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Viktor Build Guide by BlueMoon01

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueMoon01

[8.1] [Full Detailed Runes Reforged] Fix Yourself

BlueMoon01 Last updated on January 13, 2018
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Standard Viktor

Viktor Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+6 Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive)

Precision / Domination / Inspiration: +6 Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive)
Resolve: +65 Health

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Middle Lane
Ranked #27 in
Middle Lane
Win 46%
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Threats to Viktor with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Swain Poke him as much as possible and push the lane post-6 [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]
Annie Careful not to get in range of her unless your asking to get deleted [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]
Akali Poke her with all your skills pre6, if she get close to you, unleash all the combo [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]

Welcome everybody to my guide on Viktor mid lane guide!

Im also known as "sitwm" that are posting frequently about my opinions on Viktor in /r/viktormains so you can hit me up or others in the subreddit to ask any questions regarding Viktor, we're friendly & welcoming :D

I hit Challenger in soloQ with 60% games as Viktor and was a challenger mid laner, and managed to reach Diamond 1 in SoloQ & Challenger Flex Q with over 70% win rate in Viktor. I hope to share my knowledge through this guide for anyone, inspiring Viktor mains or people who are new to Viktor and looking to discover more!

This guide will hopefully teach you how to play Viktor, insights about him and includes a lot of sections that will guide you from pre-game to post-game. Do not hesitate to pm me or leave a comment to ask me questions regarding this champion as I feel very honored if you do so !
If you think this guide have helped you, feel free to drop an Upvote if you enjoyed it or put a Downvote if you feel this guide is lackluster of anything

I've peaked at Rank 52 around 360 LP but this is the highest ranked I got in pictures but you can trust me :)

I'm also open for Coaching for Viktor & Mid lane overall. PM me in Mobafire/Reddit for more information

Scales Better than Most Mages
The AP Scaling on Hex Core rely on level and as the game goes on, Viktor can keep up with enemy's scalings - Up to 180 AP & 450 Mana at max level! If Viktor is the one leading, he'll snowball harder than most mages due to his kits that punishes enemy mistakes badly and his unforgiving burst towards enemy w/o magic resists.

Strong Utility & Damage in Teamfights
The AoE Stun from Gravity Field makes you able to control enemies' positioning while able to save your allies sometimes and Chaos Storm brings a lot of damage into teamfight. Viktor is also one of the best teamfighter in the whole game due to his obnoxious AoE burst from proper usage of Death Ray & Chaos Storm

Strongest Waveclears in the Whole Game
Viktor have strongest wave clear into the game currently that is with his augmented Death Ray. It can clear the whole wave with just a single spell starting from level 7. This makes him have one of the earliest powerspike in the game just having a single item

Versatile in Most Comps
Viktor is versatile like Elise in most comps regarding how he can almost replace any "Wombo-Comp-supposed-to-be" Mid Laners like Yasuo or Orianna because Viktor's is one of the only champions who have huge AoE burst damage since most mages only good for bursting single targets, or have AoE damage but is very weak compared to Viktor's burst

High Learning Curve
Viktor is quite easy to play (really) as long you have good grasp of using his Death Ray and simple mechanics/understanding of game. But it's not that easy to master him at all, Viktor require very good understanding of the game & being indecisive on using Gravity Field and controlling Chaos Storm will punish your DPS heavily

Weak to Ganks
Especially most Viktor works nowadays is they will push the lane to make full usage of his insane waveclear but this kind of playstyle will attract attention from junglers or roaming support from side lanes. Viktor is weak to ganks especially he have no instant form of CC that can help him, sure his Gravity Field have AoE stun but it takes time to ramp up so its not really that good whatsoever if enemy decides to dash/flash out of it

Require Good Understanding of the Game
Viktor is like the APC of the ADCs in the game. He relies heavily on positioning especially in teamfight and due to the fact of him having none dash/blinks/reposition mechanics like Lucian's E, so Viktor have rely from peel from allies or by himself

Limited Items Slots
Due to his Passive and needs of Boots, you're left with 4 Item Slots that make Viktor have quite a boring item sets. You might need some defensive Items like Banshee or Zhonya that will already take up a slot. Void staff is a must as well. This makes every Viktor game end game items feels relatively same & somewhat not "versatile"(?) in terms of item path or versatility

> >
  • Electrocute : Works the same way as old Thunderlord's Decree would, but requires 3 unique ticks - which means AA twice doesn't count as 2 but rather as 1. Regardless, Siphon Power can proc 2 ticks from Q & the AA portion; combined with Death Ray you can easily proc and abuse this especially when this keystone is very strong early game compared with Thunderlord's Decree . Take this if you're looking for Domination first tree

  • Dark Harvest : Dark Harvest works like a stacking mechanic like Siphoning Strike would. You get soul essences from killing champion (6), large monsters (2), or cannon minions (4). After taking in a soul, your next attack on enemy champion/buildings deals extra damage based on how many stacks you have. This seems very good on paper; able to stack damage continously and limitlessly but its more of a late game keystone - as opposing to how Electrocute work, with cannon minions spawning every 3 waves, I don't see mid laners be able to stack this very fast for it to be as good as other keystones

  • Predator : Predator makes your boots an active that would grant movement speed like a discount Ghost would do. Viktor is not a roamer and you usually don't get boots that early since you're prioritizing the first upgrade. Without boots, this will be useless - you could take Magical Footwear but you only get it at 10 minutes - making this keystone useless for first 10 minutes

  • Cheap Shot : Probably the best out of the row of available runes - Cheap Shot helps you deal more damage to enemies that are CC-ed, even slowed. This helps slightly in 1v1s where you can place Gravity Field to slow them for a moment to increase your damage towards them. This is good in teamfights as well since your teammates have CC, Rylai's Crystal Scepter can help proc this in fights every single time its up

  • Taste of Blood : Helps in sustain in lane, coupled with Manaflow Band this allows you to stay in lane for a long time before recalling. It procs on hitting abilities so you get healed even when poking with Death Ray

  • Sudden Impact : Totally irrelevant to Viktor's kit - Viktor have absolutely no form of dash/leap/blink/teleport to make full use of this, you can argue that going out of brush can proc this but its not reliable - getting one of the other two runes is always better

  • Zombie Ward : Pretty niche kind of rune but I'm totally not a fan of it - your dead wards will reanimate as Zombie Wards but its still "killable" since its visible, you're not going to kill wards often as well

  • Ghost Poro : Ghost Poro is an interesting rune and I would take it if I have Domination as main tree - but not at all if its a secondary tree. This Poro helps you to provide vision around your lane and it have only 3 second cooldown - when it was scared away by enemies which means you get information about enemies' position. This helps during roam when you place a Ghost Poro in a brush while moving towards side lanes to find out if your enemy laner went to match roam you as well

  • Eyeball Collection : You're not gonna kill much wards in a game - considering that you don't get red sweeper trinkets & you don't have AA reset to reliably kill a ward. You shouldn't take this just thinking that you will stomp the lane and kill a lot. The stats aren't that huge, vision is way more important

  • Relentless Hunter : Only viable 3rd row's rune for Viktor, gets out of combat movement speed - get to lane faster and you can roam more if you're ahead (more stacks from killing champions). Not much to elaborate, Ingenious Hunter is bad since Viktor only uses Zhonya's Hourglass for active item at most; Ravenous Hunter can be easily replaced by Taste of Blood in terms of consistency

> =
  • Arcane Comet : Great for poking in lane with Death Ray, its a follow up damage and helps in your AoE damage. The early game damage it provides isn't that bad compared Electrocute damage. Though it can be dodged but most of the time it would still land - optional Rylai's Crystal Scepter purchase helps this keystone work better as well

  • Phase Rush : Phase Rush works like old Stormraider's Surge but takes 3 unique skill/AA to proc like Electrocute. The movement speed boost is great but upgraded Siphon Power did the same as well, have high cooldown of 15s not scaling - you can't use it more than twice in a teamfight.

  • Summon Aery : Summon Aery isn't a support only's keystone and its provides decent follow up damage to your pokes and have no cooldown (Except travel time for her to get to you back) This keystone is good in overall, I usually take this because this is more oppressive in laning phase since Arcane Comet can be dodged as well - however, Arcane Comet is better than Aery if the game lasts too long; but considering how short games are nowadays, this keystone is better

  • Manaflow Band : Hands down the best rune in this whole tree - provides mana sustain and you will never run out of mana, everytime its active; just use Death Ray to make full use of it. It even restores missing mana, having this you won' ever ever ever run out of mana at all - A must pick run if you ever had Sorcery tree on first/secondary tree

  • Nullifying Orb : A discount Hexdrinker being placed on a rune slot, only get this against dangerous matchups such as LeBlanc or Syndra

  • The Ultimate Hat : A handy rune to take since Chaos Storm have high cooldown early, even until late game; but this rune shouldn't be in this row, can't be compared with Manaflow Band's effectiveness

  • Transcendence : This runes give you free 10% CDR once you reach level 10 and its good since Viktor's build usually make him end up on 30% CDR only without blue buffs - this helps caps the CDR. Transcendence also opens up Morellonomicon's purchase for the ad/ap stats for overflowing CDR

  • Celerity : Best rune out of this slot; 3% movement speed is like taking double MoveSPD Quint in the old rune system, alongside getting extra AP from extra movement speeds; your empowered Siphon Power and building Lich Bane can help gives extra boost of stats. This helps a lot in rotating and moving around the map

  • Scorch : The early damage this provides is so insane for poking enemies out of lane, probably the best rune to take in this row - works like old Deathfire Touch

  • Waterwalking : Its useless if you aren't fighting in the river specifically, do not consider taking this at all - It doesn't impact the game as much you thought it would

  • Gathering Storm : With this preseason rolling up, games tend to end faster - usually around 25 minutes to 30 minutes; and Gathering Storm isn't that good until late game, Scorch works better early for poking/harrassing

> >
  • Kleptomancy : Hands down best keystone if you're looking for Inspiration tree as primary one. This keystone provides a lot of gold income and you can even upgrade your Death Ray as early as 6~8 minutes! The only downside is that it only procs against champions so in a ranged matchup, ideally you won't be able to get many AA off them. I'd prefer this for top lane Viktor

  • Glacial Augment : Can't use the active side of the passive since the only active items you are getting would be Zhonya's Hourglass. There's many better keystones out there that makes them stand out more than this one; do not get this

  • Unsealed Spellbook : Can't see in a world where this becomes useful, simply outclassed by other keystones - do not get this at all cost

  • Hextech Flashtraption : This rune is not beneficial at all to mid laners - even moreso that Viktor isn't made to roam/gank that well - only used for junglers/supports to set up unique paths

  • Biscuit Delivery : Take this for amazing sustain in lane - up until 12 minutes which should suffice for your first upgrade purchase. This enables you to stay in lane longer until certain gold goal and coupled with defensive summoners you shouldn't be dying in lane from solo kills

  • Perfect Timing : A generous rune that gives you Stopwatch at the start of game - makes you unable to be dived early game and negates kill pressure of dangerous lanes. Even in scenarios that you don't need Zhonya's Hourglass, you can sell it for gold

  • Magical Footwear : You could save gold using this rune by not upgrading a boots earlier - saves more gold to get your next items and so on. I personally do not take this because I value Future's Market more but its more of personal choice

  • Future's Market : I take this all the time because it allows me to reach first upgrade earlier than usual. Or maybe get next item when you lack small amount of gold - the debt can be easily be paid off with your insane waveclear or taxing Raptors. Its a personal choice between Future's Market and Magical Footwear

  • Cosmic Insight : Only rune worth in the row. Gives CDR to basically everything you have, coupled with Transcendence you get 15% CDR for free

  • Presence of Mind : Look to get this if you want to try precision as secondary tree out for fun. Acts like a better Lost Chapter and can replace Manaflow Band if you're not getting sorcery tree in both trees

  • Coup De Grace : Only this two runes should be picked if you want to test precision out. Works like old mastery - helps in executing enemies and buffing your AP slightly in teamfights after getting a kill/assist

Flash is heavily reliant for Viktor because he does not have any defensive capabilities on his own and its useful for making plays and clutch escapes, take this 100% of the time

Ignite is a pretty strong spell for Viktor to allow him to make level 2 cheesy first blood, having more kill pressure in lane and helps out in zoning. Viktor heavily reliant on positioning in teamfight, and getting in range to Ignite in teamfight is crucial, you might have to consider getting it every time. Its more of an aggressive intake, but there's still better option to choose

Ghost have been nerfed several time - making it not that great to pick up anymore for Viktor. Instead, go for this only for matchups where you need to dodge skillshots or they have less amount of CC. Get other summoners is better for now

Heals you for a nice amount and give a sweet burst of movement speed that allows you to reposition quicker in fights, or even save an ally during some moments. It gives burst of movement speed while Ghost gives a constant small boost of movement speed, so don't get them mixed up

One of most important spells in this preseason - debuff on damage is crucial (-40% damage)and really shuts down champions with less mobility or even assassins. I take this more now since Assasssins kept rising to meta with this preseason since Lethality items have been buffed and mages didn't receive base armor buffs

This spell works so good vs heavy CC comps (ex. Works great versus Cassiopeia, Ahri, Lissandra. You're able to cleanse Ignite/ Exhaust also and making use of it really wins you trades, or manage to escape dangerous situations or ganks

Great tool to maximize your global presence, securing objectives, pushing turrets and helping sidelanes with surprise counterganks. Taking Teleport can lead to defensive or offensive playstyle and will maximize your farm even if you're behind thanks to your amazing waveclear tool. Try to avoid taking this if you don't know how to maximize using this

Glorious Evolution (Passive):
This is a self-buff that gives Viktor an exclusive item at the beginning of a game. This item makes you scale hard into the game and give decent mana per level stats early to help you from running out of mana. Upgrading this item makes you able to augment each of Viktor ablities. Each upgraded ability is important to Viktor as they help cover up weaknesses of him

Siphon power (Q):
This skill is great for last hitting sometimes and it procs 2 stacks of Electrocute, if you have it as keystone. It makes your trade stronger and with this, it makes you one of the strongest traders early on, able to proc Thunderlord's Decree with ease and also sustaining damage with the shield. Although the shield scales of your max mana, it is negligible and doesn't give you a big shield even though you tried to maximize the mana in your build. This ability contributes a lot to your burst after you rush a Lich Bane and hurt more than Death Ray. Despite that, do not max this over Death Ray because you will lose the main factor of your lane control and maxing this makes you easy to be pushed in instead of pressuring the lane

Another tip to mastering Viktor is to learn how to animation cancel this skill. I have not much to say

but I'll link few videos that will explain it :
>LS's explaining it
>Another detailed explanation

Gravity Field (W): Your one and only CC skills in your kit. Max them out last as the only changes it gives per level is just the movement speed reduction and the stun duration remained unchanged. This skill works nice in choke points and if you're able to pull of 3~5 man stuns, that would actually make a turnaround in a fight. Do not hesistate to use this in the beginning of the fight because its still very hard to make use of it and using it early in the teamfight can split their teams for a few seconds. It need time to ramp up and isn't an instant CC so its not that great in an open space

Example of Choke Points

Death Ray (E): Always max this first because its your best damaging spell. Death Ray works as a poke ability from safe distance (Also procs Arcane Comet!) and also one of the best waveclear ability. Death Ray had no cast time and you can cast it while moving making it a very strong spell and thats why movement speed plays such a major role in Viktor's kit. To poke while pushing, try lining the skillshot at the beginning of wave and aim at enemy champions + minions at the same time because wasting this skill will leave you open to engages early and you have no way to fight back. Your initial laser outdamages your augmented laser until you reach mid game, so do not try to predict and prioritize on hitting too much augmented laser early on. Start poking with Death Ray after having 2 points in it

Chaos Storm (R): Summons a singularity after dealing initial damage (The initial cast interrupts Channelings like Fiddlesticks's Crowstorm) and allow you to control it momentarily. Every 2 seconds it will tick (will come out a circle on the singularity to indicate it's about to proc) and deal a lot of damage over the time. To net an unexpected kill, line up your Death Ray on enemy as your it almost tick. The only downside is that, you have to constantly control singularity to maximize damage output because there's many mobility spells nowadays that can easily escape from this

Sorcerer's Shoes has always been a great item for Mages throughout the seasons. It allows you to ignore 15 of enemies' MR - you're more deadly against low-magic resistance enemies. You should sell this item at late-game if they starts stacking magic resists (Only when you have 3/4+ Items!) to grab magic penetrations items like Void Staff and Liandry's Torment

Ionian Boots of Lucidity have always been a great alternative choices to Mages and is great to have when you're slightly behind because its 200g cheaper than the costly Sorcerer's Shoes. If you're behind, the reduce of summoner spell cooldown will come in handy and reduce your flash by 30 seconds ! And allowing you to all-in, or escape when nasty situations comes. If you're planning to go CDR Build, I recommend you to get this after the first hex core you bought. You should avoid buying this item if yourr summoner spells are down because it did not affect the cooldown & waste the gold efficiency - get other items instead

Boots of Swiftness have been nerfed but its still great overall. They help you in roaming or even helping in positioning yourself much better in teamfights. While they are much inferior in stats or effectiveness than the boots stated above, it is a situational buy when your struggling in teamfights or even fighting against a lot of slows. If they have a high CC comp - avoid buying this

You're not gonna be building it most of the time unless you're losing to heavy burst mages in the mid lane like Veigar, Syndra or even fighting Elise jungle or Leona support (That constantly locks you down). Consider getting this after The Hex Core MK-1 if you think you will be killed easily or if they have high CC comps. Getting this item before first ugprade is viable if their jungle is Elise and their mid is Twisted Fate for example, both having magic damage & stuns, so mercs works best in this example scenario

Your first item always, helps you scale into mid game easier - 10 AP per level & 45 Mana per level. If you want to rush Lich Bane, atleast upgrade it twice before doing so - The speed boost from Siphon Power is very important for trading

The nerf to this item hits Viktor really hard, and its not a 100% buy now, but get it after Perfect Hex Core or as 3rd item after Lich Bane as you can apply the slow to most enemies in teamfight (Since you have great AoE). It helps your kiting speed by a ton and consider buying it when fighting "kite-able" comps that lack gap closers

One of the items that you need the most in every single game. Getting this after Perfect Hex Core and Lich Bane will definitely boost your damage output because most brusiers / tankers will tend to stack MR by then

Viktor's second part of Siphon Power benefits a lot from Lich Bane, and its what helps his burst that is mostly underestimated when his Death Ray is on cooldown. Get this as 2nd/3rd item will HEAVILY INCREASE your burst potential, this is more leaned towards sustained damage and bursts. Get this after Perfect Hex Core if you don't seek defensive stats or actives from Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil

Besides Lich Bane solely, I believe IBG works as good as it on Viktor. The Sheen proc will still deal a lot of damage with empowered AA. It gives defensive stats as well like mana which will increase your shield value (by slight, but still decent) & Armor for further sustained fights. This item will reduce your burst slightly from Lich Bane buy and damage overall in exchange that you can stay longer in fights and able to be a pseudo-semi tank mage. I always find myself getting this item when there's a fed bruisers like Irelia and Riven going around. Other than this Zhonya's Hourglass is the only viable armor items you should be getting

This item should be your first rush against fighting assassins if your struggling with them. Try to get The Hex Core MK-1 and Seeker's Armguard as soon as possible after your first back as getting it earlier you can stack the passive and gain more AP and Armor to aid you in lane. You can easily bait enemies to yourself after placing Gravity Field and then use the active, to bait or to survive longer while waiting for your Chaos Storm to follow them. Downside is that its cooldown is high (You get punished for not using it properly) and the AP it provides isn't that high

You can get a Lost Chapter in lane, if you find yourself hard at managing mana in lane. You can keep the Lost Chapter until after Perfect Hex Core even, for the passive itself. You should be upgrading this ONLY after second upgrades and try not to overcap CDR if you're buying this unless you're taking Transcendence rune. Other defensive items like Banshee's Veil is recommended instead of Morellonomicon, but if you do not seek defensive items - this could be your choice

Luden's Echo is a very strong item because of its huge AP amount and that high damage with the passive and 10% Movement Speed boosts. Passive helps a lot in poking while sieging or pushing. It also procs Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slows and Liandry's Torment burn from their passive. Even though this is a great item overall for Viktor, you should prioritize defensive items after Lich Bane so this item is usually left unbuilt on most Viktor games. Swap out your boots for this in late game

With Rylai's Crystal Scepter nerfed, this item is now a possible choice, since its very effecient stats wise, and a flexible build path. You should buy this if enemy is stacking health and MR, as a 3rd - 6th item, since the early flat magic penetration from Haunting Guise helps a lot mid game

This item gives a lot of raw damage but offers no utility but its still a great pick up because getting it will maximize your damage output in a single rotation and 35% increase AP is definitely good when you're building items with low AP but with a Rabadon's Deathcap will greatly increase its AP amount. It's a great item to have especially if you're snowballing the game hard, I do not recommend getting this as a mid game item because it just costs too much, and the 35% you get from it isn't gold efficient, atleast for mid game. You can sell any item and buy this if its a long-dragged game

This section covers what you should get at first ~ 3rd back in different category of gold

Option #1 : 975g Minimum
Path : Doran's Ring + Boots of Speed + Control Ward

I would get this against hard lanes where I usually stress on using mana to farm from a safe distance and need the extra health from Doran's Ring for defensive purposes; boots is important for dodging skillshots and Refillable Potion if you have extra gold, else opt for Health Potions. E.g. Jayce, Syndra, LeBlanc matchups. If you're going for Double Dorans, avoid Dark Seal purchase at all cost! It'll decrease your item slot to 2 slot only and Boots will eventually take over that spot, you have to eventually sell Dorans/DS later on and lose gold in a long term

Option #2 : 1125g Minimum
Path : Sheen + Refillable Potion + Control Ward

Usually get this versus heavy trade matchups; or against enemy that mispositioned badly in lane to eat up all your Q AA pokes. I love taking this versus Yasuo; very aggressive matchups & often dash into your range, he can't windwall your empowered AA. Else, I'll skip this most of the time

Option #3 : 750g Minimum
Path : The Dark Seal + Refillable Potion + Control Ward

A niche item to pick since The Dark Seal increases healing from refillables and have a higher mana throughout the laning phase. Usually get this versus non-threatening matchups or matchups that you think you could bully them without receiving much damage in return. E.g. Twisted Fate and Veigar

Option #4 : 900g ~ 1200g Minimum
Path : Ionian Boots of Lucidity / Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi

An early Lucidity boots is great if you still have summoner spell up so it guarantees next summoner spell you used will have lower cooldown; if you've already used Flash, try not to buy this and just buy T1 Boots instead; since your flash is still on cooldown its not that gold efficient to pick it up early. Mercury's Treads is a viable purchase if they have AP/CC mid & jungle duo. Ninja Tabi is great against AA-reliant matchup like Yasuo/ Jayce

Option #5 : 1000g Minimum
Path : Boots of Speed / Doran's Ring / The Dark Seal + Cloth Armor + Refillable Potion + Control Ward

Get this if you're struggling against AD matchups like Talon/ Zed that have immense kill potential once they hit 6 since you don't get extra armor anymore, this is strictly recommended if you don't think you can survive their all-ins (Even more so if you don't have Exhaust/ Barrier!) A cloth armor with AmpTome is possible too if you're greedy with the AP - This path leads to Zhonya's Hourglass as second purchase, or atleast Armguard after MK-1

Start Siphon Power at level 1 most of the time and approach enemy laner and pressure them with it. I can't stress how strong Siphon Power is early game - giving you shield to negate damage and the damage is huge early. Try to get Q > AA off before 2nd wave arrives to chunk enemies health - make them lose their potions
If the enemy jungler ganks, put a Gravity Field and burn your summoner spells to escape if you think you really need to get out of there or they can burst you down. You can fight most ganks out of them and still come out on top at level 6, but this is very risky and you need to micromanage a lot, so just run if you're not confident enough to play it out. Most of the time, a simple Gravity Field will do though. To avoid geting to this situation, ward up your lane when the 2nd minion wave dies to avoid being ganked

Your priority should be getting The Hex Core MK-1 first then try to bully the lane, if you think you can play safely and reach 1250g first, do that and stop trying to be aggressive unless you're confident that you can fight your way out of ganks. If you die before 1250g, it sets a huge drawback on Viktor and you will be behind for the next couple of minutes until the first upgrade, kept dying before first upgrade will be the main reason for your loses later on.

As a Viktor, its very important for you to push the lane most of the time after upgrading your Death Ray and able to deny enemy cs under turrets and will delay out their powerspike core items eventually. Most enemies have to choose to whether spend all of their mana getting those last hits, tanking the wave and have their health reduced unless they don't want their golds. This will make enemies tend to focus on last hitting instead of wanting to have kill potential in lane. (A good example would be Talon)

The mid game part is where (most of the time) laning phase ends, and team will group to secure objectives, push the lanes and this part of the game is very important as making a few mistakes will cause your team to lose the GAME or even making comebacks. Viktor is one of the champions that works great in the mid game with his strong wave clear, sieging potential or even defending turrets

You can easily roam to side lanes as Viktor because you can easily roam thanks to your waveclear and lane control being exceptionally strong. You can freely roam after pushing a wave and miss none cs while your opponents have to struggle pushing the lane back, or just lose cs by matching your roam routes .Its better to roam if your bot have lane pressure and your jungler is on his way down as well, wards around, and clears wards around. You might want to have someone like Thresh, Nautilus, Leona support as they provide strong engage and Crowd controls making your follow up and controlling Chaos Storm easier. If you're behind, but have an upgraded Death Ray, just TAX your jungler's raptors, or if possible invade their raptors and kill the 5 small ones, this will shorten the gold and xp gap between you and your laner - You should take your jungler's raptors if they aren't an AoE jungler like Ezreal or Lee Sin

After sucessful gank for a laner, you can do few things. Push them to turret or go back to your midlane if its pushed. DO NOT ROAM WHEN YOUR LANE IS PUSHED TOWARDS YOU because a fail gank will lead to loss of gold and experience, and that is bad and this is especially important for mid lane because its the most important lane in term of map control as it is the shortest lane of the three. Ask your jungler to take the minions if you're away roaming and it crashes on turret - this will supply more gold & xp to your jungler, but sacrifices his map pressure since your jungler's in your lane. If you do not want to roam and enemy is missing - just spam ping and continue pushing

You can also push the side lanes to pressure the lanes. A simple Death Ray on 1 wave can slowly build up a slow push that you can rotate to siege turrets. If your on the losing team and they're sieging your lane, you can Death Ray to clear the wave before they can try to siege too, use Gravity Field to pull all minion together and clear them at once if you feel that the enemies will be diving very soon. Usually your mid game plan is to look for fights especially after completing Lich Bane and keep racking as much gold as possible by taxing jungle camps - pushing lanes and securing objective with your team

Late Game is pretty much all about getting objectives and teamfights. And Viktor is pretty good at controling objectives, zoning away enemies with Gravity Field and Chaos Storm. You can also use Death Ray to poke enemy team before teamfight, but make sure your Death Ray is up when the teamfight is about to start, as it has a pretty long cooldown. Well in teamfight, you have to position accordingly based on what's happening, who to prioritize and how much leads do you/your team have

Most of the time, you should not go infront of the fight because you're squishy and have no defensive stats to soak damage. Use Death Ray from afar and Gravity Field to stun their frontline. If their most of their frontliners got stunned with teammates' abilities, put Gravity Field down and chain the stun while using Chaos Storm to burst them down. Chaos Storm is hard to use due to the fact it ticks every 2 seconds(which is long) but if you control your Chaos Storm properly, and hit enemies with 3 out of 3 of the ticks; you deal a lot of damage. Do not hesitate to Flash inside if your frontlines engages on them, a simple Death Ray and Chaos Storm will deal extremely a lot of damage.

If possible, try to get a pick on their carry before a teamfight breaks out; Viktor can easily burst them with Death Ray + Siphon Power + Lich Bane's AA, and don't afraid on burning Chaos Storm on them is fine since they are the primary damage of their team.
A single teamfight won in late game can mostly turnaround the game or make a comeback since you can push turrets and get Baron/Dragon







Aurelion Sol











Le Blanc











Twisted Fate











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