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Katarina Build Guide by Ilosiada

AP Carry Katarina - Here, have another blade.

AP Carry Katarina - Here, have another blade.

Updated on May 18, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ilosiada Build Guide By Ilosiada 189 21 2,212,215 Views 142 Comments
189 21 2,212,215 Views 142 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ilosiada Katarina Build Guide By Ilosiada Updated on May 18, 2014
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Today I'm here to, hopefully, teach you guys a little about Katarina - The Sinister Blade.
You're free to upvote or downvote the guide, but I would really like to hear why,
so I can work on making this guide (even) better.

I will be updating the guide every so often,
So I make sure to keep up with the changes to;
+ The champion Katarina
+ Mid lane champions (for the match-up section)
+ Items
To keep my guide as informative as I possibly can.
If you see things I forgot to mention, spelling mistakes or mistakes of any kind,
Please send me a message or comment on the guide so I can update it!

Please keep in mind that this is a guide about how I play Katarina,
not a guide about how I think everyone should play her.

Some music if you'd like :3.
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About Katarina

Katarina is an AP assassin with amazing burst damage that can take carries
out of team fights in no time. What makes this champion so different from
other assassins is that she has insane AoE damage.
The key to playing her is knowing how to position yourself in team fights.
When in the right hands, she can be a completely devastating force.
Because of this, she has a few major weaknesses.
But this doesn't make her an any less amazing champion.

Katarina's Lore

Katarina's Quotes
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Pros & Cons

+ No mana
+ No skill-shots, not easy to miss a target
+ Good poker with "Q" (Bouncing Blades)
+ Can use "E" (Shunpo) for better mobility
+ Multi-target ultimate
+ High burst damage
+ Many AoE's
+ Great farmer
+ Good ganker

- Squishy
- Melee range AP champion
- High early game cooldowns
- Needs kills and assists for her passive
- Gets focused a lot in team fights
- Interruptable ultimate________________________
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Katarina is a champion that really relies on cooldowns so getting extra cooldown reduction is great.

This is a great way to amplify your damage in lane, and most importantly; in team fights.

Getting 3 points in here will get you 16 extra Ability Power at level 18.

An extra 6 Ability Power, which will help you in the early game as well.

Increases damage dealt to champions by 5% when they're at 50% health or lower.

Putting 3 points in here increases your Ability Power by 5%.

Killing a champion will give you back 5% of your missing health.

Putting 3 points in here will give you 6% Magic Penetration.

Basic attacks will do 5% of your ability power as bonus magic damage.

This will increase all of your damage by 3%.

This will help you with auto attack harass a little bit, mainly got a point here so I can get to juggernaut.

This will help your health regen a little bit inbetween pokes.

This is good to have cause it increases your bonus armor and MR by 5%.

Gives you 36 extra health so you're not as vulnerable, especially early-game.

Increases your max HP by 3%, also making you a lot less vulnerable.

Katarina is a champion that really relies on cooldowns so getting extra cooldown reduction is great.

This is a great way to amplify your damage in lane, and most importantly; in team fights.

Getting 3 points in here will get you 16 extra Ability Power at level 18.

An extra 6 Ability Power, which will help you in the early game as well.

This will help you with auto attack harass a little bit.

This will help your health regen a little bit inbetween pokes.

This is good to have cause it increases your bonus armor and MR by 5%.

This will help you with all damage just a little bit.

Gives you 36 extra health so you're not as vulnerable, especially early-game.

Increases your max HP by 3%, also making you a lot less vulnerable.

Gives you 5 armor so you're a little bit tankier.

Gives you 5 MR so you're a little bit tankier.

Regenerates 3% of your missing health every 5 seconds.

Increases self-healing, Health Regen, Lifesteal, and Spellvamp by 10% when below 25% Health.

Note: These are my main AP mastery pages, if you like using other masteries, feel free to do so.
Note: This is just an example, really :3.
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Greater Marks of Magic Penetration
Since I always play Katarina AP it's great to have the Magic Penetration at both early and late game, it will reduce the effectiveness of your opponent's Magic Resist.

Greater Seals of Armor
I mainly pick these seals because mid players often harass with auto attacks, aside from that they also reduce the damage you receive from minions.

Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist
Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs give an advantage over flat Magic Resist Runes after level 6, since you hit 6 on mid in no-time, these will probably help a lot more in your lane, and most importantly; team fights.

Greater Quintessences of Ability Power
And of course we need some extra Ability Power, these Quints give you 15 AP from the start, so they're great for that extra early-game harassment.

Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist
These give an awesome advantage when playing mid, since most mid champions are AP they'll deal less magic damage to you, you can get these if you will have trouble against your mid champion in your early laning phase.

Greater Glyphs of Ability Power
These give you even more AP, but you should have enough AP from your Masteries, other Runes and Items, so I'd rather go with the Magic Resist so I don't have to buy a lot of Items to get my Magic Resist up.

Greater Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction
Since Kat's cooldowns are a big deal almost throughout the entire game you could go for Cooldown Reduction runes, but if you know how to position yourself in team fights and know when to jump in, you won't really have a need for these. Just ask your jungler for a blue buff.

Greater Quintessences of Movement Speed
These will give you an easier time roaming, but I personally prefer the Ability Power Quints.

Note: These are the runes that I think are the best choice, but since everyone plays differently,
Note: you can use whatever works best for you :3.
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Summoner Spells

This is great for getting kills on people that are getting away, it also reduces the healing people receive by 50%. So this is great to use in team-fights, even if you just use it so people can't get healed as much during your combo.

Since it reduces Physical and Magical damage it can be used to reel in that kill when things get really close. The slow can easily be used to safely get away in mid, or to catch up to an enemy.

This is an awesome Summoner Spell for every champion. Flash gives you better mobility, you can quickly catch up to or get away from an enemy. This is a great replacement for when Shunpo is on cooldown, it also gives you the ability to escape by flashing over a wall.

If you think you'll have a really tough lane, you might want to take Barrier with you. This summoner spell gives you a shield for up to 435 health at level 18 when you activate it. It will save your life if used at the right time, just remember that the shield only lasts for 2 seconds.

When you choose this Summoner Spell you don't have to wait until the enemy is dead or MIA for you to recall, you can just recall and Teleport back to your turret and harass the enemy with your new items. Aside from getting back to lane faster, it also gives you the opportunity to teleport to another lane when you see a teammate in trouble.

If you have an opponent with damage over time spells, snares, stuns or any movement impairing spells, this is a good summoner spell for you to pick. If you're close to dying, and you're poisoned, just simply use Cleanse so you make sure it doesn't kill you, instead of testing your luck. It can also get you out of a snare from Lux, so you can just side-step her combo.
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Skill Set

sinister steel
Bouncing Blades over Sinister Steel,
Sinister Steel over Shunpo,
Death Lotus at 6,11,16.

Voracity (Passive) - Every time you get a kill or assists,
Katarina's cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

Basic spells instantly refreshed on kill or assist.
Great for diving; if you turret dive someone with Shunpo,
you can Shunpo right back out after securing the kill.
Great for team fights; Kat has mostly AoE spells, since her
cooldowns are reduced after a kill or assist she can do more
AoE damage, and thus hopefully get more kills too.
Awesome with CDR items and Blue Buff so you can cast your
ultimate multiple times in one team fight.

Bouncing Blades - Kat throws her dagger that bounces to the 4
closest enemies, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+45% AP) magic
damage and 10% less damage per bounce. Any spell or attack
consumes the mark dealing 15/30/45/60/75 (+15% AP) MD.
BASE CD: 10 sec
RANGE: 675

Great farming ability because of it's bounces and marks.
Bounces to stealthed enemies as well!
Longer range to poke people with since it can bounce from
minions to your enemy.
If the enemy team is grouped up you can use Bouncing Blades
to damage every enemy, then consume the marks with another
AoE to get that extra damage in.

Sinister SteelSinister Steel
Sinister Steel - Kat spins around, dealing 40/80/120/160/200
(+25% AP and +0.6 per AD) magic damage. When you hit an
enemy, Kat gains 15/20/25/20/35% movement for 1 second.
BASE CD: 4 sec
RANGE: 375

Short cooldown with high AoE damage.
Great skill for detonating Bouncing Blades marks.
The movement speed buff can be used to run away or catch
up to an enemy.

Shunpo - Kat jumps to her target, if it's an enemy, she deals 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% AP) magic damage to it. After using
Shunpo, Kat gains 15% damage reduction for 1.5 seconds.
BASE CD: 12 sec
RANGE: 700

Ability to jump into or out of a fight.
Great for chasing, ganking and escaping a gank.
Kat can jump over walls and jump to wards to escape (You
can carry a ward, place it at max distance and Shunpo to
it to get away).
Can be used to reduce a turret's hit.
Can be used to juke attacks that chase you.
Using Shunpo to enter a fight will give you some damage
reduction for 1.5 seconds.
With attacks like Karthus' ultimate, you can Shunpo to get
the damage reduction up just before the attack hits you.

Death Lotus - Kat spins and throws blades at the 3 closest
enemies for 2.5 seconds, dealing up to 400/575/750 (+250% AP and
+3.75 per AD) magic damage. Inflicts Grevious Wounds on hit,
reducing healing and health regen by 50% for 3 seconds.
BASE CD: 60 sec
RANGE: 550

Because of Grevious Wounds people won't be able to get healed
as much during your ultimate, which makes it easier to get
some kills.
If you get 3 assists/kills your ultimate will be cooled down
instantly if you have the right items.
Can be used to detect enemies! For instance; If you walk near
a bush and Death Lotus lights up on your bar it means someone
is in range and you can initiate a fight.

sinister steel

sinister steel

Combo of Death:
sinister steel
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The early game is the part of the match where you mainly focus on getting farm. Farming is the best way to get gold in the game. For this reason, one of the most important things you have to do is practice last-hitting, and when you're done practicing, practice some more. Last hitting is different for every role, champion and match-up. Once you play a champion long enough you will learn what the best ways to farm for that champion are.

Aside from farming you also want to deny your lane opponent to get farm, so they will fall behind in gold. A good way to do this, is by harassing them every time they try to get some farm. Just by simply using your
Bouncing Blades, or even your sinister steel when they're close enough. Even better is killing them, or forcing them to recall. This way, they won't just lose gold, but experience too, which will give you an even bigger lead in your lane.

Some tips that will make your early game a little easier:
+ Try not to push your minion wave, this means you don't spam all your abilities to kill minions, but
+ just last-hit them. If they're too close to your enemy you can simply use your Bouncing Blades
+ to get the minion kills. Another plus to this is that you can harass your opponent while you're
+ really just trying to get some farm.
+ Having a safe lane for yourself is probably the most important part. This is why you buy wards.
+ If you buy wards and place them in one of the side-bushes you will be able to see the enemy jungler
+ when he tries to gank you.

One of the key rules to being safe in lane is knowing the safety zones:

The Safe Zone:
In this zone you're relatively safe because of two reasons:
- You're close to your turret
- Not many ganking abilities for the enemy team

In this zone you can pretty much take your time last-hitting minions, just watch out for minions getting too close to the turret or you won't be able to last-hit them. You can run away easily from any attacks and if the enemies get too close your homie turret will have your back. In this zone it's also really easy for your teammates to gank your enemy.

The Neutral Zone:
I call this zone the neutral zone because of numerous reasons:
- This is an easy zone to gank for both teams
- Most of the minion killing happens here
- Fights on mid lane often take place here
- You're right in between two turrets, yours and the enemies'
- Still relatively easy to escape a fight

This will be the zone you'll spend the most time in on mid, as long as you have some wards up you should be able to see ganks coming from a mile away. It's also really easy to ask your jungler for a gank in this zone if you want to secure a kill. When you end up getting in a fight you can't win you can just Shunpo to a minion to get away and finish your journey to the turret and recall if you're too beat up.

The Danger Zone:
This is not a good place to be in because:
- There is a lot of ganking ability for the enemy team
- You can run into the turret range if you're not careful
- It's a long way from your own turret so it's hard to get away from a gank or regular fight.

If you're smart you won't spend too much time here, even if you just killed your enemy mid-laner, other enemy Champions are bound to come and get you if you stay while you're at low health from your fight. Just recall and get some items while you have time since it will take a while for the enemy to respawn.

The mid game is the part of the match where you start working towards objectives such as; kills, turrets, inhibitors, dragon and baron. All of these objectives will put your team on the lead, which should eventually win you the game. So in this state of the game it's not only important that you try to push your own lane, but also gank other lanes so you can help your teammates get a lead on their lane. After the first few objectives are either won or lost, team fights will start occurring. Since Katarina is an AP assassin class, your most important role in team fights will be taking out the enemies carries. This should not be too hard to do since they will most likely be squishy, and you would be able to burst them down fast with your combo. Positioning yourself well in these team fights is really important.

Some tips on positioning yourself in team fights:
+ Focus on one of the carries, don't ever focus a tank.
+ You're not a tank so stay away from the early burst damage and CC's from the opposite team so
+ you have less chance your ult will get interrupted.
+ When there is a team fight, stay back and harass first, don't ever jump in first, you're not god. After most
+ people have found their target, jump in and do as much damage to the carries as possible using the
+ Combo of Death. You'll hopefully be leaving with some kills and/or assists.

Farming Wraiths

Since Kat is a pretty easy pusher, you might want to go farm the Wraith Camp, when you're high enough level, so you can get some extra gold and experience. You usually do this when your lane is pushed to the enemy turret and you're waiting for your opponent to push it back, so you can safely farm in lane again.

Getting Blue Buff

Getting a Blue Buff will really boost your laning phase since you will get cooldown reduction from it. Ask your jungler for this buff and you will most likely get it with his help. Since some junglers are pretty mana-hungry they will get more of a boost with it because they will be able to gank more frequently, in that case, just let them have it.

Team Objective Dragon

The Dragon is a jungle monster that will give each player on your team 190 gold, which is useful in every way. Your team will be wanting to go for Dragon whenever you have vision advantage and bot lane has pushed the enemy bot lane to their tower. When this happens just push your own lane to tower and help your team to kill this monster.

Team Objective Baron Nashor

The Baron is a jungle monster that gives your entire team the strongest buff in game. It's a tough monster so you won't be getting this in the early stages in the game. Vision control is really important when you want to kill this monster, and no matter what people say, it's not a good idea to try and kill it when the entire enemy team is up.
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Stealth Ward
A Warding Totem will let you place one stealthed ward that lasts for 1 minute.
Upgrade at lvl 9: Greater Totem » duration increases to 2 minutes.
Upgrade at store: Greater Stealth Totem » duration increases to 3 minutes.
Upgrade at store: Greater Vision Totem » places a vision ward that lasts 3 minutes.

Scrying Orb
A Scrying Orb will reveal a location within 1100 range for 1 second.
Upgrade at lvl 9: Greater Orb » increases range to 2000.
Upgrade at store: Farsight Orb » lower cooldown, range increases to 2500.

Sweeping Lens
A sweeping lens disables and reveals nearby stealthed wards and traps for 4 seconds.
Upgrade at lvl 9: Greater Lens » increases Lens range to 600 (from 300).
Upgrade at store: Oracle's Lens » grants True Sight for 10 seconds after use.


Doran's Shield with a Health Potion
This is by far my favorite start for Katarina, it gives some health and gives a decent amount of health regeneration, this helps a lot with sustaining in your lane. It also negates some of the Auto Attack harass you usually receive in the mid-lane as Katarina.

Boots with 4 Health Potions
Starting with the boots is good against skill-shot reliant champions, (like Lux, Ahri, etc.), the mobility will help you dodge skill-shots easier. Getting 4 health potions should help you last through the Auto Attack harass and still get a decent amount of CS.

Cloth Armor with 5 Health Potions
This is the best start if you're up against an AD caster mid, it will reduce the damage you receive from their skills. Most of the AD mid laners are melee, so you won't have to worry too much about Auto Attack harass. Upgrade the Cloth armor into a Seeker's Armguard whenever you back.


I love to get the Haunting Guise early, it gives just a little AP, but instead you get some extra Magic Penetration and health. Since Kat is fairly squishy I enjoy having this item, which I usually build into a Liandry's Torment later on in the game. I believe this is a must-have in the early stages of the game.

Kat is an AP assassin, so it's necessary to have enough M-Pen to keep the reduction of your damage at a minimum. These boots will help a lot with this since they will give you an extra 15 M-Pen. If I have a pretty big lead on my mid laner I sometimes go for Boots of Swiftness or Mobility Boots so I have an easier time roaming and will be able to help my teammates with their lanes.

Pick one of the following 3 items:

If you have a decent lead on your opponent feel safe to get a Blasting Wand to amplify your damage even more and keep the lead. Getting this item early is just simply amazing since you have plenty of different items to build it into later in the game.

If you are getting your butt handed to yourself in mid lane, just get a Negatron Cloak. Yes, it may hold your damage back for a little while, but being able to live longer in lane is worth much more since you will be able to get more CS and your jungler will have more time to come over for a gank. You can later build this item in a Abyssal Mask or even in a Banshee's Veil if needed.
Note: This only works against AP opponents.

If you are getting your butt handed to yourself in an AD lane, this is the item for you. Since you probably started with the Cloth Armor it should be about as expensive as a Negatron Cloak. The great thing about this item is that it isn't purely defensive, but it also gives you some extra AP, and even more armor and AP the more you have farmed with it, which makes this an incredible item against your AD mid opponent. You can later build this into a Zhonya's Hourglass.
Note: This only works against AD opponents.


The Rabadon's Deathcap is an awesome item for all the obvious reasons. This item will most likely be in any Mage's build. It has a great ammount of AP already and will increase your total AP with 30%! If you have a big lead you can rush this, but it's not highly recommended.

This item gives some extra armor and an awesome ammount of AP. The Active on Zhonya's Hourglass makes you untargetable for a few seconds which is amazing if the enemy team has a bunch of CC or if you receive a lot of damage in team fights. When you're in a team fight and you're getting focussed; just Zhonya's and after it wears off Shunpo away or go deal some massive damage.
Warning! Do not use this item when your ult is still channeling or it will cancel it.

Make a choice between Abyssal Scepter and Void Staff:

Pro's for Abyssal Mask:
1. Gives some M-Resist aside from just AP and M-Pen.
2. Gives a M-Pen aura; meaning it will lower the M-Pen for enemies within the aura
2. not only for you, but also other AP damage champions on your team.
3. Most of your abilities are within aura range.

Pro's for Void Staff:
1. The Magic Penetration doesn't have a range field, so the M-Pen will be on any spell,
1. since Bouncing Blades will tend to get out of the Abyssal Scepter's aura range.
2. Has different M-Pen per player since it does a percentage of M-Pen rather than a flat ammount,
2. which makes this the ultimate item for tankier team comps.
3. It costs less than the Abyssal Scepter.

Liandry's Torment is an item with a lot of good stats and has a passive that can burn a tank's health fast. Since you have mostly AoE based attacks the passive will get reduced. This reduction can get countered by slows so I recommend you to combine it with Rylai's Crystal Scepter to get the most out of it. If a target is slowed the passive will do double the damage to them.

Deathfire Grasp is an amazing item, it gives 120AP and 10 cooldown reduction! Apart from these stats it also has a great active; it instantly takes down 15% of your targets health in Magic Damage and make them 20% more vulnerable to Magic Attacks for 4 seconds. This item is great to quickly take down a carry in a team fight and only has a 1 minute cooldown.

This is an awesome combination with Liandry's Torment since the slow will increase the burn from Liandry's. Even without Liandry's Torment this item can be really useful. Even though multi-target spells reduce the slow, it can still be used creatively. Consider the following: Kat's main catch-up ability is Shunpo, which will give the full slow since it's a single target spell. Once you jump on them you can just use your combo and even then the slow will keep them in your combo for that much longer.

If you find yourself being focused a lot in team fights and your Zhonya's isn't enough to help you do your thing just simply get a Guardian Angel on top of that. This item will revive you in a fight every 5 minutes, which could help you clean up or put your mad damage out if the team fight still isn't over by then. Aside from this amazing passive it also gives both armor and magic resistance.
Note: When the passive has procced you can sell it and get another item.
Still need the passive? Buy it back after the 5 minute mark.

This is an amazing defense item, I personally prefer Banshee's Veil over the Quicksilver Sash because of the extra health and I love the passive, it gives a shield that blocks 1 enemy spell every so often, it's great against Champions like Amumu, Karthus, Lux, Nunu & Willump, etc.

Later into the game you might want to swap your Sorcerer's Shoes for one of these bad boys. By the time you swap these out you should have plenty of M-Pen already, and since Kat is really weak against CC you might want to go for the tenacity this gives. It also gives just a little more M-Res.

If you decide to roam a lot; these boots (or Mobility Boots) will give you a bigger advantage than the Sorcerer's Shoes. You'll be able to get to other lanes faster, and you'll be able to get back to your own lane faster too. You'll save a lot time walking and therefore you miss out on less CS and deny your opponent to push your lane too hard when you're roaming.

Warmog's Armor gives you a bunch of health and health regeneration, which makes this a great item to get more sustain if you feel you are too much of a vulnerable target in team fights. It doesn't have any AP on it but it's the price you'll have to pay to sustain better in team fights.

If you are getting fed really fast, you can get this item to snowball out of control. Only in this situation will this be a good addition to your build. With this item you can get up to 20 stacks (2 for kills, 1 for assists), when it's fully stacked, it will give you a total of 180 AP and 15% cooldown reduction! One reason why you have to be careful with this item is you lose a third of your stacks upon death.
Warning! Make sure you only buy this item when you KNOW you're going to do well,
else it will be a waste of gold and an item spot.

The only reason I usually get Banshee's Veil over this item is because the Banshee's gives you some extra health in comparison to this item and this can't be built in something else for AP champions. The passive though, is much more versatile than Banshee's. With this champion you can choose which spell debuff you want to get out of, rather than being the first spell that hits you with Banshee's. This item will be able to, for instance, remove poison at the last minute to deny the enemy the kill on you. You can use it to get out of snares, so you will be able to sidestep a Lux combo completely. It can also completely negate Zed's death mark, etc.


The Homeguard Enchantment is great to have fast recalls or if the enemy is pushing to your base. You'll be able to get to your inner turrets from base in no time with this enchantment.

The Alacrity Enchantment is awesome if you want to get some more movement speed at all times. Alacrity gives you +15 MS on top of your tier 2 boots.

The Distortion Enchantment gives you 25% cooldown reduction on Flash, Ghost and Teleport. I highly recommend you only getting this enchantment when you have the Flash and Teleport combo.

Elixir of Brilliance
Gives up to 40 extra AP and 10% cooldown reduction for 3 minutes.
Needless to say, this is awesome to get for any AP Champion.

Elixir of Fortitude
Gives up to 235 extra HP and 15 AD for 3 minutes.
Along with the health this is an awesome potion for Kat to get because
of the AD value on her skills Sinister Steel and Death Lotus.

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Match Ups


Champion Navigation
Click on a champion to see the Match Up

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___________. Ahri is a mobile champion with high early damage. She can charm you out of your ultimate so be very careful as to when you use it. Ahri makes a good ganker with her ult so try and follow her whenever she starts to roam.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
She's pretty mana hungry, try to make her waste it
Try to dodge her skill-shots
Punish her with your combo when she misses her Charm
Try forcing her ult before you go in for a kill
Follow her when she's roaming, you might be able to catch her
off guard

___________. Akali is a mobile champion with the same kind of play style as Kat. Akali has a gap close just like your Shunpo, but she can only jump to enemy targets, plus she can only use it 3 times in a short period of time.

She's a better chaser since her gap close has a shorter cooldown
Your marking ability can reach further since it bounces off minions,
so try to poke her down with that until you can combo her to death
She has more damage without skills because of her passive, so
don't go into a 1v1 with her unless you can combo her to death
She has more sustain because of her spell-vamp based skill set.
Don't let her shroud stop you from ulting, it will still hit her
even if she is invisible!
She has high burst potential, so don't risk dying and just recall
when you're low.

___________. Anivia is a champion with slows and a stun. Her passive is a big reason why you should watch your step when you turret dive Anivia, you might have killed the bird, but you might not be able to kill the egg in time. She isn't always as easy to kill as she seems, so be warned.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
She's pretty mana hungry, try to make her waste it
Her Q (stun) is a pretty slow ability, the best thing is to punish
her when she uses it by jumping to her and using your combo
Don't try to turret dive her, she has too many ways
to lock you in turret range
She's really slow, so if she starts roaming just follow her and
try to catch her off guard

___________. Annie is a mage with a short spell range, but this doesn't make the little girl a less scary champion. Her passive, gives her a stun on any 5th ability she casts. For those who don't know; when Annie has a white swirl around her she will stun with her next spell.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
Just farm up and roam early, her high burst and CC make her
a really difficult champion for you to lane against.
She's a slow champion so she can't quite follow you when
you are roaming
Wait for a gank before you fight her,
you will lose a 1v1 against her

___________. Brand is a champion with high early damage, insane pokes and high burst. As long as you're good at dodging skill shots he shouldn't be too hard to handle.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
If you get hit by his W or E make sure you staybehind minions,
so he won't be able to stun you with his Q
When he ults try and stay as far away from minions and allies
so it won't bounce to you multiple times
Just try to dodge as many attacks as you can, once he stuns you,
you're done for

___________. Cassiopeia is your sister, but that doesn't mean you have to hold back on her! If you want to fight her you will have to be decent at dodging skills or you'll get wrecked. It's easy to counter her ultimate by simply not facing her. However she will be able to counter your ult with hers so watch your step.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
She's pretty mana hungry, try to make her waste it
Her weakness is mobility, just keep running around and she
will miss most of her skills
She's really scary with a blue buff, so try to stay away from
her when she has one
She's a slow champion so she won't really be able to follow you
when you start roaming

___________. Cho'Gath is a really tough mid laner, not only is he tanky, but he is able to sustain way better in lane because of his passive. This is one of Kat's worst enemies since he has two spells that easily interrupt Kat's ult.

He's pretty mana hungry early game, try to make him waste it
He has 2 spells to easily interrupt your ultimate
Avoid a 1v1 with him cause you will most likely lose
Ask you jungler for a lot of early ganks so you can keep him from
getting too much farm, or even stacks
He's a slow champion so he won't really be able to follow you
when you start roaming

___________. Diana is a champion with high mobility and really high burst damage. After level 6 she's going to be nearly impossible to kill for you. Just play really passively and just try to farm when you're up against her.

She's pretty mana hungry early game, try to make her waste it
She can E to stop your ultimate
You might be able to keep her from farming too much before level 6,
you'll really need the lead on her
Ask you jungler for a lot of ganks so you can keep her from
getting too much farm
She's a strong ganker and she'll easily follow you whenever you
start roaming so be careful

___________. Elise is a champion that can turn herself into a spider for which she gets 3 other spells; Venomous Bite, Skittering Frenzy and Rappel. She has really high mobility and she has quite some burst damage.

Practice farming with Q to deny auto attack harass
She can E in human form to stop your ultimate, or switch to spider
form and use E to barely receive any damage from it
If she's really low and running away in spider form, you can cast
bouncing blades on one of her spiderlings to hit her with it
She has pretty good sustain with her Spider Form W
She's a strong ganker and she can easily follow you whenever you
start roaming so be careful

___________. Evelynn is a champion with high mobility and quite some burst damage. Her passive makes her invisible if she's out of battle long enough, and if she's far away enough from enemies. This makes it hard to report her missing and gives her great ganking abilities, even in her own lane!

Practice farming with Q to deny harass with her Q
Try to report her missing as soon as she disappears from your screen,
you will never know when she's actually roaming
She has a pretty constant harass with her Q
Be careful when to use your ult, she can easily run out of range
with her W or ult you back to negate your damage with her shield
She's a strong ganker and she can easily follow you whenever you
start roaming so be careful

____________ Fiddlesticks is a champion with very low mobility but a high amount of CC that can easily get you killed. Since he's technically a jungler, immediately let everyone know when he's MIA, especially when he has his ultimate. To win this lane you must know when to go in and when not to go in.

Try to harass him whenever his CC is down
Try to report him missing as soon as he disappears from your screen,
he has insane ganking potential with his ult
Your ult counters his drain, so he won't be able to heal too much
while you use your full combo on him
Before you go in on him, make sure you wasted his CC so he won't be
able to stop your ultimate

____________ Fizz is a high mobility, high burst champion. You should be able to fight against him as Kat as long as you use your head and use your high mobility against his.

Keep harassing him with your Q at all times
Harass him hard whenever his Playful Trickster and
Urchin Strike are on cooldown
His only CC is on his ult and on top of that it's delayed so he
has low interruption chance on your own ult
Don't use your ult on him unless his Playful Trickster is down
It's really easy do dodge his ult with your shunpo, so try and
save your shunpo for that

____________ Galio is known as the anti-mage. His passive really encourages him to build magic resist, which makes him really tough to play against as an AP mid. Aside from him being really tanky, he also has a great amount of poke.

Harass won't really work on him so don't waste your time on it
Focus on farming and roaming
Try to dodge as many of his attacks as you can
Try to stay out of his ult in team fights, or at least wait until it's
on cooldown before you use yours

____________ Gragas is a tanky champion with a good amount of sustain and mobility. A good Gragas is really hard to fight for Kat so watch your step.

Focus on farming and roaming
Try to dodge as many of his attacks as you can
Only use your ultimate on him when his ult and body slam are down
In team fights you should wait for his ultimate to be on
cooldown before you use yours

CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade ____________
____________ Heimer might be a natural pusher, but Kat can push just as hard when needed. He has pretty high early damage but you'll outgrow that in no time as long as you keep farming.

Constantly harass him with your Q, which is even easier to do
if he keeps his turrets up
He is a hard pusher early so make sure you ask for early ganks
to make him pay for that
His E could interrupt your ult but it's very slow and once wasted,
it has a long cooldown
The turrets he puts up are easy to deal with once you have some AP,
just kill them as he places them so the cooldown for it stays high
He doesn't have any real escapes so it should be easy to take him
down with a good combo

____________ Karma has some decent mobility and can hurt a lot when she gets some AP. It should be easy to lane against her since her main damage ability is a skill shot, and her stun is on delay. Her heal from her R+W combo can be really easily countered with your ult.

Constantly harass her with your Q
Dodge her Q to deny her main damage output
If she uses her W, just simply run out of range and jump back on her
as soon as you've out ranged it
Her heal is kind of useless against your ult but her E might give you
some trouble with finishing her off
Just wait for her to be low to use your full combo on her so her E
won't stop you from getting the kill

____________ Karthus is, hands down, the easiest champion for Katarina to fight against. He won't be able to do any damage to you unless you decide to step into every Q he puts down. The only thing you have to watch out for are his Q's and passive.

Constantly harass him with your Q
Make sure you dodge his Q's
After level 6 you can go full aggressive against him
After killing him just simply shunpo out so his passive will be
completely useless
Be careful with his W since it can put you in a dangerous position
When he's casting his ultimate, make sure to use shunpo so you
won't take as much damage from it

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Tips & Tricks

+ Last hit minions, they're a great way to get gold
+ Use Stealth Wards to prevent ganks and create
+ an escape route
+ Focus on carries, not on tanks
+ Carefully position yourself in teamfights
+ Try and get the Blue Buff as often as you can for
+ the cooldown Reduction it gives
+ You can detect enemies with Death Lotus
+ Use Shunpo to juke or get your armor up
+ Use sinister steel to get away while being
+ chased

- Jump into an enemy team on your own, Kat's OP,
- but not invincible
- Get any items for Mana or Mana Reg, it's wasted gold
- Turret dive unless you know you can get out
- Overextend in your lane
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Ending Note

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you learned something from it.
This is my first guide ever and I would appreciate it if you guys would help me improve it by giving me some feedback in either the comment section, or my inbox.

Malakraai for being the best boyfriend ever and helping me with this guide, I love you ❤.
Eetheart for being my #1 fan!
BlueBeri for helping me with this guide a whole bunch.
JhoiJhoi for the BBCode guide, it really helped me.
Ganassa on DeviantArt for making the awesome art I used. (link)
Discussion for the awesome feedback I got in the comment section, thanks :D.
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