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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ryudude

Art of Building for the team

ryudude Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Hi this guide is to teach a little something to those summoners who find a main and just insta lock every game with that champ every match. I love when I'm in a premade and people always ask who will you play? and 1 will go ashe or corki leblanc but every time I say depends on the team comp and that's how it should be. I will also give you good examples of champs for different roles and how they can be built and a short overview of how they should be played.

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If you have stuck with me through this whole creation process you know i had several large gaps where I did not update or add on and as such some of the chapters and builds may feel outdated so instead of going back deleting and changing it I will go and add a mini section to the bottom marked

This will be how I update sections and not only will it keep you up to date but it can show you my thought process on why I have made these changes.

Season 3!
A new season and so many things to revise especially the jungle again -_-
I will go ahead and update the items masteries and skills for all the champs to get the bare bones all updated.

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Select a champion!

When you come up to the champ selection screen you almost always will have 2 or 3 people who will pick a champ and at least 1 will insta lock now its not always bad but when 4 people insta lock carries it can really screw the game over.

When you see those first people select you need to quickly see who they picked determine what role the champ will play and decide how you will best fit it. As an example lets say you see 1 person insta lock Amumu and another picks Ashe. You now know Amumu will be tanking and Ashe will be an AD carry. (not much else they can be) Now after thinking about their skills set up what champ has the best synergy with those 2 while still filling the role your team needs.

So since Amumu has a short range initiate with an aoe snare and Ashe has a global stun you want someone who cant take advantage of those 2 abilities and you have 2 easy choices. you know your team needs an ap champ so you can pick or as both are ap champs who have ult that are very strong aoes and but rely on some positioning.

But wait! Amumu has ! that means he will be jungling so now you know someone has to do a 2v1 or solo lane. now unless you are good and have experience with solo lane Kennen the easier choice is to go

The biggest thing though is to not always have a set person for set situations. even though I told Fiddlesticks may be best for that situation you may be more confident with Nunu who is a competent solo lane with a self heal and another aoe ult

As you get better and become more confident in your abilities you may want to push for a role. This applies to ranked solo queues because if you want to win you may want to inform your team that hey you may be able to mid but you feel you can jungle or top much better. Try not to be that insta locker but sometimes its best to stick to your guns in a serious match.

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Who does what?!?

Now not all of you may be hardcore level 30 players but you still want to contribute to the team and become a player who can be skilled with any champ.

Now for some of you (and me) you don't have the IP or RP to buy any and all champs but the next best thing to do is to get some variety into your champ selection screen and in these next chapters I will give you some roles and who fill them quite nicely.

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Ranged AD carry

Ahh the prized carry... although they are supposed to "carry" the team they often will lose the match for you if played wrong. The purpose of the carry is to simply net your team the kills or "janitor". Its not so simple though most carries get some arrogance about them and think they should just go 1v1 anyone they see or initiate fights when they want and they also are very greedy chasing for long periods of time only to get ganked by the respawns.

The carry needs to size up their importance to the team and what they do best for them. For Ashe a can be an amazing opener to let ur tank initiate without him taking too much risk.
If your Corki you may want to save your for their AD carry to blind them and use your to catch as many champs in it as possible.

Lastly if your someone special like Vayne may want to focus that pesky tanky dps or that tank that just wont die because her allows her to tear through their defenses.

Now above for an AD carry champ I chose simply becuase I dont play carries that often and the only one I play often is her.

As I stated earlier Its been awhile since I first made this section and lots of things have changed. Not only have some champion skills like Corki no longer blinding but also my opinions and views on carries have changed.

I've actually come to the point where I feel AD carry is my strongest role and as such I feel I can give better advice.
Positioning is key. While you are the power house of the team during early game and mid you are not that strong and your pretty useless dead. You need to play as though your a support in a way. stay far in the back with a nice safe shield of bodies in front of you and you should never venture out beyond that shield. You should never engage and you should consider coming in to a fight later. If they dont have sight you may just sneak in a few seconds after the engage and just get free hits on whoever you get ahold of. which brings me to my next point.

Sometimes its best just to attack the person thats within range. If their carry is way in the back if you try to run at them to get in range not only are you probably going to take damage from them first but you are putting your self in a terrible position and you will die fast and easy. Now obviously you don't focus the tank but it is best to size up the situation and maybe attack that bruiser and kite them around. they may not do serious damage but they are still a threat and you can attack them from a safe distance and still impact their team.

Im sorry but No diversity here. the job of the carry is to do damage and that is it. if you diverge from your build path for more health or armor or what ever you build. You are taking away effective damage and are overall hurting your team. there are very few situations where you should diverge from the build. if they are abnormally strong in 1 damage type or they have something like Warwick and Malzahar then you may build something like but for the most part with good positioning and a good feel for when to go in you should be safe from all forms of attack.

I'll give an example where I could have counter built but did not because i was confident in my own abilities. I was Graves and they had an AP Mordekaiser a Riven and a Nocturne. If I came into a fight at the same time as the rest of my team Mordekaiser would instantly me and try to kill. if I sat back Nocturne would me every fight regardless as would Riven. Both Nocturne and Riven had . using my , , and positioning I was able to stay far away enough so Mordekaiser could not touch me and I kited both Riven and Nocturne around the entire circle that is wraith camp. during that time my team took out the rest of their team and I had effectively taken out 2 big bruisers. I could have got for Mordekaiser or for the bruisers but by just playing it smart I made them pretty useless against me.

Late game you are the team. A good carry can practically carry an entire team as long as your team is mediocre and they are in the fights then their presence should give you the leeway to carry your team to victory.

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Vayne is an interesting champ and a good choice because I feel this is riots answer to countering tanky dps

Out of date

Now let me make 1 thing clear. I know this is not the highest dps build for vayne but what people dont realize is that any champ given an and will hit hard and often but its not the best way to build them in a serious match.

I wont explain the skill ordering runes or any of that if you feel something different will suit you better then by all means do it I'm just going to tell you how I think she should be played.

Vayne early game can either start mid or side lane she is not a good 2v1 solo lane.
If you are mid try and predict who you will be up against if you think you can harass them often and maybe get first blood get .

When in lane wait till they have half their minions or few as possible and towards them and auto attack once then back off you will catch them with your but if you go for a 2nd attack the minions may do more damage to you then you did to them.
If you cannot harass or you think you will be out damaged in mid buy a and just play as defensive as you can when you hit lv 6 you should equal the playing field or try and harass as much as possible so you can set up a kill using your ult.

Once lv 6 and ready to kill let them get half way through the lane more so towards your tower and sit in the side bush in the middle when you are ready and they are within range of a wall activate your out then into the wall and proceed to chase and you should get the kill. Be smart with this though if you have been feeding or you clearly cant get the kill dont risk it.

During the lane phase after you have hit 6 you become an amazing ganker so watch top and bot for low hp enemies for easy kills.
Side Lane
This is not a bad thing 1 thing about Vayne is she is squishy and while is good harass you put your self at risk alot using it and it may not always pay off however with a lane mate you take less risk.
While its about the same it is alot harder to land a stun with however if they push your tower you can pull a fast one and ++ behind them and them into the tower to stun then finish them off.
Special note* any healer especially Soraka can greatly increase your lane and aggressiveness.

While my guide gives some survivability you need to go in after the tank and with your active. wait for tank then after his initiate. in anyone with range of a wall.

By now you should have found your niche either you are the hard carry getting all the kills and destroying them or you are the person who janitors and becomes the anti-tank carry.

With that in mind either focus their highest dps/damage dealer or focus their tanky dps.

Special note*- anyone with a special ability to reduce damage should be focused as soon as the skill is used for example Alistar , Master Yi , Rammus (be careful not to kill your self on it).

That is it for Vayne she is a good champ and when played well people will scream OP. just remember what I said although you are a carry do not act like god charging in and feeding the enemy team kills.

Yep I was 1 of those people swept up in the whole true damage op qq. Well don't focus on that when playing Vayne. focus targets that need focusing. what I have found Vayne greatest strength is her abillity to be in and out of a fight using and . it can be very jarring to a team to call out for Vayne focus only to have you stealth and roll in the opposite direction and come out and surprise the carry. that is her true strength so please learn to use it well.

I think Vayne may not be the strongest carry in the game but she is still pretty strong and she is fun to play.

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AP nuke

On the other end of the spectrum and the equal to a carry is your ap nuker. there are a few requirements for a champ to be a good ap nuke though.
The champ needs to have a spammable harass skill to keep the damage at least semi consistent
They need 1 large nuke/CC that they would use when going for a kill
They need high AP ratios on their skills (except ryze) because if you have low ratios when late game kicks in your items wont do much.

the Ap nuke is the person who runs in blows all their skills and runs out till they can do it again. most AP nukes have CC so be sure to CC the carry as your CC will be the calling card of "kill that guy".

You should try and build your champion durable as most AP champs have low health pools and are very squishy making you the first targeted however an early rod of ages can deceive them into thinking you have too much health to take down easily

Dont get angry if you do 95% of the hp in seconds only to have the ranged last hit the champ. it happens alot and its why the carries are there to make sure they dont get away.

The Next chapter i will go over annie after the recent patch she fits the role quite nicely

Good lord it has been awhile. well annie is not a strong pick these days only from what I can assume is her bad lane match ups. otherwise I feel she is still very strong.

Some clarifications though, AP's dont need a spammable skill the champs like that are usually the nukes where as the others are sustained ap.
examples - Leblanc = Nuke Cassiopeia = Sustained.

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Almost always you will mid but if you dont the side lanes aren't too bad.

The reason why annie mids so much is her passive and her Q allow for great harassment.

Basically start out defensive as you only have 1 skill and cant really get first blood, use your Q to last hit as much as possible if you do it right the Q will cost no mana. Once the passive stun is charged you want to either run up and hit them with Q if your level 1 or W then Q if higher level. Why W? her passive stun actually stuns anything hit so with your aoe stun you take out the risk of minions taking alot of your hp

After you hit level 6 you have now crossed into nuke territory. you can do some quick math with damages and their health and such and once they are low enough with your stun ready ult tibbers onto them then Q then W then ignite then E. Why E after? they should already be low so after the stun is done i doubt they will turn to fight you so they will run (if not dead already of course) by waiting after the stun you will now be on your 3rd charge for another stun so by spamming q you may be able to get another stun off netting you the kill.

Tip* If they have very little hp after your burst but they are tower hugging simply hold shift and right click to command tibbers to auto attack them if he gets them low enough either surprise them with a flash + Q or just run and Q then flash out of tower range

Side Lanes
This is almost the exact same play style however if you have a good lane partner you may wanna level W instead of Q as the aoe will do more damage to the 2 people you face then just your Q.
Just remember in the side lanes with 2 enemies always use w to stun and try to catch both of them with it.

This is where you shine way above the other AP nukes and why i feel annie is 1 of the best.
You want to have your stun ready when the tank initiates (If you are super fed and not too squishy you may initiate with this) run in and catch as many of them in your ult as you can then W as soon as you can and then Q the carry then E to build to the next charge
If everything went well you should have killed the carry and stunned at least half their team while reducing their hp to half.

Ill just take the time to point out the changes they made to annie in this patch
Early game base damage on skills increased slightly
Late game (rank 5) base damage reduced
AP ratios raised on every skill
Tibbers is now tankier and his aoe fire has an AP ratio
basically before patch her late game was weak cause she had low ap ratios

General tips*
Use E to farm up charges on stun when you cant with Q
use W at fountain to charge up stun while healing up
Grab blue buff when you can if you have it spam E and W to charge stun since you wont have to worry about mana
if your in a side lane you can get W first and charge stun before minions spawn so you can maybe get first blood with a carry partner.

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The Jungler

Ahh the jungler now this is the role I play alot. Many people don't jungle some for the simple reason that they dont know the jungle and that is fine but if you are going to jungle or develop any sort of map awareness you need to know the jungle and what it can yield but thats not what this guide is about. (I plan on posting a jungle guide sometime) Now I chose Warwick because he is a strong jungle pick for beginners.

There are a few reasons a team wants a jungler
-top lane (the usual solo lane) will get solo exp

-some champs excel at 2v1 lanes (nasus, alistar, kog'maw)

-the jungler can get some early game kills or relieve pressure on a lane
While all this sounds good you need to avoid a few things or you could ruin the game for the team

-Always keep moving
If you are in and out of lanes constantly you make them paranoid wondering if a gank is coming thats why boots of mobility are a strong pick on most ganking jungles.

-Always be looking
If you are just auto attacking blue buff waiting for the kill take the time to check each lane. evaluate the lanes whether or not you should gank help out or just stay jungle

-Be smart
If lanes are pushed or 1 person is doing bad then help that lane but if you arent in the jungle farming then you will start falling behind.


Jungle remake!

I have already revised some of this section but I will go ahead and outline specifics that the patch changed and what it means.

Now you can sit in the jungle and just farm. most of your jungles are barely fast enough to keep up with the respawns on the small creep camps but the gold and exp output are decent so jungles like master yi actually excel at this type of jungle.

there are 2 types of jungles clearly defined now. Farmer/counter jungles and Gankers.
they both do what they say, farmers farm the jungle and gankers gank lanes.

Runes are not needed as much and many more champions can now jungle. With creeps being overall weaker you dont need champions built just for the jungle to do it.

Area of effect champions are kings. any champion with good AoE damage will clear extremely fast and safe.

Jungle is a lot harder now even though they set out for the opposite. You can jungle with alot more champions and do it easier but having a balance of when to jungle when to gank and when to counter is extremely hard to do and if you dont do it well you will become under farmed and under leveled extremely easy.

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Warwick was one of my first champs and he was my first jungler the reason why I pick him is because he really doesn't need runes to jungle well and he has about the safest jungle.

Now start at base with the boots and 3 hp pots or 1 pot and 1 ward and go to blue buff. If this is ranked be careful as many good teams gank blue buff.

Start with your W and start at wolves asking for some extra damage on wolves.

Why i go into detail is because WW can stay out in jungle/lane forever if it werent for his mana problems but as long as you have blue buff you can heal through about anything.

Anyways clear your teams jungle ending with red buff if there are no gankable lanes then just keep farming jungle and dont use Q without blue.

Once you have hit lv 4 you can gank but unless you have red buff you probably wont be getting a kill. Once you hit level 6 you can just about kill anyone in lane. Tell your team what lane and who you are ganking then sit in the bush and ult onto the person.

If they are too far away flash onto them and if they are at half health before gank be sure to turn blood scent off or you will scare them off just turn it back on while you are ulting them.

Even if they were at full health after you hit them with Q they should be below half health and you now have a perma ghost use blood scent and red buff to chase them down till they die.

After early game you need to shift from jungle gank machine to tanky on-hit chaser. if their team is AP heavy wits end will do perfect. if they are AD heavy then get a sunfire. If your team is AD heavy you need to get a black cleaver but if your AP heavy then build a malady.

By late game your main job is to ult their carry take some damage and chase down any stragglers you also need to be there for team fights and pushing towers as your W will greatly help your team take towers down.

Note* When i play WW my build changes everytime i decide if i go tanky or more dps my build is geared towards On - hit tanky ww but the only main item to always get is madreds

And there you go 1 lean mean jungling machine!

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Tanks win games.

While a tank isn't the best pick if you are solo que and are getting matched with randoms it can be the game changing pick if your playing with friends or a well coordinated team

Things to do as a tank.
Initiate team fights - Most tanks have a good initiating skill. The trick is to know when and how to use it.
Soak up as much CC and damage - This is why they are called tanks. You need to soak up as much of the brunt force as possible.
Set up Easy kills and keep the other team locked down - This is the key to winning a majority of team fights.

Generally as a tank you will either take bottom lane if you have a good solo top or you will solo top if your carry is not confident or if top lane will be 2v1 lane

If your going to play a tank you need to know the game well and by that i mean champions positioning and how to best fit your team.

1 of the most important is to know champions and what type of damage they do and how to counter it. Thats why tanks should never have static builds.

Say you are rammus and they have someone like yi or ashe. build a thornmail because not only do they deal physical damage but your taunt guarantees they will damage them selves on your thornmail. If your malphite you may want a randuins because you can activate it just as you land your ult. maybe you see a vayne or a kog maw that means you need to avoid stacking hp. maybe you see a olaf or a chogath then building health would actually counter their flat true damage.

Theres a counter to everything you just have to know what it is

In the next section i will detail the finer points of 1 of the best tanks in the game. (in my opinion)

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Oh man what can i say? alistar is the man...bull...thing.

Seriously this guy is a tankin CC lane sustain machine.
Before the past couple patches alistar was pretty over powered. his ult gave 75% damage reduction yet both of his abilities were 1 to 1 AP ratios and his heal had a higher ratio as well.

Sadly riot realized the monster they had created. they first nerfed his AP ratios on both skills and his heal. They felt he was still too strong and nerfed the damage ratios again.
With the latest patch he no longer has 75% reduction on his ult and only rank 3 of his ult has 70% reduction.

I know I know sad story but on with how to play the beastly man.

Since AP alistar is all but about useless you should build tank.

As for a build a suggest items with health to compliment your ult but as i stated in the tank section you need to build your items around the enemy team.

Play style

Lane: In lane you want to lane with somebody for a few reasons
1. In my skill path you wont do any meaningful damage
2. Your skills have alot of CC so you can set up easy kills and deny enemies
3. You cant deny well in a solo lane
If in lane with someone else just let them have most of the farm and protect them if anyone comes near pulverize and headbutt. spam your heal if your partner needs it.
When you go on the attack just lead with pulverize and use the time to get in front of them when the stun wears off head butt them back towards your partner.

(special note* once you have the timing down you can lead with headbutt and right as you reach them you pulverize and instead of knocking back you knock up. like a malphite ult)

Teamfights: you need to be the one to initiate so mastering the headbutt pulverize is a good idea. However you can flash and pulverize and then head butt into your team. make sure to headbutt the carry not a tank ;p
do not start the fight with your ult. either wait for someone to stupidly waste CC on you or wait till your about 30 or 25% hp to make you self a nice target then ult and people will try and try to kill you thinking with that little hp they can burn through the ult.

And thats mainly it for alistar =D now go out there and make all us alistar players proud

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The most underestimated and underplayed role, the support can be a powerful tool for your team or a powerful feeder.

The job of the support is to do just that. Support.

When your with a lane partner support your lane mate by letting them have the minion farm and protect them. Any aura type items are good especially mana manipulator. use your abilities to save them or help them get kills.

Not only should you support your lane but support the team by buying an early oracles and warding key areas and clearing any wards you may find.

Anything you can do to help your team you need to do it even if its sacrificing your self

1 last thing a support needs to master is clairvoyance. If you can master clairvoyance you will greatly increase your teams strength.

Learn jungle paths and jungle times and try to predict where the jungle might be. Use it to stop baron or dragon attempts. it is a underestimated spell but a very powerful one.

In the next section I will talk about one of my favorite supports. ZILEAN!!!!!

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ahhh my main man zilean the chronokeeper. zilean is a very powerful support when played correctly but he can be about useless when used incorrectly.

The norm for a support is to go bottom and support however zilean support is a little different from others.
1. You have no Heal or shield to protect your carry.
2. You have the most burst/damage of all the supports
3. You can literally save a life
With no heal or shield you actually protect your carry and his farm by harassing the enemies and boy let me tell you zilean can do just that.
At level 1 your bombs wont hurt too much and you cant rewind to double its damage so play passive and try to gain levels.
At level 2 either get rewind for more damage or time warp if you need it to save your lane partner
By level 5 your bombs will start doing some serious damage so spam them as much as you can and if you cant get near them or their minions then put a bomb on your melee minion and hope they are nearby
Your ult is a very powerful tool that can be used in several different ways.
1. Saving a carry that is getting ready to die
2. Use on self to turret dive only to revive after team gets kill
3. If you really need it and dont see a teamfight coming soon then simply ult yourself and walk into tower/enemies it can give you a good amount of health if your low but need to stay in lane
Master this Ult and your team will win for sure.
Zilean is also a special support because he can actually mid very well and he will benefit from the solo exp greatly.
get a dorans ring instead of a mana manipulator for the AP and health.
Its the same as a duo lane except you get to farm so just use some well placed bombs and get that farm and you should do great.

In Teamfights you need to keep an eye on your carry and on your target.
Use your time warp wisely.
If you have an alistar you can speed him up so he doesnt have to flash-pulverize to initiate.
You could slow their carry if he doesnt have merc treads.
You could speed up the person with red buff.
Its a powerful tool you just need to learn how to use it right.
As for your ult you need to use it on your carry but try to time it right before they die that way you get its effect before it wears off.
and last on your priority list is time bombs.
Put them on the enemy carry or on your tank simple as that.

Thats about it for zilean and about his item path a nice tanky zilean the last item is a mix of more ap with morello or more tank with frozen. Either way you want the CDR.

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You're typical assassin could be classified as an ap carry however there are a few things that set them apart.
They dont nuke quite like an ap.
They jump in and out of the fight.
They have effective gap closer to stick close to enemy carries.
They aren't as squishy as regular carries.

The role of the assassin is to find the carry and kill them asap and if not kill at least chase them out of fights.

They are also very effective gankers so if you see a gankable lane as an assassin you may want to consider going after it.

In the next section I will talk about what in my opinion is the best assassin

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The truest form of an assassin is akali. Her ult gives her a very good gap closer and it can be used multiple times in a short period. Her Shroud allows her to get into the middle of a fight but stealth after each burst making her quite hard to actually kill. Her mark allows her to have some ranged harrass but gives her surprising burst when up close.

Akali can do any lane pretty well. Her sidelane play is usually her best you can last hit with her mark and you can do some harass with shroud and mark spam.
Basically you should talk with your lane mate with what your play style will be either passive farming or aggressive harass either one akali is pretty good at it.
Once you hit level 6 you can start going for kills using your ult make sure you have at least 2 charges before going in.
Akali is actually a decent mid however you have to just passively farm untill you are level 6 because before that your mark doesnt have the range to really harass the normal mid champion so its best to farm.
Once you are level 6 wait till you have 3 charges then go for a kill. Wait till they are at least halfway through the lane so you have the most time to do some damage. You need to also wait for there to be as few minions as possible so you dont take extra damage.

Your main power in mid is your 1v1 abilities so use that to your advantage.
Solo top
same as mid however you usually can harass with mark since most solo top champs are also melee so use shroud and mark harass to soften them up for the lv 6 kill.
If you get ganked you can always throw shroud down and either try to juke them or ghost flash away when you have the chance.
Team Fights
Your job in the team fight is to figure out who the biggest threat is then jump to them and burst as quickly as possible you want to try and land mark in between each kick for the most damage. If they are around their team then throw shroud down as soon as you kick and it will distract the rest of their team as they turn around only to have you stealth.

Rylai's is almost a must for this reason because after you kick the slow will help you follow up with mark and then an auto attack during this assault they will be slowed so they cant really get away. The health also gives you some very valuable survivabillity that you need.
Some people dont really understand her passive but basically you get the best out of akali when you build her hybrid (damage wise). Lets say you have her passive up to the point where her auto attacks do an additional 50% magic damage while that is good if you have no AD then you wont get much extra magic damage.
Lets say you have 80 AD that means you will do an extra 40 damage in magic with auto attacks making for 120 damage total however if you up your damage so does the magic so lets say you have 140 ad you now do 70 magic damage for a total of 210 each auto attack. You can raise the % even higher though! with enough AP you can go above 100% meaning for each AD you get you get an extra point of AD for free.

I dont suggest this in ranked play or a serious match but if you never ran around as akali with 20 stacks on both mejai and sword of the occult then you have not truly had fun with her yet.
while it is rare to get 20 stacks of both, if you do you bascially become god of that match.

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Tanky Dps

Ahh the infamous tanky dps who supposedly are "the meta" for the game.

They do exactly what the name states. they tank a little they damage a little. now which one you favor depends on the champion.

The reason that most people find them op is because they can take a little bit too much damage for the amount that they dish out. while this may be true there are still things in the game that counter them.

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Lee sin

Lee sin is my bro. If you can learn to master this blind monster then you will become a force to be reckoned with. Now with the build I include the last 3 items are your variables you will end up selling your wriggles for whatever you feel like you need but dont sell it till you have the other 5 items.

This is where lee sin thrives and he does very well and has become a top tier competitive jungler.
Path - Since the jungle patch I would start at wolves and kill them quickly do not use smite. after killing them have someone leash blue and take it using smite this time. After then continuing the jungle as usual take the golems before red so you can hit level 3.
Now with the new jungle you need to look around and see what options you have. If lanes are pushed or passive then you just stay in the jungle and continue killing the 3 mini creep camps. a failed gank will crush your leveling curve.
As the jungle you want to be pretty beefy so i favor the tankier version of my build but build according to your team.

Solo Top
Solo top lee sin has become pretty prevalent mainly because most solo tops are melee bruisers and lee sin does very well against those champs.
Try and guess who you will lane against and get your first item to counter that. If its someone like tryndamere then get cloth + 5hp pots however if its someone you need more mobility against then i would get boots + 3hp pots. If you are going to lane against a heavy harasser then i would get a vamp scepter but be careful it doesn't make you immune to poke.

As far as skill placement I would stick with E maxed first but you may want to do Q-E-W so you have some decent early harass while getting all your skills as early as possible.
You should be able to take most solo tops but dont get overly confident no matter how immortal you may feel always assume they have something up their sleeve.

Just dont.... if you do either of these as lee sin then you picked the wrong champion for what your team needed. however if it comes to it lee sin does decent at both since his shield to a ally makes him hard to gank and a good laning partner.

Play style/Tricks
Lee sin is a high skill cap champion so the more you practice his skills and tricks the better yield you can expect. Now to play Lee sin decent you need to know when to use what skill when and how to correctly space attacks and skill use. You can practice timing skill use with attacks while in the jungle its also one of the reasons why lee sin is one of the most fun jungles because his jungle is pretty engaging.
Now when ganking a lane lets say you all have a tank in lane and engages to attack the enemy. use your W instead of your Q to jump in. not only will this save Q for the chase but your Q can be unreliable and hard to land in the midst of a minion wave.
If your going to use your R for the damage try and land the 1st part of your Q so that incase the ultimate doesnt finish the job you can hit Q and finish it up.

Always Always stay mobile. Q to Squishies cripple them with E W back to tanks. It can be very hard for a team to touch you if your jumping all over the place

Unless you need the armor for engaging or something like that then you may want to not use the 2nd part of your W. Basically if your trying to harass with your Q-E-W combo then that 2nd W will be a waste of energy and after that combo you will be sorely low if you didnt land any auto attacks in between.

Lee sin has a distinct feel about him but once you get the hang of it people will fear the match to come when they see your lee sin splash art loading into the game.

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Hidden gems

There are quite a few unorthodox champion builds that can actually work very well and they can be quite fun. These last 3 champions will all be out of the ordinary builds but played well they can still be devastating and tons of fun.

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AP Singed

1 of my favorites, AP singed is hardly ever played even though he can put out some serious damage and I'm surprised I dont see it played more often. His poison has a relatively low ratio but for being a dot that can stay active for an entire team fight it does some serious damage. His fling not only has a very high base damage but its also on a 1-1 ratio making it great for nuking squishys and spellvamping high amounts of hp in a hurry.

It is both possible and viable to jungle singed and it falls in line with this build as well. now if you have a half decent team to help then you can start with boots and hp pots so you can get to ganking asap. while your slow and fling are pretty strong red buff can help quite a bit and fling even applies red buff!
The main difference is that you will want to level your slow after your poison so that your ganks are much more potent.
to conserve on mana turn your poison on and off while fighting creeps.

Solo top
This is where you will see a singed go a majority of the time. Follow the build as usual and play very passive for at least the first 3 levels as you need your poison to do some damage before you try anything.
once you hit lv 6 you can bully the enemy laner and if he is melee you can keep him zoned out easily. singed top is pretty simple just farm as much as you can and if your enemy is foolish enough to take enough damage from poison then just ult and fling him and ignite. remember to auto attack while moving to get more damage on them.

Bot lane
Singed is a farm destroyer so hes not the best bottom laner however he can lane fairly well and just do some overall harass and zoning to the enemy laners. he can also seperate the carry well by flinging so if the enemy makes alot of mistakes then he can get the carry very fed.

While this is about the last place you want singed he can counter the assassins that people like to send mid. other wise the usual ap mages will destroy him or just keep him from farming at all.

Simple Hit R hit Q run around. well not that simple but basically wait for the initiating to start then ult and have your Q active fling the carry into your team and put your slow on top of people it would disrupt most (tryndamere and other melee).
Once you've got the Ap up you will be a devastating force and people will most likely start switching to focus you.

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AD Sion

Another favorite of mine this guy can be amazing and against a low cc team he can practically 1v5 especially sine the cleanse buff.
Sion is a very tricky champion. some people think Ap sion is the troll build some think AD is but both are pretty viable and definitely fill their respective roles.

So why AD sion? 3 reasons.
permanent 65 ad steroid.
100% lifesteal and an AS steroid.
Gains Hp for last hitting which is very easy with his permanent AD.

Honestly this is sions biggest problem. He doesn't fit anywhere, you could take him top but most bruisers will beat him before he gets his ult. He can mid but he would probably get zoned out. He can also go bottom but that either takes a support and farm from a carry or makes your team down a ranged. if your ranged wants top then maybe he could bottom but he gets zoned out easy.
He can jungle but he is a pretty slow clearer his ganks are fairly strong though because of his stun but it is a pretty short range.

If you do get a lane then FARM FARM FARM! You are basically an ad carry you need the gold for the expensive items but you also get maximum hp for last hitting you can end up with 3k+ hp with no health items if you farm well.
At level 6 dont immediately turn into a kill lane. not only is your damage not the best but your ult is only at 50% lifesteal. You also will run out of mana after trying for a kill and with no mp5 it may force you to back.

Team fights
This is where you can really shine if the other team doesnt have alot of CC then you can destroy people if they exhaust or ignite you can now cleanse to remove them which they are ad sions biggest counter. once you hit Lv 16 you now have 100% lifesteal and can not only solo but probably beat people even when outnumbered.

There are still some glaring issues. You need red or frozen mallet to truly be a monster. outside of your stun you have no CC and you have no gap closer so by the time you run up to melee the stun will be wearing off so you may only get 1 or 2 hits which is where you need the melee slow. if you dont have that then you need your team to have some CC of their own to hold them in place. Most people know not to try and fight sion with his ult up so they will just run away and kite you till its safe to engage.
Ad sion can be alot of fun. Winning those 3v1's where you constantly jump between 10% and 70% hp just from lifesteal is pretty awesome and having that unkillable feeling is fun but it can make you too cocky so just play smart.

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Jungle AD Mundo

Whoa Whoa Whoa jungle?...AD?...Mundo!?! yep thats right.
Sounds troll but follow me here.
Unlike sion Mundo can jungle and he can do it Fast! hes 1 of the fastest there is and his ganks while not as strong are still pretty decent.
Mundo has a 100 AD steroid which can be increase Further by having lower health and its practically permanent even without CDR
Mundo has a built in CC reduction that can be left on as long as he likes.
Mundo has a movespeed steroid and a huge health regen steroid.
Mundo also has an almost permanent slow with cleavers.

I mean when you take everything into account he is kinda OP.

He still can get kited like sion but not nearly as bad he also has a bigger ad steroid.

With the new jungle if your going to be just farming/leveling the only real path is to start at wolves then blue then wraiths then back to wolves then red then wraiths then golems.
Mundo's ganks aren't the strongest so if they aren't overextended I wouldn't waste your time either farm your jungle or counter the enemy jungle.
You can level your W for faster clear times but I rank E for the damage and you get more lifesteal with a vamp scepter start.

Pretty simple with him just spam E as much as you can and use W when its safe while clearing jungle once you have your ult you can just keep your W up the whole time while clearing.

When it comes to teamfights if you have a tank then you will be golden. as soon as the CC goes off just find your target and stick to them using cleavers and your ult if need be and just keep smashing E everytime its off cooldown.
Mundo is very hard to kill and even if they catch you off guard if you dont instantly die then you can simply ult and run away then run back in when you back up to 50%.
He is much like sion with fewer weaknesses. The only problem is without solo farm the jungle gold isnt good enough to get those expensive ad items so you need to get some kills early/mid to keep the momentum going.

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And we're done... or are we?

While many of you who come here simply look at the item and skill paths there a few who may skim through here and for the very few who read it all I thank you for devoting time to read it all. With this guide I'm not trying to tell you exactly how to play or how to build I am trying to build fundamentals and give you the knowledge it takes to play well with whoever you may be playing.

1 of the greatest strengths a league player can have is flexibility. Not only in champion variety but also their flexibility to change play styles, skill sequences, or item builds where ever they see fit.

Again If you made it this far I thank you for your time and support I will be Updating it when I can First on the list is to revise the jungle section since I never got around to changing it after the jungle patch so it is severely outdated.
Be sure to comment and vote :)

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Current Meta

Current Meta observation for 9/26/12
If you all haven't noticed lately the current "top picks" for carry are Corki Ezreal and Graves. Now most may go along with it but I'll go over why I think it is these champions are top picks.
The typical meta for carries has been for an early


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