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Jinx Build Guide by wobbyx

AD Carry Lets explode ! and blow Sh!t up fishbones! [Season 7.7]

AD Carry Lets explode ! and blow Sh!t up fishbones! [Season 7.7]

Updated on April 13, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wobbyx Build Guide By wobbyx 24 2 1,515,052 Views 13 Comments
24 2 1,515,052 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wobbyx Jinx Build Guide By wobbyx Updated on April 13, 2017
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Introduction to jinx!

Welcome To My Jinx Guide!

Hello there Ladies & Gentlemen, for tonight's entertainment. I will be bringing you a detailed guide to the weird and wonderful world of Jinx. All that you will need to know about Jinx is if it seems like it's a stupid idea, I assure you it's most certainly not. She will snowball from botlane and destroy everything in her path and run away laughing herself into a frenzy. I expect that you have some sense and aren't just going to use the cheat sheet for all your answers. Below are a variety of thoughts, explanations, tricks & tips as well as my belief on how to play Jinx correctly. You may disagree with some of my choices in this guide from how I participate in vision or how I choose to play teamfights but I am happy to discuss this with you as their is always room for improvement and this can translate into my own guide.

Who Is Sinful Alchemist? And Why Should I Read His Guide?
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Pros / Cons.

Why do I believe that Jinx is one of the the best marksmen to learn for beginners?

Their is probably one big question that you may be asking yourself right now and that is why should I be picking Jinx over all the other champions that are dominating the botlane right now such as Caitlyn, Varus & Jhin Especially when there are so many other ADC/Marksman out there for you to choose from. Well I'm here to answer that question for you now. Jinx is just extremely fun to play! Jinx scales incredibly well into late game and she has a amazing ultimate which you can use to snipe low health enemies across the map. Jinx has very few problems in her early and mid game compared to champions like Vayne. Jinx's Pow-Pow, the Minigun has a free auto attack speed steroid and when switching modes to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher this can combine for some amazing DPS with a mass area of effect damage that can hit everyone on the enemy team!


+ Great Zoning Abilities
+ Great Waveclear
+ Attack Speed Steroid
+ Executing ultimate
+ Strong Crowd Control
+ Easy To Farm With In Lane
+ Long Range Harassing
Jinx has a lot of positive attributes in her kit and I believe her positive aspects completely outshine all of her negative ones. If you are competent enough on this champion and play around her lack of mobility you will find bot lane very easy to carry from. With time and dedication to her this will be null and void at a later skill level thanks to her amazing passive Get Excited! which helps increase her mobility.

+ Has lack of mobility without her passive
+ struggles in early 1 v 1's without her support alongside her
+ Mana sustain/cost issues (E Nerfs)
Unfortunately Jinx does have a few Cons though, but these are easily solved with experience on the champion. What I find is her lack of mobility is the only con which I still find hard to overcome after the amount of games I've played with her but this can be fixed with positioning and map awareness of the enemy carries & assassins. Also make sure you take focus of your own damage as you have unexpected DPS and you should survive most teamfights by overextending for your passive. Another good point to make would be to just learn to only use your Zap! and your Flame Chompers! when absolutely needed this will also help with keeping your mana in a healthy reserve now that your mana cost has increased on chompers. When fighting 1 v 1's without your support be wary of landing your skills as it's harder, understanding that animation times can be the difference between a kill or your death and understanding this will teach you how to play passively.

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Summoners Spells.

What summoner spells should you use on Jinx?

// Travels your champion a short distance in a blink!
Flash is indisputably the best summoner spell in the game, when you have the ability to blink across an area of the map it allows you to use it very aggressive to chase down enemy champions through the jungle but also defensively to dodge enemy skillshots and CC and escape over walls, this is why it's imperative on Jinx as she is an immobile marksman.

// Heal yourself and the nearest ally for a portion of your health. And gain a small movement speed buff temporarily.
// This is a great summoner spell on Jinx and for every other ADC you will ever play having the ability to help sustain trades in botlane as well as save your support is crucial to win your lane. It also helps prevent being fully bursted by assassins. This is a must have on Jinx again and it's imperative you use this summoner spell alongside flash.

// Grants a temporary shield scaling on your level.
// This spell would only be the alternate choice for heal on Jinx and it's not really advisable then. Barrier isn't as useful for her as it doesn't permanently give you health like Heal would and it's only used to prevent a large burst of damage from a champion like Yasuo & Orianna. The only reason you should ever take this spell is if your mid for whatever reason.

Essentially I'd just stick with Flash & Heal when playing marksman champions, especially on Jinx!!!

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What Masteries should you use on Jinx?

  • Fury : 4/4:
    Fury is a great mastery for Jinx the extra 4% attack speed helps her attack speed passive scale faster as well as allowing easier last hitting and more sustained damage onto your opponent.

  • Fresh Blood : 1/1:
    A great mastery that synergies so well with the doran's blade you should of bought for your laning phase, being able to harass extra damage on someone in early is always a bonus. This mastery scales so well into the late game giving you a lot more initial damage on your first auto attacks on fresh targets (think j4 passive) and it allows a lot more for you that feast will by the end of the game.

  • Vampirism : 5/5:
    2% Extra Lifesteal is good as a stat for jinx in the early, in theory it helps you in the sense you aren't forced to rush more lifesteal if you are behind so you can go for criticial damage or flat Attack damage to stay even.

  • Bounty Hunter : 1/1:
    A interesting choice for a an ADC wouldn't you agree? this is personal choice I would rather have confidence im going to snowball and use this mastery that will enhance my damage by 1.5% for each unique kill i've gained across the enemy team. If you don't feel confident in using this mastery choose an alternate one from this branch but I find this will be the most useful for you.

  • Battering Blows : 5/5:
    This mastery gives you 7% Armour penetration for no reason so it will scale very well with you in the early game to the late against strong tank champions like Amumu or Hecarim who may stack early armour against you quite early and stick to you to deal damage and give peel.

  • Fervor of Battle : 1/1:
    This is Jinx's bread and butter mastery in my opinion this scales incredibly well with your kit as you deal a lot of critical damage you will now be able to rush an Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer and be able to stack lots of damage extra with the fervor of battle giving you extra damage. On a sie note though most people take Warlord's Bloodlust for the increased sustain it can grant you it's personal choice again at this point if you find you struggle living take it as the alternate choice.

  • Savagery: 5/5: Savagery is a important mastery in botlane the ability to deal extra damage to minions will help you with last hitting on your auto attacks granting an easier time for you in the laning phase from being stuck under tower trying to attempt to hit minions or simply pushing a wave in an aggresive demeanor.

  • Secret Stash : 1/1 health regen is very important in your early game as with this lack of Lifesteal in the early game as you will be buying crit. The extra healing off these biscuits will provide further sustain. Also the slight mana increase from eating the biscuit can help with casting spells in dire situations.

  • Merciless : 5/5: Dealing extra damage to your opponent when they are below 40% health is a very very important mastery this will allow you to burst assassin's down if they dive you and allow you to shred tanks easier when they are grasping for dear life. This is a extremely important mastery and provides much more utility for jinx that Meditation just learn to preserve your mana better.

  • Dangerous Game : 1/1:Great mastery point to finish with for every champion. Survive a longer teamfight with this passive mastery will chain well with your passive allowing you to run around and cleaning up teamfights while surviving with a longer health bar for every kill you pick up. This is also a good mastery to ensure surviving early tower dives.

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A guide to Jinx's runes

Below is the standard rune layout most Jinx players should use I recommend that you should use these also on Jinx for the best results with her kit & scaling into the late game.


  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: We will begin by using 3x Attack Speed Quintessence's. These are my favorite choice on Jinx these are super cost efficient and attack speed scales amazing on jinx's early game I find the ability to use your Switcheroo rockets faster will net you free harass, and thus ensuring you get the kills to snowball yourself. I also find it imperative to helping you stack your passive on your Pow-Pow, the Minigun also so your AA's scale before you Switcheroo! to the rockets.

  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage:Next you should be using 8x attack damage marks, this is the best cost efficient form of gaining attack damage in your rune setup which is imperative as a marksman as it allows easier last hitting which will help you in your laning phase. Keeping your creep score above your opponent can sometime nullify any kills they may earn in lane, make sure you focus on CS if you are behind.

  • Greater Mark of Critical Chance: We will now use 1 Mark of the 1% crit rune. I love to use this one rune as it's a nice thing to have for unexpected slight bursts in your laning phase it's completely luck based but it has come up in some situations where I've survived 1 v 1 situations on Jinx] because of this rune giving my the crit chance to survive.

  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: We will be using 9x Magic resist glyphs as this is an important decision on Jinx I find her hardest support matchups usually are burst mages like Annie/ Karma so having the magic resist to survive the extreme poke/harass of a enemy champion like Sona will be more useful. You may also choose to use scaling magic resist for half or all of the glyphs maybe even doing a 5/4 ratio. Using 9x Scaling MR Glyphs are just as useful but it's down to personal choice I find it's best for the pre level 6 to have the higher base MR.

  • Greater Seal of Armor: The 9x armour seals are also a standard on every marksman. Some people may mix this up with some health seals but considering your laning phase will be vs. the other adc it is more benefitial that you use armour as this is more than justified for you to use on Jinx.

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Skilling Order

> > >

Here is the skilling order you should always follow when you are maxing your abilities, this is the order you can base your assumptions off if you ever in a rush and forget what to level on Jinx at any point in your game. Now that you know the order of these abilities lets find out what each of them do!

What Do Jinx's abilities do?

Get Excited!
// Jinx receives a massively increased movement speed bonus whenever she damages an enemy tower, champion or inhibitor that is killed/destroyed in the next 3 seconds.
This is Jinx's great escape and initiate ability, this passive allows Jinx to go in with great risk to kill or take an objective when she has no escapes available and run back out again safely meanwhile she is laughing all the way. Try to combo up this passive for a kill chain moving place to place.

// Jinx modifies her auto attacks for different effects based on whether she has her minigun or rockets.
This is Jinx's starting ability giving her a free attack speed steroid for her early game & the ability to wave clear although at a great cost to your mana pool. It's important for you to understand that by achieving 3 stacks of your minigun's attack speed boost and then switching to rockets allows you to temporarily keep the boosted attack speed for faster bursts. Make sure you keep track of which ability you are using at all times so you are not losing too much mana in your laning phase as this can cost you your life in later trades.

// Jinx uses her hidden ZAP gun and after a short delay she fires a shock blast that deals physical damage to the first enemy it hits, Sight icon revealing and Slow icon slowing them for 2 seconds.
This is a very strong damage dealer for cleaning up kills and pressuring further crowd control on top of your chompers make sure you clear the minion wave so you can harass with this for extra burst in trades. Don't be afraid to use this to secure kills if they are low enough the range is extremely long and great to sneak vision of escaping targets.

Flame Chompers!
// Jinx throws 3 of her traps on the ground awaiting to snare an enemy champion for a short duration. This can hit multiple enemies for further snares
This skill is a great offensive tool that is best used as a chained crowd control to use with your supports lockdown skills. I find this is used best at level 2 for easy trades and kills at early levels. This skill also has the utility of having 0 cast time allowing you to block off choke points for an easier escape.

Super Mega Death Rocket!
// Jinx fires her Super Mega Death Rocket! Across the Minimap the rocket then travels in a line, exploding in an area upon hitting an enemy champion
This is the best sniping ability in the game allowing you to steal objectives, grab great executes across the map and help other laners when needed. Don't be afraid to use this on other champions that aren't in your lane as practice makes perfect! This is a great way to get free kills to help you snowball further in the early game and may prock your passive in times of need!

Get Excited!: What is the best way to use Jinx's passive?
  • // Don't be afraid to wait a few extra seconds to ensure securing a objective such as an inhibitor or tower as your passive may allow you to chase a low health target that was protecting that objective or alternatively allow you to escape from that said objective.
  • // Use your passive as a speed steroid whenever it resets you will be able to chase enemies and you can keep pursuing different targets after you kill the previous one.

Switcheroo!: What is the best way to use Jinx's Q?
  • // Always make sure that you use both the Pow-Pow, the Minigun & Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher forms of your Q effectively as sometimes in small skirmishes its a lot better to use your Pow-Pow, the Minigun to achieve more DPS. Make sure you keep aware of when to use each form.
  • // Always attempt to gain enough stacks from your [pow-pow, the minigun]] before switching to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher as this will make your rockets have a % increase in attack speed.
  • // Don't be afraid to harass with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher in lane, this is a great way to simultaneously push the wave and harass the enemy ADC. Just keep in mind your mana usage. Try to keep a cap on how much mana you use on Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher for each trade roughly using a maximum of 20-25%.
  • // You will be able to use Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to grant you further attack range, this is exceptionally great to use over walls in the jungle to secure kills, take dragon & baron camps at the right angle and steal enemy camps.

Zap!: What is the best way to use Jinx's W?
  • // Try to angle Zap! through minions to sneak in free harass, this is similar mechanic to how you would play Thresh or Blitzcrank with their grabs.
  • // Don't worry about using Zap! to secure last hits if you are pressured or alone in lane it's exceptionally good at securing cannon minions.
  • // You can use Zap! as a way to reveal vision in a bush safely to ensure you safe travel in the jungle/lane you want to enter. Don't forget that you can also use this when chasing down enemies for vision as Zap! grants a vision debuff.
  • // Using this ability during a 1 v 1 can get you killed, the cast time takes a long time and during this you may of been able to secure 3 further auto attacks which would of dealt more damage. Just use this skill to start and end fights.
  • // You can use this skillshot to steal drake & baron from the enemy jungler don't be afraid to try, what's the worst that can happen you steal it from them and die!

flame chompers!: What is the best way to use Jinx's E?
  • // This ability is important make sure that you don't use it unnecessarily as it has a extremely long cooldown in it's early levels and as you Max this skill last it's further prolonged. This is your hardest form of CC so just use it on top of other forms of CC from your team.
  • // When you root an enemy adc step back to the Max of your attack range, this may ensure they deal no damage cause you are standing outside of their AA range.
  • // Use this as a form of CC to help ensure jungler ganks. This is a great peel for your jungler and can make it easier for them to gank you and in turn snowball you kills.
  • // Beware the 0.5 resting period for this skill, it may sometimes not root an enemy as they walk over it cause you prematurely placed it. This will come with practice but try placing it a bit further away from the enemy to ensure it cc's them.
  • // this skill can also grant vision if you need a quick way to ensure a prolonged sight on dragon/baron pit.

Super Mega Death Rocket!: What is the best way to use Jinx's ultimate?
  • // Synergize your ultimate with your passive to help get to fights quicker.
  • // Try to cast your ultimate out of enemy vision as it prevents them reaction time. It's good to sometimes wait a few seconds and guesstimate if they sidestepped away from your potential shooting zone and change your direction accordingly.
  • // Great Skillshot to ensure kills, this will grant you free kills from other laners hard work! As long as you get the kill it helps relieve pressure for them and grants you some gold to help snowball.
  • // Stealing objectives with this is difficult but it can be done if timed correctly, I've done this myself up close at baron pit: Example -
    Spoiler: Click to view
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Scrying Orb or Warding Totems?

Although most people will buy a Scrying Orb on a marksman champion such as Jinx I am one of the very few people that prefers the upgraded trinket --> Greater Stealth Totem. I find this to be much more efficient throughout the game for an ADC and it will help to prevent yourself keeping space in your inventory for a pink ward. The ward will regenerate giving you multiple uses when you are farming, taking objective control, sieging and giving yourself time to escape incoming enemies.

Scrying Orb has a momentary use of giving you slight vision of a part of the map and giving you a mini ward at level 9. The only advantage to this vision item is that it can be used at a safe distance of objectives. This for jinx is a good thing to have when facechecking dark parts of the map by herself. But if you are smart enough and use the map to your advantage by keeping track of enemy movement and appearances on the mini map you shouldn't have a problem warding those spots over walls or using your abilities to scout these areas to facecheck.

When you are able to provide vision on the map often and effectively you are giving your team further chances to capitalize on enemy mistakes. What's that enemy support doing botlane with the ADC? They just gave themselves away and we can now take a free baron. Trust me if you had not warded botside 2 minutes ago you wouldn't have this information and would not risk a free objective.

Example Of Placed Wards

This is an example from one of my ranked games, I was able to ward the most on my team although this was a short game (25-30 minutes) I was able to dominate half the enemy teams warding by myself nearly. This extra vision I granted for my team made us able to overtake the enemies amount of wards/vision.

Warding Effectively!

I find that quite often the person in the team who has warded the most is myself this usually being outside of my support who is meant to do this the most. This is a good thing to take note of as a Jinx player. The difference between being a good mechanical player and a smart one is a huge gap. This is what differentiates a silver Jinx & A Platinum Jinx. The ability to ward the map and help with team safety and objective control. Having placed a ward has granted extra vision at objectives when attempting to steal or control the map, ensured your midlaner knows the botlane is roaming up towards them or maybe even allowed you to steal enemy jungle camps safely to deny the enemy jungler. You should make sure to ward efficiently and smart if you wish to jump divisions easier!

Some good tips would be to ward more often during your laning phase, it is important for you to buy wards before level 9 if you are able to before your upgrade. Picking up that extra pink ward and placing it effectively on the bottom side of the map may keep you alive in problematic matchups. For example an Evelynn or Rengar would be seeking to camp you due to her ability to burst you down and take use of the fact you have no built in escape without killing someone first. It is essential that you add vision to the map with Control Ward's this is how I win most of my early game matchups into bad counters. Here are the areas of the map you should be placing early pink wards for positive reinforcement for your team & your own lane.

Pink Ward Placement!

Make sure to place your Greater Stealth Totem in one of these nifty locations on the map! Depending on which side you are playing on is where the placement may change. For example if you are on red side you will want to place protective wards on the side of the map you are playing on for incoming ganks in your own tri bush.

For more aggressive style pink wards place them in bushes in the enemy jungle that are primarily ignored by most players, when an enemy is pathing towards a camp or to lane they will go past these bushes and the pink ward will detect them and survive. Most players ignore certain bushes even when walking through them and the one behinds/near camps are usually ignored quite often the most. You should use this piece of knowledge to your advantage for cost efficient wards! Also you should not be afraid of using your ward for spying on dragon. Keeping A Greater Stealth Totem there just to force the enemy to kill the ward. It may alert you of their presence at the objective and if they back off it has served its purpose.

Trinket Ward Placement!

When placing wards from your Greater Stealth Totem you need to know the best places to place them for your team to grant the most usage from them. Below are images representing great spots for each side of the map your will play from.
Blue Side Placement!

Place wards in these areas when you are on the blue side pushing towards the red side of the map. Depending on objective timers and how far the minions/towers are pushed will differ in which area you place the wards.
Red Side Placement!

Place wards in these areas of the map when you are on the red side pushing towards the blue side of the map. This is a good enough summary of deep wards and easy wards for you to place to protect yourself and your team no matter which side of the map you are playing on!

If you have to vs an enemy such as Evelynn while on the red side of the map this is a simple trick for you to detect her while she ganks your lane. Having the ability to detect her and she has no idea that she has been seen is great for your team allowing your jungler to come botlane for a counter gank. You may also want to focus her instantly for a quick 2 v 1 situation to catch her off guard this will net you that important free kill to help snowball you early on. If you are going to attempt this ward trick make sure you save yourself a Greater Stealth Totem charge and place it on the side of the wall closest to your tri-bush. Then with your Control Ward place it within vision proximity of your and this will grant vision of the stealthed enemy champion like Evelynn. The Control Ward acts like a pair of binoculars granting extra vision for the effects of your Greater Stealth Totem to extend across a larger distance and provide the ward with safety from being destroyed. This warding trick can also work with Shaco or Rengar depending if they gank from that area of the lane.

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Berserker's Greaves will be the best boot choice as an ADC 90% of the time as you want to be able to achieve as much DPS as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. Having these boots will allow more auto attacks and thus being able to weave extra dps between your spells.
Infinity Edge is a great item for you to use on Jinx although just by itself it doesn't really offer you very much utility except the bonus critical hit damage. This item really shines the most later on in the match as the game progresses when being paired with it's auto attack counterparts like Phantom Dancer these two types of items paired up together will allow a great synergy of critical hit auto attacks and burst damage.
Runaan's Hurricane is a very important item for Jinx it allows her infinity edge to have much more practical use and it allows stronger teamfighting ability, there is reasoning on why I prefer to use this item over it's other counterparts this season like Phantom Dancer I Feel that it's passive is stronger as being creep blocked when tower diving or chasing down enemies will cost you plenty of kills and prevent further deaths so being able to wave clear even quicker while moving will increase your chance to escape. I also feel that for the difference in cost with the alternate attack speed items provides much better stats that scale on Jinx much better into your late game. Although I would recommend making a Second attack speed item after this in some cases you may be fine delaying that for some lifesteal first.
This item can be seen as the main alternative to Phantom Dancer and Rapid Firecannon but my preference lies in the situation. Dancer can provide you better 1 v 1 trades but shiv allows more aoe burst. This item is great on Jinx though as it's passive magic damage for waveclearing is brilliant. I recommend this highly as the better buy for Jinx if you want to have 2 different attack speed items to hyper scale your farming.
This should be your 4th/5th main item in your build unless you need to rush a last whisper stacking item. This is because the shield passive is a great utility for jinx allowing her to survive a lot of harass in team fights and trades, the ability to scale up your health with a shield to protect yourself from bursty assassins means you will outsustain everyone in a teamfight and be the last man standing. The reason this is usually superior on Jinx than the alternative lifesteal item Blade of the Ruined King is because the blade's passive isn't usually needed as much as what the Bloodthirster would provide you with. Bloodthirster would give you enough lifesteal stats and your crit items although with the new passive mastery of Warlord's Bloodlust can heal you when vsing champions, It no longer stacks on minions making it harder to sustain yourself without a lifesteal item. This isn't me telling you that situations may not arise where Blade of the Ruined King is a much more useful buy for you on Jinx so try to find a balance but most of the time you will be making a Bloodthirster as your main lifesteal item.
This is your armour and hp shredding item it's pretty self explanatory you want to be able to kill people stacking armour and health as fast as possible. This item does not have to be rushed if the enemy is not stacking early armour as Bloodthirster would be more useful beforehand in most situations to provide sustain in longer teamfights.
I usually find this to be the best choice for a defensive item giving a lot of utility with its skill of removing cc essentially a mini cleanse. The QSS is a great pick up ina lot of assassins matchups as well as champions with blinds/hard cc in the early game that will be focusing you such as Warwick & Malzahar suppressions. Be sure to make this item almost every game even if you are just buying it's first stage. Another good alternative would be Banshee's Veil as this prevents the CC hitting you in the first place and is great against certain skills such as Cho'Gath's knock up.

Jinx doesn't scale off ap except on her Flame Chompers! the only reason I would ever make this item is when you have to worry about a very fed assassin which would usually just be Rengar this is because when you zhonya's his cooldowns expire and you should have some back-up/reaction time from your team to survive and kill him.
Surprisingly this isn't a bad item choice on jinx as a 6th item the extra health gives you some survivability and it's passive is very useful if your team lacks crowd control. It allows you to stick to enemies you are chasing and it also allows you chain your Zap! & Flame Chompers! easier.
This is a great item for Jinx to prevent yourself from being poked down to half health before a teamfight even begins. A good example of this would be a stray Nidalee Javelin Toss which mid-late game could easily put you onto half health or lower. Alternatively this can also be substituted for a Spirit Visage if you just need higher magic resist and health scaling passive.
Early lifesteal isn't a bad choice on Jinx for extended teamfight compositions you may need a cheaper version of bloodthirster and sometimes making a early Bilgewater Cutlass will provide enoughs stats for you to survive until you are ready to finish this item. So don't be afraid to sometimes to make Blade of the Ruined King on Jinx as it does provide her with attack speed, a health shredding passive & a great active for self peel.
This item can be seen as an alternative to Statikk Shiv but my preference lies in the latter though. I find it much better to not make this item as it's passive is lackluster on Jinx compared to shiv the damage reduction is nice in 1 v 1 situations and the movement speed but the magic damage and utility shiv provides is much stronger now.
This item interesting and is pretty much again another Statikk Shiv the bonus of this item is the extended range it can provide but with Jinx you have your rockets for this so i feel it isn't needed as much. Although it isn't a bad buy on her it lies in personal preference you may enjoy making this item so give it a go!
Mortal Reminder is the alternative last whisper upgrade. The bonus points of making this on jinx is to stop immense healing against certain champions. I would recommend picking this up with champions such as Swain, Dr. Mundo & Vladimir start appearing to be a problem.

This item isn't really viable on Jinx like it would be on say Lucian the armour pen may seem a nice statistic but the item doesn't suit her kit, she scales much better with prolonged fights compared to someone like Quinn who would deal a lot of damage with this item in short bursts. No matter how pleasant this item may seem there isn't any need for Jinx to buy it.
Black cleaver doesn't sound like it would be the worst idea but again compared to ghostblade you won't need the armour pen and you will scale much better with another item. The only ranged adc that this item suits is Lucian or Quinn just because of how she plays or Urgot and still he's not really a adc.
reducing enemy basic attack damage may seem a good choice but i assure you if you want to win your lane and further trades dealing more damage with your greaves is a lot more beneficial.
the sheen proc won't scale very well with jinx as her cooldowns are incredibly long let this item stay with Ezreal & Corki and focus on something else.
This item may seem useable on Jinx it gives you cdr, mana and also armor but don't be fooled by the sheen proc because it is wasted on her. If you want to go a tank item for protection you would be better going something else. Even with the slow this item gives you would get more use from Frozen Mallet

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How to play Jinx depending on your supports spells.


+ Reduces enemy healing.
+ Can secure early kills.
+ Added pressure in lane.
- Doesn't prevent enemy from dealing more damage
- Isn't as useful in the late game compared to Exhaust.
- Can be wasted easily if used on wrong target.
- Needs to be used effectively by the support.
Ignite can have a lot of advantages in your laning phase compared to exhaust on your support it may allow early kill advantages which is great for jinx to snowball. It can reduce enemy healing which may be needed vs. matchups such as Soraka & Nami it also can create lane pressure against low health targets. It's downfalls are timing by the person using the spell, not casting it quickly enough to prevent healing spells may take it's useful aspects out of the picture. In theory when your support has ignite Jinx should play more aggressively and force trades with the enemy botlane so she can take a early lead.

+ Great to slow ganking assassins.
+ Prevents a lot of burst damage.
+ Slow escaping targets to secure kills.
+ Scales better the later the game advances.
- Not as much lane pressure as Ignite.
- Easy to select wrong target in a teamfight.
- Requires effective usage from your support.
Exhaust is usually the more preferred summoner spell, if it's used by your support you will find that they would use it on champions with lack of mobility/escape such as Soraka or Taric. This spell will help them with their lack of mobility and it allows them to land cc and also stop themselves being assassinated. I sometimes prefer this spell on my support as it can help you in trades in the early game if used correctly and prevent you taking heavy damage. When playing Jinx with a Exhaust in your lane don't be afraid to still play aggressive at times during the laning phase but don't expect as much lane pressure compared to having Ignite.

What Supports synergize with Jinx the best?
Face Of The Mountain
/// Tahm Kench is a fairly strong champion in the botlane but his synergy with Jinx is amazing. He helps provide the solution to your lack of mobility and can provide you with a wide array of tools. His ultimate can help you traverse across the map safer to get to locations/objectives such as dragon or baron. His Q has the ability to slow enemy champion and with enough stacks of his passive stun them. His W can eat minions/champions providing hard crowd control so you can focus other targets without hassle. He also has the ability to eat you and provide you with a free escape tool from incoming assassins or threats, he may be even just helping you to chase down enemies with the movespeed buff eating you provides. Either way this champion has amazing synergy for Jinx expect to have a good botlane with Tahm Kench around! 5/5

/// Janna has great utility for Jinx giving her a reliable form of defense/offence with her shield, tornado knock up, a reliable slow in which to help Jinx catch up to her enemies and a knockback heal that saves her from incoming assassins and gives her a fresh source of health. Don't be afraid to play passive & aggressive when laning with a Janna as she can play both! She can build a lot of aura items which are perfect to give you hidden strength and protect you. 5/5

/// Braum is a really strong pick with jinx his passive Concussive Blows synergizes with Jinx's attack speed allowing for a easy stun. This provides a constant source of CC in the lane for you to easily chain your Flame Chompers!. He has a reliable shield to block incoming damage which is imperative against certain champion matchups and he also gives you free defense stats when he jumps onto you. This is a kill lane don't be afraid to go for as much harass at level 1 and then secure a kill at level 2 with Braum's passive.4/5

/// The best thing about Nami is how much utility she provides Jinx, she can give Jinx a reliable Auto Attack Buff which is perfect considering your attack speed steroid. A rotating heal that can be used offensively as well as for defense. A large tidal wave knock up allowing for a great disengage tool as well as a engaging tool. And finally a stun which you can chain your Flame Chompers! on top of which is great for lockdown in the early levels for a potential kill. 4/5

/// Thresh is my favorite support to use alongside Jinx his kit enhances everything good about Jinx and she enhances his kit. His Death Sentence synergizes well with your Flame Chompers! allowing you to easily chain CC it also can synergize with your Zap! allowing him to land his hook easier on a hooked target. Thresh's flay also allows him to send enemies back into your Flame Chompers! if they dodged them or they didn't activate in time this synergy works amazingly well. Another benefit of Thresh's kit is his Dark Passage the lantern helps provide Jinx with a reliable escape which is missing from her kit. Don't be afraid when duoing to play this matchup the most often it's incredibly strong and synergizes your playstyles. 5/5

/// Morgana creates a lane with jinx that can play to each other strengths Morgana landing her binding gives you a long time to chain CC and deal damage onto an enemy laner her binding Max can last 3 seconds which late game will give you plenty of time to kill the enemy ADC. Morgana's spell shield prevents you from being bursted to quickly and can save you from enemy CC this is great for jinx as it's a free safety net to help you survive longer in fight unscathed. Don't be afraid to go in if your support is competent enough they will save you from damage and you can truly carry! 4.5/5

Face Of The Mountain
/// Leona Has great synergy with Jinx she provides a lot of crowd control that gives Jinx plenty of time to react to her surroundings. Your provided more damage thanks to proccing her passive with your damage and she will be able to tank and keep enemies off of you. When playing alongside Leona make sure you follow her initiation with your Flame Chompers! this will provide easy lockdowns which Leona thrives off. She should be taking ignite and making an easy kill lane for you. 4/5

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Botlane Matchups

Below you will find a variety of possible champions you should expect to lane against in the support and then marksman role. When playing Jinx it's important to understand how to adapt and play against certain compositions below are tips/tricks/ideas on how to play against the champions listed by themselves. They may be harder a lot harder matchups than expected when paired with other champions on the list so take my advice with a grain of salt for example a Lux Support may become a 10/10 difficulty if paired alongside a Caitlyn. I hope my analysis on previous experiences of these lane matchups help you in your future games! Please note though i've not updated some parts of this section but I will be doing so when i have the time!

Alistar 8/10
Support Matchup

Annie 9/10
Support Matchup

Bard 6.5/10
Support Matchup

Blitzcrank 10/10
Support Matchup

Brand 6.5/10
Support Matchup

Braum 8/10
Support Matchup

galio 5/10
Support Matchup

Gragas 6.5/10
Support Matchup

Janna 7.5/10
Support Matchup

Karma 5/10
Support Matchup

Leona 9.5/10
Support Matchup

Lulu 7/10
Support Matchup

Lux 6/10
Support Matchup

Morgana 9.5/10
Support Matchup

Malphite 7/10
Support Matchup

Maokai 6.5/10
Support Matchup

Nami 7/10
Support Matchup

Nautilus 10/10
Support Matchup

Shen 7/10
Support Matchup

Sona 6.5/10
Support Matchup

Soraka 8/10
Support Matchup

Tahm Kench 8.5/10
Support Matchup

Taric 9/10
Support Matchup

Thresh 7.5/10
Support Matchup

Trundle 4/10
Support Matchup

vel'koz 5/10
Support Matchup

volibear 3/10
Support Matchup

Zilean 6/10
Support Matchup

Zyra 5/10
Support Matchup

Ashe 8/10
ADC Matchup

Caitlyn 10/10
ADC Matchup

Corki 7/10
ADC Matchup

Draven 6/10
ADC Matchup

Ezreal 5/10
ADC Matchup

Graves 10/10
ADC Matchup

Jinx 6/10
ADC Matchup

Kalista 10/10
ADC Matchup

Kog'maw 5/10
ADC Matchup

Lucian 8/10
ADC Matchup

Miss Fortune 7/10
ADC Matchup

Mordekaiser 6/10
ADC Matchup

Quinn 6/10
ADC Matchup

Sivir 8/10
ADC Matchup

Tristana 9.5/10
ADC Matchup

Twitch 4/10
ADC Matchup

Varus 5/10
ADC Matchup

Vayne 8/10
ADC Matchup

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Jungle Matchups

Below you will find a variety of possible champions you should expect to gank your lane and fight against in teamfights. Jinx can play more safer against certain junglers but others are threats in her early game and must be played against with caution. Take note most junglers may not even gank botlane every game has the possibility of no ganks from the jungler. Learn how to play against certain champions played in the jungle role, some may be unorthodox but I've played against them myself so don't unexpect that flex pick of Quinn jungle. Take heed that these matchups may become more difficult depending on playstyle, map awareness, jungler mechanics and build paths. I hope the below explanations will serve some purpose for you and help your Jinx improve further!

Aatrox 6.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Akali 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Amumu 7.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Cho'Gath 5/10
Jungler Matchup

Diana 10/10
Jungler Matchup

Dr. Mundo 6/10
Jungler Matchup

Ekko 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Elise 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Evelynn 10/10
Jungler Matchup

Fiddlesticks 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Fizz 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Gragas 6.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Hecarim 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Irelia 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Jax 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Kayle 6/10 (since devourer nerf)
Jungler Matchup

Kha'Zix 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Kindred 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Lee Sin 11/10
Jungler Matchup

Malphite 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Malzahar 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Maokai 7.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Master Yi 7.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Nautilus 10/10
Jungler Matchup

Nidalee 8.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Nocturne 5/10
Jungler Matchup

Nunu 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Olaf 10/10
Jungler Matchup

Pantheon 6/10
Jungler Matchup

Quinn 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Rammus 5.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Rek'Sai 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Rengar 11/10
Jungler Matchup

Riven 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Sejuani 6/10
Jungler Matchup

Shaco 7.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Shen 4.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Shyvana 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Sion 6/10
Jungler Matchup

Skarner 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Tahm Kench 8/10
Jungler Matchup

Talon 3/10
Jungler Matchup

Teemo 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Trundle 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Tryndamere 2/10
Jungler Matchup

Twitch 3.5/10
Jungler Matchup

Udyr 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Vi 9/10
Jungler Matchup

Volibear 4/10
Jungler Matchup

Warwick 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Wukong 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Xin Zhao 7/10
Jungler Matchup

Yorick 5/10
Jungler Matchup

Zac 6/10
Jungler Matchup

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Now we are near the end of the guide, thanks for reading this far and this is the best part all the juicy gameplay! Learn how to do the correct things in each stage of the game on Jinx to make sure you are playing her correctly! I hope the guide has helped you in some way and I appreciate you getting this far.

  • You want to start your early game by going over a gameplan in your mind from champ select. Think of what you want to focus on in your laning phase, whether it's more farming orientated for a certain matchup. Wanting to wait in the bush for an enemy to burn a summoner spell with your team. Maybe taking a camp because your jungler has started on the other side of the map. Regardless when you have decided you want to shot call this concept to your team for an opinion. For example if you have a Thresh it may be a good idea for your team to invade the enemy jungle because he can catch someone out of place, thus granting a early kill for someone on your team. Don't be afraid to shot call as the ADC your opinion matters just like everyone else. Some LCS teams have their shotcaller from the botlane. I like to make sure the team listens to me so I can be protected when I'm the carry. That's your aim as Jinx it's in the roles name = Attack Damage Carry! <--- see this you are expected to carry your team to victory.

  • Next step after however you have started your game your main aims will be to farm your minion wave and harass the enemy ADC simultaneously. Whenever you find your lane opponent stepping forward into the minion wave your focusing use your [Fishbones, the rocket launcher]] on the minions to acquire some splash damage onto the adc. This will be known as pushing the wave and making it easier for you to take control and also dominating them with your pressure. Don't be afraid of recieving some damage back they may overharass you and put themselves in harms way this will be an overextension and you can punish them for this with your Zap! & Flame Chompers! thus zoning them away from their farm allowing you to overtake their CS. Take note, using to much mana though doing this can put you in harms way when you need to use your spells to secure kills or escape from jungler ganks so be patient and don't over do it.

  • As well as farming and harassing you shouldn't be afraid to attempt to get kills, Jinx snowballs very fast and early kills will allow you to hit your power spike faster. I find pushing the lane for a early level 2 will allow you to have higher base stats from HP to AD and you should be able to chain cc lock someone on the botlane for a easy kill thanks to the easy peel from your support. A second advantage will be to use your Super Mega Death Rocket! for executions across the map on other laners this can grant you a free kill unexepectedly and allow free advantage in a stale botlane.

  • Make sure you focus objectives while botlane, Drake is very important in the early levels and granting your team a free objective with your jungler with superior timing is crucial. Take not of enemies basing and where the enemy jungler is with plenty of vision this will allow you to safely take these objectives without any force.

  • By the time mid game has come around you should have a Infinity Edge, Berserker's Greaves and maybe a Zeal this is the time of the game where you should now be roaming around the jungle taking as many of the camps you can find that are free. I usually like to take the red buff, krugs and raptors as the jungler should be focusing on mid/top lane ganking now and they will be free to take. If your jungler does start complaining about this stop taking them but most players will understand you will need them to snowball.

  • Next you will be initiating teamfights in midlane trying to push the towers with your team, wait for someone to make a play and do what Jinx does best and play to her teamfighting advantages. Position yourself safely in the backline and use your peel to deal as much DPS you can use your Zap! & Flame Chompers! to chain crowd control and help your team as much as you can. Use your Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher when you can't afford to stay in a safe range to use Pow-Pow, the Minigun this will allow you to stay in a safe range and not be hit by skillshots.

  • Continue to keep an eye out for great opportunities to use your ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! Throughout the game to push your lead.

  • Be ready to choose which items you should be focusing on next from this point for the late game, decide which item is the optional one. Whether you need Last Whisper for the tank who is the carry for the enemy team or Bloodthirster that will help sustain you through the common occurence of teamfights.

  • So you finally hit late game this is the important part of the game for Jinx you should have a decent KDA at this point. You should have a steady flow of items that are dealing mass AOE damage to the enemy. Make sure that you have upgraded your trinket from level 9 + this will allow more consistent vision on the map to keep you safe against enemy threats. Considering your lack of mobility someone like Zed may have a good chance of sneaking up on you and assassinating you, taking you out of the fight before it has begun.

  • Stay with your team and focus objectives such as baron nashor, drake & towers/inhibitors. Make use of your teams composition using their initiation to wipe out the enemy one by one. You would be best having 1 defensive item incase your team goes to deep without you and you are left alone to fend for yourself. Always make sure you but a Mercurial Scimitar or a Banshee's Veil as these usually offer the best protection.

  • Make sure you buy an elixir if you have exhaust your full build it can help make the difference. Also don't be afraid to switch up if you have spare gold if you feel an item is underperforming making more damage when your being dominated at your nexus may help save the game.

If your game goes successful!

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Thank you for reading my Jinx guide!
In summary, I hope my first ever guide has taught you a few things about Jinx and you have learned a thing or two on how to play her more efficiently. I will be updating to this guide every so often and hopefully adding more content to make it the best Jinx guide it can possibly be. I would appreciate a upvote if this guide as helped you and don't be afraid to share your scores on jinx after you have read this guide!

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