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Annie Build Guide by shtefekSRB

AP Carry countering with annie

AP Carry countering with annie

Updated on July 8, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shtefekSRB Build Guide By shtefekSRB 5,146 Views 0 Comments
5,146 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shtefekSRB Annie Build Guide By shtefekSRB Updated on July 8, 2013
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i had trouble going in a lane and not knowing anything about my opponent.
I wanted to find really good countering guide for every champion. most of guides didn't have it, and those that did lacked some champions and information about opponents abilities.
so i made this list where i will cover every champion that goes mid.
for most i wanted to make a reminder of how to play against certain champion, and tips of how i can beat them. some of the stuff i wrote from my expirience and other by beeing dominated by dsome champ and then looking how a way to fight him on forums.
data about champions spells is from
i also want you to write any suggestions you have on going against specific champions as Annie because i can't find everything on the internet and your experience will help me and others who read this to be better players
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pre-early game

buying first items
- if enemy has skill shots that are hard to evade, go with Boots and 3 Health Potion
- if enemy mid is ad, start with Cloth Armor
- if you have easy opponent take Doran's Ring

- you should hide in mid lane bush and see if enemy will invade your jungler.
leash with Disintegrate and AA then go back to your lane.

- if invading enemy jungle take Incinerate and proc your stun while in fountain.
go in after 1:50 beause before that they will wait you in river bush.

if not invading see from where your opponent came. if she came from direction of red there is bih chance you will be ganked at lvl 1. if he came from the blue side there is a chance enemy will gank you at lvl 3-4
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early game: normal gameplay

annie will lose too much mana from harrasing and her abilities have short range.
thats why in early game you should focus on evading enemy abilities and farm by last hitting.
- your main goal is to have more farm than enemy, and get to level 6 before him.
- Know your opponent abilities and learn to evade them.

general tips
- when ever opponent miss his spell and he is in range attack him with -> combo (watch out to not get out of mana).
this works great when you have blue buff and opponent bad with hitting skillshots.
- if you just last hit properly opponent will start pushing your lane. Don't be afraid if you are last hitting under tower. you do it so your jungler could gank and you can get first blood. prepare your stunthen stun enemy when jungler runs out of bush.
- when on fountain use -> to get 2 stacks on your passive. this is great way to prepare your stun for sneak gank on yours, or other lanes.

if losing
- if you go low on health recall and ask your jungler to take your lane lane untill you come back.
- if you cant farm because of tough match buy kage's lucky pick so you dont fall behind in gold.

if enemy ganks you when you are pushing the lane, start running to river bush on opposite side. use flash only as last resort.

When to push
- when your river is warded
- you want and can zone your opponent and deny him farm
- you want to recall to buy item. (when you are low hp just recall)
- you want to take blue (push lane at 7 min. mark as blue is respawning around 7:15)
- you want to gank

first kill at level 6
if you did everything good you should be level 6 at the same time as your opponent.
if you are same or higher level than him, get 3 stacks on your passive and do next combo
-> -> -> -> ->
then continue with auto attacks
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Early game: hybrid annie gameplay

i didnt fully explored this type of playing. but it showed some good results in draft mode.
goal is getting advantage over counterpicks before level 6

If your mid opponent is melee like Kassadin, Galio, Cho'Gath or Gragas you can suprise him by taking different runes and masteries.
hybrid penetration quins, attack damage red and yellow and blue flat ap.
masteries 29-0-1
buy Doran's Ring and as soon as you see opponent in lane start bashing him with aa, spells and ignite. they wont expect your aa to deal that much damage and if they continue fighting you and you will get first blood.
recall, buy Crystalline Flask for mana and health and kage's lucky pick to cover bad cs because of agressivness.
then and try zoning them with aa and abilities.
be carefull not to take too much damage from minions and to evade enemy spells.
after you get to lvl 6 gank other lanes since you cant win agains them after they got lvl 6.
flaw of this is that you will have to push all the time and enemy jungler can easily kill you.

more on countering specific opponents on countering section
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Early game: farming

knowing how to last hit is most basic and most important skill in LoL.
Try practising this skill in custom game. your goal is to get 100 cs in 10 minutes while practising.
and in actual game your goal is to have 120 cs by 15 min mark in every game.
if you have 100 you are a good player.
in this picture below you can see how much gold you can earn by farming.

Farming under tower
Her Q is one of the best mechanics to farm under tower. Melee minions take two tower hits and an auto attack while casters take one tower hit and a Q. And if you arnt quick enough the occasional W will make it even easier.
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Mid game: laning

for you mid game starts when you have your lvl 6.
1. try killing opponent with -> -> -> -> -> combo
2. go back and buy lvl 2 boots, Needlessly Large Rod and 2 wards. place wards on entrances of enemy jungle.
3. if you are not even close to buy Needlessly Large Rod, and you are losing Negatron Cloak for building Abyssal Mask might be a good idea.
if you started with Cloth Armor against ad champion and your lane is loosing go Seeker's Armguard before rod.
4. with large rod you can take out minnions with one Incinerate. that will help you push wave from your tower, and if you want pushing the way under opponents tower.
that will make him lose some cs.
if you are losing just play passive and wait for your jungler to gank him or for your opponent to go back or to gank other lane.
5. when ult is up again and you have your stun you can:
1) kill opponent mid if
* you can burst him 100-0 (he hasnt taken magic resist items of giants belt)
* he isn't hiddint below tower.

taking out tower
- you can take down tower when there is no enemy defending it (you won fight, or enemy is in other lane)

taking out dragon
- after bot lane win fights (enemy recalled or was killed) you can decide to take bot tower or take dragon.
- if there is big chance they can steal baron you should ward all ways they can come or not take it at all. (same with baron)
Your role in taking out dragon (and baron) is to take your tun up and hide in little bush in middle of the river. then stun burst anyone who tried to steal dragon/baron. (pictures will be added)
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Mud game:ganking

- gank other lanes if
* you are full HP
* opponents are pushed.
* you can burst them down or your laners are strong enough to get a kill and not die.
* they didnt ward or you can go around ward.
* your lane is not in danger of beeing destroyed.
(pictures of ganks are coming)

- if your opponent is missing need to ping MIA, and then you can
1) try take out his tower if
*you see where he and his jungler are
*you warded both river sides and can back of if you see enmies.
2)go gank other lanes if
*you have ult and stun
*you are full HP
* opponents are pushed.
* you can burst them down or your laners are strong enough to get a kill and not die.
*they didnt ward or you can go around ward.

- If you know he went you can
*do things from above
*go around so enemy minnions wont see you and hide in bush then kill him when he tries to go back in lane from bot or top gank.

- you can sneak gank your own lane after recalling, failed gank or taking blue if you see enemy is not reacting and doesnt have ward. (pictures will be added)
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mid and late game objectives

OBJETIVES (from most important to least)
first 3 are in most cases achievable not achivable untill late game.
- nexus
- inhibitor
- baron
- dragon - untill 15 min in the game. after than towers are more important.
- towers - after 15 min its your main objective. mid tower is most important tower in the game. if you take it out early you get control over their jungle, buffs and it gives you chance for interesting ganks on mid lane (pictures will be added)
- Kills - Killing an opponent can be beneficial, but sometimes it’s better to pursue another objective instead. This is why you and your team should decide upon the importance of your objectives and set goals. For instance; killing the enemy support is less important than killing an enemy carrying an Oracle’s Elixir and taking a buff is less important than destroying a tower.
Tips: It’s more important to kill an enemy on a killing spree thus terminating it, than one with a 0/5 K/D ratio. If for example you kill an enemy with 0/4 , you will only get 170 gold, while if you kill one with 4/0 you get 399 gold.
- Blue buff
- Red buff
- The neutral monsters - These are the Wraiths, the Wolves and the Gollems, situated in Summoner Rift’s jungle and when killed they give gold and XP.
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Late game + teamfighting

follow the team. never lead it. always have your stun up (you can proc it on fountain). in team fight waith for your or enemy team to engage. then when nobody is focusing youstun as many people as you can, drop everything you have on their biggest damage dealer, then run back. after your Q and W is of CD go back in fight. attack most killable enemy you see and back of again. if enemy tries to kill you run avay. and use shield to protect you and give you stacks for your stun. if you can kill them and survive to tell, try it. if not just run like a madman.
after batle, if you survived, take ward with you and push minnion waves (if you know all enemies are healing at base.
ward important places that are on your side of the map like baron, dragon, enemy wraith bush if you are winnng, your wraith busjh if you are loosing,..

tank and bruiser go in first. anfter whole cluster **** is there you come in blow as much people as you can and back of, after that you take a few kills with your Q and W, and adc cleans up the rest. behind you and adc is your support. her job is to save your ***es if enemy jumps on any of you.
ps. if enemy jumps on you flash avay from him. then hit him hard.
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this is not finished or aranged properly. oh some champions there are only suggestions form forums i just copy-pasted
i made this chapter so i can reming myself how to win agains hard matches. i didnt found good answer for some of them
i would like your help with finishing this chapter since i t takes very long time to sumble uppon certain champions as opponents


What you need to know:
Orb of Deception is skillshot that deals damage as it goes forward and back. move up and down to avid the skill instead of running away from it.
Fox-Fire i never knew she had this spell until i checked her out. (send a comment when and why is she using it)
Charm is a skillshot that taunts you. you can dodge it the same way you dodge Orb of Deception
Spirit Rush can be used 3 times. she will use it to close distance and run away.

How to fight her
- Dodge all of her's skill-shots. Don't put her full combo at an Ahri with full hp, Q+W to whittle down Ahri's HP, so just picking up a giants belt will not prevent this.
- Once you get a feel for where and when they place their charm and ball skillshots, it's easy enough to run towards them as a feint then sidestep and continue moving forwards to land Annie's Q (+stun) - W harass. With that said though, at lvl 6 Ahri gets extremely bursty as she will do "tons of damage" in close proximity.
- Unless you can catch Ahri off guard with a flash or make her waste her cooldowns, Annie has a hard time closing the distance and launching Tibbers for the kill, since Ahri could dodge easily enough with her ultimate, simultaneously closing the distance and hurting you a lot.


what you need to know:
- Her Mark of the Assassin has shorter range then your spells. if she marks you by this spell back of until it wears of.
- Akali's burst comes from mark of the Assasin/ Shadow Dance combo
- Shadow Dance has longer range then your spells. if she hit you with mark of the Assasin run back so she cant jump on you.
- Twilight Shroud has 20 sec CD and can be countered by placing Vision Ward or buying [oracle elixir]]

fighting against her:
1. Focus on farming pre-6. Harass/deny with Q + W when possible and try to deny her farm.
2. Pink ward after level 6. Keep stun on 3 or 4 to prepare initiation/reaction. Burst her down.
3. Mid/late game awareness. Keep pink ward in inventory. Stay near oracle. Focus down Akali or chain CC her while you kill a more dangerous party member.
- Health is your best defensive item. her burst is both AP and AD so buying both might be to expensive and removes valuable item slots.

more info on:


What you need to know:
-Anivia's passive Rebirth will save her from dying.
don't get fooled by her low hp. she will try to bait you to tower dive or exchange blows which will result with your death.
- Flash Frost has longer range then you but its skillshot and easy to escape from.
- Crystallize has longer range than you do. she will use it to trap and kill you or to escape.
- Glacial Storm is very strong

how to defend against her:
- Make sure she doesn't land her Flash Frost on you. Combo her with your stun and Disintegrate Incinerate her. If she stays out of range, just zone her from getting xp and minions.
- She deals surprising high damage but only with her combo.
- Ruin her combo is your best call. The Banshee's Veil is a must for defending against Anivia. It destroy her combo and she has to use her ult to get her to deal the same damage input, this meaning she need to get close, to set it up so she is then a fragile . Note that when her nuke Frostbite is sent she has a 4-5 sec cooldown on it, so if you can finish her off in 3-4 sec when she has used her combo on you you will win. If not, she gets a good laugh. (Also never tower dive her, unless the tower has 1 hp left.)

How to kill her:
Silence will ruin her combo, it ruin her ult it ruin her everything. For items i suggest some high burst damage items so you can activates. This makes it easy to kill her when she spends her combo. Beware of her wall.


Fighting against mirror results in better Annie winning.

How to defend against her:
Always have Pyromania stun up, and when the opposite Annie's stun is down, combo her with Disintegrate- Incinerate.
If she is out of range, zone her.
buy a Banshee's Veil later on.

How to kill her:
Same as the defending. Buy higher attack power and finish her of when her stun is off.


Ranged AD champ. Very common in the fields of justice and have a game changing global ult.

How to defend against her.
Hide behind your minions to avoid her Volley, then get your stun up and Disintegrate Incinerate her. Zone her is she is out of range.

How to kill her:
When her ult is off, she is a easy target. Burst in and kill her before she can run away. Careful against her slow, meaning you need something to target her. She is very simple to play against.


What you need to know:
Blaze gives him more damage or stuns from successive spells if he lands multiple abilities in a row.
Sear is skillshot. it will stun you if you have Blaze on you.
Pillar of Flame is skillshot. it has longer range then you. try not to get hit by this spell.
tip: Pillar of Flame has 10sec. CD so if you are not ablaze try harrasing him.
Conflagration has same range as you do.
Pyroclasm has longer range than you do. it can bounce between Annie and bear, so it can be deadly to you. use bear only if you know you will get a kill.

How to fight him:
- Brand has more range then you do. He usually tries Pillar of Flame- Sear combo, which if landed in sequence, will stun you.
- Dodge around constantly with level 2 boots. last hit with Q and then harassing when stun is up.
- Try to avoid all of his abilities, but if he hits you with one, get away from him or behind minions so his passive, Blaze, doesn't combo you.
- If you avoid the first spell. use your normal Disintegrate Incinerate when you are in range.
- Play it safe, as Brand will kill you like nothing if you get him the chance.
- Don't be near him when half the health because his combo will kill you.
- If you can't get your combo on him try sneaking up to him trough river.

Easy - difficult

What you need to know:
Piltover Peacemaker is a skillshot.
- You can avoid this spell by moving left and right or standing behind your minions as it will deal less damage.
Yordle Snap Trap will immobilize you over 1.5 sec.
- You can avoid it, and step on it when she is away, so traps wont be in your way when she is back.
90 Caliber Net is her's escape, catch ability.
Ace in the Hole is her finish of ability with long range.
- Standing behind ally will hit him instead of you, so do it if can save your life.

How to fight her:
- You will have to avoid her Yordle Snap Trap that she will probably place strategically all over the mid.
- Constantly be watch for Piltover Peacemaker.
- If you avoid these two, you should be able to handle Caitlyn successfully.


What you need to know:
- ALL her abilities have longer range then you do.
Noxious Blast is skillshot. you have 0.6 sec to avoid it. if it hits you id giver DOT (damage over time) for 3 sec.
- if she hits you with this spell, she gets movement speed so she can harass you with other spells or move from your range.
- Learning to avoid this spell is most important thing in plying against her.
- Don't stand near your own minions so she can farm while harassing you.
- Buy boots first so you can more easily avoid this spell. Anticipate it so you can avoid it.
Miasma is AOE (area of effect) skillshot. if she use it, move from its radius.
Twin Fang is NOT a skillshot
- If you are poisoned Twin Fang has short CD. so move away so she can't hit you with it multiple times.
Petrifying Gaze - While used enemies facing her are stunned for 2 seconds, while enemies facing away are slowed by 60% for 2sec.
- so if you see her using it turn around.

How to fight her:
- Buy lots or pots and flask to help your sustain.
- She has longer range than you so don't try harassing her if you can't. At lvl 6 use your combo to kill her.
- Get really good at last hitting with auto attacks because if you do not relay on your spells you can afford to have your stun ready all the time.
- Counter attack after she miss her Noxious Blast with stun combo.
- She can be build for:
1. harass - where she max her q first. In This case try to dish out all of damage every time she miss her Noxious Blast
2. she can be build for sustain. in this case do the same, but expect that she can dish a lot more damage.


What you need to know:
Carnivorehe restores his health when he kills minions. This gives him big sustain, and is reason he is hard to be harassed
Rupture will knock you up and slow you. anticipate this spell to avoid it, as it is him main harassing tool.
Feral Scream has longer range then you.
- He will use it to silence you when you try harassing him, or when he tries to attack you.
Vorpal Spikes have smaller range then you. he will use it to push lane or to kill Wraith Camp if he pushed lane to your tower.
Feast will increase his health up to 6 stacks. he will eat minions in lane so he cant be rurst down by you.
- If you see him easting minion use this to your advantage and be more aggressive , as you know that spell is on CD.

How to fight him
- If he come after you he will most likely use Rupture/ Feral Scream combo
- He may try to steal wraiths from jungle or gank other lanes if he has pushed your lane.
Call MIA's and gank him if he is at wraith camp.
- make perfect cs and try denying him cs so he can't heal. (easier said then done)


What you need to know:
Crescent Strike To avoid this spell move to your left.
- If casted, stand to the left or walk to the LEFT of her. It also has a delay before it starts to move and somewhat slow.
Pale Cascade is reason you can't burst her.
- If it is popped walk away from her and burn it. The dmg absorbed is low. (don't try using your full combo while she has it)
Moonfall is used to don't let you escape.
- If you are pulled by her, stun her and walk away or flash. It's a 25 second CD.
Lunar Rush is used to catch you. if you are marked by Crescent Strike while she ult you, Lunar Rush is refreshed.
- dodge Q and make her charge without it reset. stun and walk away.

How to fight her
- DODGE her Crescent Strike, that way she can't use her insane burst for a few seconds. Immediately after dodging, jump on her and try to deal as much damage as possible, this will most likely disorient most Diana's and give you a huge advantage.
- If she survives your full combo you will die. if you are going for a kill try baiting out her shield first as it will save her life. also look does she has heath or defensive items that can help her survive.


What you need to know:
Shadow Walk is Evelynn's trademark. she is not visible by sight ward's or by minions. she comes out of stealth when she come's in your range.
Hate Spike has smaller range then you.
Ravage she gets movement speed by using this spell.
Agony's Embrace will take a lot of your health and slowing you 30-70% for 2 sec.
have your stun up so you cant get killed when hit by this spell.

How to fight her
- Take some Mana regen for early game and harass her whenever u can.
- Stun, Stun, Stun. Have that stun up, Zone her from minions a lot.
- If she wants to stay alive, She's going to miss out on a lot of CS and Exp.
- If you hit 6 before her, Make a play INSTANTLY. You will destroy her with your ult.
- Lategame u will 1 shot her instant when she get visible. Always get an stun ready for her on lane.
- Eve will try to roam the mad and gank top and bot. call mia's and buy vision ward if she tries to gank you while going back to lane.

Ezreal I need more info about how to fight him

What you heed to know:
- All of his spells are skillshots
Rising Spell Force is his passive. It is giving him great attack speed, and is one of the things that makes him great ADC
Mystic Shot if hit, gives him more CD. this spell scales with attack damage.
Essence Flux can pass trough minions and scales with Ability Power.
Arcane Shift is build in teleport, and a trademark of Ezrael.
- it has 19-11sec. CD so if he just used it he wont have escape (except using flash) for that time.
- bait him using it before a gank.
Trueshot Barrage globas spell. it can be used to kill you from long range or farm minions before going back to base.

How to fight him
This is one champ you may need to call in a gank for.
-He can start dealing heavy damage as early as level 1 to Annie tnx to Mystic Shot. At level 2, he can have huge early burst with his combo.
If Ez isn't good enough, once you hit level 3 and 4 and can get your Pyromania stun up, you should be able to control him.
- turn on your shield if he attacks you.


What you need to know:
- tnx to A Harmless Scarecrow your magic resistance is redused by 10
Terrify has shorter range than you. dont let him use it on you as he will Bountiful Harvest you while its on.
Bountiful Harvest is used to heal himself and take enemies health. attack him when he try to use it on minion.
- this spell also has smaller range than you.
Reap not only it has longer range than you, but it can bounce of 5 targets so there is big chance it will silence you. it can really mess up your combo.

how to fight him:
Fiddlesticks is not a very dangerous character to Annie, just hard to kill. This is because of his Dark Wind, which has a longer range then your Disintegrate, and will silence you if you try to move in to combo him, and also his Drain, which he can use to heal himself after being damaged. When he is using Drain, move in fast to combo him with Disintegrate and Incinerate, to deal some damage while he is locked in draining a minion. He will either move out of your range, ending his drain, or take a big hit.


What you need to know:
- All of his abilities have shorter range than you except Chum the Waters which is skillshot and can be dodged.
Urchin Strike is used to dash to enemy. as it has shorter range move away and attack him as he start falling back.
Playful / Trickster/ Playful / Trickster will be used to dodge your stun or tower hits and then run away.
- This is dangerous as he can tower dive with Urchin Strike, then use Playful / Trickster to dodge tower and your hits, and then escape with Playful / Trickster
- Try stunning him with your Q ( Disintegrate), as if you don't stun him because of his Playful / Trickster, your stun will still be up and you can stun him with your W ( Incinerate)
Chum the Waters is skillshot that is hit, will slow you for 1.5sec then knock you up for 1 sec. then slow you again for 1.5sec for 50-70%.
- If this spell hits you, he will use combo above to kill you.
- Try avoiding it, and if hit, stun and run away.

How to fight him:
If fizz can read your actions or has incredibly fast reactions, they can win this lane. Pre-6, just try and keep a stun up. Harass him with autos. If he charges into you, stun him and walk away. Once you hit 6, just make sure you land the ult and that he doesn't dodge it. Your ultimate is instant, but the flash animation isn't.


What you need to know:
Resolute Smite is skillshot that damages and slows you.
Bulwark gives him MR. he is tanky anyway. with this there is no way to burst him.
Righteous Gust is skillshot. i can go trough minions.
Idol of Durand will taunt all foes in his range for 2 sec and after that deals damage.
stay away from him in team fight as you are good as dead if caught in it.

How to fight him
I didnt find a way to counter galio. best option is to play defensively.


This champion is not hard to deal with, but requires faster reflexes then most champions. This is because of his Remove Scurvy, which he can use to cleanse yourself of his stun. This means you will have to use your Disintegrate and Incinerate faster then he can cleanse himself and run away.


What you need to know:
Happy Hour restores his health every time he uses an ability. this gives him sustain.
Barrel Roll has longer range than you and is skillshot. it have 11-7sec. cooldown. try avoiding it.
Body Slam is used to close distance. it has smaller range then you and it is stopped if he hits a minion or champion. hiding behind minions will help you avoid this spell.
Explosive Cask has big range and can knock you back. cooldown is 100-80sec. it is similar to Janna's Monsoon
he will use it to run away from you, knock you back to him, and knock you from tower if you are hugging it.

How to fight him
-Take advantage of early game. He is melee you can push him around a little by poking him every time he comes in to last hit. Above all, remember to dodge the barrels and keep in mind his kill potential at 6.
- his slam and basic attack steroid are too much. here is what you should do: always stand directly opposite him with the minions in between you two. What this does is makes his barrels impossible to land since its max range and he has no way to body slam you since it stops on minions.


The only thing that should give you trouble is his H-28G Evolution Turret, just make sure to avoid heavy damage from those. The same stun Disintegrate Incinerate combo applies.


What you need to know:
Death Defied will let him to cast any spell that is not on CD for 7 more sec.
Lay Waste is his harassing ability. it is skillshot.
Wall of Pain will slow you and decrease your MR
Defile as passive heals his mana for every cs he makes. as active if you get in range he will drain your mana.
Requiem is a spell that makes him scary. he can get kills by not leaving lane. Banshe's veil is a must against him (and that is for all of your teammates)

How to fight him
-As a rule against Karthus you should never stop moving. Just run back and forth behind your creeps waiting for a last hit opportunity, and you won't get hit by very many Lay Wastes. By this I don't mean running from one spot to another repeatedly, but rather moving erratically.
- Try to be more aggressive against him. Hit him with AA as well as the occasional Q if you have stun up. Follow up with a quick Incinerate and another AA on him. By keeping him at half health, you can zone him easily.
-If you notice the Karthus is unable to hit your or is particularly bad, then move forward and harass him with your stuns. But always be careful.. if he throws down a wall and you have 50% or less hp and flash is on cool down. Turn and fight avoiding the wall. You probably wouldn't get away anyways.
- Buying boots as a first him item against him seems like a decent choice, as it allows you to dodge his Lay Waste ability much more easily.
This way his harassment against you is minimal. Stay out of his range to avoid damage from his Defile and you should be fine.


He shouldnt give you much trouble mid. The one thing you have to watch out for is his Lay Waste which has a very long range and can really start to chip away at your health, and his Defile, which is only a threat if you are dumb enough to go too close to him.


What you need to know:
Void Stone gives him 15% reduced magic damage. this is why you cant burst him 100-0 health.
Null Sphere silences you. if it hit harass with AA
Nether Blade gives him mana back when he AA. harass him if he trys farming.
Force Pulse will slow you for 30-50% which is deadly.
Riftwalk is most dangerous spell Kassadin has. that spell is reason he is deadly after lvl 6.
it is flash with 4sec Cd and longer range. combined with other spells he is real ani-mage.

How to fight him
-Kassadin Q has a 9 second cooldown. If he hits, chase.
-Kassadin Q has a slow travel time. If he comes to hit you, Q him back, and get an autoattack in when he tries to run.
-Annie autoattack range keeps Kassadin from farming until level 6.
-Kassadin is a very strong pusher/roamer. He doesn't farm creeps as much as he farms champs. If your teammates don't feed him, he should be underfarmed mid and late game.

Another annoying champ to deal with as Annie. This is because of his Null Sphere, which silences and has a longer range then your Disintegrate, and his ult, Riftwalk which allows him to flash onto you whenever he chooses. Make sure you have a lot of hp once he hits level 6, so he can't burst you down.


What you need to know:
- Beating Kat is more just about lane mechanics. When ever Katarina is in a lane, it is skill lane, aka. better player wins.

Katarina don't use mana
Voracity is her passive. it is reason she can clean up whole team in a teamfight.
Bouncing Blades hits 5 nearest targets. She uses this spell to farm and harass. Step away from minions if she uses it on them.
Shunpo is used to jump behind you or run avay by jumping on minions, champions or wards.
- She will use this in a combo with Sinister Steel to harass or kill you if you got to low on HP from being harassed with her Bouncing Blades
Death Lotus combined with her other spells can kill your entire team.
- Always save your stun in teamfights because it is only thing that can stop Katarina's ult. She is just waiting the time you use your stun so she can get her pentakill.

How to fight her:
- If you stand far enough away from the creeps as a wave enters lane it won't bounce to you. If she tries to run up to you and Q you directly, own her with your higher damage.
- stun her with W because it is instant.
- Do hit and runs with stun combo and AA. You don't have to kill her, just make her worried.
- if she tries to win by pushing, let yourself be driven to tower. You get less gold, but the same expirience (as we assume you don't die).
- Farming can be vital, but you have to time the farming to when you can force her back, get a feel for the timing of when she can and cannot use Bouncing Blades, and if she Shunpo's don't be afraid to wail on her a bit with melee basic attacks, just don't chase too far. Early game especially one or two melee basic attacks does as much as a Shunpo, and depending on the hero can do more than Shunpo can.

Make her scared or make her die, hold back on the farming if the timing is can come later, just try to keep her from getting too much either.


She plays like an AP caster, as most of her damage comes from her abilities. The only thing necessary to stop Katarina in any situation is good crowd control. You only have to watch her for her Death Lotus, and have your stun ready for when she pops it.


Relatively easy to handle. Avoid his Thundering Shuriken by staying behind your minions, and make sure he cant stack his Mark of the Storm with succesive abilities landed. This just requires staying out of range if he lands the first ability.


He can be played as either AP or AD or a hybrid of the two. He is only challenging once he hits level 6, due to the insane range of his Living Artillery. However, once your level 6, you should be able to kill him using Flash, Pyromania, Summon: Tibbers, Disintegrate, Incinerate, Ignite anyways.


She can give you serious problems when used properly. Her huge burst consisting of her Distortion to get in range, followed by her Sigil of Silence and her Mimic (after she hits level 6), can be deadly. Make sure you have a lot of hp when she hits level 6.


What you need to know:
Mirror Image will be activated when LB is below 40% health. She can move fake champion. this passive have cooldown 1min.
If Sigil of Silence marks you, LB's next spell will silence you.
Distortion is lb dash ability. she can jump combo you and jump back before you do anything.
thanks to this ability she is really hard to catch and burst down.
Ethereal Chains can slow you and root you down
Mimic (as the name say) mimics her last spell, only stronger. this gives her lots of CC lots of movement and lots of burst.

How to fight her
-If you don't lose early game, you will win mid-late game. Stack Dorian ring's if you're having a hard time early on.
- If you need the MR, rushing an early Abyssal Mask gives you good Magic Pen as well as some resistance. If you still have trouble, you can get Mercs, since the abyssal Magic Pen works great with Annie's range.
-keep your stun up at all times so you can stun her before sigil of silence hits you
- if you need to, start with ROA instead of Deathcap, and buy early Banshee's Veil
- Usually LeBlanc will be a minor threat during late game.
-always call MIA's and say your teammates to care. LB usually try to snowball by ganking early game


A AP burst/skillshot champion. very squishy without her shield, but deal high damage if she can land her combo, be careful against her ultimate.

What you need to know:
- Light Binding is a skillshot and will bound first 2 enemie it hit.
- Lucent Singularity will slow you if you are standing on it. after 5 sec it explodes.
- Both of above spells can be used for killing you with her ult. move all the time so you can avoid them.
- Final Spark has insanely long range. move to the side to avoid it when she cast it.

How to defend against her.
- In early levels avoid getting hit by her passive Illumination (avoid her skillshots)
- avoid standing near minions and keep off Lux's Lucent Singularity. if you avoid this spell Lux should be easy to deal with.
- start with boots so you can more easily avoid her skillshots. rush lvl2 boots for more mobility.
- mercury treads and even banshee's veil would be perfect for late game, because she is a champ with lots of crowd control. She will always stay at long range, so take not of what spell she is casting.
- From midgame on you can gank very well, where lux doesn't. Ganking then can win you the game. Don't try to win the lane vs lux, win the game.

How to kill her
Her snare is the main priority. Get her to waste it, or use banshee or Clense to negate the effect. You can trick her to use the snare by walking behind minions right before she cast it or walking zigzag. Be also vary of her mana, since she is normaly spamming all her spells early and have little or no mana left when it comes to the end. Try to get close to her, and kill her before her snare comes back again. She is very fragile without her shield and snare so be sure to get a few hits for the kill.


This champion is relatively easy to handle. You just have to watch for his Malefic Visions, which can do a lot of damage, but usually is cast on a minion. Once he casts it on a minion, it can bounce to the next nearest target after that minion dies, so make sure you aren't standing right next to that minion when it dies. After he casts it ona minion, move in and attack with your Disintegrate and your Incinerate, while his abilities are on cooldown. Once he hits level 6, his Nether Grasp also becomes an issue, but you should be able to kill him by using Flash, Pyromania, Summon: Tibbers, Disintegrate, Incinerate, Ignite before he has a chance to use Nether Grasp on you.


What you need to know:
- He uses health instead of mana
- Mordekaiser's passive, Iron Man, shields him and is main reason you can't burst him. beneath it, he is squishy champion.
He gets his shield from dealing damage from abilities
tip: Chip down his health between minion waves when his shield is starved.
Siphon of Destruction has longer range then you.
tip: stand away from your minions. then he has to choose. If he picks you, he gets no shield from it. then hit him with a spell combo. If he picks the creeps he gets shield, but you get free harass to chip that shield away with.
[Creeping Death] increase his mr and damages enemies in it. you have longer range then it so you dont have to worry about it.
- Children of the Grave deals damage for 10 sec and heals him for damage he gave you.
Use [quicksilver sash] or [banshee's veil] to counter this deadly spell.

How to fight him:

- The key is to push back. If you let him farm, you are effectively handing the laning phase over to him.
-Don't let his shield top out or he's going to start smacking you with his spells.
-buy quiksilver sash
- don't be afraid to take a little damage just to chip from his health little by little, all his abilities cost HP; when he's low enough watch for the shield going down, stun + ignite + combo + autoattack and he WILL fall if you chipped his health down to <60% and you ignited at the right time or in the worst case he will blow a SS. ignite is important as it will stop him from healing.
-Once he is level 6, be aware that if you are reasonably low on health he may be able to burst you down very quickly using his ult + ignite and his other spells
By the time he will have hextech revolver and be a pain in the *** to lane against you can gank bot for double kills, no problem, you won't be too worried about him anyway

Mordekaiser by AIM7Sparrow 08-05-2010

So simple and so easy. Before I used to play aggressive as hell against Mord right off the bat at level 1 to the point where one of us would retreat and both of us would be close to dying. I did this to stop him from building up his shield and establishing an early tempo.

After a game against him last night though it just clicked. His ability to push is his own downfall. At around level 5, he pretty much instantly clears creep waves right? His creeps then push towards your tower where they take at least 2 tower hits each to die. After that the new wave of creeps will start making it to the middle of the lane again. Does anyone see it yet? During this entire time, his shield is passively draining. Now here's what you do. You lead in front of your creep line and stun combo him before he even gets to your new creeps. You'll take off his life and not his shield because it's pretty much all drained at this point and he can't reach your creeps. Keep repeating this process and pretty soon you can whittle him down and either zone/force him back to base or (flash) R Stun combo him for the kill if he doesn't pick up on it.


What you need to know:
- Move behind minions or move away so you don't get caught by her's Dark Binding
- don't stand on Tormented Shadow which she use to harass and farm.
- Black Shield counters your stun. try baiting it out
- Soul Shackles is Morgana's ult which slows you and deals damage. if you stay in range for the full duration of the slow, you are dealt the same damage again and are stunned.

How to fight her
- bait her shield out by going right at her while activating stun with E
If she activate shield, back of and save your stun. you can harass her now and free-farm for next 15-20sec. until it gets of CD


what you need to know:
Javelin Toss is skillshot and it hurts like hell.longer the range, the more damage it deals.
- hide behind your minions to dodge this spell or move to the sides.
Bushwhack is a trap that reveals you for 12 seconds. and reduces your MR
Primal Surge heals Nidalee. it is what gives her sustain in lane.
Aspect Of The Cougar transforms her in a cat. she gets movement speed Mr, armor and new spells while in that form.
- except she is hard to catch and kill in this form, her cat's abilities dont mean much in mid lane.

How to fight her
- tnx to her healing you cant harass her, as it will drain your mana, and you will lose your health in the process.
- best is to play passivly and farm until mid game start.
- Don't let Nid bait you to the tower in beginning game. At lvl 6 she will pop cougar and rape you and you are too far away from his tower to make it to safety.

stay behind your minions, harass her often in the early game; she's very weak and doesn't have many moves to bring to the table. When running from her, be ready to juke her spear to the side.

early game you have two options:

1) focus on farming minions by last hitting, I recomend this one the most. Nidalee can't really harass unless you go and try to harass her, if she is super super aggressive in auto attacking you go back and buy some health pots(omg no! I know going back sucks but it will pay off immensely later on)

2) harass her. this one is hard to do, only a few champs can really do it and you have to be aggressive as balls. Just be very careful of her spear, I still recommend farming minions via last hitting.

As soon as she hits 6 stay away from her. Her abilities do INSANE damage at 6 but for every minute she doesn't kill you you get stronger. Nidalee is, in my opinnion, very much a hybrid from levels 6-14ish, everyone's health pools are so small that her auto-attack, as well her cougar abilities hurt alot(meaning building armor/MR against her is very expensive and not very effective). I recommend getting a flat health item if Nid is giving you a lot of problems and diving you. You shouldn't be pushing your lane at all, just a reminder. Make sure to call MIA's, if you are playing defensively like I said odds are the Nidalee player will start to get frustrated and try to gank a different lane, she can cover ground extremely fast so keep that in mind when she goes into the fog of war.

Never ever chase her unless you are above 25% health, even if she is at 10% or lower a mid-game cougar round of abilities will do around 300ish damage at least which absolutely rips most squishy characters faces off.
Chasing Nidalee is a good way to get yourself killed, they move faster and hit hard once they've pulled far enough away. Disengage if she's on the run.

As long as you play defensively until lvl 15ish or so or if your team is starting to group up and Nid remains un-fed she shouldn't be an issue at all late-game. Just don't follow her or focus her down first. As a Nidalee player(unless I went pure AP) my main focus late game is to distract the enemy team and make them waste precious CC and time chasing me around while my carry annihilates them or their towers.

Against Nid, I'll pick up a Negatron Cloak which would basically half her damage.

Her heals are not very effective without AP to back it up; if she starts with boots, get her to burn her pots and then once the mana is gone, she either can't harass with spears, or defend with heals.

Once she hits 6, prepare for a world of pain. Know that her Q does damage based on how much hp you are missing; so her combo is going to do random damage every time she jumps at you.

Also if you know how intelligent the enemy Nidalee is, you can tell when she is running to a 'jump' spot; ie the smaller walls she can jump through - dragon, baron, at blue buff, one on either side of mid, etc etc.
Now i'm not saying you can stop her every time, but it will give you a heads up on where she is going.
Also try to understand her throwing pattern; and change up your jukes.

She can easily line up spears from bushes

Go back to the lane via the jungle and sit in river bush outside the lane. Let her push alil run in tibbers stun then drop ur skills. If she's not dead chase her. Keep tibbers up ahead and tower dive.while he' the turret. Finish her off and flash into the jungle to keep from dieing to the turret.

play defensively. against a smart Nidalee pre-lvl 6, you can't harras her, they will heal up and you'll go OOM cause you're Annie. So you're best off just last hitting creeps, and protecting yourself with creeps from her spears. At level 6 you have a possibility at ganking her if you have ignite and enough mana for a full combo + 1 more disintegrate. However, if she cat forms and gets on you without you having a flash or ghost, things will go bad fast.


Another pretty challenging champ to deal with, due to the range of her Command: Attack, and her follow up abilities ( Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave ) that go with it. All of her attacks cascade from her Command: Attack and as long as you dodge that, and stay out of the circle surrounding her ball, you should be able to handle her fine.


What you need to know:
Command: Attack- Command: Dissonance combo will be used to zone, harass and farm minions.
- When you see Orianna throw out her ball that means Annie gets free harass or Orianna will have to back off and zone herself.
Command: Protect will help her survive Annie's burst
to use the spell ball must travel back to her.

How to fight her
1. Don't stand near your minions; If she wants to harass you, make her miss all the creeps, reducing her creep score.
2. Always be moving and look where the ball is; you can predict from which side the ball will come, so keep running away from a possible trajectory.
3. Counter attack when she uses Command: Shockwave, as she has no damage to kill you.
4. Stay on the opposite side of the ball.
Whenever she throws the ball at you, run to the other side of the lane, so it has to travel longer range for her next attack and you will have time to dodge it.
5. Every time she hits you, hit her back. She is squishy as hell and eventually you should be able to 1-shot her with flash and ignite.


What you need to know:
- He has no skillshots, which means that he cannot target you if he cannot see you, but if you get in his zone, he does guaranteed hits as you cannot dodge his spells.
- his mana pool is low early game, but as his mana pool grows he becomes deadlier.
Overload has longer range than you and low CD.
Rune Prison has same range as you do.
Spell Flux har longer range then you and lowers your MR
Desperate Power is steroid ability as it gives him movement speed, spell vamp, and 50% more damage from AOE.

How to fight him
- He is very fragile early game. Abusing that will increase your ability to counter him effectively.
- When all of his abilities are on cooldown, he is extremely vulnerable for the next 5-6 seconds.
- Buy some sorts of magic protection ( Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Mask)
- Stun Ryze during his alpha strike (i.e. Burning abilities and cooldowns in quickly succession), and his effectiveness drops dramatically.
- If the game goes on long enough, Ryze eventually becomes one of the most powerful champs in the game. Go for the early win or stop Ryze from farming.


Ask for a lane switch


The main ability you have to watch for is her Boomerang Blade, which deals huge damage early on. If you stay behind your minions the damage will be reduced, as each subsequent target hit deals less damage. Try to avoid the bounceback, as Boomerang Blade can hit you both going away from Sivir and when it comes back at her.


she is not big threat, she is just annoying
What you need to know:
she will use Starcall to push her lane and farm
Astral Blessing will heal her from your harass
Infuse is used to restore her mana and to silence you.
she will most likely harass you with this spell. it has small damage but it piles up over time.
buy Banshee's Veil so she does not silence you in a teamfight.
Wish is hers global heal. it will greatly help her team.


What you need to know:
Rake has smaller range then you. he will use it to harass.
Cutthroat has longer range than you. its CD is 18-10 sec. this ability can silence you.
Shadow Assault will be used to escape from you and counter your attacks.

How to fight him
you can harras him until he hits lvl 4, then play safely under tower until you are lvl 6 and sure you can kill him.

Twisted Fate

What you need to know:
Wild Cards are long range skillshots that are easy to dodge.

Pick A Card will let him choose special effect for his next basic attack.
Effects are:
Blue card: restore mana equal to 65% of Blue Card's damage
Red card: will damage all enemies within 100 range of the target for the same amount. All enemies hit will also be slowed for 2.5 seconds for 30-50%
Gold card: will stun the target for 1-2 sec.
- His AA is shorter then your range so you can stun him or walk away if he tries to hit you with it.

Destiny he can see all champions on the map for few sec and teleport there. if you are afraid of this skill (i never were) you can use Banshee's Veil or active on Quicksilver Sash to counter it.

How to fight him
He should be easy to deal with, as his only real threat is his Wild Cards, which is hard to land. Make sure you keep your distance from him, so you have more time and space to dodge this ability.


Vayne can give you some trouble early, as she can move in quickly at you with her Night Hunter and Tumble. Play conservatively for the first few levels, and have your Pyromania up as much as you can to damage her back and prevent her from landing her Silver Bolts, which do extra damage if she hits you with her crossbow 3 times in a row.


Veigar is easy to handle, and is one of the few champions you want to be aggressive against early. He gains One ability power point through his Baleful Strike every time he last hits a minion, so you want to zone him out preventing his farm. You should be able to gain an early edge on him, and as long as you are able to dodge his Dark Matter after he uses Event Horizon, you should be able to handle him with ease.


What you need to know:
- He uses Health instead of mana
Crimson Pact gives him big sustain mid and late game, and can snowball.
Transfusion is used to heal him.
- It is weak in early levels so trade if he use it on you, and harass him if he use it on minions so he cant heal.
Sanguine Pool makes him untargetable for 2 seconds.
- Don't be in it as it will damage you and heal him from it.
- it has 26-20sec. long CD early game so you can harass him if he used it.
- if your Disintegrate miss stun because of his pool, you will still have your stun up, so stun him with Incinerate when pool goes down.
Tides of Blood increases his healing and regeneration and causing his next Tides of Blood to deal 25% more base damage. he can stack this 4 times.
Hemoplague gives damage and is steroid for other of his abilities.

How to fight him
- Harass and trade with him early when his spells are on much longer cooldown and don't deal lot of damage.
- Try baiting his pool and combo him after.
- Ignite is great to land before he gets in pool since it will cut any regen he gets from it and continue to damage him while he is in pool.
- Always be auto-attacking and keep up an aggressive stream of Q harass. Positioning is key against Vlad. If he wants to Q you, let him chase you to your side of the creeps where you can quickly E->W->Q stun and have your creeps hurt him a bit hopefully.
- Make sure Tibbers is attacking Vladimir immediately after you used Summon: Tibbers
- After lvl 9 (or earlier if fed or farmed) he will out sustain you.


What you need to know:
Arcanopulse is easy to dodge.
Locus of Power will incise range of his other spells.
Mage Chains will mark you for 3sec. don't get hit while marked as it will stun you.
Arcane Barrage can be shot 3 times in a row.

How to fight him
nothing found about countering him

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