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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by Arenor

Tank Sejuani - Permafrost - S3 after remake

Tank Sejuani - Permafrost - S3 after remake

Updated on September 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arenor Build Guide By Arenor 22 3 167,915 Views 67 Comments
22 3 167,915 Views 67 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arenor Sejuani Build Guide By Arenor Updated on September 19, 2013
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Table of Contents

Hello everyone, my name is Arenor and this is my first guide here on Mobafire.

I have been playing Sejuani for a little over two years now, she is one of my favorite champions and she always will be. Her massive CC and tankiness make her an amazing ganker and initiator, and a huge presence in teamfights. Sejuani is extremely fun to play right from the start, she will Dazzle you 2 seconds longer than Taric does, truly outrageous!

I welcome constructive criticism with open arms, if you see anything you disagree with, or grammar mistakes, please leave a comment! Do note however that I am writing this on my phone :)

So without further ado, I present to you

Sejuani - Permafrost

Sejuani is the fearsome leader of the freljord tribe "The Winter's Claw". This warlike tribe of hardened fighters, believes peace and unison in freljord can only be achieved through conquest. At only 21 years old Sejuani vows to lead her people to victory and sets out to join the league.

But enough lore, if you want the full story you can find it in here.
The Winters Wrath

Sejuani is a Tank , Melee, Jungler , I know Riot usually gets these wrong, but this time the description is quite accurate. With her massive kit of CC, Sejuani ganks are devestating! She has a gap close with arctic assault, a "one point wonder" slow with permafrost, an Aoe stun through glacial prison and to top it off a handy Aoe+Dps in flail of the northern winds. In teamfights Sejuani is the brunt of the assault, staying alive with frost armor and her array of CC.

>>Amazing CC
>>Ignore Slows
>>Flawless Ganks
>>Huge Teamfight Impact
>>Scales with Hp
Sejuani becomes one of the strongest tanky CC junglers. With Frost Armor Sejuani is able to increase her armor and ignore most slows. Building Hp is especially good since Flail of the Northern Winds scales with Hp. In ganks and teamfights Sejuani brings a knock up with Arctic Assault a slow with Permafrost and a stun with Glacial Prison.

Being a caster champion, Sejuani is subject to cooldowns and mana starvation. Her power comes with her health, therefore she is weak early game. Her damage is medicore making her a bad duelist, relying on her allies to supply the damage. She is also very susceptible to counter jungling, since most times she cannot fend off the enemy jungler on her own.
>>Mana hungry
>>Bad duelist
>>Vulnerable to counter jungling
>>No sustain
>>Medium Damage
>>Recently Remade(explained later)

With these you will clear the jungle faster, which will make you advance faster than your opponent and gain the upper hand.

The added armor greatly helps your early game. You would not believe the difference these make! These seals have no substitute as they are essential for junglers.

The reason I take scaling rather than flat, is that by level nine, scaling glyphs benefit you more. And since most Ap champions have bad early games, the flat Mr isn't needed.

For sejuani, the best utility is movement speed, these help you move around the map faster, enabling better clear times, ganks and roaming.

Other runes I find viable


Phase Rush

All of Sejuani's abilities deal magic damage, these will increase your damage when facing magic resist.

Flat ones if you're facing early game Ap champions, Like Kassadin or LeBlanc

In the offense tree-
Butcher 2/2 This will quicken your jungle clear time, giving you a headstart
Sorcery 2/4 The cooldown is nice but the other two points have better uses
Blast 4/4 Provides very little damage, max this just so you can get the M.pen
Arcane Knowledge 1/1 A great mastery which sends your early damage skyhigh

In the defense tree-
Summoner's Resolve 1/1 for the extra gold each Smite, a good source of income.
Perseverance 3/3 for the great sustain it gives in the jungle
Durability 4/4 for the added Health which is especially good on Sejuani
Veteran's Scars 1/1 For the same reason as before, this provides alot of early health
Tough Skin 2/2 will help you clear the jungle safely
Bladed Armor 1/1 This will give you a bit more damage versus monsters
Relentless 2/2 Stacks very nicely with Frost Armor to make Sejuani practically impervious to slows
Tenacious 3/3 For the obvious CC reduction which is useful on anyone
Juggernaut 3/3 Gives you a %Hp bonus and keeps increasing your Hp throughout the match
Honor Guard 1/1 completes your defenses and gives you allot more survivability.

Viable Mastery trees

Be cautious! as this will slow your clear time.

In the utility tree-
Wanderer 3/3for Movement speed,
Summoner's Insight 1/1 If you're taking Flash
Improved Recall 1/1 Could be a lifesaver, especially when split pushing
Mastermind 3/3 For spell Cdr
Runic Affinity 1/1 For buff duration.

Viable, but not for this guide

I find 21-9-0 or 21-0-9 not effective since I don't build sejuani for damage output, if you do choose this line, take the Ap masteries since Sejuani benefits more from those

I think this is the most useless part of the guide... in the end summoner spells are all about personal prefrence. However I will list the spells I use most and give you some tips on their usage.


Smite deals a fixed amount of damage to one enemy minion or a neutral monster. You're not a jungler without Smite. It is crucial to obtaining buffs, dragon, and most importantly Baron!

Tips and Tricks


Flash teleports you a short distance in the direction of your curser(400 distance to be exact). This spell is my, and many others, favorite mobility spell. It has countless uses and it is as game changing as Sejuani herself.

Tips and Tricks


Ghost Boosts your movement speed by 27% and makes your champion ignore unit collision. This means you can pass through minions, neutral monsters, and other champions. I find Ghost to be less effective, but as I said, it's all about personal preference.

Tips and Tricks


Teleport, well... does just that... teleport. After channeling for four seconds, your champion is teleported to a friendly tower, minion, ward, and some exceptions like Threshs Dark Passage

Tips and Tricks


Ignite damages a single enemy champion over a period of five seconds. This spell also reduces healing, hp regeneration, and life steal making it exceptional against champions like Dr. Mundo and Vladimir

Tips and Tricks


Exhaust reduces a target enemy champions movement speed and attack damage by 30%, and reduces attack speed by 50%. However this effect only lasts 2.5 seconds

Tips and Tricks

I hope this section helped you, a special thank you to my friend Yarden for reminding me of a few tips, hopefully they will help you as much as they helped me.

As for all the other spells, Heal, Barrier, Revive, etc etc. please! just don't! these spells are useless on Sejuani, don't make yourself a noob.

A passive that gives durability and reduces slows, one soft cc and two hard ones, and an AoE Dps. These are Sejuanis tools to locking and demolishing entire teams.


Frost armor

Upon landing a basic attack or ability, Sejuani gains bonus armor, and reduces movement slowing effect. This effect lasts 2 seconds, but stack up to 4 times, lasting 8 seconds. Every hit after that refreshes the effects

Ability Stats

Tips and Tricks


Arctic assault

Arctic Assault makes sejuani dash forward in a straight line, damaging anything she passes and knocking up the first champion she hits. This ability deals magic damage, scales with 40% Ap, and deals a percentage of the enemies' maximum hp.

Ability Stats

Tips and Tricks


Flail of the northern winds

Flail of the Northern Winds Causes your next attack to deal bonus magic damage in a small area. After that attack Sej starts swinging her flail causing magic damage to all enemies in short range of sejuani every second for four seconds. During this time sejuani may act freely

Ability Stats

Tips and Tricks



Permafrost has a passive and an active. The passive does nothing by itself, sejuani's auto attacks and abilities apply the Frost debuff to enemies. The activated part is the important part, it damages and massively slows enemies with the frost debuff in a large radius

Ability Stats

Tips and Tricks


Glacial prison

Sejuanis ultimate ability, and one of the best ones out there, and I know people say that about every ultimate, this one really is game changing. Sejuani sends out a frosted bola, upon contact with an enemy champion the bola explodes stunning all enemies in a medium radius. If the bola fails to hit a champion, it explodes at maximum range slowing enemies instead of stunning

Ability Stats

Tips and Tricks

My skill sequence is different from the usual one, this isn't a joke, this is tested and proved to be more effective. People tend to max their most damaging ability first, this shouldn't be the case with sejuani.

My sequence goes like this-

Your priorities are such

I know you're probably thinking "what? Flail of the Northern Winds is not first priority?!" Well yea, it isn't! After checking the ability stats (which you can see here) and testing several sequences, I found that Permafrost is more beneficial to max first.

Permafrost is the best skill to level. Not only does its damage greatly increase every time, the CC increases as well. Every point increases the slow by 5% and the slow duration by 0.25 maxing this skill first will greatly benefit your mid game when it is most useful. By level 5 this will help you clear jungle camps in seconds.

Flail of the Northern Winds is Sejuani's damage ability. This scales rather poorly with each level, its main scaling comes from 10% of your max Hp. We max this second to peak Sejuani's damage at level 13. At max level this skill's cooldown lasts 7 seconds, meaning that half of the time Sejuani will be dealing Aoe damage.

Arctic Assault is your last priority because it is mostly utility. This skill is mostly a mobility and initiation skill, the range or CC doesn't increase with levels. However, each level adds another 2% of the enemy max Hp as magic damage, this becomes very usefull against tanks, but mostly late game when they start stacking Hp.

I'm guessing many of you just skipped to this part. And with good reason, this is the most impactful part of any guide. Those precious 6 item slots are what define each game. I like to stay very open minded about my items, I assess the game and decide what I need to build, whether you should buy more health or more armor is entirely up to you.

In this section I will detail the reasons, times, and sequence, of buying items. First I will explain the cheatsheet items and then I will explain some items not to take. If you want me to write about a specific items leave a comment and I will add it the next time I update

Starting items

Item Sequence

Health Potion 50

A basic jungler's start, Hunter's Machete gives you a faster clear time, a very important aspect of jungling. Always take this item right away. This item does not increase your damage against minions.

Five health potions provide you with the sustain necessary to continue jungling and ganking. Potions should be bought only at the start of the match (5) and on your first back (3).
sight ward
If you are facing "no mana" junglers like Lee Sin or Shyvana, you might expect an early Red Buff steal. In this case take one sight ward instead of two health potions, in order to protect your red buff.

What Not to Take

With her new passive, Frost Armor, this is useless as a first item. Never buy this.
Someone suggested I try this as a first item. just... don't... this is horrible for a jungler, very little sustain and it costs way too much as a first item for junglers.

First back

Item Sequence

Boots 300

A very important item. Get this as soon as you can, it costs 400 once you have Hunter's Machete. This increases your damage vs monsters by 20%, meaning that your abilities will also deal more damage. The mana regen will solve most of your mana problems and allow you to give Blue to the Mid laner.

I think you know what this does :) get this after Spirit Stone, I recommend you return to base once you have at least 750 gold, which is enough for both the stone and the boots.

What Not to Take

This is Hunter's Machete's other upgrade, quite useless, its upgrade Wriggle's Lantern is underwhelming, and its passive provides less damage than Spirit Stone

Core items

Item Sequence

Mobility Boots 1000

This item is Amazing! First off you get great sustain for your jungling. Cooldown reduction is great, and the monster damage is hefty. but the main reasons that make this so OP, are the health, and tenacity. Always get this! Always

I usually go with these boots for the highest movement speed. These give you 105 movement speed when out of combat, once you enter combat the bonus is reduced to 45 like all the other boots. These boots make your jungle route faster, your ganking better, and your roaming quicker.

What Not to Take

Since tenacity doesn't stack, this is useless, you get your tenacity from Spirit of the Ancient Golem.
This is Spirit Stone's second upgrade, it is more damage oriented, might be viable on a Dps Sejuani.
The third upgrade to Spirit Stone, this is for Ap junglers, so you would think its good on Sejuani, but no... it hardly makes a difference, don't take this.

After Core Items

Item Sequence

Aegis of the Legion 1200

Gives you 380 health, which gives Flail of the Northern Winds 38 bonus damage per second. A very nice early health item which builds into many usefull stuff, get this as early as possible after you get your core items

An overall fantastic item. gives health, armor and an aura for your allies, and since you will never be fighting alone, it's very usefull. Get this item early as it now builds into Locket. Sadly it doesn't provide Mr like it used to, what a shame.

Now you decide how this specific match is played

By this time you should have sized up your enemies strengths and weaknesses and now you must choose how to react

Need armor?

Item Sequence

Randuin's Omen 2700
Frozen Heart 2500

They remade this item, now its great! Gives you absolutely everything you need, armor cdr and health, plus an armor aura for allies. It also builds out of Aegis which you should have bought early. A very nice item which I am considering putting in the Core build.

So much Armor! This item if for when you're facing Ad and Aspd comps. The armor negates alot of physical damage while the passive slows any enemies hitting you with basic attacks. The only downside is the price, however it builds out of Giant's Belt.

Even more slows! Since Sejuani's passive no longer slows, this item will permaslow enemies while still giving you Cdr and tons of armor. The reason I prefer Randuin's Omen is that this item provides no health, while Randuin's does. Buy this when you are facing primarily Aspd champions like Ad Master Yi or Jax

What Not to Take

Situational- Sejuani doesn't spam enough for the spellblade to be usefull, and the stats it provides are only half worth it. The mana is useless and the Cdr is only 10% and the Ap is so low it feels like it not even there.
Situational- I'm not saying you shouldn't take this, but be very picky, this is only usefull against strictly Ad comps, and against those comps this item is Op.

Need health?

Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor 3100
Frozen Mallet 3100

Yes I know, there are items that give more health. But this item gives you health, armor and a Dps to go nicely with Flail of the Northern Winds. This item synergises really well with Sejuani's kit

So much Health! This item gives the most health in the game, and huge hp regen to go along with it. This item alone gives Flail of the Northern Winds an extra 100 per second! an expensive yet amazing item on any tank

Woohoo! More slows! This provieds a hefty amount of health and a 70 Dps to your W. The passive resembles the old Sejuani, it allows you to constantly slow your opponents. A very nice item when facing tricky champions like Ahri Vayne and Kassadin.

Need damage

Item Sequence

Abyssal Mask 2400
Void Staff 3000

Sejuani scales ridiculously low with Ap, Magic Penetration benefits her much more than full Ap items like Rabadon's Deathcap. This item gives Sejuani the most damage, it provides health, Mpen, and a %Hp Dps. This is the first item to get when trying to deal more damage.

This item is more team oriented. This item might go into the "Magic Resist" section since it provides a nice amount of Mr while reducing all nearby enemie's Mr. A very good item to get when you feel like teamfights are a main issue, and if no one else got this already.

This is the Last Whisper of magic penetration. It gives you huge magic penetration and dramatically increases your damage output. Get this item when the enemy is stacking Mr.

What Not to Take

Situational- Slows again! The Ap on this is useless, however it gives you a nice boost to health (50 Dps on flail) and brings back your permaslow from the old kit. A very nice item versus Aspd, Choose between this and Frozen Mallet and Frozen Heart
Sejuani has very poor Ap scaling, building Ap Sejuani would be like building Ap Leona.
This is an Ap item. While i believe this is a wonderfull item, it is wasted on Sejuani she benefits little from the Ap and she is'nt a big fan of the active either, she wants to keep moving in teamfights and not be in statis.
Just don't. You might think the Ap + Health on this will be usefull but they aren't. There are much better items to replace this.
This, and all other "tear" items, are just not needed on Sejuani. The amazing mana this gives is simply pointless, and the added damage isn't the same as her %Hp scaling.

Need Magic Resist?

Item Sequence

Guardian Angel 3200
Twin Shadows 2400
Wit's End 2800

Best magic resist option. This item gives you a lot of Mr, some health, cooldown, and a nice passive for increased sustain. Sejuani doesn't have any natural sustain so she benefits less from the passive, however if you have a Soraka or a Nidalee on your team, you will feel the difference this makes.

This is probably the best passive in the league. This gives you armor, magic resist and a second chance at life. A very nice item which is often seen on squishies, however if you truley need the Mr, buy this.

This is more of a junglers Mr item. It is a good chasing item thanks to its passive, and works well with Sejuani's chasing kit. Take this item when fights are happening in skirmishes, or when facing quick Ap champions like Fizz.

This item combines damage with Mr. Sejuani deals magic damage with all of her abilities, so a little added magic damage per AA is very nice. Get this item if you are facing a mix of Ap and Armor, like Xerath with his ascended form.

What Not to Take

A nice item for those mana starved champions, however it is wasted on Sejuani. She has no mana issues once she gets Spirit of the Ancient Golem. the Cdr and Mr are nice, but there are better items
Situational- This item works like Cleanse and that is the only reason you should take this. Remeber that Sejuani has slow reduction so dont take this if your'e facing slows, take this when your'e facing Skarner and Warwick and Veigar all together.

I really don't know why I should be explaining warding in a Sejuani guide. Warding is a basic Requirement of every team member. If you watch the tournaments you'll notice that most of the wards are found on the losing team's side of the map, this is due to map control. Have vision of the map, have control of the game, simple as that!

I could write an entire guide just about warding, but Kommerzgandalf has already done a terrific job, so I heartily recommend Kommerzgandalf's comprehensive warding guide

Your main goal is to ward your own buffs, this will protect them from being stolen and possibly earn you a kill when spotting the enemy counter jungle.

Second priority is the Baron and Dragon, these are more important than your buffs but warding them is the supports job. Always have these warded! If the support isn't doing his job then it's up to you.

Third is the river, this will warn your lanes if the enemy is coming and possibly reveal the enemy jungler, as I said before, map control is everything.

Last but not least are the counter jungling wards. These will help you steal buffs and move through the enemy's jungle safely. However Sejuani is a terrible counter jungler so this doesn't happen much.

Vision Wards or Pink wards are more expensive but necessary in places like Baron or Dragon, for removing enemy wards.
I like Oracle's Elixir more than pink wards because it allows you to spot hidden objects in more places than a single wards vision range. This is helpful because on your way to gank, you can see if the enemy had any wards up, thus you know if they have seen you or not.

If you haven't figured this out yet, this is a jungling guide. I have tested this countless times, the result is this route, very basic, yet optimal for Sejuani. This route is currently for patch 3.8 jungle, when the monster spawns were changed. If for some reason Riot decides to return to the old jungle, you can find the old route below.

Ancient Golem

Spawn time = 1:55
Respawn time = 5:00

Our route begins at the Ancient Golem , also known as Blue Buff. Get your Mid and Top lanes to smiteless leash for you. This is done by both Mid and Top laners attacking the golem untill he is very low health, around 150. This way you can kill the golem without wasting your Smite which will help you clear the jungle faster. Sejuani is known to be very blue buff dependant, enemies will know your first priority is blue and some will try to steal it in early invades.


Spawn time = 1:55
Respawn time = 0:50

Our second stop is Wolves , this is an easy camp and can be cleared quickly. You should be level two by now and have a point in Arctic Assault, use it to jump over the wall straight into the wolves camp, damaging the entire camp and knocking them up. After that activate Flail of the Northern Winds and hit the large brown wolf.


Spawn time = 1:55
Respawn time = 0:50

Third in our route are the wraiths. Similar to the wolves this is an easy camp and can be done quickly. Arctic Assault over the wall and into the camp, then Flail of the Northern Winds the **** out of everything, just make sure to hit the big wraith with your first AA.

Lizard Elder

Spawn time = 1:55
Respawn time = 5:00

Our next stop is the Lizard Elder commonly known as red. By the time you get here you are level 3, so Smite deals 550 damage. Since we got a smiteless leash on blue you should be able to take this on your own with 1 or 2 potions. However, some junglers will try to steal at this point, take special care when facing "no mana" junglers like Lee Sin and Shyvana. You need to pull the lizard into the nearby bush, from there you won't be surprised and you will have time to react.

Now you have a choice


This is what you should be doing, ganking! Youv'e just finished getting your red buff and you have already reached level three, so you have your entire kit ready. Since we finished our route at red, you should be ganking Bot/Mid lane (if you are blue team) or Top/Mid lane (if you are purple team).

Keep farming

If you haven't got even the smallest chance of ganking, you should just continue farming. This is not my reccomended course of action, ganking will benefit you team more and overall it is more usefull. This choice is when you simply can't gank, either you are low on sustain, or all your lanes are pushed, or something like that.

Back to base

This is the least recommended path. You lose valuable xp, gold, and lane pressure when you do this. The only reason you should be doing this is if you have no health or potions left to continue jungling. Consider changing you masteries for more sustain. See Masteries section.

Whichever choice you made I will assume you are back at your base with at least Boots and Spirit Stone. At this point you just have to repeat one of the three choices, Gank, Farm or Back. You continue this cycle until mid game begins at which point teamfights will break out and it's time for you to stop jungling.

Jungling - Before Patch 3.8

This is the old jungle route, I am keeping this section since Riot are kind of idiots and they might return the jungle to this. THIS IS NOT THE CURRENT JUNGLE ROUTE!!!

Spoiler: Click to view

A Gank is essentially an ambush. It is when a teammate or more stealthily join a lane to apply pressure to it. Ganking is an important part of being a jungler because you are most free to make plays.

Sejuani is one of the best gankers out there, she has a gap close, an Aoe, one soft cc and two hard ones. Don't waste your potential, gank often, even an unsuccessful gank is beneficial.

Originally I planned to write a chapter about ganking, but I realized I have way too much to write -_-
So I will recommend the following guide

The summoner's Guidebook: The perfect gank

I find it very useful and I recommend all of you to read it. It explains more thoroughly what I will summarize here.
  • Stay hidden- nothing ruins a gank more than being detected and having your target back away to safety. Use Arctic Assault to jump walls and avoid ward locations. Buy an Oracle's Elixir to remove wards and move around quietly.
  • Stack CC- this is a hard thing to since it requires great communication. But you can think logically, wait for Annie to land her stun before using yours, and don't Glacial Prison someone who is in LeBlancs Ethereal Chains.
  • Predict movements- Know where your enemies are, if you see the enemy jungler gank top, then you can probably gank bot lane without being counter ganked. There are many ways to predict the enemy's movement, the easiest is wards, have them!
  • Know your enemy- this simply takes practice, knowing your enemies escape capabilities greatly helps, like knowing Vladimir has Sanguine Pool making him very hard to gank
  • Take everyone into account- it's quite annoying having Shen cast Stand United on your target, take into account such globals as Destiny Teleport and Requiem
  • Don't be a noob- seriously... the stuff I see players do. Don't tower dive when you have 200 hp. Always try to get behind enemies. Don't move towards the target, move to block his escape. Don't initiate stupid fights. Don't gank tower huggers. And all the other silly mistakes newbies make, don't do that!

Your basic combo for ganking is:
Try to walk in without wasting your Arctic Assault, save it to close the gap when they blow their escape skill. Remember not to walk straight towards your target, move behind them to block their escape. When you reach your target activate Flail of the Northern Winds to start your Aoe, pop off Permafrost for the incredible slow, allowing your teammates to catch up and annihilate the enemy. And if you still need time Glacial Prisons stun is an amazing Aoe with a huge range, even if you miss the skillshot the slow is great.

In some cases however you might consider opening with R into Q, cases like Kassadin where he could simply Riftwalk away. Once again this is a case of "know your enemy", be flexible and adapt to your enemies strengths and weaknesses.

If you've taken the time to read the whole guide, or have any sense inside your skull, you would know that Sejuani is a wrecking ball in teamfights. Imagine the medieval knights, charging through the enemy lines, crushing everything in their path, that's Sejuani :) your job in teamfights is to be the tank and initiator

Starting Teamfights

I can't tell you whether you should initiate a teamfight or not, it's up to you to decide. A few things to note however-
  • Initiate teamfights when you have the upper hand, like the numbers advantage or turret strength or exalted with baron nashor . If you see a teamfight that is a sure loss like a 3v5 situation, don't initiate.
  • Don' be baited, chasing one man and having the enemy team collapsing around you is a one way ticket back to base.
  • notice your teams position and statues, and enemies as well, remember that Mia can surprise you, and globals like Cannon Barrage can change teamfights from afar.
  • Initiate when your team is ready, it's nice to have Ezreal on your team, but if he can't Trueshot Barrage during a teamfight his damage is greatly reduced.


If all of the above are correct, and you feel like it's time for you to initiate a teamfight then do the following things.

First, communicate, there's nothing more pathetic than charging headlong into the enemy team with no one backing you up. Ping the most valuable target, the one that needs to be focused. Write to your team "I'm gonna initiate" or "teamfight" so they know we are going in

Second you should decide the best way to spark the teamfight. In most cases a well aimed Glacial Prison will do the trick. Stunning the enemy team and letting your team unleash all of their damage. In some cases, usually when one target is out of position, you can use Arctic Assault to lock down that individual target while saving your ultimate for better uses.

Now that the teamfight has broken out you assume the role of tank. Sejuani gets quite bulky, and thanks to Frost Armor your survivability increases. Try to absorb as much damage as you can to protect your allies, blocking skillshots like Light Binding and Sonic Wave will save your back line from being counter initiated.

During teamfight have Flail of the Northern Winds always activated, even forgoing the first hit and simply double activating for the flail. Permafrost should be saved for later in the fight, to chase survivors, or if things went wrong, to escape. Don't be afraid to use Arctic Assault frequently, for its cc and %hp damage. Arctic Assault is also great for counter initiators like Irelia and Diana who get quite tanky, to both peel them and deal great damage.

As you probably know Sejuani was one of the most underplayed champions in the league. Her tankiness was falling short next to tanks like Shen and Malphite and her damage was even worse.

Well not anymore *****es!!! Sejuani is back for good, with her old passive crammed into Permafrost and a new tanky passive she will withstand a maelstrom. All her abilities were buffed and added, %hp bonuses. Overall this was a great remake.

However! A remake is kind of like releasing a new champion, it is a test, to see whether they are accepted or not. Zac for instance, was widely accepted and even made it to the championships. Quinn on the other hand, was quickly dropped and forgotten. My point is, I'm afraid Sejuanis remake will be like Karmas and she will be forgotten again.

The other bad thing about buffs, is that after them come the nerfs. We all remember the infamous nerf to Dariuss Noxian Guillotine. Sejuani is pretty powerful right now and it's like the quiet before the nerf storm.

And the last, yet most disappointing part of the remake, is her new skin. I mean COME ON!!! She was the hottest champions out there, **** Sona and **** Miss Fortune! Now she's armored head to toe... I have the darkrider skin for that, show us some Sejuani!

Well, here we are, this is the end. I really hoped you enjoyed skipping most of my guide to get to the parts you wanted. I worked hard and long to write this, but I am very open minded. If you disagree with me please don't downvote, leave a comment instead. Also if you find mistakes or flaws, leave a comment and I will update as soon as I can.

Special thanks to-
jhoijhoi for her massive help with Making a Guide which taught me the basics.
qEbow for his fantastic contribution to the graphics
virusNG1 for making my signature and helping to advertise
-NA- Veng Lmfao for letting me use some of his coding
Everybody on mobafire whose guide I have read and whose feedback has helped me :) thank you all.

I hope I motivated you to jungle Sejuani, and that my tips helped your overall jungle.

Thank you! Good luck and have fun!

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