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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ziggs Build Guide by Rasta Da Masta

Support [11.21]The Boombastic Voyage - A Utility Ziggs Support Guide

Support [11.21]The Boombastic Voyage - A Utility Ziggs Support Guide

Updated on October 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rasta Da Masta Build Guide By Rasta Da Masta 16 2 22,666 Views 3 Comments
16 2 22,666 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rasta Da Masta Ziggs Build Guide By Rasta Da Masta Updated on October 20, 2021
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Runes: The Boombastic Resolve

1 2

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


The Boombastic Voyage
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.21]The Boombastic Voyage - A Utility Ziggs Support Guide

By Rasta Da Masta
Yo what's good! I am Phil a.k.a. Rasta. I am what some people call an "Anti-Meta" player. I'm always finding new ways to make effective use of alternate tactics and methods to play the game. My main role is Support and I started transitioning into Bot Lane Mages back in Season 9 and 10 Where I peaked at Gold 2. Most of my picks are considered off-meta.

This Ziggs Support guide is an updated version of my first written guide from Season 8. This new guide was written with a focus on primarily having Ziggs as a utility support with an extra emphasis on how I would play him as a low damage, macro player.

Just a bit of fair warning, there are a lot of pop-culture references here. Here's your first meme!

As the game is constantly changing, I will continue updating this guide with more information, statistical data, and other good stuff. Matchups will be updated more as I encounter more opponents. Some changes from my previous guide features upgrades with more stats, strategies, and more content as I continue with further experiments.

Shoutouts and Recommended Materials

I have to give big props to Aqua Dragon A.K.A. the wacky off-meta guy! This guide was heavily influenced by his Orianna Support & Vel'koz Bot guides. You can check them out for some good quality content. He streams regularly on Twitch at

I also have to shout out to IcyPhoenix. He made a video on youtube a long time ago on what items are effective against towers as well as tower mechanics. Most of the important parts are still relevant in the current patch. A lot of what makes this build possible came from this video. Here is a link to the video.

Here is some bonus material to help understand how damage works in the game in this masterclass by BaLoRi, a Fnatic Content Creator. This video is helpful for any Ziggs player, regardless of lane position, and I encourage watching to have a better understanding of why magic penetration is very important. He streams regularly at For more of his guides on Mobafire, click here.

This video also by BaLoRi is very informational about minion wave manipulation. This is a very important concept that shapes the basis of this intended style of play. Even if you play support and don't cs in lane, this video will help you understand what your lane partner is wanting to do with the wave. Check it out:

Now, this video provided by Skillcapped will go in-depth on some common mistakes the majority of the playerbase makes with taking towers. It was enlightening for me as it helped me improve in decision making in my games so I highly recommend watching this video if you are going to play Ziggs in any lane position.

And now we set sail on the BOOMBASTIC VOYAGE!
What Is Ziggs Support?

Rito Pls Make a Half-Court Ziggs Skin!

Before I get into what Ziggs Support is, I ask that you empty your cup. What does this mean? Let go of any pre-conceived ideas about what you think Ziggs can do or should do. Everything you see in this guide is contrary to what has been "standard" on Ziggs for the past 8 years. The runes, items, and even skill order is completely different. I can only describe it as playing almost a different champion.

Ziggs Support can be considered a ranged artillery utility support, one of the best in both classes due to his massive aoe on his spells as well as having the most versatile non-ult ability in the game that allows him to deal ridiculously high damage to towers via Satchel Charge.

With a low budget build that fits into the support style of play, you are able to have low cooldown hard CC, a fairly decent amount of damage for manipulating waves & poke damage for enemy champions, and the ultimate siege tool for taking towers.

Figuring out which items to place in that budget to maximize minion, champion, and tower damage is the tricky part. There are two foundational principles behind the choices.

NOTE: These principles are for my specific style of play. There are many ways to play Ziggs in the support role, but this is what I found the most successful after 2 years of experimentation.

First, Think utility over damage. Ziggs is not a mid-ranged burst mage, or at least shouldn't be played as one. There are a wealth of better mid-ranged burst mage supports ( , , , , etc.) if that's the intended pathway to play. Ziggs excels best when poking at a massive distance, with only a secondary consideration on the burst and follow-up empowered basic attacks.

This means that Ziggs is especially interested in maximizing Ability Haste as fast as possible, in order to deal more raw poke damage through more Bouncing Bomb as well as have more opportunities to make use of Satchel Charge. This philosophy of 100+ A. Haste is reflected heavily in the runes & items.

Second, Think macro over micro. Focus on winning the game more than winning the lane. While this concept might seem a bit contradictory and puzzling to some, I want you to rethink what Ziggs is capable of.

Remember principle #1? There's a reason why you don't want to play like a typical AP support. Instead of thinking things like "How fast can I 100-0 the enemy carry?" this allows you the freedom of thinking thins like "How fast can I open the map by taking towers?"

This is why I ALWAYS take Teleport on Ziggs no matter what role I play him in. Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, Support, doesn't matter I always take TP because I'm looking at cross-map plays that can net myself and my team advantages in gold leads, group fights/skirmishes, map pressure, etc.

While this makes your laning power less potent against duo lanes with combat sums ( ), it does allow you agency to join in favorable situations like countering a gank, securing a herald, taking a tower with herald, etc.

Now you have a good idea what Ziggs Support is, let's find out the strengths & weaknesses in the next chapter.
Pros & Cons


  • Having gives you the best siege tool in the game. Taking towers is easy.
  • Peel for your team with as low as 4.2s cd AoE airborne cc + dash ability.
  • Strong undeniable 4s of vision with & some sight on & .
  • Clearing waves & CSing is easy. No difficult mechanics.
  • Easily racks up assists; plentiful gold for items.
  • Usefulness is relevant at all stages of game.


  • Deals less damage to champions due to lacking early game AP.
  • Has a 4 skill-shot kit unlike most duo lane champions who have 1 or 2.
  • As an artillery, Ziggs is very frail and can be blown up.
  • Can become mana hungry early-game if spamming too many spells.
  • Only hard-CC is a skill shot and your mobility. Difficult to use both.
  • No direct team utility. Only damage, CC, self mobility & tower bombing.

Unique Skills


*To the tune of "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry*

I got the skills to seal the deals to pay the bills! Secure the kills and keep it real!
Auto fills don't give me the chills cause I got grills to spill some thrills and pop some pills!
I write with quills on windowsills that all my grills done painted teal with that Gold Seal!
I grill my veals on diamond grills with 20 grills while we still watch Netflix & chill!

Mad rhyming rap skills aside, there is a few things that Ziggs does and does not do that your typical champion in the bot lane (carry or support) would generally do or not do.

For some strengths, Ziggs has high damage potential. However, most of it is better used on wave clear than champion damage. Unlike most carry and support champions, Ziggs has an AoE displacement CC on a short cooldown (Think Draven or Alistar but with longer range and more frequent use). He also has some ridiculous synergy with certain champions that are in the meta and out of the meta. (See the Teamwork chapter for more information.)

He does have weaknesses too. No direct team utility in his kit means he isn't a healer like Soraka, shielder like Seraphine, stat buffer like Janna, haster like Zilean, etc. None of his spells interact with ally champions in any way. Also, he is very weak defensively meaning he can't tank hits and live to tell about it in most scenarios like the hard-engage initiator meta supports. ( Alistar, Rell, Leona, Nautilus, etc.)

The best utility spell in the game

Now I've shared his strengths & weaknesses, let me share with you 5 reasons on why Ziggs's Satchel Charge is the best utility spell in the game. Note: These subsections apply to any position you play Ziggs and isn't just limited to Support. This is helpful information for any Ziggs player:

Undeniable Vision

Area-of-Effect Damage

Tower Execution

Hard Crowd Control

Reliable Mobility

Bonus: The Perfect Satchel

Because of Ziggs having these unique skills, he can be very valuable in a team composition that is based on [1]sieging towers and objectives with [2]long range poke and [3]benefiting from good disengage. Ziggs has all three of those qualities and it makes him arguably the best support to have in a siege comp.
Summoner Spells

Wanna Know How to Spell Boombastic?

Flash is a standard that is usually mandatory for most champions.

Teleport is the "big brain" summoner spell that has multiple uses. You can TP after your first or second back if you want to pressure tempo. Usually you will want TP to get back into lane or to go top or mid if their enemy outer towers are low. Or you can counter gank top or mid and pressure the enemy to commit to a bad fight. You can even use it in your own lane to trick the enemy duo that they are getting TP ganked. This does require "big brain" thinking to use effectively.

These two are the standard summoner spells I take in my games. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Ghost seems like an odd choice to have on Ziggs Support, but makes more sense when you consider the previous analysis discussed in the earlier chapters.

As with most artillery champions, Ziggs is generally very far from fights. This makes close-range spells like and fairly ineffective. As the game goes on, Ziggs begins having trouble being close enough to use the close-ranged summoner spells optimally.

Heal would seem like the next best choice for support, but it suffers in utility from Ziggs's fragility. Because Ziggs dies in a very all-or-nothing way (usually on a suicide kamikaze mission like a true bomber), Heal becomes useless for surviving against burst damage from gap-closers. This means Heal would be mostly for teammates, but that forces Ziggs into suboptimal positioning to stay in range to actually use Heal at all. Ziggs has to be an extremely selfish support in order to be extremely generous.

On the other hand, Ghost amplifies Ziggs's kiting power to absurd levels and provides indirect utility by being able to reach teamfights or teammates more quickly. Ghost doesn't have as much utility during the laning phase, but this is made up by his safety-by-distance approach to harass, which requires no trading. It does make the laning phase more unforgiving, but Ziggs can be an unforgiving champion in the first place.

Exhaust and Ignite is a summoner spell I don't usually take when I play artillery style supports like Vel'Koz, Lux, & Xerath. However, since I've changed to using Resolve keystones like Grasp, the shorter range needed to proc the HP gain has altered how I play the laning phase. Use your Exhaust only when you need to try and prevent heavy burst damage. If you need Ignite, then make it count for helping to take an important objective after using it.

If considering taking other sums, these are the other summoner spells you should consider:

Barrier is usually not recommended, but should only be considered if the enemy team sees you as more of a threat than your teammates and they are trying to commit everything to burst you.

Cleanse is something to consider starting in a 2v2 matchup or having later in the game where one crucial CC could mean losing a lot of hp, lane pressure, or just dying.

Smite is not an important one to take, but it can be helpful if you need it to help secure objectives. Also, it's an amazing start to super leash your jungler and smite cannons. With the dominating popularity of Rift Scuttler skirmishes, Smite is good for executing those crabs for gold, experience, & team vision/speed.

Clarity is one I highly recommend you take in ARAM. If you don't need to go all out aggressive & threaten with exhaust or ignite, getting more mana is amazing! If it was available outside of ARAM I would always take this.

These New Runes are the BOMB!

This section on Runes for Ziggs Support will cover the two distinct styles of play for the position: One style focuses on Ziggs as a utility focusing on disruption & CC. The other focuses on being a damaging carry with a focus on magic penetration & nuking towers. The following rune paths will provide descriptions for both of these styles.

These are the runes I recommend for Utility Support Ziggs:

Utility Support Ziggs Resolve/Sorcery Runes Explanation

These are the runes I recommend for Carry Support Ziggs:

Carry Support Ziggs Sorcery/Resolve Runes Explanation

Ever since Season 9 changed how runes give stats, there are no more awesome Trait names that are based on your rune choices for Primary/Secondary. Instead, you get to choose your stats in 3 areas: Offense, Flex, and Defense. For this Ziggs build, I put emphasis on mid and late game strength more so than early game dominance.

Ability Haste, Flat AP, and Armor

The Offense spot will be Ability Haste to allow more frequent spell usage.
The Flex will be Adaptive so you can start with some AP.
The Defense will be Armor because physical damage is the most prevalent.

If you would like to try alternative options, these subsections will show you the benefits you can have for taking Inspiration/Sorcery or Inspiration/Resolve.

The Alternative Inspiration/Sorcery Rune Setup

The Alternative Inspiration/Resolve Rune Setup

Now that we've covered the 2 main paths of Resolve & Sorcery as well as the alternative Inspiration, you might be wondering why I don't take runes from Domination nor Precision? I urge you to read the following subsections so that I can explain why they aren't as optimal as the other options. I also explain why I don't take Inspiration as a primary in most of my games.

Why No Domination?

Why No Inspiration?

Why No Precision?

As you may be reading this guide, you might have wondered at some point the reasoning why take Resolve as a primary/secondary on Ziggs? This subsection will explain in more detail the benefits of having Resolve on Ziggs.

Why I Take Resolve for Primary on Utility Support?

Why I Take Resolve for Secondary on Carry Support?

Now let's look at the runes to use and the reasoning behind these choices.

The top rune is preferred. The lesser ones are optional

Guardians of the Space Odyssey (Utility Support)

This is the rune to take to help you win lane better than the other options. Both alternatives have issues with proper utilization and jeopardize positioniong.

Demolition Derby

Demolish has a condition that Ziggs easily meets. The others have worse payoffs.

Assessing your Win Conditioning (Utility Support)

This rune compliments all of the bonus HP you want to stack. The alternatives have problems with staying relevant after lane phase (Bone Plating) or is impractical in situations where you don't take a lot of damage (Second Wind).

Getting Over Growing Pains

This rune helps better than the other options. The alternatives have higher restrictions on their payoff (Unflinching) or isn't absolutely necessary (Revitalize).

Rito PLZ Make Arcane Comet Look Like a Basketball! (Carry Support)

For AC, Bouncing Bomb is a near-guaranteed hit. Even if it doesn't hit, adding ample harass damage with your Short Fuse passive is how you acquire some lane dominance over your lane opponents.

For PR, one of the best benefits is using your Satchel Charge in a 3-hit combo to make it out of most bad situations. With a WEQ combo mid air, you can put some distance between your pursuer.

SA is good for shielding allies when you apply CC to enemies & heal them with FoL.

The Alternative Band

I would consider MFB over NBC because you are always going to be spending mana and only occasionally using your R. MFB may seem like an excessive amount of mana, but since you only build mana from Lost Chapter upgrades and you aren't getting Tear of the Goddess it becomes mandatory. Orb is too situation specific to be considered. Even then it gets very little use unlike the others.

Transcending Practicality

Transcendence helping you reach 60 Haste is too important for poking and sieging to pass up. Celerity & Focus delay reaching it by pushing Haste further down the build, which ironically hurts poking and sieging.

It's Always Calm Before the Storm (Carry Support)

Gathering Storm for better mid/late game poke and siege. Scorch's damage gets split between both opponents, which creates underwhelming poke.

Note: shows Ziggs win rate falls to below 48% after 35 minutes. GS will get the most value at 30 minutes with 24 AP but if you get to 40 minutes with 48 AP, focus on ending the game fast or you will most likely be outscaled.
Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I'll blow you away with these mad skills!

For Ziggs Support, the skill order is W max for tower damage & CC, then Q max for low cooldown damage, E max last for more damage & stronger slows, and finally R max when you get the points at 6/11/16.

This skill sequence is optimal in the early game for securing that first tower. By taking 3 points in W , you can execute the first tower (which has 5000 HP) if it is at or below 1500 HP (30% max HP) in one hit. Around level 10. With very little or even no AD or AP required.

Unlike the standard Q max order, increases in mana cost per rank so it is better used for pushing and poking for gold in the early game. Around the mid game is when the poke becomes more prevalent. E is useful as a one-point wonder since you only really need it for more wave clear and slowing enemies.

Bonus: What it takes to execute a tower without a Satchel

The Magic Numbers

Shut Up And Take My Money!

After years of extensive scenario testing and number crunching, the results of hundreds of experiments have revealed an optimal utility build that is very cost-effective for taking over games... and the core item combo only costs 10k gold.

I have also included the optional, but optimal damage efficient build path. Demon King Teemo would be proud for the destruction you will bring to the enemies' structures.

First, here is the standard starting items for both the utility path and carry path for Ziggs Support.

Health Potions are for people who get into range to be hit. By not buying potions, you essentially give yourself a 25-100g lead against the enemy support. This allows you to upgrade with less gold. You can start with a control ward or one potion.

If you want to go for a high risk high reward early game play, you can buy only the and try to invade the enemy bot side buff. Your goal is to throw Qs into the buff bushes or river bushes near max range and get some free mana for stacks. If you are with teammates, you are able to proc all of your tribute stacks and/or clear a ward and get the gold.

Buying potions is up to your discretion. It's not mandatory to have, but can be useful in a hard lane.

On your first back, always buy boots, regardless of path. Your support item auto upgrades as you play the game so look to finish the quest by the time you get your mythic item.

Now I'm going to split the rest of the item section into different subsections. The first is going to cover the utility path that is the most optimal way to play Ziggs Support. This works best with the Guardian rune page.

While it may be a controversial opinion, Ziggs does make good use of as it gives him good mobility and nice stats. I personally don't swap my trinket to , but I also buy an enormous amount of control wards that make up for it, while also liberally using totem ward charges.

This is the standard build I came up with. The reason why it's very gold efficient comes from the starting item choice.

Liandry's Anguish has the same mythic passive as Shurelya's Battlesong but costs 700 more gold. The damage is pretty good, but I find that it gives too much extra mana and no HP. I'd consider it optional but only worth it if you are willing to deal with the extra gold investment & delay of other items.

After getting your second Kindlegem, you have all of the basic necessities. Getting to this point costs exactly 4700g. The next part comes down to the state of the game:

In a majority of games, you will want to prioritize finishing Zeke's Convergence before Cosmic Drive because it's 600 gold cheaper. You might be wondering why build this item on Ziggs when it gives 0 AP? Well, it does have it's benefits of giving you mana since you don't build Lost Chapter, a cheap way to get an extra 20 haste (+5 with ), and an active that's very easy to proc by allowing a fed carry to do bonus damage to whomever you CC with .

By the time you finish Zeke's Convergence, your build will have cost you 7200g (disregarding consumables).

Surely you can already understand why Cosmic Drive is such a good item for Ziggs. However, on a support budget, it can be a bit challenging to complete since it costs 3000 gold. But it is well worth the price when you have access to its stats. With a combination of , by the time you finish you will have exactly 169 AP... just enough to give you the bonus 20 haste & move speed!

This is the standard 5-item build I came up with. Getting all of these items costs exactly 10200g without accounting for any bought. With Vigilant Wardstone as a last item, full build only costs about 12k gold. Add a couple plus some wards, it will be about 13k gold or a little more.

Why Wardstone Rocks as a 6th item & why other alternatives aren't very feasable

The Lost Lost Chapter

Elixir of Sorcery is the most efficient item in the game for damaging towers... and dealing poke damage too. Comparing it to Amplifying Tome, you get 150% more AP for only spending about 15% more gold as well as having mana regen & bonus true damage.

Deciding when to buy depends on the state of the game. I would recommend purchasing one after you finish . If your team is snowballing in the mid game, this is definitely a good way to get an even bigger gold lead & close out a game early.

SitRep: Situational Representation

Here are some optional items to consider depending on the enemy composition:

Chemtech Putrifier is an alternative option for 6th item in a very specific game where the enemy team has "OP healing" as a win condition. If you need to prioritize giving you and your teammates the ability to apply grievous wounds, then substitution for Vigilant Wardstone is justified.

Redemption might puzzle some minds & induce some head scratching as this is an unorthodox item on Ziggs. It's more useful early on for pseudo ganks, and overall immediate impact. It's really, really good for 2v2s/skirmishes. Another thing to note is that it heals ally minions & damages enemy minions. Great for wave manipulation.

"Redemption: It's the 'Redeeming' quality of the build!"
-Quote from Aqua Dragon on his Malzahar Jungle.

Anathema's Chains is an even bigger question mark. It's very situational, but I would get it if I needed to lockdown someone to CC them longer & make them feel like dead weight. It's also a good pickup if your team has good CC as well & the enemy has a diver/assassin that wants to jump on you or your back line.

The Carry Ziggs Support build and why it's an alternative

Having the right tools for the right job can be challenging to accomplish. But is worth it in your quest to ball so hard that has to fine you for a bounty.
Team Work

It makes the dream work!

Some bot lane partners work well with your pushing & sieging style while others aren't as great. This list is subjective to my opinion based on game experience and compatibility with strengths, weaknesses, kit synergies, etc.

Usually the best partners I find to pair with are bot laners with decent early game laning power, wave clear built into their kit, and a tendency to build items that can increase damage to towers (penetration, spellblade, etc).

In this tiering list, I will list champions in a sequence of highest to lowest in the standard S,A,B,C,D rating. This list is a general compatibility rating to see which champions are good to work with:

S-Tier: Very easy to win lane with. You cover each other's strengths & weaknesses.

  • Tristana: Auto push on CS, Rocket Jump & Buster Shot for self peel, plus Rapid Fire & Explosive Charge wreck towers. Everything you would want in a partner.
  • Yasuo: In past seasons, this used to be seen as trolling. Now, you get a strong pushing lane with easy hard engage. His Last Breath is very easy to setup with Satchel Charge & follow up with Mega Inferno Bomb.
  • Veigar: Ah, the 2 most cunning Yordles with a genius strategy called "Operation: Death Cage" that is sure to secure lane victory. If he traps an enemy in Event Horizon, then you just toss a Satchel Charge to knock them into the stun & both of you throw everything at the stunned target. Guaranteed kill at level 6!
  • Kai'Sa: She has really good synergy with Second Skin, deals hybrid damage, and her item variations puts her in a good spot. You can provide her with easy backline access with your Satchel Charge.
  • Swain: While this may seem a bit unorthodox, this combo covers each other's weaknesses of getting outranged (Swain) and CQC (Ziggs). As a bonus, Ziggs can setup a free Ravenous Flock pull with a well-placed Satchel Charge.

A-Tier: Great laning partners. They can help you access the tower by poking.

B-Tier: Good to lane with. They can function well. Even with your zero utility.

  • Seraphine: What's better than one utility mage? TWO! There are some crazy combos! She can root/stun with her Beat Drop on an enemy you hit with Satchel Charge or Hexplosive Minefield. Teamfights are the way to go!
  • Sivir: Really good wave clear, her Spell Shield can block for you, & On The Hunt has multiple purposes. Her item timings are long, but rewarding if they come through.
  • Heimerdinger: Ah, the 2 smartest Yordles with a genius strategy of endless wave pushing. With both of you pushing & zoning, getting 1st tower is very likely unless they send 4-5 bot. And his UPGRADE!!! options can help any situation.
  • Jinx: She can Get Excited! very frequently when the two of you take towers and make long range plays. And he can easily combo off of your spells with a Deadly Flourish for more CC & damage.
  • Samira: She loves engaging on airborne carries with her Daredevil Impulse. What better way to enable her by using your low cooldown CC multiple times to CC enemy carries?

C-Tier: Great laners, but not great partners. Synergy is not that good.

D-Tier: Typically weak laners. They tend to suffer from your lack of utility.

  • Xayah: She has a very well-rounded, balanced kit that is good at just about everything. Her self peel in Featherstorm is nice to have, but she can function better with some utility.
  • Vayne: You can make up for her lack of wave clear & help her get cs. She is a decent partner for laning with, but it takes 2 items for her to start to become a threat. You can combo your spells with her Condemn stun.
  • Twitch: His laning power is not that good and he'd rather roam for picks than siege towers. His monstrous late game is no joke though. Spray and Pray gives him more AD & lets him outrange towers.
  • Kog'Maw: His on-hit items ( ) & Bio-Arcane Barrage do not affect towers, he has a heavy reliance on peel & enhancements, and he plays to not lose lane. Because of that, you will spend most of your time on your side of the river. Try to avoid this combo if possible.
  • Aphelios: Mr. 200 years needs 3 items to take over games & needs a LOT of peel to set him up to carry. One of the worst lanes to play since you can't effectively enable him. The root on Binding Eclipse can set up CC chains & he can be a strong tower threat when he's holding Crescendum, the Chakram.
Split Pushing

The Solo Voyage of a Bombastic Yordle

Now, I know it may seem awkward to make a claim for split pushing on a Support, but there are a few qualities that Ziggs has to make him viable as a split pushing threat:
  • Tower Damage: With a maxed Satchel Charge, the enemy team cannot ignore you in a side lane since you will get a tower if it's low. Split pushers in general tend to have some tower threatening damage. Since you have built-in damage on & can execute them without much effort, you become a threat they have to deal with.
  • Vision Control: Since you have wards, you can set up vision where the enemy is likely to intercept you. Another thing to note is that your Satchel Charge can give vision. Part of being a good split pusher is having knowledge of enemy positions.
  • Escape Mechanisms: With a combination of bonus speed from items ( & ), mobility in you summoner spells ( & ), and your CC ( & ), running away from people becomes more reliable. Another part of being a good split pusher is knowing how to waste the enemy's time chasing you.
  • Fighting Power: Even without a lot of AP, this Ziggs build has lots of Haste from the mythic passive on Shurelya's Battlesong and the special passive on Cosmic Drive. Extra Haste makes your damage more frequent against enemies challenging your split push. In the rare case you completed Liandry's Anguish as your mythic, tanks and fighters are susceptible to your poke & burst as well. Having some kill pressure increases your threat as a split pusher.
  • Wave Clear: All of Ziggs's spells are AoE. This makes it easy to push waves. And his Mega Inferno Bomb can clear most waves with its really high base damage & AP scaling. Being able to shove waves into towers makes split pushing effective.
  • Team Assistance: Since your Mega Inferno Bomb has ridiculous range, you can contribute damage to a team fight or defend against a siege by not even being present. Or you can make sick objective steals on Dragon or Baron & make Thug Life highlights and say #DealWithIt in all chat. Being able to assist your team with long range spells and Teleport is a traditional given for side laning.

Bonus: Hullbreaking the Meta

Something I need to point out is just because you have the ability to split push doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. There will come times when you need to stay grouped with your team or with a few members.

You get more value out of split pushing when you can occupy attention of a key member of the enemy team. Your team doesn't need you to team fight. But if their top laner is their main front line, they would need him/her.
Phases of the Game
This section will use a lot of basketball references to better explain game time in a more easy-to-understand perspective.

1st Quarter: Laning Phase (Game Start to ~10 mins)

In the laning phase, your goals are to
  • Ball on enemies and minions with .
  • Stack with .
  • Avoid spamming other spells unless necessary.
  • Keep the area thoroughly warded.

By starting with Spellthief's Edge, you're all set to shoot some free throws. However, don't just shoot air balls and bricks. Aim with purpose. Square up little yordle! Every time you shoot, think to yourself: did I hit their wave and their laner? Did I force another potion? Did I push away their support?

On that note, keep an eye on your Short Fuse cool down. If it's 4 seconds or less away from recharging, you may want to hold the Bouncing Bomb trigger finger until you use that empowered attack. You can use that attack on a minion if hitting a champion is too risky.

You absolutely should not be getting hit. Ziggs has that 3-point range while other standard supports can only dunk or layup or shoot free throws. That means damage is very likely to be avoidable. Be aggressive with pushing and poking. The idea here is to never take a hit to get off a hit. Make the lane as one-sided as possible.

Remember that if you press Q, sometimes it will bounce over a small area while it's in mid-air flight.

Your kill potential pre-6 isn't terribly massive. Don't be too aggressive until then. That means in some matchups, saving Satchel Charge instead of trying to hit the enemies with it is preferred. Your job in most lanes is to push the wave under the enemy tower, poke them with spells and your passive on-hit, and try to chip down the tower. Saving your and knowing when to use it is very important since it has a very long cool down until level 10 and 40 Ability Haste.

Avoid using Hexplosive Minefield for poke! Your mana regeneration can only barely regenerate the mana drain of your bombs, so adding on top of that will get you oom quickly. You should largely use it only when helping clear waves or when the enemies have committed to a fight.

Once you have your Mega Inferno Bomb, you can almost one-shot squishy laners. This is the time when you can be very forward about landing your Satchels & pulling off some combos with your other spells for an easy kill. If you notice incoming help, look to setup an opportunity for , though watch out for any incoming CC.

2nd Quarter: Early Game (10 to ~20 mins)

In the early game, your goals are to
  • Look to group in other lanes with low towers for 1st tower gold.
  • Make aggressive TPs if the opportunities are there.
  • Set up vision near big neutral objectives like Dragon & Rift Herald.
  • Roam around and look for picks.

With Frostfang + Bandleglass Mirror, you're able to almost indefinitely spam spells. Pushing should be a bit easier with more mana & regen & AP. And with your Short Fuse passive, you can chunk towers down easier.

Try to call for ganks from the jungler or even roams from mid/top. With some coordination, getting that first tower should be fairly easy. You can also to countergank for mid/top if it seems favorable. Enemies very rarely expect to get TP ganked by a support so the element of surprise can tip the outcome in your favor. Or as they say in basketball terms: a Pick & Roll!

By this time you should have stacked up. Ziggs can walk in the river and press R to get that half-court shot on the enemy mid laner and/or their wave. You can get assists mid & pressure bot lane at the same time.

Remember that your tower execution power increases with each W rank.

By the time you hit level 9, you should typically have , , and completed. Also, is an optional condition depending on how much gold you have. This is usually around 13-15 minutes. When you have these items, you have completed your early game power spike. At level 10, you get the extra 10 Haste from Transcendence to bump it up to 73. Your peeling power is stronger with that 8s W cooldown. Also, if you took it, Gathering Storm gives you 8 AP at 10 minutes.

3rd Quarter: Mid Game (20 to ~30 mins)

As all of the laning phases & early games end, you will start roaming more and helping around the map. Objectives include:
  • Continue maintaining strong vision control of the map.
  • Try to be near areas of potential conflict to enemies from downtown!
  • Use to kite and chase better during teamfights or escape pursuers.
  • Chase down lone, low health opponents and kill them.

Your role before fights remains straightforward. Your mana regen is also now sufficient to spam wildly. Don't intentionally miss. We don't like air balls! Usually it's often sufficient to just present the threat of Bombs even if you don't hit it. By the time you hit level 13, each spell cast will take 6s off of your passive cool down. Watch the timings of Short Fuse so you can use them optimally... especially when hitting towers.

When enemies get closer, get yourself farther. Try to stay close to the tip of your spell's range and make sure the areas around you are warded well.

Don't be afraid to use to arrive to fights several seconds earlier. It's on an impressively short cool down. So try to get creative with its various uses.

Keep an eye on your carries and see if you can help them out against melee enemies by using . It can interrupt most leaps & dashes with it's knock back. Be careful when using it. Depending on how you angle it, you can use it to knock people away from your team and/or use it to knock people towards your team.

Your ult is on a relatively short cool down. You can probably get the best use out of it for clearing waves in side lanes by killing caster minions to build up slow pushing waves. It's also good at defending against pushes since destroying minion waves helps stall their siege.

By the time you hit level 13, you should typically have completed Cosmic Drive or Zeke's Convergence depending on if you need the stats or enabling a fed carry. Also, you might have finished an extra Kindlegem to finish the other choice if fed enough gold. Situational items are also good based on circumstances. These item completions usually happen around 23-27 minutes. This is generally your mid game power spike. If you have the rune, at 20 minutes, Gathering Storm will give you 24 AP. Really good value. That's about 450g worth of free AP.

4th Quarter: Late Game (30 to ~40 mins & higher)

This is usually where the game is looking to be over soon... for better or for worse. The role remains largely similar
  • Less vision makes warding tough. Be cautious and use Farsight Trinket to scout.
  • With its low cooldown, you should have ready for every teamfight.
  • Prioritize protecting the caries over throwing out damage.
  • Look to sneak through enemy jungles to execute low HP turrets.

Though you do impressive damage to objectives, so do your carries. The difference is that they are just as fragile and usually have more gold. If they need some protection, give them some peel while throwing the longer-range spells into team fights.

Try to save your ult until the enemies have gotten busy with the rest of your team. Using it much earlier will almost certainly be a wasted opportunity.

In some niche scenarios, when time is absolutely critical, consider using your ult on barons/dragons as you're taking them so you can get out as quickly as possible.

By the time you hit level 16, you should typically have completed your full build with an upgraded Vigilant Wardstone. And that happens around 33-47 minutes. This is usually your late game game power spike. You should have 160+ Ability Haste and a 5s to spam.

A typical full build should look something like:

If you hae it, at 30 minutes Gathering Storm will give you 48 AP. 80 AP at 40 mins, 120 at 50, and 168 at 60. If for whatever reason you (or the enemy) couldn't end the game, you should be able to at this point with your power.

Overtime: Super Late Game (50 mins & higher)

Okay, so someone threw a lead, a big come back happened, the game got stalled out, etc. Something happened (or didn't happen) 15 minutes ago, and the game is still going, what now? Here's some things to take note of:
  • Don't get caught out & don't go warding alone. Death Timers are really long. (70+ seconds)
  • Buy less elixirs & stockpile money to buy AP items
  • Keep prioritizing protecting the carries over throwing out damage.
  • Only look to split if you have vision control & and objective is up.

At this stage of the game, gold leads & deficits have less meaning as everyone approaches full builds & max levels. This is usually when Gathering Storm really kicks in. As gold becomes more abundant, You should look to sell your gold generating items. If selling your vision tools can win you a fight with more damage, the trade off is worth it.

If you happen to have a ridiculous amount of gold (over 10k), a new full build should look something like:

With this new build, you are no longer a "Support" since you got rid of your vision tool. You have the damage output of a mid lane Ziggs and should be feared as one. This should only be treated as a Thanos moment where you can only see victory if you take matters into your own Yordle hands & say, "Fine. I'll do it myself."

Becoming more of an offensive damage threat can help close out the game. If the enemy has towers still, focus on getting them. But try not to suicide for them. Your biggest priority is staying alive. Taking towers, peeling for the team, pushing waves, throwing out poke, etc. isn't as important when it comes to just surviving.

Similar to basketball games, that "Sudden Death" feeling starts to happen. Anxiety might build up & it could affect your performance positively or negatively. Try to keep a calm head and consider your win conditions as well as your loss conditions. One team will win because they played better than the other team... or one team will win because mistakes were made on the other team.

Use your game knowledge wisely and have good decision making. Smart decision making skills as well as vast game knowledge are requirements to make this work. Use these tactics with your item selections to make them work for your intentions and you can figure out what steps to take to get that win!
Congratulations! We have reached the end of the Bombastic Voyage! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed making it after spending hundreds of hours researching, experimenting, coding, finding memes, consulting with Ziggs mains, finding educational content, and updating whenever Riot made changes that affected entire sections of the guide.

That's all I have for now!

Thank you for reading & stay tuned for updates!

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