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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by Simoncr1s

Other Complete Kayle - A Player's Guide for All Roles

Other Complete Kayle - A Player's Guide for All Roles

Updated on February 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simoncr1s Build Guide By Simoncr1s 21 22 232,257 Views 33 Comments
21 22 232,257 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Simoncr1s Kayle Build Guide By Simoncr1s Updated on February 24, 2015
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"In the night of the life, follow only one light... the ever distant utopia."
Elvàlianor "Moon Follower" Tyr'Gàlad

Despite the title is "Complete Kayle", this is most a guide about what I can do better: optimizing setup and combo of items. Then, here you will see me talking more about runes, masteries, spells and items, which are the main problem when you play a versatile champ like this. If you are inexperienced, I recommend to just read the setup (or set it randomly, a good setup isn't always important and maybe you can't even afford it), read the recommended items and try them, because everything else would just confuse you. If you are experienced, you can help me by reading everything and telling me how noob I am in the comments. For anything about Kayle, visit her LoL Wiki page here: Kayle the Judicator on LoL Wiki. It's always very accurate and people who love her always respond in the comments, me too.
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League of Legends terminology on LoL Wiki
Champion attributes on LoL Wiki
Dash and blink on LoL Wiki

Common terms
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Pros / Cons and about the author: why Kayle?

Kayle is my main champ since about December 2010, because she has what I want to bring into the battlefield, her kit is perfectly the same as my thoughts and style, in short we are like one... <3 well before her last remake it was even because her OP late game... her last rework of June 2011 was aimed at nerfing her late and improving her early, but it's the past.
When you and your opponent are in front of each other and beating each other, there are just 2 things which count: attack power ( Holy Fervor + Reckoning + Righteous Fury) and defence power ( Divine Blessing + Intervention). Kayle excels in both and she can "extend her defence power" to anyone, thanks to Divine Blessing and Intervention. With Holy Fervor, she can improve the attack power of your teammates too.
Cons: no strong CC; not great burst damage compared to other champs, Reckoning is a really great nuke, but it's the only one she has, Righteous Fury affect more her damage output; limited mobility (different from "no mobility"). Combining all these disadvantages, for example it isn't unusual for me to end a game with more assists than kills despite a complete offensive build, she hasn't good ways to last hit opponents.

My ranked statistics with SoloQ Kayle in the last month of Season 3 and pre-Season 4, where I tried to do my best, dedicated to whoever vote "no" without comments... <3^Deaths 5.9/game
(from LoLKing


+ One of the bests AA damage at level 1 and 2
+ High potential DPS
+ High versatility with builds and roles
+ Best defence against burst damage
+ Good wave clear with the splash damage on-hit
+ 93 HP per level, the best between ranged champs

- No hard CC
- No high base burst damage
- No good last hit mechanism
- Limited mobility
- Can't farm in ranged mode without pushing
- A few seconds of melee mode without CDR
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Personal valuation of the kit of Kayle

Probaly it's useless for you to read this. Unless you want to confuse yourself, you can skip. This is for explain my thought behind the builds, from where I start to combine the kit and a set of items, this is what I see when I look at Kayle. The "+1" are intended as quantity, but beware, quality counts more, just it is more difficult to report as number. I suggest to read "Abilities and stats attributes I use in my valuation of the kit" in the terminology chapter to better (try to) understand.

Abilities and stats attributes I use here

Base statistics
  • 525 range (Range on LoL Wiki) with E = +1 offence

    Holy Fervor
    • 3%-15% armor and MR reduction = +1 anti-armor, +1 anti-MR
    • stacks 5 times with AA = +1 AS

    • AP ratio = +1 AP
    • AD ratio = +1 AD
    • strong slow = +1 support

    Divine Blessing
    • heal+bonus MS = +1 support
    • AP ratio = +1 AP

    Righteous Fury
    • bonus magic damage = +1 AS
    • AP ratio = +1 AP
    • AD ratio = +1 AD
    • splash damage = +1 AoE DPS

    • invulnerability that scale with nothing = +1 offence, +1 support

    Results of above
    • anti-armor = 1
    • anti-MR = 1
    • AS = 2
    • AP = 3
    • AD = 2
    • offence = 2
    • AoE DPS = 1
    • support = 3
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration + Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration
Kayle is a good duelist;
• her damage output will always be a little of both physical and magic because she have to AA with Righteous Fury;
• resistance penetration is the most difficult to get with items;
I decided to always use full hybrid pen.
Anyway, there are 2 cons:
1) last hit in early game can be more problematic;
2) since penetration basically increase of a % your total damage output, in the very early game this could mean you will do a little less damage compared to pure AD, AP or AS runes.

Greater Seal of Armor + Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
These are always good and complete the offensive-oriented masteries, you should use scaling version depending on which damage you don't face in lane.

Other options

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: they improved your mobility (base 335 + lowest boots bonus 45 = 380 + 4.5% = 397), in case you feel Flash+ Ghost aren't enough.

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration: An help with mana in the lane phase, but it would be better to learn to conserve. Use scaling version if you don't value much early game.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: If you have trouble with Righteous Fury duration, they can help you. Use scaling version if you don't value much early game.
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A few notes to begin with.

Enchanted Armor is useless since you don't need to get many defensive items, it should be obvious.

Sorcery gives good CDR to combine with Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you need it.

Expose Weakness is very good to combine with her AoE power, but it won't help you to deal directly more damage.

Blade Weaving is maybe good only when combined with Sheen, Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet, because it only increase your base damage (Blade Weaving on LoL Wiki, last note). The damage increase in the other cases is pretty low.

Spell Weaving helps to increase the damage of Reckoning and Righteous Fury, thus is good only if you get much more AP than AS.

Dangerous Game is useful once teamfights are started, but not so good in lane phase.

Frenzy is useful once you have much crit chance, let's say more than 30%, so that you have good chances to keep all your stacks up, but not so good in the early game.

Follow the sets of masteries quoted in the roles description. I think is enough to say Kayle benefit much from an offensive build. I value very much her offensive and defensive power, so everything that isn't in the offensive tree, goes in the defensive tree.

  • AD no crits 21 9 0
  • AD-AP hybrid 30 0 0
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+ = best mobility when max Righteous Fury

+ = max Reckoning or need pure damage when max Righteous Fury

+ = support

+ = jungler


This is a must for a champ with so limited mobility.

Combining this with Flash and Enchantment: Distortion complete your need of mobility. If you max Righteous Fury you are able to chase the opponent until you get the kill and you are harder to gank if only wards are not enough against the enemy jungler.

Usual offensive spell, Kayle greatly benefit from it, recommended when you need pure damage over mobility.

Good against AAers, but you already have a great slow and the other choise give better advantages. Better to leave it when you are the support.

Jungle control!

All the other spells shouldn't be considered bad, they are situational, you need general knowledge of the game and an exact idea about how to use them at their full potential... if there is really a way for all of them...
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Help to choose

In my opinion, the best build doesn't exist, reality isn't so simple. There are many variables: your playstyle (what you are best suited to do, where you excel, knowledge of your pros and cons), teams composition (how much burst/DPS/physical/magic damage your team needs or your enemies have), ingame items (counter-building your enemies or get items with good sinergy with those of your teammates), game mode etc.
Add you don't know what you want and it's the end for you. I can't tell you what you want or what is the best for you, but I can show you a VERY APPROXIMATE overview between two variables that determine a build, to try to give you an idea about what you would like: AD vs AP and burst vs DPS.

High risk high reward means you are more exposed to dish out more damage.
AD is obviously the best single target late game damage, because the scaling of AD + AS + critical strike (+ life steal). With AP usually you have other strong points than raw damage, like a better heal from Divine Blessing and a stronger AoE damage of Righteous Fury.

DPS usually is slow, lower in the begin but higher in the end.
Burst usually is fast, higher in the begin but lower in the end.
The "blue point", where DPS surpass burst, is very much situational.
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Premises to builds

1# If you master Intervention, it allows her to build pure damage and gain immunity rather than having to build survivability.

Starting items
Safe: Crystalline Flask + Health Potion + (2x Health Potion / Stealth Ward)
Mobility: Boots + Health Potion + (2x Health Potion / Stealth Ward)
General magic damage: Doran's Ring + (2x Health Potion / Stealth Ward)
General physical damage: Long Sword + Health Potion + (2x Health Potion / Stealth Ward)

Berserker's Greaves: the best when combined with max Righteous Fury or when you plan to be more oriented on DPS.
Sorcerer's Shoes: the best when combined with max Reckoning or when you plan to be more oriented on burst.
About boots enchantments, if you have any combo of Teleport, Flash and Ghost, I absolutely suggest Enchantment: Distortion, otherwise the only valid choises are Enchantment: Alacrity and Enchantment: Furor, but I suggest to save your gold for something else. You can consider Enchantment: Homeguard if you find yourself to recall or back a lot of times for any reason (see notes section of Homeguard on LoL Wiki).

CDR or not CDR?
If you go for an offensive build, you have to hurt while you are ranged. CDR doesn't really help you to hurt, don't get it only because you want to always be ranged, if you do there is a big basic mistake: no point being 100% time ranged if you give up too much damage because of that. Righteous Fury lasts 10 seconds and has a CD of 16, I don't belive you always fight for more than 10 seconds and that you can't stay quiet for 6. You need timing and a little of moderation, this is true, if you admit this is the problem I recommend CDR in every game, but it's enough something like 20-25% so that you have only 2 seconds of melee style every 10 of ranged. I have always played Kayle with at most 4% CDR and I can tell that 95% of the time I have never regretted it, sometimes it happens that E end just
when you are about to last hit an enemy champ just like any other unluck could happens.

Max Reckoning or Righteous Fury?
If you max Reckoning you can easily play safe and poke your opponent. If you max Righteous Fury you have the advantage in long fights, with AS you have an AA complete of damage+AS ready from level 1. Despite your choise, I suggest to get Righteous Fury at level 1 anyway, +20 damage on a ranged AA is quite unique. For a real more aggressive style, at level 3, instead of taking Divine Blessing, improve your main ability.
What after?
If the game is going good, the other offensive ability. If bad, Divine Blessing, because thanks to the speed boost and heal it will help more in the defensive side.

All n00b builds, mine is better and/or no defensive items
Each build here is specialized in his role, but between all these builds with specifics roles there are unlimited hybrids. And it's a guide to Kayle, not to items. Defensive items are situational and require knowledge of enemy champs and in general of the game, more than the champ you are using. Anyway, remember Kayle benefit very much from an offensive build, she already has good HP per level, Divine Blessing and Intervention to protect her.
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Roles and builds

The 8 attributes of Kayle worked out from the valuation of her kit can be used efficiently in the following possible roles, with following dedicated build. Beginning from here means you know what you want from a champ. Every paragraph is divided in:

Key Points
- Masteries.
4 core items in priority order, the 5th is not so fundamental and when it misses it means I suggest to get the right % penetration item ( Last Whisper or Void Staff) or a full defensive item or an hybrid offensive/offensive one (like Zhonya's Hourglass or Maw of Malmortius).

Physical DPS

Hurth with physical damage focused on 1 target.
personal favorite/recommended
You can get an early Avarice Blade depending on how much you value more late game compared to early, usually you should play aggressive in lane, but if things are going bad, it will help you in your safe farm play.
1) Max Righteous Fury.
- Masteries: AD no crits.
Get pure AS items first. Since the low range on AAs and the good sinergy between LS and Intervention (you can heal while invulnerable and keep attacking), I suggest to get Infinity Edge later and go for a solid LS to better fit her good duelist capability.
Blade of the Ruined King > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Infinity Edge > Phantom Dancer >
2) Max Reckoning.
- Masteries: AD no crits.
Get pure AD items first. Here you have to consider that early game you deal more magic damage than physical damage, if it was your intention to go on a physical DPS you don't have a good way to surpass the MR of the opponents if they build it, but it could be a very little problem since the physical damage you deal will be more the more the game goes on.
B. F. Sword > Pickaxe > Blade of the Ruined King > Youmuu's Ghostblade >

Magic DPS

Hurth magic damage focused on 1 target.
personal favorite/recommended
Without the need of crits and since SV works bad with the bonus damage of Righteous Fury, you only need pure AS and AP. Nashor's Tooth and Spellsword are a must to reach 0.6 AP ratio of Righteous Fury. Guinsoo's Rageblade isn't used at 100% because of its AD, but being cost efficient, its AS and AP are really good in lack of a better item. Wit's End is good here even if it doesn't grant AP, its 42 magic damage on-hit with Rabadon's Deathcap and Archmage is worth 42 / (0.6 * 1.35)= 51.9 AP.
1) Max Righteous Fury.
- Masteries: AP with AS and Arcane Blade .
Get pure AS items first, then AP. In the end it would good the big AP boost of Rabadon's Deathcap, since mostly of your items give AP.
Recurve Bow > Dagger > Stinger > Guinsoo's Rageblade > Nashor's Tooth >
2) Max Reckoning.
- Masteries: AP with AS and Arcane Blade .
Get pure AP items first, Fiendish Codex last between them, it's better pure AP than CDR in early to improve every single use of Reckoning, you wouldn't be able to spam it due to the cost. An early Guinsoo's Rageblade isn't the best here, since you don't have an easy way to keep 8 stacks when it's time to use Reckoning, so you can leave it for late.
Amplifying Tome > Blasting Wand > Fiendish Codex > Nashor's Tooth >

Physical-magic hybrid DPS

Hurth with physical-magic hybrid damage focused on 1 target.
Difficult to talk about this because the unlimited possibilities, but I find it very difficult to efficiently mix all the stats you would need, that are AD, AP, LF, SV, AS. If you want to consider crits and bonus % AP too, I really wouldn't know what to say, so let's drop these last 2 for now. Remember it's hard to itemize against opponents with both high armor and MR ( Holy Fervor help here), but at least opponents with both low armor and MR will find it difficult to itemize against your damage. Considering the typical 3 hybrid items: Guinsoo's Rageblade is ok; Hextech Gunblade isn't used at 100% because of how SV works with bonus damage of E; Trinity Force is not recommended by me on Kayle.
1) Typical hybrid items, max Righteous Fury.
- Masteries: AD-AP hybrid.
The idea here is to maximize the damage of every single attack instead of going more on AS, then get items that grant big amount of AD and AP and leave runes to deal with defences. Guinsoo's Rageblade as first item could be problematic because you have to manage its stacks mechanism without a great AS, but if you are able to, it's still potentially one of the best cost efficient items of all.
Guinsoo's Rageblade > Hextech Gunblade > Nashor's Tooth > Bloodthirster >
2) Typical hybrid items, max Reckoning.
- Masteries: AD-AP hybrid.
Get pure AD and AP items first, Fiendish Codex last between them, it's better pure AP than CDR in early to improve every single use of Reckoning, you wouldn't be able to spam it due to the cost. An early Guinsoo's Rageblade isn't the best here, since you don't have an easy way to keep 8 stacks when it's time to use Reckoning, so you can leave it for late. Instead, an early Hextech Revolver should greatly improve your sustain in the lane phase, accordingly to the more safe playstyle of a max Q build.
Hextech Revolver > Blasting Wand > Hextech Gunblade > Fiendish Codex >

Burst damage

Spellblade based, hurth the more you can in short time focused on 1 target, max Reckoning.
Always rush Sheen for a better burst and help with mana in lane. The best order of abilities to proc Spellblade should be E -> Q -> W, but you won't always have the time, so the standard I suggest is Q+E -> W.
1) Magic damage.
- Masteries: 23 2 5
Wait to upgrade Sheen into Lich Bane until you have a good amount of AP unless you need to switch type of damage because of opponents' defences, so that you are investing in very more damage instead of just a little more but magic instead of physical. Your magic damage burst has a base damage of 260 (level 5 Q) + 60 (level 5 E) = 320, plus an AP ratio of 0.6 (Q) + 0.5 ( Lich Bane) + 0.25 (E) + 0.05 ( Arcane Blade ) + 0.15 ( Nashor's Tooth) + 0.4 ( Hextech Gunblade active) = 1.95, so 320 + 195% AP. Remember this is only counting 1 hit of AA. For comparison, Annie's burst is 895 + 245% AP with no items.
Sheen > Rabadon's Deathcap > Lich Bane > Nashor's Tooth > Hextech Gunblade >
2) Physical damage. (Sword of the Divine removed, no longer good)


Runaan's Hurricane based (but even so, you don't get it until teamfights happen), hurth with AoE damage, max Righteous Fury.
personal favorite/recommended
This can be very good against a team full of high armor and MR because of Holy Fervor applied to 3 targets. AD and AP ratio to the 2 secondary target are (0.5 from Runaan + 0.4 from E splash) AD + (0.2 from on-hit damage with Runaan + 0.2 from E splash) AP = 0.9 AD + 0.4 AP. AoE radius of Righteous Fury is 150 and the maximum radius of nearby target for Runaan's Hurricane passive is 375, then is possibile you hit opponents only with the last one despite I considered both in the previous calculation. Even if Runaan's Hurricane is the first item in both builds, you don't really need it until teamfights are started, unless you need pushing power. With a so high AS, Warlord and Archmage can be considered not a must, so you can go for a more utilty-oriented offensive mastery tree.
1) Physical-magic hybrid with AD items.
- Masteries: AD utilities no Warlord
You can do this because splash damage of Righteous Fury scale with AD, but since its splash damage and Statikk Shiv passive are magic damage you need hybrid pen regardless the items.
Runaan's Hurricane > Blade of the Ruined King > Statikk Shiv > Infinity Edge
2) Magic.
- Masteries: 21 9 0
Nashor's Tooth and Arcane Blade are a must, the magic damage to the 2 secondary targets this way has 0.6 AP ratio. Since you get very much AS early with Runaan's Hurricane, try to prioritize AP components after.
Runaan's Hurricane > Guinsoo's Rageblade > Nashor's Tooth > Wit's End >


Liandry's Torment and Blade of the Ruined King based, hurt to champs with medium-high defence with physical-magic hybrid damage, max Reckoning.
This is dedicated to my old favourite build of S2, when I was considering Madred's Bloodrazor+Wit's End+Malady+Ionic Spark the best build on Kayle, but one day Riot realized the AS stat was too much efficient.
- Masteries: AD utilities no Warlord
Very good against stacked HP, because you combine Liandry's Torment and Blade of the Ruined King. With no starting AS on runes and items, I suggest to always max Reckoning and rush HP based damage items, Liandry's Torment first because it has better sinergy with Reckoning. After, you need only pure AS to better use Blade of the Ruined King. With no big focus on AD or AP, Wit's End is perfect here and complete the offensive oriented masteries. Consequently, Runaan's Hurricane become very good, since you full apply your on-hit damage to both secondary targets and it's your goal to deal as much damage as you can to anyone with high HP.

Liandry's Torment > Blade of the Ruined King > Wit's End > Runaan's Hurricane


Going in a duo lane and leaving all the farm to your partner.
personal favorite/recommended
Since usually Kayle is best used as offensive champ, I suggest to invest in a Chalice of Harmony only after the end of lane phase, when you really need to start to spam your abilities, especially Divine Blessing. In lane phase, you can manage your mana and invest more in offence.
1) AoE debuff DPS, max Righteous Fury.
- Masteries: 10 3 17
Best used in lanes where your ADC has low range and is really aggressive.
Spellthief's Edge > Wit's End > Runaan's Hurricane Mikael's Blessing
2) Magic anti-tank + burst, max Reckoning or Divine Blessing.
- Masteries: 10 3 17
Best used in lanes where your ADC is poke based or need to farm safe.
Spellthief's Edge > Liandry's Torment > Rylai's Crystal Scepter > Mikael's Blessing


Jungle/counterjungle/ganks, Devourer based.
personal favorite/recommended
Devourer on Kayle should be the dream of any magic damage on-hit user, a little Siphoning Strike with AS on a ranged champ.
1) Safe farm for lategame, max Righteous Fury.
- Masteries: 25 2 3
You are here to rush Devourer, so I suggest to focus on a safe early and to get Red Brambleback buff when you start to gank, following this jungle order: Krug > Raptor > Gromp > Blue sentinel > Murk Wolf > Rift Scuttler . I recommend Stalker's Blade - Devourer, because of the addictional mobility, and Sorcerer's Shoes over Berserker's Greaves because of the already high AS, but don't get them early, they won't help you to deal more damage to monsters since you can't reduce their MR below zero with mPen. Hextech Gunblade is just a luxury item, I choose this because there are no other offensive valid choises with AS and magic damage on-hit, it gives a little of heal on-hit (the only thing magic damage on-hit builds miss) and because of the good CD reduction its passive have with Runaan's Hurricane.
Stalker's Blade - Devourer > Wit's End > Runaan's Hurricane > Nashor's Tooth >
2) Counterjungle?
3) Gank, max Reckoning?
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Item notes

Bad notes

I sometimes see the following items on her like they were a core, yet... I don't say they are totally bad, but you can't have them in an "usual" build. Let's say they are situational or need a dedicated build to be better used. A common thing to remember is: Kayle benefit from AS. Then add this to all cons of the following items that don't grant it.

Slow on-hit items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter applies slow to AA with Righteous Fury, so works like an on-hit slow. Anyway, you already have a slow and you don't really need more HP, at least not before armor and MR, you benefit from offensive items. You need these only if opponents are full of escape mechanisms. But no one of them is best used, Frozen Mallet costs more and give more not very useful HP, Rylai's Crystal Scepter costs less, yet Righteous Fury apply the reduced slow even on the main target, if you need a good slow I'm not sure 15% is enough.

Black Cleaver seems good but... first of all, you already have an armor reduction ability with Holy Fervor and they stack multiplicatively, this mean it's not 15% + 25% = 40%, it's (1 - (1 - 15%) * (1 - 25%)) / 100 = 36,25% (Stacking on LoL Wiki). Care if you are building it against high
armor. Kayle already has high base HP, CDR not very essential and the armor reduction benefit from physical damage abilities and on-hit effects. You can't apply the armor reduction efficiently to the opponents because you lacks physical damage abilities and remember that Last Whisper is more effective at penetrating armor after 100 armor (see trivia section of Last Whisper on LoL Wiki). I suggest to leave it to your AD fighter and, if there is not one, you don't need armor reduction in a team where about 70% of the champs are magic damage dealers (20% per champ and I counted Kayle as 10% magic + 10% physical).

Offensive Spellblade items

Trinity Force and Lich Bane mainly improve the burst damage, but you haven't abilities to spam to easily proc indefinitely Spellblade every 2 seconds, which is a very important part of those items. If you try to proc it efficiently in 6 seconds with your abilities, the sequence is inevitable Righteous Fury -> Reckoning -> Divine Blessing, then you have to give up Q in the first 2 seconds, with all that this entails. You can get a really better result with CDR, but I still don't find them a good choise, Kayle hasn't a kit to be a very good burst champ.

Iceborn Gauntlet is better than its offensive counterparts to proc Spellblade because of its CDR. But it's a defensive oriented item, you benefit more from an offensive build.

Wit's End has a really nice AS, magic damage on-hit and flat MR reduction, but no AD or AP. High AD is better in physical damage dealer builds and high AP is better in magic damage dealer builds.

Good notes

Guinsoo's Rageblade is one of the best cost efficient item at full stacks (3712.4 gold value for 2600, plus 1381.7 of passive, Guinsoo's Rageblade on LoL Wiki) and it's not difficult to keep them full. Despite the AD bonus, it's very good even in magic damage DPS builds because of its AP and AS.
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Video section

I take ranked games so seriously that... I never play them because I never feel ready enough. Except when there are only 10 days left from the end of the season. I haven't that diamond thing near my name to prove that I'm good, so how can I prove it? This is the reason of this section.

Use of Intervention

An Intervention used right at the start of the animation of Lux's ultimate let my teammate survive to a dive that went wrong, plus a lucky survive to the minion's attack who defended Diana from my Righteous Fury.

A very well timed Intervention to counter Garen's ultimate exploiting its 0.5 second channel time.

A good awareness of the range of Intervention, which let me save my teammate. With the help of Flash, I'm able to reach a desperate Fizz nearly out of range who got a bad counterattack after diving Lulu.
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About your comments and votes

Advices, criticism, error reports, requests for clarification, insults like this guide is s**t and I don't get a s**t, all are welcome. Although Kayle is my main and I am the embodiment of perfection, unfortunately, I am still a human being for now and something I don't notice may be there.
In any case, ANY NEGATIVE COMMENT IS APPRECIATED AND WILL HELP ME! I don't care if you would give a negative vote, but if you do and don't comment, it won't help me to understand if I need to improve the aesthetics part or clarify the concepts or revise/test again something.
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I often play Kayle since she is my main champ, I suppose I'll need this chapter. You will never end to improve yourself.

24 Feb 2015
• Updated Burst damage with the removal of Death Fire Grasp.
• Fixed a mistake in Jungler, it was Stalker's Blade the right jungler item, not Poacher's Knife.
• Revision of Physical DPS, Phantom Dancer should be there.
• New image for Introduction and new icon for Jungler.
• Added more specific terms in Pros / Cons about AA damage and versatility.

25 Jan 2015
• New Jungler build.

24 Jan 2015
• Complete revision of Mastery chapter and all set of masteries.
• I notice now Sword of the Divine got removed, so I hid Burst physical damage.
• Overall cleaning.

14 Dec 2014
• Changed Athene's Unholy Grail with Mikael's Blessing in Support role (thanks to Slyder).
• Changed items order in Physical-magic hybrid with AD items AoE DPS, Blade of the Ruined King is best used in lane.
AP with AS and Arcane Blade set of masteries change to 22 8 0 to 21 9 0, that +2 armor/MR is more needed if you don't buy defensive items.
• Start of tests for Kayle jungler.

19 Aug 2014
• Changed items order in Physical DPS about Avarice Blade, now is just a side case to get it early.
• Remake of Support role.

08 Jul 2014
• Updated to patch V4.11, big nerf to Magic DPS, but IMHO needed, like I said here
Riot: "does anyone know why Kayle's this hybrid damage-support champion who also happens to be top tier at both?"
Me: "Look at her patch history since her last remake ( at Patch History) and you will know why. Since that, it was a continuous general buff, on top of all her E AP ratio increased from 0.2 to 0.4, with this motivation: "Kayle is not a toxic champ, we don't mind making her viable". Totally no sense buff and reason IMHO, because she was already perfectly good, but just unpopular. A buff against the main reason of her last remake, which was to nerf her late and to buff her early. Now she got her early buffed and her late too. I could quote other buffs I didn't like, but this is the main one. What I love of Kayle over all LoL champs is being a hybrid like that, (always IMHO) she is supposed to be good at everything and master of nothing, therefore she hasn't a really specific weakness like a specialized champ. Therefore, if you think her power is no longer acceptable, maybe it's time to bring back the old numbers?"
  • Fixed all maths about AP ratio.
  • Changed items order in AoE DPS, Bloodthirster is the last one now.[/color]

22 Jun 2014
• Updated to patch V4.10, what a pity they removed the heal on-hit of Doran's Blade and now Bloodthirster has no longer the big cost efficiency with max stacks and it's useless to buy more than one, but good buffs to AS items and Blade of the Ruined King and now it's easier to use Youmuu's Ghostblade.
31 May 2014
• Updated Starting items paths and added one.
• Added a good note about Doran's Blade in Item notes.

28 May 2014
• Updated Starting items with Doran's Blade.
• Removed personal favorite/recommended from Burst magic damage, nerf to AP ratio of Reckoning and Lich Bane is bad.

27 Feb 2014
• Updated to patch V4.2, an hard hit for the AP ratio of burst damage builds, but good news for the support part of the skillset.
  • Updated Magic burst damage.
• Added a note on Physical DPS to explain why so much LS.

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