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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DonRoyale

Demacia, Get Some.

DonRoyale Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my second MOBAFire guide! This is a guide on Team Demacia, and not just one, but two ways to implement it with the standards of today's current metagame. This is due to the flexibility of the Demacian champions (Well, except for Garen, who can't do much but be an assassin early and a tank mid-late).

Team Demacia is quite a surprisingly strong team composition, and will definitely give unprepared opponents a laugh when you charge into battle with five Commando skins.

-Relevant CC
-High damage
-Both junglers have strong level 2 ganks
-All the champions except Lux are difficult to kill, and even then Lux can be hard to kill if she stays in the back of the fight
-There are numerous interactions with each champion's abilities (some examples are throwing Bulwark and Prismatic Barrier on Garen while he's using Courage, using a Demacian Standard / Dragon Strike combo to setup an Audacious Charge / Three Talon Strike gank, or using Finales Funkeln, Judgment and / or Crescent Sweep on enemies pinned by Idol of Durand and / or Cataclysm)
-Hilarious team composition now that Lux has been given a Commando skin
-Except for Garen, whose role is rather linear, each of the champions can provide the roles of the current high-ELO metagame

-Each champion's role is better fulfilled by another champion, making the team composition subpar against intelligent opponents ( Jarvan IV is the exception to this rule, being a top-tier champion)
-Your team is mostly AD, so enemies will likely stack armor to counter you. Build that Last Whisper!
-If you're not cohesive, you will fall apart. Play this team only with people you can coordinate very well with.
-Your AD carries will fall off if they do not snowball, particularly Xin Zhao. However, if any of them are fed, you can rely on them to DPS you through the mid- and late-game.
-Your supports cannot function very well with no farm, meaning Garen will almost always have to share farm, hurting the team composition somewhat
-The team composition is vulnerable to heavy-CC team compositions, as three of your champions are melee

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Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow

Galio is one of my personal favorite champions. With the recent buff from V1.0.0.122, I believe he's a bit less...useless in the current metagame.

Galio can perform one of two roles for his team. The first is a solo. It seems awkward, but Galio's ability to farm is just ridiculous. A combo of Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust can demolish most minion waves once he's either maxed Righteous Gust or built enough AP (or MR, due to Runic Skin).

In mid lane, you can eat minion waves, and shrug off virtually all burst/harass by walking into the oncoming minion wave and self-casting (Alt+W) Bulwark to regenerate stupid amounts of health. In addition, while clearing minion waves you can use your kit to harass the enemy. You're hopeless at getting kills without a gank from the jungle (even then, it's best not to try to commit to a kill until at least level 6, when you've acquired Idol of Durand), but you can outfarm your opponent, deny them, harass them, and with Flash, Righteous Gust and good aim with Resolute Smite, you're very difficult to gank due to how tanky you can become.

The other role I feel Galio can perform is to support. You have a strong buff that you can hand a teammate in the form of Bulwark, you can boost your team's mobility with Righteous Gust, and disable opponents with Resolute Smite and Idol of Durand. In addition, you're not nearly as flimsy and gankable as Soraka, Janna or Sona (though, admittedly, you're not able to function nearly as well with 0 minion kills as they are, making you outclassed as a support).

In bot lane, you generally are just an extension of Garen, using Righteous Gust to speed him up so he can camp on enemies with Judgment, Resolute Smite enemies to pursue them or prevent them from pursuing you, and Bulwark whenever you or Garen are taking damage in order to mitigate the damage you're taking. Idol of Durand is great at helping disable enemies while Garen rips them apart, as the taunt can not only help save Garen from certain death (if it comes to that), but once you both hit level 6 you can do just unfair things by disabling your enemies while Garen uses his kit to destroy them.

Generally, as a support, you want to avoid taking farm from your lane partner as much as possible, but if it comes down to it, it's not the worst thing in the world if you grab a few creep kills. It helps that Galio's kit makes him a very strong counter to split pushing, given that he can rip through minions in a way most tanks and supports can only dream of.

For items, I really think Banshee's Veil is just essential on him. It grants him health and MR to tank, and mana and AP (due to Runic Skin) to farm and fight with. The passive also makes it outright one of the best items in the game. Force of Nature is a fantastic tank item, and the mobility helps him position Idol of Durand very effectively.

A strong offensive option, and a pet item of mine for Galio, is Abyssal Mask. The MR couples with Runic Skin to give him even more AP, and works very well with Idol of Durand and Righteous Gust to do just stupid things. It's also great in tandem with Lux, and I almost always grab it on him just as a fun offensive option.

Otherwise, itemize, like most tanks do. Are the enemy AD doing well? Thornmail is always a strong option. One item I particularly like on Galio is Frozen Heart, for the mana and cooldowns. Galio is very mana hungry due to his mana costs and the spammability of his spells. An item that gives him armor, mana and CDR is just fantastic on him, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're not having trouble with AD.

Support Galio can take Shurelya's Reverie as a solid support choice. Team Demacia is very position-oriented and relies on being in the right position to use their abilities, so it's a good item to have if you need to position yourselves properly. Randuin's Omen is also fine for the sole purpose of being able to take Heart of Gold in order to function as a low-CS support, but understand that it's a very strong item in the hands of Jarvan IV and can often times be built on Garen as well. Coordinate effectively; if Jarvan is building it, or if Garen is starving for farm worse than you are, it's best to focus on Frozen Heart as an armor option instead.

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Garen, the Might of Demacia

Garen is a champion I myself do not have a whole lot of experience with, but is the reason this team exists, so I'll do my best.

Garen does what Garen does; sits in the bush at level 1 and waits for some poor sucker to facecheck it so he can Judgment and spin to win. He often grabs you first blood, shreds waves of minions, and gets supported hard by Galio and Lux. Remember, when you're not farming, stay in brush so that Perseverance can help you shrug off any harassment or minion aggro.

He is the champion who performs the solitary role of the bot lane AD who gets supported. How he functions depends on who your support is.

If Galio is in your lane, you typically want to abuse the movement speed boost you're given from Righteous Gust to both initiate and escape from fights. Constantly keep Courage active whenever you're going in to harass, farm or commit to a kill. Galio will boost your harass with Resolute Smite to keep enemies slowed down while you use Decisive Strike's movement speed boost to close the gap, silence enemies, then rip them apart with Judgment. Bulwark will not only buff your armor and magic resist, but keep Galio healthy; remember to keep in mind that as you take the hits, Galio regains health, so if you feel Galio is close to dead, have him Bulwark you while he escapes, taking aggro to heal him on the way. Idol of Durand will help keep your target pinned post-6, so Demacian Justice can finish them off. Remember to time Decisive Strike with the channel time on Idol of Durand so you can silence enemies as the taunt breaks, preventing the enemy from Flashing out of combat and getting away.

If you're laning with your sister Lux, you can be a bit more aggressive, as Light Binding can snare both of your opponents while Judgment destroys them. Lucent Singularity will then slow the enemy's escape, while Prismatic Barrier helps prevent kiting.

Post-laning phase, your damage falls off, but with the help from both supports, you can initiate like a boss in team fights, turning on Courage while getting Prismatic Barrier and Bulwark, and using the Decisive Strike movement speed buff to charge into the enemy team, baiting their cooldowns.

Your utility comes from your items. I personally prefer Sunfire Cape for damage, and Frozen Mallet and Randuin's Omen for utility. You can choose to itemize for damage with Last Whisper and Phantom Dancer, or take Banshee's Veil and Force of Nature as magic resist defense or Thornmail and Atma's Impaler as further armor options.

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Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Jarvan IV is the most blatantly powerful champion of Team Demacia, a strong pick in all ranks of play and a very solid champion overall.

Jarvan performs one of two roles for the team; he can either take solo top lane as your tanky DPS, or he can jungle. His Demacian Standard / Dragon Strike combo is a very strong disable for your team, be sure to practice it often, especially if you're jungling.

As a solo top, you just use your skills to farm. Demacian Standard is a strong harassment skill, combined with Martial Cadence. Your combo can force a preemptive Flash from your opponent, making them an easy gank for Xin Zhao.

When coordinating a gank, be sure to land your combo and then cast Golden Aegis before Xin Zhao ganks. It allows him to more easily get in range to Audacious Charge an enemy, which will almost assuredly grab you a kill if coordinated properly.

Alternatively, Jarvan can jungle. The armor boost from Demacian Standard, as well as Martial Cadence, help him jungle extremely well. In addition, he can gank without blue or red, using his combo to knock up enemies, which can grab you First Blood very quickly.

Depending on the enemy team composition, you could start at blue or at double golems. If your opponents lack a strong escape (let's say, an enemy didn't take Flash or Ghost, or is a champion without an escape skill, unlike a Caitlyn or Corki), start at double golems, gank, then work your way around the non-buff camps. When you can, grab red and/or blue and continue to gank.

If your opponents are actually intelligent and have a suite of escapes, you may opt to begin at blue with a leash. ( Lux is likely the strongest leash you can get, followed by Xin Zhao. Don't ask Xin for help if you're purple team, or Lux for help if you're blue team and she's going support.) After that, take the standard jungle route if you don't want to level 2 gank top; wolves, wraiths, golems, back to base for Boots of Speed, then red, then gank.

Coordinate ganks with the CC your team has. If you're ganking the enemies bot, if they have Flash up, have Garen Decisive Strike your target to silence the Flash, or if Lux is there, have her Light Binding them. Chain-CC'ing enemies can almost always lead to successful ganks, force pills and deny farm, or force poor Flashes. If you're ganking top for Xin Zhao, leave the brush once he has Audacious Charged to an opponent. By the time he's proc'd Three Talon Strike, your combo will be ready to go.

As far as items go for Jarvan, generally I enjoy the tanky DPS route. Trinity Force is a must, beginning with Phage for survivability and utility. Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler, commonly referred to as "Atmog's", is a very strong choice to make Jarvan difficult to kill and very hard-hitting at the same time. Round it out by making your early Heart of Gold into a Randuin's Omen. Jungle Jarvan always starts with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions, which builds into a Wriggle's Lantern for jungling, whereas I put Banshee's Veil in the lane build because it's an overall amazing item. You may opt to remove Randuin's or Banshee's from the build for a more specific defenive-oriented item, such as a Thornmail, Frozen Heart, or Force of Nature. Itemize according to the enemy team, as always.

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Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a champion I'm not really that fond of, but I understand is a strong laner and has great presence in team fights, with her ability to stand miles behind her tanks and deal crazy damage while doing so.

Much like how Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao interchange roles, so do Lux and Galio. Lux can either take the role of full support or mid-lane AP carry early. If you're fighting a burst mage mid, Galio's likely the better candidate to take mid, but if you're fighting something silly like Ashe or something, feel free to zone, deny, and carry hard.

In mid lane, Lux's main role is to farm, harass, zone and deny from about 10 million miles behind her minions. Her range is seriously ridiculous.

When setting up ganks with your junglers, try to use Lucent Singularity to slow enemies while your jungler sets up their knockup combo. On the way back down, chain-CC with Light Binding. Be sure to detonate Lucent Singularity before your opponent leaves its range.

If you yourself are being ganked, your kit allows you to defend yourself quite well. Lucent Singularity sets up a slow zone that your enemies will be hard-pressed to gank you through, and Light Binding and Prismatic Barrier make sure your escape is secure.

Alternatively, you can go bot lane and play the role of support. Assist Garen by using Light Binding to set up for Judgment and Decisive Strike. Post-level 6, let Garen setup your Finales Funkeln for a kill.

In team fights, you generally want to be behind your team, letting Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao knockup enemies while you Light Binding on the way down. Try to keep enemies in the zone of Lucent Singularity so you can setup Finales Funkeln kills. Be sure to catch as many allies in Prismatic Barrier as possible. You're the only AP, so if you do well, you may get counter-built, but you can let Jarvan, Garen and Xin curbstomp or build Void Staff to compensate.

As far as items go, you want a fast Tear of the Goddess. You spam your abilities, and you eventually want to build it into Archangel's Staff. Support Lux takes the relevant gold/10 items, Kage's Lucky Pick and Philosopher's Stone. The Pick builds into a Deathfire Grasp, then you build Rabadon's Deathcap, Archangel's Staff and Lich Bane to maximize your damage. Eleisa's Miracle gives you something to build your Philosopher's Stone into, and helps mitigate crowd control while giving you good health and mana regeneration.

Carry Lux takes Rod of Ages and your defensive items of choice over the gold/10 items. I prefer Banshee's Veil as a sort of catch-22, but that's personal preference. Another solid choice is Guardian Angel if you're doing well and being focused down often.

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Xin Zhao, the Senechal of Demacia

Xin Zhao is a champion I cannot stand playing against. Literally, I don't know who I hate more, this guy or the guy who snaplocks Teemo, demands mid, then terrors my team hardcore for the entire match. It's on par with playing against a Xin Zhao as a carry and forgetting that he has the ability to bring you from full to dead at level 2, with no chance of countering him without extreme damage output and Ignite. Seriously, I freaking hate this guy.

Xin interchanges roles with Jarvan IV, either playing as a solo top or a jungler. His combo and extreme damage output early on means he can easily level 2 gank as a jungler, and grab First Blood nearly as easy as Garen when that poor sucker facechecks that brush.

In solo top, you perform a role similar to Jax; farm passively until you see an opening, then blink to your target and swallow him whole. Your early game presence in lane is extremely strong, and you can burst down targets extremely well. Your sustain is strong thanks to Challenge and your rune setup, and you can be a bully when the time comes, striking down targets with relentless force.

When you're laning, coordinate ganks with Jarvan IV by unleashing your combo. Audacious Charge at your target, then Three Talon Strike them into the air. While you're doing this, Jarvan should move in, setting up his combo on the way down. Flash and Ignite appropriately to give yourselves the best setup for your ganks.

As a jungler, you have the same option as Jarvan; the level 2 gank or the full route gank. If you're starting at blue, take a leash. On blue team, Jarvan's Demacian Standard or Lux's Light Binding are excellent leash spells. (But don't ask for Lux's help if she's playing support.)

When ganking, always remember to coordinate and chain-CC; I cannot stress this enough. If ganking with Jarvan IV, let him use his combo; while he's casting Dragon Strike, activate Battle Cry and Three Talon Strike, then Audacious Charge to your target. If done fast enough, the third attack should proc just as the slow from Audacious Charge wears off. Ghost will help pursue an enemy if he or she Flashes away.

Mid depends on who's laning there. Lux will want to cast Light Binding after you've landed Audacious Charge in order to chain-CC. Lucent Singularity will help you secure the kill. If Galio is mid, your ganks become weaker, but he can still use Righteous Gust to help pursue an enemy who's used Flash if the lane has been pushed enough. His kit has strong early burst, but less hard CC like Lux's.

For items, I've given a slew of options for both builds. Trinity Force and The Black Cleaver are items I believe are core to Xin, but the rest depends on what you need. You should always build the Cloth Armor you take when jungling into a fast Wriggle's Lantern due to its utility and sustain. Youmuu's Ghostblade and Zeke's Harbinger are great antitank items due to armor penetration and attack speed, Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer are strong pure DPS items in general, and Banshee's Veil helps if you're pulling the attention of your enemies.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must-have on everyone. It is hands-down the best summoner spell in the game. On Jungle Xin, however, I like the idea of Ghost as it makes your ganks better (being in range for Audacious Charge can be tough on a side lane).

I always like having five different summoners for utility purposes.
- Ignite is a great offensive spell to counter strong heals like Soraka's. It's best used on solo top, where securing kills can be sometimes difficult with all that room to move around in.
- Exhaust is another good offensive spell to shut down enemy DPS with. I like it best on Garen because you can camp on people with Judgment if you choose to use it like that.
- Teleport is my personal favorite summoner spell due to the fact that it lets you both initiate and counter a split push extremely effectively. I like letting the solo mid take it, as they have strong farming ability and level quickly to attain this strong farming ability.
- Smite is necessary as a jungler, and jungling is necessary at higher levels of play if you want to win. You don't always have to jungle, but if you want the best chance of winning, it's probably in your best interest. You have great map control due to constant ganking, you disallow aggressive laning, and allow your top lane to reach a high level quickly. The only viable junglers on Team Demacia are Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV. (I've tried jungle Galio. It doesn't work. Trust me.)
- Clairvoyance is a very underrated, but necessary spell at higher levels of play. It lets you have vision of the enemy jungler, enemies camping in brush in a lane, lets you keep an eye on important neutral objectives like Baron Nashor and the Dragon, and can inform you of incoming ganks when enemies in lane go MIA. The skill is best used on your support, so either Galio or Lux should take it.

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So that's my guide for Team Demacia! If you have any questions about the choices I've made for the guide, feel free to ask.



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