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Taric Build Guide by NewAthanatov

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NewAthanatov

May the gems be with you

NewAthanatov Last updated on September 3, 2013
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Hello guys my lol name is newathanatov and this is my first build. I made this build because Taric is my best champ, i know a lot 'bout supports and i do many experiments with builds on Taric. I hope you guys enjoy the build and i now want to tell you guys why these builds.

Mana build Taric: This build because of Taric's passive which gives magic dmg on you're auto-attacks depending on you're mana and we can even let mana skill with you're AP and AD so it's pretty strong. You play him with this guide mostly top.

Burst AP Taric: This build for his good scalings with AP, but he's melee so this isn't prefered for beginners with Taric, if you didn't played Taric much i suggest you just take my defensive AP Taric build or my support build. You mainly play him mid with this.

Defensive AP Taric: This build for his good scalings with AP and Taric likes it to be tanky (this build is very good for beginners, support Taric is easier but this is easy too). You mainly play him mid with this build.

T.T. Taric: HARD TROLL BUILD. This build just for his W Shatter and because Taric likes it to be tanky. You play him top with this build (mainly).

'Supp Taric: His best and easiest rol. Taric is a really good support beacause of his heal Q Imbue, his stun E Dazzle, because of his 2 aura's W Shatter and his R Radiance and because of his armor de-buff on his W Shatter.

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Pros / Cons


1. Has a heal
2. Has a stun
3. 2 aura's
4. Possible in both farm and kill lane
5. Has good AP scalings
6. High base power (once did w and r and the corki almost died. I was support :D)
7. Even has an armor de-buff
8. Has a pink skin


1. Slow movement speed
2. Slow AS
3. He's bad against AP's.
4. Stupid voice
5. Mana problems early game and late game too if you don't have the mana build
6. Melee

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Mana Build items:

Starting items:
I take Sapphire Crystal for a quick Tear of the Goddes and some mana.
Core items:
Tear of the Goddes for mana and a quick Manamune for a quick Murumana.
Boots of speed for some movement speed.
Glacial Shroud for survivability, mana and a quicker Iceborn Gauntlet.
Boots of Lucidity for cooldown reduction and Mercury's Treads for survivability and being better against cc (if you didn't understand you may only take ONE!)
Manamune for mana and some AD + the great evolving in Murumana.
Iceborn Gauntlet for the armor, mana, AP and the great passive.
Offensive items:
Already explaned Iceborn Gauntlet and i'm not going to do it again.
Archangels Staff is great because of its passive.
Murumana for its passive which gives him more AD and the toggle which you can use very long because you have very much mana in this mana build.
Defensive items:
Banshee's Veil MR, the passive which ffff.... flames the AP's and the health ofc.
Frozen Heart is OP on Taric because it has cooldown reduction, mana, armor and a great passive which now fff.... flames the AD's.
Randuin's Omen for the armor, health, the great passive which fff.... flames the AD's even more and the active which slows the enemy's and the more armor you have the longer it slows.
Sunfire Cape for the armor, health and the passive which is really funny sometimes.
The take one items:
Wits End for more magic resistance, the AS and the magic damage which is really handy sometimes.
Nashor's Tooth for the AP, cooldown reduction, AS and the MAGIC DAMAGE!
Normal final build example:
This gives you AP, resistance against everything, AD and very much mana (switch some items for defending items if you need defending items but keep Murumana and Archangel's Staff in it).
Against heavy AD's final build example:
With this AD's can't do a thing against you and less against you're teammates (passive on Shatter) and you can get them in real sss... shame. No Wit's End because you don't need magic resistance anymore and Boots of Lucidity because you don't need magic resistance anymore :D.
Against heavy AP's final build example:
Against AP's you're actually in real sss... shame but with this they can do less against you, just don't 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 2v1 etc. them, you may only 1v1 them or kill them if you have more teammates then them on that moment.

Burst AP build items:
You start with Boots of Speed because you don't need a quick item and it's really handy with you're low movement speed.
Fiendish Condex for some quick AP and cooldown reduction which is needed.
Sorcerer's Shoes for magic penetration so you're spells can work fully.
Mercury's Treads for the magic resistance and the passive Tenacity. (Remember you may only pick ONE!)
Stinger for the AS for you're passive magic damage and to reduce the cooldown on you're Q when attacking.
Deathfire Grasp for some AP, cooldown reduction and the great active.
Nashor's Tooth for the AS, the passive which gives magic damage on you're auto-attacks depending on you're AP, the AP and the cooldown reduction. The AS is even more important now because of the passive which gives you even more magic damage on you're auto-attacks and its still handy to reduce the cooldown on you're Q.
Offensive items:
Rabadon's Deathcap for extra AP for Nashor's Tooth.
Void Staff is really handy if the enemy team is building magic resistance because this is the idea of Void Staff: you have magic resistance? I don't care a damn ****!
Lich Bane because you now spam you're Q and you than have every time you use you're Q an even stronger auto-attack.
Defensive items:
Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the AP, health and the passive so if the enemy escape's you can use you're W and they than can't escape anymore.
Lyandry's Torment for some damage if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Iceborn Gauntlet is only takeable if you don't have Rylai's Crystal Scepter (because you than have 2 slows and you don't need that) or Lich Bane (because if you do the extra damage won't care anybody at all) but you take it if you need mana, armor and a slow on you're auto-attack (or just one of these things).
Abyssal Scepter if they buy very much magic resistance or if they have much AP and for the AP.
Spirit Visage if they have very much AP's, for the health and for the great passive which makes you're heal even stronger and unkillable if you attack.
Frozen Heart if you need mana or if they have much AD's (only take it if they have 2 AD's but it is not very good if they only have 2 AD's but if they have more AD's then it's needed).
Athene's Unholy Grail if you have mana problems and need magic resistance and then the AP is just handy.
My final build:
This is for some tankiness against a mixed team and it makes you're Q spammable and Spirit Visage makes you unkillable (switching Frozen Heart and Spirit Visage is possible if you have mana problems) and this build gives you the AP and mana you need.

Defensive AP Taric items:

Starting items:
I start with Saphire Crystal for some mana and health pots for sustain.
Core items:
Boots of Speed so you have a better escape.
Rod of Ages gives Tankiness, AP and mana all you need in the build :D.
Mercury's Treads for some MR, movement speed and above all the best passive you have with the boots.
Zhonya's for some armor and AP.
Offensive items:
Lich bane for the passive, mana and ofc AP.
Liandry's for the passive, health and the AP.
Archangel's Staff for mana, AP and the great passive which gives you AP for you're mana.
Nashor's Tooth for the AS for you're Q, the cooldown reduction and the AP.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the health and AP (the passive can be handy but it's not OP on Taric).
Frozen Heart as AD counter and the mana.
Banshee's Veil as MR counter and the health.
Abyssal Scepter for the MR, AP and the passive which gives you more dmg.
My final build:
This build gives you everything you need and that is: Mana, tankiness and AP, but you have very much armor and only late game MR so Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's are swichable.
More dmg build:
Only take this build if you already have some tanks in the team. This build makes you do more dmg but you have to stay with a tank or support.

T.T. Tank Taric items:

Note: this isn't the best build it's actually sort of a troll build against AD's. Only take it against 5 AD's or 4 and only for the fun, DON'T USE IT IN RANKED!

I'll explain all items at once: this build is as an AD counter, i only took it for the extra dmg at you're W and you're armor aura + debuff which both skill with you're armor.

'supp Taric:

This is the best build on Taric and i thought: the last, the best.

Starting items:
Faerie Charm so you have less mana problems (LESS).
The wards so you can ward something.
The health pot so you can stay in the lane longer and the mana pot for less mana problems (LESS).
Vision Ward starting items (see notes off the starting items) for farming wards and against Shaco or Evelynn.
Core items:
Sightstone for free wards and health.
Philosopher's Stone for gold, mana regen and health regen.
Emblem of Valor for Aegis of the Legion and health regen for both you and the carry.
Boots of Lucidity for cooldown reduction and movement speed.
Aegis of the legion for the health regen and MR aura.
Locket of the Iron Solari for the great active, the health, the cooldown reduction and the great passive of Aegis of the Legion.
Shurelya's Reverie for the great active, the health and the cooldown reduction.
Ohmwrecker so you can let you're team tower-dive easily and as aggressive item cause of the AP.
Ruby Sightstone for the extra health and even better active than sightstone has.
Enchantment Captain is a very good active but you have to walk in front of you're team. Alacrity or Homeguard are good enchantments too if you can't use captain very well.
Eleisa's Miracle for the great passive and it even disappears after 3 levels! Note: Only take it when you have Clarity or Clairvoyance.
Mikael's Crucible for the great active and the mana regen.
Shard of True Ice for the great active handy passive and it makes you some more aggressive.
Defensive items:
Frozen Heart for the mana, the armor and the great passive.
My final build:
This build makes you a classic support and can make you turn the teamfight (i'll say how in the chapter combo's).

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Let's start with support Taric cause i think you guys now want to know how you can turn a teamfight!

You're initiate:

First you use you're E Dazzle on the ADC then you run to the ADC as quick as possible and use you're R Radiance (if you have it) and then you're W Shatter after that just use some auto-attacks, use you're Q Imbue on you're ADC and when needed on yourself furthermore just spam you're W Shatter and you're E Dazzle and make sure he doesn't escape and that you don't kill him. WARNING: IF YOU KILL HIM YOU'RE ADC WILL KILL YOU!

Why this as initiate you guys ask? Well, this is why: You're E Dazzle so the ADC won't flee or kill you, then you're R Radiance for dmg and the AD and AP aura then you're W Shatter for the armor de-buff on their ADC and maybe even their support (make sure you use you're ult first for the extra AP so you're W Shatter is even stronger) then you have to spam you're Q Imbue on you're ADC and yourself so you guys don't die, you have to use you're auto-attacks for the cooldown reduction and ofc the extra dmg, you have to spam W Shatter for extra dmg and you're E Dazzle so they can do less dmg (you can save you're E Dazzle for when they escape if it seems you're already winning).

In teamfights:

In teamfights just use Locket of the Iron Solari, You're W Shatter, you're R Radiance, You're E Dazzle on the enemy that has the most dmg and you're Q Imbue on the allie with lowest health (Only use when you can save him/her). When chasing or escaping use you're E Dazzle on the enemy you want to kill/you want to stop and use Shurelya's Reverie when you start the chase/escape (or when most allies are closeby).

Mana build Taric:

You're initiate:

E Dazzle then W Shatter and R Radiance and keep yourself alive while attacking with you're Q Imbue.

In teamfights:

Use Murumana (if you already have it) and just use the same combo as you initiate with. If you have Seraph's Embrace you must use it when on low health.

Burst AP Taric:

You're initiate:

First use you're E Dazzle then you're R Radiance (if you have it) then you're W Shatter and just spam you're Q Imbue on yourself. When they escape just use you're E Dazzle.

In teamfights:

Use you're E on the enemy that does the most dmg or the one you want to kill quickly then use you're R Radiance and you're W Shatter and spam you're Q Imbue on you and you're teammates.
If somebody escapes and you want to kill him/her just use you're E Dazzle.

Note for burst AP Taric: Always be careful and make sure you don't die, YOU AREN'T TANKY!

Defensive AP Taric:

Everything the same as burst AP Taric but you can be less careful.

T.T. Tank Taric:

Again everything the same but you can be even less careful (but still careful).

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Now i want you guys to know how the abilities of Taric work and how you can/must use them:

Let's start with his passive (yes i tell something about the passive too):

This gives magic dmg on you're auto-attacks depending on you're mana (MANA BUILD TARIC OP!).

Q Imbue: This is an heal you can use on 1 champ, BUT if you don't use it on yourself you still get a small heal. If you use it on yourself the heal is bigger but it's still the best if you use it on somebody else (most of the times).

Now about it's W Shatter: This passively gives a armor aura depending on you're armor and when you activate it you're extra armor disappears (the extra armor on you're TEAM stays) and everybody it hits get an armor de-buff (depending on you're armor) use it for dmg and as support for extra dmg for you're carry.

E Dazzle: This is you're stun and the closer you are at the target, the more dmg it does, but it's made for the stun so don't do stupid and just use it from a safe distance. This is mainly the first thing you use at a initiate.

R Radiance: This is when you aren't supp Taric you're dmg and if you aren't supp Taric, USE IT AS YOU'RE DMG! If you are supp Taric you use it as a aura for you're adc.

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Let's start with mana build Taric:

4 greater seals of armor for some flat armor so you counter AD's even on lvl 1.
The 5 seals of scaling armor so you counter AD's late game too.
The glyphs of magic resist for some flat mr so you counter AP's on lvl 1.
The glyphs of scaling magic resist so you vounter AP's even on lvl 18.
The marks of attack damage so you can farm better and you're auto-attacks do more dmg.
The quintessances of attack speed so you can do even more dmg with both you're magic dmg and you're AD from you're runes and Murumana.

The burst AP Taric runes:

I'll explain this quickly: The glyphs and seals for the same reason as before and the marks and quintessances give the dmg you need (AP marks are possible too).

The defensive AP Taric runes:

Everything for the same reason as before (and again AP marks are possible too).

The 'supp Taric runes:

The seals and quints for some gold you really need as support, the glyphs for survivabilaty late game against AP's and the marks for some extra dmg when attacking.

The T.T. tank Taric runes:

The seals, glyphs and marks for the same reason as at mana build Taric and the quints for extra armor. (It's still a troll build).

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Ty guys for watching my build and i hope you liked it and i also hope it was useful.

See you guys in my next build! (If i make a next build).