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Lee Sin Build Guide by -NA- Veng Lmfao

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ignore this build!

Updated on August 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao 2,129 Views 0 Comments
2,129 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Lee Sin Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao Updated on August 9, 2012
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Hey. I'm Veng Lmfao (Ryan).
I've been playing lee sin for a quite a while now, and I feel that it's time for me to pass on some of my knowledge to you guys. As this is my first build guide, please, be nice.

I specialize as a jungle Lee Sin, however over time I have come to love and respect the true nature of Lee Sin solo top kit.
I have done sections for jungle and solo top. The jungle is MUCH more in depth (as I main jungle), but the solo top section still covers what needs to be covered.

If you struggle to read for long periods of time, stick to the quick sheet, if not.....


*Special thanks to JhoiJhoi for guide construction, JakOfAllSpades for his guide on teaching me how to play Lee Sin,Wood (steam) for helping me with separators and chapter headings, Link66 for helping me with screenshots,[ color=#00ffff]Shizukani[/color] for his layout of a Lee Sin build, stonewall008 for helping me with basics & ciderhelm for the don't feeds (You can find the Lee Sin one below*
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Lee Sin Champion Spotlight

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage.
-Extremely versatile.
-Ganks are AMAZING. Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
-Very disruptive champion Dragon's Rage & Tempest / Cripple
-Once you get your Frozen Mallet you become extremely tanky whilst still doing amazing damage.
-Default skin is nice, while all other skins are nice.

-Positioning can be important Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike & Dragon's Rage.
-Ganks can be potentially hard to follow up if you miss your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike however you can still Safeguard / Iron Will to an ally and go from there.
-Can fall off at around the 30m mark if not built/played correctly.
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Runes (Jungle)

Pretty normal & clear tanky dps jungling runes.

6 greater mark of desolation - Gets you about 10 armour pen, good for tanks or people with decent armour.

3 - Together with the quints, it gets you about 10 attack damage.

9 - Gets you about 13 armour, pretty normal.

9 - Gives you around 27 Magic Resist at level 18.

3 - Together with the 3 AttackDamage marks, get's you about 10 attack damage.
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Runes (Top)

I LOVE flat attack damage for solo top Lee Sin. It allows me to delay high levels in Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike early, and get some extra utility and sustain in Safeguard / Iron Will & Tempest / Cripple.

9 - About 8.5 attack damage together. Combined with your 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, you get about 15 attack damage.

9 - Gets you about 13 armour in total.

9 - About 12 magic resist in total.

3 - About 7 attack damage. Combined with your 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage, you get about 15 attack damage.
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Masteries (Jungle)

With the NEW and IMPROVED masteries, a new style of Lee Sin appears. Everything in the offence tree compliments his runes. Focusing mainly on the attack damage and the armour pen, they really stack with his runes.

A lot of people still like to get movement speed/buff duration in utility, but I don't agree. With the nerfs to buff duration, it's not that good anymore, and you should always be giving your blue buffs away (1/2 effective), and once you get phage/frozen mallet, red should go to your carry (Useless 9 points). That is why I prefer Hardiness , Resistance & Vigor .
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Masteries (Top)

I like to focus on the attack damage, armour pen, lifesteal & damage per level, as all of these are exactly what makes Lee Sin a dominant top. Getting armour pen, attack damage & damage per level allows you to take Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike in later levels, and focus on Safeguard / Iron Will & Tempest / Cripple much earlier. Also, the extra health from Durability and Veteran's Scars is a very nice bonus.
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Summoner Spells (Jungle & Top)

Good (Jungling)

- ALWAYS for jungling.

- The only spell I like for jungling with Lee Sin

Okay (Jungling)

- Not a bad spell for Jungle Lee Sin

- Goes well with a frozen mallet, but I'd rather Exhaust.

- Eh, you get a " Flash" from your Wriggle's Lantern and your Safeguard / Iron Will.

- I will NEVER get it unless my carry or support hasn't taken it.

Good (Top)

- A great spell for Lee Sin. Allows you to tag that low hp person who might get away, giving you a kill.

- A fantastic spell for top Lee Sin. Gives him the ability to save himself, or to bait an opponent for an easy kill.

- Another great spell for Lee Sin, but I prefer ignite as you will have Randiun's Omen, Frozen Mallet & Tempest / Cripple.

Okay (Top)

- Not a bad spell, but not a great spell as you have Wriggle's Lantern & Safeguard / Iron Will as escape tools. Also, you can use Randiun's omen, Frozen Mallet, Tempest / Cripple or Dragon's Rage to escape.

- It's not a bad spell, but it's not the greatest. Sure, it allows you to get back to your lane quicker, but with Lee Sins natural kit, he is a hard pusher, so you shouldn't lose any farm or get your tower pushed in the time you can walk back.
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Skills & Order (Jungle)

- Passive - This is what makes you a key jungler. If is not properly used at lower levels, jungle time and sustain can turn bad. Most people say this about Lee Sin - Non-Mana jungler, I can just spam my skills whenever I want! This is NOT what you do. You need to use that energy regain and attack speed buff to it's FULL potential. If you just spam, you are COMPLETELY wasting & diminishing the use of your passive.

- Q - Your main source of damage. This is what decides a good lee sin, from a bad lee sin. Being able to successfully pull off blind Q's after a flash, or simple q's in a gank, is VERY important for lee sin. It has a reveal which means - a sneaky Teemo in camouflage, or a retreating Vayne using Final Hour will be revealed, allowing your team or you to go in for the kill. It is a gap closer which means if someone flashes, or you are starting a gank, use Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to catch up or to initiate a gank. It has AMAZING dammage with the follow up ability Resonating Strike.

- W - This is your sustain and escape tool. It gives you a VERY handy shield whilst also giving you considerable lifesteal & spellvamp. Combined with your wriggles, you will have AMAZING sustain in the jungle. Also, you can use your shield on allys, so if a sneaky karthus is going to kill your ally with Requiem, shield them and they may live. It can jump to wards/minions. So if you are retreating from a big push and you get ganked but spot your minions coming towards you, safeguard to them and you'll be laughing. Use your Wriggle's Lantern ward and place it over a wall, then simply dash to it.

- E - A very handy skill. It has a stealth reveal, a slow, an attack speed de-buff & does AoE damage (good for farming). However, I feel that it is not as strong in the jungle compared to your w, but if you feel that it is more important, take it over your Safeguard / Iron Will.

- R - I can not describe how good of an ultimate this is. It is an execute, does extremely high damage, has a great ad scale ratio, knocks back selected target & has the potential to knock up 4 targets after being used. This is... wow... just... USE IT! Positioning in a teamfight is core with it, yet in 1 on 1 duels/ganks, it can be used as an execute, or can be used to kill-secure (kick backwards into team/ally). It can also be used as an escape method to knock up MULTIPLE enemies & knockback a selected target. In teamfights, try to position yourself so that your ultimate will hit as MANY people as possible. It has potential to disrupt a whole fight, turning the odds in your favour. If used right, it can be just like a Karthus Requiem (huge burst damage to all targets) with an added knock up.


As I stated above, I take W over E, but if you prefer clear time over sustain, take E.

*Summary of skills*

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is good for ganks.
Safeguard / Iron Will is good for sustain and escapes.
Tempest / Cripple is good for farming/slows.
Dragon's Rage is good for disrupting a team, escaping, securing a kill (kicking back into team) & for executing.
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Skill Order (Top)


Because of the amount of attack damage you get from runes, masteries & your build, I like to take 3 points in all of my skills (& getting 5 points in Safeguard / Iron Will) before I finish maxing Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. I feel that lots of sustain and versatility is equal to the amount of damage I can do early.
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The Build (Jungle)

Starting Items - As Lee sin, you can start with Boots, Vampiric Scepter or Doran's Blade. I personally enjoy Doran's Blade or Vampiric Scepter, but with the new meta of everyone in the ******** team (exluding support) starting with boots, I feel that I am slow between camps and my ganks are slow/useless without boots.

- An absolutely FANTASTIC jungle item for lee sin. It is core (all game). A lot of people sell it for a Bloodthirster, but read on why I DO NOT. A lot of people say YOU MUST USE YOUR WRIGGLE WARD! However, sometimes I feel that if you have a top, a mid and a support who are all warding their own lanes, you can use it as a Flash. It's basically a third summoner spell Flash. If your team is bugging you for a ward, by all means, use it. But I would much rather prefer to have smite, exhaust and an escape tool.

- My favorite boots for lee sin, I have repeatedly tested other boots with this build, & I feel that Ninja Tabi are the strongest boots for Lee Sin. The armour and basic attack reduction is just too good to deny.

- Your MOST IMPORTANT ITEM! 100% slow chance, amazing health and some decent attack damage is just so good on lee sin. It makes you tanky, a HEAVY cc-dealer & adds just that small, extra edge of damage onto your q & R. Moral: Get mallet, carry games :]

- An absolutely fantastic item, both defensively and physically. The passive is pretty much your w but for magic damage, it has AMAZING attack damage and decent magic resist. Stacks very well with your w once triggered.

- Makes you extremely beefy, stacking nicely with your Frozen Mallet and giving your Atma's Impaler a nice burst to it's damage. The amount of health & hp regen you get from this item is just.... incredible.
*It's still just as strong even after the nerfs*

- This item gives you nice armour and attack damage (whilst giving you some decent crit) Most games you will not get to this item, but if you do, the stats it gives you are just fantastic. Your Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor compliment the attack damage passive well.
*According to some people, Atma's Impaler is now a piece of **** item. .5% health ratio has severely diminished the attack damage, I do agree with that, but it is still a fantastic item, especially with how much health you get in this build.
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The Build (Top)

Starting Items - As lee sin, starting with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion is the best choice for me. Boots and 3 Health Potion also works well, as does a Doran's Blade.

- A key and essential item for solo top Lee Sin. Combined with your 2 Doran's Blade & your 3 points in Vampirism , you will be getting a LOT of hp back. This means that even if you start a trade, and your opponent does more damage to you, you will just be able to heal it back up, therefore you being the winner. Use it as a ward for top lane, as you shouldn't be roaming around as much as you do in the jungle.

- A better item than Ninja Tabi for lee sin, as most solo tops will have some decent cc.

- Wow. This item on top Lee Sin is just incredible. Frozen Mallet, Tempest / Cripple & the passive and active from Randuin's Omen is just insane. Not to mention the very nice armour, health and health regen you get from it, aswell as 5% CDR (Nothing special, still notable).

- Your MOST IMPORTANT ITEM! 100% slow chance, amazing health and some decent attack damage is just so good on lee sin. It makes you tanky, a HEAVY cc-dealer & adds just that small, extra edge of damage onto your q & R. Moral: Get mallet, carry games :]

- An absolutely fantastic item, both defensive and physically. The passive is pretty much your w but for magic damage, it has AMAZING attack damage and decent magic resist. Stacks very well with your w once triggered.

- A great item to round off the build. Nice armour, good magic resist and a pretty handy revive. The revive allows you time to think how you can escape, or time to place a ward and dash over to it.
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Situational & Other items (Jungle & Lane)


- For those cc-heavy &/or ap heavy teams. They are still VERY good, but I still like Ninja Tabi in the jungle.

- The only time I will EVER get these is when an enemy Shaco is ganking once every 3 seconds. You need these boots to match his ganking speed, but other than that NEVER! *Sell these after the laning phase for Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

Defensive Items

- This items is extremely good for lee sin. Armour, CDR & an attack speed debuff (Combines well with Tempest / Cripple). However, you already have STACKS of armour in BOTH builds, and you are not a pure tank. I would substitute this for Randuin's Omen or Atma's Impaler NOTHING ELSE.

- Very good item. Good armour and decent Magic resist.Substitute for Atma's Impaler (in the jungle).

- Eh, not a bad item, but again, already have lots of armour and health. Substitute for Warmog's armour, Randiun's omen or Atma's Impaler.

- I personally don't think it's that good for lee sin, but others may disagree. Substitute for Maw of Malmortius.

- A nice item for lee sin, but Warmog's armour & Randuin's Omen are your items for hp regen,and Maw of Malmortiusis your magic resist item. Substitute for Maw of Malmortius or Atma's Impaler.

- A nice item for Lee Sin. However, I feel that Lee Sin is much more of an offensive champion, rather than a defensive champion, so Doran's Blade is much better for his playstyle. It is still a very nice item. Health, armour & hp regen. Get it if you don't have the upper hand in a lane and therefore can't rely on your lifesteal to creeps.

- Not a bad item for Lee Sin. Allows him to quickly get out of cc. I don't buy it because you are extremely tricky to catch with Safeguard / Iron Will, Dragon's Rage & Tempest / Cripple. Not to mention Randuin's Omen.


- An exceptionally op item for lee. I have 2 reasons for not getting it. 1. It is so ******** expensive..... 2. I only get it for the slow and health, & Frozen Mallet does both of those things way better. Build it if you are destroying and it doesn't matter what you build. Substitute for Frozen Mallet.

- A very good item for lee sin. Read above for my reasons why I don't get it, but it is still very good for Lee. Substitute for Wriggle's Lantern as a last item.

- Eh. Not bad on lee sin. It has everything he needs, but not in great quantity. I use it as a counter-item when I am solo top, but nothing else really.

- A nice item. I only build it when the enemy team is armor/tank heavy. The armour pen is amazing and the attack damage is very good, but it doesn't fit into the build. Substitute for Wriggle's Lantern (Build Wriggle's Lantern, but sell it off later for last whisper).

- Not a bad item, but it's more of a support item for Udyr, Jarvan IV, etc.

locket of the iron sorali - An extremely good item for Lee Sin. For the stats/passive it gives you (& the activation) are all VERY good. Health, Armour, Hp regen (for you and your team) & a very nice shield for you and your team mates. Get it if your support is not building it, if you need that extra bit of tankiness or if you are playing the poking game and you want to protect your team mates.

- Eh, not a bad item for Lee Sin. Armour, health and magic resist for you and your team mates, with an added +8 damage as well. Combines extremely well with locket of the iron sorali.

zeke's herald - It can work well for Lee Sin, more of an item for your support.

- A great item if you are playing attack damage Lee Sin. But honestly, it's more of an item you get if you are completely facerolling. I would prefer a Bloodthirster over it.

- Eh, I would much rather have a Last Whisper or Bloodthirster over it. The attack speed isn't that necessary, and you can get more attack damage ( Bloodthirster) for the price.

- Not a very good item for Lee Sin. The attack speed and damage isn't bad, & sure the ability power goes nicely with your Safeguard / Iron Will, but it's not a good choice.

- A good item for Lee Sin, but the cost doesn't compliment it's stats. You've got: Attack damage, lifesteal, ability power, spellvamp & a nice slow.
*After the nerfs of Hextech Gunblade it is NO longer a viable item for Lee Sin. DO NOT GET IT.

- Eh, the attack speed isn't really needed, and the attack damage is very low for the price. The passive isn't needed as your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is used for ripping tanks.

- Not a good item for Lee Sin, don't buy it.

- Movement speed, crit strike & attack speed are all well-&-good for Lee Sin, but they are not really necessary. I would only build it if it doesn't matter what I'm building.

- One of the VERY few attack speed items I enjoy on Lee Sin. I'm not sure when or why to build it, but if you are craving it, there is NOTHING wrong with this item.
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His role/FAQ. (Jungle & Lane)

Lee Sin - is an extremely versatile and strong champion. He specializes in dealing high damage very fast, dealing very heavy cc Tempest / Cripple, Dragon's Rage, Frozen Mallet & Randuin's Omen. Being able to assist his team, & feed his team kills whenever needed. Dragon's Rage set's up kills & he can be an absolutely beefy jungler / top whilst still doing a TON of damage.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Am I supposed to be taking all the kills when I gank?

No, going around, taking all the kills is NOT your role. It does make YOU look better, and it probally makes the game much more fun for you, but you need to be giving your carry the kills. Some exceptions are solo top's who aren't kill-reliant to win a lane.

Lee sin has 7 skills, he must be hard! Is this true?

Lee Sin can be difficult to start off with, but he's not Jayce difficult, where he has to completely transform to do everything he can. All his skills are combined together, so you shouldn't get confused.

Should I be the initiator or should the laner initiate?

It really depends. I'll use Shen (top), Varus(bot) and Ahri(mid) as examples.

- If Shen is in a decent-good position, he should be initiating with his Shadow Dash. If he hits it, your gank should be easy. Just walk in, use Tempest / Cripple to slow them, Dragon's Rage them back, and if they flash out, follow them with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and finish them off.

- Varus is a VERY good initiator. His ult is absolutely perfect, as it can go through minions. Follow the same steps as Shen.

- Now. Let's look at Ahri, focusing mainly on her Charm. It can hit minions, has a moderate taunt duration. I suggest initiating with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, follow up with Dragon's Rage so Ahri can hit her Charm MUCH easier. Even if Ahri has a clear Charm shot, I still suggest opening with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

I get counter-jungled a lot! What should I do?

Once you get your Wriggle's Lantern, use it to ward your jungle. (Refer to - Warding Placements section).

Who are some enemy junglers I should be extra-alert about?

Refer to -
Counter-Junglers section.

Who are some enemy solo-tops I should be extra-alert about?

Refer to -
Counter-picks top section.

What is the most ESSENTIAL part to solo top Lee Sin? [/h3]

Personally, I believe getting lots of farm early is best for Lee Sin. Once you get your core items, you completely snowball. Ganking other lanes and providing assistance wherever needed is also a main point.

Smartcast or no smartcast?

For me -
no smartcast on Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.
smartcast on Safeguard / Iron Will.
Smartcast on Tempest / Cripple (Doesn't matter).
Smartcast on Dragon's Rage.
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Jungle Routes

Wraiths - Make sure you hit them first with Tempest / Cripple. Get your team mates to damage once you've hit them.

Red - Get a moderate - heavy leash. Use smite.

Wolves - Kill them.

Wraiths - Kill them.

Gank Mid - (For firstblood).

Blue - Smite will be up.

Gank Top/Bot - when appropriate.

Continue Jungling


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Warding Locations

Below are MOST of the IMPORTANT warding locations that need to be covered.
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Counter Junglers.

- This guy... I swear. (Being an ex-main of mine) I have realised and will ALWAYS respect the true power of an udyr jungle. This.... thing? Can clear your camps with TREMENDOUS speed. A Wilding Claw Udyr can clear your buffs in the blink of an eye, and a Wingborne Storm Udyr can clear your small camps with lightning speed. Be wary of the man-bear-pig.

- Ahhhh Brolaf. (Brolaf is my main counter-pick to enemy Lee Sin, in top & jungle). Brolaf is DANGEROUS. Your Dragon's Rage is USELESS Vs his ult, your Tempest / Cripple is USELESS vs his ult. NEVER underestimate him at low health. A blue-buff olaf can clear small camps and buffs very quickly, especially if he is half health. Be wary of him.

- Clown. Clown can clear your buffs very fast with his boxes. Make sure you are going to ult the RIGHT person if he clones. A good lee sin will be able to judge the start of a decieve with his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and once he hits it, his Tempest / Cripple will be able to reveal him.

- Darkness. Be wary of nocturne. His fear will render you useless, allowing him to easily set up his Paranoia and his Duskbringer. Be wary of his Shroud of Darkness as it can turn your ganks into nothing. He can shield your q (allowing you to have no dash), he can shield your e (no slow), and he can shield your R (no knockback/execute). His clear time on small camps & buffs are still decent.

- Yeti. Watch out, he can walk into your wraiths, Consume one, Ice Blast you, then Blood Boil himself and just walk out, leaving you with; No exp, an extreme slow and less hp.

- Oh look at you, your a dragon. She has a LOT of potential to take you down or to get out. Her Burnoutcan do a lot of damage to you or it can render your Tempest / Cripple practically useless. Her Twin Bite can steal a buff from right underneath your nose. She can use her Dragon's Descent to bait your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike out. Delay it, then just Dragon's Descent out.

- Monk. Lee Sin v Lee Sin duels are always great. It's very exciting to see what one can achieve, whilst what the other can not. Lee v Lee duels all come down to runes, positioning & experience. Once you have played a few games as Lee Sin you know EXACTLY what he is capable of. He will use those against you, in your jungle and in a fight. BE CAREFUL.

*There are a LOT more junglers that I will be adding in in time, almost every single jungler*
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Counter-picks Top

- Brolaf. (Brolaf is my main counter-pick to enemy lee sin's, in top & jungle). Your Dragon's Rage is USELESS Vs his ult, your Tempest / Cripple is USELESS vs his ult. NEVER underestimate him at low health. During the laning phase, Olaf can Undertow you for the slow, and then Reckless Swing you to do an absolute TRUCK load of damage. If you see Olaf is about to Undertow you, either Safeguard / Iron Will out of the way, or initiate on him first. If Olaf misses his Undertow, it makes following up with Reckless Swing MUCH harder. Avoid both IF possible.

- Jarvan can Dragon Strike you to lower your armour and then COMPLETELY wreck you. Make sure to avoid Dragon Strike & Demacian Standard at all times. If he misses Demacian Standard, his Dragon Strike will be COMPLETELY useless and will MISS. If he hits you with Demacian Standard, MAKE SURE HE CAN'T FOLLOW UP WITH Dragon Strike. His Cataclysm can be annoying, but if you Safeguard / Iron Will to a minion or to your Wriggle's Lantern, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

- Irelia can be VERY tricky at times. Her Hiten Style will completely destroy your health and Safeguard / Iron Will. Avoid fighting her if her Hiten Style is up. Once it goes on cooldown, try to do as much damage to her as possible. Her Equilibrium Strike will stun/slow you, rendering you useless. Her Bladesurge can keep her close to you whilst you run/escape.

- Bit of an annoying champ. Avoid his Rupture if possible, and make sure he can't Feral Scream you, as it completely shuts you down.

- Eh. Most Lee Sin players SHOULD beat a Darius. safeguard / ironwill yourself from his Decimate and bait out his Apprehend and he's got nothing on you.

- Fiora is EXTREMELY annoying. She can CONSTANTLY dash to you, heal herself & simply piss you off. Unless you've got a clear line for your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, be careful in trading with her.

- Garen isn't hard to beat, but his Decisive Strike COMPLETELY shuts down your passive & combinations. Get the upper hand in a duel, & GET OUT before he can Decisive Strike you.

- Eh, Gangplank isn't hard to beat, but if you are playing him, remember he can remove scruvey your Tempest / Cripple, & it also heals him for a lot. His Parrrley is a bit annoying, but you should be able to Safeguard / Iron Will it in time. Raise Morale has a nice movement speed/attack damage passive/active, be wary.

- Jax is one of the strongest duelists in the game. Pre-6 he is not so strong, but if he gets his Counter Strike onto you when he is level 6, he will deal a LOT of damage. Try to beat Jax in farm and keep sustained, try not to duel with him if possible, he is VERY strong.

- Jayce is a VERY nice duelist & solo top. He has a lot of cc & damage. To The Skies! / Shock Blast - Mercury Hammer - Jumps to you & slows you whilst also dealing nice damage (very annoying). Mercury Cannon - Extremely high-damage nuke, attempt to Safeguard / Iron Will it, blocking as MUCH damage as possible. Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate - Mercury Hammer - Knocks you back dealing HIGH damage, combined with his To The Skies! / Shock Blast, these 2 are a LETHAL combination. Mercury Cannon - Speeds him & his allies up by a considerable amount. Chasing Jayce can be hard if he uses it, but make sure you have your Tempest / Cripple onto him or your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike if he attemps to get away.

- Kayle is an annoying ***** if you are Lee Sin. She does a TON of damage, slows you with Reckoning, speeds herself up & then just heals herself. Be wary, trading can be dangerous, make sure you Dragon's Rage her when her Intervention is NOT up.

- Not much to say about Kennen, he moves quick & he can stun you, but other than that you SHOULD beat him.

- Malphite is EXTREMELY annoying. He is SO tanky and he can do a LOT of damage with Seismic Shard (which also slows you) & with Unstoppable Force. Ground Slam also counters your Flurry, be careful.

- Eh, his Iron Man soaks up most of your damage, but you should be able to win duels against him. He has no cc.

- Eh, not much to say here. He's tanky & he's got an intense slow Wither), but other than that, that's about it. Try to zone him so he can't use his Siphoning Strike.

- A bit weak, honestly. He can stun you with Aegis of Zeonia, but his damage outpost isn't that great.

- A very good duelist & champion. Slice and Dice can lower your armour (when charged), and is also a very tricky escape/dash move. Cull the Meek does VERY nice damage and also heals himself. Charged Ruthless Predator does INSANE damage & stuns you for a decent duration. Try to avoid Ruthless Predator if possible, if you can't get out, try to Safeguard / Iron Will yourself to block the initial damage.

- An EXTREMELY strong & tricky champion. Riven can use her Broken Wings & Valor to dodge your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. Broken Wings does a LOT of damage & is good for kiting. Ki Burst stuns you and does moderate damage & Blade of the Exile is VERY strong. When rivne is using Blade of the Exile I suggest GETTING out (if Riven has higher health than you) or AT ALL COSTS DODGE THAT WINDSLASH.

- This yordle is pretty damn annoying. He can harass your *** off with Electro-Harpoon & Flamespitter. Electro-Harpoon doesn't do a lot of damage, but it hurts you enough to know there is a problem. Also, the slow is pretty intense. Scrap Shield allows him to get away, so MAKE SURE you tag with him Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or Tempest / Cripple. Steer clear of his The Equalizer, as it can completely stuff up your combo.

- Shen is still a strong top. He can annoy you and heal himself up with Vorpal Blade. Feint blocks some of your damage, and Shadow Dash can save HIM or kill YOU. Stand United is a move that master Shen need to be able to use properly. If an enemy Shen is using Stand United to his team mate, check the team mates status. If Shen gets there, will he be able to save his ally? If it is POSSIBLE for him to save his ally, Dragon's Rage him OUT of the stance. This means that Shen can not Shadow Dash your allies (taunting/distracting them). If he is using Stand United for a gank, Dragon's Rage him out. This decides the difference between a kill or a death. The enemy team can be caught completely off-guard if Shen doesn't follow up, allowing your allies to possible clean up a kill.

- Eh. As Lee Sin, you should be able to beat a Shyvana. Try to stay away from her Twin Bite as it does a lot of damage. Try to land your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike onto her BEFORE she Dragon's Descent out. If you know she is going to Dragon's Descent out, throw out your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, wait for her to jump, THEN follow up. If she waits out your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, dash to her early and cover as much ground as possible.

- Singed is pretty cool. He's extremely tanky whilst still doing tons of damage with Poison Trail. DON'T CHASE SINGED. Mega Adhesive slows you INTENSELY. Make sure you don't get caught out into it. Fling sets up easy damage/kills with Poison Trail. Insanity Potion allows Singed to move VERY quickly. This can be a great escape tool for him. Try to tag him with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or Tempest / Cripple.

- Not much to say about Sion. He can stun you with Cryptic Gaze, has decent attack damage, & gets nice lifesteal with Cannibalism, but if you land your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike onto Sion, you SHOULD destroy him.

- Yeah. Swain is good. He can snare you with Nevermove, slow you with Decrepify & heal himself up and do a LOT of damage with Ravenous Flock. Dodge his Nevermove & you should be okay. Tag him with your Tempest / Cripple & stack your damage from there.

- Teemo is VERY good against Lee Sin. Toxic Shot melts your health, Blinding Dart can shut down your Flurry & Noxious Trap slows you RIGHT down. Noxious Trap is great for kiting Lee Sin. A good thing about Lee Sin against Teemo is that his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike COMPLETELY melts Teemo. His Tempest / Cripple & Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike reveal him from his camouflage, rendering his passive useless.

- Yeah, Tryndamere is pretty good against Lee Sin. He has the ability to slow you & lower your attack damage with Mocking Shout. Spinning Slash is a good get-a-way tool & Bloodlust is good for sustain. When vsing a Tryndamere, make sure you snowball or harass him a lot before he hits level 6. Once he hits level 6, your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike & Dragon's Rage are useless as executes. Steer clear of him when Battle Fury is high on stacks.

- Technically, Lee Sin counters Udyr, but I don't think so. A well played Udyr can beat a Lee Sin. Blazing Stampede allows him to keep up with you and harass you, Wilding Claw does a LOT of damage & Iron Mantle soaks up most of your damage. When dueling with an Udyr, it's either YOU go in first, or nothing. If he goes in, it is VERY hard for you to turn around a fight once he has landed his Blazing Stampede on you.

- Vladimir is very good in the sustain game against Lee Sin. Make sure of your Dragon's Rage, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike & Tempest / Cripple, as his Sanguine Pool counters all 3. Transfusion is pretty damn good for poking, as is Tides of Blood. Try to Safeguard / Iron Will either whenever possible.

- Yeah, Volibear is VERY good against most champs. The sheer fact that he is a giant bear is pretty awesome. The Relentless Storm saves him in most occasions, Thundering Smash allows him to catch up to you, get away or completely shred your health bear. Once he flings you, Sky Splitter slows you, which means he can combo you with Stormbringer & frenzy. The best way to beat a Volibear is - Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to him, then IMMEDIATELY Safeguard / Iron Will to a minion. This hit-&-run tactic is very effective against Volibear, as it doesn't give him enough time to use Thundering Smash or Sky Splitter.

- Warwick isn't strong in the laning phase against Lee Sin, but once he hits level 6 & gets a gank, you are SCREWED. Infinite Duress completely renders you useless, allowing his ally to cc you or do enough damage to kill you. With Warwick playstyle, he is not a hardpusher, which means 9/10 times you'll be up in his grille.

- Eh, most Wukong have no idea how to beat a Lee Sin. Use that to your advantage. Warrior Trickster is useless if you use Tempest / Cripple or if you have Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike tagged on him. He's got a dash ( Nimbus Strike), but you've got 2 to match him. His Crushing Blow reduces your armour, but not significantly. Safeguard / Iron Will armour bonus should bring it back up to normal. Play the same tactics as you do with Volibear, he will be doing the same to you. Nimbus Strike, Crushing Blow then Warrior Trickster out. YOU MUST BEAT HIM.

- I don't like Xin Zhao anymore. With all the buffs & nerfs they have given him, he's just not worth playing. I don't come across many Xin Zhao tops when I play, but when I do, I know it's a free lane win. Just Tempest / Cripple him, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike him & then go from there. 9/10 times this tactic will work.

- Yeah, Yorick is still very good. If you watch a lot of people that are good, they will DESTROY with Yorick. He can do massive damage with Omen of War, Omen of Pestilence & Omen of Famine. Also, Omen of Pestilence slows you, and Omen of Famine heals him. Omen of War makes him move faster, aswell. Omen of Death is a pretty powerful ult if used in the right situation. Kite his "things" out with Safeguard / Iron Will, Tempest / Cripple & Dragon's Rage.
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Let's see. I could spend so long trying to go into insane detail of how his ganking can be mastered and utilized to it's full potential, but I won't.


If you are ganking a lane where your ally has a 100% guaranteed stun/snare/taunt Maokai, Shen, Varus etc. Have them initiate first.
Once they have gone in, either Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to your target, or walk in and Tempest / Cripple them. Dragon's Rage them back towards your ally, and follow up for the kill.


Safeguard / Iron Will to an ally or minion. Tempest / Cripple your enemy. Throw out your q, walk infront of them, tag them with Exhaust, Dragon's Rage them, and then follow up with your q again.
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As Lee Sin is very dependent on positioning, he is NOT the greatest initiator, however. It is very possible, and if done correctly, you should win most fights.

Either come from behind or lead in with your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. If possible, hit the carry or the person you will be targeting. Follow up with your Q, Randuin's Omen or Tempest / Cripple the enemy team. Exhaust the carry or the person you are targeting. Walk infront of them, and Dragon's Rage them into your team. If your team cleans up the carry quickly without the enemy team reacting properely, steam roll head and slow as many people as you can. Your team should then be able to clean up the rest of them.

I know this sounds heroic, I mean "AS IF YOU CAN JUST WALK IN 5V1 AND KICK THEM WITHOUT BEING CC'ED". Yes, if you time it right and are quick enough, what I have stated above happens. If you are slow, clumsy and you panic, you WILL be punished.

Another way to fight is wait for someone with a great initiation tool Malphite Unstoppable Force, etc. Wait for them to initiate, and once they have, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike in. Focus the carry with Exhaust / Randuin's Omen and try to disrupt/hit AS MANY enemies you can with your Dragon's Rage.
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Summary/Contact details.

I prefer to play Lee Sin as a jungler. I have played many games with him top, but about 5-6x the amount in jungle. For me, jungle Lee Sin is much more powerful (my playstyle), but top is still very strong. Your job as a jungler is to feed your carries kill & jungle quietly. Your job as a top is to farm your lane & win it. You snowball if you farm & win your lane well. Posistioning is key in fights and in ganks, a Lee Sin that can hit his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike vs another Lee Sin who can't, will destroy and beat him.

Contact details


- [Aus] Mr.Bonk (

League of Legends

- Veng Lmfao

I am going to be finishing this build off later (when I get time), as the build is only 2/3 done (or so).

Things to be added:
Pictures (some)
More counter junglers

I am MORE than happy to do 1 on 1 training, give tips or just talk to.
If you are just going to trollvote me, please, don't. Leave a comment telling me what I can improve on, this is, after all, my first build on mobafire. Peace out guys.
-Force is meaningless without skill. * Lee Sin.

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