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Amumu Build Guide by ak521

Jungle giving amu ❤ ➤ DEATHMU ➤ tank + ap w/ matchups

Jungle giving amu ❤ ➤ DEATHMU ➤ tank + ap w/ matchups

Updated on October 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ak521 Build Guide By ak521 2661 168 7,510,153 Views 86 Comments
2661 168 7,510,153 Views 86 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ak521 Amumu Build Guide By ak521 Updated on October 28, 2022
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Runes: Offensive Tank Build

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Cheap Shot
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order R > E > Q > W (MUST START W)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

giving amu ❤ ➤ DEATHMU ➤ tank + ap w/ matchups

By ak521

Hey everyone, and welcome to my Amumu guide!

I'm ak521! I started playing League of Legends in Season 6 and since then I have loved to play jungle. I chose to make a guide on Amumu because he is a fun champion I came across.

Amumu is an incredibly strong champion with high ratings and high potential. He's fun, and I'll speak more about why to play him in the "Pros & Cons" section!

Why is Amumu jungle??? because he's LONELY! The monsters are his friends and you'll see how friendly Amumu is to pick up and play with. This guide will teach you how to jungle as Amumu and climb the rank ladder quickly.

I hope you guys like the guide. If you have any feedback or comments, please leave it in the "Discussion" section!
  • Fun to play
  • Strong tank
  • Strong AD/AS counter
  • Great crowd control
  • Great engage
  • Great team fights & synergies
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Low ban rate
  • Weak relative early game
  • Weak in duels
  • Weak relative invades
  • Weak turret-demolisher
  • Mana dependent
  • Long cooldowns
  • Low mobility
  • Low relative damage

Amumu likes the color blue. Is this good? Probably not. He's mana reliant and therefore blue reliant. His first few blues, or his first at the very least is CRUCIAL. However let's not forget about how great he is. He's so friendly to new players, and offers two builds. He's a strong tank or an AP carry who can act like an assassin.
Tanks are NOT boring! People tend to get this idea- but I assure you- you'll find fun playing them. With the Season 11 changes, you can now build Demonic Embrace, dealing surprising amounts of damage even if you go rest tank items.
and now his ultimate. OH MY. where do I start?
TANK OR AP? For any newbie, I would recommend Tank (to either the game or the champion). It's a safer build, often times more useful to your team. For experienced Amumu players, I recommend Electrocute (AP). You'll be able to help carry the game with a better knowledge of the skill shots on Amumu. Main reason I'm saying this is because you need to know how to land Bandage Toss as it's a primary source of damage.

There's a new rune page that allows you to be pretty sufficient in early trades and excel during team fights. What's also good is that you can flex either Sustained AP or Tank with this rune page, meaning you can decide what build to go after the game starts. I don't recommend going Burst AP with it since Electrocute is a better option for that.


Conqueror provides Amumu with a lot of what he misses and more. First off, it allows Amumu to have a better early game (note that if you want a better chance in early duels, Electrocute may be the way to go) since it gives him improved stats during skirmishes. Next, in the mid and late game, it allows him to be a MONSTER in extended fights, which is most of the times at this stage of the game. You will consistently heal for damage you deal, and that allows you to survive, almost like a juggernaut.
We run Triumph since it gives even more sustain and survivability during team fights, the person you engage on with Bandage Toss is almost definitely dying, and Triumph will heal you back the damage that their allies deal to you (because you're pretty much in their faces) while you reposition yourself.
We run Tenacity so, well, quite frankly so you don't get locked down.
Overgrowth is excellent because it allows you to scale your health (while Conditioning scales your defenses). Another very viable option I'm testing is Unflinching, which would help you when you engage and take a lot of damage, but given the fact Despair stays toggled on when you are stunned, you probably don't need the Tenacity.
Cheap Shot is nice because you get some extra damage when you engage and a ton more if you build Rylai's Crystal Scepter as your Despair will continuously proc this.
Ultimate Hunter allows your most useful ability- that turns the fight around- to be up more often.


Aftershock gives you extra tank and damage and when you engage in a team fight with Bandage Toss. Your Despair with Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help you keep enemies in range for the damage burst.
Font of Life is good both in ganks and team fights- in ganks, you are less likely to lose an ally and furthermore more likely to get a kill down due to the heal, especially if you allies are struggling. Even though the effects seem minimal, they do really help! If you are going to be very active around the map, Demolish may be a good option to pack punches to turrets after successful ganks and break turret plates.
Conditioning is awesome to have despite its delay because you won't be very active before you get its effects. It adds onto your tank and allows you to peel for your carries more.
Overgrowth is excellent because it allows you to scale your health (while Conditioning scales your defenses). Another very viable option I'm testing is Unflinching, which would help you when you engage and take a lot of damage, but given the fact Despair stays toggled on when you are stunned, you probably don't need the Tenacity.
Cheap Shot is nice because you get some extra damage when you engage and a ton more if you build Rylai's Crystal Scepter as your Despair will continuously proc this.
Ultimate Hunter allows your most useful ability- that turns the fight around- to be up more often.


Bandage Toss, Despair, Tantrum + Electrocute. More damage!! If you didn't proc it with these three, just aa. Electrocute is relatively strong since it does a lot of damage, especially early game, and the cooldown is alright since you'll only need it for ganks. Some people run Dark Harvest as well- I'm not completely opposed to that except that's more for one-shot builds, and it's difficult for Amumu to be able to do this. Feel free to, however!
Cheap Shot is nice because you get some extra damage when you engage and a ton more if you build Rylai's Crystal Scepter as your Despair will continuously proc this. If you can reliably land Bandage Toss I would suggest Sudden Impact (in other words experienced) as it allows you to deal more damage in ganks or team fights once you engage- this is for burst AP damage.
Eyeball Collection gives you AP per kill/assist. After all, that's what you want.. right? YOU CAN SWITCH THIS OUT BASED ON PREFERENCE! Don't feel restricted to do so!
Ultimate Hunter allows your most useful ability- that turns the fight around- to be up more often.
Transcendence works well with Amumu due to the CDR- you'll be popping off more Tantrum's and more Bandage Toss's not to mention ultimates. This does indeed mean more damage! This rune is best for a mid-game push, you can substitute this rune with: (A) Nimbus Cloak for a gap closer in ganks and extra boost if you Flash-R (B) Nullifying Orb against AP threats, for a defensive option (C) Absolute Focus or Gathering Storm for more damage.
In the current meta, capturing objectives (Dragon, Baron, Rift Herald) is insanely important and the Rift Scuttler is AWESOME! Since both of these are within the river, you're more likely to be able to contest these objectives. Also many fights (both duels and team fights) will occur in the river- why not gain an advantage? Would not substitute.

You can also take the Precision tree as secondary though I have not found much success with it, going Triumph and Coup de Grace (for offensive), it is a matter of preference. I've also seen people run Presence of Mind for sustain, although I don't think it's a good idea because you're not going to be constantly fighting (especially since you're not laning).

  • Offense - Adaptive Force.
    Helps with clear speed. AS would do similar except you're not AD reliant and CDR is very weak early, and scales incredibly slow. Feel free to do this, however, if you feel like the game will be long.
  • Flex - Adaptive Force | Armor.
    Adaptive Force helps with clear speed, and armor protects you in dangerous early situations. Matter of preference as well as who the opponent jungler is. If it's someone like Lee Sin who is able to consistently invade you, go armor.
  • Defense - Armor | MR.
    Armor is probably the better of the two unless you're against an oppressive AP jungler (possibly an Ekko for example depending on their playstle). It lowers the damage you take from camps.
For AP-
  • Offense - Adaptive Force.
    Not much question, you want max damage output.
  • Flex - Adapative Force.
    If you feel it necessary, go armor. Otherwise again, max damage output
  • Defense - Armor.
    Not much dispute, it lowers the damage you take from camps. I wouldn't bother taking MR even if there are AP threats (unless there is no AD threat).


Cursed Touch

Amumu's basic attacks cause a percentage of all magic damage dealt to the target to be dealt again as true damage.

A significantly underrated passive. This makes Amumu synergy well with mages (such as Malzahar or Ryze) and also assassins that deal magic damage such as Akali or Diana.

The magic damage calculated is applied before resists, meaning Amumu can help shred tanks.

Bandage Toss

Two charges

Active: Amumu throws a bandage. If it hits an enemy, Amumu pulls himself to the enemy, stuns them, and deals magic damage.

Level 3 or 4, level up Bandage Toss(Q) as your 3rd ability. You should start to gank your allies by now, give them an early boost for a better turnout in the late game. If you get Bandage Toss level 4, give another level into Tantrum for better sustain while clearing camps.

Max Bandage Toss second. Bandage Toss is your main source of damage and mobility as well as peel, making it a good ability to have up often.

You can Flash when your Bandage Toss hits an enemy champion and make it as a ranged stun which will not pull you in.

You can use this to maneuever between camps when mana is not an issue. Example of this is when you have your Blue buff.

This is your engage ability! Throw a bandage into their team and activate ALL of your other abilities!

Note the commitment when you use this. You have no escape besides Flash and you are very likely to be focused if you are using this near multiple enemies (it's single target).

Toggle: Amumu cries, dealing % target maximum health to nearby enemies each second.

Start with Despair(W). It clears faster than Tantrum and your mana will be compensated once you kill the Blue Sentinel.

Max Despair last. Despair has very limited rank scaling, meaning you will not get much off maxing it.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter's passive will proc on this ability, giving it a slow!

Avoid keeping Despair toggled ON when roaming the jungle - only use it to clear camps when you have your Blue buff or mana is not an issue (e.g. you're pathing to your Blue buff).

This ability does not apply Cursed Touch(Passive), but instead refreshes it. This means that, unless you have used your ultimate, you want to be Auto Attacking the enemies you want to focus and then they will keep the debuff.


Passive: Amumu takes reduced damage from physical attacks and has bonus armor and magic resist.

Active: Amumu deals magic damage to surrounding units. Each time Amumu is hit by an auto-attack, Tantrum's cool down is reduced.

Level 2, level Tantrum(E). It gives you some good damage and Resolve while taking camps, especially ones similar to the Raptors. Bandage Toss is not needed yet it is your engage ability, and you will not gank at level 2.

Max Tantrum first. Tantrum gives Amumu damage and tank (in your E-Passive).

Tantrum will end up dealing the most damage than any of your other abilities! It's alright to get focused- remember, the more auto attacks receive, the more you cast this!

Curse of the Sad Mummy

Active: Amumu entangles surrounding enemies, stunning them and dealing magic damage.
Curse of the Sad Mummy applies Cursed Touch(Passive) to enemies after the damage is dealt.

Always rank your Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) whenever possible (lvl 6/11/16).

Curse of the Sad Mummy is absolutely INSANE. It's a HUGE stun which also deals DAMAGE. It can turn over a team fight so quickly! It can be used for peel, for lockdown, or to allow your team to reposition.

The ult/flash combo is notorious on Amumu. Many Amumu players use their Flash and Curse of the Sad Mummy to get as many players as possible caught. That sounds good, right? Yes, it is but it gets better. You can use your Curse of the Sad Mummy and instantly after use your Flash to neglect the cast time, making it impossible for the enemy to react. [link=]Example.[/link]

Visual Improvements are on the way!

Item Set Import You can import the item set into your League Collection! Go to Collection > Items > Import Item Sets (icon on the top) > Paste copied set > , and copy and paste the following content below. Special thanks to 00FF00Parsley for creating this!
Item Set (copy + paste)

Understanding Itemization Scaling
In the tank build, you'll want to have a lot of defenses. Building tons of armor makes no sense as it becomes gold efficient as the damage reduction grows less and less. Read this for more information:
Instead, you want to build BOTH health and armor / magic resist.

In the AP build, it's the same idea, but this time applies for AP and Ability Haste. The more AH, the more casts, the more you will be able to make use of AP.

Aftershock (Defensive) Tank Core

Sunfire Aegis


Abyssal Mask
These items will make you really durable, with a nice blend of Health, Armor, and Magic Resistance. The item passives also prove to be incredibly useful, most notably Sunfire Aegis which gives a ton of AoE damage that helps clear and wittle down enemies. The anti-heal from Thornmail helps secure your team the kill on the Dr. Mundo who never seems to die, and the passive from Abyssal Mask scales off your Cursed Touch(Passive), giving even further power.
  • In the case there is no AP champion on the enemy team, you can opt out of Abyssal Mask and instead buy more Armor.
  • Be sure to pick up Bramble Vest as your first component while building Thornmail to get the anti-heal passive quickly.

Conqueror (Offensive) Tank Core

Sunfire Aegis

Demonic Embrace

This is my favorite build since it's a nice mix of everything! You get defensive stats from Sunfire Aegis and Thornmail as well as a good splash of sustained damage from Demonic Embrace. We don't really care about the AP that Demonic Embrace provides, although it's nice, but we really want it for the passive which makes your threat level so high. Your damage for a tank is really stupid due to the burn that procs on your Despair(W) and enemies will have a hard time taking you down for the defensive stats from Azakana Gaze. Demonic Embrace is THE highlight of this build and makes you a rampaging monster. You kind of sit there crying while the enemy tries to shoot you but it's apparent that they're about to burn to death. Note that you can run Abyssal Mask as a finishing item even though it is not listed below.
Frozen Heart is a really good buy for Amumu particularly because of what sets it apart- the mana. You won't need to invest any more gold into mana, and this allows you to focus on other things, and the mana you get will help you sustain in the jungle. Of course, and then there's the implied Tank stats with the Armor, Ability Haste, and passive, as well as the low price point making it an excellent buy, especially into AS champions such as Jax or Jinx. Note that if you commonly struggle with mana, you can invest a simple 400 gold into a Tear of the Goddess and this will relieve you.
This is your go-to when the enemy team has multiple crit champions or the main threat from the enemy team is Critical Strikes. Run this into Yasuo, Tryndamere, Jhin, Caitlyn, etc. It gives the necessary defensive stats to counter these champions and allows for better sticking with its active.
GARGOYLE STONEPLATE Teamfight Durability
Whenever you go engage, you will probably be taking a ton of damage. Gargoyle Stoneplate will attempt to minimize this with both its passive and active. It's similar to Zhonya's Hourglass in that it keeps you up during team fights from bonus resists and allows you to absorb a large amount of damage through its active. Note that you want to build this AFTER you have a good amount of health (2750+).
FORCE OF NATURE Anti-AP; Teamfight Maneuverability
Basically you get so much Magic Resist base and then even more from the passive, you really do not need any other MR item after building this. In Teamfights, you're more durable but also more mobile and this is really important as it helps Amumu with the one thing he lacks (mobility).

Conqueror (Anti-Tank) AP Core

Liandry's Anguish

Demonic Embrace

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This is the go-to build if you love to make a big impact on the game, surprise enemies with your damage, and make tanks useless! This build is the more defensive of the two AP builds but that's probably for the better since you get some defensive stats. Essentially you stack two burn passives Liandry's Torment and Demonic Embrace that deal % target maximum health that proc off your Despair(W) which isn't even something like a skill shot. And this, my friends, is what tilts tanks. Liandry's Torment provides magic penetration against burning targets, which ends up negating what your enemies are investing their blood and effort into making gold into. And then we have Rylai's Crystal Scepter -- oh man you really want to ruin their day, don't you? Basically we now negate their ability to run away from you, making your sticking power insane. A general note that after these three core items, I advise you buy some defensive items e.g. Zhonya's Hourglass.

Electrocute (Burst-CC) AP Core


Mejai's Soulstealer

This is THE "glass cannon" build for Amumu. Due to Mejai's Soulstealer, it is highly snowbally (Tip: if you cannot maintain high stacks, opt out of this item, and buy Rabadon's Deathcap as your third core item). You have a solid 5 seconds of crowd control by building Everfrost. Your Bandage Toss(Q) ends up dealing a ton of damage. Your one shot potential goes through the roof. Your ultimate's ability to turn a fight around is actually DUMB as it can singlehandedly take over 50% of all 5 enemies health if you are strong enough. You get the idea. All damage. The one drawback you have to note is that you are REALLY squishy and you have no escape, meaning if you make a mistake, you are probably going to get punished quite heavily.
COSMIC DRIVE Ability Haste
This item ends up giving 40 AH and movement speed not to mention the other base stats, which is pretty crazy for one item. There's not a ton to explain here, although it's noteworthy that this item has better synergy with the Burst/Electrocute build.
VOID STAFF Magic Penetration
Void Staff is your buy when you have a LOT of AP and a LOT of damage, but the enemy team is stacking MR. Even in the Burst build, it's a great item when you build this after a squishy starts counter-building you. It keeps your damage output high by slicing through the enemies' defenses.
Morellonomicon negates healing. It's a cheap item which makes it great to buy if you're looking for a quick spike whether it be to stay in the game or end the game. Grevious Wounds is really powerful in this meta, and the stats are also nice.
Maximize damage output. EXCELLENT AS LAST ITEM OR FINISHING ITEMS. You want to buy this early in the Burst build (3rd item after Mejai's) if you're really ahead as it makes the snowball even bigger. It's also a good buy for the Sustained build if your team lacks damage.
More tank and damage. Similar to Gargoyle Stoneplate, you would activate it as you engage, to dodge an ability or attack that might kill you, or when you get in a sticky situation.
BANSHEE'S VEIL Anti-AP; Anti-Burst
The spell shield feels incredibly underrated when it can protect you from something as strong as an Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow and shields you off from a Malzahar's Nether Grasp. Moreover, the defensive stats along with the AP make it a great option to build if you are in the need of MR.
ABYSSAL MASK Anti-AP; Damage Amp
Good choice even for the offensive builds since it amplifies damage through its passive. It's almost like another Cursed Touch(Passive), but you're also getting some defensive stats with it.
The optimal routes are listed right below. There are constant changes to the jungle therefore when things settle down I'll be sure to implement them into the latter of this section in a visually appealing way.

6 Camp Clear: Red > Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Gromp and Blue > Make a play
- You are a little late for Scuttle (you should end around 3:20ish, Scuttle spawns at 3:15) and therefore I encourage considering SKIPPING Blue if there is an opportunity to make a play and secure the Scuttle. Check lane states as you finish your Wolves. It could also work to do 6 camp and then Scuttle if you start opposite side of the enemy jungler.
- Clearing Gromp and Blue together will get you low. You should definitely use Smite and Refillable Pots, and focus the Gromp with your auto attacks and Q. Do them both at the same time by bringing them roughly to the center of the two camp spawns but a little closer to the Gromp, and then use AOE spells (W/E) to clear.
- You can pivot as you finish Red if you wish to finish your clear faster, you can skip Krugs (you should do this very rarely!)

I currently do not recommend a Blue start, however there will be certain games where it is optimal. If for some reason the above clear is not the best clear (your destination will not have the best plays (you want to be ganking volatile matchups e.g. melee-melee OR you do not want to run into a good early duelist such as Xin Zhao), I encourage also looking for an invade to the enemy Raptors (Blue side) or enemy Blue (Red side) as long as it's safe. I'll still list a Blue clear below.

5 Camp Clear: Blue > Wolves > Raptors > Red > Krugs > Make a play
- You will end just in time for Scuttle.
- You will end healthier
- You, of course, will be down a camp, however, and if you cannot make a play, you will lose a lot of tempo.

Keep in mind that you want to be as active as you can on the map. Farming is just as important, however. Find the right balance, and ignore what your teammates say if you find yourself that farming more is better for the game turnout.

GENERAL TIP: NEVER INVADE WITHOUT Bandage Toss OR Electrocute (you won't have enough pressure- you'll take too much damage and not do enough).

GENERAL TIP: You can kite some camps! Dealing damage to any monster besides the Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel under 60 health will be burned to death by your jungle item!

Be sure to check out the "Gameplay" section for tips on how to Gank & more!

We always will almost always start our clear with the Red Brambleback. Starting on the Red Brambleback side is great since it allows you to sustain yourself health-wise in case of an invade. It also allows you to keep up tempo, which is a fancy term for being active on the map and doing things.

Here are the outlines for each clear, along with when you should do them/when not. [These will be better put visually in this section].

Clear Option 1 (Normal, Optimal, Sustained Health, High Tempo... 3, 4, or 5 camp clear):
- Start RED with leash. Path towards Wolves - Optionally, take RAPTORS on the way [predict wave state in 1 minute]. Take WOLVES. TAKE BLUE. You are at Level 3. Path towards either the side lane or mid lane for a Gank [depending on their wave state], Invade enemy buff [only if you did no take wolves + your team has prio], or take Gromp.
- This pathing prevents the Red from being stolen, a buff that most Jungle champions value more than Blue. However, players will realize that Amumu is reliant on his first Blue, so just keep an eye on that. You will probably not need a ward since you reach your Blue fast with this clear. Losing your Blue will make your early game difficult as this pathing is dependent on it.

Clear Option 2 (Optimal Full Clear pathing, Medium Tempo, Late Game Plan... 4, 5, or 6 camp clear)
- Start BLUE with leash. Optionally pull the GROMP to clear both at once (burn a health pot or Smite) or optionally take the GROMP after. Take WOLVES. Take RAPTORS. Optionally Gank MID or optionally take SCUTTLE. Take RED. Optionally gank the side lane or optionally take KRUGS (if you take Krugs, either reset or gank side lane).

Clear Option 3 (Top Priority, Red Team, Hidden Pathing):
- Start RAPTORS with E. Level W and then take RED. Path towards KRUGS and smite the large one as you reach, pop one health pot. You are Level 3. Gank TOP and/or invade the enemy BLUE. Ward towards enemy WOLVES if invading. Take SCUTTLE and then GANK mid, take the bot-side SCUTTLE, and reset & buy, then path towards WOLVES and 3-camp clear to BOT, MID, or DRAG.
- You can replicate this on the Blue Team by invading the enemy Raptors. After 3-camping top, look to go to your Blue and you can then copy Clear Option 2.


This pathing prevents the Red from being stolen, a buff that most Jungle champions value more than Blue. However, players will realize that Amumu is reliant on his first Blue, so just keep an eye on that. You will probably not need a ward since you reach your Blue fast with this clear. Losing your Blue will make your early game difficult as this pathing is dependent on it.
Red Red Brambleback keeps your health high while your jungler in case you're invaded and allows you to clear faster with the Crest of Cinders. Toggle on your Despair(W) and AA. Do not Smite.
If enemies attempt to invade avoid a fight especially without Bandage Toss unless your team is clearly stronger. Simply take your Blue or something along the way in this case and see if you can steal their Red from there. You will need to make sure your side lane and Mid lane are capable of slow pushing the wave so they are able to assist you if necessary.
Raptors? With this clear, you want to avoid taking Krugs. They kill your Tempo like crazy and eliminate options at the end of your first clear. DO NOT TAKE KRUGS.
The Crimson Raptor is Amumu's dominating camp. You often lose very little health since you do lots of AOE damage and your Tantrum comes up very fast. Avoid Smiteing.
This being said, you have to decide if to take it by looking at the wave states of your side lane and your Mid lane. Predict where they will be in just under 1 minute. Is the wave hard pushing towards the enemy turret? Is the wave frozen near your allies' turret or is it slow pushing towards either your side or the enemy's side? Then do not take Raptors.
You can also PLAN on invading the enemy jungle's red, if both your side lane and mid lane's waves are slow pushing to the enemy and will crash. This means you still need to skip Raptors.
After your first back, Raptors are a great place to return to to continue your clear since the Dragon will spawn a little later and pathing from Raptors are flexible.
Wolves You should always take the Greater Murk Wolf. This will put you on the way to Level 3 as soon as you finish your next camp. There's not much discussion about this, toggle on Despair since you will be taking Blue next, AA the big Raptor and you should have enough health to not need to Smite but you can pop a Pot. Pull it towards the Blue.
Blue Blue Sentinel is your next camp. Another must. Not a lot of discussion. Toggle on your Despair(W) and AA. I advise you Smite this so you have enough health for your next play. Read the next section and pull the Blue accordingly. If you decide to do Gromp, you can pull the Blue and Gromp to the middle and do both simultaneously.
Make Your Play You have a lot of options now. Since you're Level 3, you have a Level advantage on the enemies (including possibly the enemy jungler, depending on what they cleared), and now is your time to keep up Tempo. Outlined below are your possible plays.
Gromp to Counter-Gank: You should take the Gromp if at least one of your nearby lanes (Mid or side lane) are frozen near the enemy turrets. This will let you keep Tempo as you wait for the enemy jungler to counter-gank. If they appear, then you need to leave your Gromp and rotate immediately.
Counter-Gank: If the enemy Jungler is already on the map, simply react to them.
Invade: When both your nearby lanes have their waves pushed far enough, you can also invade the enemy's Red Buff, especially if you outduel them. Wait in the Brush and attempt to just Smite it unless they spot you, in which case just engage on them.
Gank: If your ally froze the wave, then gank them. Or you can simply wait for an ally/enemy to engage if the wave state is in the middle.
Gromp to Scuttle: If you have nothing to do.
Scuttle Gank your allies! Try ganking your bot/top (whatever side you are on). Even if you burn their Flash, it is worth it! You can back if you do not have enough health to continue your clear or gank.
Back? Once you run out of things to do, reset in a safe position, buy what is indicated above, restart your clear! You can start by ganking, as well!

Options 2 and 3 WIP
NO Krugs With this clear, you want to avoid taking Krugs. They kill your Tempo like crazy and eliminate options at the end of your first clear. DO NOT TAKE KRUGS.
Level Tantrum(E). Krugs are awesome because they give a lot of experience and gold and is a good way of getting to Level 6. However, it takes LONG to clear and will cripple your options if the enemy jungler started the same side as you (as they will be on their Blue Buff side, clearing easier camps, and will reach your destination earlier for a side lane gank, etc). If you take it, you may very well need to Smite as they deal a lot of damage. Make use of the burn on your jungle item and avoid AA'ing the small Krugs (use your Despair(W) or Tantrum(E)).

Dragon Dragons are incredibly SITUATIONAL in this current meta. It's always a good thing to have but it takes long to clear and you can risk getting conter jungled. However, setting up a Dragon right will set you up for Soul, which in turn evaluates to a win. When you take it, make sure you've sweeped. A few things to check for:
  • Where is enemy jungler? If unseen, gank instead of going for dragon. If they are on the opposite side of the map, briefly check or hypothesize if their jungle has camps (invade in this case if your mid/bot lane have prio), and if not, then take the Dragon.
  • Are my bot and mid lanes doing OK? If the enemy team has these lanes pushed, it's not a good idea to go for dragon.
  • Is this warded? Does an enemy have Teleport available? It's ALWAYS a good idea to sweep first.
  • Which ally can come? Can an ally follow if their opponent leaves lane? Similar to whether or not an enemy is pushed. Generally a good idea to have an ally in case an opponent comes, you have back up.
You can guarantee a free Dragon by invading the enemy Jungler and killing them (wards help this happen!), or getting a successful gank Mid or Bot will also give you a good chance at taking Dragon.
Rift Herald Ask yourself similar questions as you would when you go for Dragon. Keep in mind that the Rift Herald is weaker than it used to be and may only be able to take one turret. Make sure that you crush the Eye of the Herald sooner rather than later.

Baron Nashor You should take this if you just won a team fight, the enemy jungler is down, or many opponents are down. Have at least two allies help. VERY strong buff, makes pushing a lot easier. You can also take this if your team is behind, it'll stretch the game out and allow you to Elder Dragon.
- - work in progress. check back for updates! :) - -

BEFORE GAME Make sure you have the cheat sheet here pulled up! It's best to be ready when the game starts as opposed to rushing things up when the game starts.
Also be sure to have 45 minutes allotted for the game! If you don't, then don't play!

LOADING SCREEN So I'd just check a few things... don't rely heavily on this, but just as an idea.
A. Check ALL enemy's Summoner Spells... does one not have Flash?
This gives you an idea of who to gank. Enemies without Flash are generally very vulnerable, ESPECIALLY if they are not running Nimbus Cloak. There are a few exceptions, like Ezreal (even though most Ezreal players take Flash) because they have reliable blink abilities (such as Arcane Shift). This means you can GANK that lane for an almost guaranteed kill!!
B. Who is experienced (mastery) and who is not?
I would NEVER rely completely on this, you may always be surprised by certain people's play styles. Similar to above section, you just want to get an idea of everyone's play style. I'd look out for passive laners, aggressive laners, there's also websites that give you some insight on the enemies, check that if necessary. So of course, you want to be looking to gank aggressive enemy laners.
C. What keystones are the enemies running -- are there obvious deviations? What does this tell you about their playstyle?
So this is the idea of Conqueror vs. Predator on someone like Hecarim, or if you see a Darius running Hail of Blades. Also look out for Fleet Footwork, the people running this generally want a safe early game to scale. Possibly means they will play passive. The opposite I would feel are most of the keystones in Domination.
As you can see, this by itself should tell you PLENTY. It also gives you some insight on what they will build! For an obvious example, take a Neeko running Press the Attack (I know this lost popularity) instead of something like Arcane Comet or Electrocute.

GAME START Watch for invades! Especially against champions like Rengar, Blitzcrank, etc. I would NOT level any ability until after you see that you are OK. Bandage Toss may be worth starting if you find yourself in a dangerous position (namely an invade!), otherwise start Despair. If you do not have Bandage Toss, do not try to contest invade- see if you can steal their buff (on the opposite side of the map)- you often won't be able to.

LEASHING | FIRST CAMP Check the "Jungle Routing" section to see where you want to start off. Leashes help Amumu, so get one where you need it!
There is also a GREAT trick on Amumu (thank you PsiGuard for showing me) which allows you to clear the Red Sentinel and end with full health WITHOUT A LEASH. There is a few pros and cons to this.
  • Your pathing will be hidden - your enemies will not know if you started blue or red etc.
  • Your allies can reach lane faster and more reliably be able to get all 6 minions in the first wave (though this can also be achieved with a leash, it is helpful for offensive laners to pick enemies out)
  • You retain near FULL HEALTH
  • This takes longer than getting a normal leash, causing your clear to be delayed and putting you behind most enemy junglers.
    I've had a game where I did this and the enemy jungler was TWO camps ahead of me at around 4:00. Know the risks!
  • You will lose slightly more mana as your Despair will be on longer than getting a normal leash.
How it works: Start Despair and walk into the Raptors camp to draw aggro from them. Then, just walk over to the Red Buff and auto attack the Red Buff, leaving your Despair on. You will experience massive heals from Hunter's Talisman's passive due to the raptors! Watch the video below.
Make sure to have your Blue warded should you do this!
EARLY GAME This is where Amumu suffers. Enemy junglers can so easily invade and punish him, and all you can do is cry about it.
All you want to do is farm up! Use Stealth Wards wisely across the jungle to not only help you but your teammates. It's not trolling to not gank until 6 (or even later)! If you have a good offensive laner that does a ton of damage, it may be worth camping them or at least ganking them once in the early game. I'm talking mainly top lane, ally champions like Sett or Renekton who have TONS of pressure due to damage early.
Hit level 6 and get your Curse of the Sad Mummy. It may be worth going for drag before 6 (if you have a successful gank on bot/mid and/or they have to back (or they backed naturally and you can rush it) | enemy jungler is dead), and especially after 6 when Curse of the Sad Mummy is up.

GANKING Amumu's ganks aren't particularly strong as he does not do much damage in his Tank build, and in his AP build, he can easily be outplayed as he is reliant on landing Bandage Toss. Aside from Bandage Toss and Cinderhulk's passive (from proccing Bandage Toss) you will not be doing an insane amount of damage in ganks, especially near early game. Champions like Renekton with a reliable stun can help enormously. With the right timing, they can cast Ruthless Predator and you will be able to land your Bandage Toss reliably shortly after.
Beware of over-ccing (at least, that's what I call it). This means applying two stuns/crowd control effects at the same time. For example, consider Riven. She can land the Broken Wings 3rd cast, which knocks up for say 1.25 sec (need to fact-check), and her Ki Burst stuns for 0.75 seconds. This is a total of 2 seconds of CC, but applying it at the same time can make it only a CC duration of 1.25 seconds. So, you want to wait until the CC is finished/ almost finished before applying another CC.
It's important to understand that not all ganks result in kills, and most of the times, won't. As you climb, you'll realize that the enemy laner will be "slippier" and more able to escape from ganks as they can Flash better, they will position themselves in lane better, and they will have vision. They'll know how to react to ganks, dodge your abilities, and even position the wave in regards to their jungler and where you may possibly be (based on your start). And that's ok, most of what this all does is prevent them from getting a kill. A gank should not be viewed as getting a kill. It's what you do to give your allied laner a ledge during the early game. There's really no way a gank could fail, but if it does, it's absolutely horrific (it's VERY unlikely and probably requires an int/intentional feed). I've outlined scenarios where ganks could fail below and will explain them later.
What happens in an ideal gank? Well, you'd get a "1 for 0" (or "2 for 0" if bot) by just auto-attacking. That sounds stupid, but it's "ideal". You'd (your team) would get the kills on the enemies without dying. This gives them a gold lead, as quite obviously, kills grant gold. The gold lead allows them to purchase more items than the opponents, hitting power spikes sooner, allowing them to further get kills and/or pressure enemies, allowing them to be self-sufficient. This is a snowball. Now, in a more realistic situation, you'd have to use summoner spells such as Flash or Smite and your allies will have to use theirs as well to secure kills. But even then, kills aren't necessary. It's important to note that forcing the enemy laner to back will grant your ally a gold lead, much like getting a kill, as they can farm the wave and back (you'd GENERALLY want to help push the wave, I'd just look out for an assist ping on the wave). By pushing the wave, the enemy laner will lose gold. A kill would grant gold to your ally on top of this, plus a death timer on the enemy, denying them even more cs (and as a result gold). Their turret may end up taking damage. Once again, a snowball effect - which doesn't need a kill!
So a kill is simply the "cherry on top". Let's get slightly more into what happens during a gank, what to do and not to do. Often times you'll notice the enemy laner use summoner spells like Flash, Heal, Exhaust, as well as possibly others such as Teleport (after backing). That's GOOD! And you probably shouldn't continue to chase them-- wait wait wait...
Another common strategy is to go in from behind (e.g. the Top Tri-Bush near Baron Pit if you are on the Blue Team) and pressure them that way and don't use your Bandage Toss to engage, but simply move. This way, you can save your Bandage Toss for when they use an escape ability or Flash, most likely securing a kill.
By blowing a summoner spell, your team gains a pretty big advantage. If you blew Flash or Heal, your next gank within 5 minutes will most likely secure a kill. OR your allies may be able to make a play knowing that the enemy will have limited escape options (such as a Blitzcrank Hook). If you blew Teleport (as a result of forcing a back), that enemy will not be able to come to fight at drag if they are pushing Top, and they will not be able to TP bot/to a fight to give the enemy team an advantage. And there's others, but I don't want to get into them and make this too long.
The only way a gank could "fail" is if you lose an ally (you want to avoid this- if YOU are low and Bandage Toss is on CD, stay back and let your ally finish them). Losing two allies is even worse. Losing three is just terrible. The main cause of this would be the enemy jungler. As long as you can pressure the enemy laner enough to back or use a SS (by damaging them or whatever), it's a win for you.

A few more tips-
Using Bandage Toss on targets close makes it hard for the enemy to dodge and hence will also increase the chance of you landing your Q.
I would advise against ganking pushed lanes (unless you will push with them), and ganking losing lanes is debatable. I would consider the following:
  • Does the losing ally knows what they are doing?
    Check their playstyle and mastery- see if they're capable of helping in a gank, as they will probably be doing the most damage.
  • Is the winning enemy a strong dueling champion and/or capable of 1v2ing?
    This is TERRIBLE if they can 1v2.
    TOP LANE: I'm talking champions similar to Renekton, Darius, Illaoi, and Sett. You'll have difficulty killing these champions because of their good AOE/Heals/Shields. These champions tend to be split pushers, but not always (e.g. not particularly Nasus). Also take note of Mordekaiser post-6 as your gank against him won't really do much supposing he ults and your ally dies. Furthermore, if he ults you, you may die (dodge that Q!).
    MID LANE: Most mid laners have burst damage to one champion (e.g. Annie but also exceptions such as Syndra) and if they're ahead in the laning phase and experiened, they will know how to snowball. That being said, you will be able to gank ahead assassins such as Zed because your CC will really hurt them, and your mid laner should be of help as long as they cs well.
    BOT LANE: In the bottom lane, your main problem is the increased vision in the area. Because there are two champions who can put vision down as opposed to one, you can be spotted by wards, giving the enemy team time to react. Their lane might retreat to turret and/or the enemy jungler may follow. This isn't particularly good, especially in the early game | pre-6, which is why many Amumu players will tend to ignore Bottom lane, especially till they get 6. I would still make efforts, however, as timing is all that matters; if the enemies engage on your allies, you will be able to help out- e.g. Nautilus's Dredge Line will push him in and hence give you a higher chance of killing them; same with Rakan's Grand Entrance. Keep in mind that your bot lane has to CS well in order for this to work (as they need damage!), and supports like Yuumi will make it hard for you to shut the ADC down. There are a handful of difficulties when it comes to strong 1v3 enemy ADCs, including Vayne during Final Hour, Kai'Sa due to her shield on Killer Instinct, etc., however champions like Ashe with, for the most part, single-target damage and no escape will be easy for you to kill.
  • Health difference at the time of gank.
    Most likely, if the opponent is low and your ally is high in health, you will be able to shut the enemy down.

    TL;DR What are the chances of getting a shutdown without dying and how good is the enemy at 1v2'ing (or 2v3ing if bot)?

MID GAME This is the part where you begin to feel Amumu become stronger. You will be able to fend off yourself in the Tank build and catch enemies out during the AP build. Your main focus is to get the Dragons. They are SO incredibly important in the current meta, you cannot miss them! Keep Control Wards on it when you take it (or have Oracle Lens active) and keep a Stealth Ward on it ALWAYS. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS (when alive). See the "Jungling" section for information about when to take drag etc. Stay grouped, possibly with one lane split pushing, as you will want to force fights when your Curse of the Sad Mummy is up. See the team fighting sections below!

LATE GAME Congratulations if you made it. Chances of winning increasing as the game goes on and on, until you finish your build. Let's just take a look at a graph for Amumu's winrate over the duration of the game.
At 35 minutes, he has almost a 58% winrate.
  • Catch enemies out
    Have vision across the map, but do not flood any one place with too much vision.
  • Secure last few dragons OR elder dragon
    Maintain a heavy presence in the area of the objective with plenty of vision.
  • Secure Barons
    Maintain a heavy presence in the area of the objective with plenty of vision.
  • Force team fights / bait
    When Curse of the Sad Mummy is off cooldown, you should be looking for an engage, namely your Bandage Toss.
TEAM FIGHTING IN TANK BUILD As a tank, your main job is to peel. If you find a good opportunity, you can Bandage Toss in and use Curse of the Sad Mummy on their entire team. BE SURE NOT TO WASTE THIS. Common examples:
  • Your team is too far behind, or not near you at all.
    It is absolutely POINTLESS to use your ultimate while they are full health when your allies are dead. You won't do much damage, you'll just be eaten up if you don't Flash out. You don't have an escape ability! You can't make a mistake! Of course, there are a few exceptions of a single ally that can do everything for you (e.g. fed Master Yi- but this will be uncommon since you're jungling).
  • Your team is already under siege by a bruiser.
    So it doesn't have to be a bruiser, it could be an assassin or some other role, but the reason I'm saying bruiser is because they take longer to shut down.
    Examples include Garen and Irelia.
    The reason this is something to evaluate is because they often don't die until they are focused down by your damage dealers/carries... now the carries can only deal damage from a safe distance... and if they are diving the carry, then they will not die. So this is a common reason why / how the enemy team gets an ace without losing anyone.
    TL;DR: Be there to peel!

    So yes, this will delay when you can actually ult (or maybe you'll use it to peel) but I PROMISE you, it is worth it to make sure your carries are safe. If they aren't, who will do damage? I'll tell you that it PROBABLY won't be you and you'll end up losing the fight, even if you get a kill. Peel by applying CC and tanking damage. Keep in mind that Bruisers often will get focused- this allows the enemy team to do damage to you while the enemy bruiser dies.

TEAM FIGHTING IN AP BUILD So there's many ways to play as AP Amumu. I tend to see most players playing like assassins. So, in team fights, what you would do is stay hidden while going around (flanking) the place where you'd be most likely to fight. Because you're less team reliant you don't need to keep waiting for your team to be ready; you can just go from behind and Bandage Toss on their carry, or a squishy. This is why I recommend AP for experienced players- it's a large portion of the damage you deal. So after you do this, you use the rest of your abilities and your Curse of the Sad Mummy to finish them off and escape (that is, if you're going to die). Your team SHOULD be able to ready themselves by the time you cast your ultimate as the time from when you actually cast Q to when you ult should be at least 1 second (and the additional second from your ult is where your team engages).
Thank you to KuuHaKu_OtgmZ as well as Katasandra (for the items section) for the majority of the BB Code design I used here to make the guide better view-able to readers. I personally am not very good with BB Code when making guides so I was able to use a template from him/her to make readers be able to find what they need quickly!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do ask or comment, and please rate this to help me improve. Thanks!
This guide will be edited every patch, probably within 2 days of since when the patch came out! If not, expect a few major updates hence the reason I am not updating.

My other guide is about Sett! You can access it here:

Best of luck on the Rift!
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