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Evelynn Build Guide by Opeth

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Opeth

Evelynn - Jungle: Dance The Blood Red Tango (S4, AP/Hybrid)

Opeth Last updated on January 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 3

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Good morning/afternoon/evening, :-)

My (pseudo-)name on mobafire is Opeth, ingame Misanthropie (what a peaceful name ^.^) - EU West.
Thanks to everyone who read and rate this guide - over 1.500.000 views show that it's worth the effort! =)
And thanks again for all the feedback I received by Mobafire and ingame! (...and the Tango Evelynn-Skin <3 )

In this guide I want to show new and old Evelynn-players how to play Eve in Season 4 - as a jungler. Additionally this guide contains information about jungling in general.
This guide is fully redesigned for S4, I completly reworked every chapter! =)

Evelynn is a melee-ranged assassin who can be played full AP, full AD or as a Hybrid. She is known for her extraordinary burst-damage and is always feared by the enemy. She is one of the champions I would rate with a "medium" difficulty level. You'll need a few games to make familiar with her playstyle but - I promise - a first sense of achievement won't be long in coming! ;-)

I have two completly different builds in my guide which I show to you separately:
  • the "Glasscanon-from-the-jungle"-AP build: a classy Evelynn build which enables to jungle with AP-Eve as a heavy burster.
  • the "Tanky Burster"-Hybrid build: this build tries to profit from Ravages attackspeed-boost, the AP and AD-scale of Ravage and Hate Spike, survivability (hitpoints and resistances), high burst damage and the hybrid-friendly mastery-rework in S4.

I recommend the first build (AP-build) if you want to play with an easy build for AP-carries! :-)

But notice that AP-Eve can be countered by really tanky teams or can be useless if your team doesn't have a tanky champion.

You are a new player and want more than a long text? Then check out my new jungle-video with Evelynn. I did a normal game with annotations and gave a few information for Evelynn- and jungle-beginners (especially in early- and mid-game):

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Patch 4.1 Notes: (01/14/2014)

In this patch (especially AP-)Evelynn was slightly nerfed but indirectly buffed, too:

Spoiler: Click to view

Preseason Balance Update 2 Patch Notes: (01/16/2013)

Yeah, it happened. They seem to love nerfing Evelynn:

Spoiler: Click to view

Patch 3.01 Notes: (02/01/2013)

Spoiler: Click to view

Patch 3.02 - Patch 3.6 Notes: (02/13/2013 - 04/29/2013)

Spoiler: Click to view

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Pros 'n Cons (AP+AD)

+ PROS +

  • General: high mobility (in- and outfight); very good ganker (including tower diving), fast and sustained jungling (after first recall); scouting abilities
  • AP-Eve: INSANE burst-damage; great farm-qualities, strong ganks
  • Hybrid-Eve: unexpected and unpredictable build; good burst damage; good survivability (HP and resistances); cheap build in early-game; very flexible build

- CONS -
  • General: very squishy (only Agony's Embrace protects from damage); lack of crowd-control; needs to be good fed if she wants to carry the game in late-game; often banned since S4; bad sustain in jungle before first recall
  • AP-Eve: gets disabled by silence or stun; mana-hungry; can be almost useless if the enemy team focusses her hard
  • Hybrid-Eve: burst damage not as high as in the AP-build; gets disabled by stun

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Evelynn's Spells

Evelynn's new passive turns her into a real assassin (not like wannabe-assassins like Twitch or Shaco ;-) ). She gets invisible till she touches a champion within the radius around her. Only Vision Ward or towers can detect her - so you can easily gank a warded bot- or top-lane if they didn't buy pink wards. Always watch out for Vision Wards - search them in bushes!

When she turns invisible Evelynn regenerates mana which is quite important to know if you want to prevent needless recalls.
Care for every bush you want to walk in - if you hit an enemy champion in it your whole gank (or whatever you wanted to do) can be failed and your stealth is canceled.
An additional function of this spell is it's scouting-ability. Use it (carefully!) to scout positions like Baron, Dragon or Blue/Red-Buff.

This spell is the main-nuke of AP/Hybrid-Evelynn. The AoE-effect of this spell just goes in one direction. Don't forget to use Hate Spike while chasing fleeing enemies - especially as AP-Evelynn.
While jungling you have to get the whole jungle-camp into Hate Spike which is kinda tricky. Take a look into the jungle-section to see how you can get all the creeps with one shot.
Important: "Hit and run" and spam Hate Spikewhile chasing enemies to deal damage as much as possible. Watch out for the walking-route of the enemy to walk in front of or next to him.

This spell's active increases your movement-speed significantly for a few seconds and removes all slow-effects. Passively you get additional movement-speed for every spell-hit on an enemy champion.
Use this spell while jungling for moving to another jungle-camp or to get a speed-buff after a recall to the base. Always safe Dark Frenzy before team-fights/ganks or if you know that you could be ganked for some reason (for example while tower pushing).
This spell can be a lifesaver after you finished an enemy - especially during a tower-dive.

This spell is a good damage-source for Eve and allows us to create versatile item-builds with Evelynn. In this guide I'm focussing on full AP- and AD-Evelynn but there are Hybrids-Builds for Lane-Evelynn's.
Especially as AD/Hybrid-Evelynn you have to activate the attack-speed-buff of Ravage while you destroy towers!
Don't forget to autoattack jungle-creeps while Ravage is active - position first before using this spell.
Notice!: This spell deals NORMAL damage since the first S4-patch!

Your ultimate is just great - for you and your team. Most of the time we use it in team-fights to hit as many enemies as possible for maximum shield-absorb and damage.
But sometimes you're able to safe an ally by slowing chasing enemies with Agony's Embrace or just saving your own life if something went wrong.

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Skill Sequence (AP+Hybrid)

Skill Sequence: AP/Hybrid-Evelynn

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

I max Hate Spike before Ravage to maximise my jungle-, and overall-damage. The burst of an constant Hate Spike-spamming AP-Evelynn is devastating. You can even kill enemies next to towers without being hit of the tower that often.
I max Dark Frenzy at least because I have enough mobility through the passive at rank 1 and CC-items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Hextech Gunblade to chase my enemies.

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Runes (AP + Hybrid)

Runes: AP-Evelynn


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
I choose these runes to improve Evelynn's ganking potential - especially in the mid-lane.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor
Standard Jungling-Runes/AD-Carry runes for more survivability while jungling and ganking.
Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Choose flat AP/AP per level-runes to push your damage-output or magic-resist-runes to improve your survivability against casters. I prefer flat AP-runes to improve my damage in early-game.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are my preferred quints for this build. With these essences you can jungle really fast and get high burst-damage for the first ganks. Additionally the new effect of Spirit Stone synergizes well with flat AP-quints and runes.

This hidden section is about the usage of Spell Vamp-Quints and not relevant in S4 because of the jungle-buff and Spirit Stone-changes.

Spoiler: Click to view

Runes: Hybrid-Evelynn


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
This runes improve your damage in jungle- or top/mid- ganks and counter Greater Seal of Armor - runes - mostly of AD-Carries, Top-Laners or Supports.
Additonally you want to finish Haunting Guise before The Brutalizer in the most games to get more health. So it's important to have a small amout of armor-penetration first.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Choose flat AP/AP per level-runes to push your damage-output or magic-resist-runes to improve your survivability against casters. I prefer flat AP-runes to improve my damage in early-game.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

And again: Standard Jungling-Runes/AD-Carry runes for more survivability while jungling and ganking.

I prefer this quintessence for fast jungling - they synergize well with the armor penetration-runes and Ravage. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are possible, too - but as already mentioned we are focussing on AD-penetration in the beginning.

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Masteries (AP + Hybrid)

Masteries: AP-Evelynn


I play with full offensive-masteries in this one - your burst-damage will be insane from early on. You won't have a good sustain in jungle before you did the first recall to buy Spirit Stone but the jungle-cleartime is incredibly high and your ganks are very strong.
  • First of all: I don't like Double-Edged Sword on most melee-champions because they need to be some kind of "tanky" to survive a team-fight. So why should I choose this point? To die even faster if someone focusses me? We will deal enough damage without this point, too.
  • In the Offensive-Tree I choose Sorcery for better mobility with Dark Frenzy while jungling and to increase our jungling-speed as well (more Hate Spike for all!).
  • I go for Butcher because it harmonises well with Ravage and Hate Spike. Feast isn't that cool IMO and we have enough useful early-game masteries without it.
  • Expose Weakness is a cool point to improve the overall-damage of the team and while ganking.
  • Mental Force , Arcane Mastery and Archmage are a must have for AP-Eve!
  • Spell Weaving works great on Eve because of Ravage.
  • Executioner is very funny on Eve because you can finish fleeing enemies faster (for example!). With Dangerous Game we can do safer tower-dives and survive difficult team-fights after killing a carry.
  • Devastating Strikes is a must-have and synergizes great with Evelynn's spells! Just like Arcane Blade (notice that Ravage gives you attack-speed) - especially as AP-Eve.
  • Havoc is simply our overall damage-push.

  • In the Defense-tree I choose Recovery to get a little regeneration-bonus in early game. You can choose Block if you'll get much help of your team with the first red/blue-buff. Enchanted Armor isn't that great on AP-Eve because we are focussing on HP-items.
  • Tough Skin and Bladed Armor are self-explanatory as a squishy jungler.

  • In the Utility-Tree I like to go for 3 points in Fleet of Foot - this is my personal choice to get a (really) little bonus on our weak movement-speed.

  • Veteran Scars and Juggernaut are good choices, too because these masteries synergize well with our item-build (HP-items!). But I prefer a little movement-speed-buff with Fleet of Foot (= 1x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed ) - otherwise it feels like I'm too slow in the beginning.

Masteries: Hybrid-Evelynn


This mastery-choices are completly about hybrid-damage - with this masteries you have a high jungle-clearspeed and strong ganks. With a full Offensive-tree we still deal enough damage against carries although we go for tanky items later.

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Summoner Spells

Every jungler generaly needs Smite to kill big Golem (blue), Lizard (red) and last-hit Dragon/Baron. This spell is helpful for counter-jungling red/blue-buff - don't waste it for wolves/wraiths if you're not completly sure that you won't need it till it's ready again.
Evelynn is great as a stealer in the enemy jungle (blue-buff, red-buff, dragon, baron). Use Smite to finish creeps and to steal the enemies buffs. ( Shadow Walk --> Smite --> Dark Frenzy --> get the hell out of here!)

Notice!: If you use Smite with a Spirit Stone or spellvamp it heals you a little bit. So don't use it at the beginning if you have full HP!

Flash is really useful for Evelynn because you can use it to finish-up fleeing enemies easily or flash through a wall of trees to escape from the enemy. If you feel alright without a blink Ignite would be my second best choice but hey, Evelynn is a fast and good tower-diver. (-:
To be honest: I never want to miss my Flash on Eve - it's too strong with her!

Another spell that should be higlighted is Exhaust. With this spell you're able to shut an enemy down for 2,5 seconds by removing his movement-speed AND damage-output. I only recommend this spell for experienced players who know how to use it.
The versatility of this spell is amazing: use it while ganking extremely agile champions like Vi or Master Yi - after using Agony's Embrace - or to get an advantage while dueling champions like Xin Zhao (what a devastating dueller...) or for just saving a team-mate (yeah, sometimes it's worth it!).

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Items (AP+Hybrid)

Start-Items for both builds

The easiest way to start jungling is buying Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion. Normally you only need 3 Health Potion for the jungle-spots - so you can use the rest to regenerate HP right before a gank or between jungle-camps.

A few people told me about starting with this elixir + Health Potions to improve Eve's first ganks. I don't like this idea - not my cup of tea. But if you want to test it, try a free game first. The ganks are totally insane (!) but your sustain in the jungle is completely bad. I think my mastery-choices don't fit into an elixir-start because I don't go for Juggernaut for example.

I prefer Warding Totem because I'm not a high elo player at the moment. I want to be sure that the key positions and my jungle are constantly warded. In lower leagues you have players that don't even use their ward-item.
In higher leagues Sweeping Lens is great as Evelynn because as a jungler you're able to destroy wards on every lane. (Teamplay for the win! :-) )

Which boots are the best for Evelynn? Really, it depends on the enemy setup (for more information scroll down) and your playstyle. The most important thing is that you buy Boots of Speed after the first recall to base.

After the rework Spirit Stone is really strong on Eve because of her fast jungle-cleartime. You don't have to spend that much money for Health Potions which is great!
With this item you won't need the blue-buff (after the first one) for it's mana-regeneration that much which allows you to give it to your mid-laner.


These boots are my prefered choice for AP-Evelynn because we need the magic-penetration to counter early magic-resistance stackings on the enemy-side. Buy them after completing Spirit Stone. Otherwise go for Boots of Mobility if you prefer maximum movement-speed.

This item gives you a good amount of ability-power for ganks. I buy it after Sorcerer's Shoes. Its unique life- and spellvamp bonus for jungling is gone but it's still the best item for most pure AP-carries in the jungle.
I really hate the rework of this item (see Changelog-Discussion for more information) - anyway, after the rework you should try to use Conservation as often as possible. Notice that even the blue ghost (fast to kill) gives the Conservation-bonus.

I buy Haunting Guise AFTER Spirit of the Spectral Wraith because we want to have a safe amout of magic-penetration and hitpoints. Liandry's Torment should be bought as one of the last items if you don't play against tanky teams (for the %-damage).

Something you should keep in mind with Ruby Crystal - regarding to all builds: I often buy a Ruby Crystal for Haunting Guise (or for The Brutalizer as Hybrid-Eve ) if I can't finish my first items that early. Otherwise you'll have a big lack of HP.

In a normal game I like to complete this item after Haunting Guise to get more ability-power, the really important-slow effect for ganks and a high amount of health. This health-bonus is necessary IMO because we are very squishy in early-game.
Hextech Gunblade wouldn't be a good choice to get a slow for AP-Eve that early. We don't need the stats from Bilgewater Cutlass and this item is too expensive (I'd only buy it as a finisher after selling our jungle-item).

After Rylai's we have everything we need to go on with stacking ability-power: burst-dmg, slow-effect and survivability/sustain.
So I continue with Deathfire Grasp to get a good burst, to counter fed enemies or even gank tanky champions.
If you're not fed or don't have enough money overall you should buy Void Staff instead. This item has a lack of ability-power but it gives you the needed magic-penetration.

Definetly a great choice on AP-Eve (synergises great with Rylai's Crystal Scepter). As I said before Liandry's Torment should be bought as one of the last items because we need more than percental-damage in early/mid-game.
Use this item to harass the enemy with Hate Spike before the "real" team-fight starts to get an advantage.

This item is a strong finisher. I wouldn't buy it early - only if you're good fed. All in all it gives you the AP you've "lost" because of your jungler-items (junglers generally can have a little lack of damage against champions because of their item-/masteries choices).
I recommend to buy it at least because it only gives you a massive amount of AP - no survivability or penetration! Keep in mind that you're not a range AP-champ who can burst from the distance without taking damage.

AP-Evelynn: Situational/Alternative Items

As I said: Buy this item if you don't get enough money to buy Deathfire Grasp for magic-penetration or want to continue with your build.

This item counters small amounts of magic-resistance and improves your own magic-resistance, too. It's quite expensive if you just want to get one of these two advantages.

Consider to buy this item against a CC-heavy team. It's not that expensive and the best way to counter CC without losing too much dmg. Banshee's Veil might be a good choice but we want to have a weapon against specific not random CCs.

Normally as AP-Eve you want to burst enemies down without autohitting at them. So Lich Bane wouldn't be a good choice. If you want to buy it anyway I would recommend to buy it as one of the least items to benefit from it's whole power. This item synergizes very well with Rabadon's Deathcap.
Lich Bane synergises perfectly with Evelynn's spells, too because you can easily activate it with Hate Spike. The effect of this item does additional damage to towers, too! (just like Sheen / Trinity Force / Iceborn Gauntlet )

If you want to counter high amounts of AoE-Dmg with or without massive CC this item is a really good choice. Additionally buy this item if you feel in need to counter Karthus' ultimate without buying AP-less item's like Banshee's Veil.
Additionally buy this item against AD-heavy teams.

If the enemy squishy champs buy Zhonya's Hourglass it can be important to buy it, too - for surviving the seconds you can't attack the preferred target and to avoid AoE- or focus-damage.
By the way: Always cast an eye on the enemy AP-champions to see if they buy this item. It can be devastating if you try to focus champions like Kennen without knowing that he will cast Hourglass with almost 1% HP! ;-)

AP-Evelynn: Rare but possible situational items

These are items I rarely use or never used with AP-Eve. But they are viable in specific situations

Good choice against heavy AP-Teams who burst you away and don't have much CC (otherwise take Quicksilver Sash)
The problem about this item is that it's more for Hybrid/AD-Eve builds because you can't benefit that much from attack-speed.

This item can be a good counter-item against champions like Swain or Master Yi with strong heal-effects. But to be honest: you should avoid to get this item. All in all mana-regeneration items are not really strong on Eve because of her passive.

Can be a viable item if you're fed but it doesn't provide you any damage or CC - definitely too expensive in my opinion! Evelynn doesn't have any great escape-spell to get away from the enemies after reviving with this item.

An item for safely fed AP-carries or gamblers. But to be honest: Evelynn can die too easily to go for this one. I wouldn't go for this item in a competitive match.


I take these one for Hybrid-Evelynn because we are focussing on fast jungle-clearing and already deal enough damage to go without the magic-penetration. But if the enemy has high amounts of CC you could buy Mercury's Treads OR Spirit of the Ancient Golem instead.

The finisher for our Spirit Stone with Hybrid-Evelynn. This item can be combined with Iceborn Gauntlet because in this way we get the old AoE-effect of Elder Lizard back (originally the dot-effect of Elder Lizard worked with spells, too!).

To compensate the missing magic-penetration we definitely need this item. We buy Liandry's Torment much more earlier with Hybrid-Eve because it synergises well with the slow-effect of Iceborn Gauntlet (which doubles the damage of Liandry's) and we don't focus on other high-damage items (so we need every cheap damage we can take ;-) ).

Something you should keep in mind with Ruby Crystal - regarding to all builds: I often buy a Ruby Crystal for Haunting Guise (or for The Brutalizer as Hybrid-Eve ) if I can't finish my first items that early. Otherwise you'll have a big lack of HP.

I like The Black Cleaver on Eve because it works well with Ravage and provides a good amount of health. Last Whisper is a cheap and cool item but doesn't provide any survivability which we need as a squishy melee-burster. Only if you bought f.e. Spirit of the Ancient Golem (because of heavy CC) a Last Whisper can be cool.
If you play against a really tanky team, consider to buy The Brutalizer after or before Bilgewater Cutlass.

Something you should keep in mind with Ruby Crystal - regarding to all builds: I often buy a Ruby Crystal for Haunting Guise (or for The Brutalizer as Hybrid-Eve ) if I can't finish my first items that early. Otherwise you'll have a big lack of HP.

Bilgewater Cutlass is important from early on to improve Evelynn's ganks. If you think that you're able to chase your enemies without it you can buy it later because there are other important items you probably want to buy first. Hextech Gunblade is a cool item to finish your build because it will give you a good amount of spellvamp and lifesteal to support your tankiness. I wouldn't finish it before because it's too expensive and we already have the slow-effect.

This item is great on Hybrid-Eve: it gives you a little damage-boost, CC and a good amount of armor. As already mentioned: It synergizes great with Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Liandry's Torment (see above for more information).
In a non-specific game I would buy it after 1) Spirit of the Elder Lizard, 2) The Black Cleaver and 3) Liandry's Torment.

Hybrid-Evelynn: Situational Items

I often buy this item as Hybrid-Eve because it gives you damage and survivability if an enemy AP-carry is too much fed. Additionally we get more magic-penetration (notice that you normally don't buy a Void Staff/ Deathfire Grasp with Hybrid-Eve).

If you notice that your team is totally untanky I would go for this item instead of Spirit of the Elder Lizard. With this one and especially Iceborn Gauntlet we can compensate the missing tank even in the first team-fights.


If you want to play AD-Eve take a look in this section but at the moment I only focus on AP- and Hybrid-Eve. =]
Some of these items might be interesting for a hybrid-Eve build, too!

Spoiler: Click to view

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How to Play: Jungling / Ganking / Playstyle


Notice!: The order of clearing these creep-spots isn't obligatory but you start with either blue- or red-buff. When you have both buffs your jungle-route depends on what's happening on the lanes or your own jungle (invades). But all in all this map above shows you a general route.

1. Begin with the big Golem (blue-buff) if you want a safe start into the game. If you want to gank the top-lane really early you should start with the red-buff first - but NOT if you start at the opposite side (at the top on the right of this map).
The blue-golem provides you: Crest of the Ancient Golem . Check the spoiler to see how your team-mates should protect you against invades.

Spoiler: Click to view

As you can see the mid-champ (Gragas) and top-champ (Nidalee) try to scout the area for enemy invades. Ask for help before the golem spawn if noone seems to come. Just a spell-hit from mid or a few hits from a top-/bot-champ will help you a lot for relaxed jungling.
  • Lasthit the blue golem with Smite to protect it from enemy stealing.
Check the spoiler to see how you can hit all monsters with Hate Spike.

Spoiler: Click to view

2. Continue with wolves (or Wraith if you take red-buff first). Check the spoiler to see how you can hit all wolves with Hate Spike.

Spoiler: Click to view

The picture shows an easy position to pull and damage all wolves. It's very important to hit (almost) every unit with this spell to maximise your Spirit Stone-bonus and jungle-speed.

3. After you've killed wolves/wraith our next step is to get the red buff: Blessing of the Lizard Elder (or blue-buff if you started with Lizard)
The slow-effect is essential for our ganks - Evelynn can gank really good without red-buff but tanky or agile champions are hard to kill before they reach the tower.

For a possible position to hit every Lizard check the spoiler to see a short clip.

Spoiler: Click to view

If you received both buffs you can try to start a gank. It's even a success for your team if you force the opponent to use Flash or damage him a bit - it helps alot.

4. If nothing happens on the lanes (that means: the enemy falls back) or your jungle continue with Wraiths. It's not that easy (for me :o) ) to hit all of them with Hate Spike.

For a possible position to hit every Wraith check the spoiler to see a short clip.
Notice that I try to get every Wraith in front of me - so i can hit them all with Hate Spike while auto-hitting the big one.

Spoiler: Click to view

5. If you can't gank or counter-gank on any lane you should continue with wolves. (now you know why you should kill these wolves after blue-buff). With this strategy Smite should be ready for the big Wight.

6. You should kill this guy only with a ready Smite in early-game. Remember that Smite restores health with Spirit Stone.

What about the two golems?: After killing the big Lizard you can continue with the golem-camp if you want to gank bot-lane. If you start at the opposite site and gank top-lane you can kill these golems, too. All in all you should do this camp in early-game with a ready Smite (for the big one).
Pull them with a Hate Spike - you can even kite them a little bit to regain health. Click on the spoiler to see how you can pull them easily (just pull them in the direction you want to continue your way).

Spoiler: Click to view


In this section I give you some advices and information about every gank-spot (you can see them on the map above). Every gank-position has its pros and cons.

I. If the enemy top-laner is close to the friendly tower (or even tower-diving) you should choose the left route for a quick gank from behind. The right route should be chosen if the enemy is in the middle or fell back.
If you gank the top-lane you should keep an eye on the mid-lane. The enemy mid-champ is missing? - be very careful with your gank! - especially if you don't have any wards between top- and mid-lane.

II. If the enemy mid-laner is close to the friendly tower (or even tower-diving) you should choose the bottom route for a quick gank. The upper route is for a safe mid-gank.
And again for this lane: If you gank the mid-lane from position II. you should keep an eye on the top-lane. The enemy top-champ is missing? - be very careful with your gank! - especially if you don't have any wards between top- and mid-lane. Same goes for the enemy bot-lane!

III. Another position to gank the mid-lane: In this case the upper route is quite dangerous - and the tower will detect you for a short time! You should avoid this route in most cases.

IV. A bot-lane gank is the specialty of Evelynn. With her passive she can easily gank here if the enemy didn't fell back too much.
Left route should be chosen if the enemy nearly tower-dives your teammates or is next to the friendly tower (if your team starts at the opposite side this route is the "pendant" of the right gank-route on the top-lane - an easy way to chase the enemy!). If your team has champs like Thresh or Blitzcrank you should wait for their engage.
Choose the right route in any other cases.

!. The yellow-dotted routes on the map are really dangerous - choose them if you want to
  • help the tower-diving top-laner (for example after counter-jungling).
  • finish off the enemy next to the tower.
  • finish off a fleeing enemy.
The opposite side can use these routes, too but the long and short path are switched.

Lane-Ganks: Especially as Evelynn it's pretty easy to gank the enemy from the tower of your team. But be sure that the bushes on the lane are not warded. Additionally you should be very careful if it's possible that the enemy jungler is waiting for a counter-gank.
If the enemy is tower-diving a quick lane-gank can be the best way to chase the enemy.

This map shows different Ward-Spots which protect your team against junglers/ganks or reveal important jungle-monsters.
The red marked Jungler-Wards are just an example how you can protect important positions of your jungle against the enemy. If you play against hard counter-junglers like Lee Sin it can useful to protect the jungle with wards (for example in the bush next to the entrance of your jungle, just like marked in the map).
But you can place wards next to enemy blue-/red-buffs, too - an easy way to steal buffs with Smite.


Counter-Jungling/Jungle-Invades can give your team free-kills especially in early-game. Champions like Fiddlesticks can be easily countered: if you start with blue-buff go into the bush of the enemy red-buff and wait for him to pull the lizard. If he lost enough hitpoints before even pulling the lizard you can burst him down anyway. A jungle-Fiddlesticks without blue-buff is in a really bad position in early-game.
This precede works really good against really slow junglers (like Fiddlesticks!) and if you're completly sure on which buff they start.
If you clear enemy jungle-camps like Wraiths you should try to keep one little Wraith alive - much more frustration for your enemy! ;-)

To survive ganks in your own jungle you should be sure that your life is always maximised as possible. Use your Health Potions even if you walk between jungle-camps.

To sum up: Jungling in general

As you can see jungling and ganking is a very flexible and unpredictable process. "Learning by doing" is the keyword!
Always try to plan what you want to do next: Ganking a lane, and then clearing a specific spot, and then moving to support another lane against, ...
You have to be versatile as a jungler: sometimes you have to stop jungling immadietly to counter ganks.

In addition you have to keep an eye on the enemy jungler or even counter-jungle him (that means you steal his creeps in the jungle).

A last word to jungling in general: Don't support just one lane, try to estimate the ganking-potential of every lane - just by trying to land a gank at the right moment.

For everyone who wants to see me in action (with additional text-comments): check out my new video that I already posted in the introduction!
All in all it's a video for jungle- and Eve-beginners:

Evelynn: Playstyle

Eve is about bursting your enemies down - very fast and painful! Your gank-potential is incredible with having offensive-masteries as a jungler but be careful if you got focussed.

Ganking with AP-/Hybrid- or AD-Eve isn't that hard. Safe your Dark Frenzy if you don't need it to reach the enemy before he flees.
Instantly cast Ravage (if you will be able to autohit the enemy a little bit) and spam Hate Spike. Be sure that you don't waste Hate Spike on minions or other targets. (as Hybrid-Eve: don't forget to use Bilgewater Cutlass if needed!)
Dark Frenzy will be your filler if the enemy stuns or slows you.
Don't waste Agony's Embrace if you think that it's not needed to kill the enemy (you need game-experience to valuate it). Otherwise Agony's Embrace is a powerful opener while ganking.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of Hate Spike: don't hesitate to tower-dive the enemy if you can kill him with a ranged Hate Spike, too.
Additionally you can easily harass enemy champs - even next to towers - with casting Hate Spike and instantly fall back.

There are champions like Jax or Tryndamere you don't want to damage with autohits in 1v1-fights. In this cases Eve should "kite" the enemy with casting Hate Spike from the distance (works best with additional slow-effects for sure). This enables you to deal serious-damage and additionally regain health with your high spellvamp-rate.

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First of all: cheers to everyone who read this guide!

It took me a quite long time to write (and rework!) this guide but it was a real pleasure! Thank you for reading my guide - and perhaps - testing it! :-)
Feel free to discuss the S4-builds with me - especially the hybrid-Eve might be worthy of discussion.

All in all Evelynn is a very versatile champion with many possible builds. That's why I love this champ so much to play.
I hope I didn't make serious mistakes in my guide - every help is welcome to improve my work!

Thank you jhoijhoi and IceCreamy for their guides!

A special thanks to TritonJak's Lane-Evelynn-guide. It helped me a lot to decide which situational-items are possible for a Jungle-Eve.

...and an additional thanks to FalseoGod and GrandmasterD for giving me reviews, new ideas and improvement suggestions for this guide!

The unedited pictures belong to the following artists (chronologic):
  • Franchize1 (deviantART)
  • Bakaruru (deviantART)
  • BlueTeardrop

Finally I show you my last games with Evelynn.
Every game was a blind- or draft-pick (a few ranked games) with random players or 1-2 premades. In this case I'm really happy to say that I have clearly more wins than loses and almost always average to very good stats (I mean it's the blind-pick chaos!)

In Season 4 I'll probably do much more ranked-games!

Newest Games:

Older Games:

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To-Do-List and Updates


- Adding a section for difficult/specific opponents


- 12th Jan 2013:
--> added Exhaust; reworked both item-builds (added Liandry's Torment, Iceborn Gauntlet and Last Whisper); corrected information; added new tips

- 17th Jan 2013:
--> added Changelog; new items for the build will be added in the next version

- 3rd Feb 2013:
--> added information for Patch 3.01, added Zhonya's Hourglass, added information to the AD-Eve-playstyle-chapter because of Eve's nerf

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- 7th May 2013:
--> new item-build (Hybrid-Eve) (work in progress!), changed purchase order of AP-Eve, added new information on specific items, added new changelog-entry, added recent match-results

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