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Renekton Build Guide by tut34

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tut34

Renekton: The lane bully, the big croc, the guide! [S6][UPDA

tut34 Last updated on May 29, 2016
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Renekton, da mancroc

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox This guy is a joke of a champ. He stands no chance against you early on and you can easily get his passive (and probably a kill) from ganks. Tell your jungler to camp your lane, and enjoy your practical free lane. Long sword start.
Mordekaiser HAHAHAHAHAHAH HE IS GOING TOP? Mord after his rework SUCKS at top,and is much better at bot where he can get dragon and be useful in general. In lane, this guy cant trade with you at all , especial since the Q nerfs. Just watch out for his ult if you are low, and ask your jungler to gank top since this guy pushes the lane a lot faster than you do. Be warned though, if mord starts snowballing he will be UNSTOPPABLE, so just dont feed and you and your team will be fine.
Nasus Easiest lane for every champion in the game. Nasus can get zoned SUPER hard if you just go ham on him every time he goes for a minion early on. Levels 1-3 you must zone him and either force a back, flash or his death. DO NOT leave this guy alone in lane EVER, you do not want him to have single CHANCE of making his comeback through farm. If he has around 300 stacks at 20 minutes, consider your job a failure and embrace the fact that from there on you will be just a pesky fly to him, waiting to get smashed. It shouldn't happen since Nasus can get easily ganked and poked. Long sword start.
Nunu WTF is this guy doing top, are you playing normals or ranked? Still though, this guy is nothing more than just a useless team member the moment he locked in nunu anywhere but jungle. Yeah his snowballs hurt, but all you need to do is just go in on him and watch him cry for his life as you beat him up. Long sword start, and if for some reason his snowballs are starting to do damage, get a hexdrinker and you will be fine.
Vi LOL whoever is doing this probably wanted to play Vi jungle but got his pick stolen and went Vi top. She has an extremely low mana pool and will go oom almost as fast as pantheon. If you get hit by her combo, just fight back because you will do more damage than her once all her spells are down. Pretty easy lane, long sword start.
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Hello! And welcome to my Renekton guide. I am tut34, and I am a Renekton main in.........

silver 4........

HOWEVER, please do not stop reading just because I am in silver, or because I dont have 100k mastery points on my main, but I will say this: I LOVE RENEKTON. Ever since I first found him when I was level 13 I have been playing him for ever. I have a lot of things to say about this dude, and I thought it would be nice to show you some the ropes for you newbies out there, and maybe teach you one or two new things for you advanced players out there. I wrote this guide all by myself with the help of solorenktononlys knowledge and my game experience. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


    + Amazing early game bully
    + Can really easily zone people
    + With ignite you have a lot of kill potential
    + Pretty simple to play
    + Can snowball HARD if you go full AD

    - Very snowball reliant
    - You fall off in the late game HARD
    - Very squishy if you go full AD
    - Long self stun time
    - If not snowballing, you are pretty useless

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If you were used to season 4-5's masteries, TOO BAD. Season 6 brought a TIDAL wave of mastery changes, with the inclusion of keystone masteries, powerful masteries that will pretty much focus your play style for the rest of the match.

So now you will be going 18 and 12 into one of the 3 mastery trees. Right now, as of the moment of writing this, the fervor of battle keystone mastery is once again the best keystone mastery on renekton. You build up the stacks on it incredibly quickly on renekton, and with your full combo if done right you basically ensure yourself for almost the full thing a fully stacked fervor (which is terrifying to deal with for the enemy laner). Thunderlords is still somewhat viable for shorter trades and straight up burst, but remember precision got nerfed, which really hurts thunderlords renekton in general, and now thunderlords got a CDR nerf, so you might as well not bother at this point with it. Grasp of the undying is also still viable as a more defence mastery to take, so take that into consideration as well.

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Obviously, Renekton is a AD bruiser at first glance, but his rune set can get a little different depending on his match ups:


ARMOUR:Armour yellows are my go too yellows for Renekton, as right now ADC's scale off more on enemy health, and the latest nerfs to total armour pen in general has happened, this is easily my go to seals in the rare exceptions where I would need health.

HEALTH: Health used to be really good, but now with more emphasis on % damage and BONUS armour pen instead of TOTAL, they are not as useful anymore. Synergies with titanic hydra really well, however, if you are going for a early Titanic Hydra instead of Ravenous Hydra.


ARMOUR PEN: There is usually only 2 situations where I would take this. 1) I know I wont be missing every CS to make it worth (and the reality of the situation is that I probably will miss CS due to me being a noob) and 2)I am going against someone with high base armour or stacks armour early like Malphite. Other than that, though, and I take damage reds.

DAMAGE: Renekton LOVES early damage for obvious reasons, this is pretty logical. Most people and I take these, gives you a good boost early game.


MAGIC RESIST: I only take these if I am against a heavy AP top ( Teemo, Rumble, vladamir) or a high pressure AP jungler ( Elise), and even then I usually mix these with scaling CDR runes since CDR and damage are Renktons best friends when trying to kill things.

CDR: I take CDR into most situations, since Renekton HIGHLY benefits from CDR and damage in general to snowball (you usually want to be near or hit the CDR cap by the 25 minute mark). More abilities to spam, more damage you can unload or have more opportunities to use your E to initiate or escape.


DAMAGE: This is honestly the only quints you want on Renekton, all 3 of them. As I said before, Renekton highly benefits more from flat damage than armour pen for most games, and it makes last hitting SUPER easy if you aren't good at last hitting as well.

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There are 4 summoner spells that work well on renekton:
Without a doubt the games most important and valuable summoner spell in the game, if you are new to this game playing without flash is like driving without your seatbelt on, its doable but VERY risky and dangerous. Flash can be used in so many different ways, it can be used as a escape tool, giving you the chance to say dunkey quotes to the enemy team and giving you a second chance, or it can be used as a instant gap closer, where you NEED to secure the kill or make those crazy dragon and baron steals. A MUST TAKE SUMMONER SPELL ON EVERY CHAMPION IN THE GAME.

My favourite second summoner spell to take on Renekton, this spell gives you a massive boost to your killing potential, and you can easily secure level 2 or 3 all in kills with this. I take this spell into every single match up, as the punishment you can serve up with this spell is ridiculous. Also its a must take summoner spell against champions who regen like crazy (im looking at you, mundo) or champions who refuse to die (you too, tryndamere).

This is honestly too situational, after the nerfs I have never picked this up on Renekton ever again, and honestly you are sacrificing too much for just having a bit more global pressence. In lower elos, ditch this summoner spell and go for ignite. If you are wanting more global pressure or you are not confident on the lane you are going into, take this.

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Unique Skills

So you want to know what Renektons abilities do exactly? well lets see now...

Reign of Anger
// You gain fury through your autos and abilities, at 50% fury your abilities become empowered and you gain 50% more fury when below 50% HP
// This is your passive, you have NO mana costs (so any items that give you mana are completely useless on you), but instead grow rage by attacking people. A ok Renekton wont pay much attention to this, but a great Renekton will try and keep their rage bar full or at least at 50% at all times and play completely around it. The damage you do with and without is VERY noticeable, and Renekton when low even has the ability to turn fights around thanks to this passive alone (pair this with your ult passive fury regen and you will have fury basically up the entire time during fights).

Cull the Meek
// Renekton swings his blade, dealing damage in a AoE, healing himself and gains fury (unless its empowered)
// This is your main poking and harass and wave clear tool early on, max this out first. All your combos will involve this ability in some way, and when you have fury the heal provided by this can be invaluable. It has a meh cool down reduction (8 seconds, down to 4.8 secs at 40% CDR), but the damage and sustain it gives you is too important to not max this out first, and you will be building CDR anyways, so it won't matter much anyways.

Ruthless Predator
// Renekton stuns his target, dealing damage to them
// This is your bread and butter ability, the ability that will chain into your most powerful combos, the ability that will make your enemy laner feel completely helpless. And best of all, its a one point wonder ability! Sure, you could max this second for a little 1 less second of down time (and a bit more damage), but its SERIOUSLY not needed. Maxing W instead of E second is just simply BAD, your E is just too important to not max out second, as the versatility, CD and the overall impact you can have on your lane with E is much more important than W.

Slice and dice
// Renekton dashes in a direction, if he hits a target he gains a second dash
// This ability is what makes Renekton very slippery and its your main initiation tool, or getaway tool if you need to. Its a 2 part ability, both of them are dashes, but the second dash will only proc if you hit a target (this includes jungle monsters, lane minions and champions). Unless you know you are going to win a fight, DO NOT USE YOUR SECOND DASH AS A FORM OF ATTACK. This is where MANY Renekton's take a lot of unnecessary damage all because they got greedy, or even die all because they wasted their second E when attacking when they should of stored it to run away. Use your E, get in, damage them, and then use the second E to get out with the least damage taken as possible. That is all there is too it! Remember, greed can and will be the end of you, so you are better off just holding onto it unless you absolutely need it to finish someone off your you need it to close the distance.

// Renekton gets pissed, gaining size, bonus health, fury regen and a AoE attack for 15 seconds
// This is your ultimate, it can actually be used in a variety of ways, use it if a trade goes sour and you need the health to sustain and get back into the game, or use it to bait out things like Garen ult and Riven ult (albiet this is pretty risky and will need you to practice the timing for them), or use it to go all in and have the fury up basically through out the fight and snag yourself a free kill. Also the bonus health you gain from this ult counts towards titanic hydras active, adding a absolutely insane amount of burst on top of this. The AoE is nice aswell, but not really noticeable and definitely forgettable in the late game

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Skill Sequence

So, as you can see already in the quick guide part, you want to max Q, followed by E, then W last. Obviously max out your ultimate whenever it is available at level 6, 11 and 16.

The only time I would take W instead of Q first would be if I am going against someone who is heavily reliant on auto attacking ( Tryndamere, Aatrox). I take E second every time except for a few exceptions: either I see my and their jungler coming, so more duelling will be needed than mobility, and if I NEED the burst from an empowered W to finish off my laner if they got too clumsy at level 1.

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So many items you can build on this croc, it's kinda insane!

Long Sword
This is my preferred starting item on renekton, it gives you a nice big boost in your AD and gives you 3 Health Potion (sold separately) for a nice amount of sustain, and it gets you to work with your core items right away. Only weakness to this item is that it can be weak to people who go all in for fights, but more on that below.

Doran's Blade
This is the item you will take when going against someone who goes all in to fight ( Lee Sin, Riven). The extra health granted is invaluable for these type of champions, since long sword obviously doesn't offer it. It also scales nicely into the mid game and you can hold onto it until you feel its stats are no longer useful or you need more item space.

Boots of Speed
I take this only if I am going against a ranged match up (except Teemo or Heimerdinger) and I need the speed to be able to close the gap better since they are very likely to kite when attacking. Honestly though, Renekton does poorly in ranged match ups and although he can absolutely smash them since almost all ranged opponents are squishy, it usually is harder and he can get kited pretty badly if he is against someone like Quinn.

Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra
These items are a must on renekton, especially a early Tiamat. Tiamat unlocks you the ability to do some animation cancelling (more on that on its own separate section) as well as Ravenous Hydra (you lose the ability to do this however if you opt to get a titanic hydra, although you do get a powerful autoattack reset). I rush tiamat, but leave it and then rush the The Black Cleaver since its stats are just too valuable for you, and then I get to work on ravenous as Renekton highly benefits from life steal. Somewhere around the mid to late game once I feel that the animation canceling just isn't benefiting me with more damage, or I need more health in terms of survivability, I get titanic hydra.

The Black Cleaver
A ESSENTIAL item on just about almost every Renekton build. Its gives him HP, AD, CDR and armour reduction on enemies, all things that Renekton HIGHLY benefits from and is really good against high AD comps. Also, your W procs the debuff as well (2 normally, 3 if empowered).

Boots of Swiftness
Does the enemy team have little to no CC or a abundance of slows? Do you just need more flat speed for chasing and running away? Get these then, really good against low AD and low CC teams (they are rare but happen every now and then).

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Ever since the CDR changes to this item got in pre-season 6, it has become easily part of the now trifecta of boots Renekton can get. Do they have little cc, their damage doesn't worry you and you just want more damage in general? Get these boots, they are the best offensive boots on renekton and a MUST BUY on full AD renekton due to the reduced CD on flash being extremely valuable.

Mercury's Treads
I usually get these boots every game since due to the fact that there is just so much cc in this game that more often than not I will just find myself buying these either way unless they have a heavy AD team or a very lackluster in CC AP team (in that case I just buy lucidity). Also decent if you want to itemise against your AP top laner.

Ninja Tabi
HIGHLY underrated boots, these things against heavy AD teams will absolutely lower their overall damage on you thanks to passive on this item. Even better if it's somebody who relies on auto attacks to do anything ( Tryndamere, Jax).

Sterak's Gage
I take this item as my fourth item, the increased base attack damage scales nicely the longer the game goes on until level 18, if the enemy team has a lot of burst, this passive is going to help A TON when you need to tank hits for your team or when you need to go absolutely berserk on the enemy team and you know you will get focused fired. Also good if you are building Trinity Force on renekton (but dude wtf are you doing if you are building Trinity Force on renekton lmao).

Death's Dance
Don't let those poor stats and high price fool you, those passives are absolutely incredible on renekton, but given this items extremely high price and it's too situational use, you are often better just getting sterak's gage instead as a fourth item. Can work as a last or maybe even a fifth item, however.

Spirit Visage
Do you just want some fat heals and wanting to tank more magic damage for your team? Spirit Visage is your answer. The healing and the CDR this item gives you is very nice, very nice indeed, but it's only needed if you are going to be more of a tank for your team in team fights. And remember what we said about renekton liking AD....

Maw of Malmortius
This is my prefered item against magic damage, after the change it received this item is now worthwhile to upgrade at any point your really think is necessary from Hexdrinker (just not as first or second buy however). The lifesteal and attack speed you get when your shield procs is pretty big and you can very easily catch people off guard with how much lifesteal you can get with your other items, definitely a worthwhile item now.

Dead Man's Plate
Do you hate being kited? Are your enemies running away from you, or are they catching up to you far too often? Do you need a defensive item with a nice amount of defence stats, and a good offensive capabilities? Then dead man's plate is the item for you! This item is absolutely amazing on renekton, or any tank reallly. You get some nice extra damage, more speed, a good amount of tank stats and all at a reasonable price! one of my favorite items in the game.

Guardian Angel
In some situations, or if its really late in the game where one death could mean the difference between you losing or winning the game, this item is called upon to prevent that one death. The stats are really bad, so as soon as you use up the passive, sell this item from something else.

Mercurial Scimitar
Are you against a REALLY heavy CC team, and need those precious seconds to just ignore their CC frontline and get a pick on someone, or do you need to run away and you got caught in Morganas billion year snare? And you like damage? Then this item is what you need, but only if you can afford it as the price for this item makes it one of the most expensive items in the game.

The Bloodthirster
I love this item, but only as a last item on bruiser renekton, but it's also really good on full AD renekton. The overheal and lifesteal from this item provides a insane amount of sustain, basically ensuring you a win in every duel or skirmish you go into. Although thanks to its really high cost, you are better off just holding it off for a while instead as one of your first items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
I have a lot of mixed feelings towards this item, but ever since they removed the crit on this item and just focused it more on armour pen and AD, I feel this item is a lot better on renekton than before. Its a great mid game item since you can get a ton of auto attacks faster in-between your combo, and the chasing potential you get from this item is also great! But for the price and stats it gives you, I don't recommend this item on renekton unless the situation calls for it on your regular bruiser build.

Frozen Mallet
This is a VERY underrated item, but when the situation calls for this item (ie you need just more sticking potential and the speed items are just not doing enough for you), this item works WONDERS. But more often than not, all the speed items (dead mans plate, boots, black cleaver proc) are more than enough to just close the gap and stick to your target.

Locket of the Iron Solari
A extremely rare buy on Renekton (I mean I have legit only bought this once, but the situation really called for this). Only buy this if the jungler and the support REFUSE to buy this item, and the enemy team has a ton of AP. The CDR this item gives you is very nice, and the aura can be life saving for your team, but you really don't want to be the one building this item.

Randuin's Omen
Do they have a ton of AD crit on their team (we are talking about they have a Yasuo, a Tryndamere and whatever adc they have)? Then get this item and replace it with your dead mans plate or as your 6th item. Gives you a great AoE slow, crit resistance (only item in the game that does this directly) and tons of health and armour. Basically your anti ADC item if you are against a fed ADC.

Sunfire Cape
This item has had a fall from grace from being a must on basically every tank in the game, too now just being an optional item on Renekton and a necessary item on tanks with piss poor waveclear ( Shen). You can replace dead mans plate with this if you are against a team that is going to force slow teamfights, since your sunfire cape will definitely start shining there, or you just need more wave clear on top of what you already have.

Warmog's Armor
NOTE: This item does not give you any sort of armour. But it does, however, give you a metric ****TON of HP. Do you just want to tank and want your titanic hydra to deal a ludicrous amount of damage? Do you just feel that you need HP and no defences? Then this item is a must! This item is amazing if the enemy team is already behind and dealing negative damage to you, or you just need to tank more hits. A great 5th or 6th item!

Do you want to be Rammus and want to see the enemy ADC or Yasuo to beat themselves up? Then get this item, its amazing against PURE AD team comps that rely on auto attack anything at all, and laugh at their faces as they continue to beat themselves to death. This item to truly be effective, however, needs you to stack some more armour, so get this as your 6th item after you build already your tank item.

Zz'Rot Portal
As of now, Zz'rot portal is pretty damn strong, as players how finally found out how to use it properly (and some repeated buffs by Riot). The item now is a MUST if your game plan is to either a) split push the entire game and only group when mandatory (IE game deciding team fight or baron), or b) you want to cheese the game by letting Zz'rot auto push your lane, and you can go and group with your team so you can get force team fights that are more in your favour. The stats are now also decent, the mixed resist is nice when against a balance team (although it's still not good if you need to focus on one defensive stat mostly).

Banshee's Veil
Does the enemy team have a very hard to predict CC heavy front-line ( Annie tibbers stun)? Then this item is recommended to replace your magic resist item.

Blade of the Ruined King
When you run your full AD build, you might think to yourself if you should get this item. Yes, the passive does go off on your W, but the fact is that the latest nerfs and the insane cost on this item makes so its not really worth the price anymore. Don't get this item unless you NEED the auto attack speed for some strange reason, but then again AS is the worst attack stat on renekton, so don't even bother.

Lord Dominik's Regards
Are they stacking a ton of health? Do they have a thresh? Then this item can work as your final item in your FULL AD build. Although ever since they changed the passive from being TOTAL armour and now to only BONUS armour, the Last Whisper line of items are just not worth it any more most of the time on renekton sadly.

Mortal Reminder
Take this if they have a team of high health regen or high lifesteal and spellvamp champions ( Dr.Mundo, Vladimir). Again though, ever since they changed the total armour to the now bonus armour, you should only really buy this item if they have those 2 types of champions in the same game.

Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge
If you get either of these items, you need to get BOTH. These items when combined together can turn you into a low CD, high damage MONSTER if the team isn't careful. Yes, this a expensive build but you are already full AD critnekton so you might as well roll with it. If you are snowballing, you should consider this build since you can snowball out of control if you get going with this, but if you are behind and you were halfway building this, yeah consider yourself useless. A high risk high reward build, also a personal favourite of mine.

Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer
When you build the essence reaver and infinity edge combo, you kinda need one of these items on top to fully complete the CDR on essence reaver. Rapid firecannon is good if you are going for a more siege comp, and you want more burst and range on your W (need confirmation on this), statikk shiv is good if you want even more waveclear on top of your already decent wave clear, and phantom dancer is not very good as of the moment of writing this, but supposedly its good if you need even more chasing potential in combat.

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Oh boy this is going to detailed; all the other champions you saw in the previous section are going to appear here again but in great detail. If you want to know how to more or less how to beat a champion, pick the guy are going against and read (Ctrl + F will help here ;) )!


Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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Master Yi
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Jarvan IV
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Lee Sin
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Dr. Mundo
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Tahm Kench
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Xin Zhao
Spoiler: Click to view

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Team Work

"Teamwork? Whats that?" - Everyone in Bronze

Pro's say that you should pick champions that can carry themselves out of Bronze, simple minded and easy champions like Garen, Annie and any of those that scale well as the game goes on.

You ain't no *****. (although I do agree with them).

HOWEVER, just because you won the laning phase, that will NEVER translate to you winning the game. League is an unpredictable game, I have had games where 1 guy went afk the entire game, and we would still win 4v5 through pure skill alone (and the enemy team being on a whole level of bad). As renekton, your job on top of destroying your laner is too also HELP.



After the laning phase, which shouldn't last any more than 12-15 minutes unless both of you didn't get a single visit from your jungler and just hung back and farmed, you will need to start making rotations. This is KEY to spread your snowball into your teammates, if someone is having a bad day going around with them to take objectives like more towers, dragon, rift herald, steal jungle camps from the enemy jungler is a sure fire way to cheer them up, and their feeding could also be lessened with them quickly catching up thanks to you going around to help.

So what sorts of things should you keep your eyes out for after the laning phase?

- First, keep your eyes on YOUR minion wave. Push it out as much as you can, or do it slowly so a HUGE minion wave can build up, your choice here but remember to always push it out if you are going to go and roam around. If you are in lower elo, this is ESPECIALLY necessary to do, since the enemy laner is likely just going to go top and clear and try to counter push,giving you enough time (even better if they have champions with poor waveclear) to go out and start helping other lanes.

-Help other lanes in cleaning up their laning phase! If you see mid or bottom with their enemies tower still up, AND they haven't lost their towers, it is worth your time to go to them and force those towers out. If they are fed but lost their tower due to a badly played fight, it is still a good decision to just help them equalise that loss.

- Keep your TP on you AT ALL TIMES. Do not waste it to go back to lane, unless you need to save your tower. By this time in the game, you have boots, and probably a fully upgraded one too, so you have more than enough CDR, speed and just overall time to just get to lane and clear that wave
- How you utilise that TP is going to be massive. You want to keep your eyes on your minimap GLUED, because you NEED to know who might need some help, or who you can go to and force out objectives. Remember, your mid game is really impactful if done right, and can close out games, but it all depends how well you use your TP.

And this isnt exclusive to just mid-late game, you can start putting pressure around the map from the laning phase with TP, just remember it's usually better to warn your team mates that you are going down to their lanes, either by TP or through the river, before engaging so you know any crucial information like your Morgana's flash is down, or that the enemy Sona still has her ult up. Ask them, it usually is worth it knowing these things or else it could lead to trouble.

Also never gank a lane that isn't warded, sure this will be hard to enforce in lower elos, but just telling them to place a ward in a bush so you can TP to is usually enough coverage (unless it is a absolutely terrible ward, like he put it next to his tower). Without a ward, the enemy jungler or laners could sneakily come down and surprise you, and worse if it's some high pressure jungler like Vi who just takes a dump on everyone early on.

In teamfights, your job as a bruiser is to do 2 things. Either you protect your ADC from any strong initiators on the enemy team (except if its a champion like Malphite, in that case if he lands on your ADC you are ****ed either way), or you are the one to initiate on their carries. Now, if you are the one having to initiate on their carries, that is not good, because Renekton can get kited quite easily, and his stun is not good enough late into the game to just lock down a carry, especially if they built a quick-silver sash, so unless you are in low elo where they don't even build those items to begin with, you usually want to be the one protecting your ADC or 1v1 the enemy ADC if they are low enough.

As full AD renekton, flash is SUPER important here since it will be your only way to reliable get on top of a carry. If they have champions like Janna, Alistar, Taric or even Poppy it's better to wait for the ADC to get separated from them or else you will be in a chain of CC for years.

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Okay I am going to be honest here, this guide is incomplete. But I want to spread the word of Renekton so badly that I want to publish this soon so people can see and give me feedback.
This guide will be constantly updated whenever a new patch hits, and any feedback, tips, or general knowledge sharing would be awesome!

- 1/11/2016 guide finally published unfinished
- 1/11/2016 general swear word clean up (heheheh)
- 5/17/2016 Finished the match ups section (finally)
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Thank you for your time! Reading this and just maybe saying a quick comment helps a TON!