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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Yone Build Guide by paokgr

Middle [S11] One to cut, one to seal. Yone Guide.

Middle [S11] One to cut, one to seal. Yone Guide.

Updated on February 8, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author paokgr Build Guide By paokgr 79 5 188,550 Views 9 Comments
79 5 188,550 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author paokgr Yone Build Guide By paokgr Updated on February 8, 2021
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Runes: standard

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

[S11] One to cut, one to seal. Yone Guide.

By paokgr

Guide Details
x About Me
x Conclusion
x Pros/Cons
x Abilities
x Compos
x Runes
x Summener Spells
x Items
x Game-Play
x Counters


Welcome to my Yone in-depth guide. I play him from the day he released on live servers almost every time and I really liked him so much that I want to write a guide. I am writing this guide to help and share with you all my mechanics, game-knowledge itemization and whatever the game has. I putted a lot of time to this guide so if you liked it and appreciate my hard-work, click the up-vote button. You can press the topic you want from the table of contents to go straight up to this. Now, let get in to it.
Also, I want to inform you about my meme-page on (click on it if you want to visit). I would really appreciated it very much, if you even visit it and give me a little chance, a follow helps unbelievable much.

Yones's Positives

Has many outplay potentials
Has high damage output
Deal both physical and magic damage
Has no resources
Has two roles-assassin and Skirmisher
Has high carry potential
When you play Yone it's no need to think about if you have enough resources, you just do your compo. Also, Yone can easier damage tanks than other champion because of his mixed damage. Tanks will build full armor for him but they will always take magic damage. If you master him you will always find a way for a big outplay and carry games.
Yone is a hard-master champion that needs a lot of games to be played right. He lacks of escaping abilities, third Mortal Steel isn't good for this and he hasn't other low cooldown escaping tools. He will need to burn his Flash or Fate Sealed. Yone has a weak early because he is melee champion so he can be easily poked from ranged champions during early game. Last I have to say is that with Soul Unbound you easily troll your....self. You may lose kills or even kill you. Until you get use to it and learn how to use this ability properly you will be like this:

Yone's Negatives

Hard to master
Lacks escape
Weak early
Soul Unbound is hard to use



















This is the ability order you want to always follow. You max Mortal Steel for the most damage, second Soul Unbound to half its cooldown and deal more true damage and last Spirit Cleave.

Way of the Hunter (Passive)

RANGE: 175
COST: no cost
COOLDOWN: Every second hit
The first leg of the passive is that he multiplies the critical strike he gets but he deals less critical damage. Moreover, every 1% critical strike is made into 0.4 extra attack damage.

The other, is that with every second auto-attack the damage is divided in half to both physical and magic damage.

Firstly he multiplies the critical strike for 150%, so with two legendary critical items he gets 100% critical. That makes your build free for the reason that you don't care for your critical. Due to the critical strikes doesn't deal the normal critical damage, Infinity Edge is very important to make it as strong as possible. Furthermore, he make the critical strike into attack damage and it encourage us to buy critical strike.

The second passive, makes hard to defend against Yone. This magic damage on every second hit will not stop all your damage like would happen with other champions. So, as much they build armor they will always take magic damage.
Mortal Steel (Q)

RANGE: 475/ 3rd 950
COST: no cost
COOLDOWN: 4 / 1.33 based on attack speed
Yone thrusts forward, dealing physical damage to opponents. On hit, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm for 6 seconds. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that makes enemies airborne for 0.75 seconds.
Mortal Steel can critically strike for 60% bonus damage. Mortal Steel is treated as a basic attack: It can critically strike, applies on-hit effects, is interruptible by crowd control, but its cooldown will be reset and its cooldown and cast time are reduced by Attack Speed.

This ability is your bread and butter. You can poke the enemy and farm from a distance. Mortal Steel does the most damage from your basic abilities, has low cooldown, a dash and a little airborne. Mortal Steel has some secret mechanics. This one, that I am going to tell you now you must use it whenever you find a chance. As, you probably know if you hit an enemy you take minion's aggro. With Mortal Steel if you hit first a minion and then a champion you won't. This way you will poke the enemy without minions damaging you, as some minions can really ruin your health bar at early stages of the game.
Spirit Cleave (W)

COST: no cost
COOLDOWN: 16 / 6 based on attack-speed
Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target's maximum health as physical and magic damage. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone also gains a shield for 1.5 seconds, increased by 25% per champion hit.
The mixed damage is capped against minions and monsters. Spirit Cleave's cooldown and cast time are reduced by Attack Speed.

The most important from this ability is that it gives shield. The more champions you hit the more shield you'll get. It is a key ability to win the trades. If someone is going to poke you just press W and you'll block some of the damage. Also, cast it when someone is going to CC you for the same reason.
Spirit Cleave (E)

COST: no cost
COOLDOWN: 22 / 19 / 16 / 13 / 10
Yone can enter his Spirit Form, gaining movement speed over the time and leaving his body behind. When Yone's Spirit Form expires or recasts, he'll snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt as true damage while in Spirit Form.

It is a great ability for diving in lane phase and engaging later in team-fights safely. This is because it is one of the best disengages abilities out there. However, you can engage as well with Soul Unbound. For instance you can be hidden at raptors and do a Soul Unbound and Fate Sealed combo and will surprise the enemy. Be careful, if you start with Soul Unbound a little earlier than you should you may lose a kill or die so timing is the key here. The right timing is learned only by experience because every game, every moment is different. It has a mechanic that a few champions has and it is very useful. You can't get CCed when you are on the way back to your body. So recast it when enemy is going to CC you. Here you need fast reflexes.
when NOT to use soul unbound

safe spots to start with soul unbound
Fate Sealed (R)

RANGE: 1000
COST: no cost
COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds
Yone strikes all enemies in his path dealing physical and magic damage, blinking behind the last enemy hit and knocking everyone airborne towards him for 0.75 seconds.

Great engaging and play making tool. Combine it with Soul Unbound for the safest play. This ultimate can start a lot of big combo. Try to do Fate Sealed after your main engager of your team goes in. If your team hasn't a strong engager like Zac or Malphite then you take the role. Wait for the enemies to bunch up in your range and ulti them. Many times when enemy jungler ganks you and you are likely dead, don't be afraid of using Fate Sealed as escape tool. It's better to burn ultimate rather than put your self behind by losing CS, giving enemy 300 gold plus 150 gold the person who assisted and free time to do whatever he wants, free farm, free deep ward, free recall or roam. As you can see death is a lot more than a bad score.
abilities synergies

Now, let's find out some Yone's combos. This champions has so many combos to do. If you play consciously and you are creative, you may find new situational combos. I will show you the basic combos of Yone.
mean of icons

Yone Combos

(3) or
You want to do this combo when you want to surprise the enemy and not give him time to react. You can do this combo either to start a fight, either to finish the enemy off when you chase him. Namely, you expand your Mortal Steel or Spirit Cleave range. You can do it with the tornado and you can dash where you flash. If you land right on an enemy unit you airborne them (similar with Shen's E).
>3 > > > >2
This is your basic combo in lane. Go a step back and start the combo. 3 Mortal Steel is optional but is it the suggested because enemy won't expect the long engage, don't forget the dash of Soul Unbound and 3 Mortal Steel that you can make 0 distance between you and your enemy. Another, reason that 3 Mortal Steel is better is that while he is CCed you have the advance to auto-attack him free. If you think that you can keep up the trading, do it but you must be sure that enemy can't burst you his combo (be aware of stuns or root or silences and can't cast again Soul Unbound to back). If you want to do it with Mortal Steel (with no the tornado) do it against a melee champion that you will probably can reach him easy.
> > >
This is the basic combo to burst your damage. Do it every time you find the chance. You do first Spirit Cleave and second Mortal Steel to cancel the animation and be faster.
> >(3) > > > > >2
This is your basic combo to all in, with a safe disengage. In late game this combo is more than enough to assassinate a squishy champion. If enemy is tank you may keep up auto-hitting and Mortal Steel. Also, by doing Fate Sealed and hitting tornado enemy is CCed for a few seconds.
> > > > >2
You mainly use this combo to engage, if you don't have tornado. If you are to behind then Flash to be in range. This combo can begin a lot of nice team-combos, as the previous one. After the use of every ability go back to your body. This works best when enemy fights an objective and is in a pit, so you have more chances to catch many enemies.
> > > > >
Of coarse there will be times that you need only to engage and not have something to disengage. Do this when you have a diver in the team so Soul Unbound can turn down the play.
3 > > > >
You start with 3 Mortal Steel, then Flash to a close enemy and finally you Fate Sealed as many as you can. With this combo you can start a team-fight even when enemies are a little strewn.
Conqueror is the best rune for Yone since it gives him extra attack damage and the most important gives him sustain. He can stack it easily with some compos. It is the best rune for long fights and team-fights by far. Also it is the best scaling rune that fits in Yone. If you manage to stack it, you will win in almost every fight, either late game, either early. However, it is weak in early game, so you better pick it against an easy match-up or against fighter, someone that likes long fights.
He can make the best use of Triumph in team-fights since he has a huge AOE ability and he can receive all 5 heals. Also, it can save you from Ignite or from turret shots, when you are low and you just killed somebody. Also, that 20 gold per take down will help you take one more Health Potion to support you in lane phase. You can take Overheal but I don't recommend it on Yone. It needs sustain to work from the start of the game, something that Yone hasn't. So in order to make it work you needs items, so you need gold and a lot of time. If you want this just build Bloodthirster.
You NEED attack-speed on Yone. Apart his main damage comes from auto-attacks, so you need to hit fast, it reduces the cooldown and cast time from Mortal Steel and Spirit Cleave. This way you deal more dps (damage per second) and you have more " ability haste" on two abilities and faster to cast.
Yone as an assassin needs Coup de Grace. It helps you to secure kills. You can delete a low health enemy so fast that they won't understand it. You can easily make them low, it will just finish them off. Cut Down is an available options but when enemies have too many tanks. If you pick this don't buy items with a lot of health.
Take for the attack-speed, for the attack damage and if the enemy is ad champion and if enemy is ap.
Fleet footwork
Fleet Footwork is good against hard match-ups and poke champions since it gives you some sustain. It is the safest rune from the best tree for Yone. You usually want to combine it with Doran's Shield and Resolve for more safety. It will help you to not lose the lane phase and hit your power-spike. Also, it may help you escape if someone is going after you, just hit a minion and get the movement speed.
Press The Attack
Press the Attack is the best rune for small trades and for lane phase in term of damage. Take it against scaling champions because it will allow you take full advantage from their weak lane phase and you will get early leads. You can take it against squishy champion that doesn't counter you, as well. You can proc it easily with auto-attack> Mortal Steel>auto-attack.
Taste of Blood is perfect for Yone. He trades a lot in lane so you use it a lot. It covers the lack of sustain in his kit. You can proc it easily with Mortal Steel and Spirit Cleave.
Ravenous Hunter gives great sustain when it is fully stacked. It covers Yone's lack in sustain as well. It has a great healing synergy with Conqueror. It can save your life from an poison ability by hitting the minions that are next to you.
Second Wind helps you stay more in lane when you are against poke champions, so you secure more experience and gold for your scale. Combine it with an Doran's Shield to have a great health regent.

On the other hand, Bone Plating keep you safe from Assassin . It reduces the damage of the first three attacks you take. So, if you survive their burst compo you won the fight because Assassin have long cooldown to their abilities and you have the chance of outplay them.
Revitalize helps me to have stronger shield and greater life-steel later on the game. It is useful at all types of fights, ✦trades, with bigger shield you do better trade by taking less damage, ✦long fights, later on the game with some life-steel items you have better sustain, and ✦enemy poke, you can block more damage with Spirit Cleave and your health regent from Doran's Shield or from Second Wind also increases. It is useful in all stages of the game. Also, all these bonuses become even stronger if you are low.

Important note: playing with some runes because you just saw them from me or anyone else is just wrong. I play with these runes because they fit with Yone and my play-style. You must understand why we take them. Runes are helping you only when they synergies with your play-style and what you like. Also, don't play only Conqueror with Domination for example if you feel that you need more tanky stats, for instance i play many times Conqueror with Resolve, because I play a little aggressive so Conqueror gives me damage to be efficient and Resolve the safety.

Flash is the main and must rune for all champion with only one exception. Yone is not that one. You can do many combos, can catch enemy when he is "sleeping", get away from sticky situations, steel objectives and kill an enemy that would have gone away.

You will run Ignite almost every time. It helps you to kill enemies that are far from you, when you are going back from Soul Unbound, when they dash etc... Also, Ignite is not useful only for its damage but it is useful for the grievous wounds it gives. In this season healing/sustain is something that the most of the champions have or if they don't they build. So Ignite helps you to reduce this enemy healing without buying items and spending gold.

Take Teleport when none of your teammates does or when you are against hard match-up and you want to have a safer lane. You can also surprise your enemies by teleporting at their back and kill them. It gives a very good ability for roam and the best for backdoors.

Cleanse helps you very much when you are playing against champions with much cc since it remove many CC types. When you are against a hard CC mid-laner and a hard CC jungler take Cleanse. It will save you hundreds of times in team-fights and it will make you unstoppable in combination with Quicksilver Sash.

I don't take it many times. You will pick it 1/10 times when your enemy is hard countering you and you want to be more efficient in the lane and fights. Also, take it when the enemy is unbelievable mobile like Yasuo.

Starter items

Mythic items

Core items


Damage items

Counter items

Defensive items

Doran's blade
Obvious start for a champion like Yone. His main source of damage is his auto-attacks and abilities that scales with attack damage. Also, the health it gives you helps you with the enemy poke and the omnivamp gives you back health when you are damaging an enemy, that you will a lot by doing small trades with Yone since it is a champion who has very good trades, especially small ones.

Doran's shield
This is an excellent first item when you are against a heavy poke champion or a lane bully, a champion that is very strong early. With its insanely health regent it provides you, you have a safer and easier lane phase against certain type of champions. It helps you to stay at the lane longer to secure gold and experience for your scaling game. It has another important passive that many ignore, the increased damage to minions can help you significant to farming, maybe 5 damage it's little but at minions is good amount.

Trinity Force
Not a common mythic item for Yone but a very useful one. Let's start from it's stats. Its attack damage is a small amount of a stat you need. However, the passive that stacks attack damage when you hit a champion, covers the small amount of it that gives you as a stat. Its attack-speed, even without the mythic passive, is huge for one item and if you estimate the mythic passive you get up to 75% attack-speed. Also, the health makes you a bit tankier and the ability haste lower the cooldown from your most important engage and disengage tools, Soul Unbound and Fate Sealed.

Hearthbound Axe's passive helps you stick to the opponent, and harder them to make space between you and him to kite you. This is very helpful especially when you use Soul Unbound and you have a certain time to fight. Sheen's passive makes Mortal Steel a lethal ability.

Take it when you are ahead. However, Trinity Force is better against bruisers but it can work really good against squishy champions as well. It is also a very good item for split-pushing. But don't take it against fed Assassin that they focus and one-shot you.
Strong against/good for: bruisers (e.g. Hecarim, tanks (e.g. Sejuani), split-pushing
Weak against: assassins (e.g. Akali)

This item has been made for champions with low mobility. Yone is one of them that needs its mobile passive and take advantage of its stats. Talking about stats, it gives him every offensive stat he needs. Having an immediately dash that you don't return to the spot you started is what Yone needs. Many times in the lane phase you will do the Soul Unbound and third Mortal Steel combo, but what can you do when you don't have third Mortal Steel ready and you need NOW a dash? You use Galeforce.

It isn't only useful to replace the third Mortal Steel but it can be used to dodge an lethal ability. When you are against champions like Lux or Zoe, namely depends on a right landed ability to finish you off. This item gives another potential to out-play the enemy. Also, the dash can save you when someone is chasing you. It does damage at top of the dash, so you no need to burn Flash or Fate Sealed when you are chasing someone.

Take it when you are winning the lane or when you are a little more ahead than your laner (if the laner is the something like as I said above). You don't want to take it when you are behind or when at least two memebrs of the enemy team can kill you easily because it won't save you as many times as other items.
Strong against/good for: hit-box champion (e.g. Xerath, Morgana), give out-play potential, gap close
Weak against/bad for: assassins (e.g. Rengar), when you are behind

Kraken Slayer
It is an dps (damage per second) item. Good on champions that have high attack-speed because every third auto-attack deals an additional true damage. Mortal Steel can proc the passive as well. You will melt the tanks and delete the squishes.

The best items/runes to synergies with are Blade of the Ruined King and Press the Attack. This synergy turns Yone into an on-hit beast, that doesn't needs abilities.

I take it when enemies have at least 2 tanks and I am ahead, to kill them easily and fast. I don't suggest it against squishes because you may delete them with this but they have other strong parts that other items help you minimize them.
Strong against/good for: tanks (e.g. Dr. Mundo), when you are to ahead and you have to threats
Weak against: assassins

Immortal Shieldbow
Maybe the most common mythic item to Yone. It gives once again the offensive stats the you'll need and life steel. Life steel allows you to have some worse trades and generally helps you to stay more in lane because you get back life when you hit everything except towers. It covers the lack of sustain in Yone's kit.

Above to the build I put it with the items when you are behind but you, also, should buy it when an enemy Assassin , primarily, is fed and you are his target, so, by buying it, you almost cancelling the chances of get one-shoted. Another useful case for it is when you are the only engager in the team. So you are the first target of the enemies and of coarse you don't want to die, at least fast. Also, rush it when you are losing at lane phase or you are against hard match-up that can't beat.

Now let's see how it helps you. When someone makes you low, means that they have used all their damaging abilities, at least at most champions. After that, you have the shield to stop damaging you for a while and the life-steel to charge your health bar. This moment is your moment to act. It is always a good and safe choice no matter if you are ahead or behind.
Strong against/good for: assassins (e.g. Zed), all in, generally good
Weak against/bad for: Other items will help you more sometimes.

Divine Sunderer
Another not usual item for Yone. However, it can work pretty good. As a Sheen upgraded item it can't missing the passive of it. But this time, if you hit champion it gives you health. So, it gives some sustain that you need.

The armor and magic penetration helps you to damage tanks a lot easier. So, buy it against tanks, to make both passives as useful as possible. Or when your team misses from a tank or a off-tank champion, so you need to be a little more tankier, as the engager you are.

Another good condition to buy this item is to take it when you are behind. If you are behind you must buy some tanky items in order to not die. This item helps you to peel your allies as well.
Strong against/good for: tanks (e.g. Maokai), off-tanks (e.g. Darius), peel your ally, sustain
Weak against/bad for: low max health champions (e.g. assassins, ADCs, mages), doesn't give as much damage as other items


Infinity Edge
It gives a huge amount of attack damage and critical strike. The passive, however, is why this item is core and so iconic. It empowers your critical strikes. It covers the reduction to the critical damage of your passive and skyrockets your damage.

Don't buy it as a first item. This is because it needs at least 60% critical so you can't have the passive as first item. Buy it as second only when you are very ahead and your gold income is big. This is because it is very expensive and the build path as well.

Gives you a lot attack damage, critical and very much life-steel. It is a very good early item at Yone because of the life-steel and it can allow you to make some more mistakes or some bad trades. The passive, that resembles Overheal, gives you a shield so you can start more fights and win them thoughtlessly.

You can build it as a second item, if the game isn't terrible. If you have lead it helps you to greater it. If you are even or a little behind of your enemy it helps you snowball. If you are too behind then build more defensively first and then Bloodthirster. You will likely buy it almost every game. The only game you may not build it is when you have bought Immortal Shieldbow and you are going to buy other life-steel item.

Control Ward
Just buy wards. They cost only 75 gold and they help as you can't imagine. It cancels enemy's vision and you can locate enemies and learn what they are trying to do from their location. Buy them as honor to old players, that support was actually a ward storage and they had to pay every ward.

Berserker's Greaves
As I have said you need very much attack speed. It is the ability haste and cast time of two of your abilities and Yone relies a lot on his auto-hits. As you know having attack damage and critical aren't so effective if you haven't attack speed.

Mercury's Treads
You want to take this boots when your enemy is ahead and if he deals magic damage or if he has much CC. Another good time to get this boots is when at least 3 of the enemies are ap or have a lot of CC. You can also purchase them when you face a big ap counter. If you are against a counter that you can't win, then build them early.

Plated steelcaps
You want to buy Plated Steelcaps for the same reasons as Mercury's Treads. If you are behind from your laner who is ad. When enemies has a lot of ad champions, so with the boots you can block some of it. Finally, if you are playing against a big ad counter pick, to have a safer start.

When build boots?

Buy Boots after the purchase of an epic item. Buying first an epic item will help to have easier lane phase because it will give you damage or defensive stats and you will stay more in lane or kill a lot easier the enemy than having e.g. Boots, a Long Sword and Dagger. But buying them after your first epic item will help you moving faster around the map (that this is why they they are existing). This helps you to go faster back to your lane so you get more gold and experience or go to roam and you don't want to lose the enemies' position so you need to go fast. Chase or escape.
If the game you are playing you win or it is ok then finish Boots as Berserker's Greaves as second item. If enemies has a lot of the same damage and you don't need extra protection, early, then finish or accordingly as third. If you are losing then buy Mercury's Treads or Plated Steelcaps, depend the enemy team composition, as first.

Phantom Dancer
It gives a lot of attack speed, movement speed and critical strike. If you wonder why to buy so much attack speed (40% plus 40% if it is fully stacked) without even 1 daimondattack damage at a champion that isn't only auto-attacking, I can answer you. You may bought already too much daimondattack damage and you need an item to balance those two stats or you are planning to buy more daimondattack damage in the future. Also, it is very good for spit-pushing.

It gives once again every thing you need for your offensive success. This item slows and damage the enemy on hit. So is worth buying when an enemy is mobile like Kalista, with this you can stick on him. Also, Mortal Steel plus 120 magic damage hurts a lot when enemy hasn't magic resist therefor when you are full ad it is good idea.

Ravenous Hydra
I like very much buying Ravenous Hydra. It gives ability haste, attack damage and the most important omnivamp. Ravenous Hydra with will keep up your health bar. But it has an excellent passive that Yone can take full advantage of and Fate Sealed is why. While gather everyone is one spot you harass everyone again with Mortal Steel and Spirit Cleave but you have also its passive to apply another 60-12% damage to them. Also, it helps with wave clear but not so much for freezing. I usually take it as sixth item to complete my build, when the game has many team-fights.


First of all I want to say what I mean by "counter items". You take this items not as first idea to make yourself stronger but to counter something the enemy and of coarse the items makes you stronger as well.
Mortal Reminder
It gives you whatever you need for your offense, attack speed, attack damage, critical strike, movement speed and the most important of this item grievous wounds. It godlike against healer supports like Yuumi, champions with life steel or sustain like Olaf or Warwick and items or runes with life steel or sustain like Bloodthirster or Conqueror. Because now every champion will have something to heal you will take it many times. If your teammates have bought grievous wounds, then don't buy another one, since it does not stack. Two with three members of the team is a good number.

Chempunk Chainsword
You would rather to buy Chempunk Chainsword instead of Mortal Reminder only if you want more tankiness. If you has the damage or you simply want to be tankier then buy this.

Lord Domimik's Regards
It gives attack damage, critical strike and 25 armor penetration. Armor penetration worth more to buy it against champions with much armor rather than take it against with little, namely it is good against tanks and not squishes. Also, it has a passive that deals more damage (up to 15%) based on the health difference so it is very strong against tanks. If you buy this then don't buy other items that gives you a lot of health.

Blade Of The Ruined King
It is a very strong item on Yone. It gives life steel, attack damage and attack speed. It has a very good passive that deals bonus damage on auto-attack. Because this bonus damage scales with enemies health, it is strong item against tanks. It makes your auto-attacks really dangerous. Also, your third auto-hit steels the movement speed and as I have said with Hearthbound Axe it is very useful. Take it against tanky team comp.

Black Cleaver
It is very strong item against tanks, it reduces the armor up to 24%! And because it is armor reduction the whole team, that deal physical damage, can benefit from it. Also, when you damage enemies that is fully stacked with the armor reduction you deal another 5% damage of their missing health. It is very good when enemy team has more than two tanky champions. You can also take it as a defensive item due to its health.

Mercurial Scimitar
This item must buy it against a lot of CC. Take a early Quicksilver Sash when you are facing such a team-comp and finish the item after your core, if you haven't taken Cleanse.

Silvermere Dawn
It is the Mercurial Scimitar but more defensively. You want to take it for the same reasons as previously with the only difference that you want to be more tankier.

It is a very good item to take against ad champions and especially those who relies on their auto-attacks, since it damage back when they does. It also, applies grievous wounds so don't take it with Mortal Reminder or Chempunk Chainsword. If enemies has critical strikes or you have built grievous wounds then buy Randuin's Omen.

Wit's End
A very good item on Yone and a counter to ap champions with the magic resist it has. It gives very much attack speed, a little attack damage and some movement speed and that makes it besides from an defensive item and a good offensive one. It is your go to defensive item if enemies has magic damage.

Guardian Angel
Is always a great item no matter if you are behind or if you have lead. If you are behind it gives you the chance of no dying, while if you are fed it gives you the capability of not die. You can dominate the fights and change the whole thing with this item. You are free to engage whenever you want (but be careful make clever engages) and with Soul Unbound you have actually 3 lives. It also gives attack damage and armor if you want to see from the stat side and it is built out of Stopwatch that is very useful to survive burst.

Spirit Visage
You will take it a few items, only when enemy team has very much magic damage and you want to boost your healing. It also increase the shield you get from Spirit Cleave since it increase healing and shielding. It is also very good when you have a healer/shielder support on your team since it will boost even more what they are trying to do (not the the feed don't worry).
Death's Dance
Is a great buy against [assassin]] and ad champions in general. It saves you from taking all the damage in once, since this damage you take, Death's Dance turns it into a "bleed" that you slower are damaged. With take-downs, all the damage you would take is replaced by receiving the 10% of your missing health and you grant movement speed. So, it is a great item for team-fight as well.

Maw of Malmortius
Is a great item to counter the ap Assassin . Besides the much magic resist, it gives a shield that protects from magic damage and only. If you are going to buy it, you have to choose every mythic item you want except Immortal Shieldbow because, firstly, you aren't allowed to, and secondly, because it would be useless since only one passive would have proced.


When your lane is mid many times, if not the most, you will be playing against ranged champions trying to poke you. When indeed your enemy is ranged play safer the first levels. Try to slow farm, so you can be in a safe spot, and and farm with Mortal Steel to be sure you won't get poked. Go to farm when an important ability of the enemy is down, like a CC or heavy poke one. Once you leveled up at the 3rd level you have all your main abilities unlocked. At this point, you can try to make great trades for you (with the combo: Soul Unbound (E) > 3rd Mortal Steel (Q) >(immediately) Spirit Cleave (W)> AA > Soul Unbound). Careful: Don't go too greedy or under tower, because they can just CC you and you will be not able to return to Soul Unbound and end up dying.

The best time to start trading, in all match-ups, is when your enemy has recently used a key ability. Be careful, if enemy minions are hitting you. If so, you must back because they can deal you big damage and they may make you use Health Potion. If you see that you are struggle with the enemy just ask for a gank and you (or the jungler) will kill him pretty much every time, since Yone is an excellent champion to have succeed ganks, especially with his R Fate Sealed.

If the enemy is melee try to poke him with Mortal Steel as soon as he gets near to your minions to farm and make sure to shield yourself if he is going to poke you back. Again, try to slow push for a safe position, that he will need to go near you to farm and you will be near your tower.

If you can't beat the enemy and jungler denies to help you stay pushed under tower. It is better to lose some farm than lose the whole farm and your life together. If you are losing build defensive items. Also, if you are struggle with your laner you can simply help you and your teammates with roam. Go to the winning lane, to have a sure worthy roam and put him/them even more ahead. After level 6, you can all in with Fate Sealed. But be careful with that because even if it has a big hit box you can mess it up because it is late. If you push and you have nothing to do on mid or to roam, kill some enemy's jungle camps if it is possible. You can also deep ward or recall since your minions are to the enemies towers, you time to return back to mid without missing nothing.


Mid game as Yone is the point of the game that you truly start playing. You have your item power spike, giving you 100% critical chances, life-steel, attack speed, attack damage and maybe some defensive stats. No one will be able to block your damage since they will not have enough items to build both armor and magic resist.

This way, you can carry your team. All you have to do is to follow the steps: Kill rift herald . Kill it when the enemy jungler is away from top side, so that you can have a sure objective. In the same way kill the dragon , when the enemy jungler is away. Of course ask for your team's help and help them if they need. Don't ever say "I am not the jungler, they are not my job", you play mid, your job is to help your team and carry. Don't forget you have the control of the whole map.

If you see that there isn't anybody in a side lane, go to pick up the farm and then you can go. But you can also destroy the tower if you think that you can finish it before an enemy show up and kill you (if an enemy can kill you, because you are going to be the next even better faker). By doing all that you can maximize your lead or help to your come back if you are behind. However, if you see an easy kill to a side lane go kill him. He is not poor unfortunate, he was alone and your job is to kill him, he had to be careful. Make sure you ward the area because someone can come and kill you anytime. However, make aggressive plays when you can kill the enemy with the Soul Unbound and Fate Sealed.


When I say late, the three things that is coming to my mind are: At least six people have power-spikes, objectives like baron and elder dragon and lastly team-fights. The things I mentioned above are not likely. They are the only things has left on the map. There are no ganks, no lane phase, no rift herald namely something easy to kill and help unavailable much with the push and no "wait my late" because simple your time has come, yeah I like memes don't ask. So what do you do in late game?

Try to kill the enemy squishes, the enemy ADC in preference since at the team-fights they will be back and deal a lot of damage or other squishy opponents, always when they are off-guard. If they are guarded and you are confident you can kill them USE the Soul Unbound to have a way to back. Generally in team-fights always try to kill the ADC or the other squishy carry. If the carry is not squishy, build a little more bruiser build and kill the squishes.

If you have tanks engagers like Malphite or Leona let them be the first that engages. If you are the engager at the team, wait for the enemies to gather and hit with Fate Sealed as much enemies as possible. Also, the best is to go in with the third Mortal Steel to CC chain. Always, start with Soul Unbound to have a safe back.

If you are behind and you can't do much to the game defend your best ally. Help him in any way, die for him (if you can save him), peel him, CC the enemies that they are going to focus him etc. Be the best "support" for him to help him carry.

If you have scored ace there are two options: end the game or take baron / elder dragon . It really depends. If they have 3 or 2 towers in the lane go for the objective. However, if your team has champions that melts the turret go for the end. Kill 1-2 towers and back for the objective. If you wonder what objective you need it is simple. If elder dragon is up go for it. You are more freely to take fights and it is a lot easier to kill baron because enemy will be scared to stop you cause of your elder dragon buff.

If only baron is up go for it. recall and then start your plan on how you must use the baron buff . If you win easy the fights go all mid. However, if you don't win them in team-fights you can go 4-1 that you just hold the enemies so your teammate can push, or do 1-3-1, here the three players in mid are pushed but try to defend as much as possible the allies towers. When you are not the pusher and enemies goes to stop the team-pusher you have two options again. Stop them or wait for them to go and then you and your team push the lane. Stop them when you win the fight 60% because with baron that rate is increased, otherwise let them go and push. If you are the pusher and you see that they are coming to you back or fake back, that when they go away you will push again. If enemies go to the other pusher, then you can destroy the towers, or go and fight with your team with a number advantage.

If your team loses play defense and wait for them to throw. They will always will. They are 5 random players. After some time one will say "F**k this I go end" and they do the one mistake after the other and they throw.
An important note: Always end the game when you have the chance, because your team can be the one that will throw.
First of all, you can't farm because of her poke ability. And as an immobile champion you are an easy target. She can make distance between you and her that you won't be able to recover after a combo. Build Immortal Shieldbow as first item, so you can survive her burst combo. Buy Doran's Shield and take Second Wind to have an anti-poke health regent. Take Fleet Footwork as a keystone if you don't feel confident and you need the extra sustain. You can also take Press the Attack if you are experienced with Yone and good dodger. Try to do many and sure small trades. Push her into tower before the 6 level to have difficult farm. After 6 better play defensively and try to absorb her damage with Spirit Cleave on minions or on her. If you want to engage her be sure that she has used her E.
Firstly, take all the defensive stuff against him ( Fleet Footwork, Doran's Shield, Bone Plating, Immortal Shieldbow). Until he unlock his R try to poke him as much as possible, of coarse when you can't be poked back, at least not more than the damage you did (you can poke him when he is going to farm for example). Try to make him use his W and take advantage of its cooldown by doing small trades with Soul Unbound and 3 Mortal Steel. Try to dodge his Qs as they are hard to land them. After level 6 play defensively, under tower, he can out play you with many ways. He has crazy damage out put and he can dodge many of your abilities, e.g. if he has fast fingers he can dodge your Fate Sealed with his R or W. Call for jungle ganks and wait until you scale. Buy early Plated Steelcaps and do a limit test when you complete Immortal Shieldbow. Good time to cast Spirit Cleave is when he is doing his W+Q+E to shield the big damage.
Again, you take defensive runes and items as I said previously for Zed. It has basically the same game-play to play against. Poke him as much as possible at level first level with Mortal Steel and start playing defensive at his level 6. Before level 6 or when he hasn't R do some trades, try to make him use his E and use its cooldown for some safe trades. Of coarse you don't all in with his E be free and ask for ganks if jungler can. Complete Immortal Shieldbow or take Mercury's Treads as soon as possible and wait. Use Spirit Cleave to avoid the burst.
Actually, Veigar isn't counter Yone but he can control you easily enough. He can cage (E) you and shut your play down. If he cage you try to not touch the walls to not be stunned and cast Spirit Cleave to avoid some damage. You need to be good at dodging because his basic abilities are skill-shots. Play aggressively from the early stages of the game. Do as many trades with Soul Unbound as you can. Start always with Soul Unbound because if he will do E you will have something to back safely, if he hasn't E then you can engage with 3 Mortal Steel. Also good time to engage is when he is mid-casting his E on you, you can easily dodge it with Soul Unbound or 3 Mortal Steel and he will hasn't nothing to defend himself. If you are low don't stay at the lane because his R damage scales with your missing hp as well. If you are scared you can take Mercury's Treads, I take Press the Attack but if you are new with Yone take Fleet Footwork. From secondary runes take Bone Plating, because he will burst you as mush damage as he can when he stuns you and buy Doran's Shield to have health regent for the early poke.
You won't be able to farm against Lucian. Take Fleet Footwork, Doran's Shield, Bone Plating and build early Plated Steelcaps. Play defensively and ask for ganks. The truth is that if you kill him 1-2 times, with jungler or not, you have won the lane. The ability you want to make him use is his E. It is fatal ability against you. He can make space and dodge a lot of your abilities. If he use it then make a try to engage him with Soul Unbound and 3 Mortal Steel. Once you hit level 6 and you have Fate Sealed open you may start fighting. Be careful, when he hasn't his E up to dodge the ultimate and then mess everything up. Always, start with Soul Unbound to have a safe disengage. Always, stay pushed so you can be gankable lane, be in a safe spot and engage in a safe spot.
He has a lot of damage. Take Doran's Shield. About runes you can take whatever you like for your play style. Take Press the Attack if you like to do small trades when his Q is down, Fleet Footwork if you like to play fully defensively and even Conqueror, that is not really suggested, if you like bigger fights during his Q cooldown. Here building Wit's End first maybe it its good idea if you struggle against him.
Take Fleet Footwork, Doran's Shield, Bone Plating and Cleanse is a really good summoner here. First item Immortal Shieldbow. If you are losing from the beginning you can buy Hexdrinker but you will won't be able to get Immortal Shieldbow. Mercury's Treads is very good, especially if you struggle. Play defensively, under tower and call for ganks. Make sure to do trades when her passive is up to two stacks. You may do a try to fight her when you unlock Fate Sealed, with Soul Unbound. If you see that she is going to stun you, do Spirit Cleave just a moment before she does to absolve some damage. Wait your build and you kill win her.
He is early champion. He has a lot of damage out put in the early game. Take only Doran's Shield if you want just to be more safe. Take Conqueror because he will do extended fights and necessarily Bone Plating. Rash an early Plated Steelcaps to help you deny some of his damage. Stay pushed and ask for ganks. Do many small trades against him when his W is recently used (is on cooldown) and his passive isn't stacked. If he is going to stun you, cast Spirit Cleave when he is on mid-air. After your first item do a limit test and fight him, carefully.
Ahri is very annoying. She can counter your engage with a simple key: her E (charm). If you got hitted by it you may die if she has Electrocute on. She can dodge everything with her R. Play defensively and ask for ganks. If she has her R and E down make sure you engage her this time and no other. Always be behind your minions so she can't charm you. Take Doran's Shield, Bone Plating and Fleet Footwork. Here build Immortal Shieldbow if you are even. Galeforce if you are killing her for its mobility to help you with dodging.
Take Doran's Shield, and Bone Plating. I recommend you to take Press the Attack but Fleet Footwork is good as well if you want to survive easier. Cleanse isn't must here but if you feel that you need it it will help you a lot. Stay behind minions so she can't throw you a star (Q) nor make you asleep (E). Play defensively, don't push let her be aggressive for easy ganks or easy engage. Try not to spent with no point your summener spells because, besides you need them, she can steel them and you basically help her to kill you, so be very sure when you cast a summener spell. After level 6, you can all in her with Soul Unbound and Fate Sealed. When you want to engage her ALWAYS use Soul Unbound due to its CC cancelling capability. When you are going to get asleep or CCed generally, cast Soul Unbound for the second time, the last moment, to cancel the CC. Immortal Shieldbow here is suitable but Galeforce can help as well, by easy dodging her E, but better build it when you are ahead.
Nothing special here. Take Fleet Footwork or Press the Attack, depends your experience. Start with Doran's Shield and take Second Wind. Because her Q deals less damage when she passes through units stay behind. Do many small trades when she hasn't her abilities on. After your level 6 is an easy lane. If you are losing or if you are even build Wit's End or Mercury's Treads.
Here the sustain of the Doran's Shield and Second Wind is enough, since her poke ability has long cooldown. Take Press the Attack to burst the damage since you will probably do many small trades. Engage when her Q is down. A good time to engage is when she is going to Q you, you dodge with Soul Unbound, then Fate Sealed or 3 Mortal Steel and the rest is history. Build Immortal Shieldbow if you are not ahead or Galeforce if you kill her easy and the game is suitable for it. Mercury's Treads isn't a bad idea here. Try to make Lux push you, because she is very gankable and by doing so you have an easy all in without the fear of rooting under the enemy tower.
Take Fleet Footwork, Second Wind and Doran's Shield. Be far from your minions since he can poke you with his E. Try to make some fast trades with Soul Unbound and 3 Mortal Steel when he has not his Q, pre level 6. Otherwise, do it when he has not Q and R. Don't try to all in him! His R can bounce to himself and he will out-damage you. You must play as defensively as you can. You can't do much in lane phase against him, so be patient for later.
Take Fleet Footwork, Bone Plating, Doran's Shield and Cleanse.Don't be near to the minions because she can poke you and minions in once. Try to stay pushed and make small and fast trades when her W is on cooldown, because if she roots you, she will burst lot of damage. Also, don't all in when she has her R up. She can dodge the Fate Sealed and you will can't do nothing, as you will be easy to catch with her root. When she cast E near you, she will probably all in you. If you see it coming then cast Soul Unbound and go back with 3 Mortal Steel or Fate Sealed. However, be careful when you are doing that. To do that, make sure that she can't easily kill you. When you are against a heavy CC champion you should be waiting for ganks, especially when this champion has point and click CC.
Take Fleet Footwork, Second Wind and Doran's Shield. If you take all these you don't need other defensively items to buy, necessarily. Pre level 6 stay away from your minions so you don't get his E. Make sure you kill his pets, otherwise he can deal you a lot of damage. If you want to engage him start with Spirit Cleave to cancel his shield passive. Also, you want to push him because he has hard time to farm under tower. After level 6, you may want to buy Quicksilver Sash. NEVER take Cleanse against Malzahar. You must be ready for ganks here, as well, because his R is a guaranty kill. All the things that are said for the pre 6 game works and after, but be very careful when you push him and he has his R. Actually, when you know that he has his R on don't push.
I have a hard time to play against Yasuo, not only as Yone but generally. This is why I take Fleet Footwork but Conqueror works too, take what you prefer. About secondary runes I suggest you to take Bone Plating.Take Doran's Blade. Stay pushed and make small trades. Don't try to all with Fate Sealed when there are minions near, since minions makes him him so mobile, he will dodge and everything will be waste. You must know that he can block your 3 Mortal Steel with his windwall. If you see that he is going to airborne you dodge with Soul Unbound or if you have allready done with 2 Soul Unbound.
are called melee minions they are the tanks of the wave. There are 3 of those in each wave and they are always in front. They need two tower shots and one auto-hit ti be killed with every champion.
are called caster minions and they are the main damage of the wave. They are 3 in each wave as well and they are located to the back of it. They need one tower shot and one auto-attack to be killed from ad champion.
are called siege minion but everyone know them with the name "cannon" minions. Their characteristics is a mix of both the two types from the previous minions mentioned: they are tanky and have damage too. They are located between of melee minions and caster minions. They give extra gold so make sure you kill them, use an ability to secure the extra gold. Also, noteworthy is the fact that they spawn every third wave (the first cannon spawns at 2:05) until the 15th minute. After the 15th minute they spawn every 2 waves until the 25th minute. At the 25th minute and after they spawn every wave
Minions tend to hit the first enemy they see and they will keep up attacking enemies minions except if a champion hit, if so they will focus the attacker (the champion). That's called "take the aggro" and they deal enough damage at the early game, to make you use health poison and make you low so be careful. But Yone has a mechanic with his Mortal Steel. If you hit first a minion and afterwards an enemy champion with Mortal Steel you won't take the minion aggro.
Let's start with the easiest of the three tactics the fast push. To make it happen you must kill the minions as quickly as you can. Your main goal when you do that is to you crush you minion wave at the enemy turret. However, when you are farming many times an enemy should has come to stop you, the same thing may happen when you do that. You must know the enemy's location before you start killing minions because if someone will come to kill you, you must have your abilities ready and health or mana (if your champion has) be high in order to kill the enemy and not the reverse.
If you want to roam
If you want to recall
To pressure your enemy and you want to make harder for your opponents to farm if it is a champion that farm difficult under turret
If you want to dive with your jungler to kill enemy
To gain an level advantage to all in at level 2 or 6
To have lane priority if an object is up
To stop an enemy from recall
To stop an enemy fast-push
Break a freeze
The enemy turret is low so you want to destroy it
Freeze keeps the minion in a good spot where you can farm with safety but at the same moment is dangerous for your enemy. However, with every action you do, always there is something that enemy can do to counter it. By doing that, enemy has the opportunity to roam, deep ward, recall . So, a good moment to freeze is when enemy can't roam to other lanes because e.g. they are pushing. Also, you can anti-counter the enemy's counter (the roam) by changing the freeze to fast push.

Now, let's see how to make it happen. You need to let the enemy minions and laner kill yours so the enemy mninions can come near your tower. You also must know the needed numbers of enemy minions based the spot you want to lead them.
If the allies minions are dead and enemy minions are not enough to be done you can tank and drag them to the center to start a new freeze. In addition, important to know is that the wave that has 4 or more caster minion can push anywhere you want.
If you are stronger than your opponent you can make them risk for the farm
If your opponent has roam threat and you want to deny them to farm
If it is dangerous for you to farm so you need to be nearer to your turret
If your jungler come to your lane so you want to be ready for a gank
To keep a wave for an ally to kill it (the support for the adc)
If the enemy jungler is near and you don't want to get ganked
Your main idea of slow pushing is to make the minion wave push to the enemy tower by itself but you need the gold from minions, how you can manage have both? You must only last-hitting the minions, BUT when they are so low that the minion needs only one of other minion. I mention that because you might need only two auto attacks to kill them, so when you auto-attack them once you deal them their half-health (the most times), so if you
last-hit them but damaging so much of their health you will fail the slow push because minions won't push by themselves, as I said earlier this is the main idea and goal of this tactic.
You will have bigger wave making difficult for your enemy to trade
By having bigger wave you can play aggressively
When you have big waves pushing to enemy turret you will gain enough time to roam or deep-ward
If you can solo kill/gank you can change to fast push and deny more minions
You won't deny as much farm as freeze so you will not have any waste

If you want to be better at farming you can practice at the practice tool. Don't take at all runes and no items. Try to last hitting them only, without abilities. Once you are good at this try to farm under tower, with allied minions.

Watch this video if you want to hear and see it with more details and by specialists. It is a great video to learn how to wave control.
What is split-push?
Split-push is when one or two members of the team goes to a side-lane (top/bot) and pushes the lane to create pressure at the map.
Why to split-push
The main reasons of split-pushing is: To maximize your gold income, your champion level and to make pressure at the map. Namely, to recover from a bad lane-phase or to use your lead effectively.

You want to push the opposite side of the map because your enemies will be late to stop you and if your enemies will lose much time to go to one side to the other, your team can play with number advantage.
Other secondary reasons are: A a champion is better split-pusher than team-fighter, your team can't win team-fights and one teammate is strong enough to kill multiple members from the enemy team solo.
When to split-push
In low elo, players tend to group mid and stay for no reason. By grouping no one is gaing nothing, neither experience, neither gold. If your team is one of the most that do that then you should split-push in order to earn more gold and experience. You are surely aware of the fact but if you are new maybe not. When there are many players around the minions, and this got killed you share the experience, e.g if you are 3 players you get the 1/3 of the total value.

When both teams are at mid and they watch each other inform your teammates (or say somebody else to do that if he has better champion for this job) that you are going to split-push and not start fight. By doing it, you will pull the enemies. If they come two or more enemies your team can fight and kill the rest and then your team push normally. Then the enemies will go to stop your team and you push the lane you are.
How to split-push
You have two options the one is the 1-3-1 where you have two split-pusher so you can pressure every lane simultaneously. The other is the 4-1 where you have one split-pusher so that you have more pressure on neutral objectives. To start a split-push you don't have to do many thing, but only to go on a side lane and push it. Now, let's talk about the split-push with Teleport. When you have Teleport you can be more freely on how long you can stay on a lane, how fast you can go to another lane and how fast you can return to defend. If both teams are fighting for drake you should go to top to make pressure to the opposite side of the map. By doing this if enemy team come to stop you, you can Teleport at the fight and you with your team can kill the drake or kill the enemies because they will be less. If you have not Teleport you must accept that you must trade objectives. But that's ok because if you have not Teleport, sure you won't be everywhere but you can dominate the lane you are.

Appropriate execution: first of all the lane you are split-pushing to must be the opposite side of the map that the two teams are going to fight. If both teams are about to fight to dragon you should split-push to the top lane. If you start split-pushing 10-20 seconds earlier from the dragon spawn and the enemy team contravene right you will be in two situations based your summoner spells:1. You go top and Teleport when enemy team start the dragon. However, this is not exactly the idea of split-push because the goal of the split-pushing is to earn more gold, experience and pressure the opposite side of the map and when you immediately Teleport to the fight you don't archive nothing of these. Teleport to a situation like this when your team can win the team-fight and secure the objective.

2. If you haven't Teleport you must continue split-pushing. If you near are to rift herald you can kill it and keep split-pushing or if you did it slow you do recall and then going again back to the lane or to the other side-lane, depends where the enemies are. Also, you must have vary plans in your mind, like (from) where you will go if the enemies come to you or how many you can kill from the enemy team, because if you are predictable your enemies can easily react against you. If enemies has Teleport they can stop your split-push easier and that's good because making a player teleport to you, your team can easier face the enemy team. So, if you think you can beat the player that teleports to you stay, if not then go away, join as fast as possible to your team or clear the near jungle, wait for him to go and then push again.

You should always estimate the time you will go for the split-push. For instance if you split-pushing a little before an objective spawns, you put the enemy team in a hard situation where they have to decide what to do, go the whole team at the dragon or go and stop the push. If they choose the objective you can destroy turrets, if they choose you, your team has a easy objective. When you want to help with the objective you crush the wave to the turret and reset 35-25 seconds earlier than the dragon spawn.

Vision is another step from this chapter. If you have deep-wards is great but it is possible without them. You can see your enemies to the mini-map so if you make it as big as possible will help you in almost everything. You must be sure that you check the mini-map frequently and not be like some people that are like that they have covered the mini-map with tape. To find who will may come just count the champions. Ηow to count enemies. If there are 4 enemies at mid and you are split-pushing and you can't see the last one then he is coming to you.

Application: In the 4-1 split-push strategy enemies will likely group up all together. The one that is split-pushing will pull the enemies at the side lane, alternatively if no one go to stop you, you continue ruin their side map freely. If they force fights or pushing your team to make you stop pushing, you have two choices. The one is to continue pushing. If your team doesn't die then they are still free destroyed towers.
The other, is the opposite, you don't have to destroy the tower but clear the enemy wave, let your minions damage the tower and them go help your team. Do this when your champion is better team fighter and not good split pusher.

At the 1-3-1 tactic, you want the enemy team chase. If they come toyou, you have archived your goal, making your team and the other split pusher do their job easier. If they go to the other split-pusher it's ok, you keep split pushing. If they go to everyone the 3 members of the team has an easy fight.
If you want to watch a video about it here's a really nice

video that will help you. I learned many things from this.

In a team-game such as League of legends, you won't fight alone against an alone enemy. If you or your enemy can't win, fast or not, someone will come to help the not winner. The list you are watching under this are some notices the people do in order to do or take a gank/roam.

1. When an enemy doesn't come back to his lane fast enough then you can guess what it will may happen, call ss, if he is yours or play more defensuve if he isn't. This does not include my brother Yasuo, he will be afk because jungler didn't help (joking).

2. When your laner changes his game-play, for example he plays plays aggressively the most game but he suddenly begun playing defensively, play more defensively yourself.

3. Don't trade all the time. When you do you become low in health. So, it's like saying to the ganker:"come gank me, I am free kill".

4. Like I just said before, don't be low. To prevent this buy enough Health Potion or pick Biscuit Delivery or Time Warp Tonic. Buying Health Potion early on is ok if it helps from giving 300g at the enemy.

5. Don't over-stay, when you do that, you don't have mana, neither health and maybe neither items, so you know what does it mean, gank.

6. Many times, there is nothing to do except from dying in a gank. Die but as slowly as you can. Maybe a teammate is near and come help you, or you just buy time that is very useful. The only time you want to die fast is when there is an objective up and want to fight for.

These are some clues to understand if someone want to gank or be ganked. If your enemy can be placed in the list above, doesn't mean you are getting ganked. Always use your critical thinking, besides the game. Also, call SS, even if your teammates don't care.

When you begin a match of league of legends you go forward to your lane. You doing your best to kill the enemy, farm perfectly and the most of major significance not get killed. That's the most significant due to if enemy kill you he becomes powerful, and wealthier and the same time you get softer. We call it "fall behind". That can be created with many different reasons. But, can you manage to make it out of the behind way? If you don't, I can advise you how to. After, many years of playing league of legends, fail at the lane-phase lot of times I decided play league of legends more seriously. I started watching what pros do, keep notes from pros and by myself what it is working and what doesn't, I found it out. I will hand out you laning and mid/late game tips to how to cover the bad early.
  • Don't trade, If you are behind, enemy is more powerful so what trade you will do will be a failure for you. Poke when it is sure you won't get poked back.
  • Ask and wait for a gank, ask your jungler or a laner who has lead to help. If you don't take the kill, it's ok, someone got the gold and maybe your teammate can carry easier. It will be good even if your enemy didn't die, he will recall and you will farm safe. Also, you must let your team carry you. Many times when I feel bad and want to cover fast I do it even worse, take your time and let your team carry.
  • play defensively. If you play under tower, your enemy will probably play more aggresive. That's useful for three reasons gankable, possible kill if he dive and you will harder your enemy to kill you.
  • The best time to farm is when enemy hasn't his abilities available. If so he can't kill you.
  • Warding. If you are weak enemy jungler may come to get kills or destroy the turret faster. If you ward you will be safe from that.
  • Buy Health Potion, it will help you to stay more time in the lane, by keep you healthy.

  • Fight enemies when you are more than them. It is easy to kill like this.
  • Wait the enemy to throw, they are 5 random players that got into a team, just wait for them.
  • Ward the map, if you ward you will know enemies location so you will know where you should go.
  • Split-push
  • Give dragon, don't try to steel it because you won't manage it and you will die.
  • peel the team's best player, help him to carry the game.
Let's start with the types of ward league of legends has. There are 3 trinkets that you buy them for free and the Control Ward that it costs 75 gold. Now, let's see what every ward does.
When you put a Stealth Ward it is an invisible totem that reveals an area (900 rage units) and you can see it from everywhere you are and it is until it expire (it lasts for 90-120 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players). It has 240-120 cdr (depends the average champion level of all players) and you can up to two in a row. You can buy it from the start of the game.It has number limit up to 3 per player
You can place it from 4000 units away but enemy it is not invisible and it has 1 health (that's why it is mostly used by snipers). You can take it at level 9 and it replace the Stealth Ward or Oracle Lens. Its cdr is 148-99 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players) you haven't a number limit and it lasts until it get destroyed. Its rage is 500.
This reveals all the invisible stuff ( Stealth Ward), traps and more) in a 750 unit area and it is always around you until it ends, its lasts for 10 seconds and its cdr is 90-60 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players). You can take it from level 1 but I suggest you to take as first trinket Stealth Ward because it has way less cdr than the Stealth Ward so it is useless and also you can't be protected by enemy ganks during lane phase. But if you are jungler you can take it at level 1. At junglers it is very useful because it helps to clear wards in the jungle and make easy ganks without none notice them. If you are support however, buy it when you fulfill the support's item mission.
This is a Stealth Ward and Oracle Lens combined. It reveals the surround area for 900 units rage and also make visible all the invisible stuff ( Stealth Ward, traps and more). It has limit 1 per player and a player can carry up to 2 Control Ward. You must always buy at the end of the day it costs only 75 gold while when I started to play league of legends I had to buy every single ward I was buying. They lasts until someone destroy them and the have can defend 4 hits. They are visible so use them in bushes, except if you want to check the dragon or baron pit.
Now I will show you how to ward with images since it is easier to be understand this way. They are mostly for lane-phase because at the late-game you should ward pretty much everywhere.
Note: I didn't find any image with the new summoner's rift with the alcoves but it's ok since they don't impact the warding game.


This image shows you where you should put your wards, as a mid-laner from the red side. If you are from blue just do the aggressive offensive and the reverse. Warding the enemy jungle helps you and your team be safe from ganks and spot the enemy jungler and take the opposite objective from where the enemy jungler is. Make sure you buy Control Ward to clear enemy vision for easy ganks or for a sneaky objective. As mid you should be put a lot of wards since junglers prefer to gank this lane a lot.
This image shows you how you should move as an assassin and how to ward to roam properly. Give it two minutes it is really helpful.


With this you can ward the bushes from your turret without the risk of dying. But be careful if you don't place right like the images above you will mess it up, so try them some times at practice tool because I really hate it when I mess them up.

When you put ward in bushes, the cursor will turn green. If you miss the ward like the image the enemy jungler will be still hidden from the fog of war and he will gank you.
Wards impacts the game unbelievable much. It's not random that there are so many memes about wards that low elo players don't buy and accordingly high elo players buy a lot. This is why wards let you see some areas that normally you wouldn't see and with that you can spot enemies and play accord their location. For example, if you are playing top and you spot enemy jungler at the bot side you can play more aggressive than if the jungler where at the top side. Or if you want to bait an enemy and you are in the bushes and you don't know if he can see you in there (ward saved him) you can put the certain ward to check the bushes. Also, to see how important the wards it even if you don't buy wards at the start of the game and you leave the base riot gives you the ward totem automatically. And not only that riot had an jungle item that you could put 3 wards and riot removed it for balance issues.

What Is Roam?

Roam is pretty easy to understand what it is because it is simple. It is when a laner goes to another lane to help them. It can start by killing enemies and end to taking objectives or towers and deep-warding.

Roaming is incredibly useful to do especially as a midlaner because you are the middle of the map so you are near to both sides of it and it is useful to do because it can "wake" the lane or push a lead, if it's done correctly, however if it isn't right-done then you may fall behind because you lose gold and experience. You should always wonder your self if the lane you are going to can support the roam, for example does your ally has health or mana to engage and live? Does the enemy has opportunities to escape? Can your lane endure if you are away from it?

When To Roam?

Roam From Base
Roaming from base may be better than roaming from your lane. I say it for one-two reasons: 1. enemy won't see you going away from your base because you aren't even there and 2. because you will go from the jungle if enemy is going back so you lose the good opportunity to roam you can change the way and go to your mid normally like nothing happens wrong.

Roam from base when enemy isn't at the lane because he may push and take some tower plates or even worse the whole tower. If you see that enemy has arrived at the lane and he is pushing dangerously then go to your lane.
When You See enemy Jungler Goes To Gank
If you see enemy jungler go to a lane, bot for example, and you understand that he wants to gank, get your two feet and go to bot. It is not "I will save the bad bot" neither "it's the jungler's job", it is actually your job because you are the center of the map which that means that you have the control of the map and as you imagine you must help your team. By counter gank you save your bot, you and your teammates get leads and if the circumstances are positive you may kill dragon or destroy the tower.
Looking Ally's Abilities
When you have Fate Sealed up is a very good time to roam as it CC as many enemies as catch and your allies can follow up with many nasty combos. Also, because Fate Sealed is a long rage skill-shot you can catch enemy on sleep and they will can't react. Also, don't look only your ultimate but your teammate's abilities as well, as he may has a very good ability to bring people or finish them off like Blitzcrank's Q or Darius's R.
Looking Enemy's Abilities
As you may have some abilities that help more to kill enemies may have abilities to defend their-self so you may fail the roam. And this is actually the reason you want to ping if enemy has recently used Flash or ultimate. For example let's say that the enemy top-laner is pushing your teammate very much and you know that he hasn't Flash you must go there when you can because without the summener spell he has less opportunities to out-play you or escape.
When Enemy Is Missing
Maybe the most usual time to ROAM is when your enemy isn't at the lane. When you see that he just went away from mid (if you killed him and of coarse you are at least 3/4 of your health or he recall ed) and you have nothing to do at the lane like push because you have a small wave for instance or you see a big opportunity to other lane then don't think about it just roam.
When You See Your Opponent To ROAM
When you want to roam you always wish that nobody will go to your lane and push. So, you should roam when enemy does. But where you should go? You have two options: 1. go where your enemy goes, when you know that you can beat them. 2. go to the opposite side of the map, this way you are sure that your enemy can't follow you and ruin your roam. Also, if you see that you can destroy the tower then stay and do it. When you see your laner goes away always call SS or do the missing ping or both.


You have a couple of thing to do before you roam. First is to push your wave. By doing so you will lose less gold and experience and will delay the enemy to follow you or if he decides to stay at the lane you will fight with more allies and less enemies or if he let everything behind he will lose gold and experience.

Secondly, you have to communicate with your team. It can help to the position of those that getting gank, not waste abilities that you will need and generally make the lane more roam-friendly. If you won't tell that your are going to roam then they may engage before you so you lost your time, they lose abilities so the roam will be a failure and this will let you behind.


Here an image of your roaming path. If you are fed then going from enemy jungle can really help because you may spot him and kill him. And if you see that the position of both teams changed and are not so good to roam then you can kill some jungle camps (not crugs) and put the enemy jungler behind.

When you are roaming ward some bushes. This will help to spot if the enemies is coming for a counter gank or after the roam where the enemy jungler is or if someone from the enemy team is roaming. I suggest you to ward the bush near the dragon pit or the baron pit or the bush that is out side the red or blue so you can surely spot the jungler or the enemies. As you ward there enemies may have warded there too so walking through bushed you may find a Control Ward and destroy it and of coarse try to not go from the usually warded path.


After a roam you use mana, that Yone doesn't have so don't worry about it and lose health so recalling charge your health bar and when you return to your lane there will not be the danger of dying because you are low. Also, you may can buy items if you got the right amount of gold you were needed.
Return To Lane
Return to the lane when you have nothing to do near the roam spot, neither you can buy items, nor you are low so the only choice is to go back. Also, return when your enemy is there and he is pushing so you need to defend. You can return you your lane as well when the enemy tower is near to be destroyed so you want to destroy it.
Destroy The Tower
If the tower to the lane you roamed can destroyed by you and your teammates in the near time period then stay and do it. It will be the most worth roam you can do because remember you win the game after destroying tower and the point of roam is to win the game so you understand....
Take Objectives
If you, with your team, can pull off the near objective just do it. dragon helping very much to the strength of all the champions of the team, while rift herald for the push.
Clear Enemy Jungle
When you don't have gold, you can't destroy the tower, you can't take objective and you don't need to return to mid, then clear enemy jungle. However, do it when you are ahead and you know that you can beat the enemy jungler if he shows up or if you can't make sure that he is at the opposite side of the map. This will put you ahead and the enemy jungler behind. If he wants to farm he will go to your jungle and your jungler or you or your team will kill him.

This was the roam women and gentlemen in short. Make sure you apply it in your games to win. Many wonders why riot put them with bad team and why the streamers has good ones, the answer is simple they help their team. Of coarse you will get the trolls and everybody will, even your enemy team just try to not forget it, and you will can't do nothing to help it but you can try your best, at the end of the day is a game that designed to have fun.

This was my guide for Yone. Thank you very much for reading and I hope that I help you very much! Make sure you comment if you have any hesitations or if you have any tip to improve the guide.
Thanks guide for making a guide, the BBcode and the A Table Coding Guide BY KATASANDRA otherwise you couldn't read the guide. Also, thank @Wicked Cherry more some

Good luck on the rift!

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