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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Amumu Build Guide by Cortez Cardinal

Tank Amumu - Jungle of Tears S3

Tank Amumu - Jungle of Tears S3

Updated on August 11, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cortez Cardinal Build Guide By Cortez Cardinal 67 10 458,507 Views 50 Comments
67 10 458,507 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cortez Cardinal Amumu Build Guide By Cortez Cardinal Updated on August 11, 2013
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After reading the guide you should have a basic understanding of Amumu, his streangths and weaknesses and be able to evaluate what you can build on him. From there on you will need alot of practice. My guide won't give you any of that. You can understand every aspect of a champion, know every value and number and still not be able to play him. You might not be successful from game one on but you will find soon enough that this guide is something to build on.


Please do not follow the cheat sheet build blindly every game! There is explanations for every item and alternatives for different situations under the "Items" section. Try to evaluate after them on which build you will need for a specific game.

To close the Introduction: I know that I can't cover everything in this guide and I might be mistaken about one or another thing but please tell me what you think in the comments and if you have anything negative, then let it be constructive critisism
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If you're in champion select right now!

For anyone in champion select or if you have an attention span that is as short as mine. This is a short summary of what will come below.

starting Items

first back

second back

sight ward

mid game (core)

mid/late game


damage items

Start out with the machete giving you damage and sustain in jungle.

Back with 1k gold. Gives you alot of mobility

Upgrade machete and buy pots and wards with spare gold.

Buy Giant's Belt or Ruby Crystal first.

Finish your build.

Possible items to buy. Depending on yours and the enemy team. You might not want to stack unique passives Runic Bulwark

If you want more damage.



jungle information

initial spawn:
respawn time:
buff duration:
Runic Affinity :
gold for kill:
team global gold
xp for kill
team global xp




4sec debuff

Numbers include small monsters and the values are displayed to one place of decimals.

I got the idea for this section from this guide. Feel free to check it out.

Smite damage
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As Amumu you rely on your skills, all the way. As such a Champion it is especially important to know all the detail about exactly those skills. So here is all the detail I found to be relevant.


(Innate): Amumu's attacks reduce the target's magic resistance by 15 / 20 / 35 for 3 seconds. The debuff doesn't stack but it refreshes with every attack.

Detailed Information


Amumu tosses a sticky bandage towards a target location, if it contacts an enemy Amumu pulls himself to it and will deal magic damage and stun the target for 1 second.

Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana
Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds
Magic Damage: 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+0.7 per ability power)

Detailed Information


When toggled on, any target around a small area around Amumu's will be damaged with magic damage corresponding to a flat amount plus a percentage of the enemies health each second.

Cost: 8 mana per second = alot
Cooldown: 1 second
Radius of AoE: 300
Base Magic Damage: 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24.
Health Drain: 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 % (+0.01% per ability power)

Detailed Information


Amumu takes reduced damage from physical attacks. Each time Amumu is hit by an attack, the cooldown on Tantrum's active is reduced by half a second.


Amumu deals magic damage to surrounding units.

Cost: 35 mana = not alot
Radius of AoE: 200
Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds
Damage Reduction: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10.
Magic Damage: 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 (+0.5 per ability power)

Detailed Information


Amumu will render every enemy in an area around him unable to move or use basic attacks for 2 seconds, and immediately after this effect begins they will be dealt magic damage.

Radius of AoE: 600
Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 mana
Cooldown: 150 / 130 / 110 seconds
Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+0.8 per ability power)

Detailed Information

Information from

Skilling order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The first point goes into Tantrum. This gives you damage reduction and solid AoE damage for Wolves and Blue Buff. This is also your first max since it's your main jungling skill.
Second point goes into Despair for the damage in jungle. Only use it if you have plenty of mana.
Now it depends on your jungling route and ganking plans (see Jungling section). I will max Bandage Toss second because of the damage and mainly the CDR that it gives. You want to be using Bandage Toss as often as you can on any enemy that is unfortunate enough to get in your way.
Max out Despair last since it's the most effective when the enemy has alot of health (aka late game baby).
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Summoner Spells

  • Getting into a good position for a Bandage Toss and eventually ulti follow up. It can surprise the enemy.
  • Following a fleeing enemy: As Amumu you need to stand ontop of your victim(s). Flash can bring you exactly there
  • Great escape mechanism if you drop low and or get focused to hard. Time your escape so you can jump across a wall or into your team and the enemy will probably loose his interest in you.

    In my oppinion a must have for Amumu Jungle, otherwise you won't have the dmg early game and it will help you secure the kill on Dragon, Baron or buffs if you get ganked or gank yourself.

    Things you might consider on Amumu instead of Flash and why it is not viable in my oppinion:
    Ghost: Yes ghost has a shorter cooldown than Flash but in the end it will not do the same job. Flash can save you from the most sticky situation or get you into an unexpected spot and let you get the jump on enemies. Ghost just doesn't have that surprise effect. You can see it coming and react to it. For escaping ghost is also alot weaker than Flash because an enemy can still CC or follow you.
    Teleport: This is worth a thought because it gives you a huge ammount of map presence but I do not think that Amumu is a champ that needs TP. Since you will buy Mobility Boots you will be all over the map quickly anyways. Ontop of that Teleport is mostly used to be able to split push. As Amumu you need to be with your team to get your ultimate and other AOE off on as many players as possible as long as you can.
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Runes + Masteries



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

If you do damage as Amumu then it will be magic damage. Any enemy will start the game with a little bit of Magic Resist and build some more with items, making it worth while to have some Magic Penetration.

You can also get attackspeed runes here if you like... I prefer the magic pen for the damage.

You're a Tank, right? This helps you alot early game in the Jungle and later on against physical damage. With these Marks and your Tantrum you will barely take any damage from monsters at all.

Most AP carries get really good mid to late game so this magic resistance will come in handy just then. Also did you think you were the only one with Marks of Magic Penetration? ;)

You will want extra movement speed any time in jungle. If it is to run from buff to buff, lane to lane, enemy to enemy or hug to hug. Movement speed is so dandy and once you get used to it you'll never want back to anything else!

Please go ahead and try any set of runes that focuses around MPen, attack speed, Armor, MRes, MS and ev. Health and see what works best for you.
This is just what I roll with (=

Defensive Masteries

Here our aim is to get as tanky as possible. Durability and Veteran's Scars are really good for just about every champion. For jungling Tough Skin and Bladed Armor help you to clear the jungle. As a jungler and tank you will want Safeguard for minimum turret damage. I put one point into Hardiness to be able to get to better points.
Unyielding reduces any damage taken from enemy champions and Block reduces damage taken from champions aswell. Tenacious is great on any champion. Reducing CC effects is really important. Juggernaut works off the health you build anyways.
Defender will give you at least 1 armor and 1 magic resist every time you take damage from a champion thus it is better than putting points into Resistance . Good Hands will considerably reduce your time spent dead. This will give you more game time and less waiting time.

In the utility tree we want to pick up the mana regen from Meditation because Amumu is mana hungry as hell. Summoner's Insight reduces your Flash cooldown considerably which is great. Mastermind reduces this cd even more. Since you will have to recall from time to time you can save time with Improved Recall . Runic Affinity gives you more time with your buffs. Especially having blue buff longer helps Amumu a ton.

Offensive Masteries

If you wish to build Amumu more offensively then you can invest 9 points into the offense Tree. Getting CDR, ability power and magic pen will give you more damage from your spells which lets you gank easier. I personally prefer the utility tree for the sustain and buff duration.
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My guide tries to show you the facts and let you decide about what you want to do with it and how to act upon it. I will give my thought process behind each item that I recommend after pointing out what strengths and weaknesses Amumu naturally has. I will also include a few situational or alternative items with my thoughts on them and in a spoiler I will show all the items that you might find in an Amumu guide and tell you why I advise against them.

Keep in mind for your item choices:

Amumu scales well with:

- Armor and Magic Resist.

- Health

- Cooldown Reduction

- Magic Penetration

- Health and Mana Regeneration

- Movement Speed

- Auras

Amumu scales ok with:

- Ability Power

Amumu scales poorly with:

- Spell Vamp

- Life Steal

- Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Crit.

- Armor Penetration

In the end my guide is just a middle way. I recommended you the items that I found myself building more and more often because they're just useful in so many situations. Of course there will be games where you will require different items and I encourage you to try out different things! That's the fun part right?

And if you want to stick with the guide then that's fine aswell, you'll do just fine, trust me. I followed mobafire builds myself until I started coming up with own builds.

Game start

This item is just inevitable in the season 3 jungle.
You will need it to get enough damage on the jungle
monsters and you can build it into a Spirit Stone
which will sustain you quite well in early mid game.


With the damage the jungle monsters deal you will need the 5 potions for sure!
Without them you won't be able to gank
and get to 1k gold before backing.

First back

In season 2 you used to debate over Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi. Now everything got easier. You will back with 1000 gold and buy Mobility Boots.

The Mobility Boots have so many advantages! I will list the most important ones here for you:
  • You can get them on your first back.
  • They make you incredibly fast. Be it to walk out of base, roam the jungle or gank lanes. You will be able to apply much more pressure to the enemy and surprise them.
  • Since every lane can get wards from game start and since you won't be buying an Oracle's Elixir soon you will probably have to gank though wards or loop around. For both of these things the Mobility Boots are great!
  • You can quickly react to the needs of your team (per example Dragon or buffs)
  • They let you chase and escape quite well.
You can also get the Tenacity by upgrading your Spirit Stone to a
Spirit of the Ancient Golem which makes the Mercury's Treads obsolete.

Alternatively you can buy


This is a more secure and sustained start and is quite a bit cheaper. If you feel that you do not need the map presence early on and you want to focus on farming then back earlier and get those two items.

Second back

If you haven't bought it earlier.
This is such a sweet item. It makes your Hunter's Machete useful for something, it upgrades your machete's damage and it gives you sustain (health and mana regeneration). If you're careful this item should sustain you so that you can clear the jungle quite well in the early and mid game.

I like to buy one or two of each every time I back and have some money. It's always good to be able to regen some health or mana. You'd rather go into a fight with full health and mana.
sight ward

You can ward your own jungle against counter junglers, donate the ward for a lane so they don't get ganked or ward the enemy jungle for your own counter jungling.

Mid game items (core)

This is an item which you will want to get in the mid game since enemies won't have alot of magic resistance at this point. It will almost make you into a bruiser or off tank. If you want to build full tank then you can go for a Randuin's Omen instead.
With your magic pen reds and Cursed Touch this will put out alot of damage. It works great with your Despair and Tantrum to clear the jungle in no time and hurt anyone around you for quite a bit. The armor is perfect against all the bruisers out there and it again helps you in jungle. If you get ahead try to rush a Sunfire Aegis otherwise build it in the course of the mid game.

As soon as the enemy ap carry gets damage or if they have other magic damage on their team you will want to buy a Negatron Cloak. The most reasonable choice is to build that into an Abyssal Mask. If your team allready has one though you might want to consider a Spirit Visage.
The abyssal will give you some more damage with the ap and magic resistance. More important than the flat ap however is the aura that reduces the enemy's magic resistance. As mentioned above Amumu's base damage is pretty good so it's better to get magic penetration/shred. This will increase the damage of your abilities and you Sunfire Aegis.

Sunfire Aegis and Abyssal Mask are two very good mid game items turning you into a force to be reckoned with. But we all know that things don't always go as planned and you might not get enough gold to get those two items right away.
In any case the Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a viable early and mid game item. It gives you very cheap and good stats that can help you getting back on track. Always consider if you want to rush for the above two or simply go for the Spirit upgrade first to see how things turn out. The CDR and health are very welcome and the sustain you get will let you jungle and gank easily. You will however not get the considerable damage increase from the Abyssal Sunfire combo.

Cheap mid game items

This is a very good niche buy if you do not have enough gold for a big item and just need something. I tend to get this earlier when I fall behind a bit.
It gives you quick and cheap stats (health and cdr) and can be built into a whide variety of very useful items (decide on one of them):

Locket of the Iron Solari: In my oppinion an underrated item! Also a pure tank/support item. This is a cheap way to quickly help yourself and your team out alot! It's just as viable mid game as it is later on. I tend to get this over the other two.
Spirit Visage: This is a good alternative to the Abyssal Mask if you need to build tanky, your team already has an abyssal or if you're short on cash and need magic resist.
Shurelya's Battlesong: I see alot of supports getting this so you might not want 2 (you can ofc). Shurelya's got quite nerfed though. If you feel that the Spirit Stone doesn't sustain you enough then you might want to buy the philosopher's stone earlier on in the game since it pays off for itself if you own it long enough. I normally don't go for this item.

You can also simply upgrade it to Spirit of the Ancient Golem if you haven't done that earlier.

It is good to always have one Vision Ward in your inventory during the mid game (as long as you have inventory space). This allows you to quickly decide to do dragon or even baron if the enemy is out of position. You will also have a ward with you if you need vision over anything. You can't simply expect your support to do all the work! It's your responsibility aswell.

Item alternatives/finishing build

Mainly an early and mid game item due to it's cost efficiency and quick stats. Even if you bypassed it in the early or mid game you should upgrade it when ever you find some gold to spare since the Spirit Stone fills a space in your inventory anyways and the upgrade is not that costly.
Amumu profits the most from this upgrade from the Spirit Stone since neither the flat ap and spellvamp from the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith nore the attack damage from the Spirit of the Elder Lizard really helps him alot.

As mentioned above you can get the Randuin's instead of the Sunfire Aegis if you wish to build full tank. They both build out of Giant's Belt and have similar attributes. However you can also get this item late game once the enemy ad carry is strong. It will slow their attack speed and movement speed upon hitting you and the active is a very good follow up to your ultimate.
This is always an excellent choice against ad and basic attack heavy champions.

This is another full tank item. I would not however get it to early. If you want to complete your build with it to counter an enemy team that relies on attack speed then you can do so. However I would for the time being pick Randuin's Omen over the Frozen Heart since the slow on attack is really strong! Also, as mentioned above, simply armor isn't that effective and getting some health is always good.
Watch out that your team doesn't stack Frozen Heart since the range is really big and the passive is unique.

This is a very situational item that I rarely ever build on Amumu. Just like Sunfire Aegis and Abyssal Mask this item makes you more into an off tank or bruiser. It is very good at chasing down people since Amumu has relatively low cooldown spells and it makes hitting Bandage Toss alot easier. It's basically the better Rylai's Crystal Scepter (we'll get to that one in the "no-go section" below).
However there are some down sides:
- Tantrum's cooldown is just a bit to long, especially without cdr
- The passive scales off base ad which you will not have as Amumu
That makes the item something very cheesy. Feel free to experiment with it however and please give me feedback! (consider Twin Shadows)

Pure health items

Because so many people build Black Cleaver these days it's not ideal anymore to just stack armor against an ad heavy team. You will want to get alot of health aswell. It should be a healthy balance between health and armor which you will get if you follow the standard build. However you can build both of these items to replace something from the build:

After the "League of Cleavers Aera" has passed and the Warmog's has been nerfed I would not suggest you buying one unless the enemy team has true damage like a Vayne. The health and health reggen is always nice but you can buy items that help you and your team more.

This item is considered by alot of people to be a pure support item. However warding is everyone's business and especially as a jungler map control is an important element! If you feel that you need more control and vision over the map then you can very well buy a Sightstone. It gives you a bit of health which is good and it lets you spam wards where ever you go. The upgrade to the Ruby Sightstone makes the item viable into the later stages of the game. If you get towards a full build however you should sell the sight stone for a big item.
Remember: Vision wins games!

Aegis of the legion

This item is great for both tanks and supports. I have noticed that alot of supports go straight for an Emblem of Valor if they can and then get an Aegis of the Legion quite soon because it gives some good resistances for the mid game and can be upgraded to Runic Bulwark later.
Most of the time I won't bother with the aegis since the support and maybe even the top laner gets one. Try to communicate with your support and top laner to figure out who will get an aegis.

Stacking Aegis of the Legion: Even though this isn't tragic and can be good in certain compositions I would try to avoid stacking the unique buff. The buff has 1200 range (as a comparison Curse of the Sad Mummy has 600 range) so you can stand quite far from the person owning the item.
It can be good if your team splits up and you lead the charge with the bruiser while your support stays with the carries but you probably shouldn't get to far away from your carries anyways ;)

Damage items

Being a tank or off tank is all well and good but sometimes you have to take extraordinary actions and build damage. Or maybe you are just ahead and want to have some fun making the enemy's health bar red.

AP Amumu used to be really good and he was even played as a laner. This was not only because of his good base damage but especially because his ap scalings used to be exceptional! This lead to a glass cannon or "grenade" Amumu being extremely strong since a Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy could kill pretty much everything mid game. Since his scalings got nerfed however it is not that effective anymore to buy flat ap. His base damage is still pretty good though. This makes magic penetration very good on him. Abyssal Mask and Haunting Guise into Liandry's Anguish are in my oppinion better than per example a Rabadon's Deathcap. Otherwise you need to go into utility with Twin Shadows. This will give you a bit of ap but you can build it from a kage's lucky pick which gives you gold while you own it and the full item will give you movement speed and a 40% slow on two enemy champions. Twin Shadows is also a pretty cheap item.
All in all a full "grenade" Amumu build won't work as well anymore. This is also the reason why Doran's Ring isn't as good on him as it used to be.

To summ this up: You can get damage on Amumu with magic penetration and Sunfire Aegis but you won't have the mad grenade burst anymore. If you build a Rabadon's Deathcap then you'll do it for fun, not effectiveness.

"No-go" items

In the spoiler below I have a list of items that I've seen people build on Amumu or that other guides suggest to build. I will explain why I do not think they are viable.

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I will split this part into three parts for the reader's (your) convenience:

- early game - mid game - late game -

I will also explain when, how often and how to gank with Amumu in particular in the respective sections.

early game


1) Blue lvl 4 gank (standard)

This is the standard path for most junglers. You will start out at Wolves and as with every path you will ask your team (the closest 2 lanes) to help you out a bit. You will use your Tantrum for the Wolves which should take them down pretty easy. From there you will go to the Ancient Golem (blue buff). Your team should again help a bit and you will use Tantrum. As soon as the golem gets to about 500 health you can Smite him. Your lvl 1 Smite deals 490 damage and you do not want to waste any of that damage since there is probably (99% of the time) nobody there to steal it from you. Here you should get lvl 2 and pick Despair. You will go on to Wraiths (depending on the enemy jungler you should check your red buff at this point just to see if the enemy is trying to take it), Wolves again (you might have to wait for the respawn), Lizard Elder (red buff) where your Smite should be up again (550 damage) and at last Wraiths a second time. Normally you should have lvl 4 now. If someone leashed some of your jungle xp then you might still be lvl 3. In that case you might have to wait in a lane bush for 2 or 3 minions to get some xp for lvl 4. Now you'll pick Bandage Toss and gank (see below).

2) Blue lvl 3 gank (aka smiteless)

This is a very effective path for ganking. Depending on if you're blue side (gank mid/bot) or purple side (gank mid/top) you can gank a lane with lvl 3 and double buffs without the enemy expecting it!

Communicate with your team before jungle spawns.

Not only that you will get the help you need but also that you lanes know that you will gank early!! Some champions (like Zed or Rumble) will not want you to gank their lane early. Other champions (like Shen or Darius) might have to pick a cc ability earlier than normal so let them know.
For this you will need some more help from your team! Ask your team if they could help you a bit with the Ancient Golem (blue buff) and tell them that you want to do a smiteless blue. You will start like before with help from your team on Wolves and some more help on Ancient Golem where this time you won't use your smite. Remember to use your potions on this one in particular.
From here you will go straight to Lizard Elder (red buff) with lvl 2. Tantrum, Despair and Smite will deal with it quite quickly. Now you will have lvl 3 and pick Bandage Toss to gank a lane.

3) Red start

This not a good path to take with Amumu since you will have mana problems until you kill the Ancient Golem (blue buff). However sometimes your blue will get invaded or it might simply not be safe so you will have to start somewhere else. If your blue buff gets taken from you then I strongly advise the next path over this one though (counter invade blue). Still here is the red path:
First tell your team to give you as much help as possible. Start with Tantrum as always and kill the Wraiths . Don't use to much mana on them. Next you will take the Lizard Elder (red buff) and only smite it if your team doesn't provide enough help (try a smiteless start similar to the one above with blue). Now it depends if the enemy took your Ancient Golem or not. If they took it then you will want to try to take theirs (only if you have Smite up and you're sure that the enemy jungler won't catch you at blue). If the enemy didn't take your blue then you will go on to your own Wolves and then your Ancient Golem and use Smite. If you used Smite on the Lizard elder then you might have to wait a few seconds for your smite cooldown to get to about 10 seconds before you start the Ancient Golem . From here on you will act depending on how much health you have left.

4) invade/counter invade Blue


Even though Amumu will mostly want to just do his first clear normally and hope not to get invaded you might still decide that you want to invade the enemy (if your lvl 1 is very strong compared to theirs).

Counter Invade:

If the enemy invades your Ancient Golem (blue buff) and you cannot fight them or keep them off then you will want to counter invade over starting red. Tell your team that you wish to do so and ask for a ward around your blue buff so you can be sure that the enemy is actually taking it.

You will walk into the enemy jungle (the side with the Ancient Golem ) as a team (depending on how safe you are that the whole enemy team is in your jungle you can also go in as 3 people). As soon as you have the enemy jungle secure the farthest lane should back to base and the close lanes should help you with the enemy Ancient Golem . Depending on how early you arrive you can also start at Wolves before the blue buff.
From there on you will, depending if you used smite on blue or not, go on as described in the paths above in your own jungle. (if you used smite then do Wraiths -> Wolves -> Lizard Elder (red buff) where your smite will be up.)
If the enemy took your Ancient Golem then it's good to check if all the monsters in the camp are dead since it won't respawn otherwise.


There are many different ways to gank and I won't explain them here but if you don't know how to gank or if you're just interested to refresh your memory and maybe learn something new then you can read this post from Stonewall008 on Reign of Gaming.

After you have done one of the above mentioned paths you will want to look around the map for an opportunity to gank since you now have double buffs, Bandage Toss and probably a level advantage. Depending on which side you started on and which path you took you will have different ganking opportunities. If you communicate with your team early then you'll know which lane wants a gank and otherwise you will have to choose one. Now you have 2 possibilities:

1) There is no lane to gank. In this case you will go back to jungling. Clear the small camps and use smite whenever it's up until you can either gank or have 1000 gold together.

2) You see a good lane to gank and you will do the following:

Always remember to ping your laner before you run in and maybe even type in chat what you want them to do! This is very important to prevent missunderstandings!! Once you have pinged and are ready you will wait for a good moment to gank. Those can be:
  • The enemy gets close to you (your bush) -> either land a Bandage Toss if you can or walk in and try to slow them with red buff
  • The enemy engages on your laner (or the other way round) -> run in asap to assist your laner and wait with the Bandage Toss until you are sure you can land it!
  • The enemy lane pushes -> walk in and either Bandage Toss to him or simply walk up to him
  • The enemy jungler comes to gank in just that moment -> assist your teammate so he can get away but don't get caught yourself!! only start a fight if you are sure you can win!

If you can get a kill then that's great!
If you get some damage onto the enemy laner or burn his Flash or other summoner spells then that's good aswell! Try again later.
And if you miss your Bandage Toss or simply can't get the enemy then don't worry about it and walk back into jungle (don't push your laners unless you're sure the laner's ok with it)

From here you have 4 choices:

1) You have 1000 gold -> go back and buy Mobility Boots
2) You can gank another lane -> go for it! (after this gank you should have 1k gold)
3) No lane to gank and less than 1000 gold -> go farm the jungle until you have 1k gold
4) You're really low health and out of pots -> go back and buy Boots, potions and a ward

Once you have your Mobility Boots you can gank really well and get from point A to point B quickly. Try to help the lanes that are behind if possible and otherwise get the lanes that are doing well further ahead (this is easier ofc). You should reach lvl 6 pretty soon and from then on ganking gets even easier. Try to reserve your ult for a lane that isn't doing that well. A ult gank can help alot!

mid game


Pretty basic:
-> Keep clearing your jungle whenever you have a free minute.
-> Watch your mana! Most of the time you will want to keep a bit in reserve in case you get into a fight.
-> Donate your blue buff to your mid laner if he needs it and otherwise take it yourself (a blue buff helps Amumu alot!). If you can't have blue then maybe buy mana potions. Remember to buy wards (see Warding section below).
-> Keep on ganking whenever you see an opening. This again includes communicating with your team. If you have a free minute then ask who needs a gank. Ask the lanes where the wards are before you gank. Let them know that you're coming for a gank!
-> Remember to back from time to time when you can buy parts of your build. You don't want to stay with an empty inventory forever ;)
-> If you see one of your allies going low on health then offer him to hold his lane while he backs. This way you can stop the enemy from pushing and maybe save the life of your laner. Don't just push out the lane if your laner doesn't tell you to! You will get a bit of xp and gold from the last hits and the xp will not go to waste. After your ally returns you can try to gank the enemy since your laner has full health/mana and new items!
-> Secure global objectives: If you see the chance to take Dragon or even Baron then try to do so. For this purpose I like to have a Vision Ward in my inventory during the mid game!. Stealing a buff from the enemy can also help your whole team.

Buff timers: Try to secure your buffs (and also Dragon and Baron ). For this purpose you should know the buff timers!

initial spawn:
respawn time:
buff duration:
Runic Affinity :
gold for kill:
team global gold
xp for kill
team global xp




4sec debuff

Numbers include small monsters and the values are displayed to one place of decimals.

Skirmishes and Team Fights:

Your role in the mid game will not only be to farm and gank but also to pick skirmishes and team fights!
From lvl 6 on your team fight potential is huge and it will increase while the game progresses! Your team can easily win in per example a 3v3 engage around dragon or in jungle skirmishes if you land a good Curse of the Sad Mummy.
Your Bandage Toss is great to initiate and chase down enemies.

Amumu is a great playmaker and you can turn games around by catching enemies with your team or by using your skillset well in team fights.

late game


In the later stages of the game the jungle belongs to the whole team. Donate your buffs to the people that need them the most (blue buff oftem mid laner, red buff mostly adc). Dragon is not that big of a deal anymore but Baron is something that decides games! Remember to keep it warded and write down the timer in chat.
Feel free to take farm from lanes if noone is there to take it. It doesn't make sense that someone with full build and lvl 18 takes any more creeps.

Team Fights:

Now you have to watch your every step. Amumu is great in team fights but if you waste your ultimate then that can put you and your team in a very bad position! Don't be afraid to use Flash to get into a good position for Curse of the Sad Mummy on which your team can follow up. Enemies will often watch out for the Bandage Toss initiation.

You can take up two roles at this stage. Which one depends on your team composition as much as on the enemy one.

carry protecter and support:

This is what you will often have to aim for in the late game. You will have to keep the enemy bruisers away from your carries and keep them safe as long as possible. Good examples for this are teams with a Kog'Maw, Tristana, Anivia and so on.
In this case you will use your Curse of the Sad Mummy to stun the enemy front line in particular (always get as many enemies into it as possible of course). This way your carries will stay safe longer and can deal the most damage.
Use your Bandage Toss to keep especially nasty people off your carry and to hold them in place for a bit.
Also keep on the bruisers with your Despair since it's quite effective against people who stack health (which bruisers do!).

initiator and offtank:

If your team needs someone to initiate, cc the enemy carries and then stick with them to keep them out of the fight then you can do that just as well. This is especially good if you have assassins on your team like Vayne and Katarina and also with other bruisers like Olaf, Jax and so on.
Here you will try to get all the enemy carries into your ultimate as a priority. Then you will try to follow up with a Bandage Toss on to a key target (carry) upon which he will get killed by your team.
Afterwards it will probably turn into a chase of the enemy team where your Bandage Toss will come in handy.

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Sight Ward

Please do your team a favor and use wards.

Yes you might not get your item build that quickly but it is so very important to know what the enemy team is doing and planning especially as jungler where you will run around in the fog of war and "face-checking" bushes constantly.

Wards win games... Just by standing around... The only other one who can do that is Teemo... No wait!

Now for the placement of Sight Wards

  • First of all try to help your teammates avoid getting ganked. If they aren't smart enough themselves then go ahead and put down a ward for your teammate. Giving 75 gold is better than a fed enemy!!!
  • Put down Wards at your Buffs/at the entrance to your Jungle if you are getting counter jungled. This way you and your team can spot the invader and deal with the threat. A Shaco, Dr. Mundo or Shyvana are voulnerable if they are standing at your buffs if have vision!
  • With the new Jungle Vision Wards are really effective. Since you won't get an Oracle's Elixir anymore it's always great to have a pink ward to place at Dragon or Baron and quickly finish it off while the enemy isn't paying attention
  • Put down Wards in the enemy Jungle if your team has pushed the first Towers! This way you can see if the enemy is trying to gank you from the Jungle and you will be able to chase down enemies alot easyer!
  • Last but most important:

    Ward Dragon and Baron if you think the enemy team is strong enough to take either.

    This way you can gank them while at Dragon/Baron and maybe even steal one or another.

Here some examples for Wards.

But try your own spots. It differs from game to game. You don't always need Wards all over the map! Find out which are the Joke Points in the match and have Wards there.

There is always the option to get a Sightstone even as Jungler. It gives you health and tons of free wards to throw around. If you feel like your team needs wards then get one and look at the effect. I guarantee that you will get better just by learning to put down wards!

Man I could write a whole new guide about warding... Maybe some day when I have tons of free time.
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Frequent Problems

frequent Problems

my Answers

You don't get enough money early in the game

This can easily happen if you get counter Jungled or can't pull off ganks.
This often leads to a depressing phase for a Jungler since you can't do much when you're behind and your team will be mad at you just because you don't do anything. Don't get mad or depressed. At this point your aim is to farm up! clear jungle where ever you safely can, ward your jungle to counter the invasions, secure buffs when they come up. Hold a lane while your laner backs. try to tell your team to start little fights and skirmishes. This will maybe bring you back into the game.

You are getting focused really hard by the enemy team

This is great. If they focus you then you just continue with your plan to build tanky and let your team deal as much damage as possible. If you die and your carry gets 2 kills then it's way worth your death!

Your team is "stupid/bad"

**** happens bro.
First rule: don't rage at them! It won't help. Remember that one guy raging at you when you had a bad game? Don't be that guy. Ever! (or at least try not to)
Second rule: try to help them as best you can. Communicate. Ask if they would like a gank now or maybe one or two lvls later. Hold their lane while they back. Give them a Ward. Ping to them if you know where the enemy jungler is or if they get ganked! Often times that helps alot!
Third rule: don't gank a lost lane. By lost I mean that super fed Darius that can kill anything. If you walk in there and die to him aswell then it won't help! Let the losing laner come to another lane/ Dragon /steal Buffs or make other plays to get back into the game!
Fourth rule: gank the smart lanes and get them fed. If a player on your team knows what he's doing then get him fed and he'll help you win the game!
Fifth and last rule: you will lose. And die. And get flamed. And get frustrated. And cry (or is that just me and Amumu?) So what. Try again tomorrow!

If you have anything that I should add to this section then please tell me in the discussion.

Good luck out there summoner!
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Special: Leashing/Pulling R.I.P.?

So in the season 3 jungle Leashing doesn't work anymore... sad day.

Now is that a reason for you laners to just let the jungler to his fate? Hell NO!
Your laners should try to help in any way they can. The jungle has gotten tough and any bit of damage is appreciated. As a jungler the difference of laners helping or not helping can mean everything. (see jungling section)

If you're a laner: be a nice guy and give your jungler any help you can spare. If you lose one or two CS then so what? And if you don't help and then complain about a lack of ganks then it's your own damn fault.

As a jungler: Tell your laners if you want to do smiteless and ask nicely if they could help you. They will most of the time try their best.
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Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I put quite some work into this so if you like it, have any questions or anything that I did not note please go ahead and write a comment.
I hope you enjoyed reading and learned a bit something or at least saw something that was new to you.

Once more I'd like to thank all the other people posting guides here on Mobafire, I'd like to thank the Mobafire team for making this possible and to Stonewall008 for making these cool YouTube videos.

Thanks alot to the Guide on making a Guide by jhoijhoi.

It has alot of great info!!!

Special Thanks to Brozita for getting me into LoL and always giving helpful tips, new ideas and never raging at me, no matter how stupid I might have been! LoL needs more people like you!

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BB Coding (my guide)

All the BB-Coding in this guide is available for your use below!

If you like that then please check out Project: Share BB-Coding

I think that sharing all of our coding will make the life of everyone much easier and it will reward good coders (who will get the credit) as much as the people who use the coding (who will have more awesome looking guides)!

Only one rule: If you use any of my coding or information then please link me and my guide wherever you use it. Thanks alot <3

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