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Lee Sin Build Guide by KanaSec

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KanaSec

[S4] Lee Sin to your Heart - TOP/MID/JUNGLE/3v3

KanaSec Last updated on June 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My nickname is vTz Impala and my current elo is Diamond I. I Main Lee Sin because in my opinion he is one of the best champions in the game with a great lane/jungle/damage kit. I made this guide because people constantly ask me for builds, hints and stuff like that, so I hope this guide helps everyone that searchs for LeeKnowledge

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Pros / Cons


+Great Sustain

+Strong Early game

+Amazing Mobility

+ Dragon's Rage Desingage

+Peeling Carries

+Great Invade Power


-Bad Late game

-Hard to master

-Can't do alot without energy

-Bad if doesn't snowball lane

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

AD quints are the best choice for a offensive lane and early damage.

For some extra Damage. You can also take Armor Pen Marks for tanky lanes but AD works well.

Without this you won't survive early damage trades. And its nice for late game so.

This is a good choice for CDR if you use skills alot, best choice for me. But if you are facing a heavy ap lane you should take 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.

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I run 21/9 with Lee Sin because usually I play offensive and it helps to scale your AD up.

I Take 4/4 on Sorcery because Lee Sin uses his skills alot and it combines with CDR Glyphs (11.50 CDR) (19.00 With CDR Per/Level)

I don't take Executioner on Lee Sin because it doesn't make much difference, I tested 10 games with Executioner and 10 without, it makes only 30-40 Damage difference.

Block and Unyielding works really well for early game trades.

Recovery Brings you a good sustain, but you can trade it for 2/2 Enchanted Armor for extra armor and mr.

Tough Skin and Bladed Armor isn't really necessary even if you are jungling. Its more worthy if you take 2/2 Enchanted Armor .


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Recomended for laning:

Best spell for escaping and securing kills, mostly recommended.

Good for beginners and for 1v1 trades, also good for heal reduction if you are playing against Dr. Mundo or Vladimir for example.

I've been playing recently with Teleport and it works really well, you can get back to lane really fast and gank other lanes or make a countergank.

Mostly like a defensive spell, good for reducing AD and Movement speed, I usually take it when facing Darius or Tryndamere but Ignite works much better for 1v1 trades.


Best defensive/agressive spell for Jungle Lee Sin, it has tons of 'mechanics' just like Sonic Wave> Resonating Strike> Flash> Dragon's Rage combo for kicking enemies to your team. Also its a good spell for escaping.

Core for Jungle Lee Sin, You should always take this when jungling. Helps you kill and secure jungle creeps faster, also for stealing other buffs or dragon/baron.

Kinda works if you are willing to use wards and Safeguard all the time when you don't have flash, but Flash works better.

Other options

Good but not recommended, you already have a good potential to deal trades.

Good defensive spell but not recommended.

Good for escaping but you have Safeguard and you can't make some combos without Flash. Not so recommended.

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Starting :

Doran's Shield

A good start when playing against a heavy damage / poke lane, brings you a great sustain, defense and early health.

Doran's Blade

Best start when playing against squishy and tanky champions, brings you a great lifesteal sustain, damage and a little bit of health. (Mostly recommended)

Long Sword

+ 3x Good start with sustain and for rushing items like Vampiric Scepter or The Brutalizer.


Ravenous Hydra

This should increase your damage and team fight utility. Also for fast wave clearing.

Black Cleaver

It reduces and increase your damage against tanky champions but it also works for squishy champions.

Randuin's Omen

Without this you won't survive team fights because lee sin size 30 is a squishy champion without health items.


Banshee's Veil

Take this if their team has alot of burst or CC or magic damage.

Guardian Angel

Take if you are getting bursted by their team or if you want to stay in team fights for more time.

Frozen Mallet

If you want to peel ad carries or have more health and damage.


Good for heavy AD teams, this should block alot of damage.

Sunfire Cape

I usually take it for its AOE damage and defense. Works pretty well against squishy AD champions like Zed.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Lee sin has a great Damage/Defense/Mobility kit, every skill counts. And depending on which enemy you're laning against, the skill order changes. You can see more about that in Matchups and skill leveling.

/!\After 4.5 Update, Safeguard no longer gives you a shield when used on Creeps or Wards, so in Lane Phase, you'll have to cast it in yourself./!\

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Matchups and Skill Leveling

Lee Sin Has a great early game and mid game potential, but his lane phase and jungle matchups has its advantages and disadvantages. By having 7 Skills, lane phase changes for most champions (Mostly giving you advantage). Sometimes you must go offensive and sometimes you can't go aggressive due outdamage or sustain.

This part will show you every champion matchup by alphabet order.


Aatrox - 2/5

Aatrox has a great sustain and 1v1 potential, But he is really squishy and his lane harass doesn't hurt alot, His attack speed affects his DPS since he needs to hit you 3 times for Blood Price damage. Try to play aggressive early game and you can max Tempest and use your Cripple to reduce his attack speed or maxing Safeguard for a good sustain.

Akali - 1/5

Akali is one of the easiest champions to lane as Lee Sin, You can play aggressive but take care with her Mark of the Assassin hit effect, it hurts alot. If she uses her Twilight Shroud just use your Tempest and you will be able to see her, also Sonic Wave reveals her. Max Sonic Wave first for snowballing lane.

Cho'Gath - 2/5

Cho'Gath becomes really tanky at mid game and late game, his early game sustain is annoying as well. But he is really squishy on early game, so you can play aggressive but take care with [vorpal spikes] poke, it hurts alot when you are expose to it. Cho'Gath can't do alot if he misses his Rupture so go aggressive when he misses it. You can max Safeguard for a sustained lane or Sonic Wave for snowballing.

Darius - 3/5

Darius has an incredibly annoying poke and damage because of his Hemorrhage passive, Don't try to play aggressive on him without a gank principally at early game, if you get harassed you won't be able to farm and he will pull you with his Apprehend. Max Safeguard first, if you want you can take Exhaust for reducing his damage.

Dr.Mundo - 1/5

Really easy match up, he can't outdamage you and you have alot of sustain to hold his Adrenaline Rush and Sadism, Try to zone him and take care with ganks, if he get any kills at early game, he will mostly come back with a Giant's Belt and become really tanky. Max Tempest first due its magic damage.

Fiora - 3/5

Fiora is such an annoying champion, but her early game isn't so hard at all. You just need to take care with Riposte reflection and when she gets her ultimate, Usually Fiora builds Ravenous Hydra and some sorta of attack speed, when she gets attack speed you should take care, shes really strong. Try to max Tempest to slow her attack speed with Cripple.

Gangplank - 1/5

Really easy matchup, Gangplank is really squishy. His Parrrley hurts alot, but if he is smart he will use it to farm creeps or he won't be able to take any cs since Lee Sin can zone alot with his Tempest and Sonic Wave. Take care with baiting, his Remove Scurvy heals alot. Max Sonic Wave first for snowballing.

Garen - 3/5

Garen has alot of damage and a silence with his Decisive Strike + Judgment, so take care with his early game. Try to always poke him somehow to cancel his Perseverance Passive. Never try to dive him or fight with less than 40% health. Max Safeguard for a safe lane or Tempest for a damage lane.

Irelia - 2/5

Irelia is a really strong champion but when she gets attack speed reduction her dps won't be so high, Her early game is kinda strong, so take care when trading damages without Tempest> Cripple. You can Outsustain her by taking 2 points on Safeguard and playing offensive. Try to max Tempest and 2x Safeguard for a good and safe lane.

Jax - 3/5

Jax has an annoying mid and late game but his early game is awful, He can be easily poked and he doesn't have any sustain except for Health Potion or lifesteal. Try to poke him with your Tempest and Sonic Wave but take care with his Empower and Counter Strike. Max Tempest first for attack speed reduction.

Jayce - 3/5

Jayce is a melee and ranged champion, so that means he can poke you alot in lane phase. Dont try to ignore his damage, He doesn't have ANY sustain, so you should use your Safeguard lot and play agressive. Avoid his Shock Blast and you won't suffer alot. Max Safeguard first.

Kayle - 2/5

Kayle does lot of damage with her Righteous Fury, so avoid to be poked and play aggressive until she gets Nashor's Tooth, she won't be able to kill you before 6 (except if you do something wrong or get ganked). Max Sonic Wave first and 2x Safeguard for a decent sustain.

Kha'Zix - 5/5

This champion is just broken. You can't trade damages with him or easily get last hits without getting poked. Avoid fighting without ganks and overextending lane when he's 6+. Max Safeguard or Sonic Wave first.

Lee Sin - ?

It doesn't have a ''difficult level'' it depends on wich Lee Sin is better. You should start with Doran's Blade or Elixir of Fortitude + 3x Health Potion for outlevel and damage. Max Sonic Wave first.

Kennen - 3/5

Even if not played alot, he still pretty annoying. If he starts with Doran's Blade you will have a little bit of trouble in early game. Try to dodge his Thundering Shuriken and don't get 3 stacks of Mark of the Storm. Starting with Doran's Shield helps and max 2x Safeguard and Sonic Wave

Malphite - 1/5

Malphite doesn't have any sustain and he can't outdamage you. If he pokes you, use Safeguard and he won't have any mana soon. Focus on not letting his Granite Shield go up. Play aggressive but not under tower, care with ganks, Malphite has alot of cc. Max Tempest and 2x Safeguard.

Master Yi - 1/5

Very easy lane phase, your Cripple stops him from hitting you and you can outsustain him with Iron Will. Master Yi is pretty squishy, he can't trade any damages with you so play aggressive but take care with ganks. Max Tempest first.

Nasus - 2/5

You can easily win and harass him with Sonic Wave and Tempest, try to zone him alot and never stay inside of his Spirit Fire. Nasus becomes a huge responsibility at mid game due his Siphoning Strike passive. Don't let him stack of you'll see a monster soon... Max Sonic Wave first.

Olaf - 3/5

Olaf is really annoying at early game. His Reckless Swing deals True damages and zones you and his ultimate Ragnarok deny's your Cripple and Dragon's Rage knockback. Try to avoid 1v1's when both of you are low and do not tower dive. Max Sonic Wave first.

Pantheon - 4/5

This lane is really annoying. His Spear Shot hurts alot and his abilities are broken. Avoid playing aggressive and wait for ganks. Never stay with low hp on lane. Max Safeguard first.

Renekton - 5/5

Renekton is your biggest counter. His damage is way too overpowered to trade and he tanks alot. Play safe early game and care with his Reign of Anger passive. When his bar becomes red, don't try to poke or go aggressive. Max Safeguard and ask for early ganks.

Rengar - 1/5

After his nerf, Rengar isn't that strong. You can easily handle him since his Bola Strike has been changed into a skillshot, so he can't poke you. Max Sonic Wave first.

Riven - 4/5

This champion has a broken early game, you can't outdmg her or get easy last hits. Play safe early game and wait for ganks, after 6, if you are fast enough you can dodge her ultimate and burst with Dragon's Rage. Max Sonic Wave first.

Rumble - 3/5

Rumble is pretty annoying with his Flamespitter. Try to play agressive early game and zone him alot. Dodge his ultimate with Safeguard. Buying Hexdrinker would help alot if you are having trouble. Max Safeguard or Sonic Wave first.

Ryze - 3/5

Ryze has a pretty weak Early game defense, so try to hit him with Sonic Wave and zone him. When he gets Tear of the Goddess he will become a pain to the ***. So wait for ganks or go full aggressive. Building Hexdrinker should help. Max Safeguard first

Shen - 2/5

Shen can't do alot to you, you have way more damage and sustain. You can max Safeguard for a great sustained lane to counter his Vorpal Blade, or you can max Tempest for its magic damage to zone Shen out of farming/lane. If he uses Stand United take his tower instead of blocking his ultimate.

Chapter currently being updated.

Sorry for late updates, I'm not having much time to edit my guide.

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Jungle Route

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Hints n tips

+Play agressive early game

+Focus on snowball and farming

+If you are playing as jungler, gank earlier as possible

+If you are playing full ad, focus their mid lane or adc

+If you are playing offtank, peel your ad carry on late game

+Try to split push if your team is putting pressure

+Never start team fights unless if you're playing as jungler

+Use Tempest in the enemy AD carry

+If playing as offtank or jungler, try to desingage their engager

+Never focus their tank or starter

+If your enemy laner is fed, do not try to fight without a gank

+Do not trashtalk

+Never lose hope or rage

Lee Sin Wiki :

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Combos with Videos

I - Q R Q Shutdown Combo

Sonic Wave> Dragon's Rage> Resonating Strike

II - W R Q Q Safe Burst Combo

Stealth Ward> Safeguard> Dragon's Rage> Sonic Wave Resonating Strike

III- Q W R Q Must Kill Combo

Sonic Wave> Stealth Ward> Dragon's Rage> Resonating Strike

IV- Q R Q Team Fight Airbourne

Sonic Wave> Dragon's Rage> Resonating Strike


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Change Log


31/03/2014 - Guide Created

01/04/2014 - Fixed the Quints quantity and added credits

03/04/2014 - Fixed and Changed Runes and added details about Safeguard

05/04/2014 - Updated Introduction and Videos

08/04/2014 - Huge Design update and new stuff in every section. (Matchups and Runes still in work)

09/04/2014 - Added more Rune details and updated Matchups

12/04/2014 - Added more Matchups champions and changed Hints n tips order. Made 3 new videos but not uploaded it yet.

15/04/2014 - Added more Matchups, fixed grammar errors.

20/04/2014 - Changed Items design and added more Matchups.

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Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the view! I Hope this guide helped you out to become a better Lee Sin player.

Feel free to Like or Dislike and give me opinions about the guide! Feel free to ask any questions via Facebook!

If possible, send me your Lee Sin game stats with this build!

Also sorry for grammar n typing mistakes, English isnt my main language :(

Credits :
AleLMB and Salaminho for helping me with vids.
Emoriam for giving me suggestions.
zattinlove and Deemarchi for helping me with jungle vids.

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Coming soon

- More Videos
- Full Matchups
- Jungling (How to Gank as Lee)