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Cho'Gath Build Guide by EmbraceProgress

Tank gold

Obliterate ALL Existence: Your All-Purpose Cho'Gath Guide (S

By EmbraceProgress | Updated on May 15, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Tank'Gath (Top)
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Mage'Gath (Mid)
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath

Runes: Resolve + Inspiration

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Grasp of the Undying

Biscuit Delivery
Perfect Timing

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #38 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Ability Order Against Melee

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Champion Build Guide

Obliterate ALL Existence: Your All-Purpose Cho'Gath Guide (S

By EmbraceProgress
Introduction (Kinda Want You To Read This)


First off, I want to thank you for clicking on this guide. I put a lot of time and effort into making it and I'll never get feedback unless viewers like you look over my work.

I'm TheI3igDaddy, a North American summoner who finished in low Platinum before the beginning of Season 5. After being away at school for a few years, I returned to League and decided to update this guide. Cho is still awesome after all these years, and he was even buffed from the old Cho that I knew and loved.

WARNING: this guide will be lonnnnnggggg. As you can see, I've made cheat sheets for FOUR different roles that Cho'Gath can play, and I intend to go into as much depth as possible for each.

I'm not forcing you to read the whole thing, of course. Think of this like an encyclopedia; if you only want to know how to Jungle with Cho'Gath, jump to that section.

So if you've read some of this guide and have any feedback to give me, positive or negative, please comment. It's my first ever, and while I'd like to think that my writing skills are above average, nothing is really perfect.

On that note, let me explain how this guide came to be.
Why I Play Cho'Gath (And Why You Should Too) Back to Top

(Feel free to skip this, it's just a bunch of ranting / praising of my favorite champion.)

I starting playing League in the middle of 2012, around the time that Jayce was released. I had always been fascinated with dinosaurs and other leviathan-type creatures, and one day I realized that there was a champion that could grow in size over time based on how much he ate. Not only was he a behemoth, he was an ALIEN behemoth. He looked cool, he SOUNDED cool...

This champion was Cho'Gath.

He's one of the most versatile champions in the entire game. You can lane, jungle, AND even support with Cho; very few other champs can say the same ( Jarvan IV and Nautilus come to mind). And even despite this, Cho is one of the most balanced champions; he has clear strengths and weaknesses that his enemies can exploit (will go into more detail in the next chapter).

I hope that after you read this guide, you'll be able to succeed with him as well.
General Pros / Cons Back to Top
+ Extremely Versatile Champ
+ Innate Sustain
+ Strong Waveclear
+ AOE Crowd Control and Damage
+ Giant Meatshield
+ True Damage Nuke
You can build Cho'Gath in so many ways, in a variety of roles. In solo-que, this helps out in champ select if your team isn't co-operating.

His sustain and waveclear allow him to remain in lane nearly indefinitely around mid-game.In teamfights, Cho'Gath disrupts everyone with his CC while face-tanking as much damage as possible, using his ultimate to either peel enemies off of his teammates, or to eliminate carries himself.

- No Mobility
- Weak Against %Health Damage
- No Steroids
- Still Gets Creep-Blocked
- Somewhat Team Dependant

If you're looking for a speedy champ, Cho'Gath is not for you. It's his main weakness and everyone knows it. It only makes sense that Godzilla does not have the mobility of a jet fighter.

In being huge and terrifying, keeping Feast stacks means that Cho'Gath gets more health than others, which allows users with %HP damage to have a field day. Cho does not have any combat steroids in his kit, so his dueling suffers. Pesky minions will still impede your rampage because Riot thinks that will be OP or something. Finally, it's quite challenging to carry an entire game by yourself, especially if you're the main tank. You still need to rely on your teammates to do THEIR jobs along with your own.
Abilities Back to Top

Carnivore (Passive)

Cho'Gath recovers a flat amount of health and mana back whenever he kills something; minion, monster, or champion. This is an old, simple passive from the dawn of League. Personally, I wish it gave more mana back on-kill, but beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

This sustain passive allows Cho to sit in lane for a longass time, generally being immovable unless his opponent is constantly harassing him. It's also half of the reason he's an effective jungler. This makes CS'ing on Cho'Gath incredibly important, as he won't heal unless HE kills the minions.

Rupture (Q)

I could write a LOT about this, where to begin? Mastering this skill is the most important part of Cho'Gath. What we have here is an AOE knockup that does strong base damage as well as slowing everyone hit by it afterwards. Oh, and it's ranged too. It's almost like Unstoppable Force, yet Cho'Gath can use this every 7 seconds.*

So what's the catch? It's delayed, along with the short casting animation that Cho'Gath does beforehand. Therefore, you MUST predict where your enemy will be right as the spell would land, otherwise they can simply walk out of the targeted area. Hitting Rupture in teamfights is crucial to your team's success; sometimes that's all it takes for the rest of your squad to divebomb the poor saps who get hit by it.

*And that's WITHOUT any CDR!

Feral Scream (W)

All terrifying monsters have their roar, and Cho'Gath is no different. Feral Scream is loud enough to silence multiple enemies for up to 2 seconds at max rank, which again is extremely effective in teamfights. Against team compositions that rely mainly on spells, Feral Scream is invaluable in shutting them up long enough for your team to clean house.

Since it's cone-shaped though, and also has a cast animation like Rupture, you need to make sure that you tag the right champions with it, else they may have the damage to kill your carries.

Vorpal Spikes (E)

This ability gives each of Cho'Gath's next 3 autos more damage in the form of spikes, which spread out to hit others around the target. This used to be a second passive due to its old toggled nature, but now it's gotten a nice buff to modernize Cho. The spikes now do %health magic damage, which scales on your Feast stacks both in damage and in width!

This is the second half of why Cho'Gath can jungle; the AOE nature of this ability allows him to clear entire camps of jungle without losing a lot of mana. It also allows him to CS easier, which combos well with his passive healing.

Feast (R)

This is what really makes our monster come to life. Each time Cho'Gath executes something with his ultimate, he gains size, health, and a bit of attack range. Leveling up the ultimate ability itself also makes Cho'Gath bigger, and increases the health gained by each stack, therefore you get two nice health spikes at levels 11 and 16.

You can get a maximum of 6 stacks from minions and non-epic monsters. Epic monsters ( , , , ) and champion kills give additional stacks.

There are two methods of using Feast; peeling and killing. I tend to do the former when I build tank and the latter when I build to carry (A.K.A. Mage'Gath). Generally if someone wants my carry dead, Feast allows Cho'Gath to chunk them hard and hopefully provide enough extra damage to eliminate the threat before Cho's carry dies. On the flip-side, if you know your ult can murder an enemy carry (indicated by the spikey-looking icon that appears around them when they're at low health), you can quickly eliminate them from the fight.
Viable Summoner Spells Back to Top

As with any champion, picking the right summoner spells for Cho'Gath is important. Here I've listed the GOOD and the BAD spells for you to consider.

The Good

Flash is the most popular summoner spell in the game. An instant blink in any direction is invaluable to have...on some champions. The only time I take Flash is on Mage'Gath, since I'm not building to tank. I generally tend to go for...

Ghost is the mobility spell that I use everywhere else, and I feel that it's a bit superior to Flash on Cho'Gath. Why? Well, with Flash, there's always the chance that it won't save a slow, lumbering champion like Cho, as there are many champions with far superior mobility that will still catch up to you and kill you. And that's just factoring in enemy champion kits, and not the runes and items that they can will have in these fights. With Ghost, you get a 10 second speed boost where you can hopefully outrun your enemies to relative safety.

It also lets you catch up to fleeing enemies so that you can tag them with Rupture easier, netting your team kills that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Therefore, I prefer Ghost on Cho about 90% of the time.

And plus, running Ghost will have many of your enemies pissing their pants:

Teleport is an amazing summoner spell that I run top 99% of the time. Having this spell up gives you map-wide presence at the push of a button, especially considering how important dragon is to get. It also allows you to quickly port back to lane if you need to save your tower. It truly is too good to take anything else in its place.

Ignite is definitely good, but its use on Cho'Gath is generally minimal. Like Flash, I generally only take Ignite when I play Mage'Gath, where it's kill first, ask questions later. You CAN still use this in top lane if you prefer to play aggressively from the start, but the lack of Teleport might be a bigger hindrance then you think.

I'm quite a fan of Exhaust, really. I run it on every single support that I use, Cho'Gath included. For top lane, however, I feel that it's outclassed by Teleport again, although it will still prove useful against melee ADC'S like Tryndamere and Fiora.

And of course there's Smite, but for obvious reasons, the only time we take this is to jungle. Not much else to say, really.

The Bad

Barrier is generally bought by squishy champs who are afraid of burst damage. You are neither squishy nor at risk to getting bursted down in half a second, so there's no reason to take this.

As much as I think Clairvoyance is nice, it's currently outclassed by a ******* trinket. And even then, you're better off taking a bunch of others over this.

Clarity is taken by new players who haven't learned mana conservation yet. Plus your passive gives you mana back. No need.

Cleanse is only taken by ADC's when the other team is loaded with CC, and even then, they generally prefer Heal over it. Your tenacity and tankiness make this a waste.

At level 18, Heal restores about 350 health. You know what else does? Killing five minions via Carnivore. Seriously.
Tank'Gath Back to Top



Tank'gath. This is generally the most common way Cho'Gath is played, for good reason. With the same build as other tanks, Cho gets a lot of bonus health thanks to Feast, making him a giant, fat brick to the enemy team. His AOE CC allows him to disrupt the enemy team long enough to pick off their carries or peel for his own. Cho'Gath also excels at blocking a LOT of damage with his increased size; your teammates will love you for it, and Warmog's Armor will bring you back to full health like nothing even happened.

There are two ways to play Tank'Gath: aggressively with the use of Ignite and most likely a Doran's Ring start, or passively with Teleport and a defensive item. This section focuses on the latter; I personally feel that Teleport is a much better summoner for the team, especially when it takes a while to move Cho's fat *** all the way over to Dragon from top lane. He also wants to farm as much as possible, so that he can stack Feast and turn into a giant behemoth. Teleport allows him to both farm and go to teamfights once they break out.

Skill Order

With Tank'Gath, there's no perfect skill order. It's entirely dependent on your lane matchup; this is another reason why Cho'Gath is so versatile.

Against melee champions: > > >

With this, Cho'Gath's Vorpal Spikes will quickly grow in damage, which push waves very hard as well as hurting whoever tries to get into melee range of him. You'll repeatedly shove the wave into their turret, forcing them to use mana to CS rather than hurting you. His E also costs the least mana to use / farm with.

Against enemies that are mainly ability-based: > > >

Feral Scream is very strong against casters, and after leveling it a few times, it really starts to sting as well. Use this to shut up enemies while hacking them down with Vorpal Spikes. If they're not very mobile, you can choose to max Rupture second. Take note that Feral Scream is your most mana-intensive move, so don't spam it too frequently.

Against ranged enemies with low innate sustain: > > >

Cho'Gath just hates it when ranged opponents repeatedly shoot him in the face. Therefore, maxing Rupture first allows him to harass right back. This also allows him to set up his QW combo once his jungler comes to gank. I mainly use this skill order against the likes of Jayce, Ryze, and Teemo.


Rod of Ages isn't on the item list above; it USED to be core for top lane, back when it healed you for a chunk of health on level-up (you can tell how old this guide was...). I personally haven't rushed it these days in Season 10, and now if you want the Eternity passive, you're better off getting Abyssal Mask.

These are all of the armor items that work on Tank'Gath.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is a tank item that works VERY well with Cho'Gath. He wants to be in the middle of teamfight, being a big, hulking monster. Not only will you get more resistances this way, but the active will make you practically unkillable for its duration. Additionally, even though it reduces your damage, the League wiki says that your out-going Feast damage will NOT be reduced. Not only that, but you get a ton of extra bonus health with the it looks like it's dinner time for some unfortunate soul.

Generally, I like taking either Frozen Heart or Thornmail every game. The former grants a large debuff aura, along with giving you more mana and a sexy 20% CDR. Grab Thornmail if their ADC is ludicrously fed or they have a bunch of auto-attackers on the enemy team.

Righteous Glory is a good first item for Tank'Gath, as it gives Health, Mana, Armor, CDR, AND Health Regen. The active is also very nice for getting into the thick of the enemy team, and setting off even more crowd control.

Randuin's Omen is one of the best anti-AD items, and it's best to purchase this if their ADC is fed or they have multiple sources of critcial damage (I'm looking at you, Tryndamere).

Dead Man's Plate is situational item for Cho. I say situational, because it's much more of a bruiser item, and Tank'Gath needs to sponge up as much damage as possible. The Momentum passive, however, is very good for keeping Cho on the move, and it's a great way to lock enemies down in Rupture if you can auto them in the face beforehand.

I haven't extensively tested it, however, so use it at your own discretion. In general though, I do like the item a lot.

Sunfire Cape is also situational, as you don't really need its passive thanks to your Vorpal Spikes doing a lot of residual magic damage already. It's a perfectly fine tank item, but I think it's better on tanks that need help clearing waves. Cho has no problem with this.

Ninja Tabi are always the boot of choice against multiple AD threats, and I consider the passive more important sometimes than the tenacity given by Mercury Treads.

You have slightly more choice with magic resist items. Stoneplate has already been covered; Locket of the Iron Solari gives more MR so that's why it's here instead of the armor section. Bite me.

Abyssal Mask is a great MR item that also gives you health, mana, and CDR; I consider this a better pickup than Rod of Ages for Tank'Gath, since they both have the Eternity passive. The debuff gives a magic resist reduction to all within 325 units, which benefits both you and your team, if they have a lot of magic damage.

Wit's End is one of my favorite items to buy on Tank'Gath; it lets him attack much faster with additional on-hit damage, making it synergize very well with Vorpal Spikes. The magic resist still helps you out, and the sustain it gives below 50% health helps in duels!

You still have Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, and Locket of the Iron Solari to round out the beefier MR items. They all do work on Cho, though I won't buy all three in a game. Against heavy AP teams, I'd generally pick Locket and either Adaptive or Spirit; the latter's synergy with Warmog's Armor is well-known. Locket of the Iron Solari's active grants his team a nice shield that helps against teams with high burst damage, while scaling off of your high bonus health.

Finally, Mercury's Treads is the other defensive boot option against high magic damage and/or lots of crowd control. Sometimes going up against champions like Morgana prompts me to buy this regardless of her teammates.

And then we get to the health-centric items.

Warmog's Armor is the go-to item for massive health regeneration, and it's arguable that out of every champion, Cho'Gath benefits the most from Warmog's Heart. That's because Carnivore falls off later in the game, since it only heals for flat amounts, along with only activating on Cho'Gath himself killing something. I buy this in most games as Tank'Gath, and it's useful even before you get 3000 health since Cho'Gath has pretty decent innate health regen.

Sterak's Gage is somewhat odd to put here, but two things work out well for Cho. For one, Cho'Gath has one of the highest base AD values of all champions, so the passive bonus will help his autos hit just a tad harder. The Primal Rage passive will give him a strong shield that scales off of all the health you'll have, as well as giving him even more AD. Definitely a nice tool to soak up damage and get really pissed off in the process.

And finally, Titanic Hydra defers from its older brother in that it gives health over lifesteal, with less AD. The cleave damage DOES scale off of maximum health, and its active ability can deal some serious damage due to your high health pool. This is really a luxury item for me that I get late-game, since I consider it more of a bruiser item.

...yeah, why IS this here? I've been theory-crafting with BoRK, even though I haven't had time to test it. This is not a tank item, clearly, but against some teamcomps, especially very tanky ones, grabbing this as your sole damage item (instead of Wit's End, say) on Cho'Gath may not be a bad idea. This also grants him BOTH %health physical and %health magic damage on-hit, along with a nice chunk of AD and attack speed. You may think this is silly, and I agree, but...maybe it can work! Don't take my word for it!

Tank'Gath Throughout The Game

Early Game: Right at the start of the game, you need to worry about farming and not dying. I cannot stress this enough; AVOID FEEDING! Cho's lack of steroids mean that if he gets behind in lane, it's very difficult to harass his opponent without taking a ton of damage in return. If your enemy is a lane bully, you may need to sacrifice some farm in order for the lane to push towards you. Also, WARD the river (and the tri-bush if you're on Red side) to be able to see if the enemy jungler is coming.

Once you hit 6, start eating whenever your ult comes off of cooldown, unless you can harass your enemy low enough to eat them instead. You want to grab your six minion/monster Feast stacks as soon as possible, so that you can always use it offensively or for objective control.

Mid-Game (1 or 2 Towers Have Fallen): By now, you should have at least Tier 1 Boots and your first major defensive item. If your tower has fallen, you most likely had a rough time in lane; keep farming and pay attention to your lane opponent's movements if they try to roam.

If THEIR top tower is gone, proceed to push the lane out and roam mid to help the rest of your team. With either scenario, make sure that Teleport is up whenever the dragon spawns, so that you can jump over to aid your team. Getting the first two dragons will give your team a great advantage, and if you have to, you can use Feast to secure it. Stick with your team as often as you can, only going top when you can safely push the lane.

Late-game (First Inhibitor is Destroyed): Builds are being completed, full-scale teamfights are the norm. You MUST be with your team 90% of the time. You're the tank, and if the enemy sees you in a side lane, it gives them the perfect chance to dive on your teammates without you being there to protect them. They can also see an opportunity to bring over 2 or 3 members to kill you. Picking you off can mean a lost baron , dragon or even an inhibitor, so only split-push if your team is cool with it, and you have Teleport up.

This should be the time of game where Cho'Gath shines. Stand between your carries and their team, look them all straight in the eye and say "I DARE you to walk past me..."

Rupture carries, silence the assassins, and get in the way of everything the enemy team wants to do. You may end up being the deciding factor of who wins the game.

Jung'Gath Back to Top



Along with being an effective solo laner, Cho'Gath can also jungle. The two big reasons that he can are his passive, Carnivore, and his easy jungle clear with Vorpal Spikes. With these, he can stay extremely healthy in the jungle, while barely needing any mana to clear it!

Feast does 1000 base true damage to jungle mobs, giving him a powerful second smite in the jungle along with having very good objective control with Dragon. Cho'Gath's Feast + Smite combo is un-matched, even by Nunu's Consume at max rank.

With Jung'Gath, Cho can avoid duking it out with champions early on, and stack to his heart's content. In time, he'll become just as tanky as Tank'Gath. You can, of course, build him more mage-like in the jungle, using Enchantment: Runic Echoes, but I do not play Cho'Gath that way and as such, that will not be in the guide.

Skill Order

There's only one way to skill Jung'Gath, in my opinion:

> > >

Obviously, you need Vorpal Spikes first in order to clear the jungle without issue. Rupture works better second, as it provides a strong knock-up to stun the camps, as well as providing good damage in ganks. You can also level Feral Scream second, if you so choose. The silence is another strong gank tool, but it won't stop your enemies from running away.


(Disclaimer: I repeat myself a bit due to Tank'Gath and Jung'Gath's builds being quite similar.)

Here, you'll find a wide assortment of jungling items that Cho'Gath can use. Each jungle upgrade helps in different ways.

Stalker's Blade provides you with a movement speed steal similar to Seismic Shard, which can help engage and disengage from ganks. Against many immobile enemies, tagging them during a gank and then popping Rupture under their feet will say 'Either you burn Flash, or you die, your choice'.

Skirmisher's Sabreis another acceptable choice. Considering that my playstyle involves lots of DPS with Vorpal Spikes, the on-hit true damage isn't wasted. Additionally, having 20% damage reduction against the target of your choice is very useful for a tank, allowing you to survive long enough to hopefully kill them first.

Anyway, Enchantment: Cinderhulk is the standard enchant for tanks, and Cho'Gath is no exception. It provides %bonus health and a Sunfire-esque aura that ramps up over time. Cho's clear was already on the easy side, and with Cinderhulk, the jungle becomes extremely trivial once you get it.

However, Enchantment: Bloodrazor is also viable, as Cho's Vorpal Spikes scale with attack speed in a sense. What's nice is now you have HYBRID %max health damage on-hit; your target will take both %health physical & magic damage. Against a very tanky teamcomp, this could actually be a solid buy.

So, I feel like Enchantment: Cinderhulk is more viable now, but you can still use Bloodrazor in your games if you think it's worth it. As I've said a bunch of times, Cho'Gath is very versatile, and a lot of stuff CAN work.

Look familiar, right? Jung'Gath still wants to be tanky, so grabbing at least one armor item is a must. Frozen Heart and Thornmail are better if you picked up Enchantment: Cinderhulk, while any of the (health + armor) items are generally better if you went Enchantment: Bloodrazor. The choice is yours, however; if you feel that your health from Feast stacks is enough, grab more resistances.

The magic resist items are the same as well, though like the armor items, what you buy should generally be based on your jungle enchantment.

Abyssal Mask is again a very nice MR item that also gives your skills an extra punch. If you team lacks a ton of AP (AD top, AP mid, ADC and tank support, for example), you may rather go for Locket of the Iron Solari or Spirit Visage. Adaptive Helm is useful if the enemy team has a lot of D.O.T. spells.

Wit's End is a great item for Cho'Gath, yet you probably want to avoid pairing it with Enchantment: Bloodrazor as they are somewhat similar. But hey, if you want to become a Vorpal Spikes machine gun, be my guest.

Warmog's Armor is a solid pick regardless of which jungle item you went. It also pairs well with Spirit Visage in general.

Titanic Hydra is still a luxury buy, in my opinion, but its synergy with Cho's health pool is obvious. You could also probably browse your phone while clearing the jungle with both this and your Vorpal Spikes (...don't actually do that in ranked).

I don't really consider Sterak's Gage on Jung'Gath, as this was already a situational buy on Tank'Gath. Add in that Cinderhulk primarily just gives health like Sterak's, I feel like Warmog's Armor would be a better pure-health purchase.

The same boot choices as Tank'Gath apply for Jung'Gath, with one addition. If you're a big fan of Boots of Mobility, you can pick these up to fly around the map faster. I personally don't like them ever since they were nerfed to make you slower than -normal- in combat. I'd rather take Boots of Swiftness over these honestly, but this is really up to you. Ghost can mitigate the in-combat speed loss somewhat, as a note.

Jung'Gath Throughout The Game

Early Game: Evaluate your team's lane match-ups; who needs help most? Try to plan out your first clear + gank route before the camps spawn. Additionally, be wary of full-team invades (as you would with any other jungler) and guess where your opponent is starting; if you both start at the same buff camp, be wary of a potential invade at your second buff.

You must watch the lanes as often as possible for the enemy jungler, and both ping + listen to ally pings if anyone sees them. If you're close enough, you can counter-gank and possibly come away with a kill for your team.

There are two ways to gank, depending on what direction you come from. If you come straight up the lane, you should start off by using Rupture BEHIND them once they see you. Follow up by walking closer to Feral Scream them; your laner(s) should have started wailing on them already, and with your crowd control combo, they shouldn't be able to get away.

If you're flanking or coming in behind an opponent, start off with Feral Scream. Hit them once or twice with Vorpal Spikes, before using Rupture in the direction they attempt to flee. If you don't kill them, you may be able to burn their Flash or Ghost, allowing an easier gank in the near future.

Before mid-game begins, the first dragon will most likely be contested. Try not to stay top lane very often after levels 6-8. If your bot lane can kill theirs, immediately try to take Dragon. Your Smite + Feast equates to massive true damage, and you can even kill two birds with one stone and finish it off with Feast, giving you another stack.

Mid-Game (1 or 2 Towers Have Fallen): Continue to farm and stack Feast. Gank where appropriate, and help your teammates down towers when you outnumber the enemy. If your team is behind, try to group earlier than normal in order to win skirmishes. You'll be able to get back in the game, as well as possibly taking more dragon s to buff your team.

Obviously by now, you should have a large chunk of armor if against a lot of AD, and a bunch of health / magic resist if against heavy AP. For the majority of your games, you're still going to want to balance armor and magic resist, so try to buy what you currently don't have.

Late-game (First Inhibitor is Destroyed): You need to stay with your team at all times, and NOT be caught out. You lack Teleport and instead hold Smite, so killing you can mean a free baron for the enemy team. On the flip side, you should look to pick off the enemy jungler for the same reasons, or outright ace the enemy team in a teamfight.

You're essentially Tank'Gath 2.0, so the same rules apply. Bodyblock as much as you can, peel for your teammates, eat whoever the biggest threat is. Put out consistent damage with Vorpal Spikes; the damage will add up against squishies. Make them fear your presence, and the game is most likely yours.

Mage'Gath Back to Top



Mage'Gath is underrated. The majority of players view Cho as a tank first, and a caster second. What people fail to realize is that Cho has very nice AP scalings on most of his abilities, including a decent .5 ratio on Feast. That will hurt anyone who's on the receiving end of it. Feast may do 1000 true damage to minions, but with Mage'Gath, that same damage can wreck champions as well.

Cho still retains his tenacity and waveclear in mid lane, forcing his opponents to stay in lane or risk losing farm / turret protection. This makes him an ideal pick against assassins with poor waveclear.

This build has a lot of surprise value, as many will brace for the Rupture, yet they won't expect it to do that much damage...

Skill Order

95% of the time, you want Mage'Gath's skill order to be the following:

> > >

Chances are, you'll be up against someone that's ability-based, whether they be AP or AD. Feral Scream not only chunks their health bar, but it also obliterates minion waves. Rupture should generally be second; the AP you buy will allow your QW combo to hurt really badly around mid-game. You still want one point into Vorpal Spikes to allow yourself to CS when your other skills are on cooldown.


Most of the time you play Mage'Gath, you want to start with Doran's Ring. The only reason I'm putting a starting item in this section is to warn you NOT to stack them. Some mages can do this, Cho'Gath shouldn't. Why? I personally think that getting your first completed item is better. Also, remember that Carnivore essentially gives him more mana regen.

Like Tank'Gath, I used to rush Rod of Ages when going mid back in the day. Now I personally feel like Hextech GLP-800 is a better first item, especially if you're running Glacial Augment. GLP can scare your enemies, since Rupture is so much easier to land on someone who's slowed. Add in that Mage'Gath's Ruptures HURT...and it's a very strong combo, and that's before considered the follow-up Feral Scream.

I'll mention Luden's here since it's similar in stats to Hextech GLP-800. It's a good mage item overall, but I think it's 'splash' effect isn't as effective as GLP's slow. If you do like this item, I would just buy it instead of GLP, so it's better if you're not running Glacial Augment.

Ah, the massive AP infusion. If I'm doing well at the beginning of the game, I may just rush this second. It effectively makes all future AP more cost effective, and makes Rupture and Feral Scream hit very hard. Regardless of when you buy it, I feel like this is more or less core on Mage'Gath.

I consider these all 'utility' buys, since they give either more movement speed and/or beneficial active abilities.
Twin Shadows is viable to pick up due to its active. Mage'Gath is slower than the other builds, and being able to tag fleeing enemies with #SpookyGhosts can possibly secure kills for your team. They also pair well with Glacial Augment.
Zhonya's Hourglass is generally the only source of armor that you buy, and its active puts you in stasis to avoid taking damage while your spells are recharging.
Spellbinder is a decent pickup, since it gives a lot of AP, extra movement speed, and an active that gives more of BOTH when charged up. This can always be useful when an enemy is just out of reach to Feast...
Finally, Banshee's Veil is a good pickup against a lot of magic damage, and is useful when you really don't want to be hit by specific spells. It also thematically looks cool; the only thing worse than a massive kaiju is one with a protective force-field surrounding it.

These are grouped so because they offer either magic penetration or enhancement of your own damage.
Liandry's Torment is a solid pick-up when the enemy team is too tanky for you to routinely burst down on your own. It's enhanced burn damage synergizes with the slow from Vorpal Spikes, and said burn will affect everyone caught in their range!
Morellonomicon is well-known as the anti-healing mage item. It also gives a chunk of flat magic penetration, so this is a good buy when the enemy team doesn't have a big frontline.
Void Staff is what you need to buy once the enemy team realizes that they need some serious magic resist to ignore your team's damage, and it allows you to stay relevant in late-game teamfights.

Nashor's Tooth is an aggressive item that gives a whopping 20% CDR along with making your Vorpal Spikes hit like 16-wheelers. This item is a lot easier to buy if you're running Transcendence, so you can convert some of said CDR into more AP. And of course, that extra AP will make Nashor's on-hit passive more effective! It's basically the AP version of Wit's End, and you'll end up being even more dangerous in melee range.

Yes, I'm still sticking these in Mage'Gath's items because they work with Cho'Gath regardless.
In most games, you'll still reach at least 3000 health from Feast stacking. Warmog's Armor will provide anti-poke recovery, but of course it gives no offensive stats. Only grab this if you're completely dominating.
Righteous Glory can be thought of as the more defensive version of Zhonya's Hourglass, based on the stats it provides. This works in conjunction with Glacial Augment, but if you're not running said keystone, I wouldn't buy it at all.

Sorcerer's Shoes are honestly the best boot choice. You want these like 95% of the time for the flat magic penetration. However, if you want to spice things up a bit, you can always grab Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want to surpass the CDR gap as fast as possible for Transcendence. Mercury's Treads aren't really the best buy on Mage'Gath, and only work if the enemy team is littered with AP and crowd control.

Mage'Gath Throughout The Game

Early Game: You normally want to start with Feral Scream upon going to lane. Try to level up as soon as possible, as SAFELY as possible. Take Vorpal Spikes at level 2 in order to last-hit easier; you need to stay healthy or else your opponent may try to all-in you when you're at your weakest point.

Once you hit 6, evaluate the lane: do I have kill potential with Feast? If so, hold onto it and try to combo them with Rupture into Feral Scream. Your full combo chunks your mana early on, so check it before attempting to kill them. If you don't think you can kill them, eat a minion, but understand that they know Feast is now on cooldown, and might try to be more aggressive.

Oh, and you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS want to do two things. You must have at least one of the side bushes warded AT ALL TIMES, and try to keep yourself to that side. Mage'Gath is slow and prone to push the wave, which can make you jungler food. If you're up against an assassin that wants to roam ( Katarina, Zed, Fizz, etc), you must ALWAYS ping your team when they're missing from Mid. Cho'Gath cannot roam himself very easily without Teleport, so he won't be able to rush over in time to prevent ally deaths in the side lanes.

Mid-Game (1 or 2 Towers Have Fallen): You should have completed your first item by now, along with Tier 2 boots. If neither mid tower is down, continuously push your minion waves into their turret to deny your opponent farm. When this inevitably gets a bit boring, you can try to roam bot in order to kill their ADC and / or support.

Keep your lanes warded, and group with your bot lane and jungler when dragon is to be contested. If it's a freebie, tell your jungle not to Smite it (or just ping that Feast is ready to be used), and instead eat the dragon once its health dips below 1000. You get a free stack, your team gets the dragon, everyone wins! If you can get their mid tower down, push the wave out again and stick with your other teammates unless the enemy team is trying to siege your own mid tower.

Late-game (First Inhibitor is Destroyed): The most important part of Mage'Gath, by this stage in the game, is this:


Make sure both you and your other four teammates all understand this. You may be big and mean-looking, but you drop a lot faster than the other builds. Therefore, you shouldn't be riiiight out in front, but back enough so that you can still hit people with Rupture.

With Rod of Ages and Athene's Unholy Grail, you pretty much have an endless supply of Ruptures. Throw them all over the place and force the enemy team to constantly be on their toes.

Mage'Gath's burst combo is as follows: Rupture--> Feral Scream(you may have to Flash right on top of them beforehand)--> Feast--> Vorpal Spikes auto + Ignite.

Done right, this is a disgusting burst combo, especially considering that Feast will generally be able to chunk anywhere from 1/3rd to half of a squishy's healthbar instantly. On that note, Ignite may possibly be overkill, so you can save it for someone else nearby in that case.

The real beauty of Mage'Gath, is that not only can Cho'Gath's kit disrupt carries, but he also has the damage to obliterate them himself.
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Oh, welcome! Welcome to my humble abode! Please, sit down and have some of these DELICIOUS crumpets and tea.

I'm going to make a disclaimer to all that read this rather cultured section. I don't really play Support Cho'Gath.


I normally play tanky supports when I go bot lane, namely Braum, Taric, and Alistar. And since I consider myself to be a pretty good support, I think that it's safe to put this section of the guide in. Cho'Gath can support...not very well, but he can. And theoretically, he'll still be able to turn into a strong tank for your team. You just have to get past his relatively weak early game.

So yes, Supp'Gath doesn't have experience behind it, so use this as a forewarning. I put this in because IF god forbid you have a teammate in champ select who WON'T support, you can offer to support after picking Cho'Gath.

It's all about being a gentleman.

Skill Order

With Supp'Gath, you generally want to zone their bot-lane from your carry, and the best way to do this would be to max Rupture first:

> > >

Rupture has a flat 60 mana cost and thus should not be spammed until you've purchased some mana (such as Frozen Heart). If you continuously hit them, you should be able to protect your carry from receiving too much damage. It's also a great move to start off a jungle gank. Feral Scream works second to prevent Flashing and other movement abilities, while Vorpal Spikes is generally last since you're not the one who's trying to CS.


Out of all support income items, Bulwark of the Mountain is by far the best on Cho'Gath, because you're already a mountain and you want to show it. Pauldrons of Whiterock are also okay, because they still give health and health regen, but the 25 AP from Bulwark is better than the 15 AD from Pauldrons.

As with any other tanky support, try to use your charges whenever you can, especially during cannon waves. You can also execute minions while trying to Feast them, so your carry won't lose out on farm.

These are the cheaper support items at [[cho'gath]'s disposal.

Locket of the Iron Solari is still a good buy, but since it doesn't give CDR, I don't tend to rush this. 'Good as a 3rd or 4th item, however, once you have a lot of bonus health for the shield.
I personally enjoy Knight's Vow a lot, since it gives you a nice chunk of armor and movement speed when near your carry. Very effective for mid-game fights.
Zeke's Convergence is here because it's common for tank supports like Leona and Alistar to take it, among others. It can work on Cho if you plan to Feast right at the start of a fight, and it provides both armor and magic resist.
Finally, Mikael's Crucible is a decent magic resist pick-up, especially when the enemy team has one or more strong CC spells (think Dark Binding and Event Horizon) that your carry CAN'T be hit by. This gives a nice get-out-of-jail-free card and can turn a fight in your favor if the enemy tries to quickly engage after landing the CC. this point in the guide, I'm burning out talking about items. These have already been covered in Tank'Gath and Jung'Gath.

The age-old debate over boot choice. These have already been covered, too.

Supp'Gath Throughout The Game

Early Game: With Supp'Gath, you have a serious dilemma in that your Carnivore passive is largely useless early on. You can't farm, your carry needs to. Relic Shield's charges no longer heal either. You must always be warding whenever you can, and once you upgrade to Targon's Buckler, keep one at either dragon and/or the tri-bush.

Supp'Gath will struggle the most with poke lanes; he has little way of sustain as previously mentioned. Along with this, he can't harass back that frequently, or he will run out of mana by casting Rupture too often. You need to communicate with your carry and tell them to play passively until post-6; once you get tankier with Feast, you should be able to ignore enough poke to be able to fight back.

With all-in lanes, he has a slightly easier time due to neither side really committing until one sees an opportunity. In lanes like this, Cho'Gath needs to disrupt the enemy CARRY (not their support) with Rupture, following up with Feral Scream to prevent abilities and summoner spells. With this, you can win trades or even outright kill the enemy laners if you're lucky.

And then there's the dragon again. Free Feast stack, anyone? How embarrassed will the enemy team be when they realized their jungler was out- Smited by your support? Considering how important the first one or two dragons are, it may be worth burning Feast, rather than using it for the ensuing brawl.

Mid-Game (1 or 2 Towers Have Fallen): You should be warding with Bulwark of the Mountain frequently, and roaming with your carry if you already knock bot lane's tower down. You should also be buying Vision Wards alongside them. If you're losing / lost lane, only roam to ward and do it quickly. A slow Cho'Gath is easy to take down in groups. Try to stay with your carries as often as possible and Feast when appropriate. By now you should be relatively tanky and can start being a factor in skirmishes / teamfights.

Late-game (First Inhibitor is Destroyed): By now you're the only one on the team with an item slot dedicated to wards, so KEEP WARDING. Remember that Rupture grants vision of the area it's about to hit; use this to check un-warded bushes safely. With your item build, Supp'Gath is more apt to protect carries, rather than focus on eliminating theirs. Activate your shields and make sure that YOU take the brunt of the damage. Although you may die, should your team pull out on top, it will mean a free baron nashor , inhibitor, or even the game.
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That just about does it for my Cho'Gath guide! If you decided to read the entire thing, hats off to you, I hope you enjoyed the past hour.

I will continue to update this guide as I see fit; please give me any kind of constructive criticism for my guide; it's much appreciated.

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