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Cho'Gath Build Guide by BeakYung

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeakYung

Cho'gath, The Top-lane Destroyer

BeakYung Last updated on February 3, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Cho'Gath with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Mordekaiser [icon=cho'gath size=70] VS [icon=mordekaiser size=70] Not a very powerfull champion againts [[cho'gath]], but if you should go home, and you haven't got [[teleport]] or [[ghost]] you can easily lose your turret againts [[mordekaiser]]. I think [[mordekaiser]] is the best pusher ever. Don't use your [[feast]] when he has got max shield, cause you won't do high dmg on his health. [[mordekaiser]] hasn't got high HP, but has a good damage and a perfect passive. Let's buy magic resist, the [[abyssal scepter]] will be a deadly weapon againts [[mordekaiser]].
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Hello everyone, welcome to my first guide! This guide will about a top-laner Cho'Gath. I played so much mathes with Cho'Gath and now, I just want to share my own opinion and experiences about this great champion.

This guide NOT finished, upgrading when I have enough time!
Please write down what do you think about my guide, its a kind of pleasure no matter what kind of :D

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About me....

I'm an active player on EUW, but I played on EUNE too. My best is Top-lane, by the way I like playing as a MID champion or as a support. During the matches with Cho' I found him very useful in sololane, teamfights, ganks, pushing and so on...

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Who is Cho'?

Cho'Gath is an AP Tanky champion with great spells Carnivore(his passive), Rupture, Feral Scream, Vorpal Spikes, and a deadly ability, his Feast. You can play as a top-laner, mid-laner, jungler, but (in my opinion) he isn't a good supporter. I think the Full-tank build is the best for Cho'Gath. In this build you will have a little AP (to your Feast and for your awesome Vorpal Spikes to a very good early-game farming). [cho'gath] is the largest champion in the game.

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Pros and Cons

+ Rupture do AOE knock up and slow them
+high health
+the Feast passive gives you bonus health
+the Feast has a high true damage
+easy to farm with Vorpal Spikes
+easy to push
+you can use your Feast as a Smite
+very good diver
+the biggest champion on 6th Feast
+your Carnivore passive gives you HP and MP for each kill

-mana hungry champion
-hard to not to push
-the Rupture is hard to land
-very slow champion
-no massive burst
-you have to keep your stacks to be so tanky

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Summoner Spells

A very good ability to Cho'Gath. After a nice Rupture landing you can flash to the ADC in a teamfight if necessary. Cho'Gath is a perfect Baron and dragon stealer. When the enemy started to kill baron or dragon , you need to follow 3 thing. Knock up as many enemies as you can with your Rupture, use your Feast on baron or dragon (dealing 1000 +70% AP True damage), after that use Flash to escape from the unique monster's pit. Now, your team have a baron buff .
You can use Flash, when you are diving, too.

As a top-laner, you should defend your turret. Cho'Gath is a very powerful champion, but sometimes you can fail too, and maybe you will die. Againts a pusher champion, like Mordekaiser or Nasus can turn back the lane with ease, I mean they will try to destroy your turret as soon as possible. When you respawned, by walking your turret can be destroyed fast. You should use the Teleport. I know so many players know the Teleport cooldown, but I will write a trick. If you use the Teleport to your turret, it takes 240sec. Don't use your Teleport on minion or ward , only if necessary, because it will have +60sec cooldown (300sec at all). If you teleport on a minion, the minion will be unkillable for 4 sec, while you are casting your Teleport.
When you already destroyed the enemy turret, you can gank with this summoner spell.

Exhaust (F)

With Exhaust you can slow your target what you want to eat. With this summoner spell you can easier land your Rupture then you can kill him.

Ignite (F)

Ignite is a very useful spell. In teamfights you can put it on the enemy adc to lower his lifesteal. In early game, Ignite has a great dmg.

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Cho's skills

Passive. That's makes him a very strong solo-laner. This passive can hold you on the lane for a very long time. Whenever you kill a unit, you recover +17 (+ 3 x your lv) HP and +3.25 (+ 0.25 x your lv) MP. In early game, buying a Rejuvenation Bead gives you a very very good HP regen. With your passive and the Rejuvenation Bead you can easily escape from an enemy Ignite attack.

His cc. It's an active skill (your Q), you should play a lot of matches to be able to land it perfectly. When you already placed your Rupture , it will takes 0.6sec when the spikes will erupted and dealing 80/135/190/245/305 (+ 100% from your AP) magic damage. It will knock up your enemies for 1sec and after the hit they will be slowed by 60% for 1.5sec. It has a 9sec cooldown and a relatively high range (950). I don't recommend to max it firstly, but to tell the true in early game, a successful Rupture can give you the first blood, but as I said very hard to place it. You can use this ability for escape from an enemy gank, you can knock up your target when you are diving. In teamfights, you should knock up the enemy burster or ADC, and eat him/her.

Another good ability. It's an active skill too (your W), what silent all target for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 sec in a 60˙cone area in front of you and dealing 75/125/175/225/275 (+ 70% from your AP) magic damage. It has a 13sec cooldown. I think it's a very useful skill, cause if you are ganked by an enemy jungler, for example Lee Sin, you can place your Rupture to the enemy top-laner if must, and your Feral Scream will save your life againts Lee Sin. You will silent him, and he won't be able to use his Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike combo.

That's my favorite ability of Cho'. If you hit something by a basic attack, you will launch spikes and dealing 20/35/50/65/80 (+ 30% from your AP) magic damage in a line in front of you in a 500 range, it has no cast time. The Vorpal Spikes makes Cho' a very strong champion. Your farming will be very easy, and as a beginner Cho' summoner you don't know the Vorpal Spikes's real magic.
Framing with Vorpal Spikes: As I said, your farming will be very easy, cause of the bonus damage. Sometimes, your enemy will be a better player than you. But it's not a problem for us and it can't stop you in the farming. You don't want to stay close to your higher skilled enemy, but you still want to farm. What do you do? You are not a ranged champion, and? You have Vorpal Spikes, and you will use it. You are standing in front of an enemy monion(A), but an other minion(B) with a favorable HP to farm it is located near your enemy. You should hit the "A" minion, and the Vorpal Spikes will hit the "B" minion. With a good chance it will die. You should be a good Cho' player to launch your Vorpal Spikes at the correct time. I hope this "magic" of this ability will help you in future games when you are in a trouble.
Be careful! When you are near the enemy tower, where the turret can hit you but the minions get focused, you can easily hit by the enemy turret because of your Vorpal Spikes. You are farming and farming, launching the spikes in front of you, when the enemy hit by them. If you don't care the turret will hit you, and in early game it could be a very big health lose, and maybe the enemy top-laner try to kill you.
With an item, like the Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a very usefull for your Vorpal Spikes. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter has a 35% movement speed slowing if you hit someone by a spell, so your Vorpal Spikes will slow your target for 1.5sec.

His deadly ability with a great properties. Cho's ulti (your R) dealing 1000 (+ 70% from your AP) true damage to a minion or a monster. It's a single target ability, what you can use on enemy champions [300/475/650(+ 70% from your AP) true damage]. If the Feast kills the target, your Cho' will grow larger and gain extra +90/120/150, maximum +540/720/900 health and garin extra +3.8/6.1/8.3, maximum +23/37/50 basic attack range. You can stack it up to 6 stacks, but whenever you die, you lose half of these stack. it's not a funny moment, when you die with 6 stacks, cause you will return to your teammates as a little Cho', with less health. The Feast heas a 60sec cooldown, so you can't use your ability on enemy adc or other. In lategame the Feast has a ~2000 True damage if you want more AP than armor/mr.
You can use your Feast as like a Smite on baron or dragon . I think better than a Smite, cause the Smite deals 390-1000 true damage, while the Feast deals 1000(+ 70% from your AP) true damage and maybe you will gain one more stack. When I play Cho', I always use my ulti (when I already have my 6 stacks) on baron , dragon , and on enemy ADC! The ADCs haven't got too much health, so a ~1500-2000 damage is a very very painful for them.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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How to use your skills

Now, you know something about Cho'Gath skills, but how should you use them? I try to give you some tipps in this chapter.
Top-lane: I always start with Rupture in order to save my life if the enemy jungler make an early gank before I could lv up to lv2. Just a good landing, and I didn't give the first blood to the enemy. After that, you should take the Vorpal Spikes to farm more more easier. When you get the lv3, take your Feral Scream to have a nice combo.
Let's try to kill the enemy! As I do: a good Rupture landing will knock up the enemy, 2x basic attacks, ofcourse with your Vorpal Spikes dealing extra magic damage. Silent him with your Feral Scream. I don't think that this one combo will kill your enemy, cause Cho'Gath is not a big burster. But if you hit him often with Vorpal Spikes and you don't let him to go back, you will easily can kill your enemy when you get your Feast on lv6. Knock up him, 2x basic attack, silent and use your Feast. Basic 300 true damage. Dive, if necessary to kill your enemy, but make sure that you placed wards and nobody try to gank you.
Ganking: When you already destroyed the enemy turret , let's help on your teammates. If you have Teleport, ask the botlane to place a ward to a bush in order to be able to use Teleport. Try to knock up with your Rupture the enemy ADC and support if possible, silent the support and give the kill to your ADC with your Feast. Let's tank the enemy turret if possible and destroy it.
Teamfights: In teamfights take care that you are the tank (if you built as a tank) and you should start the teamfight! A good Rupture landing can decide the teamfight's issue. How I do it? I always try to land my Rupture under the enemy ADC in order to knock up him, then I make a super damage with my Feast and our ADC or one of my teammates will kill him. You win the teamfight.

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Why did I choose these types of runes? I'll analyze all of them:

Greater Seal of Armor
This type of rune will gives you permanent +1 armor, we have 9x Greater Seal of Armor = +9 armor from the beginning. I think it's better for Cho'Gath than it's scaling brother, the Greater Seal of Scaling Armor what gives you +0.16 armor/lv, cause your build will be very tanky at the late-game, but your early game is not very tanky. All in all, in my opinion Cho'Gath needs the +9 armor at the beginning.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
This type of rune gives you permanent +0.87 magic penetration. We also have 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration , so we start with +7.83 magic penetration. I choosed this type of rune beacause of the farming, and early damage. I think it's a perfect choice to your Vorpal Spikes in order to be more easier the farming in early-game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
In my opinion this rune is a good choice again to Cho'Gath what gives you +1.34 magic resist from the beginning, we have 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, so we start with +12.06 magic resist. Againts an AP top-laner champion, like Mordekaiser, Ryze, Elise, Vladimir, Warwick.
There is an other option when you play as Cho'Gath on top-lane. You can buy the Scaling version of the magic resist runes by glyph. If I were you, I would choose the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you enemy top-laner is an AD champion. You won't need the early advantage by Greater Glyph of Magic Resist cause your enemy has Attack Damage. The Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is perfect to late-game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
My favorite [rune] is this quintessence. It gives you awesome AP (+4.95AP x3=+14.85AP), it's a great start for Cho'Gath. These runes help you to farm with Vorpal Spikes, make high early-damage too.

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Offense masteries (5)

The Sorcery (4/4) gives you +5% cooldown reduction, although you Vorpal Spikes don't need cd reduction, but for your cc, the Rupture has a 9sec cooldown, Feral Scream has 13sec and your Feast has 60sec cooldown, so the Sorcery is a great mastery for Cho'Gath.

The Expose Weakness (1/1) a perfect mastery for Cho'Gath beacause of his Vorpal Spikes. If you damage an enemy with a spell increases allied champions' damage to that enemy by +1% for the next 3 sec.

Defense masteries (25)

The Enchanted Armor (2/2) is essential for a tanky champion, like Cho'Gath of we build for tank. This mastery gives you +5% magic resist, it's awesome!.

The Recovery (2/2) gives you +2 health per 5 sec, not the bset but we should upgrade it to get the third mastery-lane.

The Block (1/2) is an early-game mastery, reduces all basic attacks from champion by 1.

The Unyielding (1/1) is again a perfect mastery for Cho'Gath, specially for a melee champion cause this mastery reduces all incomming damage from enemy champion by 2, if we were ranged, this number would be only 1.

The Veteran Scars (3/3) gives you +36 health, at the beginning it can help you.

My favorite mastery is the Juggernaut (1/1) because of the +3% maximum health. Just imagine that. Cho'Gath gains bonus health every Feast stacks, up to 6 stacks, on lv16 it's +900 HP. If you have a Warmog's Armor, the +3% max health is so powerful.

The Hardiness (3/3) gives you +5 armor from the beginning, great early-game advantage.

The Resistance (3/3) gives you +5 magic resist as like the Hardiness .

The Perseverance (3/3) regenerates 1% of your missing health in every 5sec, Cho'Gath has so many HP (with Warmog's Armor and 6th Feast) so the Perseverance can help you when you try to escape from an enemy teamfight or gank.

The Second Wind (1/1) increases your self-healing, health regen, lifesteal and spellvamp by +10% when you have 25% HP or less. Great mastery for the Vorpal Spikes and for a Warmog's Armor or a Spirit Visage.

My other favorite mastery is the Legendary Guardian (4/4) gives you +4 armor and +2 magic resist for each nearby enemy champion. As a tanky Cho'Gath you should be in the mid of the teamfight if neccesary, and you gain (ofcour if they are 5) +20 armor and +10 magic resist. Awesome!

Again a good mastery, the Tenacious (1/1) reduces the duration on cc (crowd control) effects by 15%. Good againts ganks, teamfights.

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Cho's Builds

Cho'gath is a tanky champion and we can build on 3 ways. The first is my favorite, that's the full-tank Cho'Gath with high armor and magic resist and a little AP to farming with your Vorpal Spikes. The second way is the off-tank Cho'Gath, I like it too. You Feast will be fromidable for your enemies, and your health too, by the way you will have less armor and magic resist than the full-tank Cho'Gath. When you team has got a very good tank (not you) and your AP carry won't be able to make high magic damage, you can choose the third-way-build for Cho'Gath. That's ta AP Cho'Gath, a very powerful Ap champion, but you shouldn't follow the tank rules, cause you will have high health too, but won't be able to tank an enemy ADC or APC. Don't worry, I think your 2000-2500 True damage from only one hit ( Feast) will compenstate it. This way, your Vorpal Spikes will be deadly spikes to your target. A good Rupture landing, 2x basic attacks with Vorpal Spikes and your food is ready, the only thing what you have to do is to eat with Feast your foods.

Every build-way has it's own advantage and disadvantage, I'll analyze all 3 build in 1-1 chapter.

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Unkillable Cho'gath (Full-Tank)

As a tank you always have to pay attention on the enemy teamsetup, kills, assists, minions and items/builds. A good tank don't buy the same items in every matches. Maybe the enemy team has got Sivir (Attack Damage), Nunu (Ability Power), Riven (Attack Damage), Renekton (Attack Damage) and they jungler is Shyvana (Attack Damage).
You should start to build for Armor cause you see that they have only AD champions, except Nunu, but he wont has high AP cause he is the support on bot-lane.

What's the best build in this team-setup?

Ninja Tabi: As a tank, you have two options about Boots, the Ninja Tabi and the . In this sutiation we need armor cause their team has Attack Damage, the needed when most of them have got Ability Power. At the beginning we should buy it firstly if we haven't got too many Gold. If you have, you can buy the Warden's Mail and only after that the Ninja Tabi.

Frozen Heart: After you have already bought the Ninja Tabi, the second basic item for Cho'Gath is the Frozen Heart. It gives you 100 armor and 20 cooldown reduction and 400 MP. It has a very good uniwue passive what makes it a perfect item for Cho'Gath, what reduce all nearby enemies' attack speed by 15% in 1000 range. You have to pay 2600 Gold, but it's very cheap for these bonuses.

After the Ninja Tabi and the Frozen Heart you should buy the Giant's Belt. It gives you health point. If you bought one ward and you have left 180 Gold, let's buy a Rejuvenation Bead to gain more HP regen.

The next next basic item for Cho'Gath is the Warmog's Armor. The Warmog's Armor give you permanent +1000 HP and restores 1% of you maximum health every 5 sec. With your 6-stacked Feast what give you +900 HP on lv3 Feast, your basic health + 1000 HP what this item gives you, we can say that it's a perfect item for Cho'Gath.

The next basic item for Cho'Gath what I always buy, is the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It's awesome for Cho'Gath! We will gain again bonus health, specifically +500 HP and +80 AP. The Ability Power perfect for our Vorpal Spikes, Rupture and we gain +56 true damage for the deadly Feast, and that's not all. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter Unique Passive is the following: Your spell damage will slow the target's movement speed by 35% for 1.5sec. We know that our Vorpal Spikes is a spell what dealing magic damage after every basic attacks hit, so you will slow your target on every hit!

The next 2 free item slots are depending on the strenght-affair. (As I said, in this Chapter we have an AD-based enemy team, I'll write the build for AP-based team, too)

If the enemy's ADC is so fed:

(1st) Thornmail: It's a very old item expressly againts ADCs bacause of the huge amount of armor (+100) and the unique passive: on being hit by basic attacks, it returns 30% of of damage taken before armor as magic damage (a minimum of 15 damage must be received). The enemy ADC should be very brave to hit you.

(2nd) Sunfire Cape: I often by for Cho'Gath because of the high bonus health (+450) and for the +45 armor when I'm fighting againts an AD-team. The sunefire cape has a realy good passive: deals 25 + lv magic damage to nearby enemies and it has a 400 range. Very good for a non-ranged champion, particularly for a tank like Cho'Gath. In teamfights it's a little damage per sec, but dealing in a 400 range per second on everyone.

If you playing againts an Ap-based team, like Mordekaiser, Annie, Janna, Malphite, Draven. The first four champion has magic damage, but their ADC is Draven. Instead of building full magic resist, like the armor build when everyone had attack damage, let's think a little bit. Always build for armor too, because of the enemy ADC cause he can be a very good late-gamer champion, like Vayne, so don't forget to build armor to when the enemy is AP-based. This build will be more difficult!

You will go againts Mordekaiser who has got Ability Power, so let's buy the Mercury's Treads.

Mercury's Treads: Very good boots againts an AP-based enemy when you know that the jungler has magic damage too. This item gives you 25 magic resist and tenacity (reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs and immobilizes by 35%). The tenacity is good againts the enemy ganks, particularly for example : Vi, Malphite, Maokai, Udyr, good for mid-, late-game teamfights.

Spirit Visage: This item increases self-healing, health regen, lifesteal and spell vamp effects by 20%. Cho'Gath is a Self-healing champion because of his Carnivore(his passive). This item gives you +400 health, +55 magic resist, +20 regen per 5 sec and +10% cooldown reduction.

Frozen Heart: Now you have enough magic resist againts mrodekaiser for early-game, se let's build a little armor with the Frozen Heart. Perfect item for Cho'Gath as I said and described this at the AD-based build.

Guardian Angel: +50 armor and +40 magic resist are good, but who have an awesome unique passive: If you die, you will be revived the point where you die and gain 30% of you maximum health and mana after 4 sec of statis. The 30% of maximum health for Cho'Gath is perfect to win the teamfight if possible.

This 4 item is basic for this team-setup, your last 2 items can be anything what gives you bonus armor and magic resist.

Note: Self-healing Champions
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Terminator Cho'gath (Off-Tank)

This build needed for Cho'Gath when your team already have a great tank like Shen, Malphite or Amumu, so you can go a little AP. In this way you won't be able to tank everything, so take care on your different play-style!

Let's buy one of these boots (depend on your enemy: AP-, or AD-based champion)


Buy this item as soon as possible

catalyst the protector

after that...

Depending on the situation

--> againts Attack Damage-based champions

--> againts Ability Power-based champions

Next item makes you more tankier and more deadly

The last 2 items are depending on the situation too, so you can choose from these ones:



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Destroyer Cho'gath (AP)

In higher ranked games, I think most of the Cho'Gath players build full AP and take mid. If you still want to play top-lane and build full Ap just pay attention how to build.

The shoes is perfect if you are building full AP Cho'Gath beacause of the +15 magic penetration.

catalyst the protector Let's buy the catalyst the protector in early game, it would be the first back. After that don't buy the Rod of Ages.

After you bought the Giant's Belt let's buy the followings.

The Rod of Ages is a perfect item for Cho'Gath because of the awesome bonuses. You gain +450 HP; +450 MP and +60 AP, it has 2 passive. The best (what we realy need) is that you gain +20 Hp; +20 MP and +2 AP in every minutes up to 10 stacks. So if you bought it for example in the 14th minute, in the 24th minute you will gain +650 HP; +650 MP and +80 AP. Perfect!

The Rabadon's Deathcap is a perfect item for AP-based champions as well for AP-Cho'. You will gain +120 AP and increases you Ap with +30%, very very high damage with your Feast and your Vorpal Spikes will do a lot of damage.

At the beginning, you bought a Giant's Belt in order to build the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This scepter gives you +500 Hp and +80 AP and a very deadly passive for Cho'Gath. Perfect item for you verpal spkies because every time when you hit someone with magic, the terget will be slowed by 35%. All in all, you basic attack slows the targer because of your Vorpal Spikes.


The Lich Bane is perfectly good for your Feast. You can kill the enemy ADC easier than anyone in the game. A good Rupture landing, 2 basic attacks with Vorpal Spikes, Feast dealing huge true damage,after that take a basic attack. The Lich Bane passive is already activated and you will do a very very good damage.

The Deathfire Grasp gives you a "6th spell", cause very 60sec you can hit the targer and slow it, this damage based on the enemy max health (15% of max health of the target).
Good for start the teamfight and use on the AP/AD carry. Also gives cooldown reduction what good for your skills.

The Ohmwrecker is good for turret-dive when you scored an ace but the minions aren't here. Let's use this item's passive what freeze the enemy turret for 2.5sec. In late game, this time is enough to push the lane so hard. Also gives +350 HP and +50 AP

Also good for AP Cho'Gath:

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Cho'gath vs. other Top-laners

VS I think Fiora is one of Cho'Gath' best enemy because of the high early damage. The best is to start with Doran's Shield to gain extra defend. After that let's buy a Chain Vest and a Ninja Tabi. There is a very good tactic againts Fiora but only if you have enough health to do it. When he reached the lv6 and got the Blade Waltz try to freeze the lane in front of you turret. When he is hitting you with her ulti, let's move under your turret. After that place a Rupture under you, so when she ended her blade woltz, your perfectly landed Rupture will knoc up her when the turret is hitting Fiora. Maybe you will able to kill her and get a nice advantage.

VS As everyone know, Renekton is one of the best top-laner, with a beautiful early-game. His early damage can take you down, take care of his Ruthless Predator, cause it will stun you. Let's build full-armor on eraly game as like againts Fiora. Don't try to kill Renekton when his fury is in the "red"
zone cause he is in his strongest mode at the moment.

VS Garen has a similar passive as like your Carnivore, that's his Perseverance. High damage after lv6 with his Demacian Justice, the more health you are missing, the more damage he will take with this ability.
Againts Garen I always buy a Rejuvenation Bead. This item and my passive don't let to lose too much HP, so his Demacian Justice won't deal too much damage on me.

VS So many player says that Jax is very strong, but in my opinion you can easily kill him in early game, just take care of his stun.

VS Nasus is a very tanky champion as like Cho'Gath, and he has got more damage still lv6 than you. His Fury of the Sands gives him bonus 300/450/600 HP and damage per sec. His Siphoning Strike can be very very deadly if you let him to stack it (+3 damage/stack). Let's build full tank, cause it's hard to kill in 1v1.

VS Not a very powerfull champion againts Cho'Gath, but if you should go home, and you haven't got Teleport or Ghost you can easily lose your turret againts Mordekaiser. I think Mordekaiser is the best pusher ever. Don't use your Feast when he has got max shield, cause you won't do high dmg on his health. Mordekaiser hasn't got high HP, but has a good damage and a perfect passive. Let's buy magic resist, the Abyssal Mask will be a deadly weapon againts Mordekaiser.

VS Very good champion againts Cho'Gath, whohas got a very high early-mid game damage, but you can reduce it with armor build. You will lose so many creeps because of his Spear Shot. This skill has 4sec cooldown and dealing 65/105/145/185/225 (+1.4 per bonus attack damage) attack damage, so it's very very strong. He has a stun, too. Take care, and play very deffensive againt Pantheon!

VS For me, Riven is the strongest champion on top-lane. Her 3th use of Broken Wings will knock up you, and her ki burts can stun you too. Already has got cc, and if these are not enough, she has a shield-ability, called Valor. My tactic was the following: When she is jumping with Broken Wings, I'm movng back and dodge the third jump what can knock up you, then use a perfect Rupture, 2 basic attack with Vorpal Spikes, then silent him. Do it again and let's use your Feast if possible.

VS Has the same damage still lv6, because of his passive Ki Strike. With his Vorpal Blade he can load his HP on every hit. Has a realy good shield what depends on his ability power, and a taunt what is very strong under his tower. Let's build health and armor cause Shen is one of the best tank in the game, and has a very good damage in early-game. Very hard to kill him.

VS It's very funny when people try to kill me with Darius. Okey, high damage, specially his Noxian Guillotine what dealing 160 true damage on lv6, but Darius has a high cooldown his his skills. Q/W/E/R -> 9/8/24/120sec. If he already used his skill combos with his Noxian Guillotine, you ca easily kill him. Very slow champion.

VS Elise is a jungler I think, but so many player come with her to top-lane, I dunno why... For me, Elise was a very weak champion againts Cho'Gath. Okey, has got good damage from ability power, but not enough to kill a huge destroyer. At the beginning his Rappel was a very very annoying ability, but now, most of the player can easily can played out and turn this ability to their own advantage.

VS I will talk a little bit more about him than the others. He is very tanky, and a very mana hungry champion with a realy nice damage.
Granite Shield is his passive: Malphite gains 10% shield of his maximum health if he don't get hit for 10/8/6 sec at 1/7/13 lvs.
siesmic shard his Q skill: As a top-laner Malphite your better movement is to max this skill. Has 70/120/170/220/270 (+60% of his ability power) magic damage with a 625 range. The Seismic Shard has two using-way: this skill has movement speed-stealing ability (14/17/20/23/26% movement speed stealing). Cho'Gath isn't a fast champion, so a Seismic Shard can be very dangerous. If you wanna kill him, he will use this skill on you. You will be slower, he will be faster. A very fast, and a very perfect Rupture can stop him only.
His Brutal Strikes is good for jungling, not to top-laning.
The Ground Slam can be very useful when you are fighting face-to-face. Reducing your attack speed for 3 sec and dealing magic damage what depends on his AP and armor.
Unstoppable Force: the ultimate. Knockup everyone and stunning for 1.5sec in a 325 area, and dealing 200/300/400 (+100% of his AP). This skill can be very deadly when you want to dive him. Never dive againts Malphite when you know that his Unstoppable Force is not on cooldown.

VS Armor armor armor armor.... NEVER build anything else againts a Tryndamere and take care of his Undying Rage when he can't die for 5 sec after activated this skill. Buy Thornmail for mid/late game againts him.

VS Vladimir's play-style is like Cho'Gath'. he is a off-tank champion, very good damage and relatively good armor/magic resist in late-game. The Transfusion is one of his best ability, easy to poke with it's 600 range and dealing 90/125/160/195/230 (+60% AP). Don't forget about his Sanguine Pool when you want to dive or kill him.

VS Again a good enemy againts Cho'Gath. Kayle has a skill what makes who does she. The Righteous Fury gives her +400 range for 10sec. Dealing magic damage. Kayle can heal herself with her Divine Blessing, and can slow with Reckoning. Don't forget about his Intervention what makes him or a champion immune to all damage for 2/2.5/3sec.

VS I think Teemo isn't a hard enemy for Cho'Gath. Cho'Gath is big, Teemo is wee. Only a full AP Teemo can makes realy high damage on you. Teemo has a perfect skill againts basic attack based champions as like the ADCs. If he hit you with his Blinding Dart don't forget your Vorpal Spikes. You basic attack will deal miss while the blind is on you, but you Vorpal Spikes still hit him. Let's buy Sweeping Lens to find the Noxious Trap and the hiding Teemo as well.

VS When you are fighting with a Wukong don't forget his best ability, the Decoy. When this skill activated, [wukong]] becomes stealthed or 1.5sec and leaves a clone. This clone won't move, hit or do something else, just like when you press the "s" key. If Wukong use this skill when you chased him, let's land your Rupture after the clone, so it maybe knoc up him and don't let to escape. When you are trying to escape from Wukong and he used his Decoy, lets land it under you, so hi will be knocked up and you saved.

VS In my opinion Yorick is one of the best 1v1 or even 1v2 champion in the game. He has 3 Omens. The Omen of War is dealing physical damage, this Omen is the fastest of all and Yorick will move faster as well. The Omen of Pestilence dealing huge amgic damage and this little monster will slow you too. The last Omen is the Omen of Famine what healing Yorick. His ultimate is a very special ability. It can revive his allies or even Yorick. It's like Mordekaiser ultimate.

VS As like Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo has a huge health but less defense. I think Dr. Mundo not enough to kill a good Cho'Gath, just care from his Infected Cleaver pokes cause you won't notice them i think. Not much damage, but 4-5 Infected Cleaver can be dangerous to you.

VS I think Gangplank is dangerous only in early game to you, because of his Parrrley. Let's buy the Frozen Heart to reduce his attack damage. His Cannon Barrage hasn't hot huge damage, but it's perfect to not to dive him. He can heal himself under his turret and with his ultimate, can be very dangerous to dive.

VS Irelia is a very good top-laner champion. I can't tell you many tactics againts her. When he using his ultimate, the Transcendent Blades let's knock up her with your Rupture and let's escape. Don't forget her stun and ultimate, and you won't have any problems.

VS A realy good earl-mid top-laner because of his Mercury Cannon. A realy good Jayce player knows how to don't let the enemy to farm. He can easly push away you with his Thundering Blow, so you will lose 1-2 creeps. Take care of his Acceleration Gate + Shock Blast combo, it has a realy high damage. You can dodge it, cause the Shock Blast stop at the first thing what this ability hits, but it has aoe damage.

VS I think Lulu is a medium enemy for Cho'Gath. She has a huge base damage still lv5-6. Don't forget about his ulti

VS Nunu can be a top-laner, but not good at all. Don't forget about his healing spell, the Consume. Maybe you will have a little work if he is going to building for tanky.

VS Very very rare champion in top-lane, but if you see him, you will have to play more carefully.

VS Ryze was a mid-laner champion, he has a realy deadly combo-damage. His Desperate Power gives him spell vamp, 50% aoe damage, and 80 movement speed. Very good farmer, and a lv3 Ryze can easily kill you if you don't take care. Let's buy Quicksilver Sash to dodge his Rune Prison.

VS I think everybody know about Warwick. Good fighter, has a good damage, big lifesteal, enough armor and magic resist to survive the teamfights. If I were you, I would buy the Quicksilver Sash to stop his ultimate, the Infinite Duress. Warwick hasn't got skill to escape as like Ezreal, Cho'Gath or Vladimir so when he is on low-health let's kill him!

VS I think Urgot is an ADC and a very good top-laner. Don't forget about his high early-mid game damage what based on attack damage. The Noxian Corrosive Charge + Acid Hunter combo is deadly for you in early-game. If the enemy jungler is coming, Urgot will try to use his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser. After 1sec stun, you will spaw position with Urgot, so it will be very hard to escape from two enemy. Try to dodge the Noxian Corrosive Charge and he won't be able to use his Acid Hunter perfectly.

VS Aatrox is a realy deadly champion. Has a huge damage, attack speed and has a good health as well. Don't forget his Blood Well cause it can gives you some presents. Don't try to kill Aatrox in 1v1 when his Massacre is activated. In this mode, he gain attack speed and attack range, so he will more more stronger than you. Let's build for armor like Frozen Heart and Ninja Tabi.