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Orianna Build Guide by snakebytes

AP Carry (S3) Orianna: Ballin With The Clockwork

AP Carry (S3) Orianna: Ballin With The Clockwork

Updated on May 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author snakebytes Build Guide By snakebytes 4 6 27,036 Views 6 Comments
4 6 27,036 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author snakebytes Orianna Build Guide By snakebytes Updated on May 12, 2013
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Orianna: Lady of Clockwerk

Orianna is a very versatile champion who can either play as strong caster carry or be very strong utility/support. Unlike most other champions she excels at whatever role she chooses despite her broad play styles. Orianna brings a very unique play style to the League of Legends with her special mechanics unlike any other champion. Her Ball is the center of all her abilities rather than herself essentially making it a resource like mana or energy. The Ball also grants her long range but safe and effective play. On the other hand she can be very difficult to learn and has a very high skill cap.

Please check out my Orianna vision change thread.
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Pros / Cons



+ Long range
+ High burst damage
+ Good with any team composition
+ Slow and speed boost in one
+ Long range shield
+ Can easily zone and harass
+ Teamfight control and modifiers


- Squishy
- Needs to farm well
- Reliant on cooldown reduction
- No reliable escape method
- No sustain
- Very mana hungry
- Isn't forgiving of mistakes
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Summoner Spells

I like to give Orianna the standard Flash and Ignite for summoners.
But I will go over a few others that will work as well.

Flash is such a great summoner with so many uses you can't afford to pass up.
Ignite is a great spell to add extra burst to your champion, great way to secure kills.

Alternative Summoner Spells
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I prefer to give Orianna extra movement speed to increase her ability to
poke and harrass in lane while starting with a medium amount of AP.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Standard marks for all AP casters. Gives you great magic penetration when paired with Sorcerer's Shoes and Liandry's Torment

Greater Seal of Scaling Health
These help compensate for how squishy you are throughout the game and are a lot more noticeable then a little bonus mana regen from other seals. Some would disagree so choose at your discretion.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power
These help compensate for your lack in ability power early on, giving you something to work with until you get your Doran's Ring later on.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
I've found that I like these better over flat ability power quints. The extra mobility is great for helping you poke your opponent and dodging there own skills in the process. This now works even better because of the tier 2 boots enchantments. With these you'll start with about 340 move speed level 1.

Alternative Runes
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When I play Orianna I like to focus on a caster carry style oriented build
emphasizing on ability power, cooldown reduction, and mana.

Item Sequence

Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Liandry's Torment 3000

Starting Items (465 Gold)

Faerie Charm x2/Health Potions x3
My default setup gives me extra mana regen and pots for sustain. I mainly like this the best because it builds right into your Chalice of Harmony.


First Recall (1,525+ Gold)

Doran's Ring
If your doing well in lane or vs. a non magic damage champ these would be the way to go. The extra stats it gives you are really great especially with it's new passive, since Orianna can cs like a boss.

Chalice of Harmony
Build this before duo Doran's Rings if your having a tough time in lane. Builds into your core and most important item: Athene's Unholy Grail. The magic resist adds up with Command: Protect passive making you pretty resistant against your opponent.

Essentials (9,900+ Gold)

Sorcerer's Shoes
More mobility and extra magic pen to work with which is a pretty rare stat to come buy, I'll go over enchantments on this item later.

Athene's Unholy Grail
It might as well be called Orianna's Unholy Grail. I can't stress enough how good this item is for Orianna, she needs every single stat this item has to offer. I usually finish this right after my first recall.

Rabadon's Deathcap
This is a major power curve item every AP Caster buys. Its full out focus on ability power increases your damage tremendously!

Liandry's Torment
Very strong item vs. hp stackers (which is a huge trend now) so I usually buy this right after my deathcap. Her low cooldowns and AoE make this an extremely effective item. She can also apply the double damage burn when using her Command: Dissonance too.

Offensive Items

Archangel's Staff
Archangels staff gives a HUGE boost to your mana pool. And when fully stacked the shield from Seraph's Embrace can be EXTREMELY useful in a pinch similar to Barrier or Heal.

Deathfire Grasp
Although Orianna isn't a big single target champion, it can add huge amounts of damage to her kit, plus it builds from a Fiendish Codex. The cooldown reduction is a great bonus too!

This item is actually a very good choice for Orianna, applying with her AoE. The passive applies to Spellsword mastery and Clockwork Windup as well. Even if you can't make great use of the passive the stats it gives are reason enough for me to buy.

Nashor's Tooth
Attack speed is very beneficial to Clockwork Windup along with it's other starts. I consider getting this item if I'm hopelessly fed. But I usually prioritize defensive items over this.

Void Staff
Season 3 made this item A LOT better because of penetration order changes. As much as I like to buy this item sometimes others just take priority unless there heavily stacking MR.

Zhonya's Hourglass
The active can save your life from DoT effects and has extremely good stats too. If the armor from Iceborn Gauntlet isn't enough this is my second up choice! Seeker's Armguard can be a great early game counter item towards those pesky bruiser mids like Pantheon or Zed.

Defensive Items

Abyssal Scepter
Although Orianna should NEVER be in range for the aura to activate, the stats are still pretty good and is still a decent option.

Banshee's Veil
This item provides a lot of tankiness and has an incredible passive to help carries avoid getting caught to easy. I usually buy this item vs "stun into gap close" team compositions.

Frozen Heart
Huge amount of armor and other useful stats make this item another great option, and the aura range is in line with Orianna's preferred positioning. Although a lot of times you might find an off-tank buying this item rather than you.

Guardian Angel
Good mix of magic resistance and armor along with a literally life saving passive for a pretty cheap price.

Iceborn Gauntlet
Gives a great chunk of armor, some ability and cooldown reduction for some good stats. The spell blade passive makes it a good choice vs. more melee focused team compositions.

Quicksilver Sash
Although I prefer Banshee's Veil over this its great at completely disrupting chain cc champions like Leona and can save your life when timed correctly.

Randuin's Omen
Even though this is mostly used on off-tanks it is still extremely good! I buy this often vs. fed, heavy gap closing champions like Pantheon, Jax, Lee Sin, etc...

Rod of Ages
This item is EXTREMELY effective at it's job and is overall good item if you want to be more bulky. It synergizes very well with Athene's Unholy Grail and Archangel's Staff too.

Twin Shadows
Mostly supports buy this item but it still has a pretty good mix of stats and it builds from a gp/10 item. It's cheap too and offers a cool active for even more utility which is great for Orianna.


Enchantments are basically a tier 3 add-on to your tier 2 boots. In most cases these add greater utility to your champion. They're meant to be compatible with all champions (some better than others), but in this section I'll go over my opinion on each one. Remember which ever you choose is totally up to you, the enchantment I prefer most is Enchantment: Alacrity.

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Orianna isn't an assasin but she's an excellent carry.
For this reason I take 20 in offense and 10 in utility


Offense Tree (21)

Summoner's Wrath : Utility to Ignite.

Sorcery: Cooldown reduction.

Butcher : Great way to add last hit power.

Blast : Ability power per level to transfer our of flat early AP.

Arcane Knowledge : Percentage magic pen.

Mental Force : Extra ability power.

Spellsword : Amazing synergy with Clockwork Windup.

Archmage : Bonus AP on top of Rabadon's Deathcap.

Executioner : Bonus damage towards units with below 50% health. Good for last hitting minions too!


Utility Tree (9)

Summoner's Insight : Flat Flash cooldown reduction on top of Mastermind .

Meditation : combined with runes and Chalice of Harmony = good early mana regen.

Mastermind : Applies to Ignite and Flash.

Expanded Mind : Adds to your mana pool.

Runic Affinity : Longer crest of the ancient golem duration.
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Orianna's Ball and Abilities

Orianna's Ball mechanic and unique play style give her a very high learning curve and skill cap.
When played to max potential, she can be very fun, powerful, and rewarding.
In the following sections I will go over the Ball itself, and her ability pool.

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Orianna's Ball (Must-Read)

The Ball is not affected by any terrain or unit collision, and can be sent anywhere you have range to do so.

  • This includes within walls, through champions, outside corners of the map, etc...
  • She can also cast any of her abilities while her ball are in those portions of the map

The Ball gives 550 range vision where it is placed (about half a champions sight range).

  • If the ball is in a brush it is considered hidden from the enemy (unless they have vision inside).

The Ball has a special leash range indicated by small triangle indicators.

  • Blue: being within a safe distance to the Ball's Command: Attack range
  • Yellow: being just outside Command: Attack cast range.
  • Red: is the max leash range, heading just out of Orianna's sight range.
  • If you move farther than the red indicator, the Ball will immediately flash back to Orianna (like other pets).
  • Command: Attack leash = 1125
  • Command: Protect leash = 1225
  • Alternatively walking straight into the Ball will pick it up giving Orianna possession (No one else can pick up the ball).

When in possession of the Ball, Orianna's spells will be casted on top of herself.


The Ball has a missle speed of 1200

The Ball may not take other cast orders while still in transit.

The Ball is untargetable.

The Ball cannot be moved by any other means other than Orianna herself.
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Basic Abilities and Mechanics (Must-Read)


Clockwork Windup (Passive)


INNATE: Orianna’s autoattacks deal additional magic damage every hit. Additionally, attacking the same target within 4 seconds deals an extra 20% magic damage on the second hit, and 40% extra on the third and further hits.


Clockwork Windup adds nice sustainable damage on top of your burst combo. Its also makes Orianna a great farmer being able to easily last hit minions under the turret, and poke champions with only a few auto attack to hurt them, thanks to the bonus magic damage.

Tips and tricks: mechanics


Command: Attack (Q)


ACTIVE: Orianna commands her Ball to fly towards target location, dealing magic damage to all enemies that the Ball passes through and that are on the destination area. However, the ball deals 10% less damage for each subsequent target hit down to a minimum of 40% damage done. Her Ball remains behind at that location afterwards.


Command: Attack is your main way of moving the ball around the battlefield. When the ball is finished traveling, you are able to cast other spells to manipulate a portion of space around it. Think of this spell as an extension of Orianna, or your "right hand man" spell.

Tips and tricks: mechanics


Command: Dissonance (W)


ACTIVE: Orianna commands the Ball to emit an electric pulse around its current location, dealing magic damage to all units around it and leaving an electric field on the area for 3 seconds. The field speeds up allies and slows down enemies that walk over it. This effect diminishes to normal over 2 seconds after leaving the area.


Command: Dissonance is your all-in-one spell; It acts as a nuke, steroid, and crowd control. This spell has the potential to slow all 5 enemies in a team fight, or speed your allies on the path to victory, being your primary means of controlling the battlefield

tips and tricks: mechanics


Command: Protect (E)


PASSIVE: The allied champion the Ball is currently attached to is granted bonus armor and magic resistance.
ACTIVE: Orianna commands the Ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion when it arrives for 4 seconds.


Command: Protect is your main supportive spell that allows you to buff an ally. Once the ball has finished traveling, that champion now "has the ball". When in possession of the ball they benefit from any effects it gives off, including the cast of Command: Dissonance or Command: Shockwave. This essentially is what makes Orianna an amazing team fighter, being able to cast her Command: Shockwave using an ally, rather than using a shorter ranged Command: Attack.

Tips and Tricks: Mechanics


Command: Shockwave (R)


ACTIVE: Orianna commands her Ball to unleash a shockwave after 0.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and flinging them into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, the Ball.


Command: Shockwave is basically a greatly improved version of Command: Dissonance, and is Orianna's main teamfight ability. Landing this spell correctly can either initiate a teamfight, or change the tide of a battle entirely.

Tips and Tricks: Mechanics
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Ability Sequence

Orianna's ability sequence is very simple. I max her W first for the most damage and utility,
Q for cooldown reduction, and E for sheilding in late game team fights.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Sequence Priority

> > >

In-Depth Analysis: why
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Orianna In-Game Analysis

Orianna's in-game analysis will revolve around early game laning, ganking, teamfighting, etc... And how/what she does in each of them.

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In the laning phase Orianna is extremely powerful.
She is great at farming, harassing, zoning, and ganking; pretty much everything.
She's pretty hard to counter unless she is outplayed in lane.


When the game starts buy your starting items and head towards the edge of your jungle and defend it. If you have a strong invasion team you may decide to invade instead which is still a fine choice

Jungle Defense

If the enemy is invading coordinate with your team and make them aware of what is happening. Your best role at this point is your utility, so use your Command: Attack in order to give you allies vision of the brush they are camping. Most of the time the enemy will back off and leave (because they no longer have the element of suprise) or will move to another brush. In which case you can either chase them out and try to get first blood, or just stay put and help your jungler start his path. As your ally continues his path give him a Command: Protect every once in a while around wraith camp

Jungle Invade

If your team decides to invade make sure you have your Ball is in an optimal position, but try not to reveal yourself in the process

Passive Laning

When you get into lane at level 1 you are at your weakest. Prioritize farming so you can get more gold and exp to reach level 2 faster. Reaching level is a giant power curve for Orianna being able to harass and poke a lot easier now that you have Command: Dissonance.

As you get closer and closer to maxing Command: Dissonance (level 9) you will be able to farm waves with ease. Just Command: Attack > Command: Dissonance and you have 3 guaranteed minions a wave. This is the main reason why I can end games having upwards of 300 minions if it goes on long enough.

Farming video

It is also important to buy a sight ward whenever you back. This simple little thing can easily protect you from ganks and other forms of aggression. The most common warding spots are in the river, around buffs, and near wraith camps.

Ward locations

Harassment, Poking, and Zoning

With Orianna's range she is really good at poking. Here are some great opportunities to harass your opponent:
  • Spells are on cooldown.
  • Lower current health pool
  • Out of mana.
  • Near the minion wave about to take a last hit.
  • Out of position
These are pretty much the standard rules for exchanging during the lane phase.

Orianna has the gift of being able to zone her opponent with ease. After poking down your enemy, naturally they won't want to take any more punishment over a certain threshold and this is your time to shine. The easiest way is to stay right next to your caster and melee minions then keep the Ball right behind the enemy caster minions. Any time they try to come in for a last hit, just move the Ball in their path and they will either back off or take more punishment.


If they get to the point where you are sure they can be killed with a simple combo wait for the perfect moment and BAM, hit them with a Command: Shockwave > Command: Dissonance > and a few auto attacks to finish them off.

Be aware when zoning! Although Orianna is relatively safe when zoning don't forget your main resource (Ball) is being spent on aggression rather than farming and scouting. So buy a sight ward whenever you back and don't forget to last hit with those enhanced auto attacks! Otherwise you might find yourself farther behind than your opponent which is no good!
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Laning Matchups

Orianna's lane matchups are pretty solid over all especially if your knowledgeable of your opponent's champion. In this section I'll analyze each champion and share a difficulty rating.

This is all opinion based and almost exclusively through my perspective
and experience, this section may not be 100% accurate***

Difficulty Key:

1/5 Easy
2/5 Medium Easy
3/5 Medium
4/5 Medium Hard
5/5 Hard

Ahri - 4/5 Medium Hard
It is very important that you put in some damage before Ahri hits level 6. For the most part you should be constantly moving, dodging her skill shots and getting in as much damage as possible trying to deny her farm. Once she gets Spirit Rush she's very mobile and EXTREMELY effective at capitalizing on your mistakes. The goal here is to outplay her early to and take preventative measures.
Akali - 5/5 Hard
Although she isn't seen mid often she can be a pretty effective pick vs Orianna. Her evasiveness and burst damage can be extremely potent if you don't shut her down early, similar to ahri. Buying a Vision Ward can help if she is zoning you with Twilight Shroud, otherwise take advantage of your range and poke and kick her out of lane as much as you can. I would advise you get MR and ask your jungler to help out since she can trade easily after 6.

Anivia - 1/5 Easy
You can zone her as early as level 1 just buy poking her because she's so squishy. Her kit is extremely focused on combo-ing and to do that she needs to stun you (avoid stun, avoid damage, win lane). When she hits 6 her Glacial Storm is pretty good in conjunction with her Frostbite. But this requires you to get in close which should almost never happen. Rebirth can be annoying but you don't need to kill her, out farm her instead.
Annie - 4/5 Medium Hard
Her early-mid game are very strong because of her stun and high base damage, she will often zone you just with her passive alone. The best thing you can do is farm up and abuse your range as much as possible. Be extremely cautious when she hits 6, a simple Summon: Tibbers combo can drop you easily. You will need extra MR so don't ignore it if your having issues.
Brand - 3/5 Medium
Similar to Anivia, Brand is very combo oriented but not as squishy as Anivia. Make sure you punish him hard for making mistakes! Even auto attacking him while moving making him miss a Pillar of Flame is enough. Just make him aware that you can out maneuver him and you should be ok. If he does stun you make sure he doesn't get away with it for free or else he will get far ahead.
Cassiopeia - 3/5 Medium
She has a very early power curve at level 2 when she acquires Twin Fang. Avoid Noxious Blast at all cost or else you will be severely punished for it or possibly killed. It's hard to punish her mistakes since her kit is on a low cooldown. The best time to harrass is when she auto attacks as it is a very slow animation. Be extremely cautious of her Petrifying Gaze as it nearly guarantee's your death.
Cho'Gath - 2/5 Medium Easy
Being a melee champion with no gap closer makes him pretty weak vs Orianna. The problem here is Cho'Gath's sustain and tankiness makes your harrassment very weak. So I advise you spending your mana on farming, and just poking him with auto attacks. Don't underestimate his damage though, if you get caught by cho'gath you will be harshly punished for it and his Feast HURTS!
Diana - 4/5 Medium Hard
I haven't seen much of her since her gigantic nerf and haven't played vs. her much either. But similar to Anivia, avoiding her Crescent Strike will mitigate her damage. Even if she does Lunar Rush you, counter damage should be just as good as hers including auto attacks.
Elise - 2/5 Medium Easy
Her mostly short range kit makes it pretty easy to dominate her in lane. Her attack animation is horrible so that's definitely a great window to harass her. Don't underestimate her though, landing one Cocoon can pretty much spell your death if the rest of her kit is up. She can also counter build you well with Abyssal Mask and other tanky ap items so make sure you calculate your damage accordingly.
Evelynn - 2/5 Medium Easy
Laning against Evelynn can be fairly easy if you buy a Vision Ward and harass her where she thinks she is safe. A lot of times the problem is when she starts to roam, naturally this will happen because your beating her in lane so bad. But if she gets kills when she ganks, she can be quite hard to handle since Dark Frenzy removes all slows. Denying her early is key to make sure her ganks aren't too strong.
Fizz - 5/5 Hard
Playful / Trickster is extremely annoying to deal with especially since he can turn it into a great offense as well. Not to mention his Nimble Fighter makes him somewhat resistant to your auto attacks. In this matchup I just prefer to stay at range and farm a lot, since elongated exchanges with Fizz end up with you loosing thanks to his DoT. His combination of burst and evasiveness make for a very hard laning phase.
Galio - 3/5 Medium
He is a strong "wall champion" similar to Malphite top, who can fill his tank role effectively, but still deal damage at the same time. His passive is what makes this possible, basically building magic resist to counter you then turning it into ability power to add spell damage. Being a "wall" you won't really be getting any kills off of him, so just focus on farming instead and wait for your jungler to gank.
Gragas - 4/5 Medium Hard
His unique balance between sustain, burst, and tankiness make him a challenging mid. Even though you can poke him easily because he's melee, his Barrel Roll does a TON of damage at long range so its critical you avoid it. Other than that abuse your own range and try to keep him from fully channeling his Drunken Rage. Be careful of his Explosive Cask because he can displace and kill you easily.
Heimerdinger - 2/5 Medium Easy
His Hextech Micro-Rockets are a real pain to deal with and he is an excellent pusher, keeping you at your tower for the duration of the lane phase. He's more of a nuisance than anything, but you have to be careful engaging him because his turrets can output a lot of DPS, especially with UPGRADE!!!.
Karma - 1/5 Easy
Lets face it, nobody really plays Karma and she's in pretty bad spot right now. Mid lane vs. her is really easy, just stay away from your minions so she can't Soul Shield them to damage you. Other than that you can play normally and harass her pretty easy.
Karthus - 2/5 Medium Easy
His constant, sustained burst is a force to be reckoned with but within a shorter range. In order to do the most damage he has to be right next to you, so just simply stay out of his reach and harass him as much as you can. Since he's squishier than you, zoning him out can be somewhat easy but don't let him catch you with Wall of Pain or else you'll be punished hard.
Kassadin - 4/5 Medium Hard
His pre 6 is very weak vs Orianna and he's melee so capitalize on this as much as you can! If you don't, he will eventually run you over. Make him scared to get near the minion wave and auto attack him whenever you get the chance DENY HIM FARM! Once he gets Riftwalk just be a little more cautious, if you beat him up pre 6 he shouldn't hurt to much so you can trade back with him.
Katarina - 2/5 Medium Easy
Same thing applies here with melee champions, harass her like hell and punish her for using Bouncing Blades on minions (since it's her main trading tool). If she Shunpo's onto you Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance and she will take just as much if not more damage with Clockwork Windup. Once she gets Death Lotus use your Command: Shockwave to stop it. Unfortunately her cooldown is way lower than yours, but hers requires a commitment and risk so don't forget that.

Leblanc - 3/5 Medium
Early game she can be a real pain to deal with since she has so much more burst and mobility than you. But once you farm up enough for a Negatron Cloak she will be pretty much negated. Make sure you remember to place your ball where she *originally* used Distortion so you can get in good damage after she hits you.
Lux - 4/5 Medium Hard
Lucent Singularity has a lot of range and poke and is really annoying at level 1. To win vs Lux you really have to outplay her in lane, punish her mistakes hard! Dodging her skill shots can be easy but the range is long so always juke to the right or left then go in with a counter attack. Her Final Spark is a huge nuke so be very cautious she doesn't land Light Binding or else it will spell your death.
Malzahar - 2/5 Medium Easy
His lack of mobility makes it very easy to harass him at range. Just make sure you dodge around his Call of the Void and stay away from creeps with Malefic Visions. If you can do that and farm you'll do just fine in lane, possibly even zone him out if you do well enough. One he gets Nether Grasp be extremely careful of ganks because if he lands it you are screwed!
Morgana - 2/5 Medium Easy
Dark Binding is essentially her only means of damaging you, as long as you dodge that and farm you'll be just fine. Her Spell Shield can be a nuisance sometimes so I just bait it with Command: Attack, then when its on cooldown you combo her again (this is good tactic if you want to gank her too). She should never be able to land Soul Shackles if you dodge Dark Binding (unless you get ganked) so it's not much of a problem until team fights.

Ryze - 1/5 Easy
All of his spells are very low range compared to Orianna. Laning vs. him is pretty smooth sailing just farm and harass him when he last hits. The only problem with Ryze is he can get pretty tanky as the game goes on and still deal tons of damage so beware late game.
Swain - 4/5 Medium Hard
His Nevermove has a lot of range and AoE so you must be careful where you step because he will punish you heavily if you get snared. His assortment of cc also makes it hard to position yourself which is what Orianna is all about, on top of that he's naturally tanky because of his itemization and Ravenous Flock. He's always going to beat you in pro longed exchanges so don't commit without help. You really have to put in some damage early on to keep him from over running you later on.

Syndra - 3/5 Medium
Her and Orianna have similar mechanics when laning and fighting. Although it's rare sometimes you will come across a decent Syndra, to win vs. her you have to outplay her on a regular basis. The way her combo's work are a lot more harder to hit then yours but they are way more rewarding than ours so keep that in mind.
Talon - 5/5 Hard
His silence and assassin like nature make him the closest thing to a counter pick as you can get for Orianna. Repetitive cutthroat combo's make it extremely difficult to lane normally, buying a Seeker's Armguard or Glacial Shroud instead of Chalice of Harmonyaround him that way. So long as you don't feed him and manage to farm decently your teamfights should make up for a bad laning phase later.
Twisted Fate - 2/5 Medium Easy
His Wild Cards can become a problem if you don't dodge them correctly (move to the right or left rather than back). If you just learn how to dodge his cards then you'll do just fine. When he tries to get in a stun, combo his face since his auto attack range is way lower than your cast range. Your job is to shut him down before Destiny so your team can deal with him ganking easier. When he does gank push his turret hard so he'll think twice about leaving lane.

Veigar - 3/5 Medium
His huge damage potential and stun make quite a threat for Orianna. Try to deny him early on as much as you can, the less farm he gets the better. Make sure you don't get caught by his Event Horizon or else you'll suffer a lot of damage. When Primordial Burst is up he will look for every chance he can get to kill you so it is imperative you buy some sort of magic resist since he might flash to catch you.
Viktor - 2/5 Medium Easy
The Death Ray is his main nuke so just dodge that and the rest of his kit is pretty manageable. Punish him as best you can for missing Death Ray and you'll do just fine. Farm up and zone him out and he'll be virutally useless. Don't underestimate his damage though, if he lands Gravity Field it makes it next to impossible to dodge his kit which means you will most likely die.
Xerath - 2/5 Medium Easy
His long range can be a nuisance but if he makes a mistake it's really easy to punish him for it. locus of power is an extreme weakness if he uses it incorrectly so keep an eye out for that. His stun is very unreliable so just keep moving and Xerath won't be able to do much. His burst potential without his Arcane Barrage is much lower so keep that in mind as well.
Ziggs - 4/5 Medium Hard
Hexplosive Minefield can really limit your movement in the lane along with his other long range spells so he can effectively zone you out. The best strategy is to walk past his skill shots off to the side and trade with him, that way he has to constantly estimate where to throw his spells. Dodge his Bouncing Bombs to the side because it will almost always hit you if you run back. Mega Inferno Bomb does A LOT of damage so make sure you juke off to the side to mitigate some damage.

Zilean - 4/5 Medium Hard
Time Bomb allows him to be very aggressive with a lot of range and hits hard so you might need to invest a few extra points in Command: Protect. His Time Warp is an extremely affective slow and escape tool against ganks. Even if you manage to put in the damage you won't always get a kill because of Chronoshift which can be pretty irritating if you invested your ultimate to kill him. I recommend focusing on farming, only trading with him if you must.
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Jungler and Ganks

Orianna has great synergy with her jungler and ganking, lending them her Ball gives her extra range to cast her abilties on the enemy, and buff her ally in the process!

Your Jungler

Here is a list of junglers that work really well with Orianna

Maokai: His Twisted Advance gives him a strong targeted snare, placing the Ball on him while he goes in will essentially give you a targeted Command: Dissonance and possibly a strong Command: Shockwave.

Nocturne: Paranoia gives him a very long range gap closer, you can capitalize of this by Command: Protect > Command: Dissonance essentially giving it a slow when it hits. This will then make it difficult to escape Unspeakable Horror allowing you to easily chain a lot of your abilities together.

Nautilus: Is an incredible cc jungler that you can work with very easily. Just make sure you give him a Command: Dissonance to help him close the gap so he can Dredge Line > Riptide.

Shyvana: Her great burst on top of Dragon's Descent and Orianna's cc make a very potent combo, especially in team fighting.

Alistar: The cc king with more cc? YES! After completing his Headbutt > Pulverize combo, landing a Command: Dissonance right under them will HEAVILY cripple you enemy.

Amumu: His Bandage Toss > Curse of the Sad Mummy stun lock makes a great tool for Orianna to amplify from, allowing her to easily land her Command: Shockwave > Command: Dissonance. This combo is extremely powerful during teamfights as well!

Malphite: Unstoppable Force provides a good opportunity for Orianna to land her combo, this is another dangerous potent team combo (similar to Amumu).

Jarvan IV: His Demacian Standard and Cataclysm make him perfect for Orianna. Giving her an attack speed buff and the enemy will only have a small area to work with in which they will be slowed and bursted anyway.

Lee Sin: When you both reach 6 your ganks are overpowered. If you position your ultimate so they are pulled behind lee, he can kick them to you. I like to call it "shaolin soccer"! It's basically a death sentence if they get hit by Resonating Strike.

The emphasis on a strong gap closer here is important but not necessary. There are a lot more other examples like Skarner, Udyr, Riven, etc... who work well with Orianna as well.

Receiving a Gank

It is important when ganking to spread apart you and your allies crowd control to maximize the success of the gank. Also make sure you are auto attacking the enemy while you cast your spells because it adds extra magic damage with Clockwork Windup! In most scenarios you will be casting your spells on top of your alliy using Command: Protect leash range, so make sure you help him meet his target first! You only get one chance to do this right so make sure you have efficient placement and positioning!

If you are having a tough time in lane, remind your jungler to visit often as your lane will be pushed in most cases allowing for and easy kill or pressure relief.

Ganking Other Lanes

When ganking other lanes you might be expected to initiate. Orianna's Command: Shockwave makes for an amazing initiate by grouping them together in order to Command: Dissonance and slow them.

*Her Command: Shockwave is probably one of the best contributors to AoE team comps 2nd only to Jarvan IV's Cataclysm.*

If you aren't expected to initiate, just buff your ally by lending him the Ball. Basically like you would when receiving a gank except your presence will be supportive.

Getting Ganked

Since Orianna can sometimes be a bit of a power laner it is common to also receive pressure from the enemy jungle. Buying a sight ward whenever you back is a very good habit to get into. See Ward Locations.

When you are being ganked it is best to Command: Protect > Command: Dissonance yourself away, most of the time the speed boost will be to great and they will just give up.

In the even you are being tower dived do not panic! Position your ball in between them and Command: Shockwave > Command: Dissonance. This will do a huge amount of burst under the turret and will slow them, allowing you to get away or kite them to death!
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Neutral Camps

In this section I will be covering the Crest of the Ancient Golem buff and the wraith camp. Two instrumental camps that you will be using throughout the game to help you get ahead.

This buff can be extremely crucial to Orianna's success in a match. It's bonuses are godly especially for her, the % mana regeneration, and cooldown reduction are incredibly helpful! Although you should be getting frequent blue buffs don't become to dependent on them and manage your mana like you would without one.

Your jungler should being giving it to you as early as 7:30ish minutes (the second blue spawn) if they started there. Some jungles are dependent on blue for exp and sustain in the jungle so don't be to upset if you don't get one when you want it.

When you get Tear of the Goddess, blue buff allows you to SPAM your spells to gain stacks faster. So long as you don't push the lane it can be very beneficial to do this. If you do this correctly you can reach max stacks extremely quick!


Wraith Camp

*Now that the blue wraith is a little bit stronger I advise you only go to clear them around levels 7-9 when your Command: Dissonance is stronger. You will also have to commit a bit more to taking them since the positioning of blue wraith doesn't allow you to take them over the wall easily*

The wraith camp is a very popular way now for the mid champion to get extra gold and exp when laning. Because of its frequent respawn time you can take them very often. When taking the wraiths make sure your lane is somewhat pushed, or else the enemy could take the opportunity to kill you while out of position.

Always make sure you clean up your mess. Don't just take a few wraiths and leave the other ones sitting there, unless you actively tell your jungler "i only took the blue wraith" and he might come by and clear the rest. If you don't communicate with your jungler, the wraiths might not respawn the next time you come back!

During the early mid game Dragon is an extremely important neutral camp. Giving the team a huge gold boost over the enemy. When taking Dragon Orianna should be zoning out any threats of stealing, while auto attacking to help deal damage.

Taking Dragon

Although this should be Vision Warded frequently, sometimes your ward will be killed and you have no vision of Dragon 's river. In the event where you believe the enemy is going to take Dragon and your team needs vision, that's where the Ball comes in!

scouting Dragon

During the late game times of the match Baron Nashor will become a higher priority than Dragon giving more gold and a powerful buff Exulted with Baron Nashor. Giving the team a huge boost in damage over the enemy team. Orianna's role at Baron Nashor is much more crucial during the later stages when teams need to be together so make sure you are there to help zone the opposing team, if not your team might die!

Taking Baron

Although Baron Nashor should be Vision Warded frequently, sometimes your ward will be killed and you have no vision of the river. In the event where you believe the enemy is going to take Baron Nashor and your team needs vision, that's where the Ball comes in!

Scouting baron
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Team Fighting

Orianna is great in teamfights, her range and utility make her a good role filler at this time in the game and she can adapt to whatever she needs (anti carry, support, carry, disruptor, etc...)


Before a team fight it is common for enemies to use there spells and poke at the enemy and see who gets caught out. This is a risky practice because sometimes you can get caught out, unless your Orianna of course. Your range should allow you to poke them with Command: Dissonance quite safely but don't get to over confident.


When initiating it is essential that you have Command: Shockwave at the ready. After poking at the enemy pre-fight wait for the right moment in order to pulverize the whole team.

During this time lining up for your shot be aware of your mini map. If you or one of your team mates get caught it could completely ruin everything.


In general the highest priority target is the AD carry. But in Orianna's case this can differ mostly because of her versatility to support and deal damage.


Those were only basic scenarios in where you would focus priority, but that is the basic idea.

When fighting it is crucial you maximize the effectiveness of every skill you have. Because once they go on cooldown you loose all your utility and can only damage with Clockwork Windup.
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(S3) Match History

Although score and numbers don't mean anything, It's really the only tangible proof I can
give you to say that this guide will help and teach you something about Orianna.
I will be adding to this section as I continue to play in for season 3.

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Thanks to those of you who viewed and up voted my guide.

Resourceful BBCode color list.

HUGE thanks to JhoiJhoi's guide to making a guide!

HUGE thanks to IceCreamy's guide on columns!

Specifications and numbers provided by Orianna Wiki

Please leave feedback in the comments of what you think and share what you know, I might look into it and add to the guide!

Check out my Orianna vision change thread.
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Patches: How they affect Orianna

Patch 3.5

Patch 3.04

Patch 3.02

Patch 3.01

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