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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gangplank Build Guide by Ljuba23

AD Offtank Gangplank- Ranked Gangam style Top ( S3 UPDATE )

AD Offtank Gangplank- Ranked Gangam style Top ( S3 UPDATE )

Updated on December 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ljuba23 Build Guide By Ljuba23 6 6 14,578 Views 8 Comments
6 6 14,578 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ljuba23 Gangplank Build Guide By Ljuba23 Updated on December 27, 2012
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Hello! My name is Ljuba23, I play on EUNE server.
Things i will say in this guide are my opinion and I mean no offense to other Mobafire guide writers or LOL players.
This guide WORKS very good for me. I am more fan of good all champs not that new fancy ones…
This is remake of my old OFFENSIVE GANGPLANK guide.
Items here are more defensive but play stile is way more AGRESSIVVE. Now you are really tanky MENACE and u are FIRST on line in TREAMFIGHT where u should be!!

What i wanted to be playing GANGPLANK :




be FAST,



- Being able to 1vs1 enemy AD, yes if u get ahead with this guide u can do that!!!

and most important have enough MONEY and plan how to get money. Because good items cost!!!

With this guide u have 7 gold/10, with and creeps from whole lane..
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About S3 Preseason patch:

As u may notice SUSTANIBILITY and TANKYNESS of all items and champions has been dramatic reduced. This way riot forces u to play more offensive or just die slowly and get pusher by NEWLY RELASSED CHAMPIONS, and some old, mainly AD bruisers.
Due to this champions who don’t use mana are now stronger then ever egg.

LOL is now best for strong AD BRUISERS and other offensive characters. S3 Patch introduced new and changed items and 1 item has significant impact on TOP lane dorans blade
Whatever u buy on first trip back if enemy has 2 or 3 dorans u will lose. But W8!!! I don’t want to fight him 1 vs1 I just want to sit and farm. Answer: u LOST- sustain items and all gp10items are NERFED. Any good BRUISER can bully u – and your FARM is DENIED and there is nothing u can do.
But I have a SOLUTION !!!
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Writing guide ASSUMPTIONS:

I was watching some LOL tournament when they interviewed some pro player. They asked him about LOL guides on internet, he answered yes there are good guides but also many bad guides. I agree, many people dont understand how LOL works.

For example if u see this on beginning of some guide u can stop reading because author doesn’t know what he is talking about.


Cons: Can be countered by ARMOR????… wtf !!! Man, what are u talking about???
Let me ask u: Are and all ADs not countered by armor??? This is RIDICULOUSL!!!!


Counterpicks to GANGPLANK : or difficulty EASY???? RIDICULOUSL!!! How can this be??? If pro player is 2k ELO. You are lets say 1600 ELO. How can 1600 elo beat 1600 elo . Even 1600 Vlad can beat 2000 elo GP and it is obviously.  Champs have limits … That’s point of counterpicking!!!

If u are writing a guide assume that u have EQUAL SKILLED opponent!!

3. Game ROLES:

Is this GANGPLANK build good:
Are u AD Carry?
Enemy and will stun and slow u, FOCUS U, dead GP!!! So u can have 500AD and 100%crit and still be completely useless!!!! TOP laners are OFFTANKS or TANKS and NO other.
All other is just WRONG!!!
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Bye bye OFFENSIVE Gangplank

Why is my old OFFENSIVE Gangplank NOT good any more??
Because I was abusing old HP regen items and it worked well, and no dorans start gives u stronger MID game. Now it just cant be played.
Compare items:
OLD Philosopher's Stone 800 Gold - 15hp regen, 8 mana… so its 365g for 8 mana regen.
OLD Phage –price was 1315g
All that items were main at start and now just not viable.

Does this means that GP is now best as pure TANK… ofc NOT.
It works like this: Find item that works extra good with GANGPLANK and ABUSE it.. And I found it :D


125% Damage proc on Parrrley
AOE Slow 35% for 3s
Armor, mana CD red.. all GOOD on GP
PRICE 3400g … so cheap :D

. . VS . .
Proc 125% . . - . . 150%
AOE Slow 35% 3s . . - . . 25% Chance for 30% slow 2s
Price 3400 . . - . . 4200

Conclusion :


. . . before it gets NERFED !!!
Its 28.12.2012. today -

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Starting NO boots? S3 Patch all champs have +25 base movement. and quite enough. More money for SUSTAIN items - very important.

Starting 13 mana/5 regen = 3 every MIN to enemy CHAMP or 6 to minions + refils.

scales EXTRA well 80/150/220/290/360 and not so great 20/45/70/95/120. I advise taking 3 points [Remove Scurvy] before lvl 10 , for sustain, use it as bait.

U win lane by buying more MANA and ARMOR. At exchange u take less damage (lot of Armor) and heal quicker Philosopher's Stone , poke all day.

Start AGGRESSIVE enemy often. But why enemy why not Creeps? U get 5 gold and to scare them and DENY enemy CS. Don’t spare . Try NOT to push lane before u get WARD.

Enemy is not exchanging with u, take 2 then max .

Problems in lane, buy , not Philosopher's Stone it really helps, upgrade to but then buy .


Enemy will get provoked and attack u, fight BEHIND minions so u have FREE damage!!

- bait tower diving.

Once u get call for ganks, its so easy now

With this build u will have good CD reduction, abuse on other lanes. -- > getting AD, AP fed is key to victory.

Shut down annoying healers like with Also works vs

If played properly and following this guide u can DESTROY new on TOP. Show her how overpowered she is… NOT to you. - TESTED many times.
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With this BUILD u are extra FAST – 450. Stay in front of your team and POKE all day, put to good use :)

Many wants to force much CRITICAL but its really not so important, since u have CONSTANT high damage.



if u fight a lot in teamfights - SUSTAIN, if u are more poking then .

Enemy AP is weak, replace with , , or some other fun item.

You are GANGPLANK don’t waste money on attack speed pls, its so NOOBISH. Want more damage buy more AD, critical. TEAMFIGHT does NOT last 15sec right?? And AD is even cheaper in SEASON3

VS AP top


VS AP heavy team




TANK- Initiator


Use active on enemy AD, AP or when critically low.
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NEW Items

– great active item to OVERBURDEN enemy (best to AD). With and it is sitting duck- easy kill.

- COMPLETELY WRONG on GANGPLANK. LOW armor pen. Enemy has 100 armor. Reduced 6.25 + 10= 16,25 or 22,5 with autoattack, 90% u just (16,25). With flat 35 Armor pen. CD red u have from and .
DON’T waste money on .

BTW GANGPLANK is not AD caster, only 1 PHISICAL ability .

– I don’t find that splash damage so useful. Has low range. Better and cheaper is

– nice and cheap, if u bought go for this.

– all this stats u have from other items.

– read what does.

U like my guide?? Vote !!! Write some comment, GOOD or BAD I accept all!!! XD

If u want to play with me, add me. Just dont FLAME, NOOB, CURSE etc

Good Luck and Have Fun with GANGPLANK Gangam style !!!



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Hello! My name is Ljuba23.
It is S3 already, time for good and successful start on ranked!!!
U probably wonder why another Gangplank guide?! Well i like GP very much so i played him a lot. I want to share with you my experience and built so u can improve your playing. Many times people start to scream when i pick GP as counter to some TOP lane champs witch apear stronger but i continually prove them wrong, and show them that GP is still viable ranked solo TOP and in hands of experienced player becomes destroying machine.
Second: when Darius was released people were crying all the time: op op omg omg.. ban him omg etc. Is he really so op?? I found that short ranged Darius can be completely shut down if u manage to slow him.. Of course u can beat him with Teemo, Jax etc. But i like to do damage, to be team player and i love global ultyes… Eureka... Gangplank
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Gangplank Story

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Pros / Cons

[*] Good farmimg
[*] Good damage all game
[*] Pooker
[*] Global ulty = lots of assists, honnors, game changing stuff
[*] Team oriented
[*] No skill shots, just sharp mind and good timing
[*] Extremly versatile = insane damage <=> tank initiator

[*] Not the best escapes
[*] Not so good Vs any Top laner
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Why fully AD runes??
Besides tipical
9 Greater Seal of Armor and
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.
As I stated before GP has [*]Good damage all game, and thats the reason. I know many will disagree as would I if u ask me year ago. I was heavy opponent of AD runes.. waste of rune slots etc, my choice was always Armor penetration runes like 9 Greater Mark of Desolation and 3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation. But after playing cca 300 games with Arm pen runes and then switching to AD runes I found great difference, especially in early game. So becouse GP is mid/late game champ and has weak early game so AD runes are must have.
Also did u know that Arm pen runes reduces efficiency of Last Whisper.. yes its true!!!

So if u want weak early game, strong mid game go Arm pen.

Better choice are:
3 Greater Glyph of Replenishment and/or 3 Greater Seal of Replenishment and 1 Greater Quintessence of Replenishment for better mana sustain for Parrrley and Remove Scurvy

Also viably but i don't recommend it:
3 Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
9 Greater Seal of Attack Speed.... not so
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Tipical offensive, not much to say about it. You have sustain trough lifesteal and Remove Scurvy, and Parrrley that applies lifesteal and all hit on effects.
Even if u figure out that team needs tanky character becouse your jungle Malphite is just bad u can still rush Frozen Mallet, Glacial Shroud and Negatron Cloak and help team to win.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - a must have: escape, chasing etc. When in trouble try to Flash over wall always.
Ignite - good finisher, deals true damage.
Exhaust - also viable, i don't prefer it for solo top. But if jungler is your premade and he is good take it to secure kills.
Teleport – u are building burst damage and u have global ulty so no need to teleport anywhere. Using Teleport to get back from recall(and save 7s) is total waste of spell. In this build .. NO
Clarity - u do have mana problems early game.. but NO
Ghost - hm.. u are not singed, and this build is about burst damage, and u have slow... so NO
Heal - u are not that squishy.. learn to time Remove Scurvy right, and u will probably get ignited becouse 90% top laners take Ignite... so NO
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Naturally your Parrrley is your main source of damage and u wanna max it first, then go to Raise Morale but if u have trouble in lane my sugestion is to go Remove Scurvy second for extra sustain. Max Cannon Barrage asap.
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Start items:
Boots, Health Potion Health Potion Mana Potion. Why? U are fast u can dodge enemy skilshots, chase enemy, escape from ganks, works really fine with Raise Morale. Potions for extra sustain. Try get cca 1000 gold before going back.

Brawler's Gloves, Health Potion Health Potion hahahaaha.... Wow 8% critical.. in the meanwhile enemy will bully u, gank u, get kills and snowball ahead... and u will be recalling before minions are even spawn XD.... u can try it on normal.. but on ranked big NO

Regrowth Pendant Health Potion.. maybe better.. but u are still slow.. so NO

Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion vs strong AD.. still u are slow. Better Boots then rush back with 600g for Ninja Tabi and potions. So NO


Try get cca 1000 gold before going back or 1350 even better. Use Parrrley to lasthit for extra gold as much as possible

If u have easy lane: u can farm and u bull enemy with Parrrley then buy Sheen and Sight Ward.
Tipicaly if u are ahead u wanna stay ahed and u buy offensive items.

Medium difficult lane: Philosopher's Stone, Sight Ward and Ruby Crystal for extra healt, mana sustain, passive gold.

Hard lane:
Vs AD: buy Ninja Tabi and some health regen like Regrowth Pendant
Vs AP: Null-Magic Mantle and health regen would do fine. Then rush Hexdrinker. And play defensivly. Just try to use your Parrrley to last hit minion when its off cooldown. Call for ganks!!!

Usually buying Vampiric Scepter early is not good idea but if u have extra tough time, lets say vs irelia and ur Parrrley applies lifesteal, buy it after Philosopher's Stone

Eleisa's Miracle – this item gives u insane sustain, god for hard lane or if ur team if poking oriented then its ok. But u should go for more tanky build( more hp, armour, magic resist) towards late game.

About Gold/10 items:
Generally NO.. Why is that?
Because u are top lane and that means that u have creeps from 1 lane all to ur self.
Learn to lasthit.. and u will have enough gold.

Lets calculate Gold/10 items:

Regrowth Pendant 435 Gold – 15hp regen
Philosopher's Stone 800 Gold - 15hp regen, 8 mana… so its 365g for 8 mana regen.
Meki Pendant 390g – 7 mana regen. So its actully good deal right!?! And u use all mana regen u can get to Parrrley as much as possible. So YES

Avarice Blade 750g for 12%crit its 62,5g per 1crit, more expensive then Cloak of Agility with witch u get 1crit for 45,5g. But let me be clear critical chance its not something u can relie on while AD, hp or hp regen is. U have some extra money np.. Trinity Force asap. Avarice Blade works good on Gangplank, try it on normal .. on ranked generaly NO

Ruby Crystal 475g – 180hp
Hearth of gold 825 – 200hp … so 350g for 20hp?? Hahaha. It takes 5*6*11=330g …
11+ minutes to pay itself.. and gives u 0 mana and its not part of phage witch u wanna buy
asap. So big NO
Btw Hearth of gold is very bad item, it needs to get buffed, don’t buy it with anyone!

Kage’s lucky pick 765g for 25Ap and u don’t need Ap.. better buy vampiric scepter instead!
So .. NO

Mercury's Treads – Ur main boots. With Remove Scurvy and Flash makes u unstopable menace to enemy AD, AP.. Also good for escaping messy situations.

Ninja Tabi – Also viable, extra good Vs Kayle, Jayce, Master Yi, Sion, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Riven

Ionian Boots of Lucidity – U don’t need CD reduction this much, this is burst damage build and u have mana problems. Just to note CD reduction works best with already low CD like on Ryze couse u will be able to cast spels more often in teamfight and on no mana champs like Riven.

Boots of Swiftness – u are already fast with Raise Morale and trinity force.. so NO

Mobility Boots – If u are jungling, but this is not jungle guide(for now) …so NO

Berserker's Greaves – If u have really easy lane u can consider this boots but ur team already has AD Carry and u wont be autoattacking that much.

Sorcerer's Shoes – AP Gangplank… are u trolling me??? NO


Your goal is to have Trinity Force asap. As well as Vampiric Scepter for sustain since this build is
About dealing damage.

People ask me if i always build same items.. No. It always depends on situation and what team needs.. and yes this is team game and u need to look at global strenghts and weakness of ur team. Gangplank is extra versatile as well. Fill in what team needs.
For example: Buy Frozen Mallet , Glacial Shroud and Negatron Cloak. Try to Parrrley AD, AP or support then Raise Morale into Cannon Barrage and focus AD or AP… Congrats ur good initiator!!!
But lets get back to our AD build. Dealing damage is fun right?! :D

If u are going good buy Infinity Edge next.
Enemy is stacking armor .. np Last Whisper is next.
Ur AD is good but there is no one to tank damage.. np giant’s belt into warmog’s armor.

Enemy have that Dr. Mundo, ww, Trundle, Malphite, Shen.. that always escapes with milimetar of health… executioner’s calling is ur item, use its active often and on right targets: enemy AD or that Dr. Mundo, ww, Trundle, Malphite, Shen. Usually executioner’s calling is not so good item but u benefit from all its characteristic and its relative cheap. And makes Parrrley even more painfull!!

Aegis of the Legion – good item, cheaper version of warmog’s armor but still suport should have it not u. If u don’t have money buy this!

Sunfire Aegis – It can be ok vs some bully like Jayce, Irelia, or Jax but ur goal is to either poke enemy with Parrrley or go all in, and this item doesn’t do well either. Btw this is early game item.. Don’t buy it after 30+min ever.


Ur goal is to have nice burst damage: Parrrley into Raise Morale and Cannon Barrage then w8 tanks to go first XD.

Complete ur build with the Bloodthirster for insane damage. Or cheaper replacements like executioner’s calling also good on GP or Wriggle's Lantern –not so good but if u like it buy it early game- start mid game, for split pushing.

What about atma’s impaler ? It works good on Gangplank but since it got nerfed i don’t like it anymore. It stacks good with warmog’s armor, better Frozen Mallet or both if u have that insane amount of money.. Good for tanky build. Try this items on normal.

Don’t buy Frozen Mallet with Trinity Force since u will be wasting part of trinity force and like 1300 gold.

Phantom Dancer – this is not good item for u. trinity force is replacing this item and works perfectly with ur [Parrrley] .. so NO

Maw of Malmortius - If enemy has good AP or top is AP too, this item is for u.

Banshee's Veil –. Really usefull item. I prefer it over Force of Nature. This is for fed enemy AP.

Randuin's Omen – nice item to counter fed enemy AD but u should not go first and ur jungler should have it. Better for u is Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart

Guardian Angel – it’s a must have for AD carry but i don’t know how to fit this item into this build. I tried it and found that warmog’s armor with Ninja Tabi works way better for heavy AD enemies.

Items that seems good but u should avoid them:

Quicksilver Sash – U allready have Remove Scurvy
Wit's End – attack speed.. no tnx, Hexdrinker is much better
Ionic Spark – even worst then Wit's End
Spirit Visage – are u yorick??
Shurelya's Battlesong – must have item for good teamfights but u have Raise Morale, order ur support to buy it.
Soul Shroud- warmog’s armor is way better.
Thornmail– bad item, avoid it generally, try to focus enemy AD instead.
Locket of the Iron Solari – also cheaper version of warmog’s armor, If ur suport is afk or just soo bad this is ok item to buy but even better is Aegis of the Legion.. generally NO
Tiamat – u don’t have Fiora s ulty.. And even if u play Fiora don’t buy this item!
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In this section i will tell u when to take CRITPLANK and when not. Also tactics how to win/stay alive in lane.

My favorite top lane opponent. Don’t get me wrong he is hard laner and he can kill u. But yes u can kill him as well.
Bully him with ur Parrrley as much u can or as much mana u have. Ur Parrrley has greater range than his Apprehend – abuse that. When he uses his Decimate on creeps or if he misses u imidiately Parrrley him and 1, 2 autoattacks then back. He is always maxing his Decimate so just avoid it.
Don’t stay at low heath cca 350 when he reaches lvl6 since he has trick; Flash Decimate Noxian Guillotine and Ignite and u are dead. Bully him until he gets low then go for kill. Philosopher's Stone works great Vs him. Deny his farm and u will snowball. Also u have way better late game.

Trick is to avoid his autoattacks. Bully him with Parrrley. Since he is so squishy Sheen works extra well Vs him, buy it asap. Good thing is that his Blinding Dart doesn’t block ur Parrrley When u are going for kill w8 until he uses Blinding Dart for Remove Scurvy and Ignite him early since some players take Heal. Remove Scurvy removes slow from Noxious Trap too.

U can break silence from his Decisive Strike with Remove Scurvy. Bully him with Parrrley to cancel his passive Perseverance. Ninja Tabi works good here. He is very mobile, don’t stay low near him at lvl6. Buy Philosopher's Stone, play for late game.. u scale way better.

Good Shen will probably buy Chain Vest early so u wont be dealing some extra damage to him but he can’t deal damage to u too. When he Shadow Dash use Remove Scurvy. U can easy go in melee with him.. just harass him and don’t let him farm.

I found that most Rengar players are overconfident, mostly they think he’s OP.. prove them wrong. He will most likely stay in bush and just jump at u all the time then go back. Stay behind creeps so creeps will do damage for u. Just bully him when possible, ur AD runes will help u. You will push your lane in no time. At lvl6 when he uses his Thrill of the Hunt to escape aim Cannon Barrage more back and try to hunt him. Buy Philosopher's Stone

He is medium threat to u. He has good sustain with his Cull the Meek. When he uses Slice and Dice then stuns u with Ruthless Predator use Remove Scurvy and trade with him. Stay behind minions and buy thins like Philosopher's Stone and Ninja Tabi. Take care couse he has very strong 1-8lvl game. After that and when u have some mana regen items u will start to have more hp then he due to constant Parrrley, then kill him. Don’t tower dive or take account his ulty Dominus.

Try to deny her farm before lvl6. Stay away from her when she uses Twilight Shroud. Buy Phage and Hexdrinker and u will be just fine. Remember that she is also very squishy.

If u see WW on top instalock Gangplack. Why? Couse there is nothing WW can do to u before lvl6 and even then u can Remove Scurvy on his Infinite Duress and walk away. U can slow him go in melee, go back, deny 90% of his farm.. bully him any way u want!

He will most likely buy some serious hp regen and armor just to stay in lane and farm, u counter him with building more damage. If he becomes too tanky go for Last Whisper after Phage and Sheen. Generally singed is late game champ and he needs lots of farm to shine which u would not give him. Just bully him and u win the lane.

Tipicall bully. Hes sustain is greater the ur so be careful, he can easy wear u down. Buy Philosopher's Stone and null-magic mantle since his Omen of Famine is doing magic damage and he will max it first. Just farm. Your best chance is to attack him imedietly after u get b from recal, go all in and ignite him asap. U can kill him in 1vs1. Remove Scurvy after his Omen of Pestilence to catch him. Don’t let him suck ur life and push u into the tower!

Exept being extra mobile with his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike into Safeguard / Iron Will he has insane sustain through Safeguard / Iron Will which will every good lee sin max first. There is no way u can push god Lee Sin. Buy Philosopher's Stone or even Eleisa's Miracle Call for ganks often, try to farm good and get asists with ur Cannon Barrage on other lanes.

This mobile girl can really hurt u. Crazy thing is that ALL of her abilities scale with AD even her shield Valor. Parrrley her when she doesn’t have Valor. Riven will max her Ki Burst for sure damage burst, counter with Ninja Tabi early. She will most likely be aggressive since she doesn’t have mana. Out farm her couse u scale better in lategame and u are definetly more team usefull.

Her AD burst is really good. And with her pasive Duelistshe has nice sustain. Counter her with Ninja Tabi and some health regen like Philosopher's Stone. Her Riposte can cancel ur Parrrley but she has to predict when u are going to shoot her which is difficult. Cik-cak to provoke her Riposte and buum. If she kills u buy Glacial Shroudafter Phage and that will shut her down.. stay near tower if u must. She is kind of hero that can’t poke, and can’t push tower even if she has 5 kills over u!!

Bloodsucker is ur hard laner. Try to avoid his Transfusion couse he will wear u down. I tried many times to bully him with Parrrley but he just uses Transfusion to heal back and u are left without mana. Make this lane passive and try to farm as much as possibly. Going 1vs1 is also dangerous. Call for ganks and watch other lanes for ur Cannon Barrage.

Top lane queen will give u a loot of hard time, yes u can Remove Scurvy from her Equilibrium Strike but still her sustain from Hiten Style is off ur scale, and she will buy Chain Vest for later Guardian Angel to shut u down. Interesting is that she only needs attack speed to be good since her Hiten Style deals true damage. Last hit with Parrrley !

King is here, beware. Jax will tipicaly bully u with or Empower into Leap Strike, u can Remove Scurvy and walk from Counter Strike but he will probably win the trade. Good thing is that he doesn’t have good sustain as Irelia does which leaves him woulnerable to ur Parrrley bullying. Buy Philosopher's Stone and just farm. U both scale very well into lategame so outfarm him. Do NOT go into 1vs1 with him couse u will end dead. Buy enough bottles and beware at lvl 7-8 he can tower dive and survive! Don’t feed, he will be unstopable late game and its gg unskilled Gangplank.

This new prince will soon sit on solotop throne. U can’t bully him more then he can u since he is ranged! Insane thing is when he uses all 3 abilities on Mercury Cannon and switch to Mercury Hammer his cooldowns are refreshed. His burst potential is insane. Good Jayce probably won’t even take his ulty at lvl6, instead he will take To The Skies! / Shock Blast or Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate for more burst. Stay at distance and avoid his Acceleration Gate Shock Blast , take care he can towerdive u and survive tnx to his passive Hextech Capacitor. Parrrley minions, play passive and call for ganks!!
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What is very important to be good CRITPLANK ??

Map awernes. Just like when playing Shen. Have 1 eye on map constant. Ur Cannon Barrage can save teammates, secure ganks at all lanes, help ur AD to get early doublekill and gg.

Why top lane, why not jungle?
Jugle GP is also good but top lane is way better. Becouse u have all creps just for u ( don’t waste gold, lasthit all), which means u will get Cannon Barrage early, try to use that on bottom lane asap. U have extra gold from Parrrley u should be the richest in game and this build is expensive!

What’s your Job?
You are team oriented Cannon Barrage Raise Morale you are team general so act like one. Tell teammates what to do, where to gank, what to buy!

Tell ur jungler to w8 in bottom lane bush at lvl. 6 then to gank, with help of Cannon Barrage they should get some kills. Mid the same thing!

Gangplank is also very versatile don’t forget that. Check enemy builds often, if needed go tanky/ initiator or whatever team needs.

Playing 5/1/ 5 and still lose makes u bad Gangplank and NOT: My team suck im good look at my score- u suck couse this is team game, u failed to be clutch, to lead team to victory. If needed die so your AD can survive, do damage and win game.

IMPORTANT: About destroying towers:

Your other lanes are winning, u are leading in kills as a team.. destroy tower and try to close the game- snowball.

You are going good and wining lane, other lanes are in status quo(even), or/and if your teammates are Ryze, Ashe, kog maw, Malphite, Amumu or any late game champions then do NOT destroy your tower. Just kill top laner and go jungle/counterjungling becouse u want him to come back and stay in lane, so ur teammates can farm in peace.

Other lanes are going bad and loosing, you are good. Destroy top tower and go help them, remember u have Cannon Barrage, use it wisely.

Example of good Solotop play:I know this is not from ranked but ill post something soon.
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Last words

Be sport, compete with honor.
Things to say: Stop dying buy dorans, magic resist or we will lose. Play defensively.
Not: noob feeder mid reported etc

Encourage teammates to play better, don’t noob then, told them what to do, what to buy etc.. Guide them, be their clutch (in lol they call it carry).
Be team general !!!

As Michael Jordan was to Chicago Bulls from ‘91-‘93, ‘96-’98

Good luck and have fun!! When Parrrley crits and does 1/3 hp damage :)

Greetings to my girl Ljuba aka Prrrr, friend theshyone aka Skyfire10 and all others.

Please leave comments with new ideas, suggestions etc.
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I will upgrade this guide when new S3 patch kicks in with all new items and upgraded tier 3 boots :D

Check new S3 boots:
New items:
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