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Orianna Build Guide by Barahona

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barahona

Killing your enemies has never been THIS fun..

Barahona Last updated on December 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My name is Barahona and this is my build for my FAVORITE champion, Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork. I fell in love with her because of a friend who scored a stunning pentakill with her, so I tried her out and instantly became my main. I hope everyone falls in love with her the same way as I did and play her :).

THANKS A LOT TO JHOIJHOI on her guide to make guides! Check it out HERE

P.S. I am not a native english speaker so if you are kind enough to point out grammar/spelling mistakes please leave a comment and I will thank you! ALL constructive criticism is allowed and don't be shy to ask questions! I will answer all comments ASAP and try to apply what you said on the comment in my guide!

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Pros / Cons


+ Excellent Early, Mid and Lategame!
+ Awesome wave clearer and pusher!
+ Game changing ultimate!
+ Tons of AoE Damage
+ Is a ball-manipulating clockwork robot
Orianna's huge AoE crowd control paired with the ability to attach the ball to the initiator of a fight makes her an invaluable member of a team. She has the potential to completely change the outcome of a fight by pressing R ( Karthus Style).

- Mana-Hungry early game (Solved Late)
- Can accidentally cast ultimate beneath her if the initiator moves out of range, effectively wasting it.
- Easy to play, semi impossible to fully master Orianna (Like Lee Sin or Fizz
- High mobitiy champions can OBLITERATE her (like Katarina Fizz Ahri)
Even the rose has a thorn. Orianna is very weak against high mobility champions because they can move away from the ball before you can launch a spell. Also, the high early mana costs on Command: Dissonance make it hard to harass before you adquire mana/mana regen items.

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Ability Explanation

  • Clockwork Windup: // WOW. This passive is just amazing. Early in the game, you will hit just about as much as a real ADC with your autoattacks! This makes harassing opponents with autoatttacks painfull (for them). Also, this helps you deal with those mids who for some reason are melee (such as Diana, Gragas and Fizz. Remember, stack your passive on opponents to make them pay for their last hits!
    Tips and Tricks
  • Command: Attack (Q): // Low cooldown, medium damage 825 ranged AoE attack that deals damage as it passes through enemies. With a reasonable .5AP ratio and a 3 second cooldown at max rank, this ability is your main farming, wave clearing and harassing tool!
    Tips and Tricks
    • // Move your ball around to harass and kill creeps you'd otherwise missed!
    • // Zone enemies by placing you ball near the enemy ranged minions, so if they come in for a last hit you can punish them with a QW combo!
    • // Don't be afraid to miss! It is on a low cd and mana cost!
  • Command: Dissonance (W): // Your ball shoots out an electric pulse that deals massive damage with a .7 AP ratio. This ability also speeds up allies by up to 40% and slows enemies by the same amount. That noob ultimateless Master Yi gets caught in their jungle without flash? Pop your Command: Protect along with Command: Dissonance to make him escape. This also helps your support to initiate coupled with a shurelya's reverie
    Tips and Tricks
  • Command: Protect (E): // This ability complements Orianna's kit greatly.The best part is you can attach it to an allied Amumu, Hecarim, Malphite or any other champion that innitiates fights so they take less damage and you can use your abilities in the middle of the enemy team! This also helps survive that pesky Requiem by adding MR and a shield!
    Tips and Tricks
    • // Protect anyone who is being focused with this shield.
    • // You can use Command: Protect to quickly return the ball to you after a QWR combo
    • // Remember, this is a shield that DAMAGES IN ITS PATH! Use this for some free damage or to clear minion waves!!!
  • Command: Shockwave (R): // This is just one of those game-changing ultimates (like Gragas' Explosive Cask or Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom) that makes Orianna who she is. This basically flings opponents and groups them up near your ball which is perfect comboed with another AoE damaging or Crowd Controlling ultimate like Miss Fortune's Bullet Time or Nami's Tidal Wave. Also, it has a HUGE damage potential with a whopping .7 AP ratio and a huge radius.
    Tips and Tricks
    • // Try to hit as many people you can with this spell so they bunch up for a perfect Unstoppable Force or Bullet Time.
    • // Use this BEFORE Command: Dissonance so the latter spell hits as many enemies as possible!
    • // If you are being chased, place your ball in front of you and wait for enemies to pass it. Then, fling them behind your ball with Command: Shockwave for a clean escape.

If you have questions about Orianna's mechanics, watch THIS video I made! I know it is really bad and has a lot of errors at the beginning, but just ignore those and watch it! I think its great and helps everyone understand her skills! PS Extra Magic damage from AA's is Clockwork Windup!

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Early Game

Early in the game, Orianna players should punish any enemy that gets in your auto attack range by stacking up your Clockwork Windup on them followed by a quick Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance for extra damage or Command: Protect for a defense to a counter attack. Be careful not to spam spells unless you possess a Chalice of Harmony or a Blue Buff. Once you hit level 5 you should start harassing as much as you can to prepare for a level 6 knockout. Remember: following this guide's skill order you should have a level 2 Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance and a level 1 Command: Protect and Command: Shockwave at level 6. Assuming you only have a Chalice of Harmony and the runes stated above, your QWRQ combo should hit for about 350. Not a lot right? Keep in mind this is AoE magic damage.Lets say you snag in 4 auto attacks, which at level 6 hit for 22.4(passive dmg) plus Orianna's ad,59.7. Her passive increases damage PER AUTO ATTACK, so in the end, 4 autos do a grand total of 410.8 + 350 = 760.8! Add ignite and your enemy(s) will we watching a grey screen for 10-20 seconds!
Mid Game

In the midgame, a few towers have went down and dragon and teamfights around it start to occur. Your role in the teamfights is to : Keep yourself alive (and your team!) and deal consistent AoE Magic damage. Try to save Command: Shockwave for the PERFECT moment and, if possible, fling the enemy carries into the Command: Shockwave. Use Command: Protect on whoever is being focused and Command: Dissonance on the leader of the pack to initiate/chase/escape. Remember, you can steal dragon or Baron Nashor by placing your ball over the wall then using either Command: Shockwave, Command: Dissonance or Command: Attack to kill it in the last moment! Remember: Keep objectives and jungle camps warded to foresee incoming enemy ambushes or prepare one of your own!

Late Game

This time of the game, a death can change the outcome of the match. Stay grouped with your team (unless you plan to split push) but don't split push yourself, you are too valuable with your extreme team fighting capabilities to be off destroying enemy towers. Focus the enemy carry and try to position yourself over a wall (like in the wraith camp or over the dragon wall so you can stay safe from enemy anti-carries such as Jax or Irelia. If your inhibitor is down, try not to do anything risky such as taking Baron Nashor because super minions can obliterate your base! Beware of backdoors and enemies with Teleport!

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Situational Items

Other AP items
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Team Lacking CC, althought id avoid it because of Command: Dissonance providing a better slow. Still a decent pick
Morellonomicon: The enemy team has ****loads of lifesteal? That douchebag Dr. Mundo, Swain, Aatrox, Tryndamere or Fiora is carrying? Fear not! Morellonomicon renders 50% of their lifesteal useless.
Nashor's Tooth: Just a fun item if the game is technically won. Your AS is about 1.30 and your on-hit damage (with Nashor's Tooth onhit + Clockwork Windup) is tremendous you'll rip enemies apart.
Deathfire Grasp: Are you in that ONE game where a fed Vayne is carrying the Mc**** out of the enemies? Worry not, with a Deathfire Grasp your already high damaging AoE nuke will be even STRONGER! Not recomended for games where walking up to the backline is a big problem thought, you can get CC chained and its suddenly a 4v5!
Seraph's Embrace This is a great item for Orianna especially if youre up against an AD mid such as Kha'Zix or Zed. Since the MR from Athene's Unholy Grail is useless, why not get another item that fullfills the role of mana without wasting stats? You can even build this against AP's, althought I highly recommend Athene's Unholy Grail thanks to the MR
Survivability Items

Warmog's Armor If the enemy has ****loads of burst damage, for example a team with Ziggs and Fizz, get this so you can survive thought the burst then pay revenge!
Guardian Angel if the enemy has resets on abilities that can wreck your team Kha'Zix, Katarina, Tristana or even Fiora get GA so they have to kill you AGAIN with their non-reset abilities or if your team is premade or trustworthy to defend you while reviving.
Randuin's Omen is their team Vayne, Jax, Teemo, Fiora and Aatrox? Slow them for each autoattack and render them useless with this item (or as I call it, the Door).
Rod of Ages Dont get me wrong, but ROA is more suited for Diana, Gragas and Karthus who need tankyness to be in the middle of a fight. Orianna is a "chill in the backline" champion and dosent need such tankyness. Better off investing in other items.
Did you happen to maybe... feed?
REMEMBER: Don't be embarassed if you feed. You simply got outplayed! Go watch your game in LoL Recorder and learn what you did wrong!
Abyssal Mask Buy this if you fed a little. You still do some damage and helps vs enemies who will force to be in -600 range, such as Diana, Kassadin or Ryze.
Banshee's Veil Buying this means you got ROFLStomped or the enemy caster has that ONE spell that can screw you over such as Veigar, Annie or Brand.
Quicksilver Sash by all means buy this beautiful item to couner Malzahar HARD. THis beauty removes all debuffs and supresses, so if the enemy has Warwick top or Skarner jungle or Malzahar mid then it is A MUST BUY! Get it during between Chalice of Harmony and Needlessly Large Rod to demolish supresses and DoT's. ALso pretty good versus Morgana and Lux to screw their combos.

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Ideal Comps for Orianna


All of the following tanks have amazing long ranged initiation tools and can very adequately carry the ball into the enemy team. Hecarim has his Onslaught of Shadows to fear the enemy team. Malphite and his Unstoppable Force can knock up all enemy players with ease, setting up a picture perfect Command: Shockwave. Amumu has his Bandage Toss to get into a fight then Curse of the Sad Mummy stops the enemy team for doing anything for 2 seconds. Finally, Zac has his 1400 ranged Elastic Slingshot to get quickly into a fight followed by a mind breaking let's bounce.

These supports have very powerful ultimates as well as CC to compliment your ultimate. Nami's Tidal Wave and Sona's Crescendo can be a great followup for your ult.
Thresh can Death Sentence an enemy trapped in a Command: Shockwave and place The Box around it for an easy ace. Lux's Light Binding can snare 2 opponents leading to a devastating Final Spark + Command: Shockwave combo to finish off 2 enemies.

As for ADC's, all of the above are phenomenal. Varus' Chain of Corruption can lead to an absolutely DEVASTATING Command: Shockwave. Draven and Ezreal both have high damage AoE ultimates to wreck the enemy team when its bunched up after you landed the Command: Shockwave. Also, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and its 1-3 second stun and 50% AoE slow is just broken coupled with an Orianna ultimate on top of it. Finally, Miss Fortune's Bullet Time has sick damage combined with Command: Shockwave

In the toplane, AP champions that can bring extreme damage and synergy with Orianna are Rumble, Vladimir and Kennen. The Equalizer is probably the strongest AoE ultimate out there. WIth all the enemies bunched up after a Command: Shockwave even a blind Rumble can get a clean shot. Vladimir in the other hand may opt to use Hemoplague before Command: Shockwave for more damage or after it for a better chance at getting a 5 man ultimate. Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom can add even more CC and magic damage to a team easly with the help of a Zhonya's Hourglass and his ultimate. Now, speaking of AD tops Riven and Jayce are 2 great picks, although very different. Riven is for an all-in comp, pairing up with Command: Shockwave for a clean Wind Slash to excecute low health foes. Jayce is more of a poke comp, using Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast coupled with Orianna's Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance to poke enemies to death.

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The Power of Having/Stealing Blue Buff

I also made a video on blue buff stealing like THIS. Note both Fiddlesticks and Morgana passed by and didn't see me because I was hidden in the C brush (and also because bots are ******ed)The power of the Blue Buff is extreme. It gives 20% CDR and TONS mana regeneration, meaning you can spam spells far more often. Some junglers such as Amumu, Maokai and Nautilus are highly dependent on mana. Also, some mid laners NEED the blue when they hit 6 so they don't go out of mana, for example, Anivia, Swain and Lux. Stealing the blue buff of any of these champions is lethal, because their mana is limited so they can't wave clear/farm jungle camps effectively, putting them behind. Warding the brush in a C form near the blue golem camp is a great way to steal it, so that you know when it's up. By placing the ball over the wall you gain vision, and have the opportunity to steal the golem in the spot, by mashing Command: Dissonance or Command: Shockwave to try and out smite the jungler or outdamage the person taking it. Pulling the golem into the C brush and stacking Clockwork Windup is an effective way to kill it if both the enemy mid and jungler are dead/elsewhere. Remember to keep the timer! type the time 5 minutes AFTER you kill the buff then return for it so you can keep killing it!

Stealing blue from the following champions is lethal :

Stealing blue from the following champions in the jungle is lethal:

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Matchups (Still Adding more, suggestions accepted!)

Difficulty: 4 Ahri can screw you over if youre not careful. You must dodge her Orb of Deception and Charm at all costs. The deadliest thing about Ahri is that she can evade your damage COMPLETELY by using Spirit Rush to dodge. You must carefully think on when to press R because it will cause you to lose pressure on Ahri..

Difficulty: 3 Akali is a high burst assasin, but she lacks range. Her form of harassment, Mark of the Assassin has 2 parts. The acitvation nuke and the trigger nuke. Avoid melee range with Akali at all costs. Abuse her low early game damage by stacking Clockwork Windup on her levels 1-5. At 6, back up, get a Chalice of Harmony and be ready for a pain in the neck. An extra point on Command: Protect might be beneficial for the added MR and shield..

Difficulty: 3 Anivia is an extremely high burst mage that has a huge lategame, just like you. Flash Frost is a slow projectile, so dodge it or prepare for over half of you hp gone thanks to Frostbite. If you can, ward her blue buff so you can steal it around 7:15 minutes in (if her jungler started blue). Denying the first blue to Anivia will set her behind. Along with that, her Glacial Storm will severly slow you and whats worse, chill you. Being chilled means Frostbite deals double damage, so beware vs an experienced Anivia.

Difficulty: 2 Annie is just a noobier LeBlanc, a very high burst mage with CC. She has a very strong early game, thanks to Disintegrate and Pyromania. There is one rule against Annie. KEEP. YOUR. DISTANCE. ALl of Annie's spells are around 600-650 range, and Command: Attack is at 825. Use your range to safely poke and last hit creeps at your will. Don't bother stacking your Clockwork Windup on her post3 or you will die. Period. The only reason she isn't played a lot is her lack of gap closers, so be sure to get 2nd blue and roam. .

Difficulty: 3 Brand is a high burst AoE and single target mage. You must stay on your feet to win this matchup. Either you will get crushed or you will crush him to pieces. The true winner of a Brand vs Orianna is the best dodger/aimer. If you can successfully juke his Sear and Pillar of Flame he is good as dead. By whatever means, don't let anyone gank your lane with low health. Brand's Pyroclasm will bounce between you if you are afflicted with Blaze and IT WILL GIVE HIM A DOUBLE KILL. Remember, your Command: Protect will shield most of his poke, so keep the ball close to you..

Difficulty: 4 Cassiopeia is a very strong DPS mage who can turn ganks around easly. Remember, althought her Twin Fang isn't a skillshot, it depends on Noxious Blast and Miasma to be effective, and they are both skillshots. Dodge her low cooldown poke. Oh, remember her ultimate Petrifying Gaze? It's pretty easy to see it comming. Just click behind you when you hear her scream OR try to guess the right time. Anyways, diving Cassiopeia is silly. Just. Don't. Do. It..

Difficulty: 6 Diana is a tanky dps burst assasin mage melee tank fighter support jungler low cooldown double gap closer moon bit** who is extremely strong against my lovely Orianna. But, I have a secret to show you. Even thought I ranked Diana as 6/5, she has a very exploitable weakness. And that is... Clockwork Windup, my friends. During levels 1-5, STACK CLOCKWORK WINDUP LIKE YOUR CRUSH TOLD YOU SHE LOVES YOU AND THEN THE DOCTOR TOLD YOU THAT TOMORROW YOU WERE DYING. SCREW CSING. WARD BOTH SIDES OF THE LANE AND FU***** STACK Clockwork Windup LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. Sorry for caps, needed to use a hyperbole. But, after 6, keep your distance, push your lane and roam. Thats all you can do..

Difficulty: 1 Evelynn is a really strong champion, don't get me wrong. The problem is, she dosen't stand a chance agaisnt Orianna. Stack Clockwork Windup against her constantly and move the ball so she can't stealth. Tl;dr: If Evelynn cant get close enough to get the drop on you, then the lane is easier than playing Tryndamere in Coal IX. Also, tell your teammates to buy vision wards so Evelynn cant roam and snowball other lanes. Place one inside you lane to see where she is heading, then pink the lane, push mid and follow her..

Difficulty: 5 Fizz is a very mobile bursty assassin that can get in, mop the floor with you and walk away without a scratch. "But Mr. Barahona, what can we do against Fizz?" As I said in the Diana matchup, during levels 1-3, STACK CLOCKWORK WINDUP LIKE YOUR CRUSH TOLD YOU SHE LOVES YOU AND THEN THE DOCTOR TOLD YOU THAT TOMORROW YOU WERE DYING. SCREW CSING. WARD BOTH SIDES OF THE LANE AND FU***** STACK Clockwork Windup LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW! Also, when you see Fizz pop his Seastone Trident, inmediatly Command: Protect and gtfo. Wait for blue buff, the push mid and roam. .

Difficulty: 5 Galio is an uncommon MR stacker who excels at countering mids. He will usually go for an Athene's Unholy Grail, so this time, even before you get yours, build a Rabadon's Deathcap so you can kill him before his MR skyrockets with items like Spirit Visage and Runic Bulwark. The best you can do is kill him once or twice before he get ****loads of MR and then roam. Be careful if he has a DPS jungler such as Nocturne or Shaco because Idol of Durand is a 2 second AoE taunt. Try to get a long ranged interrupt ( Command: Shockwave is perfect).

Difficulty:3 Gragas is a fat alcoholic that joined League bribing Riot Games. LOL joke, he is a bursty, tanky meele mage. He has amazing sustain with Drunken Rage and Happy Hour. His poke is great using Barrel Roll, althought its predicable. Look at where he tosses it. It might be behind you, it might be beneath you. Watching this will help you dodge it, as player have habits. Also, be extremely careful of jungle ganks because his Explosive Cask has an unbelievable range and knock back distance. Body Slam gives Gragas huge mobility, so keep up with him using Command: Dissonance when you possess blue or at least an Athene's Unholy Grail.

Difficulty:2 Heimerdinger is a turret manipulating mage who excels at zone control. But, he is really squishy and his H-28G Evolution Turret are easy targets to destroy. Try to poke him with a Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance combo WHILE damaging his turrets so he has to put the up again. Never fight Heimerdinger near his turrets, he will just use UPGRADE!!! and kite you around. If going in seriously, consider waiting to place H-28G Evolution Turret in the wrong place then going in, and waiting him to miss his ch-1 concussion grenade or dodging it, since it is so slow. Remember, his Hextech Micro-Rockets only hit 3 enemies, meaning stay 3 minions afar from Heimerdinger so he can't poke with the rockets. This number changes to 5 during his ultimate, UPGRADE!!!.

Difficulty: 2 Karthus, along with Cassiopeia are extremely high DPS mids that have both AoE damage with Defile and a game breaking ultimate as Requiem. Remember, when he uses Wall of Pain to slow you and hit you with Lay Waste, it is very predictable. Karthus will put it in you path. Zigzagging through the Lay Waste will prevent most, if not all of his damage. If going toe to toe with him, stay on your feet (but save Flash for Death Defied] and burst him quickly. Since Karthus is a DPS champion, either you burst him or you bust it. When you kill him, careful because he can still cast Lay Waste and Requiem, so a quick Command: Protect will probably save your life. If Karthus was a little tankier i'd rank him 3 or 4 but because of his easy kills Karthus is a 2..

Difficulty: 5 Kassadin is a teleporting assassin that can melt Orianna in less than a second. He has a powerful silence as Null Sphere, which can't miss. Since it travels slowly, keep your ball close by for a fast Command: Protect. Remember, your low cooldown spells charge his Force Pulse, so manage your spells wisely. He need 6 spells to cast Force Pulse. Assuming he has 2 charges, he can charge it by using Riftwalk, Nether Blade and Null Sphere, but falls short for 1. This means you should NOT cast ANY spell whatsoever because it will result in even more damage. Getting an Abyssal Mask or even a Banshee's Veil would be a great idea to counter his burst damage. Farm at the turret and CS the best you can. Wait for the lategame. You can even use Clockwork Windup to make him PAY FOR EVERY SINGLE LAST HIT HE WANTS TO DO and wind up killing him. Jungler ganks will be almost useless post6 because he can just Riftwalk away... Orianna should wait for lategame in this scenario..

Difficulty: 4 Katarina is a highly mobile assassin that has both single and multi-target damage. She doesn't use mana and has a very efficient wave clear with Bouncing Blades and sinister steel. Her ultimate could be considered OP if it wasn't interruptible by CC. Fortunately, Orianna has CC in her Command: Shockwave and it can interrupt her Death Lotus. As soon as you see her approaching you, use Command: Attack, Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave to melt her as she Shunpos to you. Be careful, Katarina has an EXTREMELY strong mid game, dont allow her to roam. Put some damage in the tower and even destroy it. Following her is a great option too so you can help your allies survive with a kind Command: Protect. .

Difficulty:4 Kha'Zix is a high burst AD assassin with the potential to rip you apart as he is in mid air from his Leap. For your own sake, DO NOT TRADE WITH KHA'ZIX IN LANE! Alongside with that, don't get caught out of lane by him. His extra isolation damage from Taste Their Fear will hurt!He can stealth, so either get a Vision Ward and put it in lane or try and guess where he is moving. An extra point or 2 in Command: Protect is vital for survival. Rush a Seeker's Armguard after Tear of the Goddess if you're doing fine, before if your getting ROFLStomped. Don't let the Kha'Zix snowball..

Difficulty: 4 LeBlanc is a very bursty early game mage, just like Annie. She can destroy you at level 3 if she has ignite. Dont let her get free sigil of silences on you, or you will regret it. Instead of branching off into a Needlessly Large Rod after Chalice of Harmony, build straight to Athene's Unholy Grail and get Mercury's Treads to have a chance at survival. Ping MIA if she is missing because her ganks are deadly for squishy bottom laners such as Vayne, Kog'Maw and Sona. You outscale her hard, so stay alive early and crush her team late..

Difficulty: 3 Lux is a long ranged bursty mage that excels at picking off stray enemies with Light Binding and sentencing them to death with Final Spark. She outranges poor Orianna with every ability, but that is no disadvantage to Orianna's Clockwork Windup and low cooldowns on Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance. Dodge her Light Binding at all costs or prepare for a free trip to the base post6. If she is ******ed (coal IX Lux) then prepare for your elo raising. If it is a good Lux however, you are more likely to lose..

Difficulty: 4 Malzahar is a DoT burst short ranged mage who can use an uncommon type of CC, a supress (only usable by Skarner's Impale, Warwick's Infinite Duress, Urgot's Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser and of course, the infamous Nether Grasp from Malzahar. If you get a Quicksilver Sash, you can simply destroy Malzahar's damage (removes Malefic Visions, Nether Grasp's supress and Call of the Void's silence. If you do not buy a Quicksilver Sash, dont get near Malzahar or prepare to die..

Difficulty: 2 Mordekaiser is a mage off tank that pushes and uses no mana, instead health. His passive Iron Man grants him a shield depending from the damage dealt from abilities such as Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades. Stay at a range to avoid these, as they have range of 600 and 125 respectively. When Mordekaiser has his Iron Man up, break the shield with Clockwork Windup and THEN proceeed to punish him with more autos and a nasty Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance. Don't go against him in a duel, you will most likely get stomped due to Children of the Grave. Lategame, don't let him ult your ADC or prepare for a 6v4..

Difficulty: 4 Morgana has a great gamechanging ultimate in Soul Shackles, which stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds. She has awesome sustain with Soul Siphon which grants her spellvamp for free. Her Dark Binding is a snare for 2-3 seconds which is deadly combined with a high DPS jungler such as Lee Sin or Shaco. Don't stand for long on her Tormented Soil because it will lower you MR by a LOT. Remember, don't use your Command: Shockwave while she has her shield, because she might use her Black Shield to completely render your ultimate useless. She will usually build a Rod of Ages and Zhonya's Hourglass to help for a strong front line. .

Difficulty: DEPENDSONDODGING Nidalee's skill and your dodging level is the complete deciding factor of this matchup. Her Javelin Toss hits more the farther away nidalee is from the opponent. Whatever you do I DONT CARE. The only thing I DO care bout is you dodging LEFT AND RIGHT, NOT AWAY. If you try to outrun the Javelin Toss it might hit you harder than intentionally planned due to you letting it travel farther. In cougar form, Takedown is an attack modifier that deals more damage the lower your health is. Her Bushwhack ability allows her to place traps that reveal the area for a second. If an enemy steps on one, they will be revealed so let your jungler know where the traps are placed. In cougar form, Pounce is a leap forward. Her E, Primal Surge heals Nidalee and gives her AS. With blue buff, she can stay forever in lane (unless you burst her down). In cougar form, Swipe deals AoE magic damage around her. If you have no chance of dodging spears, use your Command: Protect to negate some damage, but please, sidestep....

Difficulty: 3 Orianna will do the same thing you do all the time. Manipulation the ball, calling out Command: Attack to poke, shielding with Command: Protect and stuff. You already know a whole bunch about Orianna after reading up to this point, so put things in practice. Dodge her nasty Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance combo and send your own. If you can stay on your feel, the enemy Orianna will not land a single Q, thus not being able to burst you down. If you can get Sorcerer's Shoes earlier, then you can dodge easier..

Difficulty: 3 Ryze is an AP offtank that excels at sustained damage and toe to toe confrontations, exactly what Orianna likes to avoid (usually). Ryze has range of about 650 on most of his spells, making him a short ranged caster. You have the higher range, so abuse him by running back when he tries to Overload or Rune Prison you. Always use your Command: Protect when you want to force a trade, even if you dont get into his range, he might flash in or slip into your range! Always think of all the possible things he could screw you over. Your only shot at getting fed off of him is BEFORE he gets a Rod of Ages and/or Banshee's Veil..

Difficulty: 4 Swain is a tanky DoT mage, than must be tanky enough to stand in the front line (like Morgana) He has a mediocre early (pre6) game, but after 6 he is a monster. His Decrepify slows you, making landing Nevermove a breeze. Abuse the range of Command: Attack to poke and farm safely out of his Decrepify range. Torment will increase damage dealt to a target (like a Deathfire Grasp but only applicable to Swain's damage, including Ignite. Ravenous Flock is very similar to Anivia's Glacial Storm, but around swain. This also heals him for 25% damage dealt to minions and 75% dealt to champions. This is the main reson a Morellonomicon can replace an Athene's Unholy Grail if he gets fed. An exceptional way to counter Swain is denying his first blue buff, by warding his blue, then stealing it with a simple QWR combo. Remember, a Swain without mana is an unhappy Swain..

Difficulty:3 Syndra is a very high burst mage who controlls dark spheres to kill enemies (similiar to Orianna, eh?) She has many skillshots and all of her power relies on her ultimate, Unleashed Power with the addition of Dark Spheres to deal more additional damage. She has an extremly hard to land stun with Scatter the Weak using a Dark Sphere to stun and a knockback if they are not hit. Force of Will picks up a minion, monster or Dark Sphere and tosses it to deal damage. Try to survive the early game by putting 2 points on Command: Protect for the added MR and shield. Avoid getting slowed with Force of Will because it gives Syndra a chance to stun you quicker with Scatter the Weak. Also, her ultimate has a huge amount of base damage, so keep you guard up. As with LeBlanc, get Athene's Unholy Grail ASAP..

Difficulty:5 Talon is a bursty AD assassin that can silence opponents. The most feared midlaner, capable of beating the strongest of the AP mids without breaking a sweat. There is a method to win a lane vs Talon, though. During levels 1-3, STACK Clockwork Windup LIKE YOUR CRUSH TOLD YOU SHE LOVES YOU AND THEN THE DOCTOR TOLD YOU THAT TOMORROW YOU WERE DYING. SCREW CSING. WARD BOTH SIDES OF THE LANE AND FU***** STACK Clockwork Windup LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW! Once he hits level 3 things will change. A simple E-aa-Q-W combo will leave poor Orianna with half health, and thats when Command: Protect kicks in. 2 points before 6 and you're golden. When his cutthroat is on cooldown, punish him with a QW combo while stacking Clockwork Windup. Pre3 is your only shot at winning early..

Difficulty: 1 Twisted Fate is a squishy, low cooldown stunning mage that can teleport up to 5500 units from him. Pretty impressive, right? His flaw is simple, like Karthus, he is super squishy. He has the potential to TWO SHOT YOU with a lich bane'd Pick A Card followed by Wild Cards. If you see him channel his Destiny teleport, immediately respond with a fast Command: Shockwave on him to prevent him from teleporting to assist another lane. His lategame nuking potential with Deathfire Grasp is huge, so don't wander alone in your jungle after a few towers have gone by. His amazing splitpushing capabilities are also a force to be reckoned with, so you should take Teleport if necessary or new to Orianna to follow his ganks and backdoors..

Difficulty: 4 Veigar is an EXTREMELY HUGE burst mage that favors to target squishy AP's because his ultimate, Primordial Burst. It deals a huge chunk of base damage PLUS 1.0 AP scaling PLUS dealing 80% of the targets ability power. If both Veigar and you have 1000 AP and are level 18, he will hit for 500(base)+100( Veigar's)+800(yours times .8) meaning it will chunk off 2300 DAMAGE, not counting MR. So, Mr Barahona, how do you beat such an OP champion? The secret to beating Veigar in lane is simple: range and Mercury's Treads. If Veigar traps you in his Event Horizon, don't touch the edge. Run around the middle to dodge Dark Matter then Command: Protect his Baleful Strike and even Primordial Burst. If you DO get stunned, Mercury's Treads will render the stun less effective. If Veigar can't land Dark Matter, he cant kill you without his ultimate. Remember to abuse your higher range and low early game damage to get fed and roam..

Difficulty: 2 Vladimir is a sustainable AP offtank that has the ability to become untargetable. He runs on health, not mana so he can consistently spam Transfusion to keep himself healthy. His Hemoplague is a huge threat to teamfights, giving 12% extra damage to all targets affected. He also has a spammable AoE magic damage source in Tides of Blood. Vladimir has an exploitable flaw, his terrible early game. He has low-lowmed damage and minimal cc. Pre9, harass and make Vladimir's life living hell. Most Vladimirs get Sanguine Pool at level 2. If your jungler starts red (such as Lee Sin, Zac or even a good Nautilus that starts blue) and ask them a gank before you guys hit level 2. You can easly force a flash or even get first blood (ideal) but if not, just zone him with Command: Attack's huge range and Clockwork Windup sustained damage. Fighting vladimir with your QRWQ combo is dangerous, wait for him to blow Sanguine Pool and THEN combo of doom him..

Difficulty: 4 Zed is a dangerous, high burst lategame assassin that excels at moping the floor with squishies, like, Orianna. In this matchup, I'd serously invest in an early Seeker's Armguard for the extra armor and a Tear of the Goddess for replacement as the mana source. This is because the MR from Athene's Unholy Grail is wasted in things you could better be spending that MR on, such as more AP and wards. To counter Zed, a Zhonya's Hourglass is perfect. Just when his ultimate, Death Mark is almost halfway done, pop the Zhonya's Hourglass active. It will prevent further damage and, when the mark triggers, it will deal no damage because you are UNTARGETABLE. If he is ROFLStomping you/your team, investing in an earlier Zhonya's Hourglass might be beneficial, especially if theres a lot of AD in the enemy team..

Difficulty:3 Ziggs is a high AoE magic damage with an extremely long ranged ultimate with a gigantic radius. Ziggs and Orianna are very alike due to them having a short cooldown Q Bouncing Bomb and Command: Attack and having massive AoE magic damage. The key to beating Ziggs is dodging. Kind of like beating Nidalee, if you cant dodge its pretty much GG. Stealing his blue can be a step forward, go ward it at around 6:45 if his jungler started blue and be ready to send out a QRWQ combo to swipe it from Ziggs. Another trick against the hexplosives expert is to remember his Bouncing Bomb... bounces? So, stay at about the range of your Command: Attack if you're on the defensive so the bomb has to bounce once or twice to reach you. That means you have enough time to react..

Difficulty:2 Zyra is a high AoE burst mage who can chain CC a target or the entire enemy team! She has these annoying seeds that grow into plants using Rampant Growth and then casting a spell on them. They last 10 seconds, and have a 17 second cooldown at level 1 (not even a mentally ill Zyra will max these first) so after she puts 2 seeds down, its your time to strike. Position yourself so that her annoying plants dont block your Command: Attack because it will lessen its damage! Remember, she can disengage really well with Stranglethorns and Grasping Roots and also keep in mind they both can hit infinite targets! (i.e. it can snare/damage/knockup your entire team) Try to shutdown Zyra so she cant deal good damage in teamfights untill later in the game..

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The Highly Underestimated Damage of Clockwork WIndup!


Her passive reads as it follows: Orianna’s autoattacks deal an additional 10 / 18 / 26 / 34 / 42 / 50 (+ 15% AP) magic damage every hit. Additionally, attacking the same target within 4 seconds deals an extra 20% magic damage on the second hit, and 40% extra on the third and further hits. At level 6, her autos deal 59.7AD + (18*(.15*32)), or 82. After that, the next hit deals (82*.2)+82, or 98.4. The ∞ auto attacks will deal (82*.4)+82, or 114.8. If we auto attack 4 times at level 6 without armor/mr taken into account, one will be dealing 427.2 out of 4 auto attacks! Thats like having 106.8 AD! Impressive huh? But it dosen't stop there yet. Lets say you buy a Nashor's Tooth...

Nashor's Tooth gives 15 (+15% AP) bonus magic damage on hit for every auto attack. This is just a 3 less base damage than a level 6 Orianna with a passive that dosen't deal subsequent bonus damage!!! So, at level 6 with a Nashor's Tooth and 32 AP, Orianna will deal (15+.15ap) + (18+.20ap) + 59.7 = 103.9 damage for THE FIRST AUTO OF THE PASSIVE. For the last one(.6x82) the formula is (15+.15ap) + (18+.60ap) + 59.7 = 209.05 PER AUTO ATTACK AT LEVEL 6 WITH A Nashor's Tooth! That is so wicked awesome! Plus, you will have around 1.30 AS so you can attack really fast, really strong. Nashor's Tooth is a great pick for normals or when the game is won, but not for very serious ranked.

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Why I changed my mind in Q = W

I changed my mind about Q = W because of some tests I did with my friend Thornside. We did a 1v1, both players using Orianna. He maxed Q>W and I used the sequence above. We both had no runes and masteries. At level 9, we fought and he won by 200hp. At level 10 we fought and we tied, the last autoattack flew at the exact same time. So, in conclussion, Q>W. I admit I was wrong after doing some tests with Orianna, so unless you end laning at level 10, don't Q=W. It is just not worth it!

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Special Thanks

*Jhoijhoi: There is no guide that could possibly stand a chance if it wasn't for her. She helped me code and make columns, giving her thanks is not enough. Check her guide
*Thornside(in-game): He was SO helpful in conducting tests such as Q=W or Q>W. I can't thank him enough!!!