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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Anivia Build Guide by Reason97

A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix

A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix

Updated on October 14, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reason97 Build Guide By Reason97 120 5 265,303 Views 28 Comments
120 5 265,303 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Reason97 Anivia Build Guide By Reason97 Updated on October 14, 2020
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Runes: Safe Setup

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix

By Reason97

Hello League and Mobafire. I'm Reason, a Mastery 7 Anivia player, with (currently) a bit over 500,000 Points on her, and climbing. Anivia was one of the first champion shards i ever got when i joined league, and i fell in love with her kit, playstyle, and flexibility in game. I know this guide is big, and i apologize. I was just wanted to make sure to get in everything i could about Anivia, and there's no reason you have to look through it all in one sitting.

I remember the frustration of trying to learn league when i first joined, so as a result of that this guide is aimed slightly
more at new players rather then experienced ones. While this guide is more directed at people who are new to Anivia (or league in general), i still hope experienced player's alike find it interesting. This guide will be updated, at the very least, every patch. If you have any opinion's, advice, or question's of any sort, feel free to leave a comment, i'm here to learn same as anyone else.

NOTE: UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THIS GUIDE IS CONSIDERED "OUT OF DATE". with the mass item changes and the introduction to a new item type (Mythic's), im planning on updating and redoing a LARGE portion of this guide, but it'll take time for the dust to settle and new items to be messed around. as long as this message is on the guide, consider it old. not necessarily all irrelevant, just old. it will be updated ASAP.
Anivia Pro's and Con's

+Incredible amounts of Crowd Control
+High burst damage that most people tend to underestimate
+A free extra life (on a cooldown)
+Easy to pick up, hard to master
+Able to be useful even if behind
+extremely low cooldown ultimate

-EXTREMELY mana hungry
-easy to punish if you misuse your abilities
-Super slow skillshot ability, making it easy to dodge
-super squishy when caught out
-no mobility options and very slow
-hard to farm with early game
-easy to learn but hard to master

Why play Anivia?

I'm of the opinion that Anivia is one of these most underrated champ's in Leauge of Legend's. Anivia has so much she can do in so many situation's, and control's the ebb and flow of a fight in a way almost no other champ really can. You don't just play around the battlefield as Anivia, you make your own. You can 1v1, have an amazing teamfight, Have enough CC and an amazing AOE zoning ult that you can use to single-handedly hold back an enemy team, and bring so much in sheer utility to a team that you're flexible enough to fit into almost any team comp. Your only real weakness in a game as Anivia is just the lack of mobility you have, and you have enough in term's of terrain making, stun's and slow's to make up for it if you play right.

plus, i mean, come on. You're a bloody god of the frejlord and all thing's ice and snow. That's just cool.
Abilities (+tips and tricks)

Rebirth (Passive)

Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg form where she died. If 6 seconds go by and no one has killed the egg, Anivia will be reborn from it, with however much health the egg had when she was reborn.




Flash Frost

Anivia launch's a chunk of ice, Slowing anyone it touches briefly as well as damaging. Upon reaching it's max range, or when Anivia activates the ability again, it explodes, stunning and damaging anyone caught in it.





Anivia forms a wall of pure ice which increases in length with level, blocking off the area for 5 seconds before melting back down.





Anivia throws a shard of razor sharp ice straight at an opponent, damaging them. If the target was recently stunned by Anivia's Flash Frost, or hurt by a fully formed Glacial Storm, the damage Frostbite deals is doubled.




Glacial Storm (more commonly called Blizzard)

Anivia summons a storm of ice, snow and hail, growing in size for 1.5 seconds until it reaches it's peak, constantly damaging and slowing everyone caught inside.



Basic Combo's


Basic poke combo

Your basic combo for poking your opponent down in lane. Q to stun, which set's up the double damage for your E. Back off after that unless you have a lot of pressure on your opponent. If you have the luxury, you can get an auto or 2 in with this combo, but for the early poke just connect your E to the target and then get out of their range before they try to retaliate. This combo will be your bread and butter pretty much all the way to level 6. While it may be tempting to throw in your Crystallize to try to keep them close and get off more damage, remember that it is super easy to get around at level 1, so it may be best to save it for more defensive use's.

Full Combo

there's a few way's to do a full combo on Anivia, each can be useful for different situations.

Q, R, W, E

Probably the easiest one to get the hang of. Land your stun, then drop your blizzard under them to start doing damage over time and slow. Your wall and E you can drop in whichever order you want. E first means you have more time to get auto's in, or wall first to try to push them farther into your blizzard or cut them off from escape.

R+Q, W, E

The absolute max damage combo, if you can get it's timing right. The idea is to drop R and throw your Q at the exact same time, that way they start taking damage from your blizzard even before the stun lands. The slow from blizzard also make's it a lot easier to land your stun since they wont be able to dodge it quite as easily. Play around the range of your blizzard, since if you're in range for that you're definitely in range for your Q. While landing your stun first is the easier combo, this one is much more effective, just take's a little bit more practice.

W, R or Q, E

A good combo for anyone who you find caught out from their team. Later in the game, your wall's size can be great in both the jungle as well as lane. So if anyone on the enemy team pushes out too close to you, you can use it to cut them off from escape and their team. If one end of your wall connects with terrain but the other doesn't, drop your blizzard under the target leading towards the open end so they have to run through it to try to escape. If neither end touches terrain, wait to see which end they head towards before you try to blizzard/stun them.
Summoner Spells
Flash is pretty basic for almost every champion in league, there's only a few who don't use it. It's good for escapes, engages, etc. Honestly, with just how numerous the uses for it are, it's just too good to pass up.

Teleport helps Anivia get around a lot faster, which can somewhat make up for her lack of mobility, and opens up more options in her laning and in helping other lanes. Also, due to how teleport interacts with her Egg, it can also be used to save your life (see Abilities: Rebirth)

Take Ignite if you want a more aggressive early game, it greatly adds to your kill pressure in 1v1's. It tends to fall off more late game than TP though, so be sure to capitalize on it while you can to really start you off on the right foot.

Cleanse has situational use, but it can be useful. The most obvious use's are against enemies who use lot's of stuns, LeBlanc, Syndra, Twisted Fate, Swain, Ahri, Veigar, and many others. I dont recommend taking it for every matchup that has a stun opponent, but if they're playing a champ who you know you tend to struggle against, it may be smart. Another use that's good to know is if Fizz land's his R on you, Cleanse will make it disconnect from you. it'll still finish the ult on the ground as if he never hit you with it, so watch out and get away from it, but it sure beat's having it stuck impossibly to you.

This is the spell to take if you're in a matchup you tend to struggle against. I recommend taking Cleanse if it's a hard matchup with someone who has a stun or something, and Barrier against a matchup that's hard but doesn't really have CC, like Zed, or just no CC you can counter with Cleanse, like Yasuo.

I never really recommend any of these, but Exhaust and Heal could see some (albeit situational) use. In the end, it's your game, so if you prefer one of these for some reason, take it instead.

Arcane Comet is the best keystone out of the Sorcery tree for anivia, all the CC she has makes it super easy for the comet to find its mark, and it does quite a bit more damage than Summon Aery. Phase Rush doesn't really benfit Anivia too much since she doesn't really wanna be getting too close to people, and since she doesn't have problems keeping people in her ranges with all her CC.

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band help's just that little bit more with Anivia's massive mana issues, and after you max it's stacks and get the bonus mana regen from it. It doesn't feel like a ton of regen all by itself, but every little bit help's for Anivia.

Nullifying Orb

Nimbus Cloak
Transcendence Provides you with just a little bit of CDR, which is never a bad thing, On top of turning all CDR past your CDR cap into AP. This won't benefit you most games, as you don't really set out to build massive amounts of CDR on anivia, but it's entirely possible to go over the CDR cap on anivia just by building from game to game if you're building lot's of protective items, so it's nice to have just so that bit of extra CDR doesn't just go to waste. It's a reliable rune, which is easy to just plug in and let it do it's thing.

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm is gonna be the most common pick for the final branch of the Sorcery tree. Anivia is the type of champion that really needs to build a few items before she can really start to get rolling, and since your two main items ( Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff) both need to stack first, you're gonna really hit your stride in mid to late game. So, the added bonus of stacking AP the later the game goes is super nice.


Gathering Storm Vs. Scorch


Electrocute can really help turn you into a more aggressive threat in the early game. Landing 3 point's of damage to proc it is easy with all your CC, and it does a decent bit of damage, making it invaluable for isolating and deleting your target. the biggest downside to this is the "single target" problem. This will help you chunk down one target, but after that you need to wait for it's cooldown to pass before it can be used again, which can somewhat limit it in later group skirmishes and teamfights where you're dealing with multiple targets. For a single target style champ, that may not be a really big downside, but since Anivia can handle multiple threats at once with great AOE control, it's much more limiting for her.


Dark Harvest

Cheap Shot is easily the best rune in the second branch of the domination tree for Anivia. Bonus true damage whenever you damage someone with impaired movement? Between your stun and the slow from your blizzard, this should be pretty easy to use, maybe even a couple time in one trade since it has a 4 second cooldown as well. It does fall off 'slightly' later in the game, but the early game pressure this can give make it great for more aggressive laning, and could make it a good secondary tree option too. Plus, even if it does fall of a small bit, it's not like True Damage is ever a bad thing to have.

Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection will probably be the rune you wanna take out of the third Domination branch if you take the domination keystone. If you're running domination as your main rune tree, you're looking to get an early lead and keep it. Eyeball Collection will help you snowball any kills you get a bit more. It's easy to use as well, as another of the "plug it in and forget about it" style rune's. Only downside to this is if you DONT get kills/assists, you won't stack it. So, obviously, not a good rune to take if you aren't expecting to get a bunch of kill's and assists for any reason.

Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter can be super strong on Anivia after you get a couple stacks of it, especially since with your Glacial Storm, you'll be healing From all the damage your Blizzard does to enemies the entire time they're inside the circle, as well as even more healing off all the other damage from your other abilities. This gives you quite a bit more sustainability in extended teamfights. On top of that, Catalyst of Aeons(one of the build components of Rod of Ages) will also heal you the entire time Blizzard is active, so with the Catalyst and a couple stacks of Ravenous Hunter, you can take a little bit more of a beating than you otherwise normally could.

Relentless Hunter


While I don't really recommend it to players new to Anivia, Unsealed Spellbook has quickly become one of my favorite keystones to run on her. The extra utility this keystone brings to your game's is amazing, and people always ALWAYS forget to look and see what summoner spells you switch to and when you swap out, giving you a lot of chances for surprising plays. It also allows me to take a more aggressive laning phase with Ignite and not lose out on the quick-to-lane potential of Teleport, and even Ghost. You can swap out on your first back for TP and be back to lane immediately, with Ignite up and ready to fight. And come late game both sum's are great for roams and getting around the map, you got more defensive options if you're playing from behind like Barrier, Heal and Cleanse, offensive options in Ignite and Exhaust to push your lead, secure or steal jungle camps with Smite, get back your mana without needing to back with Clarity... the possibilities are endless really, and the right spell at the right time can win fights, and whole games.

Since im running a keystone that gives me all the summoner spells, it doesn't matter which 2 i start with, right?
Magical Footwear is great for the gold it helps you save, as well as meaning you dont have to delay your already pricey core items any longer then you already do. If you don't take it, at some point you'll have to but boots, which will put you 300 gold down and also delay either your Tear of the Goddess or Rod of Ages. By taking boots, you get the free boots, saving you gold, as well as a slight move speed boost that Slightly Magical Boots have over normal boots. it's a win win, at the trade off of not having boots earlier in the game. This can sometimes be problematic, on champions who like early boots for either getting out of trouble or for playing aggressive. However, since anivia usually wants to wait for her core before getting SUPER aggressive, and since you have a ton of CC to help keep you safe, with practice you'll learn to survive the time you have to wait for the free boots.

Perfect Timing
Biscuits are perfect for you, as they help a TON in early game. Biscuit's can help you survive even more after potion's are all gone, give you back a bit of mana, increase your mana pool by a small amount... they're overall perfect, and great to have in laning phase to get you through it a little easier.

Future's market
Pretty much all the options in this row are a little niche on Anivia, but out of the three I tend to lean towards Cosmic Insight personally. It's now amazing, by any means, but since I run this page largely for the utility of the summoner spells, the CDR on said summoner spells is nice. You get 5% on Item's too, which can be super helpful for both a Seraph's Embrace shield or the stasis effect on Zhonya's Hourglass if you built it. And while the 5% CDR and max CDR bonus's arent, gamebreaking, for Anivia, they arent really bad either.

Approach Velocity

Time Warp Tonic

Token 1

Token 2

Token 3


Other Secondary Tree Options

  • Presence of Mind
  • Presence of Mind can be super nice for the refunded mana, and can keep you in big teamfight's or hard pushes longer as long as you get a kill or two. This is even more useful later in the game when you have a bigger mana pool, since once Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff are both fully stacked, you have quite an impressive mana pool. And, as of the Preseason, the second part of Presence is now changed. where as it use to give ultimate cooldown, which was useless on Anivia, it now gives increased permanent mana, which makes this MUCH more attractive and useful of an option for Anivia.
  • Coup de Grace
  • Coup de Grace Is pretty good on Anivia, a full combo burst of Q+E will do a big chunk of damage, and since you'll usually drop your Glacial Storm before or directly after your Q for a full combo, this rune will increase the DOT of you're blizzard by a nice bit once the target is low enough. Many people tend to underestimate the lethality of your blizzard already, and this could help just punish those people even more.
  • Bone Plating
  • I personally tend to think Bone Plating is overrated by a lot of people. Many tend to give it a lot more credit then i feel like it deserves since it's best mostly as an early game rune and can fall off later in the game. That being said, early game is where Anivia struggles the most, so a bit of damage reduction in the laning phase can actually be pretty nice. It's pretty niche, but if you want a bit safer lane, it get's the job done. Very niche.
  • Second Wind
  • i don't usually recommend this rune, but if you're looking for a bit more lane sustain to farm longer then i guess you could justify taking it. It's this or Bone Plating, Both are super situational on Anivia. Being 100% honest, the entire Resolve tree is niche on Anivia, but these are options if the added sustain or durability is attractive to you. Just think carefully if they're worth giving up potentially more useful runes to you. Very niche.
  • Font of Life
  • a rune that many people tend to forget about because they never use it, but it isnt altogether useless for a support style build. If you're playing Anivia support and wanna give your teammates a bit of healing, you've easily got enough CC in your stun and blizzard to proc Font of Life, giving a tiny bit of healing to any teammates who target your victim. It's good to keep in mind though that you do NOT heal from your own Font of Life, so this rune is almost exclusive to a support style build. Up to you to decide if it's worth it.

In the end, Runes are meant to be experimented with, so if you find something totally out of Meta, but it works and you life it, try it out.
Core item's

Early game

  • Doran's ring+health pot's
    This is a pretty basic start for almost all midlane mages. It give's you a bit of everything you'll need for laning phase, and you still have enough afterwords to take 2 health potions as well, adding to your sustain in the early laning. Just try not to chug them down super early, cause ideally you don't wanna back for the first time until you have 1000 gold.
  • Alternate Start
    A more sustain focused and snowball heavy start. The extra healing from the Dark Seal will help you out, and with this start you can get a refillable right off the bat which is super nice. The biggest downside to this start compared to a basic one is just the lack of mana regen you'd be losing by not taking Doran's Ring. This start is also nice if you're in a matchup you're confident you can win, cause then you can snowball hard off stacking you're Dark Seal. If you get enough stack, you may even consider upgrading it to a Mejai's Soulstealer.

  • Tear of the Goddess
    On your first back, if you have the 1000 gold, buy both a Tear of the Goddess and the Refillable Potion. The tear is the first item you should always buy ASAP in a game, since it takes awhile to stack and the more you stack it, the more mana you get. The refillable is a personal preference really, but i find it help's a lot since buying this means i'm wasting less gold on health potions throughout the game, and i can upgrade it to a Corrupting Potion as well if i need the extra health/mana sustain.

  • Catalyst or Blasting Wand
    After you buy your Tear, you can buy one of these (or both) on your next back. Blasting Wand will give you a decent bit of AP, whereas Catalyst of Aeons will help keep you farming even longer and give you a little bit more sustain with the healing off of it, so decide which you prefer and prioritize that. Choose one or get both if you can, as you need both to build into your first full item purchase of the game.


Core Item's

  • The Rod of Ages
    Rod of Ages is the first item you'll build in your games. You need to get it first because it take's 10 minutes for it to build all it's stacks, so the sooner you get it, the sooner it'll start to make an impact. It gives AP, mana, and health, making Anivia just that much more powerful and also a little bit tankier. Also, if you have the gold and feel like you need the extra health or mana sustain, you can upgrade your Refillable Potion into a Corrupting Potion as well.

  • Archangel's staff
    You'll finish building your Tear of the Goddess into the Archangel's Staff as either your 2nd or 3rd item. While it makes the most sense to finish it after you finish Rod of Ages, if you're way ahead you can afford to sit on the Tear of the Goddess a bit longer and build another damage item to keep that snowball going. Once it's got all 750 stack's of bonus mana, it'll upgrade into the Seraph's Embrace, which comes with a really nice active ability that grant's you a shield, so it's great for getting you through tight spots. The passive Awe will also grant you a nice chunk of AP, and you get 20% CDR to help you Repostion your Glacial Storm and to have Crystallize and Flash Frost ready more often. And of course, all the mana from the stack's you've been working on.
  • Sorcerer's shoes
    These are easily the best boot's for Anivia, as the little bit of bonus magic penetration will help cut through most people's base magic resist. if no one on the enemy team is building any MR, then these alone should be enough to cut through what little resistance they have just in their stats. Finish them at some point after you finish Rod of Ages, 2nd or 3rd item.
Liandry's VS Morellonomicon VS Void Staff
Liandry's, Morellonomicon, and Void Staff are all great item's for Anivia, but that doesn't always mean you should build all of them. How do you know when to build Liandry's over Morellonomicon? If i get magic penetration from Morellonomicon and Sorcerer's shoes, why should I build Void Staff? What exactly does Liandry's passive's even do?

Ill go over each item and try as best i can to outline when you should build each and which item's you should prioritize over the other's from game to game. In general, you'll build one of these three item's 3rd or 4th, depending on how the game is going so far. If you're a bit behind or struggling some, you can finish your Archangel's Staff first to get the active shield on it. If you're doing well or ahead, hold onto Tear of the Goddess and finish upgrading it after.

  • Liandry's torment
    Each of these three item's has their own uses's, and none of them are a "build every game" item like Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff are for Anivia. If you ever aren't sure what to build for them or feel like none of them are really "best", I say go Liandry's. Liandry's Anguish use to be an "every game" item for me, and i still build it 8/10 games. It give's both a nice chunk of AP and health, but the two passive's are what really make this item shine, ESPECIALLY on Anivia. The unique passive's Madness and Torment both work AMAZINGLY well with your Glacial Storm, and both of them also enhance you're already incredibly strong teamfight potential. Madness will increase how much damage you deal to enemies the longer you fight, up to 10% more. Even more impressively, Torment adds a burn to enemies who you hit with your abilities. this means anyone your blizzard will get burned by this passive the ENTIRE time they're inside your storm, and it stay's on them for 3 seconds after they get out as well. on top of THAT, it does % Health damage, which is deadly in it's own right, and since you have so much CC in your kit you will almost always be doing the 2.5% bonus damage that Torment deals to enemies with impaired movement abilities. This is a lot of info and number's i know, but there's so many way's this item synergized with Anivia I could go on even longer. I use to build this as part of her core kit for a reason.
So when should i build Liandry's?

  • Morellonomicon
    Morellonomicon Is a great item for just straight nuking people, since it give's a flat +15 Magic penetration. While +15 doesn't sound all that impressive compared to the 40% Magic penetration you get from Void Staff, it's important to note that the Staff give's PERCENT magic penetration, while Morellonomicon give's flat penetration. I'll go more in depth into this after the item description's, but essentially it mean's that Staff is better against tanks building Magic Resist item's, and Morellonomicon is better against squishy target's like ADC's (more in depth explanation at the end of this section for anyone who cares). Another thing to note about Morellonomicon is that it also applies Cursed Strikes passive, which applies Grievous Wounds to any enemy you damage. this reduces all incoming healing, health regeneration, and life steal on any enemies for the duration of the passive.
So when should i build Morellonomicon?

  • Void Staff
    Void Staff is (thank god) a lot more simple then the other two item's. Give's you 70 AP and also give's you 40% Magic Penetration. Short, simple, and to the point. Easily the least intimidating of these three item's to try to explain, after the clusterf**k of information for the first two.
So when should i build Void Staff?

you'll want to choose at least one of these to build every game. you can pick two, if you feel like you need both. A tank who has a lot of healing plus a few magic resist items? Void Staff and Morellonomicon. One person on the enemy team has a lot of healing but you also want the burn from Liandry's? take Liandry's plus Morellonomicon then. None of will be useful in 100% of game's, so play it game to game and see which you need.

Difference between Flat MR and % MR
Defensive Item's
  • Zhonya's hourglass
    If for any reason you need to build armor, this is the item to do it with. Zhonya's give's you a bit of armor to help you survive some of the AD assassin's or ADC's damage, as well as an ability that will make you immune to anything for 2.5 seconds. On top of this, it give's you AP as well, so even though it isnt quite as powerful as Liandry's or Rabadon's, you can still build it for defense and not fall even farther behind in terms of damage. Build this after Rod of Ages if you need it. It's nice to have against people like Fizz, Zed, etc.

  • Banshee's Veil
    This is you go to item for Magic resist if you start to get in trouble with another mage. Like Zhonya's Hourglass, it's a defense item that still gives AP, so you can build it and not fall too far behind. It also has a nice ability that gives you a shield that blocks all damage and affect's from the next enemy ability that hit's you. The shield come's back every 40 second's that you dont take damage, so it can be really nice if they have a lot of stuns and such on the enemy team.
  • Frozen Heart
    A new armor item i used in a recent game [Recent as of patch 9.9]. Now, granted, i built it cause the enemy team was literally ALL AD [Trynd, Camille, Zed, Pyke and Jayce? i think? it was along those lines]. However, in the rare cases where you do need a butt-ton of armor, this item is viable. It gives a very respectable armor buff, and also still give's you some Mana and a debuff for anyone who get's onto you. Rare pick, but a useful one for the few times you will need it. On top of that, it give's 20% CDR. If you haven't got full CDR yet, this will help for obvious reason's, but even if you do have full CDR already, running Transcendence means the extra CDR will then be converted into AP. It isn't gonna be a ground breaking amount of extra damage, but it does mean that as long as your running Transcendence, none of the stat's on this item will ever go to waste no matter what other CDR item's you already have.
  • Other boot options
    Ninja Tabi can be taken if you want just a little bit of extra armor, especially since the passive that blocks 12% of the damage from basic attacks is super nice. The Magic resist on Mercury's Treads treads is meh, but the passive reduces stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, and immobilizes by 30%. This can be SUPER useful if the enemy team has stacked a lot of these in all their champs, so take the treads when you wanna reduce how long you'll be locked down.

(R.I.P Zz'Rot Portal, you will be missed)
Other Item's
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
    This item may not offer nearly as much as some other items in terms of abilities, but there is NO comparing to the sheer amount of AP you get from Rabadon's. make this item 5th or 6th, it'll help just give all of your abilities so much more punch, and you'll notice the difference fairly quickly. 120 AP on top of 40% increased AP based on how much you have? It's a big buff to your damage.

    One issue i do have with this item is just that Anivia scales so well already that it sometimes feels like a wasted item slot. Yes, it's a TON of damage, and yes more damage is arguably never a bad thing. But you already have a very respectable scaling on your AP, and with Rod stacking up AP and mana, and Archangel's stacking even more mana and THEN giving you AP equal to 3% of your max mana, and THEN adding on the AP from the other item's you get, be it Morellonomicon, or Liandry's Anguish, or whatever... idk. You can usually reliably nuke people by the time you'd even get around to building it, so i really sometimes question wether or not i need the damage this gives me enough to waste the gold, item slot, and loss of utility from a different item on it. That's just my say on it, and of course you should still try all sorts of item combinations yourself before deciding. I'd love to hear from anyone with something to say on the subject.
  • Spellbinder
    This item is more a preference item than a necessary one. It give's a lot of AP, and it's active give's a brief burst of both bonus damage and movement speed. This can be nice for catching up to someone who's fleeing, or even escaping a bad situation if you need to get out fast. I don't personally use it a lot, but it's an item you could definitely swap in somewhere if you find you like it and can afford to.
  • Twin Shadows
    Another item you'll have to mess around with yourself to decide if you like it or not. Twin Shadows is usually more of a support item since it's on the cheaper side for a complete item, but some people swear by it for it's active Spectral Pursuit. This releases 2 ghosts that both find and haunt the closest enemy champion, slowing them and granting you vision of them. It can be nice for catching up the someone, but it isn't quite as powerful in term's of AP as some other items. If you're playing support Anivia, it is nice for it's cheaper price. but for playing normal Mid lane Anivia, you'll have to try it out and decide for yourself.
  • Luden's Echo
    Another item where you'll have to decide for yourself. Luden's is usually built on mages who have a weak wave clear. But, A few people I know who play Anivia build this as their last item, since it gives AP as well as a little bit more CDR and even more mana. I dont like it, but, it isnt awful either, so try it out for yourself and see.
  • Warmog's Armor
    I need to put a disclaimer on this item. this is 100% a guilty pleasure item, and is HIGHLY situational. I only use it when im ahead, winning fights, and only as my 6th last item. I sell my Corrupting Potion for this because I really like how it let's me pick fight's and stay in them a lot longer than I normally could late game. It's a highly controversial item on Anivia, I've been accused of trolling for buying it, but if you're winning fights and want something that let's you fight, then go straight to the next fight without backing as much, this is the one for you. ONLY, ONLY as your last item. Be careful with this one.
Laning Phase

Starting a New Round

A start of a round should always go pretty much the same no matter who you play. Find a position where you can safely keep an eye out for a possible invade, and don't get distracted by IRL stuff like your phone or videos or what not. The moment your in game, you should be committed to that game. This should really go without saying, but considering how many times first blood is lost to someone running out into the jungle at the start of a game and then going to the bathroom, i guess it does need to be said.

Your level 1-6 should be focused on you and your lane. Farming up, poking down if you feel safe to do so, and trying to just avoid too much in the way of fighting. Obviously you can't avoid everything. Just focus on trying to avoid as much poke as you can, and use your Health Potion and any other healing item's you have wisely.

When you have the ability to, you can push your lane and try for a tower plate. This is even easier if your lane opponent is gone, either from backing or roaming. When pushing up in lane, play around your Rebirth and Flash. Having one, or preferably both of, these will greatly increase your overall security. It's perfectly acceptable to burn both of them just to make sure you get out alive, as your life is always more valuable then any amount of gold or summoner's spells. Keep your river brush's warded and a close eye on where the enemy team is on your map. at the first inkling of someone coming back to your lane, RUN. do NOT play hero, do NOT stick around trying to rush another plate. While Anivia has an amazing amount of siege potential, the keyword here is "siege" potential. Tower plates are nice, but you're ability to take tower's directly is slow, as you have nothing in your kit that can help you chip it down faster. No attack speed buffs like Jayce or Udyr, no auto attack enhances like Nasus or Twisted Fate. A siege is a slow, methodical taking of an objective. remember that. You can't risk a plate when you know someones coming. just run.

Should i follow my lane opponent if they roam?

Winning Lane

Get a good kill on your opponent? keeping them pushed in hard and losing little to no ground? Then capitalize. While Anivia isnt known for her early game or snowballing per say, keeping your opponent on their backfoot is never a bad thing no matter who you're playing. First, focus on how you're winning lane. There are two main ways, winning a lane in kill pressure and winning in push.

If you're winning by killing your opponent soundly, then keep the kill pressure on them. Harass and scare them into playing back, and don't let them start to get comfortable. Punish them for trying to CS, either with a quick Q+E combo or by making them have to risk your blizzard to get the gold they need. Remember to keep an eye on your mana, as winning a lane through this way will cause you to burn mana quickly, and trying to poke them down only to run out of mana mid trade will immediately give them a chance to capitalize.
The key to capitalizing on kill lanes is winning the kills SOUNDLY. if you get a kill by the skin of your teeth, or by them making a mistake, don't fool yourself into thinking that mean's your suddenly one-uping them. Take a free kill if they give it to you, and punish mistakes, but do no try to apply kill lane pressure to someone who want's to fight in a kill lane. Assassin's like Zed, Talon, and Fizz are hard enough to 1v1 when everything is going for you, don't EVER underestimate them and think you have the upper hand in a 1v1. Take the early game win's when you can against champs like these, but never forget that isn't the type of champ you are.

If you're winning lane through superior push and farming, then honestly just keep doing exactly that. Push them into their tower and try to starve them from all the CS you can. Even just auto'ing them when they dip in to CS will widdle them down and make them weary, but a well landed stun or a blizzard to cut them off is even more painful if you have the mana. Having said that, this strategy work's better after you've gotten a slightly bigger mana pool from Tear of the Goddess. Setting your opponents behind in farm and keeping them from the item's the need can help you and your team get an edge.

If you'd rather not burn a ton of mana on farming, you also have the option of roaming to other lane after you've push the mid lane in some. When it comes to roaming, you must check your map. see who on your team is pushed in and could use some help, or check to see if someone on the enemy team is vastly out of position. Check to see if your jungler needs help with any jungle objectives, or if he's on his way to gank somewhere, see if you can catch up in time to add another person to the fight. And always, always keep in mind that a roam has a ton of risk attached to it. Losing farm, losing lane priority, traveling through the jungle without vision... there's always an issue, and you need to decide if it's worth it.

Winning lane doesn't always have to be a big thing. If you want to just keep playing lane as you have been, farming up and poking down, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the best thing to do is maintain the status quo. Snowballing as Anivia can be a lot harder then it would seem at first, so even if you win a lane, don't feel the need to push it if you don't know how best to do so. Your early game is pretty basic simply because it's easily your weakest part of the game, so most game's you're gonna end up just farming up and focusing on your own lane.

If you die in lane
Mid Game

The Queen of Versatility

Many people don't realize just how flexible your kit can feel as Anivia if you know how to use it. Between the decently sized AOE stun that isnt stopped by minions or walls, and the ability to create terrain and a giant AOE slow and damage zone, all of your kit (with the exception of your Frostbite, rip) has a ton of potential ways you can utilize them. Mid game is where this versatility can REALLY shine, assuming you didn't fall hard behind in lane anyway. so now it's just a matter of deciding which role you wanna fill in your team.
Obviously, you can fill almost any or all of these roles in any game, but there will definitely be times one will be a better pick for you then the others. Keep in mind what they have and what they don't have on the enemy team (CC, movement, engage, backline divers, etc) and choose accordingly.

The Traditional AP Carry

Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics. this will be the role you fill if your team is well rounded and either all even or if someone on your team (who isn't you) is SUPER fed. You'll stick to the middle of your team of the backline, and just follow up on your engagers push. Try to drop your blizzard around your engager to punish anyone trying to punish them, and keep an eye out for any good stun opportunities. Use your wall to cut off the enemy teams backline before they can join the fight, or to keep them in the fight if they make a break for it. If you have any experience playing immobile or slow AP mages, then this should be familiar to you, as it means hanging back and just looking for good chances to pick a fight. Stun as many people as you can, E the weakest member, and just hover around behind your blizzard and frontline to pepper the enemy with E's and auto's.

When should i take this role?

when shouldn't i play this role?

It should be noted that even in game's when this role isn't your primary goal, you will always to some degree be a APC, so don't think when i say "don't fill this role" i mean do something crazy like starting building different or anything. It simply means it shouldn't be your FOCUS, if you can be more useful somewhere else.

The Ranged Engage

Sometimes, your team is gonna be squishy and have no real good engagers. it happens. people pick weird champs, or don't fill when a tank is needed, etc. Obviously Engaging yourself (be an immobile mage) seem's absurd, but through clever use of your CC it's actually completely practical.
Now, it should be obvious that i don't mean "run in and draw their attention". Even when playing the frontline's, you're still a no-mobility mage, and you're only fall back's in an emergency are gonna be your Flash and your Rebirth. Rather, hang out in the frontline, but don't push up into them. Look for opportunities to catch someone as they come in, or if they push up just a littttlllleee to far for CS or poke. Your Flash Frost can stop someone in their tracks when they try to start a fight if you're careful with your timing, and your Crystallize wall can stop or slow any potential help from coming to save them. Your wall can also be used to start a fight instead of your stun, dropping it behind someone when they leave their team too far behind, and giving your team a better chance to catch them out. Use Glacial Storm carefully, as your be punished even harder for misusing it the closer to the enemy team you are.

When should i take this role?

when shouldn't i play this role?

The Catcher and Engage stopper.

This role will be best when your team is on the backfoot and the enemy team is starting more of the fights then you are, or if your backline is in desperate need of peel. It'll sometimes feel like a chore having to babysit others on your team, but it needs to be done, especially if they're a hypercarry.
Whats the difference between normal catching and engage stopping? well, catcher is a peeler. If your backline is a prime target for someone on their team, you need to be there to stop them from dying. Keep an eye on the jungle around you and always be wary when someone on their team who want's pickoff's ( Kha'Zix, Talon, etc) is missing. Stick to the middle or backline of your team and be ready to throw a stun in their face when they decide to dive. A good Flash Frost+ Glacial Storm+ Frostbite Combo will hurt these squishier champs a lot on it's, and of course you have your backline who you're protecting to help finish them off as well. After their diver's and assassin's are dead or have to run off to their fountain to lick their wounds, your team will be a lot safer to push up or even to take a fight while they're gone.

Engage stopping will have you positioning more or less the same, but looking more at the enemy team you can actually see rather then worrying about who you can't. If they have someone who want's to hard engage for their team ( Maokai, Leona, etc), wait until the engager makes a move on your team, then drop your storm behind them, between them and anyone on their team hoping to follow up on it. Don't waste time trying to stun a hard engage champ, as most of them don't have enough damage for you to worry. Just try to not be the focus of their engage either, as being CC chained will make it a nightmare to try to keep a Glacial Storm up. So focus on their follow up instead, slowing it down and stunning it as it try's to catch up to their frontline, or even just walling it off entirely. Most people following a hard engage champ like this will assume the engager is the stun target, so throwing a stun at them but letting it pass over them will catch a lot of people by surprise.
There's obviously a lot of different type's of engager's though. Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Pyke hooks are a lot different them someone coming into your team, and the biggest thing for them is just avoiding the hook entirely. This sound's obvious and redundant, yes, but that really is all their is to it. Try to bait it out by giving them false predictions, moving in a straight line and then dipping out of the way in the opposite direction when they launch their hooks. After they miss, it's a good time to start looking for counter engages with your Flash Frost stun, especially if they way pushed up to try to land that hook in the first place.
Ult engages are another matter entirely. Malphite, Sejuani, engagers like these who are just looking to land one good ult to end the fight before it starts, there's only so much you can do against them. Just not tightly grouping is really what it comes down to, and maybe even walling them off so they can't follow up on the ultimate if you can. Letting them blow their ult, reseting and grouping after a short retreat, and then press them since they no longer have those hard engage ultimates to use.

When should i take this role?

when shouldn't i play this role?

The CC Bot

A sort of last resort, for the game's where you fall WAY behind and aren't able to be much help in term's of damage yet. These game's where be the one's where you just focus on keeping target's down and in range for the rest of your team. Drop a wall to keep them from running, stun them to CC chain them with your teams CC, blizzard them to slow them down and make them easier to kill, all while hanging back yourself. it's gonna happen that you'll end up behind sometimes, no one plays every game perfectly, it just doesn't happen. So on these games, just focus on helping your team primarily through your stun and other CC rather then your damage, and try to avoid making a target of yourself. This is the route you should always take any time you fall behind, even though it's frustrating.
Late Game

Time to End This

While you still maintain versatility in your kit, late game punishes your team hard for dying, so it's overall a much bigger focus on playing safe. One death on a team can lose the whole game at this point, so no matter how aggressive you were in the early and mid game, rein it in some here.
Focus on catching mistakes. an enemy pushed up too far, someone pathing badly, champs off in the jungle or a lane by themselves, etc. there's also MUCH more pressure on you to stick with your team then there was before now, as at this point most of the enemy champs are all item'ed up, so your chances of surviving off by yourself, even with all your CC, fall off. it's just better overall not to risk it.
You're gonna pop like a balloon in teamfight's, so try to default to using your abilites more defensively then offensively, and switch to pushing your advantage again once they're down in numbers. Focus on trying to keep enemy minion waves cleared as well, since you melt through them easy and have a lot more mana at this point to work around with.
This point in the game pretty much come's down to who has the better players and who's team makes a mistake first. DO NOT be your team's mistake, play safe, make smart choices. There's very little else to say other then all that, especially since all it's gonna take is one team fight to make or break the game now. Your blizzard and stun are gonna be great assets to your team if you use them properly, so be ready with both.

I wish i could be more helpful, and there's obviously a lot more i could go into, so ill keep trying to improve all of this as i get feedback and experience. Until then, Good luck, and remember that a game is NEVER over until that nexus falls.
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