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Ahri Build Guide by TheCatOfCheshire

Middle The true Ahri guide (1 million mastery in-depth)

Middle The true Ahri guide (1 million mastery in-depth)

Updated on July 23, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheCatOfCheshire Build Guide By TheCatOfCheshire 241 8 415,303 Views 10 Comments
241 8 415,303 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheCatOfCheshire Ahri Build Guide By TheCatOfCheshire Updated on July 23, 2023
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Runes: Electrocute Ahri

1 2 3
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
Classic midlane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

The true Ahri guide (1 million mastery in-depth)

By TheCatOfCheshire
Finally! The (updated) guide is done. It has certainly some language mistakes but I'll correct it at my best later (Really big thanks to Wicked Cherry for her help).
I let it sleep for a while, but I wanted to update it and now was a good time.

The update is here! and it's great. She's way less mana hungry and charm dependant, while having way more presence in teamfights, overall :
- Laning phase didn't change that much
- Teamfights are way more dynamic and you are really better at pressuring the carries
- You can react even if they dodge your charm

About me

I’m an Otp Ahri that peaked plat 2 and am currently gold (yeah I know that’s not great at all). I’m playing her since season 3 and have a general KDA of 10.7/4.9/7.5 on her at the moment.
Even if I have a lot of weaknesses at this game (not warding enough, decision-making isn’t perfect), I’m really good at her mechanically and have played her on every lane with every build (from supp to ADC).

The goal of that guide is to give you EVERYTHING that I know about her and for every build. I’ll go as deep as I can on the explanations, and I’ll do that for EVERY BUILD. I’ll try to give you video samples with the usual game (not chosen game where I win in 25 0) so the gameplay is sometimes a bit messy, but it’s more realistic. If this guide is popular enough, I’ll update it every patch.

Which builds are shown in this build?
So the guide is a three in one guide, Ahri electrocute mid (the best in the actual meta), Ahri glacial augment supp/mid (Not the one that I prefer to play, but it works, and Ahri ADC (Well, when I said everything, it's everything)

For the future

I'll gladly take any suggestions or demands if asked politely. If you want me to explain something more in depth/detail, just ask.
If you find out some mistakes, I'll be really grateful if you could point them out. If it's language mistakes, I'll take feedback too, but since there's certainly a bunch of them please be patient with me ^^"


Anyway, I hope that you'll like that guide. And that it'll help you to CAhri some games ^^
Pro and Cons

+ Mobilty
+ Great 1v1, 1v2 potential
+ Great on creating pick up
+ Fits in any comp
+ Great escape
+ Good AA (animation and speed)
+ Great at roaming
+ Beautiful skins

Ahri is a great champ in many regards, She got really good mobility on her Spirit Rush and Essence Theft which allows her to fight while outnumbered and roam efficiently. Furthermore, mobility gives her great escape possibilities. Another thing that makes the strength of that champion is her one-shot ability if you manage to land a charm the opponent is pretty much dead when you have enough kills. Last good thing about her is her adaptability, she can play from behind focusing on the peel with her charm, she can be played as an assassin or a mage, fits in every composition and works well against most of the opponents.
k/da ahri prestige edition


- Weak and mana-hungry pre 6
- No damage if you're behind
- The counters are pretty popular
- Relies on her charm to deal dmg
- A bit weak in ultra-late
- Ultimate depandant
- She's not an hyper-carry (forget about 1v9)
- Too many skins (You'll have to sell a kidney to collect them all)

First, the early game is a bit hard, your spells cost a lot of mana and they don't do much dmg. So you can be in a really underwhelming situation if you're not aware of that. Secondly, Ahri can be a monster when she gets ahead but she's pretty weak when you're behind. And lastly, her power spike in mid-game is one of the strongest that I know, but you have to win during it cause your late game isn't great, it's even harder when you know that she's not an Hypercarry.
The summoners

FLASH: Flash is the most important summoner on Ahri, more than a survival tool, every Flash is a kill for Ahri. You can use it with your Orb of Deception, Charm and Spirit Rush to increase your range and cancel the animation. For that, you have to use the spell and during the cast time use flash (more about that in the section "A tricky fox". You can't play Ahri without the Flash
IGNITE: In most of my games, I'll use Ignite as second summoner. To be fair, even agaisnt a Zed or Malzahar I won't adapt that summoner because I'm kinda aggresive in my gameplay. You can use to secure the kill while beginning to burst, to KS an ally, or to finish a low health opponent.
CLEANSE: Some people love that summoner to counter Syndra or another Ahri. For my part I prefer to base my gameplay on my skill instead of an "oh ****!" button. It's good against some matchups but I don't use it.
BARRIER: This one can be really usefull if you feel insecure against picks like Diana, Zed or Talon, again I'm kind of an angry fox and I only use Ignite, but it's clearly better to take Barrier or Exhaust instead of Ignite that against heavy burst champ.
HEAL: Sometimes, you want to be reported and you play Ahri as adc, on those occasion you should take Heal.
The runes as Assassin


  • Electrocute: That rune is the most important on the classic build of Ahri it gives you a great boost on your burst that can makes the difference between a running 50hp opponent and a sweet boost of 300 gold in you pocket. The other keystone on the domination tree aren't good on ahri (even Dark Harvest)
  • Sudden Impact: This rune is really good when it comes to all in the oppenent with your Spirit Rush, if you prefer more dmg in the poking and less on your all in, you can go on Cheap Shot rune instead that triggers on your charm.
  • Eyeball Collection: This is the best rune in my gameplay because it allows to to get the more dmg. Some people prefer the Ghost Poro for vision, but you have wards for that.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Ahri is ultimate dependant so every tools that helps you with your ult are great tools. You can go on Ravenous Hunter for the healing, but in my point of view it won't makes you win a fight cause you'll get one-shot or victorious in a fight.

  • Transcendence: There's no way that I don't take that rune on Ahri, cdr is just the way to go for the ultimate.
  • Gathering Storm: Ahri is quite weak in term of dmg if we compare with other assassin or AP carry in late game, so gathering storm is a good way to keep your dmg in those long games. Anyway it's the most adaptable rune on that build, you can go Manaflow Band if you lack the mana, or Scorch if you need more dmg on your poke.
The is great to help you to farm early on and poke the opponent with AA. The gives dmg which is always welcome as an ADC, you can replace it by if you want to tank some heavy AD dmg in early. And finally, the is great as the last rune because it'll help against everyone.
The glacial augments runes


  • Glacial Augment: This is the keystone rune for the glacial build, it increase the slows, and give you a slow on your AA. The point is slowing opponents to give you a free Charm on them
  • Magical Footwear: Basically it's a rune worth a bit more than 300 golds. It's reliable, not bad and anyway better than the other one. That's the problem with the Inspiration tree, there's nothing amazing for Ahri and that's why I don't play it as my main build.
  • Biscuit Delivery: Again, it's a rune that will help you bargain some gold, nothing amazing but it still is the best choice on that tree.
  • Cosmic Insight: It's the best rune in the tree (exept the keystone ofc), cdr is great on Ahri and it gives you plenty of that. If it was a domination runes you would want to go with that on the main build. A great rune.


The is great to help you to farm early on and poke the opponent with AA. The gives dmg which is always welcome as an ADC, you can replace it by if you want to tank some heavy AD dmg in early. And finally, the is great as the last rune because it'll help against everyone.
ADC runes


  • Lethal Tempo: It's a great rune for most of ADCs, and it works perfectly on Ahri. It gives you a great boost when you manage to land a charm, or when you're engaging with your Spirit Rush.
  • Triumph: Really good on any adc, again you can't go wrong with that one. It'll increase your 1v2 potential on botlane and feed you a bit more on every kill.
  • Legend: Alacrity: Not much of a surprise. It's good on any adc and works with Ahri adc, your goal as Ahri adc is stacking as much atk speed as you can to chase down the oppenent.
  • Coup de Grace: (fun fact "coup de grâce" means "lethal blow" in french, I assume that they thought that it felt more elegant in french). Nothing much to say, you're playing her as adc, so you use adc runes.

  • Celerity: You get a lot of movement speed on that build so getting a boost on that is always a good idea.
  • Nimbus Cloak: The ultimate kitting tool on Ahri adc, they won't be able to run away from you, or chase you.

The is great to help you to farm early on and poke the opponent with AA. The gives dmg which is always welcome as an ADC, you can replace it by if you want to tank some heavy AD dmg in early. And finally, the is great as the last rune because it'll help against everyone.
The items as an assassin
Run fast, hit hard
Best boots on Ahri, only replace it against heavy AD team (with Ninja Tabi) or heavy AP team (with Mercury's Treads).

Pokes and cdr
The core item on Ahri, of course every old players got sweet memories about the Deathfire Grasp, but it's an other time... The Luden's Tempest is great on many regards, it helps you with your mana, give you a stronger poke (that can be used to break the shields of Malzahar and Yasuo), and gives some sweet cdr. Great item, always built first.
The bursty boy
This item saved Ahri for me, in the meta she lacks of dmg and the ability to OS a carry (if you're not fed enough). So that magic pen is more than welcom in my opinion, and the 100 ap are quite sweet too.
Always started, never finshed
It's a good item. But the only part that interess me is the Oblivion Orb that gives you the magic pen and some hp. After that if the opponents don't have heavy heal in their comp (like Dr. Mundo or Soraka), the 1400 gold to finish the item isn't worth the money. I prefer to go on the Rabadon's Deathcap right away.
Your powerspike
The biggest powerspike on ahri, with that item every fragile champions will be one-shot. I'm rushing it quite early because of that.
The anti-bruiser
The magic pen gave by the the Void Staff is really got to get rid of the bruiser's mr. It works against tank too of course, but you shouldn't be focusing tanks.I have done the math about that item, and it's only worth against 100+ magic resist (used core buil + void staff + blasting wand on dummies, then I used core build + rabadon and the last set dealt more dmg until the 100+ mr cap) so I would advice it only against heavy mr teams or in late game
the low cost full uild
I love that item. I'm always taking a Dark Seal on my first back because of that, it gives you a great carry potential, allows you to stay in lane longer, and is really cheap, giving you your full build earlier. Don't take it if you're the kind of player accepting trade kills.
The meta that I skip
Well, I don't like this item. There's no reason to dislike it but I don't like it. It's a great defensive tool, gives the 10% missing cdr in my build, gives you some armor to fight the ADC, and allows you to tempo so fight. But I only do it when I'm in trouble against heavy burst or against a full AD team. If you want to be optimal, craft it.
Zhonya nerfed, but better agaisnt AP
Pretty much the same thing as Zhonya's, and I use it the same way.
The mejai replacement
Before, I was going mejai every game, now that the item isn't worth it anymore, I prefer the safety of that item. Really great to improve your mobility in every way
A viable option
Not bad on Ahri, it can be a good last item if you lack a bit of hp but I usualy don't use it.

Against full AD
OK, here I'll hear a lot of people crying. But let me explain first. It's for your last item, so it's only in late/ultra-late that you'll get it, in that part of the game, the only goal of the is one shot the carry, which she can do even with one of those items in her build. And with those items, she'll become really hard to kill for a full AD team, so it's the best way to be a real annoyance against those kinds of the team. Use Thornmail against heavy attack speed comp, Randuin's Omen against heavy crit comp, and Dead Man's Plate if it's a bursty AD comp.
agaisnt full AP
Same thing than above, but AP instead.
The items with glacial augments
Run fast, hit hard
Best boots on Ahri, only replace it against heavy AD team (with Ninja Tabi) or heavy AP team (with Mercury's Treads).

Always started, never finshed
It's a good item. But the only part that interess me is the Oblivion Orb that gives you the magic pen and some hp. After that if the opponents don't have heavy heal in their comp (like Dr. Mundo or Soraka), the 1400 golds to finish the item aren't worth the money. In the botlane, it's a bit stronger because of the adc's heal.
Your powerspike
On the glacial augments build, it's a late item. Still really good, and a great powerspike.
The core item
Your charm with this item, and your ennemy got the time for a cofee before getting out.
When you're supp, you'll need it
Warding item for ahri supp, if you don't take it you'll ne poor and your team will report you. So take it.
The meta that I skip
Well, I don't like this item. There's no reason to not like it but I don't like it. It's a great defensive tool, gives the 10% missing cdr in my build, gives you some armor to fight the ADC, and allow you to tempo so fight. But I only do it when I'm in trouble against heavy burst or against a full AD team. If you want to be opti, craft it.

Zhonya nerfed, but better agaisnt AP
Pretty much the same thing than Zhonya, and I use it the same way.
A viable option
It's really better on the glacial augment build, I'll usually use it instead of the Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil.
The ADC items
Run fast, hit fast
Best boots on Ahri adc (and nearly every adc), only replace it against heavy AD team (with Ninja Tabi) or heavy AP team (with Mercury's Treads).
the core item
The core item on every adc, that item is the only way to get good dmg on the crit that you'll get on the items like Phantom Dancer. Great AD boost and Crit boost. Essential on every adc.
The little boost that's always welcome
A really good item on Ahri, it increases a bit your dmg, gives a better poke, and gives you some crit and attack speed. It's replacable by the Phantom Dancer, Rapid Firecannon and the Runaan's Hurricane

Complete your crit
You'll usually take at least 1 of those 3 items to get your 75% crit. If you want to fit in the meta (at least, just a bit), those items are the way to go. Anyway, who wants to be meta as Ahri ADC?

Ahri, the tank killer
That build doesn't scale well, but it allows you to be a pain against the tanks. I've used it 2 or 3 times and if you can ignore the chat, it's pretty fun. Same thing here, so stop to read if you're here to learn about Ahri.

Ahri, the Corki
It's the funniest build on Ahri AD, but the least effective. The idea is to burst the oppent by triggering the Trinity Force multiple times, and burst with the Hextech Gunblade, it gives you a bit of ap, so your spells will be stronger (not that much, but it's already something). The problem is that it's nearly as effective as Ahri tanks and doesn't scale at all, so I usualy swap on the crit build in late. But the early still fun.
Ahri's abilities

Essence Theft (Passive)

RANGE: n/a
COST: 0 mana
Passive: Killing minions or monsters grants Ahri an Essence Fragment. After obtaining 9 Fragments, Ahri consumes them to heal for 40-120 (+25% AP). When Ahri scores a takedown against an enemy champion within 3 seconds of damaging them, she feasts upon their Essence, healing for 80-200 (+35% AP).
It's a great passive, give you way more resilience in teamfights which pair well with her ult, and gives you a way to sustain without using mana.

Orb of deception (Q)

RANGE: 880
COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana

Orb of Deception
Active: Ahri sends an orb of arcane energy in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through, then pulls it back, dealing true damage instead. dmg per pass : 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+ 40% AP)

It's her main DPS spell, it's not stopped by minions and deal with reliable dmg on its own. It's not too bad in the mana cost and the cast time can be canceled with a flash. You have to use it to clear waves, poke and burst. A good thing to know about that spell is that you can the backline of a minion wave at level 9 (level 7-8 too if you're really fed). Which is great for roaming. I'll explain it a bit later.

fox-fire (Q)

RANGE: 700
COST: 25 mana
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Active: Ahri gains 40% bonus movement speed that decays over 2 seconds and summons three spectral flames which orbit her for up to 2.5 seconds.
After 0.25 seconds, each flame targets a Sight icon visible enemy, or after 0.4 seconds targets the closest visible enemy in range, dealing magic damage 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 30% AP)
. The damage is doubled against Minion icon minions below 20% maximum health. Subsequent flames on a single target deal 30% damage.
Flames prioritize enemy champions hit by Charm Charm, then enemy Champion icon champions, then low-health minions that can be killed with Fox-Fire, and then the target of Ahri's last basic attack within 3 seconds.

It is an ok spell, useful to charge the Orb of Deception passive, it hurts in mid/late games, and it can't miss. But that's pretty much all. It can be tricky to understand the focus, so look the video to understand it better. The last thing, the fox-fire will always focus the last hit target (with an AA or the charm)

That ability is great to finish cs after a Q or to dodge aggression. You can use it to come back in lane faster even if it's not really mana efficient.

Charm (Q)

RANGE: 975
COST: 50 mana
Active: Ahri blows a kiss in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit, interrupting in-progress dashes, charming and slowing them by 65%. Magic damage: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 60% AP) Charm Duration: 1.4 / 1.55 / 1.7 / 1.85 / 2

It's the signature move of Ahri, a great CC, that increase your dmg and gives you the opportunity to land your full combo. You can cancel the animation with the flash which is really useful (I'll speak about that later in the guide).
No video on this one, nothing to say on the basis of this spell.

spirit rush (Q)

RANGE: 450
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 130 / 105 / 80
Active: Ahri Dash dashes in the target direction, and then fires energy bolts up to 3 visible targets to deal magic damage. Magic damage: 60 / 90 / 120 (+ 35% AP) Maximum single target damage: 180 / 270 / 360 (+ 105% AP)
Spirit Rush can be recast twice more at a 1-second static cooldown within 10 seconds of activation at no additional cost.

The best spell of that fox, great mobility, good dmg, a reliable cooldown with cdr. It's your bread and butter.

A tricky fox
Here's the part of the guide that'll hopefully learn you something. Ahri isn't the hardest champ to play, but there are some mechanics that can be hard to learn by yourself and will need some training to use it in-game. The first mechanic is the combo.
The basic combo is
> > + AA
This combo is the most used but needs a charming window, so you have to make it. The best way to do so is to push the lane and force the opponent to farm under his tower. Like this, he has to put himself at risk or lose his farm. It's the way that I play most of my games, it's a bit risky because you open yourself to ganks, but it's quite rewarding because you'll put huge pressure on the opponent.

As you can see in the video, it's quite effective against low mobility champs and melee champs.

The second combo is the poking combo.

AA > > AA

Or for less mana and just trigger the electrocute

AA > > AA

This combo is quite easy to pull off and is a reliable source of dmg. Use the Q to cancel the end of the first AA animation then use the last AA to proke the electrocute. It's really good against melee champs, but it can work against any champ.

Now, it's a strange combo because it's really situational. But in a lot of games, I have at least 1 opportunity to pull it off.

> > Everything you got.

It may seem a normal engagement with the flash, but you'll learn a bit later in this chapter that you have to use the charm before, this one is situational because it's a trap for the opponent jungle (or melee later). The goal is to let the opponent gank you at the edge of the tower range, then flash under the tower to charm him and make him run under the tower. A lot of players aren't ready for that because the charm is the only cc in the game that can pull it off (taunt are melee cc, so that less effective). An image is more explicit than 100 words, so here's the video.

For the next combo, I have to explain to you the flash mechanics on Ahri.
The flash on Ahri is really important for a lot of reasons, and the flashed spells are the most important in my point of view. In fact, you can cancel the cast time and enlarge your range by using your Flash during the cast time. That way you can surprise your opponent quite easily and make your Charm nearly undodgeable.
Here's a video that'll show you everything about that :

So the combos are :


For an instant CC (with longer range)


To finish a kill out of range

> > > + AA

For an instant full burst

> > > > > (AA > )*2 + AA

To get a target really far away and full burst.

The combo >
isn't that great, I prefer to keep my flash to combo with a charm which is more useful than the tiny dmg that you'll win by extending your ult, but who knows, it can be better in some situations, so keep it in mind.

Anyway, all your best plays will come with those combos. It'll make you an unpredictable threat. You have to be ingenious with those tools, if you are, most of the fights will be yours. Here are my fighting metrics on mobalitycs :

As you can see, it works pretty well to win fights.

But to get these results in fights, you have to know how to ward aggressively. And it's the topic of the next chapter.
The warding for an angry fox
The Warding

Well, it's one of my greatest weaknesses, not that I don't know how and when to ward, but I'm always forgetting about it, and my gameplay being really aggressive and pressuring, it punishes me quite hard. Most of my deaths are caused by ganks because I didn't ward or look at my map. Nonetheless, I'm sure that this chapter will help a lot of people, it's like "do as I say, not as I play".

As introduction, I would like to talk about the 2 types of warding that you can use the aggressive one and the defensive one. Most of the players are using a defensive warding, we can't find an aggressive warding below the high plat. A good player adapts his warding to the game, I don't cause I'm stupid. But that's not the problem here, most of you already know how to be defensive on warding and I'll show you the advantage of being aggressive on that.

The points of warding are: not being ganked and use information in your favor. It's exactly what I do with those wards.
A good thing to remember is that most of the junglers will gank you between 2:28 and 2:40 so try to push before that timing toward a bit before (like 2:20). It'll help you a lot against early ganks and gives you the opportunity to prepare the jungle killer combo described in the "A tricky fox" section.

Last thing about the warding :

Bob is buying one of those every time he can. Like this, Bob saved a lot of his allies and his own *** by giving vision for everyone. Bob knows that you're allowed to have one those up per person and he uses that resource at his best. Be like Bob.
A game step by step

Laning Phase

I don't know who said that, but I heard from a top elo player that the 7 first minutes in a game of league were the most important. And he's right. It's during that time that'll you'll see if you manage to use correctly your champ against the opponent.
To begin with, I have to make one thing clear: There's not one way to play every game. Every matchup is different and every player is different. If you're against a Talon and you still in 0/0/0 at level 9, It's great, you're entering your power spike and he lost his so you won your lane. But against a Kassadin 0/0/0 it's garbage at level 9 because you've lost all your early pressure and he's going to rip you apart.

So the way that I'll explain will work on most of the scenarios, but the experience is crucial to be able to manage every lane. And of course, if the opponent is just better than you, there's nothing you can do. A lot of people are crying "Noob champ, lucky, bad jungle, etc..." sometimes it's true but most of the times you're losing because of yourself. It's simple math: In your team, there's you and 4 randoms, so if you're better there's a 80% that you'll come accross "an inter" in your team, for the opponent, there's 5 random so the probability is 100%. So the 20% that you're representing should be giving you a better global winrate don't you think?

Now that I've made it clear (hopefully), let begin the laning guide itself

Step 1, the 2 firsts waves

You would like to be level 2 first to put some pressure to the opponent, use one time the Orb of Deception to push a bit if needed, so the opponent has 2 choices: either he gives up on the first push, in that case, you'll be the first level 2 for 65 mana, or he tries to push harder. If he pushes harder, then let him waste his mana and wait for the second wave.
If you managed to get level 2 before him, just use it to pressure him.
Here's an example :

Step 2: the early laning.

Here are the variation depending on the matchup.

First, the easiest: against melee character. You have to pressure them a lot with your AA, don't let them breathe. They take a minion, they should take at least 2 AA. Melee champs on midlane are usually champs that can hard engage you later, so if you lower their health enough, they won't be able to do so later.
Here an example in video :

As you can see, it's really effective against champ like Kassadin, Akali,or Diana. Just be a bit more careful against Zed or Talon because they can punish you if you're a bit too bold.

Try to freeze against those champ, if you freeze well, they won't be able to farm at all.

Last thing, if you clear the waves and push them under tower, they have no way to farm without being in charm range so if you can ward and if your jungler is nearby, pressure them as much as you can.

Now the high range ones. Those ones can be a bit scary in early levels, they have good damage even pre 6, they're harassing, they seem to have infinite mana... Early on, you don't have any choice: Dodge the spells and farm. Wait for an opportunity.
Here a video to show it :

The idea is being focused on dodging and try to take his hp bit by bit. Like this, he'll be in Kill-range and you'll be able to all in him. Those kinds of champs rely on being out of your range and have low mobility, they're really weak against the flash combo (cf. "A tricky fox" chapter). Another good way to engage them is to bait their cc, dodge in his direction with your Spirit Rush, then engage with your charm.

Just remember: DO NOT FREEZE AGAINST THEM. You'll be stuck under tower taking a lot of dmg without opportunities to poke them and you'll lose a lot of farm or health for nothing.

After that, there's the mid-range. This is this same kind of gameplay as you. Their kits usually consist of 1 poking/DPS tool, 1 CC to engage the burst, 1 "less-useful" spell, 1 ultimate really important. The idea is to dodge at any cost the CC while trying to land yours. Most of the time the first that gets a kill will win the lane so avoid the useless risk in early. Use the poking combo to put them in kill range, then use the Charm+ Flash>full-burst combo to finish them.
Here's a laning against a veigar :

So the idea was to poke him bit by bit to put him in kill-range, then all-in him. Don't take any risk and everything will be Ok. Most of those champs really rely on their CC to burst you, and you're one of the only champ that can land an instant CC followed by such a powerful burst.

Against champs like Syndra or Oriana, Roaming is a good idea cause they won't be as good as you for that while you'll get fed for free. Avoid roaming too much against heavy pusher or power farmer like Veigar or Azir, they'll be free farm and destroy you at 30 min.

And last not least, the tanky mid. Those are a real pain for my style of gameplay. Even if you land all your spells, you don't have the mana to kill them. They don't have any amazing burst or broken spells, but they usually have 1 reliable damaging spell that they want to spam on you. So don't use your spells except for last hitting or full bursting them, and don't let them take your hp bit by bit with their damaging spell. Use your AA to poke them, try to land at least three AA to activate the electrocute. It's a really boring lane, but mistakes are allowed since they can't burst you down. Try to get the jungler to help you if you take 1 or 2 kills you'll be able to handle them easier.

The only thing more boring than watching this matchup is playing it. Just hope for a kill opportunity, there's no more to do in the laning phase. It'll change in mid-game.

Mid Game

The mid-game is the power-spike of Ahri, her kit isn't ideal for a teamfight, but it's great on fights from 1v1 to 3v3, so, the mid-game where everyone still on their lane, but you're beginning to roam is a true blessing for her.
The godlike point is when you have Sorcerer's Shoes, Luden's Tempest, Oblivion Orb and Rabadon's Deathcap at lvl 11 or more. If you're in that situation you're pretty much a monster.
The mid-game on Ahri gives you 3 ways to play, you have to chose the best gameplay for the situtaion:


Trapping is a really good option when your team (or yourself) is behind. Obviously, you can't kill the 10/2 Darius, and the 9/1 Jinx is able to kill you in 2 AA. So you need to take some kills to rebalance your game. The best way to trap as Ahri is to wait in a bush that the opponents will ward, and wait for them to face-check (or ward). It's the best way to land a free Charm and burst them.
Here are the good spots :

The red dot are positioning for redside, the blue one for the blueside, the yellow ones is the wards for trapping. The Yellow arrow are the direction where you will Charm and should have vision.

How and when to use (or not use) it ?
  • Against early/mid comp with a mid/late comp. If you use it against a team that's strong in late and where you're not as strong as them in late, you'll make the game longer by taking a time to trap, where you should be focusing objectives.

  • In mid games, against fragile composition. If they're tanky as hell, you won't be able to kill them so you'll just waste your time

  • When your team is even or behind. If your team is winning, help them to finish the game instead of messing around in bushes

  • If you need a bit more kills to be able to carry or get back in the game. If you're already fed as hell, no need to trap them, you should pressure them or help the rest of your team getting fed.

Here's a video to show you the different traps that you can make :


Roaming. One of the strongest point of the champ. You should roam every game, this part of the guide is focused on heavy roaming gameplay. The roam allows you to get more kills from other lanes, it helps your whole team and put pressure on the 2 sides lanes. In exchange, you'll lose a lot of pressure on mid and lose a bit of farm and experience. You have to find the right balance between farming and roaming, like the junlger with his ganks. I would strongly advise you to heavy roam at LVL 9 and not before because you can 1 Q the range minions at level 9 which allow you a faster clear and a reduce lost on your roam. And try to roam on the cannon wave, because it'll last longer if the opponent pushes you to pressure you.
Anyway, a roam is divide into 4 parts :
[1] Look at the map to find an opportunity. Is my lane cleared or nearly cleared? Is there any sidelane that can be ganked? Is there any call from my mates? Is the opponent winning something on my roam? If all the answers are good for you. It's time to roam.

[2] Clear the wave as fast as you can.

[3] Walk to the lane that you want to gank and avoid to be seen. You can land a trap to the other midlaner if he's following you, it's up to you.

[4] 3 ping "coming" then gank without taking a useless risk for a kill. If you do 1 for 1 or if you die for nothing, it's the sidelane that will take the difficulties for YOUR mistake.

Every step can be canceled, if you don't feel it, just ping the lane and back away.

How and when to use it ?
  • Against every kind of team, but not against a heavy pusher/farmer mid. If you roam against a heavy farmer/pusher mid, you'll give him the best opportunity to scale. For example, a Veigar will free farm if you're heavy roaming and become unbeatable. And against a heavy pusher (like Tryndamere), you'll lose towers and farms for those roam which isn't always worth...

  • If you're either winning or losing, not even. A roam isn't just an idea that you get like that, it has to be a goal. If you're losing, it's taking assists/kills to get back in the game, if you're winning it's helping or pressure the sidelanes. But if you're even with other mid, what's the point on roaming? The other midlaner will follow you and it'll be a mess on the bot, and no one will win anything from that.
  • When your sidelanes aren't early crushers. The champs like Renekton or Lucian will win the early lane with or without you. So don't gank them if it's not to take kills (when you're losing for example). You can't "help" them because the early is their whole game. If they win, their game is over and they don't need you, if they're losing, they're not going to win in late with early champs.

  • If the sidelanes are even or winning, never gank a hard losing lane. If your sidelanes are hard losing here are the reason :
    The opponents are some hard counter for your lanes, so if you give them to kill, they'll reset their bounty and die again because they're countered.
    The opponents are better than your sidelanes, well, in that case, your sidelanes won't win with a bit of help.
    The opponents are being camped by their jungle. Really? great! Ping your jungler to do the same on the other lanes, and let's see how they deal with 2 lanes fed against 1.
    The opponents are some early crushers. If it's the case, you won't be able to kill them so let them slowly fall off, and keep the game going. No need to suicide on them

  • Is the sidelanes are hard to kill for you? Don't try to gank a Morgana/ Lucian that you can barely touch. Even worse: The junlger is some kind of lee smurfing from master/challenger, he'll catch you during phase 3 and get some free kill on you.

  • You need to have at least a bit of vision. Don't go blind in the river/jungle. It can only be problematic.

Here, there's no video yet. I need a lot of footage to make a good roaming video and I started that guide 3 days ago so I don't have those. (well, 1 month later I didn't upload any video but no one care XD)


Finally, pressuring. Most of the time it's the one I'll choose because it's safer and it doesn't rely on your team. But it's not always the best option and it's one of the reasons that made me stuck in my elo. You have to choose wisely your gameplay for each game and not stick with 1 gameplay that makes you feel safer.
Pressuring is pushing the first tower to make it in a few words. You're using your dominance in the lane to crush the opponent midlaner, the tower, and the jungler. The point is to push the lane really hard while warding a lot to avoid the ganks. If you're winning your lane, the opponent will be useless and you'll get a lot of gold off the tower plates and first tower. Furthermore, when the tower mid fall you win a lot of freedom and you'll end the laning phase.

How and when to use it ?
  • Against mid/late comp that relies on long games. The point is starting the teamfigths in the midgame when you're the strongest, so if you do this against early/mid comp you'll be behind in the teamfights if you're comp is relying a bit on the late.

  • If you're winning the lane. The whole point of this gameplay is using your dominance. If you're behind you'll be the one that gets pressured.

  • When your sidelanes aren't against early crushers. The champs like Renekton or Lucian will greatly enjoy early teamfights when they're still at their strongest. Don't give them what they want.

  • If the sidelanes are even or losing. If your sidelanes are winning, let them take a bit more golds in the laning phase, don't take the tower mid and risk to lose in team fights. When a team is winning the laning phase it's the best time to assert your dominance

  • When the opponent doesn't have a great wave clear and/or is not possible to hard engage. To assert your lane dominance you have to push the lane and sometimes tower dive or fight 1v2 (jungle/mid). It's not possible against pick like Anivia or Malzahar that will clear the wave in 2 sec and can tempo easily with 1 R or the passive. You can't tower dive them, can't fight 1v2, can't push them so even if you're fed you won't be able to pressure them

  • When your team doesn't need you. If your team depends on you for objectives or following, you shouldn't focus on pressure because your team can throw your game by counting on you when you're not planning on helping them. Ping the target tower to show that you're pushing and don't forget to SS cause you won't always be following

Here's a video to illustrate, it's not the "most pressuring game ever" but it's already good :

Winning ? or Losing ?

You can't win every lane, and you have to know how to play from behind and how to play when ahead. Select the right gameplay between Trapping, Roaming and Pressuring is already a good start because it shows that you understand the game you're playing on and your win conditions. But more than that, you won't be able to play as you want every game.

First, playing from above. If you're playing from above, it's not really hard to win your lane, you just have to keep going and avoid useless risks. This way you'll keep winning your lane but you won't carry. If it's carrying that you're looking for, ask yourself something first: "Am I a leader or a follower ?" and "Are we giving the tempo or following it ?"
The first depends on the player, the second on the game.
The leader is the one that understands the game is playing on and making the rights calls. Even when behind, he knows where the opponents are and what are their objectives. He doesn't have to be skilled or amazing mechanically, just to move at the right place at the right time.
The follower is the one that listens to the calls and makes them work. He has to be careful and listen to his mates. He's not a bad player and can be godlike mechanically (or terrible, but he's bronze in this case) but he doesn't know what to do if there a blank in the game.
I have no shame to say that I'm a follower most of my games, I'm just filling blanks with traps, roams or heavy pressure. Most of the time, I assume the role of a leader only if no one is good at it in the team. And you should do the same too: Let the leader role to the best at it, even if he's in 0/12. If you're that good, just make everything you can to make the calls work.
Now the tempo,
Is your team the one that starts the drakes or are you the contesting one? Are you grouping and taking objectives or are you reacting to the opponents and trapping them?
It's important to know on what side you are because you have to follow the actual tempo. No matter if you're better than them or not, if you're starting a drake alone, you'll be caught and killed in 1v5 and your "noob team" won't be the one to blame.

Here's a game where I was losing my lane, and following my leader.

The tempo was in our team, the lead was Morde and Fiddle (even if fiddle wasn't really smart on micro) and so I adapted my gameplay around that.

And now a winning game (the game against Veigar)

Of course, if you're in 20/0 at 10 minutes, there's no need of that cause it's a free win. The same thing goes for a team score of 0/50 which is impossible to win.

Late Game

The late game on Ahri can feel a bit strange, you don't feel like you're useless (like a Renekton or Pantheon), but you don't feel strong at all.
If you're fed in mid-game your one-shot range is from the carry to the bruiser. But in late that range is reduced to the carry. You have multiple gameplay possible in late (it depends on what you're facing) and a lot of other midlaners will outscale you.

Suicide bomber

The first thing you can do is investing your whole late on assassin gameplay by all in the ADC and trading your life against his. I'm not a fan of that because I'm a bit of a KDA player (it's bad I know, but everyone got an ego), and I always felt that the assassin with no instant kill (so not like Rengar or Nocturne) tend to fall off in late.

You should do that gameplay when their whole composition relies on one carry.

A dangerous support

The second gameplay is peeling for the ADC. You got a really good CC, a strong burst, and you're likely to be focused too, so you'll diffuse the focus. Some people will say that's the best way to play in late. I won't argue but it's boring and you'll gamble your game on the ADC, if he's bad you'll regret it.

You should do that gameplay when you have a carry that can win the game alone with a good peel.

The hunter

The third one is the lone wolf gameplay. A risky one, but that can be really rewarding, especially against a team that's stronger than yours in late. The idea is to get back to trapping gameplay, but with a target in mind. The goal is to successfully trap the carry or the jungler. Like this you have to calls that can be really successful: If you manage to trap the carry, your next team fight will be free so push like hell with your team. If you take down the jungler, the Drake and /or Nashor is free to take. It's the gameplay that I prefer because it only relies on yourself but a fail can be the end of the game.

Works anytime, but less good than the other way to deal with the late on some games.

Lead us to victory

The last one is the carry leader. When the opponents aren't too strong and you're carrying, you can take the lead and the tempo all by yourself and put pressure by split-pushing or hard engaging. This gameplay can't be "chosen" it happens some game when the opponents are an early pick or just bad. If you feel it's a game like this, just take the focus and force them to be at least 3 on you.

The best way to play the late, sadly it won't be possible every game.

If you wonder why there's no video for the late, it's because you lose a lot of impact in that part of the game, so I can't show you "the way to play". you can look the 2 videos on the "winning or losing" part if you want to see some late gameplay.


Sorry if you thought that, but even if you managed to learn everything I said above, you won't be able to carry every game. And your first game on Ahri will be like every first games: Trashy with a lot of bad decisions.
One of the most important thing that I can't give you through that guide is the experience. You have to play a lot of game with her to be good with her. A beginner that see the half hp Kassadin will think "Am I able to kill him now ?" when an experienced player will think "He's in kill range" or "No way atm". You have to play a lot to know your dmg, to know your range and transform those lucky Charm into predicted Charm.
Anyway, it's the end of the part about gameplay.
The matchup
Here's the chapter on "how to deal with (insert champ)?"
For now, it'll be empty and I only give you the link of a playlist :

It's hundreds of games of Ahri against every matchup possible. In my point of view, it's enough to understand how' to play a matchup, but if you really want a guide to deal with "That fckng broken Yasuo". Well, ask in comments and I'll do a guide with video support on the matchup. But I won't create an extended guide for the 91 matchups I've listed above. I'll be glad to answer to comment but I'm not making 200 pages that no one will ever read.
League of legends: The basics.
That part on the basics will be useless for most players (unless you like the figures, it's like really useless, when I'm speaking about basics, it's for the first time players, etc.). So if you feel experienced, just go right at the end of this chapter to get some really useful videos (which aren't from me sadly).

League is a MOBA. Your goal is destroying the enemies nexus which is at the opposite side of the map :


The nexus: has 5500 hp and has a regen of 20 health per second. It has no armor and no magic resistance. It drops 50 golds to the player that last hit it.
Bard's Tempered Fate doesn't affect the Nexus.
Little tips, you'll be surprised by your dmg on the Nexus in the late game so don't hesitate to all in it if you think that it's possible to destroy it.

To approach the Nexus and to be able to dmg it, you have to destroy every tower and inhibitor of at least 1 lane. (so minimum 5 turrets and 1 inhib)

The turrets: They are the most important defensive tool in the game. There are 3 types of turrets in the game :

The Outer turret: It's the first tower to take down. So the turret you'll play around for at least the 14 minutes (can be less, but usually it's a bit more). The inner turret is the second one, the inhibitor turret is the one that defends the inhibitor (obviously) and the 2 nexus turrets are the ones that defend the nexus.

(the stat's variation are based on a timer)
Health: 5000 (outer turret), 3600 (inner turret), 3300 (inhibitor turret), 2700 (nexus turret)
Attack dmg: 152 to 278 (outer), 170 to 305 (inner), 170 to 305 (inhib), 150 to 285 (nexus).
MR: 40 (outer), 55 to 70 (inner), 70 (inhib), 70 (nexus)
Armor: 40 (outer), 55 to 70(inner), 70(inhib), 70 (nexus)
Attack speed: 0.833 (so a bit less than 1 hit per second)
Loot: 50 golds global (every towers) + 160/300/50/0 (inner/outer/inhib/nexus) divided golds between champs nearby
The inhib turrets got a regen of 15 hp every 5 seconds and will regen until the next third of her health (33.33%, 66.66%, 100%). Same goes for the nexus turret but with a regen of 30 instead of 15.

The top and mid outer turrets got the passive "fortification" that reduce incoming dmg by 50% during the 5 first minutes. The bottom turrets don't have that passive.

During the 14 first minutes, the outer turret got "turret plating" which increase the armor of 0/30/60/90/120 to the tower, 1 plate falls at 4000/3000/2000/1000/0 hp giving 160 golds divided between every champ nearby.

Towers got the passive "penetrating bullets" that ignore 40% of your armor and increases dmg on every hit (up to 120% and it doesn't reset on switching targets)

They already got the "reinforced armor" that reduce dmg on the tower by 66,66% if you're pushing without minions or rift herald

Finally, they give "true vision" with the passive "warden's eye", so you'll be detected and seen even if you're invisible.

The priority order for the tower is :
    [1] enemies damaging an allied champ
    [2] The last target hit if it stills alive and in range.
    [3] The closest
Zz'Rot Portal
[4] The closest Jack In The Box
[5] The closest pet (like Summon: Tibbers)
[6] A random siege minion or super-minion
[7] A random melee minion
[8] A random caster minion
[9] A random champ

The tower needs 3 hits to kill a melee minion, and 2 hits to kill a caster minion. So to farm them with Ahri you'll need to wait for the 2 towers shot then AA for the melee, and for the caster, you'll need 1 AA, 1 Tower shot and 1 last AA.

The inhibitor: When this structure is destroyed, super-minions will spawn on the lane (1 per waves) and if every inhibitor is destroyed 2 super-minions will spawn per wave. In this, for the next 8 waves.
Stats :

Health: 4000hp
Regen: 15 per second
Armor: 20 (not affected by lethality)
MR: 0
Loot: 50 golds for the destroyer

Bard's Tempered Fate doesn't affect inhibitors.


Minions are units that spawn per waves every 30 sec. 1 wave can contain 6, 7 or 8 minions (depends on the presence of super minions or cannon minions). They're the main gold dealers and the only tool to push the towers. They take 28 sec to reach the center of a lane except for mid where it's 18 sec

The minions are separated into 4 types:

Super-minions: They're the strongest unit beneath the minions, they provide a buff to every allied minion and got a lot of dmg (even against champs). There's 1 of them per wave when 1 inhib is down, 2 when they're all down.

Cannon minions: They're the strongest units beneath the minions when the inhibs are up. They're really tanky and got the best DPS but still weak compared to champs. There's 1 per waves every 3/2/1 waves (at the 15-minute mark/after the 15 min mark/after 25 min mark). They won't spawn on super-minions waves.

Melee minions: They're more tanky than the casters but do less dmg. There's 3 of them that'll spawn every wave.

Caster minions: They're less tanky than the melee but do more dmg. There's 3 of them that'll spawn every wave.

focus :
    [1] Enemy champions attacking an allied champion.
    [2] Enemy minions attacking an allied champion.
    [3] Enemy minions attacking an allied minion.
    [4] Enemy turrets attacking an allied minion.
    [5] Enemy champions attacking an allied minion.
    [6] The closest enemy minion.
    [7] The closest enemy champion.

Stats on minions :
  • Every 90 seconds (i. e. every third wave) minions upgrade, increasing their strength.
  • Minions deal 50% reduced damage to turrets and enemy champions.
  • The armor of turrets is reduced when enemy minions are nearby.
  • Minions have 325 movement speed.
  • They gain 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 movement speed.
  • New spawning minions level up based on their team average level (e.g. one level 15, 10 and 18 would make a minion level 14).


Pushing Advantage
  • Not available before 3:30.
  • A team level advantage = the average level of your team minus the average level of the enemy team. The value can be decimal and is capped at 3.
  • While your team has a level advantage, your minions deal bonus damage to enemy minions equal to 5% + 5% per turret advantage in their lane, all multiplied by your team's level advantage.
  • Bonus damage = (5% + (5% × Turret advantage)) × Team level advantage
  • Maximum bonus damage = (5% + (5% × 3)) × 3 = 60%
  • While your team has a level advantage, your minions take flat reduced damage from enemy minions equal to 1 + 1 per turret advantage in that lane, with the turret advantage bonus multiplied by the team's level advantage.
  • Damage reduction = 1 + (Level advantage × Turret advantage)
  • Maximum damage reduction = 1 + (3 × 3) = 10
  • Nexus turrets do not count as lane turrets.

  • At 0:00 a wave is worth 125 golds (3 × Melee Minion 21) + (3 × Caster Minion 14) + (Siege Minion 60 ÷ 3)
  • At 15:00 a wave is worth 147 golds (3 × Melee Minion 21) + (3 × Caster Minion 14) + (Siege Minion 84 ÷ 2)
  • At 17:15 a wave is worth 150 golds (3 × Melee Minion 21) + (3 × Caster Minion 14) + (Siege Minion 90 ÷ 2)
  • At 25:00 a wave is worth 195 golds (3 × Melee Minion 21) + (3 × Caster Minion 14) + (Siege Minion 90)

Basic Mechanics

Farming: Farming is the fact of killing low threat enemies (like minions or iron IV players) to collect golds. Remember, 1 wave of minions is at least 105 golds on 6 minions so a kill is about 15 minions.

Last hitting: It's when you're giving the "coup de grace" at the minion to get the golds, the base of farming. The last hit a champion is called KS (kill steal or Kill secure, depending on the situation) and isn't really appreciated by your mates.

Pushing: It's when you're using do your best to clean the opponent's wave while yours still alive. Like this, your wave will get under the opponent's tower.

Freezing: It's when you're preventing the opponent's wave to push without pushing back.

Proxy: Farming behind the opponent's tower (so without the minions to tank for you.)

Split pushing: Attacking several objectives at the same time when at least one of the objectives is a lane turret.

Roaming: It's when you're moving from your lane to another lane to gank it like a jungler.

Basic knowledge :
Wave management


Farming management
Did you really read all of that guide until here ?! Are you some kind of masochist or something like that?

Well, if you really did, you know as much as me on Ahri and league in general. The only thing you'll need is experience from now on.

Anyway, thanks for reading my guide, it took me A LOT of work (more than expected when I started) and I learned a lot from that (looking replays is a really good way to spot your own mistakes). I'm always open for any suggestion when it's said politely. And if I've done mistakes on the guide, please tell me because I want it to be the most in-depth possible and of course, I want it to be correct.

Thanks again and Gl HF.

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