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Singed Build Guide by The Cutest Koala

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Cutest Koala

Singed, Dangerous and Moving

The Cutest Koala Last updated on May 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 8

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Who am I ?


I’m The Cutest Koala and welcome to my Singed guide.

I’m a French player actually playing on EUW; please forgive me for my possible grammar and language mistakes. I’m actually Gold IV, and I’m trying to climb the league as fast as I can! This is my first guide, and I will probably release some other guides about my favorite champions.

This is not a short guide, but I’d like you to have a look at the whole guide before voting, especially if you see something you don’t like and wish to down vote. If you still wish to down vote after reading the whole thing, please leave me constructive feedback so that I can improve upon that aspect.

Who is Singed?

Singed is an AoE AP Bruiser. If built correctly, he’ll go through the game, dealing huge damages while being really hard to throw down. His key features are a high mobility and a strong capacity in disrupting the enemy team.

What are the keys to master Singed?

Here are some important points you’ll have to master if you wanna become a good Singed player. I’ll explain all these points in details through this guide.

  • Top lane mechanics: how does this lane works. Match-ups, psychology, map awareness.

  • Decision making: pushing or joining the team? Peeling for my carries or zoning and killing theirs?

  • Build smart and adapt: how to build according to my team setup and the enemy setup.

What am I working on ?

WAIT ! Many things changed. Big, big, big update incoming. New mindset, new build... Lot of new stuff.

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1 / 21 / 8

This is the setup I use when I'm running Teleport. You'll learn more about the summoner spells in the dedicated section. I don't need the points in offense cuz running Teleport is equal to a more passive lane.

9 / 21 / 0

I'm using these masteries when I pick Ignite or Exhaust. The offense tree boosts my damages and helps me to dominate my lane.


I'm gonna take each point one by one and explain why I take it or not. The reasoning behind each skill point is pretty simple. It's all about how useful this point can be. Ask yourself if the point is tailored for early or late game. You obviously don't have to read this wall of text, but if you noticed something strange in my masteries, here you'll find some explanations.

Defense Tree

Like every bruiser, Singed will run defense tree.
  • Summoner's Resolve : You don't wanna get it except if you run Cleanse or Barrier, but you'll almost never use these summoner spells.
  • Perseverance: Three points to regen 50 Health per minute ? No thanks. The sustain comes from the potion.
  • Durability : Unlocks Veteran's Scars. 100 Health Lvl 18 are worth it when you have nowhere else to put these points anyway.
  • Tough Skin : I will say more about that in the laning phase section but I can tell you this is ONE OF THE BEST MASTERY IN THE GAME. Basically, you're gonna run right into the minions during the whole game, so they'll obviously hit you many times. Let's say six minions will hit you five times in a minute (and it'll happen, you'll probably take more than 30 hits per minute), you absorbed 60 damages. It's more than any mastery can do for two points.
  • Hardiness / Resistance : Depends what type of damages you're facing. Not awesome but you have to point these points somewhere.
  • Unyielding : Yep. You guessed it. Like tough skin, it can look ****py but it's ONE OF THE BEST MASTERY IN THE GAME. Same reasoning but about the champions. Notice that it'll absorb any damage but true damage. It also unlock Blocks.
  • Relentless : This mastery is not that good. You don't have many points to put in. The problem with Singed is not the effectiveness of slows, but their duration. Running with 260 MS in place of 240 is not a big deal.
  • Safeguard: Tailored for Singed since you'll be tower diving a lot.
  • Block : Yep. You guessed it again. Like tough skin and Unyielding, it's ONE OF THE BEST MASTERY IN THE GAME. It helps to mitigate the enemy damages early on.
  • Tenacious : 15% tenacity is a useful mastery which stacks multiplicatively with Mercury's Treads. As I said before, reducing CC's duration is extremely good on Singed.
  • Juggernaut : 4% Health. I don't like this mastery that much. Three points, 4% Health. If you have 4000 Health, you'll gain 160. Not awesome when you have already 4000.
  • Defender : For one point, this is pretty good. You can get up to five Armour AND Magic Resist. It's huge for one point!
  • Legendary Armor : Well, this is the contrary. One of the worst mastery Riot ever created in my opinion. For three points, if you have 100 Armour, you'll get +5 and take around 1% less damages, congratulations.
  • Good Hands : THIS IS THE BEST MASTERY IN THE GAME. If you spend 100 sec dead every game (and you'll probably spend more, mmmh ?), it'll save you 10 seconds. It's huge.
  • Reinforced Armor : It helps to mitigate the ADC damages late-game. Not awesome, but decent.
  • Honor Guard : Again, for one point spent, you'll negate 1 attack every 33 attacks. Not bad at all.

Offense tree

I won't give many details on this, cuz everything is pretty obvious.
  • Sorcery: CDR is not bad, and btw if you wanna get Arcane knowledge you have nowhere else to put these points.
  • Blast : Scaling AP is good, and you need this to reach Arcane knowledge.
  • Arcane Knowledge : It's a great boost for your damages. Best point in this tree for Singed.

Utility tree

Same here, everything is kinda obvious.
  • Meditation : You need it to climb this tree. Not bad anyway.
  • Improved Recall : It saves one second each time you're recalling. It's really really good. And btw, sometimes this second will be the difference between a hot recall and a death.
  • Mastermind : It reduces your summoner's CD by 12%. Not bad. If you want to consider Expanded Mind, feel free to make the calculation or to throw an eye to the Abilities chapter and what I have to say about Singed passive.

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I run this setup almost every game.

  • Greater Seal of Armor: It's mandatory cuz they will be useful all over the game. Even against an AP top-lane, it helps to mitigate the jungler damages. And even if the jungler is AP too, it helps to reduces the incoming damages from the auto attacks in lane.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: It's almost debatable. First, they're better than the flat ones at level 9. And most champions rely on their auto attack to deal damages early game. So scaling are in my opinions better than flat.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: If you're against a pure AD top-laner such as Renekton. But well, you'll always take magic damages in a game. The carry AP will probably gank you, especially if you're doing well. And many champions deals some AP damages anyway. If you picked Teleport, you will face some AP damages from the support as well. And Singed lacks of good magic resist items. So, yep, I think these runes are a must have.

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Summoner spells

You have a few choices there.


  • Ghost: It synergizes well with Singed. Awesome spell. Now let's have a look at what you can get as your second summoner spell.

  • Teleport: My personal favorite choice. Helps you in lane if necessary, and give you a strong presence to pressure all the map. You can gank bot-lane and control the dragon. It shines if you're stuck in a farm lane.
  • Ignite: A really good choice, especially if your lane opponent has some sustain, like Vladimir or Nidalee. It can be necessary to shutdown a squishy target really fast, like Teemo for example. It's less effective against shields. It shines if your team needs you to crush their ADC in teamfights.
  • Exhaust: Good spell against auto attackers. Tryndamere or Fiora for example. It shines if your team needs you to peel for your carries.

As you can see, here you have already some choices depending of your setup. You have to choose your second summoner spell according what your team needs in teamfights.

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  • Empowered Bulwark: This is not a very good passive. Some people will tell you this is the reason why you should buy mana items with Singed. In my opinion, they are totally wrong. You're not Ryze. This is basically 250 Health for each 1000 Mana you get. If for some reasons it gives you a bonus, well it's fine, but don't make any itemization choice based on this passive.
  • Mega Adhesive: This spell is really difficult to use properly. I tend to skip getting points in this during laning phase. It does no damages and with Ghost and Insanity Potion you don't need the slow. Getting a point in this skill is equal to losing some kill potential cuz you'll get one less point in Fling. In fact you'll need it as soon as you'll start looking for team fights. More about that is the Chapter 8. It has a 14 sec Cooldown, use it wisely.
  • Fling Singed's signature. This is again a spell which will require a good game knowledge and a good game vision. It does a lot of damages on a single target, especially early-game. With this you can win 1v1 situation, kill almost instantly an ADC and peel for your team. And yeah, like Mega Adhesive, it has a 10 sec Cooldown, don't use it for nothing.
  • Insanity Potion The Godmod button. Spam it early-game, it will improve your laning sustain a lot for a very short CD! Use it wisely late-game, don't forget Singed is nothing without his ultimate in teamfights.

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Starting Items

Sight Ward or Sight Ward x2

Since Riot gave us the opportunity to start with a ward, I think you should never start without, except against a really slow jungler, like Warwick or… Never mind, always start with a ward. If your team don't need you, sit at your shop to get a second Health Potion.

Start with a Cloth Armor against a really aggressive AD, like Tryndamere, or Renekton. It will help you a lot during the laning phase.

Early Game Items

Catalyst the Protector/ Sight Ward

Your main problem early game will be your mana pool. To sustain it, you'll need one mana item.
  • Tear of the Goddess: My favorite early-game item. It gives you an unlimited mana pool. This item is also really cheap, so you can usually get it at your first recall. Remember it's easier to sustain HP than MP. If your opponent is rushing HP, getting this item will totally wreck him by constantly forcing trades you'll win. It's less effective against really aggressive opponents and those ones with a shield.
  • Catalyst the Protector: This item is a kind of beginner item. Let me say a word about Warmog's Armor. THIS IS NOT A GOOD ITEM. An item with only some health will never be a good item. The only reason why everyone buy this item at the moment is cuz the amount of health is totally stupid. But it doesn't make it a good item. This is the same about Rod of Ages. This item only gives a huge amount of Health, Mana and Ability Power. I already said it in the Abilities chapter, but thinking about your passive when you wanna grab a RoA is a really bad idea. I won't say I never buy one of these items, I would lie. In certain cases, it's mandatory. But these items are bad anyway. It just gives you some basic stats to sustain when you're behind. So ! You can buy Catalyst the Protector and then a Rod of Ages if you're not 100% confident with your Singed, of if you're behind. It will help you to get back on your feet. You could as well go for a Blasting Wand and Sapphire Crystal or Ruby Crystal. It's up to you, depending of who you're facing.
  • Boots of Speed: Boots are mandatory. You won't always upgrade these before a long time, but getting the T1 Boots is cheap, do it as soon as you have enough gold after your recall.
  • Sight Ward: I'll tell more about warding in the next chapter. You need to keep your lane warded anyway.

Core Item

This item provides you some good stats. Health, Mana and Ability Power. Exactly like the Rod of Ages does, indeed. The main difference between these items is the Rylai's Crystal Scepter has some utility, cuz his passive effects. It synergizes well with Poison Trail because it creates an AoE Slow. It will help you to peel for your team and to chase and catch people. This is exactly what you need to have a strong presence in team fights.

Offensive Items

There are not many items to boost Singed damages.
  • Liandry's Torment: Probably the best item if you need to increase your damages. DO NOT BUILD THIS EARLY GAME. This item is tailored for the late game. It will deal huge damages and synergizes well with they Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You don't need any AP to benefit completely of this item. I get it almost every game.
  • Void Staff: If you or your AP Carry become a huge threat for your opponents, they'll buy MR with the aim of shutting you down. This item will allow you to keep doing a decent amount of damages.
  • Morellonomicon: Very situational item. Good against champions who heavily relies on a sustain mechanic to stay alive. Also good against healers, obviously. It helps to throw down targets with a huge amount of Lifesteal as well.

Need Armour ? Oh wait.

  • Randuin's Omen: This item will allow you to stick on your target even if she blinks away. It's also good if your team lacks of CC's for team fights. Really good if you wanna zone their ADC.
  • Thornmail: This item basically counters the Lifesteal. If you wanna duel the fed ADC, get this and Morellonomicon and you'll nullify his regen while crushing him disregard what happens all around.
  • Frozen Heart: If you buy this item you'll lose a lot of killing potential. It's designed for these games when you need to stay behind and to protect your carries. The passive aura and the CDR will help you to do that. I'm not a big fan of this item cuz it forces you to a very passive role.
  • Sunfire Cape : Not that good. Get this item if they have too many dangerous bruisers. I don't often get this item, but when I do I get an Abyssal Mask.

Need MR ? Oh wait.

  • Abyssal Mask: It's actually the best MR item for Singed. If they don't have more than one AP big threat, you don't want another MR item. It's also a nice punch for you and your team mates damages.
  • Spirit Visage: If you have already your Abyssal Mask and they steal have tons of AP damages (dual AP setup for example) you can get this item.
  • Runic Bulwark: You shouldn't buy this item on Singed. But if they have a huge amount of AoE AP damages and no one in your team can build this (hum, hum...) this will be a must have.

Boots and enchantments

  • Mercury's Treads: The best choice on Singed in my opinion. Also it scales well with Tenacious . And since you probably won't buy a lot of MR items, it's a good choice anyway.
  • Ninja Tabi: Good against opponents who are reliant on their auto attacks. You can get it early game if you're in trouble in lane. Feel free to sell it for the Mercury's Treads late game if they have too much CC's.

  • Enchantment: Homeguard: It saves you a few seconds every time you recall. Also it helps a lot if your base is on fire.

Build smart and adapt !

To know what to build, you have first to understand what your team's gonna need. It means : take a look at your team setup, as soon as the game begins.
  • If you team doesn't have any opener, you'll have to go in. You'll have to build tankier.
  • If you team have already a good disrupter you'll build to destroy their ADC at all costs.
  • If your team has nothing peeling for your ADC, you will do this and will be a supportive Singed.

Should I build to counter my lane?

If you're doing fine in lane, you can build more damages and utility, aka rush Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If not you'll have to build enough resistance early to survive in lane, indeed.

Use TAB often and stay flexible!

Press TAB often, it will highly improve your game vision and you'll have a good idea about what's gonna happen during the first team fights. You cannot ignore their ADC if he's fed. Same about their AP Carry. Don't be afraid to build an early Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak.

Try to balance out your stats!

If you don't have any health, resistances are not a big deal. That's why I recommend to almost always get Rod of Ages or Rylai's Crystal Scepter first. The more tanky they are, the more damages you'll build, and conversely if they lack of tankyness, they'll have insane damages, so build tankier.


One of the keys to be a good Singed player is to juggle with the different items. Juggling with your itemization will allow you to fill your role as you should. Don't be this guy playing Singed and dying instantly in team fights.

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Laning phase

How does top lane works?

This is pretty simple. Actually this is the most one-sided lane in the game. One the first kill is scored, there is one guy with the high status and the other guy with the low status and only a few things can change the situation.

  • The high status guy will do a terrible mistake by overconfidence; take the advantage and never let him breath.
  • An awesome gank. This is something hard to setup, because after the first back, a good top lane player should always have enough wards to become ungankable. A good way to go is to buy a Vision Ward, if you think your jungler can help you, this is undoubtedly a good investment.



Crushing your lane, crushing the game

You don't win your lane by playing passive. You wanna crush your opponent. Here are some basic tips to win against him.
  • Never fight him if you don't have Fling. Never fight him if you're underleveled. Never fight him if he has a lot more minions than you.
  • If you have more minions than him, Fling him into them!
  • Don't let your opponent hit you for free. If he attacks you, retaliate.
  • Use brush to drop minions aggro and to avoid being harrassed for free (especially against ranged opponents)!
  • When you have a ward, push your lane constantly. He will lose some farm, you'll be able to farm behind his turret, to move in the jungle for extra farm, or mid lane for a gank.
  • If you run with Teleport always try to push your lane before using it. Also, don't use Teleport to come back to your lane after you hit level 6.
  • Try to always clear the minion wave behind his turret before recalling, but don't do that if you don't have your Insanity Potion.

Okay, I crushed my lane, I did some good ganks mid lane and bot lane... Now when should I move to join my team and when should I stay in lane in order to push or to crush him more ?

This is a hard decision. First of all, Singed is not really a pusher, cuz he can't destroy a turret really fast. If your team make a call for a dragon, you have to move. Anyway, there are a few cases when you could possibly stay on your lane.
  • A turret is really low health, and you think you can make it fall.
  • You can kill your opponent in lane. Killing him and keep pressuring top lane will make you big, and they'll come to get you. If you built right, they should not be able to kill you and they'll just waste their time, while you're giving your team mates a breathing room.
  • Your team is doing so bad your presence won't change anything. Just keep pushing like a ****** to bait your opponents to you, it'll remove some pressure mid and bot lanes.
  • Your opponent is not that behind and you think he could come back if you remove the pressure on him by leaving the lane. Don't let him come back. Never.

I lost my lane hard, what can I do ?

Farm up, avoid fighting your opponent in lane. If he moves, farm more and more and push, push, push. If a team fight is going to happen, look at your opponent. If he moves, stay in the lane, if he stays, move and join your team. Avoid being in the same place than him until you built enough sustain to outsustain him.


First of all, let me tell you something about the counter picks. It doesn't exist. I truly think that. Every champion has some strengths and some weaknesses, and the match-ups are heavily reliant on how the player can understand these for both champions in lane. I don't just wanna tell you : "This match-up ? Yeah you're dead. Don't pick Singed." or "Wait for your jungler and let him out farm you.", I wanna give you the tools and the reasoning to understand how to beat your enemy by being smarter than him.

So let's start here : what are your strengths as Singed during the laning phase ?
  • You can out trade almost everyone in melee range.
  • You can usually control the lane. Pushing or getting pushed, it's up to you!

And here are your weaknesses:
  • In melee range, many champions have some abilities to crush your face. Fortunately, you can dodge most of these.
  • If you can't reach melee, you become a victim.
  • An early death can literally destroy your lane.
  • You will have trouble to deal with slows, shields and heals.

Sooooo.... Here are the villains !

  • She will probably lack Armour. Fling her in your minions while kitting!
  • She gains a lot of killing potential level 6. Keep your Health > 80%.
  • You should start with : Sight Ward . Grab a various number of Health Potion and Mana Potion depending how comfortable you feel. Keep the lane pushed. She'll spend energy for last hitting under turret. Also, you'll hit 6 before her. If you did well, she's low. Dive her with Insanity Potion and the Vision Ward. If not, recall and go all-in.
  • Also note this, if you didn't do poorly on your lane, she won't be a threat in teamfights at all. Wreck her!

  • His awesome sustain is his only strength. It will take you many, many Fling to get through it.
  • Warding is really important here, especially against a jungler with a hard CC. He'll just come and if Cho'Gath will land all his spells, you'll be 100% dead.
  • Juke Rupture and Feral Scream every time you can. Don't stay in your minions and try to keep the lane pushed.
  • If you have less than 50% Health, recall immediately.
  • If you notice he runs with AD runes the match-up will be a bit harder, you'll receive mixed and splash damages. Don't get hit by his Vorpal Spikes for nothing and you should be ok.
  • If you have the high status and you really wanna kill him, purchase heavy offensive items as soon as possible, such as one Blasting Wand or even two! If you can out farm him, it's good, you'll have a better presence in team fights. If you can kill him, he will be totally useless.

  • This is not an easy match-up. Darius is one of the few champion who can out trade you in melee range.
  • Hemorrhage is a DoT and it deals good damages. Don't let him get full stacks on it.
  • You don't want to trade hits with Darius, you need to kite him! You also want to push the lane, but it may be hard before level 6. Don't worry if you're a bit out farmed early on.
  • You can bait and juke his Decimate by pretending to charge at him. If he blows Decimate at any moment for some reasons, you can Fling him and then run back. Don't go for long duration trades, he'll win because he'll get full stacks on Hemorrhage. Also note his Decimate has only 5 sec Cooldown at rank 5.
  • You probably won't kill him if he doesn't make mistake, especially if he builds an early Hexdrinker. It doesn't mean you can't win this lane, you can still out farm him. Farming behind his turret should be possible with ultimate, but still don't do that with less than 60-70% Health.
  • Team fights are where you'll shine. He won't have a good presence, and you can totally annihilate his game by just Fling him away, simply because he has nothing to close the gap. By the way, going for team fights, and helping your team is a good idea : even if he follows, he won't move as fast as you, especially if you picked Teleport.

  • This is an easy lane. I don't often say that but yeah, it is.
  • You out trade her violently.
  • Zone her and out farm her. Start building damages, utility and look your other opponents to know what to build.
  • Anyway don't let her free farm because you moved from your lane by overconfidence. If she gets back on her feet and farms well, she'll become threatening for your team.
  • Take care if she builds Hexdrinker it could be annoying if you decide to tower dive.

  • This is nothing but a farm lane. He will have tons of MR and you have no way to kill him. Build MR as well such as an early Negatron Cloak.
  • You won your lane if the farm is even or in your favor, and if you showed a stronger presence than him in team events.
  • Unless you need Exhaust or Ignite for a specific reason, I highly recommend to run Teleport against Galio, as for almost every farm lane.

  • This match-up is pretty easy, because Ninja Tabi will nullify his damages and make his Parrrley useless.
  • The only thing you should take care about is his Grog-Soaked Blade. You will have trouble to disengage. Avoid the melee early on, until you can 100% win the trade.
  • Once you're level 6 and you have your Ninja Tabi you can destroy him easily, even under his turret.
  • If he builds enough sustain and also power up his Remove Scurvy before you took any advantage, it becomes a farm lane. You don't want this to happen.

  • This match-up is not hard. You mustn't stay in his Judgment. If he Decisive Strike and run at you, activate your Poison Trail and spam your Fling. His silence won't be effective until the auto attack animation is over so the Fling will work and he'll use his spin for nothing.
  • If he uses his Judgment, you can trade hits.
  • You can zone him by staying between him and your minions. If he comes to you, just Poison Trail and run back.
  • If he wants to regen with Perseverance he'll probably lose minions. It's all fine.
  • His Demacian Justice is the only thing you should take care about, if for some reasons you're under 60% Health, just recall.
  • If you didn't let him go out of control, he won't have a lot of impact in team fights mid and late game. To nullify his threat, wait for him to use Decisive Strike, then Fling him away from your team. This is Garen's only gap closer.

  • This match-up is harder than it looks. With Hiten Style active, she will totally out trade you. Try to kite her and to Fling her away when she uses it.
  • You have to take the edge early on. Zone her and poison her every time she goes for a minion.
  • When she will get Hexdrinker and/or Wit's End it's over, you cannot kill her anymore and she will do brutal damages to you. Indeed, it will be physical damage from her AD, Magic damage from her Wit's End and even true damages from the Hiten Style. Just farm up and help your team.

  • First thing is : avoid being hit by his combo. If he doesn't hit his combo, you'll win trades.
  • Don't be afraid of his Golden Aegis ; it costs a lot of mana and he can't spam it forever.
  • When he's 6, avoid staying in the lane with less than 50% health. He has a good burst damage with Cataclysm.
  • As usual, when he got his Hexdrinker you cannot fight anymore. Just farm and help your team.
  • Dealing well with Cataclysm in team fights is essential. If he catches you in, and it will happen, use your spells wisely. If you can land a good Mega Adhesive from the inside, do it. If a carry is caught with you in the arena, you can Fling Jarvan IV outside. If not, don't blow the CD. I don't recommend this, but sometimes, you could rush Ghost & Flash just because this ult basically paralyzes you for almost 4 sec. It can totally change the team fight.

  • This match-up is not really hard. Kite him every time you can, Fling him away and run.
  • You can trade with him before level 6 but be careful if he has more Health Potion than you.
  • Hexdrinker turns this lane into a farm lane. Push and help your team.

  • You can out trade this guy in melee, disregard which stance he uses.
  • Hide in the brush and avoid the free harrass. If he wards the side brush, buying a Vision Ward could be a good idea.
  • Zone him in hammer stance !
  • The key to win this match-up is to understand which type of player he is. If this guy try to harrass a lot and to aim some goods pokes in canon stance, you'll rush Ninja Tabi, then Blasting Wand if you think you can kill him, or Giant's Belt if you think you can't. If he tries to trade a lot in canon stance, don't upgrade your boots and rush a mana item such as Sapphire Crystal or Tear of the Goddess then damages. You'll Fling him until he dies.
  • This match-up is really annoying. Probably one of the hardest. Don't pick Singed against Kayle if you're not familiar with the "avoid being harrass by standing in the side brush" tactic.
  • You out trade Kayle in melee. The problem is : she got a slow with Reckoning and a buff speed with Divine Blessing, which also provides a great sustain.
  • She mustn't hit you when her Righteous Fury is active. Run back, hide in a brush or stay behind your minions / your tower.
  • If she hit you with Reckoning run back until the slow is over. The few seconds while this spell is in CD are your breathing room. You can go for the minions, or go all-in to kill her if you have Insanity Potion.
  • Intervention is dangerous in case she tries a tower dive, but if she's forced to use it defensively, you won your lane.
  • Don't worry if you're getting out farmed. Always try to push the lane. You'll slowly have less trouble to push and maintaining Kayle to her tower will remove a lot of pressure.
  • Don't overestimate her resistance. She has a heal, her Intervention but she can die really, really fast, especially if you run with Ignite.
  • She can push and destroy turrets really fast, be sure to push your lane really hard before leaving for some reasons.
  • If you really have a hard time, spam your ult, push and recall, again, again and again to maintain a decent amount of farm.

  • You can out trade him in melee range.
  • Here, you have to determine which skill he powers up.
  • If it is Thundering Shuriken, juke his **** and stay behind your minions if possible. Pushing is also a great idea because he will have some trouble to farm under his turret.
  • If he maxes Electrical Surge, you will play this lane like it was a ranged AD. Use brushes to avoid the harrass, especially if he bought a few Doran's Blade. Don't let him mark you when he has 5 stacks.
  • When you hit 6, you're more dangerous than him by far, go all-in with Insanity Potion.
  • If he rushes sustain with a Hextech Revolver, buy some damages. If he rushes damages, buy health then damages.
[*] You won't often see an AD Kennen (I mean, full AD, not just one or two Doran's Blade but in this case, just buy Ninja Tabi and the lane is over.

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From mid-game to late-game

Mid Game

Well, if you did well early game, you'll shine in mid game. Keep pushing, and join your team for team fights and major objectives such as dragon. If you are really rich, you can buy an Oracle's Elixir to help your team. Of course, keep buying some Sight Ward. If you can catch someone out of position, don't hesitate and drop your Insanity Potion in order to secure the kill. If you can, let your carries the kill.

Don't be afraid of initiating with Insanity Potion and/or Ghost.

Late Game and Teamfights

YOU ARE NO LONGER THE INITIATOR. If you try to initiate they will blow every CC and damage on you and you'll be dead before arriving in melee.

Your job is to disrupt enemy's positioning and to deal a good amount of damages over time.

If your team needs you to peel for the carries, Exhaust can be helpful. Use your Fling to protect your ADC. And your Mega Adhesive to forbid the enemy's bruiser to come back.

If your team needs you to throw down their ADC, Ignite can be helpful. Use your Fling to destroy him and your Mega Adhesive to zone him if he wanna come back after flashing away.

Fling and Mega Adhesive have a huge cooldown, use it wisely!

Also, never forget this :

That's the opponents should chase you in vain. Not the contrary. It's sometimes extremely frustrating to realize you're not able to reach the target you're aiming for, but don't waste your time and your health to catch this Ashe. Zoning here enough is almost as good as killing her.


Some tips and tricks about how to use Fling and Mega Adhesive will come later~

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Videos and additional content

Coming soon~

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Closing Statements

Well, this Singed guide is over. I will keep it up to date and I'll add some contents such as video, more match-ups... And I'll try to improve the layout and other things.

I'm gonna quote the words of someone I enjoyed reading because it's really fun to see Singed like that.

The Long March: Move in an organized group and DON'T CHASE. The Long March occurred in China, under Mao Ze****. Basically, little guy Mao decided he was going to run away from fat guy Chang, who had a far superior force. So little guy Mao ran all over China over the course of 370 days, fighting only when it best suited him. He always made it look as though he was retreating, but he always managed to get the upper hand in conflicts. Finally, in 1935, when the tattered remnants of Mao's army met with other Communist forces and united, Chang had nothing left. So now think about your LoL experiences. How often does something bad come from chasing? Maybe it's just one person chasing, maybe it's a whole team. What happens when that one person chases? He gets baited and picked off. What happens when the whole team chases? They get baited and aced. China isn't a communist country today because Mao's a coward. China's a communist country because Mao was the original incarnation of Singed.

I you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask it in the comments section. I will answer. I can be joined in game too. My IGN on EUW is < The Cutest Koala > ! If you wanna discuss, spectate or maybe play a few games, I'll accept your friend request.

Thanks for reading my Singed guide, I hope it's somehow useful for you. If you appreciated it, I'll appreciate a vote and a comment as well!