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Thresh Build Guide by JBergan

Other Complete Thresh guide (updated to 6.12)

Other Complete Thresh guide (updated to 6.12)

Updated on June 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JBergan Build Guide By JBergan 11,574 Views 0 Comments
11,574 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JBergan Thresh Build Guide By JBergan Updated on June 20, 2016
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In this guide I will talk about everything you can do with thresh in all roles. I firmly believe thresh is the best champion to fill every role possible is some sort of way. We will talk about the most obvious of things to some more complicated interactions you can do. I wall talk about in order
-Pros and Cons
-Champion Interactions
-Support and support items
-ADC and ADC items
-Bruiser and bruiser/tank items
-AP thresh and AP items
-Jungle and jungle items
-About myself and personal opinions on thresh
Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts and I will try to update as much as possible, and read what you have to say. Thank you and let's get started.
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There are a few different rune pages you can make; however, there are a few thing thresh NEEDS.
First off you will 100% of the time you will get Greater Seal of Armour. This is because thresh has the lowest base armour in the game, due to his passive. Without these runes you are VERY squishy early game and can take serious damage from minions alone. Some people like to rune Greater Seal of Health, but the lack of armour early game isn't worth the bonus 72 health.

Typically you will run Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for your magic defense. If you have a lot of room for rune pages and want to run Greatre Glyph of Ability Power, you can for AP builds but otherwise the flat 12 Magic Resist will be much more helpful.

Marks are where the difference in runes start. If you are looking to simply be tankier (mostly as a support) running Greater Mark of Armour will be your best defensive stat as it will help with your lack of armour early game. Try to avoid any Magic Penetration and Armour Penetration as you aren't a massive damage dealer by default. If you are going Attack Damage or want to simply deal more damage either go Greater Mark of Attack Speed or Greater Mark of Attack Damage. These are very typical of any Attack Damage page and will offer you the best Damage per second. For AP builds I recommend either Greater Mark of Magic Resist if you are running AP glyphs, or as I prefer Greater MArk of Attack Speed as this will help you farm, and help with your DPS along with your E passive.

Quintessences will be the other set of runes that vary. For AP build you will always get Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for simply giving you the most amount of AP possible. For tank you can run any mixture of Greater Quintessence of Armour or Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist. Some people may run Greater Quintessence of Health but I find flat Armour or flat Magic Resist to be more beneficial. For for damage you can run, similar to marks, Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed or Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

For the debate of Flat Armour/Magic Resist vs. Flat Heath runes, I argue that the first 2 items you will be building typically only have health (sight stone and locket) and having the flat resistances gives you a bit of meat to help you with the early game squishieness that thresh suffers.

All of this being said if you are simply have very few rune pages and are only playing him as support, either a tank rune page, or attack damage rune page will suffice.
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Thresh is a pretty versatile champion so their are many different masteries you can get. Masteries are vary dependent on the conditions of the team comp. As a general rule of thumb here are the main masteries you should be getting.

For support the main masteries are
-Unyielding you typically will be building defenses of some sort so the bonus resistances will help
-Veteran Scars because you are running flat resistances the health from this outweighs any shielding you will be doing especially early game
-Bond of Stone you are much tankier than other ranged supports so having bond of stone will help your carry survive through laning much easier
Other good masteries are Exposed Weakness Meditation and Bandit, though these are more of a personal preference and depend on whether you are in a team, or going solo. For team exposed weakness will help and solo bandit/meditation will be more useful.

For AD you will go typically AD or Bruiser masteries. Grasp of the undying works well with your range and constant harass as a bruiser, and you can keep your fervor stacks up if going more ADC. Warlord blood lust is also helpful as an ADC as you don't have a lot of sustain outside of items.

For AP again you will go typical AP masteries, Death Fire Touch, and Thunder lords. For these runes it comes down to personal preference.
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Pros / Cons

-Infinity scaling AP and Armour
-Semi-decent engage
-Very good peel
-Save out of position team mates with lantern
-A ranged Tank
-Decent Base damage that scale off your passive
-Endless skill cap
-Can be played into and with any composition
-Decent single target and Crowd Control

-Not very tanky early levels
-Complicated champion to play at a high level
-Skill shot orientated
-Hard to come back when behind as a champion
-Very short range
-Isn't as tanky as other champions
-Most people know how to counter play at a decent level

There are some other minor Pros and Cons but these are the big ones that impact Thresh as a whole. If you can get over the early game hump and collect enough souls your can make a huge difference late game, but don't be shy early game. You have great pick potential!
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Passive - Damnation

Now we get into the thick of things with thresh, his abilities

In summary sometimes when enemies die near you they will drop a soul. A soul (in Summoner's Rift) will permanently grant you .75 Armour and .75 Ability Power. All of Thresh's abilities scale off of Ability Power so the more souls you have, the more damage you do. There are two different ways souls will spawn, either right where the enemy died or if there is any enemy champion nearby it will drop in a more unsafe area.
When a souls drops and an enemy champion is nearby it will drop a short distance towards the champion, this can make collecting souls difficult as you make take poke for collecting the soul. There are ways to play around this. You can take the poke for the soul. You can force them into choosing between a fight or backing off, you can push them off of the soul to collect it, or you an use your lantern to pick it up. The different ways to collect them depends on how things are going. If they are being aggressive and a soul drops behind them, it may be best to let it go or to collect it using lantern. If you and playing aggressive fake an engage to collect the soul and re-position. Playing around soul collection takes time, but when you get better at it, you will scale much better with the more souls you have.
-Sometimes you can wait on collecting a soul for a few seconds, another soul might spawn nearby and you can collect multiple with one lantern.
-Choose wisely what souls to contest, don't be too passive and lose scaling or too aggressive and get poked out.
-Stay near enemy minions and monsters, if you keep roaming in the jungle or hanging out under tower, souls won't drop and you can fall behind.
-Don't use lantern every time a soul is too far away, you might need it to save your stupid ADC.
-If you are playing another role besides support, stay up in farm. You are a utility champion until you scale keep up in farm or you may fall behind
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Q - Death Sentence (Hook)

Quickly explained its Nautalus hook in slow motion, but it is very unique in application.
To summarize you throw a hook (long skill shot) and if you hit an enemy you pull them towards you a shot distance. After landing the hook you can reactivate within 1.5 seconds to pull your self to the other side of the champion.
Your Q is your big engage, you can use it catch people out, throw yourself into their team, or pull them off of you back line. Many people view this as a core ability of Thresh and I tentatively agree. The skill shot is slower than most, but you can use it to play mind games with your prey. Most people will attempt to dodge the hook for obvious reasons. Sometimes simply holding onto your hook and walking towards them can cause them to panic or even flash in anticipation. Use the ability semi often early game to see what they will do. Do they simply dash away every time you queue the ability up, or do they react.
-Hold onto your q if you catch an enemy out, they will often kill themselves trying to avoid this one ability
-Don't reactivate every hook you land, sometimes just landing the hook is enough. You can easily throw yourself into a bad situation by reactivating it, USE MAP AWARENESS
-Time it with important enemy abilities, throwing your hook at your team mate after Yi alpha stikes or zed ults can cause them to not be able to follow up damage, and keep your team safe.
-If an enemy is standing on you lantern you can hook them to pull them off the lantern so your team mate can ride to safety.
-Just before reactivating your hook you can throw out your lantern to carry a team mate with you to the other side of the enemy.
-Don't be afraid to use your hook, because they only get pulled a shot distance, and are stunned for the 1.5 seconds grabbing the 10-0-5 Dr. Mundo is okay, simply don't reactivate you q and walk back.
-After you land the hook there is no distance that will break the hook, you can land a hook flash towards your team and lantern them in extra far away.
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W - Dark Passage (Lantern)

Thresh's W is what makes thresh a support.
You throw a lantern in an area and it will
-Collect souls in a medium sized radius
-Create an clickable lantern that will cause an ally to dash next to you
-Shields the nearest ally within the radius.
Thresh lantern is his simplest mechanic. There isn't a whole lot of detail to go into so I will simply go into the tips.
-The range you can throw you lantern is shorter than the maximum range you can move away from the lantern, throw it out and take a few steps away to grant the longest dash possible for you team
-You can use it to grant a very small area of vision, useful for clearing out pink wards and checking for death pushes.
-In team fight use it to shied a target member for a small amount.
-Use lantern with your re-activated hook to carry another member to the enemy.
-Help your jungler smite steal by giving him an out after he flashes in to steal.
-You can flash while an ally is dashing towards you to increase the dash range.
-Use it to collect unsafe souls
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E - Flay

Flay is your damage as thresh by basically; empowering your auto attacks.
Passively deals bonus damage on hit (scaling with souls) that increases in damage the longer he goes without attacking up to a set amount (again scaling with souls). On activation thresh sweeps the ground at his feet to push or pull enemies in a short direction applying a slow. Your flay is arguably your most important ability. It helps you poke, as well as slowing them. Flay has the shortest cool down and is your best all around tool for engage/disengage by pulling or pushing enemies away. Flay empowered attacks also help proc your relic shield which is why thresh players will go relic shield over ancient coin.
-Using flash flay is a much more reliable engage than flash hook due to its area of effect.
-Walk up to the enemy flay and then hook them while they are slowed, they will try to dodge you hook and end up dying from not simply dodging your flay
-COLLECT SOULS if you have 200 souls your passive from flay will do 200 bonus damage on hit and can wind up to over 800 damage if you wait long enough
-Use flay to set up your ult they wont be able to get out of your flay fast enough to avoid the box
-Be sure to flay the right direction, you don't want to pull them to you when you meant to push them away.
-Time flay with enemy abilities, you can stop dashes and sometime catch their flash if you use it correctly
-Wait the full time in lane to get off a nice hard hitting attack to poke them out.
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R - The Box

Thresh's ult creates a pentagon around him that will slow the first enemy to walk through one of its sides by 99% for 1 second. This ability is pretty simply ability, the catch is there is a .75 second cat time so be sure to keep this in mind.
-Use in team fight on top of you carries to prevent damage dealer to get to your back line
-Use it as you are running away to slow their advance and give your team space.
-If you are using your hook to engage you can follow up with a RE or ER combo to slow their movement by over 130%
-Cut of jungle escape routes to slow them down for your team to catch up.
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The moment you all have been waiting for, the dirty secrets all thresh players have come to love!
-Knock ups your hook for a split second when it lands is a knock up Yasuo can ult if he is fast enough, your flay is also a knock up for a good team fight cc again being a very shot knock up.
-Wombo Combo using your ER or RE with a wombo combo team helps keep them group after the initial burst giving your ADC time to do some DPS
-If morgana spell shields your hook you will not stun them, but you can still reactivate it to pull yourself too the black shield, you can land the hook wait the full 1.5 seconds then pull yourself to her to come in for surprise visit.
-If Poppy ults you as you land you hook you can re-activate it to travel to her
-If Tahm Kench eats the person you hook the hook will still be connected so you can reactive to travel to tahm kench.
-If an ally click on the lantern while being dashed to by and enemy (twisted advance on maokai or Vi ult) the enemy will continue the dash until they are next to you. Bait them into an unknown tower dive.
-You can hook/flay enemies out of escapes like dashes, magical journeys tunnels etc.
-Flash hook around minions to surprise enemies into unseen hooks.
-Right before a minion dies throw you hook in a line from you the minions and an enemy, as the minion dies before you hook arrives you will hook the enemy instead for a surprise hook.
-Don't always hook right in front of you, if lining up for a team fight walk towards their right flank and throw the hook left they wont be expecting a sideways hook and you can catch out un-prepared champions
-If Blitzcrack uses his grab then click on the thresh lantern fast enough he will pull the champion to thresh for double the normal range.
-If you are getting ganked and you manage to get close to your tower, flash into your tower and hook them under tower in combination with flay.
-As ADC thresh your empower flay attack in combination whit stattik shiv can result in some MASSIVE single hit damage especially late game.
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More info coming soon!
I will undate this post daily until complete and then undate every patch.
Please Rate the guide and leave any questions/comments/concerns!!!
Thank you!

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