerates 1.5% of your health every five seconds. This increases your length of your survivability as off-tank and heals you during stand offs between teams. The health pool increase aids Vi's Blast Shield giving her passive a lofty boost.

Guardian Angel is a late game item used to bring your champion back from the brink of death, restoring 30% of their health & mana. Your opponents likely will not be too happy to see nightmare that is Vi rise from the ground again to continue fighting and hinder her targets. The item offers 50 armor and 30 magic resist, a proper amount of protection from either source of damage, only making the opponents bring Vi down to zero hp harder. This item however has a 5 minute cool down upon which you can be revived again, don't use it's effect in vain.

Infinity Edge fuels the attack damage carry typically on either team. The item provides its user with 70 additional attack damage, the largest amount of attack damage found on any item. An increase to your critical strike chance by 25%, and the critical strike damage is increased to 250% percent from 200%. With that change in percentage you will be reaping what you sow, devastating unarmored champions and defeating the ones that do purchase futile armor. Your team simply not doing the damage, or your carrying and want to deal more damage, this is the item to build. You will become an auto attack monster that nobody will want to encounter alone on the map.

Mercurial Scimitar is an impressive season three item to be used by attack damage champions. The item brings to the table a staggering 60 attack damage, in addition the item provides 45 magic resistance. The unique active however makes the item worth the buy, upon activation Quicksilver removes all debuffs from your champion. If your champion is Melee, this item also grants 50% bonus Movement Speed for 1 second, with 90 second cool down. This item will deny Amumu, Warwick, and Malzahar ultimate's and let you escape quickly. This item is well worth its cost against a crowd control heavy team.

Runic Bulwark is a Season Three Item that is an increase from Aegis of the Legion. With the addition of Null-Magic Mantle and Aegis you can purchase Runic Bulwark. It offers you 400 health, with 20 armor,and 30 magic resist. The unique aura provides anyone around you with a bonus 10 armor, 30 Magic Resist and 10 Health Regen per 5 seconds. If your main tank, or support has not purchased this item for your team its a secure build as off-tank and bruiser. Vi benefits from the health, and the armor and magic resist keeps her alive when she fights along side her team.

The bloodthirster has been a popular choice for many attack damage carries over season one and two. The item offers a total of 70 attack damage, and 12 % life steal. However per unit kill the item adds 1 attack damage and 0.2% life steal. A full blood thirster offers its master a total of 100 attack damage and 18% life steal. A powerful boost to your damage and capabilities of keeping yourself alive by healing on each hit almost 20%. Though upon death you risk loosing half your stacks on the item. This item though adds alot of attack damage to Vi's kit and life-steal to keep her alive during trade offs.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a jungle item released in season three. The item is a long term transformation of your Hunter's Machete and Spirit Stone. This variant of the item provides Vi with the 500 health bonus that her passive thrives on. The item brings 30 armor to her, along with 14 health regeneration per 5 seconds, and 7 mana per 5 seconds. Keeping her well sustained within her own jungle and onto the battlefield. The passive butcher helps her deal 25% damage to creeps. Lastly the item grants tenacity which reduces crowd control effects on Vi by an additional 35%.

Locket of the Iron Solari is typically seen on support role champions, however it can play an important piece into a bruiser's role. The item is very viable on Vi as it gives her an additional 425 health, more then a Giant's Belt. Along with 35 armor, 10% cool down & 10 health per 5 seconds. An item that provides a solo top stats needed across the board, and the passive is basically a free summoner spell Barrier that scales with your level and can be used every sixty seconds. This item can keep you alive under your turret and proves Vi an extra shield on top of her Blast Shield.

Blast Shield is a passive ability that activates when Vi hits an enemy unit with one of her abilities, granting her an absorption shield equal to 10% of her maximum health. Blast Shield makes Vi's trade off effectively close quarters without hurting herself. It's defiantly not the best passive in the entire game, though its better to have then not. Building on her passive with a massive health pool gives Vi a generous shield to deploy upon initiation.

Q Upon first cast it slows your movement speed by 15% while increasing damage and dash range over 1.25 seconds. Upon second cast, Vi dashes forward, dealing physical damage and applying Denting Blows to all enemies hit. Vi stops upon colliding with an enemy champion, knocking it back. Vault Breaker deals 75% damage to minions and monsters. Vault Breaker is a dual action skill shot by Vi, first imbuing her contact with a slow then charging herself up. While this slows her own movement by a small percentage she can charge forward a great distance.

Spoiler: Click to view

W Passive, Every 3rd attack on the same target deals additional physical damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health, reduces its armor by 20% and grants Vi bonus attack speed for 4 seconds. Denting Blows deals a maximum of 300 damage against minions and monsters. This technique makes it hard for people to go toe to toe with Vi. Upon the third simultaneous strike you deal damaged up to 10% of the targets max health. Not only this but you may gain 50% attack speed and shred 20% of their armor, making her a brawler you do not want to sit around and trade blows with.

Spoiler: Click to view

E Causes Vi's next basic attack to deal bonus physical damage to the target and enemies behind it. Vi periodically charges a new punch and can hold up to 2 charges at once. This technique is your bread and butter for Vi. The next basic attack creates a cone that blasts the enemies behind the target. With a range of 600 this can reach quite a distance behind Vi. This technique resets Vi auto attack timer which truly makes it frightening, using an auto attack, Excessive Force and another auto attack deals alot of damage and imbues your target with the status effect from Denting Blows.

Spoiler: Click to view

R Assault and Battery is a single targeted dash ability that brings Vi to her target's location, dealing Physical Damage and knocking it up upon arrival. Additionally, all enemy units along Vi's path are knocked aside and take 75% of the ability's damage. Vi 100% badass ultimate that singles out the target of your choice and crowd controlling them in place until the end of the ultimate. Opponents in the path are struck for a bit less damage, but this helps secure kills and disables the dangerous carries. This technique should not be used to initiate, and should focus the sources of damage during a team fight.

Spoiler: Click to view

At Level One take up Excessive Force, this will help exchange blows with your opponent or clear your jungle quicker. Before minions spawn you may have up to two stacks to Excessive Force. Harassing opponents behind minion waves while they cant lay a hand on you is a happy sight.

At Level Six, Eleven and Sixteen you prioritize your ultimate Assault and Battery, as it increases the damage, cool down and important factors of the skill. However the first technique you should maximize is your Excessive Force.

If your having issues with a tankier foe, max out your Denting Blows before Vault Breaker or perhaps you need quicker ganks, to instantly charge into lane with power maximize your Vault Breaker as jungler.

Though maximize your Denting Blows last normally since it can be difficult to use with ranged and kiting opponents, lower cool downs and increased damage on other skills is more efficent.

Laning at the start of the game begins with many champions starts with simply farming in their lanes and picking up early kills within their lane. As Vi you want to collect cs during this phase as much as you can, while quietly trading off with your opponent. With Excessive Force you can punish not only minion waves but the opponent between the creeps. Simply play defensive and careful, communicate with your jungler if your lane becomes pushed to commit a successful gank. After earning herself proper gold from farming, and possible kills & assists you should have an item or two in the process of being built. If you yourself are jungling as Vi you should focus quick & clean clears and ganking lanes that need your assistance, crowd control will strengthen your ganks anyone able to stun the opponent will assist your success greatly.

Vi can compete against other bruisers and tanks toe to toe in her lane, and can even support. Synergy between her close quarter combat and a ranged attack damage such as Caitlyn create a strong kill lane. Having her carries beside Vi make her a very dangerous component of the team composition. Her strength in lane is at her own comfort level as she can play offensive in your face with her Vault Breaker, or play passive with her Excessive Force. Though she be squishy during the early lane phase, which allows strong early game champion to take advantage over her. Being kited in lane is another nuisance without your slows, a ranged carry is a nightmare to kill let alone keep yourself alive and farm.

Harassment from Vi is subtle, with her ranged offense from Excessive Force she can bring a injured champion down with a trade off between the use of her Vault Breaker and Denting Blows immediately destroying her opponent. Though a hard poke begins with your gap closer Vault Breaker followed by an auto attack and Excessive Force at this point the opponent should be debuffed from Denting Blows and your auto attack reset from your excessive force should strike them for fair trade off. If you happened to use Greater Mark of Armor Penetration or Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration an opponent with base armor will be destroyed from your engagement.

Vi's Assault and Battery is a powerful disable to be used on the opponent team, functioning well with a AOE stun such as Sona's Crescendo, as well as a timed strike with Warwick's Infinite Duress to complete eliminate a target one after each other. Focused on an ability power carry or an attack damage carry out of place can result in your team knocking out the carry before the fight truly begins, taking less damage and successfully pushing lanes. Though she should avoid using it to initiate, as shes likely to get jumped onto however if shes used as off tank she can use this to begin team fights. Saving her Vault Breaker as an escape mechanism.

After the lane phase, both teams have shared trade off with various champions, securing kill & assist. With a fair amount of farm champions are a bit stronger then you had viewed during lane phase. It no longer falls solely on creeps & ganks. Instead the game begins to shift to objectives, and how well you can secure & take them.

Ancient Golem & Elder Lizard provide those who claim them with a significant boost. The Ancient Golem blessing earns the champion heightened mana/energy regeneration and cool down reduction. Prized by mana hungry champions and your mid lane companion, as it aids in securing dominance in their lane. Elder Lizard blessing offers bonus true damage based on level and a slow. Securing both blessings while their up and stealing the enemies may lead to secure crucial exchanges and team fights.

As Jungle Vi you should be secured your foothold on the map,and have a proper build to combat the enemy composition, wither it is rushing magic resistance items or more health. Being able to gank enemy lanes while they try to trade off and secure kills pushes your team further towards winning and controlling late game conflicts. Do not forget as a jungler, you can ward, with Ruby Sightstone your able to get health you adore and wards to assist your support and watch other lanes and objectives. Or an oracle to destroy wards to assist your ganks and erase sight on objectives.

Dragon should be your focus mid-game, securing the dragon awards global gold that helps your team build items quicker as you begin to secure dragon repeatedly you can earn your team a fortune from the epic level creep.

After the laning phase, and mid game, the late game is where Vi truly shines, with most opponents having a larger health pool her Denting Blows deal alot of damage, and with her own massive health resevour she can stand toe to toe with anyone who dares to cross her path.

If you find yourself roaming between lanes, is safe to ward objectives still, at this point of the game, baron nashor is a primary focus, keeping wards around his spawn and dragon will keep you from being greeted from a team of buffed opponents.

Baron Nashor is a powerful neutral monster that when slain awards 300 global gold to your team mates & gives Exalted with Baron Nashor which grants additional attack damage, ability power, health & mana regeneration. Securing yourself baron through your team sharing the kill, or stealing it from the enemy team can change the tide of the game.

Map Awareness is key late game, for Vi knowing where the enemy team is and isn't is important. If the team is are all alive and not seen they are likely collecting baron or dragon. Travel in groups, as a support face checking a tri-bush can lead to an entire team jumping on them and eliminating an important role for team fights.

this is my first guide on mobafire, I would enjoy to hear your thoughts,opinions, and suggestion towards the guide. please don't down vote without leaving a comment.

viable are also situational items, they aren't always needed focus on your priorities and your threats. enemy team ad heavy focus armor, enemy team ap heavy, focus magic resist, focus around your strength and items that increase your survivability.

major visual credit thanks to astrolia, without her guide's flawless representation of stats, knowledge and skill this guide wouldn't be half as pretty. Though if you have not checked out her nami | sona | lulu | miss fortune guides, I highly recommend them.

major bb code help thanks to jhoijhoi guides on how to make guides, if you have not read her own I stress that you do, top rated nasus | vayne | morgana | and other guides, they are well written and accurate.

for viable items I am researching the effects of Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart the health and slow proves worthy for Randuin, and the armor, cdr and passive of Frozen Heart are very beneficial. currently working on adding into viable Wit's End for its attack speed, magic damage and magic resistance. noting viability of Statikk Shiv as well for its effects.

I will add extra sections as I see fit such as a change log, or other features prominent in other guides, I didn't feel the need for some sections because they were obviously covered and should be understood by viewing this guide.