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Rell Build Guide by TheBlueImperial

Support Rell - The Angy Iron Maiden

Support Rell - The Angy Iron Maiden

Updated on August 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlueImperial Build Guide By TheBlueImperial 18 1 8,493 Views 2 Comments
18 1 8,493 Views 2 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlueImperial Rell Build Guide By TheBlueImperial Updated on August 24, 2021
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Runes: Default Runes

1 2 3
Shield Bash
Bone Plating

Hextech Flashtraption
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flash + Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #2 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Support Role Ranked #2 in
Support Role
Win 53%
More Rell Runes


Starting Items
First Backs (Locket)
First Backs (Turbo Chemtank)
Buy if possible
Buy if possible

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Rell - The Angy Iron Maiden

By TheBlueImperial
"I didn't outplay you, I killed you because you scared me and I accidentally hit my keyboard"
IGN: EmpressBlue (EUW)
Playing since: December of 2017, I joined preseason leading up to season 8
Favourite Role: Support and Mid equally.
Favourite Item: Zhonya's Hourglass so I can accidently press it walking to lane then die because I don't have it 10 seconds later.

Introduction: Hey! My name is Nathan but online I go by the name TheBlueImperial or Blue for short and I've been playing league for about two years now and haven't looked back since. I'm from the United Kingdom despite my abysmal spelling/grammar and training to get my Helicopter Licences!
The story of Rell, the Iron Maiden
The product of brutal experimentation at the hands of the Black Rose (currently lead by LeBlanc), Rell is a defiant, living weapon determined to topple Noxus. Her childhood was one of misery and horror, enduring unspeakable procedures to perfect and weaponize her magical control over metal... until she made a violent escape, killing many of her captors in the process. Now branded as a criminal, Rell attacks Noxian soldiers on sight as she searches for survivors of her old “academy”, defending the meek while delivering merciless death to her former instructors.

Why YOU should play Rell
To start off this section, I want to first talk about why I love playing Rell. I personally picked up Rell because I fell in love with her thematic first, she's been hurt in the past but she uses it to push her forward, not to push her down. She protects those who cannot protect themselves and crushes those who dare prey on innocent and the weak. She's a walking wall of armour who has power over metal, which is abundant in Runeterra, to overpower her foes.

I then fell in love with her kit, Rell has little to no solo capabilities but she makes up for it significantly with the ability to synergise with so many champions and make game changing teamfights happen through the power of wombo combo's. She's tanky, has mountains of irreducible CC and has such a unique and interesting kit and playstyle due to the nature of her Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up ability.

For a lot of people, looking at these guides are often a starting point for picking up a champion. For those that it applies to, Rell is someone you should pick up if you like her thematic, kit or both. I highly suggest ignoring the "she's too niche" or the "she has too many counters" comments, if you enjoy a champ, then play them. I will do my best to help guide you to making her work in every game.
Why her over other engage tanks?
This is a bit of a tough question to answer, as most champions perform better against certain matchups, so realistically the answer depends on who you're against. But to be brutally honest, if you prefer Rell over other engage tanks such as Leona or Alistar, then you should pick her. If you're looking for a more matchup based answer, then check out the matchups section here.
Passive - Break the Mold
Click Here For More Information

Q - Shattering Strike
Click Here For More Information

W1 - Ferromancy: Crash Down
Click Here For More Information

W2 - Ferromancy: Mount Up
Click Here For More Information

E - Attract and Repel
Click Here For More Information

R - Magnet Storm
Click Here For More Information
Rell is an incredibly fun champion with so much to offer. She's insanely good at initiating a teamfight, while being just as good at turning around an enemies engage. With tons of unique mechanics, synergies and playstyles you'll find it hard to get bored of the champion.

She does of course does come with her drawbacks, like any other champ. She's got a lot of hard counters, some popular champs. She is probably one of the most easily punished engage support when she misuses and ability like Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up.

Despite all this, nothing beats the feeling of landing a 5 man engage with your Magnet Storm and setting up a game wombo combo. She's a rewarding champion to play and well worth picking up, even if its just as a counter pick to some of your matchups.
▶ Incredibly durable from defensive stats being increased by a % while dismounted.
▶ Quick at traversing the map due to % movement speed buff passive while mounted.
▶ Huge teamfight setup with her Magnet Storm engage, can set up wombo combo's.
▶ Provides a % of her defensive stats to her tethered ally from Attract and Repel, making them more durable.
▶ Her CC cannot be reduced by tenacity, due to it all being knock-ups or low duration stuns.
▶ Has a shield breaker on a basic ability Shattering Strike. Incredibly useful against Sett, Tahm Kench and Immortal Shieldbow.
▶ Incredibly slow while dismounted, leaving her vulnerable until her Ferromancy: Mount Up is available.
▶ Very long cooldowns, meaning you're very easily punished for misusing an ability.
▶ Has little to no agency, she relies on having an ally nearby to do anything.
▶ Her ability Ferromancy - Crash Down can be cancelled by certain types of CC, leaving her incredibly vulnerable.
▶ Difficult to pick up and learn due to how hard mistakes are punished.
▶ A lot of medium-hard counters, they are still winnable though!
I do recommend taking all of these Pro's and Con's with a pinch of salt. A lot of her disadvantages don't really apply to the lower elo's of league because they're less likely to punish mistakes. So don't take them as a warning sign to to play her or consider trying her out, they're just a warning to be careful and mindful of your strengths and weaknesses.
Like nearly every single champion in the game (excluding some rare cases) we want to max our ultimate Magnet Storm at every opportunity with no exceptions. It is our fight/game changing ability, having it up more often is too good to pass up.

Since Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up is our bread and butter ability it is important for us to max this second. It increases our shield strength from Ferromancy - Crash Down and our movement speed while chasing during Ferromancy: Mount Up. You're essentially levelling two separate abilities when you level it, which just increases is value so much.

In the case of what we max second, Attract and Repel is the better option in majority of cases. It reduced the cooldown by quite a decent amount and it's incredibly effective and increasing the duration of your combo CC and being used as a microstun to disable or cancel and ability such as Inferno Trigger.

Lastly, we max Shattering Strike because out of all the options it doesn't provide the best increase per level nor does it need to be spammed, especially since it has a long animation that prevents movement for the duration. It's meant to be saved for breaking shields from items and abilities such as Sterak's Gage, Immortal Shieldbow or Thick Skin.
The bread and butter summoner for the majority of the champions in League, take this every single game without exception for Rell. It extends the range at which you're able to engage on an enemy and is required for Hextech Flashtraption. It's also useful for catching or escaping someone while you're waiting for Ferromancy: Mount Up to come off cooldown.

The most common summoner besides Flash for Rell, it synergies incredibly well with her playstyle. It boosts your kill pressure in lane, making you more likely to snowball and is incredibly strong against heal heavy opponents like Soraka, Nami and Yuumi. Try your best to use it when you expect them to use Heal to negate it's healing.

While Ignite is more often than not the better choice, in some cases Exhaust is an incredibly strong counter to assassin heavy comps that'll be aiming to burst your carry. It's also strong against ADC's like Tristana who get heavily screwed over by their abilities such as Explosive Charge's getting it's damage reduced, usually securing the win for you.

Their are only two scenarios where you'll take this summoner. When you're laning with an unusual lane partner such as Lissandra or Darius that wants to take Ignite themselves. The other scenario is when your ADC/APC takes Teleport and they request you take Heal, in this scenario you can still take Ignite if you believe it'll be more valuable.
Unfortunately in the case of Rell, Aftershock is leagues above other viable Keystones, outclassing all other possible options. While this doesn't mean there are other options, they're so niche in use that they're just not very worth it in my opinion. I still recommend that you try out other Keystones you think might work for her and develop your own playstyle, but for me there is only one option.

Since our primary object as Rell is to throw our faces at the enemy team to initiate a fight we will need all the defensive stats we can get, especially since we'll be incredibly immobile for awhile after engaging. Aftershock provides a massive boost in these necessary stats which get further boost from our Ferromancy - Crash Down passive that grants a bonus 10% MR and Armour while we're dismounted.

Resolve Runes
The amount of potential tower damage this minor rune provides is not to be underestimated, it does a noticeable amount for a support that'd normally not even dent a tower. It's incredibly useful in winning matchups to help snowball faster and secure more tower plates for bonus gold.
Since you bring mountains of CC to the table, you'll more often than not have this rune ticking in teamfights, it's not insane amounts of healing but will add up in the end and in some cases save someone from death. A worthy pickup for those who like to bring us much supportive power to their team as possible, even on an angy champ like Rell.
This rune should never be underestimated for how much damage it really gives you, especially on a champion like Rell who can proc every time she engages. You're capable of proccing on your Ferromancy - Crash Down shield and it'll even proc off of items such as Locket of the Iron Solari.
When you're playing in an uneventful matchup, whether it be because of your ally or your lane opponents being impossible to jump on ( Ezreal + Yuumi). Conditioning will provide some extra scaling into the mid-late game to make up for being unable to do much during the laning phase of the game.
A very underrated rune in my opinion, Second Wind provides a ridiculous amount of sustain against poke heavy lane/comp. It's also incredibly strong against burn champions like Brand, I can't even count the amount of times second wind has saved me from a burn death. It wont make you immune to poke though, just more durable to it, so aim to avoid poke still!
Since Rell wants to throw her face at the enemy and survive their retaliation damage, she wants all the anti-burst she can get. Bone Plating can block 90-180 damage depending on level, which is incredibly strong and will save you from so many potential deaths during laning phase. Try your best to wait for it to be up before you engage in lane.
Probably my favourite rune in the resolve category. The ability to get tenacity AND slow resistance without having to get an item for it is so incredibly valuable, especially for an already snail paced champion during combat. It also means you'll be less likely to consider Mercury's Treads just because you need the tenacity.

Inspiration Runes
This rune in unmatched in the amount of lane threat and kill pressure it provides, Hextech Flashtraption gives you an extension to your engage range and map traversal even when your Flash is down. It also allows you to avoid vision without having to burn your Ferromancy - Crash Down. Always take with an aggressive ally ADC like Draven.
Sometimes you're against an incredibly potent poke lane and Second Wind just isn't enough. Biscuit Delivery gives you a reasonable amount of sustain for the laning phase to help survive it and stay healthy enough to actually engage when the opportunity arises. It also provides some mana sustain in lane and increases your max mana by a total of 150.
The ability to use your active items such as Locket of the Iron Solari or Turbo Chemtank more frequently is incredibly satisfying and leaves you with less downtime in fights. It allow reduces the cooldown of your summoners, which for Rell is a blessing considering just how important and impactful a Flash engage is.

Precision Runes
Getting healed for 12% of your missing health for each takedown just skyrockets your survivability in a teamfight, especially since you're not the primary target. It will just continuously save you teamfight after teamfight, lane fight after lane fight. It also grants an extra 20 gold per takedown, which for a support is very much appreciated.
I personally don't use this use however, some people really struggle with their mana management. Which is especially noticeable on a champion like Rell doesn't buy into mana items with relatively high mana costs. So this one is completely down to your preference or while you're learning to manage your mana.
The main reason you go Precision for your secondary runes, Legend: Tenacity in conjunction with Unflinching means you don't have to buy Mercury's Treads against a CC heavy comp when Plated Steelcaps are more useful against them. Sometimes, you might just be against a particularly CC heavy comp and just want all the Tenacity you can get.
Default Runes
This will more than likely be your default Rune page for Rell, it's her most versatile setup.

For primary runes: Aftershock is always requires, Shield Bash boosts her damage for laning phase to help secure some early kills, Bone Plating protects you against being burst down during these fights and Unflinching provides some necessary reduction against hard CC and slows.

For secondary runes: Hextech Flashtraption provides an insane amount of kill pressure in laning phase and provides a way to traverse terrain and avoid vision while your Flash is down. Cosmic Insight is just an all round good rune for Rell because it reduces item cooldowns and summoner cooldowns.

My default shards are / / .
If you're against a heavy AP comp or double AP lane such as Cassiopeia and Teemo take / / .
If you're against a heavy AD comp or double AD lane such as Draven and Pyke take / /

Against AP + CC heavy
When you find yourself against an AP heavy team with annoying amounts of CC, these runes will be here to help you through the pain. No one likes being CC'd, especially our resident angy teenager Rell.

For primary runes: Aftershock is always requires, Shield Bash boosts her damage for laning phase to help secure some early kills, Bone Plating protects you against being burst down during these fights and Unflinching provides some necessary reduction against hard CC and slows.

For secondary runes: Triumph provides an incredible amount of survivability during teamfights due to the 12% missing health healing upon takedowns and you not being the primary target. Legend: Tenacity provides 30% tenacity, which against comps that have insane amounts of reduceable CC is unmatched in its usefulness.

The shards for these runes are: / / .

Poke counter runes
Sometimes you're just against a ridiculous amount of poke that makes you want to rip your hair out (that's if you've not pulled a Caps). These runes will help sooth your pain as you get bombarded from 3 miles away by annoying poke.

For primary runes: Aftershock is always requires, Shield Bash boosts her damage for laning phase to help secure some early kills, Second Wind to negate as much poke as possible during laning phase and Unflinching provides some necessary reduction against hard CC and slows.

For secondary runes: Hextech Flashtraption provides an insane amount of kill pressure in laning phase and provides a way to traverse terrain and avoid vision while your Flash is down. Biscuit Delivery provides a really noticeable amount of sustain during the laning phase against poke champs, allows you to survive through them until you have some items.

My default shards are / / .
If you're against a heavy AP poke comp that have champs like Xerath and Vel'Koz take / / .
If you're against a heavy AD poke comp that have champs like lethality Varus and Jayce take / / .
Support Item: Relic Shield
Pretty much the only viable support item for Rell in my eyes. Firstly, you're taking an AP support item because all her ratios scale with AP and she autos too slowly to make use of the AD support items. Secondly, you're not very good at proccing the passive for Spellthief's Edge because of how short range you are, you'll barely get to proc it in majority of matchups. Lastly, it gives much more health in comparison to the poke focused support items and Rell is aiming to be as tanky as possible.

Mythic Option: Locket of the Iron Solari
This is the more supportive Mythic item for Rell, you're giving up some of your own tankiness to provide more supportive protection and damage mitigation to your allies. It is also the cheaper option out of the tank Mythics, allowing you to get a powerspike earlier.

You'll want to take this Mythic majority of the time in my opinion because Rell as a champion has little to no agency, you're reliant on your allies following up your engages and bringing the damage to the table. If your allies die you're almost certainly going to follow them to the death realm, so being able to delay their death with a well times Locket of the Iron Solari shield can change the tide of a fight.

It is also incredibly useful against assassins or burst focused champions like Tristana, if you're able to save your ally with the shield the enemy will be a sitting duck waiting for their cooldowns to come back up. The important part here is to make sure you time it against heavy damage abilities such as Death Mark or Final Spark.

Another scenario I highly recommend picking this item up is when you're a shorter ranged or melee heavy comp, since having everyone permanently in range of your resistance boost aura and in range for your shield active from Locket of the Iron Solari is incredibly potent and makes a huge difference during the game.
Strong Against:

Mythic Option: Turbo Chemtank
This is the more aggressive/imitation focused Mythic item, you're sacrificing supportive peel and an increased item cost for a stronger engage. This is especially useful if you're the sole source of engage for your team thanks to the bonus movement speed from Turbo Chemtank's active and the huge AoE slow it provides once you collide with enemies, making it difficult for them to escape Magnet Storm.

As stated previously, this will be your primary mythic when your comp is lacking any other form of engage, while uncommon is still possible. You will also be able to engage and disengage more frequently thanks to the extra Ability Haste provided by the items Mythic Passive, which for Rell and her high cooldowns is incredibly valuable.

The item will also be extremely useful against more mobile comps thanks to the bonus movement speed from Turbo Chemtank's active, making those pesky escapees who just avoid your grasp a little bit easier to catch. It'll also make their escape even harder thanks to the AoE slow that triggers upon contact with an enemy.

Lastly, some people generally before to have a bit more agency and damage on a champion like Rell, even if the supportive capabilities of Locket of the Iron Solari are useful for the game. It does entirely depend on your personal playstyle and goals of the person piloting her, so feel free to pick this up item up more if it fits your playstyle.
Strong Against:

Legendary Items
A personal favourite item of mine, synergises with your percentage defensive stat boosts built into your kit. Provides a huge shield for surviving large amounts of burst for when you're making aggressive plays. The issue is the cost of the item, so unable to pick up often.
Especially since it's mechanic change in patch 11.1, it's an incredibly useful item, especially against poke heavy comps. A decent 5th or 6th item (if the game lasts long enough) but lacks any real defensive stats which Rell loves and relatively expensive for a support.
This item is incredibly powerful against comps which have a solo carry comp, you stick it onto them and become a pain to kill. Another time you can pick this up is if they have only 1 AP/AD champ, stick it on them and stack defencive items against the rest.
If you're running a solo carry comp, sticking this onto your carry alongside your Locket of the Iron Solari makes them incredibly difficult to burst down. The stats aren't the best because they lack any MR/AR but for the purpose of protecting a solo carry its worth it.
Probably the most underrated support item, no one seems to want to build it which is bonkers. It allows you to carry 3 control wards which already is incredibly useful. It also provides a 12% stat boost to your Health, Ability Haste, AP and AD at level 13 and all for just 1100 gold!
Armour Items
Unfortunately this item has been nerfed repeatedly making it less of a viable option across majority of champions that previously used it. However, it is still incredibly useful against fast moving enemy comps that are impossible to catch with just your normal movement speed.
Honestly, this is probably my post Mythic item nearly every single game purely because how important it is for Rell to survive the barrage of autos that come her way. Also, we all know how important grievous wounds is in Season 11 and how rarely others seem to buy it.
A pretty niche item in my opinion, I don't really see any real use of the item outside of countering crit heavy comps. But man does it shine against those crit heavy comps, especially since the active slows them and reduces their attack damage and crit damage.
A pretty decent item, the issue is Thornmail outclasses it as a solo Armour item (along side the fact Thornmail provides grievous wounds). You'll only really ever build it against heavy AD heavy comps, the attack speed slow aura is also nice to have.
Provides stats that Rell typically wants and you're constantly able to proc it's passive since you're just a wall of CC. The issue is the damage the item actually does from it's passive is negligible, it's a shadow of it's former self from season 10.
MR Items
Probably the best MR item against AP heavy comps due it giving the most amount of MR, especially when you're being targeted by the enemy. So if you ever find yourself against a 4/5 AP comp, pick this item up and save yourself from being blown up.
A pretty strong MR item for Rell due to the new passive on this item, it provides a 25% increase to all healing and shielding you receive. This makes your Ferromancy - Crash Down's shield even larger than it can already get. It also has pretty strong stats for Rell.
A very strong item for Rell because she is constantly proccing the passive, increasing damage enemies receive by 15% from all sources. I recommend buying this item first against double AP bot lanes like Cassiopeia and Teemo.
Probably the most common boots you'll buy as Rell, it makes you incredibly durable against AD and Auto focused champions. Since these are the champions that will more often than not be the ones melting your health bar, it will increase how long you can survive against them.
Since you're not lacking in Tenacity from Unflinching and Legend: Tenacity, you'll only really be taking these when you're against an AP heavy comp and want to swap out either rune for something another option.
This is more of a niche option for people who prefer them over increased survivability. It allows you to use your abilities more frequently and also how often you can use your summoners. They're incredibly strong boots but I personally prefer survivability over utility.
Niche Items
While this might sound like a really troll item, it is incredibly important to have against a comp that has access to Realm of Death from either Mordekaiser or Sylas stealing it from him. They will use it on you to get a free kill and heal up if they catch you during your crash down.
Personally not my favourite item on Rell because it makes you a lot squishier. However, a lot of people prefer to have a more supportive playstyle and you're getting some form of survivability from the 20% increase to shields from the item and the % max health heal from the active.
The last of my niche options, sometimes you just have a carry that is incapable of dodging that Morgana's Dark Binding. This will allow you to save them from their stupidity and you're still going to get a 20% increase to your shields from the item and a decent amount of MR.
Example Build: Default Build
This'll be your the usual build path for your Rell games, it has a balance of utility, mixed defensive stats and some great buffs and debuffs from the items. I'm going to make the comment here about "selling your support item", please don't do it, vision is super important at all stages of the game. Selling the item that provides significant amount of vision control, especially for late game objectives like baron and elder drake . It is not something you want to give up, not even from slightly more survivability.
Click Here For More Information
Rell's Laning Style
Rell is best and most efficiently played as an aggressive engage support, looking for every opportunity to jump on the enemy laners and secure kills for your ADC/APC. She excels at holding enemies still for long periods of time and surviving large amounts of damage, especially in the early game. She is best paired with aggressive laners such as Lucian, Tristana and Samira.

However, since Rell is probably one of the best "wombo combo" engage supports in the game, she is more than capable of playing less aggressive lanes to scale heavily into the mid-late game. Champions like Varus, Seraphine and Jinx are good examples of this, they need time to scale but when they do, they complement your kit so incredibly well with large amounts of CC and AoE damage.

Since Rell is an engage support, she's pretty capable of roaming, less potent compared to her fellow engage supports like Rakan and Leona, but strong never the less. Roaming however is still not something you want to spam as a support, leaving your ADC/APC vulnerable in the lane by themselves and leeching XP off your laners repeatedly is not always the best call.

Her playstyle and how to execute these playstyles varies from game to game, I've done my best to explain the thought process behind them during my games. Hopefully, they'll be a useful insight in how to make the right decisions during your Rell games.

When To Make Engages
Since Rell is an engage tank, you'll mostly be wanting to engage in majority of your games. However, picking the right time to engage is incredibly important for any engage tank, but most important for Rell. Since her Ferromancy - Crash Down is essentially a self root with how much it slows you, making a poor engage is almost a guaranteed death sentence.

In this section I will be explaining the step-by-step process of when and how to engage, from map awareness to cooldown management. Hopefully, it'll help you with making the right choices in your Rell games.
Map Awareness
Before you make any real decision, you need to pay attention to your mini-map, usually long before you make an actual engage. Tracking where all your enemies and allies are is the make or break for any engage.

In the above example, we have to enemies out of view, Leona and Kayn. In this example, we recently just saw Leona run into the bush bot lane. Kayn is still unknown but in this context we tracked him ganking Mid lane and heading top side jungle about 15 seconds ago. Meaning, he shouldn't realistically be anywhere near our lane at the moment.

Now we've tracked all our enemies, we need to look at the position of our allies. We can see Diana coming down from tri-bush, which we've recently cleared for wards and the enemy is unaware. This means we want to make an engage, we have the advantage in numbers for this fight.
Cooldown Tracking
Tracking the cooldowns of enemy champions and their summoners is incredibly important. An Ezreal without Arcane Shift or a Tristana without her Rocket Jump is extremely vulnerable. On top fo this, if they're lacking Flash it's just a huge opportunity for you to engage them.

This applies to enemy supports as well, tracking when a support like Morgana lasted used her Black Shield can often be the difference between a successful or failed engage. Another example is when enemy engage tanks mess up their own engages and burn all their cooldowns, they're exposing themselves and their ADC because they'll have no peel anymore.

A huge part of playing any engage tank is knowing what abilities will mess up your engages, baiting them out or waited for them be used and then exploiting those gaps in their cooldowns to secure kills. Especially for immobile champs like Senna when her Flash is down, she is usually just free kills for Rell and her ADC.
Ally Jungle/Lane Ganks
Having any ally Jungler or even laner come and gank your lane is incredibly helpful, it can set both your lane and their lane up for success and snowballing a win. Whenever you see an ally Jungler/Laner making their way to your lane, try to assess whether or not it'd be a good idea to make the play, if you find it too risky just ping them off and more often than not they'll listen.

Another thing to be mindful of is Teleport ganks, if your enemy lane is pushed up to your tower, sometimes your Top or Mid laner will teleport to an available ward behind them. If you see this, make an engage and sandwich them between both you and your allies teleporting in. Be vigilant of enemy laners doing the same to you or countering a Teleport gank.
Understanding your ADC/APC
One very important thing to remember is that this isn't a solo lane, it's a duo lane. You're not the sole participant of this lane making decisions, you'll have to learn to understand the ADC/APC's you'll end up playing with and how they'll most likely want to play.

Some might be playing early game strength champions, but feel too uncomfortable in the matchup to make aggressive plays, especially if they're new to the champion or role. So be mindful of that, it can be annoying sometimes to give up some opportunities to engage, but if your ADC/APC isn't willing to follow them up, going in will be a death sentence. In these scenarios I highly recommend just playing out the laning phase safely, roaming if possible and then making impactful engages during the mid-late game.
Click Here For More Information

When To Peel/Play Safe
Peeling/Playing Safe is a much shorter explanation over when to engage, due to it being a lot more simple in execution. Peeling is a much more passive playstyle in which you're not being proactive, you're being reactive. Your job is to essentially nullifying any engages or plays that the enemy makes on your laner, this is most useful when playing against other engage supports.

Usually, this play style will be used when laning with ADC/APC's that have incredibly weak early games or little to no self peel and you're against a lane with tons of aggressive engages. An example of this is when you're laning with a Kog'Maw or a Senna, they're both quite immobile and lack self peel, nor is their sustained damage strong during the early game, they need to scale to function properly. As Rell, you'll just be protecting them from champions like Leona and Pantheon that want to dive onto them and kill them.

Using this playstyle is usually more damaging than helpful if you're laning with an ADC/APC that excels in early game trades/all-ins. As those champions usually do not scale as heavily as the champions mentioned previously, so they get no value out of playing super safe. The exception to this is if you've lost one or two fights are are now behind, playing safe and waiting for either mistake to be made by them or a gank from your Jungler is the best call.
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When To Roam
Roaming is incredibly powerful, the ability to snowball your allies in multiple lanes can sometimes secure a win for a game. Roaming successfully is dependent on both the ally and the enemy composition, especially for Rell.

To help increasing your chances of successful roams, you'll just need to follow this simple checklist:
▶ Is your ADC/APC relatively safe you leave them to roam? Will they likely die if you leave them, if so, stay with them.
▶ Does the lane you're roaming to possess either initial CC for you to follow up or the mobility to follow your engage? if not it's probably not worth ganking them as the enemy will be able to escape before you both get on them.
▶ It it actually beneficial to be roaming to this lane? If they're a a champion that wants to passively lane and scale up, roaming to them could potentially backfire and ruin their ability to scale quickly.
Click Here For More Information
Sorry! This section is still under development in my super secret guide development area, it'll be added as soon as its ready :D
"Thanks for the practice, stupid."
A more niche mechanic for Rell, buffering abilities is nothing new to league. Many champions are capable of doing this with abilities that have long animations/windups, the application of Rell's is less useful but still important to know. It can sometimes secure a kill on someone who is about to escape and is out of auto-attack range.
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"I'll fight to the end!"
This will be the standard combo for Rell in most of the early stages of the game, it's usually best to try and make use of the small animation cancels that are possible with Rell, due to how insanely long her auto-attack windups are.
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Jovy's Warding Guide
I'm currently working on a warding specific guide for Rell, since she can make much more aggressive warding and has specific vision control requirements for certain lane/teamfight engages.

Until then, I highly recommend checking out this Warding Guide made by the amazing Jovy, everything they make is super high quality, extremely clear and full of information. It has everything any support could want for warding!
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