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Elise Build Guide by GreyVictory1510

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GreyVictory1510

Queen of the Jungle

GreyVictory1510 Last updated on September 12, 2013
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Ap-Jungle/Just for fun


Just for fun, again! xD

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone and welcome to my Jungle-Elise Guide. ^^
Elise is a champion, with a high damage potential and a great variety of abilitys thanks to her transforming nature. Compared to Nidalee she has her R at Level 1, which helps her early in a great way. Mostly she will be played as a Solo-Top champion, which helps in draftpick. Chose her early and they want to counter her at the top, which gives your Topchamp a chance to counter them, when she is actually youre jungler. She has great sustain and a good cleartime, so if you need an Ap-assasin, don`t hesitaite to chose her. Well, now to the actual guide. Finally updating this guide... Runic Bulwork. I will miss you and your spider powering up aura. T___T*

*Krittank adn Lifesteal Elise are just little bonuses for fun. I will ad chapters for it later.

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Pros / Cons


+She has great Burst-Potential.
+Long range Skillshot-Stun( Cocoon).
+She can escape from even the hardest situations.
+Fast cleartime and good invade.
+Good Build-options.
+She is a freaking spider!


-Very squishy at the beginning.
-Situational gapcloser( Rappel).
-Stun can be blocke by minions and pets.
-Pretty much dead, when silenced in humanform.
-Looses against a lot AD-Bruisers in a clear 1v1.
-It realy hurts to see your Spiderlings die and they die fast... T__T

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Ability Explanation

Spider Swarm is Elises passive and grant her one Spiderling for every ability she lands in humanform, but she can only hold a certain number of spider, starting by to and maxed with a total of 5 spiders. If Elise transform in a spider, her Spiderlings are released. Each spiderlink can perform autoattacks and will deal physical damage and profit from Elise`s Armorpen. Also they take less damage from Area of Effect-Abilitys. Turrets always oneshot them. It is to note, that they will profit from all auras, that effects minions as well as Runic Bulwark has.

Neurotoxin is her Human-Q and will deal more damage, the more health the enemy has by a percentage of their maximum health. Use it at the start of a fight but after your W and max it first, as it deals great damage and has a short cooldown.

Venomous Bite is her Spider-Q. Elise will jump to a near target, making it a very short gapclose. If the target dies, before she hits it, the cooldown is resetted and she can use it again. It is the opposite of her Neurotoxin, dealing more damage, if your target has less health by a percentage of his maximum health. It is also a command for your Spiderlings to jump to your target, focusing it. Use it to let them tank junglecamps or focus your little army on one target.

Volatile Spiderking, her Human-W. Elise sends of a venomous spider, which explodes after a certain time or when it hits an enemy, dealing magic damage around it. Make sure to use before your Q, because it is slow and your Q will hit before it. Timemanagement, if you want to say it that way. Max it second.

Skittering Frenzy, Elises Spider-W. It profids her and her Spiderlings with a massive AS-Steroid and health Elise for every Autoattack of her and her peds by a smallamount. Also it gives her Spiderlings passive AS. EDIT: Now scales with Double the AP for massive recovery! But the spiders die hard and if you don`t have any, don`t even try healing yourself up against damage.

Cocoon is her Human-E. Elise shouts out a net and it is a linear skillshot by nature, but it is also being blocked by minions or other enemy targets exept towers of course. It is hard to land impossible, if your enemy can run behind minions, but it porvides sight, so that is a nice bonus.

Rappel, her Spider-W. When you klick on terrain, she pulls herself up in the air, becomming untargetebal and dodging abilitys like Karthus`s or Caitlyn`s Ult, but also becomming unable to use Autoattacks or other Abilitys. While being above the map, she greants sight around her in a set circle, reaviling everything in it, that is not stealthed. If you rightclick on an enemy champion, minions or junglecreep in this circle she will jump to him or her. Also you can use this ability on targets directly to skip the waiting above ground, making it a good chasing and escapeskill. But always keep in mind, that she will wait in the sky, if there is no target, which can be pretty bad for your team.

This is Elise`s Ultimate. It let`s her transform from a human into a spider and back. It has a cooldown of 4 seconds as a basic, so take that in mind. You won`t be able to instantly turn back after using it. When in spiderform Elise deals bonus Magic Damage with each Autoattack and is granted 10 bonus Movementspeed and 10/15/20/25 Armor and MR. If you want to move faster around the map, use her spiderform, but if it is dangerous, use humanform for your stun. When someone stronger surprises you then, use Cocoon, transform and run. She deals great damage, but she is best of at surprising someone herself and often can`t stood up in an straight 1v1 fight against someone like Olaf, Darius or Riven.

Always have in mind, that all her abilitys scale only with Ap and that she is realy cooldown dependend. If you know the enemy locations, go for their Bluebuff. She clears fast and you shouldn`t get in danger.

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18







Use your Volatile Spiderling at first for the AOE and use Neurotoxin nearly at the same moment on big minions/the stronger junglecreeps for maximum damage. Follow up with your spiderabilitys. Venomous Bite, so that your spiders jump forth, and Skittering Frenzy for the damage and eventually healing.







Make sure to land Cocoon for the stun, then your standart W-Q-Combo and transform. Now you are more tanky because of your passive, if he fights back, and you have 2 more damage-abilitys and 1 gapcloser. Also now you have 10 more Movementspeed to chase or escape. Start with Skittering Frenzy to melt down there HP and use Venomous Bite to finish them off.

Open Combat:







*Spam Neurotoxin until you have a good opertunity to use Cocoon and/or your Team initiates.
Be aware of your mana. Then do as much damage as you can to the best target(Carrys should be your top-priority) you could reach in an instant with your spider-abilitys. Your Volatile Spiderling will be blocked by tanks most of the time.






Assuming you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, this is the best chasing-combo for your team. Close the gap with Rappel when they flash or use another gapcloser and transform*. Use Neurotoxin for a quick slow. Then use Volatile Spiderling. If you would use your W first, the casttime could be enough so that they escape. Use your Cocoon anywhere between the combo, as soon as it gets of cooldown, but most of the time, you could only use it after Volatile Spiderling. After you used your 3 human abilitys transform again and use your spiderabilitys and autoattacks, while they are on cooldown.
*Depending on how long the fight lasted before, your abilitys may not be off cooldown in humanform. If that is the case, wait for your R to transform. She is a ranged champion in her humanform and would stop chasing, if she just autoattacked, because she wouldn`t have to chase for this. Also your spiderform deals more damage with them, so thats a thing. You must know your cooldowns very well for this to work out right.

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As for masteries I recomment17/10/3. She highly profits from Ap as in the jungle and for ganks, so I highly suggest to put some points into her.
If you would play her as a your Ap-carry, you could invest even more here, but as a jungler, I recommand less damage from turrets using Safeguard(I would use an icon here, but Lee Sin gets in the way). Veteran's Scars simply helps you throughout the entire game. Health is pretty good on Elise, because her Spiderform gives her Armor and MR, which also reflects in her build so Veteran's Scars should be chosen, too. To ad a bit more survivability, less damage from champions. ^^

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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration
As her Assasin-nature, she needs to do damage in splitseconds. Therefor I recomment Ap and magicpenetration on her. Also she needs As and Armor, so that she can hold her clearingtime and doesn`t get to much of a beating in the jungle, when all her spiders are dead, which happens sometimes, or when her Spiderlings are bugged. Sometimes they just won`t jump in front of you, when you use Venomous Bite. This realy isn`t to much of a problem and is at least annoying, if you have a bit armor. Also the armor is nice, when you need to tower dive, which will happen eventtually at some point to secure a kill.
You could also use movementspeed, gold/time or taanky runes, but I feal the most comfortable with the hevy damage runes.

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Your Main-Spells

Obviously you should use Smite. It will help you in the jungle, even if you can clear it without it. You can steal blue, red, Dragon and even Baron with it or secure them, so that they won`t get stealed in return.

Teleport is just great for Jungle-Elise in my opinion. Minions will block your Cocoon, so justyou can gank from behind by teleporting to wards in bushes, ignoring the minion-waves entirely. Together with Homeguard you will be so quick, that it will be hard to react and even harder to escape. If your Team doesn`t set the wards you need for your ganks, talk to them. There isn`t a chat without a reason. Also it helps to explain your strategie before the match starts. As an alternative, just set the wards yourself. This will also help the lanes to safe there gold for permanend items. Buying a Sightstone here might be a good option then. Also Teleport let`s you splitpush better, jump back to your team after going back or corner fleeing enemies. You can use it in many ways.

Situational Spells

When you don`t like the Teleport-Homeguard-Strategy, because it is to risky for you, you always forget to use teleport or just want another Spell, chose one. There is no sense in torturing yourself with something you are not comfortable with.

Well, Flash is always an option. A free blink is never a bad thing to have. When your opponents have many gapclosers, you should be mobile, too. Examples are Ezreal, Kassadin and Ahri.

If your enemy team uses a lot of autoattacks( Xin Zhao, Jax and Ashe as an exsample), they are fast by nature, but can`t blink and/or escape slow( Evelynn or Garen just throw it of) or the main damage is focused around one champion(1 damagedealer like Brand and 4 lowdamage champions with propably heavy cc andtank-abilitys) it could help you out often, but it realy is pretty situational and most of the times one exhaust from the supporter or Top-laner should be enough.

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Most of the time you want Mercury's Treads. Elise is an assasin based on pure magicdamage, but she needs to survive long enough to deal all the damage she has at hand. With runes, Liandry's Torment and Abyssal Mask you already have plenty of it. Also you get Tenacity as a bonus. If you are looked down via snares and stuns you won`t be of any help to your team. While facing a heavy AD-AA-Team, you could by Ninja Tabi, too.
Also as an early enchantment I would recomment Homeguard. It just let`s you gank so hard, when you are using Teleport and otherwise you will just be instantly be able to go back in the jungle or lane after coming home.

This item is so great on Jungle-Elise, you can`t imagine it. AP for burst and sustain, faster cleartime, 20% less cooldown on smite and Spellvamp, wich procs on smite and greatly on your Q in both forms! Well, Volatile Spiderling procs it, too, but... Nah, not worth it. xD

This items helps you throughout the entire game. It makes it harder for your targets to escape your ganks, makes you hit harder and be harder to kill. Also it will help you escape by harrasing your followers and slowing them using your Q and W in humanform.

Liandry's is propably Elises best item. It gives her everything, that she needs. Also its passive works excellent with Rylia`s, which is another coreitem for her. But be careful! Try not to buy it before Rylai's Crystal Scepter to get the most use out of it. It is to expensive to rush in my opinion.

You already have a lot MR with Mercury's Treads and/or your Abyssal Mask, so a bit Armor will balance you out. The extra health is also nice to have and a little extra damage through the passive could help, too.


When you have bought an early Kage's Lucky Pick you could build it into an Will of the Ancients to help your team. Use it mostly, when you are clearly not getting as fed as hard as you APler. When they are stronger then you, why not make them stronger again? Also some ADler profit from the spellvamp greatly, because there are just no good items for them and this is the only chance to get it without wasting money. Champions like Riven or Garen can put it to good use, but would never buy spellvamp themself.

Sometimes you should leave this item out(heavy AD-teams or with some other champ on your team, who will build it], but in most cases you just want to have it. AP, MR and a nice aura for your team. Overall a pretty solid item.

If the enemy team has offtanks like Lee Sin, Garen or Olaf, you might want this to burst them down. Also the 120 AP and 15% Cooldown Reduction is always nice to have.

When you are getting fed yourself, feel free to buy it and murder everyone that comes on your way, but make sure you are tanky enough to back it up. A dead spider is no good spider. Elise is here quit the opposit of Teemo.

Basically it is never bad to have. It gives you great sustain and buffs your natural healingrate greatly. Health, health and more health, realy nothing more to it. Elise will get a lot of foucs onto her, so she just needs to life through it.

This item is pretty situational. It`s effect is just all around great, but it has no use, when you are the only on left and just die again. Of course, the Armor and MR are great, but sometime you are just better of with a Warmog's Armor.

AP, Armor, Mana, Slow, Spellblade and the passive works as AOE. It is good, but the spellblade works only on AD so you should only take it, if you want to be more tanky.

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You are the jungler and come around more around the map then anyone else from your team. Always keep that in mind. It pretty much gives you the best opportunity to ward. Most wards can be easely set up by your Teammates, because they don`t have to go far from there lane to set them up, and as a result, the ward-pressure is pretty situational, but in case they don`t ward, you should know were to set Sight Ward`s up.

*The bigger the wards are the higher, the priority to set them is.

Top priority:

You should always have a ward, that covers dragon and the jungle entrance, baron and the jungle entrance, one in each tribush and two around the mid-lane, one in each small bush above and below the lane. This way you alway know, where enemies leave the jungle and when. It let`s you plan your next actions and where to gank.

Low priority:

It can be fatale, if you gank while the enemy-jungler is near your position or, what is even worth, if he surprises you. Therefor you can set wards up in the enemy-half of the jungle. But these wards have a lower priority, so only set wards there, if you have enough gold on you to buy these without ruining your game. And who know? Maybe you will be able to steal some buffs to even out the money you used for setting up these wards.

Situational priority/Gank-wards:

Finally there are the bonus-wards in the Top- and Bot-lane, which are pretty situational to be honest. Against champs like Nidalee and Blitzcrank you realy want them, so that you have enough time to dodge there skillshots, but against other champions they will only help you to a very small degree. But there is a reason, why there are listed in this jungle-guide, but not the other situational wards! You can use them for your teleport and gank from behind! If your team can set them up without beeing noticed, your enemies won`t even know, that you have this option to gank.

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Counters against her

If you choose Elise early during draftpick, most people will asume, that you will be the Top- or Mid-laner. As a result, they will try and counter you with following champions. Make sure, that your team counters them as a result. Best works, if your Top- or Mid-laner is someone, that would be your jungler most of the time. Then he could even choose before you to work this out. This does not works always out, but you should be fine most of the time and nothing goes always perfect.


Yorick will be their champion of choise most of the time. Pick Xin Zhao here as your Toplaner, if you can. They will most likely think, that he is your jungler and you will screw with your enemys minds. Also in Teamfight he can junmp in with you together and you will kill theirs carrys realy fast.

Here you realy should make sure to counter him. A fed Cho'Gath hurts and is nearly unkillable, but Cho can also be countered realy hard. If he is not big, you realy can keep him your nice, little pet here. Warwick, Kayle and Xin Zhao should be your Top-laners here. All can jungle, can be awesome in Teamfights and work well with Elise. Kayle with her Ult and Warwick and Xin Zhao will jump in with you together and focus their Carrys.

When they choose Xin Zhao as their Top-laner, choose Jax as yours. He is propably the best ally for Elise and is a hard-counter for our speer-wielding friend. But keep in mind! What you can do, they can do, too! Maybe Xin Zhao is their jungler. If that is the case, Jax might get countered, but you should take the risk. Their is pretty much nothing else you can do. If they counter him, switch position. Elise can at least fight on an even stand against his counters. Just make sure you can play Elise Top, too, or know how to play Jax if you swap your champions and not your lane.


Kassadin is theoretically the best counter against Elise Mid-lane. he gets countered by Talon, Sion, Mordekaiser and Fizz. Personally I would think of Talon and Fizz as the best choise here, but the other two work, too. Sion`s stun greatly helps to hit your Cocoonand Mordekaiser`s Ult with your burst is also a good combo, but both can`t dive so good. If your Top-laner can do this ( Jax and Xin Zhao as an example), you could choose them, too, but otherwise I wouldn`t recommand it.

He can be pretty nasty, even if you are the jungler. If Malzahar lands his Ult on you while you dive, you will have a problem. You need hard CC to follow up and interrupt him. As Mid-laners I would recommand Diana or Talon. They both can dive with you and interrupt the Ult. If Malzahar uses it on them, use your Cocoon to interrupt it in return, but be aware of his pet. It can block your skillshot. If you have someone like Leona as your supporter or again Jax or Xin Zhao as your Top-laner, you could choose Galio or Lux for the Mid, too. Both are better counters then Talon and Diana, but don`t work so good with Elise, when the enemy is further away.

Brant is very dangerous for teamfights and your Spiderlings let his Ult bounce, too, but you can trickk it out with your transform and Rappel. If the target vanishes, his Ult should vanish, too. Against him choose Kassadin, Fizz or LeBlanc. They have all good gapcloser, can jump in with you together and jump back out safely after the job is done. As last option you could take Galio. He doesn`t work so good with Elise as the other three, but Bulwark helps you dive and if he lands his Idol of Durand well, it could realy change Teamfights to your favor.

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Good Allies for Elise


You can change lanes with Jax if you need to, he can jump in and murder the enemy carrys with you, has a stun, can dodge Autoattacks and snowballs good on top of that. All in all, he is my most favorits partner when I play Elise.

He can be better the Jax, but worse, too. His Ult can knock enemies out of your stun if timed bad and your Volatile Spiderling will most likely only hit one target, but if timed good he can make the path clear for you to hit Cocoon. He jumps in with you and focuses the enemy carries. Also he can swap lanes with you and works as a counter against a lot of Elise`s counters. And like Jax, he snowballs hard. He can carry you with eas, if he gets fed.

Assault and Battery works great with Cocoon. Vi`s Ult knocks enemies away and surpresses her target. If you walk streight behind her, you can`t miss your stun. Same goes for [Nidalee]]`s spear, but I will talk about her later. You won`t profit great from the armor breaking from Denting Blows, but your Spiderlings and AD-Carry will. Again, Vi dives the enemy with you, like the previous ones. You could even build a whole team around her Ult, but to that later again.

During the laningphase Kayle grinds down minionwaves with her Righteous Fury, so that they don`t stand in the ways of your Cocoon. In teamfights her Intervention will mostlikely safe you after jumping on the enemy carries. Also she does a great amount of damage, can jungle and runs on AP. Your supportiv buildoptions will help her greatly( Will of the Ancients and Abyssal Mask) and if she has a Deathfire Grasp on her together with Reckoning even tanks won`t be able to stand up to that damage.

His Rupture keeps the enemies at place and will interrupt any charging abilitys from champions it hits. On top of it also slows them and deals pretty good damage. Then their is his Feral Scream, which has at rank 5 a 2,5 sec. silence! If he survives the laningphase and gets his Ult stacked, you realy can`t do anything wrong by having one in your team. He grinds down minionwaves like no other champion and makes the way clear for Cocoon. He is counted as a great jungler, so swap if you feel the need to.

His Ult, AOE-Autoattacks ans Slow makes it for you easy to hit your stun. If he doesn`t get banned, he is always great to have, esspecially in teamfights. The enemyteam needs to spred or they will all be hit by Unstoppable Force. If they spred, your Cocoon and other abilitys like Javelin Toss will be easier to land. You realy have not mutch to loos with this pick.

Rengar is just one big pack of burst. He needs his Ferocity-Bonus for his Savagery and can`t provide more CC then a slow as a result, but if your enemy doesn`t have an oracle or pink ward set, someone will be lying dead on the ground before they can react, if he hits the right target. All the focus will go to him and that is the moment when Elise jumps in. You will be able to deal heavy damage and won`t have to fear a lot of stuns, slows, taunts, knockups or whatever they have. Being able to land your whole skillset without being interrupted is the best possible situation. If your enemies are smart, they will hold some CC back for you, but this shouldn`t be to much of a problem. Rengar can also go in the jungle, if you want to swap, so thats always nice.

Well.... I hate him as an enemy... But he is quite a good alie for some Matchups. Free ward-mushrooms alias Noxious Trap, Blinding Dart and heavy poison-damage on up to 3 enemys with Runaan's Hurricane. He is especially listed here, because you can use his mushrooms for Teleport and it actually works quite well, if your Mid-laner is someone like Kha'Zix. At least give that little Rat(Nothing against Twitch) a chance. ^^


If he is mid, it is nearly the same as Top, only that he maybe trades tankyness for damage. The other reasons can be found in the Top-laner-Section.

He jumps in, bursts, silences and walks out. In laningphase and during Teamfights he will work good with you. Same goes for Fizz, except he doesn`t silences, but he has a delayed knockup and is better for teamfights.

Nearly the same as Talon, just better for teamfights without the silence, but as a tradeoff with a delayed knockup.

Well, Nidalee is an interesting ally for Elise. Both can transfrom and use their skillshots over walls. In an open fight the Puma-Spider-Combinations doesn`t work so well if you don`t have Vi, Janna or Xin Zhao, but when they are roaming the lane and jungle, this is a different story. Using Clairvoyance, wards, traps or Teemo`s you can catch someone off guard. If Cocoon hits, he or she are pretty mutch dead, if it isn`t a fulltank. It gives sight and followed by Neurotoxin, Javelin Toss, Rappel, Pounce, Autoattacks and whatever may, it should be to much damage for nearly all champions to handle. Bushwhack also lowers the magicresistence, so the damage would go even higher. If then one of these two has a Deathfire Grasp on them... Well, you can imagine that.


Just because I can Cho'Gath again. Not the best choise, but he can be pretty good in some cases. With Xin Zhao as AD-Carry the botlane starts to snowball hard when it gets one or two kills. Also both work with Elise well.

Propably the best supporter to have with Elise in your Team. She has stuns, snears and slows, engages and keeps the enemies at bait for you to go in and go out alive. Also her passive helps to a certain point. Leona does only AP-damage with abilitys, so your Abyssal Mask`s aura helps her, too.

Well, he has a realy nice grab. He will grab whoever is in the way or if everything works out perfectly, he will grab a carry. Shoot with Elise your Cocoon in the new free space and stun the now open top priority target. The only bad thing is, you can`t be sure, that all will work out. If the enemyteam is smart, it will completly go wrong! In the worst case, your Blitzcrank will grab someone like Amumu...Realy, that mommie needs friends and wants to be grabbed so badly, sometimes he even would use flash for it.

This liddle soul-collecting fellow is a far better choice then Blitzcrank in my opinion. He can pull them a bit, jump to them and dive with you. Slow them, knock them up and realy do serious damage without any offensive items thanks to his passive. You can nearly do anything wrong with a good Thresh in your team.

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Your first clear

First of all, the first clear doesn`t always happen, as you want to. Invades and early ganks can realy chance it completly. Don`t try to follow this, despite the situations. Your team will at least not flame you for it.
I should point out, that you get 10 bonus movementspeed in your spiderform. Use it to get faster from one position to another, if yur are safe. If you don`t know the enemies locations, use your humanform to walk. Then you can stun, turn into a spider and run for your life, if you need to.
First of all, start at the wolves, if your team helps you with the damage. Her basic signature in the jungle is, that her spider can tank the entire jungle for you. Each humanform ability will give you on spider and you can hold a maximum of 2 at the start and 5 at the end. You can sacrifice 1 spider for the wolves, but not more or someone needs to tank the Bluebuff, which should be your next objective. If you get not enough help, start with the Bluebuff and do the wolves after that.
You first skill is your W. Use it in humanform and then transform to your spiderform. Let your spiders attack your objective and then go in an instant behind your Spiderlings, because thanks to the recent changes always the frontline will be attacked. Don`t hesitate to use Smite, if your opponent starts at the Bluebuff or is faster then you. When you reach Level 2, level your Q.*
The next steps are always the same, if you want to clear the small camps. First Humanform. W, then Q. Transform and then Q again. Your spiders will jump to the target, which gets them in a better position to tank. Then use your W. It gives you and your spiders attackspeed and you will deal a lot of damage to your enemy of choise with it. Also it heals you. Take a second point in it at level 3, if you don`t want or can`t handel an early gank. But be careful! If your enemy tends to invade, you won`t have your stun and gapcloser. If the danger is to high, its not a shame to take it at Level 3, even if your clear time gets worse.
After blue and wolves clear the ghosts-camp, then take the golems and finally the Redbuff. You should have smite up by now. From now on for the Buff-camps use your Neurotoxin at first, so that the Big Golem or Elderlizard steps forth and your Volatile Spiderling can hit all three of the camp-creeps. It is only a slight change it isn`t tragic, if you stick to your old W-Q-Combo, but it still gives you a small buff in your clearingspeed. When you are done with the Redbuff go for the ghosts or try to gank the Bot/Top or Mid-lane, depending if you play from Top or Bottom.

*If you didn`t use smite at the blue, you can try to counterjungle with Elise. She is fast and should have enough health to even escape when being spotted while stealing. But NEVER do this, if you know, that the enemy jungler arrives before you are done and/or if he is stronger at dueling. You won`t have your Cocoon and Rappel to quikly escape. Elise is fast, but others are faster AND have a better early dueling.


Her stun is a skillshot stun, bu is being blocked by minions. You need to time your ganks between the minionwaves or your comrades need to clear them for you, if you don`t want to use your Volatile Spiderling to get them out of the way. Minions will not always be a problem, but of the time, enemies will get chelter behind their minions. As an option you can use Rappel to jump right next to your enemies, so that your stun nearly can`t hit, but you will lose your gapcloser. Jax is an exellent partner for Elise here and furing teamfights. I think, it would be the best toplaner for Jungle-Elise to work with. Also you can always stun a running target, if you are lucky.
After being in range, use wour W-Q-Combo in humanform for a maximum damage output. Despite using your Volatile Spiderling before your Neurotoxin, it takes time to hit your enemie, so your Neurotoxin will hit first. After using W and Q transform and use Skittering Frenzy. If your enemie is low, use Venomous Bite(It also is a mini-gapcloser, but don`t try to rely on the short jump) to finish off your enemies.
Be careful, when you see stuns or silences incoming. She deals a lot of damage, but can be bursted down easely, too. Use the tri-bushes for your adventage. The chance for them not being warded is higher and you can avoid the blocking minions and be there before they escaped even if you were spotted, when attacking from behind. Also you can do blindganks using your Rappel, but this is very risky.

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Your role in teamfights is basically easy, but hard to fulfill. You need to jump in, kill the carries fast and escape. Also use your Cocoon to stun dangerous targets or to interrupt Ults( Katarina or Nunu for an example). As explained earlier your spiders serv as a target for Teleport. This could help your teammates splitpushing and jumping to your team, when a teamfight is approching. Also feel free to use Teleport for the exact same reason. For an APler Elise can destrroy turrets very fast using her spiders and Skittering Frenzy.
When you are on the run, use your humanform to harres and stun, if only few enemies could catch up(Someone with a short speedbuff, like Garen and Evelynn). With Rylai's Crystal Scepter you can slow multiple targets using your Volatile Spiderling. If you see no point in this, because they are just to many or to fast just run in spiderform! You get 10 bonus movementspeed can use Rappel to escape using the junglecamps to your advantage.

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Farming is relativly easy with her. Just use your W in both forms to grind down minionwaves, if you are safe. If you don`t want to push, while holding lanes, lasthit in humanform. In spiderform your spiders would attack, too. You don`t want to know, how strong an army of spiders can push against your will... Also keep in mind, that pushing is not always bad. If the enemies tower kills the minions, your opponent will lose lasthits and experience, when he isn`t there. Just sabotage the lane, if you are safe against ganks or want to go back, too. If you can`t have minions, why should your enemies have them? ^^

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Krittank Elise, just a fun idea of mine.

She has a strong lategame, but a weak early. You could work against that, by using Ap-Runes for the start. The main issue is, that you won`t be able to gank often without it. It hurts her late, but not so mutch. Oh, and only try this after you have masterted Ap-Elise in the jungle to a certain point and when you are playing with 4 friends. I am talking from experience... Well, the first times I played Elise, I always played her that way, and my friends hated it, because didn`t use Ap-Runes at that point for her. ^_^"
Her Skittering Frenzy gives her so mutch AS, you will Crit the enemies away, when you have a full build. Also your spiderlings will profit from your armorpenetration, so maybe you could switch The Black Cleaver for a Last Whisper, but I didn`t tried it out yet.
This build pretty much focuses about Atmas and a Warmog's Armor, but both got nerfed in their power or final power in th case of Warmog's Armor. This build will mostly be only for fun while playing with friends or if you suddently need to switch to AD at the beginning, because you enemyteam just builds magicresistence from the beginning, until one or both of them gets buffed, mostly Atma's Impaler.... o_Ò
So have fun with it and report to me how you liked it, but I doubt that it will be the new Meta. XDD

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Lifesteal-Tank Elise, another fun idea of mine, again. xD

I still want to make more use of her Skittering Frenzy`s AS-Steroid, so I thought while seeing Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade: "Hey, Lifesteal with both and AS with both, but ones needs time for the lifesteal and the one has it delayable... Bating-Time!!! :3" And the Muramana came along my mind plus Spirit Visage. All in all... I still need to find someone, who let`s my try it, but I am posting it here for you to see even before it was tested. It is just for fun and not rankets, so this shouldn`t be a problem. ^^

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Well, first of all I would like to credit whoever made this great Elise-Wallpaper. I want to credit him, but I don`t know who did make it... If anyone claims it theirs and doesn`t want it here I will take it out.
This is my first guide, so my thanks go to jhoijhoi for the Guide Help and IceCreamy for his How to use Columns-Guide. I didn`t knew anything, so both of them realy helped me here. Oh, and I want to thank MRxMONEY for the extra section for boots by the items. It isn`t mutch, but I think it looks much better now. ^^
Then I want to thank my friends, who taught my, how this dam- game works and who even played with me, when I used a horrobile build-rune-combination...
And finally I want to thank all the enemies I have slain, so that I know, that this build realy works. :3