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Ezreal Build Guide by A league of legends playe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A league of legends playe

~Everything you need to know about Ezreal~ (AD and AP)

A league of legends playe Last updated on August 22, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello! My summoner name is "TheDirtyDerp" (PLS IGNORE MY MOBAFIRE NAME) and this is my first ever guide on mobafire! I am a silver 1 player and I have been playin Ezreal as my main for over a year. This guide is on Ezreal; he currently has 3 popular play styles. They are: Blue Ezreal, AP Ezreal, and AD Ezreal. I think Ezreal is a very fun and unique champion who has a high-skillcap. Many of his skills are skillshot based meaning you need a lot of aim and precision to play him effectively.

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  • Very Good Harasser
  • Free Flash Spell
  • Can kite like a BAUSS
  • Low mana cost on Mystic Shot
  • Very High Mana Cost on Arcane Shift early game
  • Entirely skillshot based (Except for Arcane Shift
  • Countered easily
  • Heavily relies on support

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health
I take flat AD Marks and Quints for early game damage. Scaling MR Glyphs for some resistance to AP carries late game. 9 Armor Seals tankiness early game.

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My runes are simple, 21-9-0. Some people may ask "Why don't you take 9 in utility for the mana regen?". I take 9 in defense especially for the bonus HP since Ezreal has very low base hp (the lowest of all ADCS) and you shouldn't be spamming your spells to the point where Ezreal becomes mana starved.

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I take The Bloodthirster first on Ezreal because of the MASSIVE attack damage and sustain it gives in lane. It also needs to be stacked well to be effective which is another reason I get it first.

Iceborn Gauntlet allows Ezreal to kite insanely well, gives a ton of mana so you can spam your abilities, CDR for MOAR spamming, and finally a lot of armor.

Statikk Shiv gives some AS and Crit Chance and its passive gives INSANE split pushing power as well as increased damage on Mystic Shot

Blade of the Ruined King enhances all of the stats you already have which is great and the active can help you kite or man-mode fight enemies.

Getting a tear early and upgrading it into Manamune will give you a very large attack damage boost especially once it's capped out and becomes Muramana. The active will give you almost 80-120 extra damage once it's capped out.

Berserker's Greaves as it's the only option that appeals to all ADC's. Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a good pick for teams that will chase you for a long time. EX: Singed Volibear Garen

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Alternative Items

If you feel fit, you can replace Manamune or Blade of the Ruined King with any of these items.

If you aren't able to afford Manamune early (for whatever reason) get LW for the damage spike or if at least 2 enemies have more than 100 armor.

Some people get this item first on ADC. I don't because about half of Ezreals damage comes from his Mystic Shot which can not crit. You can replace Blade of the Ruined King with this then replace Statikk Shiv with Phantom Dancer for dual synergy. But I think Ezreal is better off a caster than a standard ADC.

I would not get Phantom Dancer without getting Infinity Edge. The only other time I would get it is if it is really far into the game (55 minutes or so) and would sell Statikk Shiv for it.

Zephyr gives good stats for any auto-attacking champion. I wouldn't get it normally as it's very situational. If the enemy team has some to no gapclosers, I would replace boots with this late game.

If your enemies are able to get to you and kill you in time ( Jax Tryndamere Jayce) I would get Guardian Angel in replacement for Last Whisper or Blade of the Ruined King depending on what your enemies have.

With the recent Trinity Force buffs I think that it is viable again. Depending on enemy team comps you may want to stick to Iceborn Gauntlet (Gapclosers, high speed etc). If you think that the enemy team can't stick to you effectively, get Trinity Force for the extra damage.

Another defensive item that can be used as a replacement item. I personally don't like getting defensive items on Ezreal because he can kite almost every single champion and get away in dire situations.

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Spells+Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Pretty straight forward. Max Mystic Shot for MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE(damage) then put points into Arcane Shift simply for lowered cooldown. Max W last for the Attack Speed buff it will give to your team in late game team fights.

This passive synergizes well with 3 of Ezreals abilities. Each stack will grant a small buff of Attack Speed and at max stacks it's a huge amount. Using Trueshot Barrage or Essence Flux early on in fights to get multiple stacks of Rising Spell Force is very beneficial.

This is Ezreals main damage source. It will interrupt Attack animations so it's best to use it straight after an Attack for maximum damage. It also applies every on hit effect (Except crits)so items like Sheen and Statikk Shiv apply their damage onto it.

This spell is meh. It used to reduce enemy Attack Speed which could make Ezreal fight almost any ADC. Now all it does is damage and haste ally Attack speed. Some people max this second for damage but its high mana cost and stubby range make it a bad choice in lane. Late game however, the Attack Speed bonus really benefits your team.

Arcane Shift is what makes Ezreal so versatile and unique. How it's used can differentiate between good and godly Ezreal players. It can be used to escape, reposition in team fights or for a kill, and chase enemies. Late game it has a very short cooldown if you spam Mystic Shot since that reduces all skills cooldowns by 1 second.

Trueshot Barrage does TONS OF DAMAGE when aimed at one person. If someone is caught out of position or CCed long enough for your team to follow up, start casting this skill. It can also be used to snipe low health enemies from across the map. Finally, if used properly, it can grant Ezreal multiple stacks of Rising Spell Force.

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Gameplay and team fights


Early game the only thing you have to do is farm minions. Let your support harass enemies and follow up if they are CCed. If an enemy is hiding behind a minion that is about to die, kill the minion and fire a Mystic Shot to harass. Don't spam Q as much as you would late game as Ezreal has low level one mana. Never use Arcane Shift aggressively early game (level 1-8) unless you have a support with a long cc ability or pull and you want to follow up.

Farming Goals

  • 10:00 70-80
  • 15:00 120-140
  • 20:00 160-200
  • 25:00 200-240
If you are being zoned (forcefully pushed away from minions) don't be afraid to use Mystic Shot to kill a minion or two from far away and wait for the wave to come to your turret. Early game, melee minions will take 2 turret shots(40% per shot) and then one hit to kill and caster minions (ranged; 70% per shot) will take 1 and a hit to kill from full HP.


What I consider mid game is when either yours or your enemies turret goes down. This is where Ezreal shines. By now you should have The Bloodthirster and a Sheen and your Mystic Shot should be hitting for about 250-350 depending on how stacked your BT is and how far you are ahead.. If you are ahead, try to group up with your jungler and take dragon while your team pressures mid or bot. If you're losing, always keep bot pushed out at least to the river. If the enemy team creates a conflict near top, try to take bottom tower. If a fight breaks out in your jungle or mid, fire Trueshot Barrage to help and be on your way to the fight.


It is now late game. You are the ADC, you must always stay at the back and never roam alone. If you get caught out and killed, it can have catastrophic consequences on your base. If a 5v5 team fight breaks out anywhere and you are in a good position (behind your team) start channeling Trueshot Barrage and you will instantly get 4-5 stacks on Rising Spell Force and do around 600-200 to the entire enemy team. After casting your ultimate, immediately cast Essence Flux on as much allies as possible to haste their Attack Speed. The wholre Trueshot Barrage+ Essence Flux combo should take no more than 1.5 seconds. Then, find the safest and most threatening (EX: if a Darius and Sona are close to you, focus Darius instead of Sona.) enemy to start attacking and using Mystic Shot in between attacks for moar damage. Whenever Essence Flux is up again, use it. It is a common misconception that everyone has to focus the squishies. That is WRONG, most carries should attack in the safest position possible and attack the nearest possible enemy. If someone jumps on you ( Jayce, Zac) immediately cast Arcane Shift to get out and then the active on Blade of the Ruined King while you try to get to a safe position to start attacking. If you are fighting in a jungle, you may want to Arcane Shift past a wall and use Mystic Shot to damage instead of Auto Attacks if that is needed.

If fight goes in your favor

When all threats to you are dead or have escaped, use Arcane Shift to catch up with your team and push out to take objectives.

If fight is lost or going to be lost

If you're not already dead, try to find the nearest wall and Arcane Shift over it or Arcane Shift away from your enemies and kite with Iceborn Gauntlet. After you recall, try to harass and repel enemies away from your base with Mystic Shot.

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Unique Skills

Ezreal has some really neat tricks and skills that can be used in many different situations.

Mystic shot will interrupt Ezreals Attack Animations. Because Ezreal has a somewhat laggy and slow animation before attacking, it is best to use Mystic Shot straight after an attack for MOAR DAMAGE. Mystic Shot also applies on hit effects. I personally like to use it into a random jungle camp for lifesteal late game if there is nothing to hit nearby.

Essence flux can grant multiple stacks of Rising Spell Force and can be used as a scout ability. By firing it into a bush you can see exactly how many enemies are in it depending on how many stacks of Rising Spell Force you get after firing it.

This skill allows Ezreal to pass over terrain and reposition. It can pass almost ALL terrain on summoners rift . This combined with Flash and Blade of the Ruined King makes Ezreal almost unkillable late game.

Not only does this skill do TONS OF DAMAGE. It is GLOBAL. With enough map awareness, Trueshot Barrage can effectively be used to snipe low health enemies from across the map.

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Mini Guide: Blue Ezreal

Blue Ezreal mainly relies on CoolDown Reduction, Mystic Shot, and Iceborn Gauntlet. The idea of Blue Ezreal is to spam your Mystic Shot as much as possible as late game, it will have a 1.4 second CoolDown if it hits an enemy and will do tons of damage with the Muramana damage proc and Iceborn Gauntlet. A well farmed blue Ezreal is almost impossible to kill late game however this build sacrifices damage for immortality (Standard ADC Ezreal does more damage in most situations). Blue Ezreal has very low attack speed and zero crit chance. It is also bad against teams that have low cooldown gap closers ( Jax, Lee Sin).


Blue Ezreal has almost the same gameplay early game as normal Ezreal. Try to avoid hard engages if both of the ADC are at full health. If you are winning lane, get an early Sheen and play extremely aggressive. After getting Tear of the Goddess spam your Mystic Shot whenever appropriate.


In teamfights, almost all of your damage will come from Mystic Shot and the on-hit damage from Iceborn Gauntlet and Muramana. Whenever an enemy gets close to you, don't feel scared to Arcane Shift away because on blue Ezreal, it has a VERY short CoolDown.


All four of these items are MANDATORY on blue Ezreal. Iceborn Gauntlet for CDR and slow field on Mystic Shot. Manamune for pure AD and has amazing synergy with Iceborn Gauntlet as they both give tons of mana. Ionian Boots of Lucidity to spam Mystic Shot more. Spirit of the Elder Lizard gives you insane damage early game and the health and mana regen are very helpful in lane.

These items aren't mandatory on Blue Ezreal however they are recommended. Last Whisper for the damage steroid and Blade of the Ruined King for more kitability. If you are fed or the enemy team can not get to you and you think the Blade of the Ruined King is not needed. You can replace it with The Bloodthirster early game or very late game.

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Mini Guide: AP Ezreal

Probably the most underrated and hardest Ezreal playstyle. Ap Ezreal is absolute garbage pre- Lich Bane, but late game, your Mystic Shot can hit for up to 1000!!! Ezreal has very good ap ratios on his skills.


Early game, play extremely safe. It is kind of hard to farm early on, after you get Tear of the Goddess feel free to use Mystic Shot to farm. Essence Flux has very short range but does a lot of damage. Its width is also very small and hard to land. After Lich Bane your Q should be hitting for 250 or so. Don't be over-aggressive and try to get kills or assists early game by using Trueshot Barrage to help your team when needed. Also note thate the homing bolt on Arcane Shift does not prioritize champions so you have to use it really close to enemy champions. This makes ap Ezreal a high-risk high-reward sort of champion. After you get your Rabadon's Deathcap , you can start bursting people down. Your standard combo should be: Arcane Shift into enemies face -> Essence Flux -> Mystic Shot -> Trueshot Barrage -> Mystic Shot. Late game, Ezreal can dish out absurd amounts of damage. Your Q-W Harrass combo should be hitting for about 1.3k when at full build.


This is my preferred build on AP Ezreal. Lich bane is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. It makes one useless skill ( Mystic Shot) into Ezreals most damaging spell. Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff for the pure AP damage. Archangel's Staff will help a ton early game and the shield late game will safe your life in numerous situations. Sorcerer's Shoes for damage and finally Deathfire Grasp to help take down tankier opponents or secure kills on squishier ones.

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Lane opponents: ADC

Laning against an Ashe should be really easy. Just stay behind minions and avoid fights before minions spawn to avoid the crit on Focus. Ashe has no escapes and hitting a couple Mystic Shots should force her to play safe. After level 6, watch out for Enchanted Crystal Arrow as she may use it to engage. Depending on her support ( Leona, Thresh, Taric) you might want to take Cleanse.

Caitlyn is extremely annoying. Thanks to her absurd attack range, she can zone you out alone. If you are losing, get an early Vampiric Scepter. If you manage to keep a sustained farm rate, watch out for her Headshot damage bonus. When it's up walk back and wait for her to use it on a minion. Depending on your support, after-6 could become either easy or stay the same.

Try to avoid straight up hard engages and fights (when both adc are at 100%), if you do, just keep farming and have your support try to make a play. Like with ashe, you may want to take cleanse based on your enemies support. After-6, Corki becomes very annoying. The AOE on his huge (4th) Missile Barrage can hit you behind minions and does a lot of damage. Again, avoid full-on fights at all stages of the game against Corki.

Always keep your distance against Draven. At any time, he can Blood Rush into your face and chunk about 20% of your health with one Spinning Axe. Whenever he goes back to catch an axe try to Attack him. If his axe goes off to the side away from minions and he goes for it, hit him with a Mystic Shot and an Attack. After-6 in fights or skirmishes, try to dodge his ultimate by Arcane Shifting out of the attack. Draven makes a loud cry when he launches it which should give you enough time to respond.

DEPENDS ON SUPPORT. Follow up with hard engage supports ( Alistar, Thresh) by using Arcane Shift to close gaps if they land CC. Follow up with harass supports ( Sona, Lulu) by launching a Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, Attack combo.

Difficulty: Normal-hard
Like Corki, avoid all full on fights as graves can win almost all fights with any support. He has low range so by playing safe and attacking him whenever he gets a bit close to you, you should be fine. If he Quickdraws close to you, Arcane Shift away. After-6, just keep farming and follow up with your support. Avoid full-on fights with Graves at all stages of the game.

Early game should be no problem. When farming, if Kog'Maw activates Bio-Arcane Barrage in lane, take a few steps back to avoid attacks ( Kog'Maw gets increased range). After-6 is pretty annoying, try to dodge Living Artillery and when he fires one hit him with a Mystic Shot while he's vulnerable. Having a full on fight with kog'maw early game should not be hard but late gane, he can 3-4 shot you.

Do not stay bunched up with your support. When her Double Up is down, she shouldn't be a problem. Also, don't stay near minions that aren't in at least groups of 3. After-6, dodge Bullet Time and try to avoid fights. If you have a support than can cancel her ult, feel free to fight. [bullet time]s huge range can be used to kill you from a safe distance and it is really annoying. When fighting her, save your Arcane Shift for when she uses Bullet Time.

Difficulty: Pre-6 Easy After-6 Hard
Pre-6, Quinn should not be a problem. Just farm and dodge her Blinding Assault if you engage on her. If you are marked with Harrier, stay at a very safe distance. One Harrier shot can do almost 20-30% of your health. After-6 Dont get caught in lane with less then 50% HP and avoid all fights. Quinns tag team is like HighlanderX9000. You can't run away from it and if she catches you, you're dead. Think of it like a Halloween movie. Only fight her when it is down or if she is exhausted.

Never harass or engage without a minion wave. Her Boomerang Blade can do nearly 40% of your health without minions to reduce the damage. When it's down, you can fight her without problem. Her spell shield may be annoying, but it shouldn't be that bad. After-6 Same rules apply. When Boomerang Blade is down, you can fight.

Tristana shouldnt be too hard. Her Rocket Jump can be used to get close to you and escape. Once her Rapid Fire is down, you can win a fight against her. After-6, you can probably win a fight against her. If you are low in lane and alone, watch out for her Rocket Jump you. Tristana has decent burst after level 6.

When he is not behind his minion wave, a Mystic Shot, attack combo should do around 25% of his hp. You can win full on fights as long as you can poke him down before fighting. After-6, once he activates Spray and Pray immediately Arcane Shift and run wait for it to end. If you are low in lane, be very careful. Out of Nowhere he can *POP* with Ambush and kill you if you are low.

Should be easy pre-6. Like Sivir, avoid Piercing Arrow or take reduced damage when around minion waves. His passive should be no problem. If you have 2 or more stacks of Blighted Quiver just Arcane Shift out of his Hail of Arrows once you hear the sound cue. After-6, his ult can only immobilize you, you can still attack. If possible, dodge Chain of Corruption with Arcane Shift. Like Hail of Arrows it has a sound cue.

Pre-6 try to zone her out of farm and be aggressive. Her passive will allow her to easily get to you with a Tumble or two so Arcane Shift if she tumbles in your direction. After-6, dont fight unless you have an advantage. Her ult will allow her to dance around you while invisible and you can't do nothing. Depending on how well you did early game, will seal the difficulty late game.

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Lane friends and opponents: Support

PLAYING WITH: Whenever he lands a Pulverize+ Headbutt combo, always follow up. It could lead to a kill. The heal on his Triumphant Roar is very strong when leveled.
PLAYING AGAINST: Alistar is very easy to counter. Just stay out of range and you should be fine.

PLAYING WITH: Very meh. If he can't land any Rocket Grabs, Blitzcrank is pretty much useless. He can't harass because he is ranged. If he does land a Rocket Grab follow up and go all-in.
PLAYING AGAINST: RLY EZ. Whenever he were to land a grab, just Arcane Shift and you should cancel the grab. Heres an analysis of how it works. Arcane shift has 2 phases, the first one is where he charges it up and the second is when he teleports. When Blitzcrank grabs you, time Arcane shift so that the Rocket Grab will hit you during the first phase. If it does, when you teleport, it should cancel the grab.

PLAYING WITH: Play really safe. Janna will protect you in almost all situations. Janna can also follow up really well with ganks thanks to her Zephyr and Howling Gale.
PLAYING AGAINST: Play really safe. Any attempts to be aggressive will most likely be negated unless your support can land CC.

PLAYING WITH: Play very aggressive. Leona has BUTTLOADS of CC and after lvl 6. A successful chain of CC will most likely end with a kill.
PLAYING AGAINST: Pretty EZ. If she lands a grab. You can Arcane Shift away before she is able to stun you. If Leona is paired up with an ADC with hard CC, you may want to take Cleanse.

PLAYING WITH: Lulu is amazing in both harass and hard engages. After-6, you will most likely be able to win fights.
PLAYING AGAINST: Very annoying, try to land a Mystic Shotif she gets close for a Glitterlance. After-6, the option to fight is almost completely limited to a support landing CC or a gank.

PLAYING WITH: If she lands just one Light Binding, it can be devastating. After-6, you and her synergize perfectly well. She lands a Light Binding and both of you unleash all of your skills it will 90% of the time; end in a kill.
PLAYING AGAINST: Not too bad. Just dodge Light Binding and you're fine. Her Lucent Singularity can be bad, but with some lifesteal and health potions you can outheal her damage.

PLAYING WITH: Almost exactly like Lux. Once she lands an Aqua Prison unleash everything.
PLAYING AGAINST: Ebb and Flow can harass and heal. If she comes close to you to use it punish her with a few attacks and Mystic Shot. Early game, Aqua Prison won't be as bad as it will mid or late game but either way, you'd want to make sure you dodge it.

PLAYING WITH: Mainly a harass support. Just try to follow up with her spears and dodge all CC. Since both of you are squishy, one stun can wreck both of you.
PLAYING AGAINST: Keep side brushes warded and you should be fine. Hit with a Mystic Shot if Nidalee will keep staying in the brush.

PLAYING WITH: Nunu is a rather passive support. Blood Boil should help you a ton with farming and after-6, he can contribute a lot to fights with his ultimate. The AS debuff on Ice Blast is also extremely helpful.
PLAYING AGAINST: Keep your distance and try your best to shut him down before level 6. Try to get a support that can cancel his ultimate.

PLAYING WITH: You protect your Sona, she protects you. Although being RLY squishy, she can do almost as much damage as you with Power Chord. After-6, go balls deep and fight when she lands cresendo
PLAYING AGAINST: She is very VERY squishy. If she comes close to you to harass, one Mystic Shot cam do about 20% of her health. Hitting her a couple Mystic Shots should force her to play safe.

PLAYING WITH: Never engage or fight. Just farm and farm and spam Mystic Shot as you please. Soraka should be able to keep you in lane forever and if you are zoned out, use Mystic Shot to farm.
PLAYING AGAINST: Don't waste your mana to harass and only all-in to score a kill or get both of your enemies critically low. Soraka can't follow up on enemy ganks pretty well so you should be able to escape them.

PLAYING WITH: A hard engage champ. Taric and you can get enemies from full to 0 if played properly. He is great pre-6 and after-6. The armor aura from Shatter is also extremely helpful.
PLAYING AGAINST: Tarics Dazzle is very slow moving. If you see it coming, Arcane Shift away and avoid danger once the stun gets to you. Taric is melee, meaning he can not harass effectively. A lot of Mystic Shots should force him to play safely.

PLAYING WITH: Like blitz but 10x better. His Dark Passage can make you travel about half the lane. And if he lands a Death Sentence, go all in as the actual grab disables enemies for about a second or two.
PLAYING AGAINST: Very annoying. Unlike blitzcrank, his Death Sentence has 2 ticks meaning you can not cancel it. Once he grabs you, he drags you straight to hell. Also, he is ranged, meaning he can harass and the bonus damage on the passive of Flay makes his autos do almost as much as an ADC.

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Special thanks to "jhoijhoi" as her "How to make a guide" build has taught me everything I used to make this.