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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Kled Build Guide by Arcthunder

Top Skaarl's Philosophy 2.0 - A M7 Guide to Kled [9.10]

Top Skaarl's Philosophy 2.0 - A M7 Guide to Kled [9.10]

Updated on May 28, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcthunder Build Guide By Arcthunder 35 5 86,617 Views 17 Comments
35 5 86,617 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcthunder Kled Build Guide By Arcthunder Updated on May 28, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Kled
    Gazillion Acres
  • LoL Champion: Kled
    Tank Tank Tank!


Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace



LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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[1.3] ~ Updated the Akali matchup.
[1.2] ~ Removed glass cannon build. Just not worth it lol.
[1.1] ~ Changed up a few matchups. Also added Press the Attack as a viable keystone.
[1.0] ~ I decided to start from scratch. I hope you enjoy!

Good morning/afternoon/evening reader! I'm MIA Skaarl, and it is about time I redid this guide. Kled has remained to be my favorite champion, time in and time out. I enjoy his boisterous nature, his GO HAM kit, and the stupid lizard too I guess. So, put simply, I couldn't sit and watch as my second guide at the time remained as a crude guide, while my other guides (*cough cough* Camille & Tahm Kench *cough cough*) were updated with my empowered Photoshop skills. Therefore, I believe this treatment is overdue.

Please enjoy this remake of my older guide: Skaarl's Philosophy: A M7 Guide to Kled.


+ Extreme amount of damage
+ Super sticky
+ Strong Lvl 2 trades
+ Can build tanky and still be viable
+ Great engage
+ Ability to outplay harder than Faker
Kled's damage matches his attitude, especially if he is fed. The amount of damage he can deliver with his W, Violent Tendencies and a Black Cleaver is easily able to delete squishies, or take a chunk out of tanks. Also, his lvl 2 trades can easily score you a kill when you land your Q, Beartrap on a Rope. His E, Jousting is great for sticking to targets that are getting away ( Flash? Reactivate E and get up in their faces), making you an even better dueler. You have strong engages, with your ult, Q, E, etc., and once you dismount, you can lure enemies in with your low health and summon back Skaarl to get a clean kill. What's not to like?


- Terrible without Skaarl
- Only one AOE spell
- Chaaaaaaaarge!!! can't be cancelled
- Little to no escapes
- No hard CC
- A bit of profanity (if you don't like it...)
Kled and Skaarl are one, so when Skaarl flees, it can be very difficult to do what you need to do, like cs, poke, etc. It puts you in a very vulnerable position, especially when you only have one escape spell (if you can call it that), Pocket Pistol. Also, his kit provides no hard cc, like stuns, so it can be pretty difficult to catch up the a fleeing Ezreal or whatever ADC Skaarl is hungry for. Finally, his ult can't be aiming wisely is essential. Oh yeah, and profanity, if you don't like it that much (but hey, you play LoL, chances are you see it on a daily basis you bronze 5 Yasuo).

From League Itself

A warrior as fearless as he is ornery, Kled is a popular folk hero in Noxus. Embodying the furious bravado of his nation, he is an icon beloved by the empire’s soldiers, distrusted by its officers, and loathed by the nobility. Tall tales such as “The Great Hussar” “The High General Marshal Sergeant” and “The Mountain Admiral” trace back to the founding of the empire. Many soldiers claim Kled has fought in every campaign the legions have waged, has “acquired” every military title, and has never once backed down from a fight. Though the veracity of the details is often questionable, one part of his legend is undeniable: Charging into battle on his un-trusty steed, Skaarl, Kled fights to protect what’s his… and to take whatever he can get.

God that's long. To sum it up, you have a fearless, drunk, and bloodthirsty yordle named Kled, who's only companion is an immortal, yet cowardly lizard/dinosaur/drakalops Skaarl. They single handedly rule all of the plains of Noxus (at least they think they do), and never back down from a good fight.

In game, Kled functions as a diver. Similar to champs like Rek'Sai and Camille, Kled's job is to get his tiny hands on any target within reach and IMMEDIATELY blitz towards them. Kled's passive promotes this type of GO ALL IN playstyle: attack enough enemies at low health to get better abilities back and more health. Overall, you can't be afraid to take risks with Kled.

As with many of the newer champions, Riot released a little cinematic to commemorate (I guess) the release of Kled. Feel free to watch it; it perfectly showcases the bond between the two.

Below are currently the most viable keystones for Kled, along with one trolling set for fun. I, personally, ranked them in the order that I usually pick them/use them. That doesn't discredit all of them (except Kleptomancy)! You should just keep in mind that these are my choices and the ones that you pick are in no way shape or form bad.

Kled's Viable Keystones

/ > > > >



Press the Attack was my favorite keystone on Kled. It is like the old Fervor of Battle , except it technically provides some free armor pen. But now, Riot has blessed us with the godly keystone Conqueror. This is why it still remains my favorite keystone: no other keystone on my list can provide free damage amp in the form of true damage. It strengthens your early game trades and makes you a monster later in the game. Additionally, taking Precision first allows you to net some nice attack speed, which makes it easier to remount.

It is important to note that Press the Attack works just as well. I usually take it when I'm not facing a heavy tank, such as Malphite or Sion. The extra damage is very nice, but Conqueror overpowers it when it comes to tanks.



Grasp of the Undying has recently surged in one of the viable keystones for Kled, since the Resolve path bonus can now provide AD/AP. The main perks of this keystone is that your early game damage is extremely strong. Also, since you are a bit tankier by taking a Resolve keystone, you can actually be the first engage for your team ( Chaaaaaaaarge!!!). I have also been experiencing with Aftershock, but I haven't had much success yet.



Electrocute usually follows with a heavier AD build, but man does it kill. Out of all of the keystones, Electrocute ensures that you have the strongest early game, with the tradeoff of late game damage. However, this type of rune setup absolutely eliminates any squishes if you get on them. It does struggle with tanks, unless you build tons of lethality. The main reason I don't take it is because the power of it falls off once the game gets past around 35 minutes.



Summon Aery is great at whittling down your opponents in lane, especially if you take Scorch. This setup makes your Beartrap on a Rope very punishing, which can easily deal a chunk of damage if landed. However, that's about it. No bursting, no tankiness, or any lethality here. It's kinda nice in teamfights, but what it lacks is just too much for me.



Listen. Kleptomancy is super sketchy and is viable on only a few champions (I'm looking at you Gangplank). However, if you are on a losing streak and just wanna have fun, may I suggest Kleptomancy? It provides tankiness, damage, true damage to turrets, and gold! What's not to like?

SKAARL, THE COWARDLY LIZARD Kled and Skaarl have separate health bars. Skaarl's health bar depletes? He runs away and your abilities change This. This passive is what makes Kled so fun, but difficult to play. Managing both Skaarl and your courage meter is necessary for the Faker-like outplays and most importantly, staying alive. Additionally, this passive promotes fighting when the odds are a bit stacked against you. Being able to summon Skaarl back during a fiesty 1v1 will not only bring your health back up, but will also take Beartrap on a Rope and Jousting off of CD, allowing you to cast it immediately.

Is it easy? No! But once you get the hang of it, you can pull off some of the sickest plays and baits ever seen by a LoL player. Note: You will get mad when your Courage reaches 100, but you still die. Get used to it.

BEARTRAP ON A ROPE & POCKET PISTOL Mounted: Kled throws a redneck contraption out. Unmounted: Kled fires a hail of bullets that knocks him back Let's cover Beartrap on a Rope first. It is the first ability you take and the first one you max, with the main reason being that the pull damage gets amped severely per level. Additionally, this ability begins your bread and butter combo, which I will get into later. This ability is also great for clearing minions.

Pocket Pistol is only active when Kled is unmounted. It serves as not only a dismount, but an essential why to earn more Courage for Skaarl to come back. The damage is lackluster, but it can definitely kill low enemies. Essentially, this ability is used for the last bit of courage or to disengage from a fight (but you don't do that right?).

VIOLENT TENDENCIES Attack super fast for 4 autos/4 seconds then deal % health dmg This may not be the first ability that comes to mind when you think Kled, but it is mainly what lets him absolutely destroy squishes and tanks. This ability is also responsible for allowing you to remount quickly, since each auto restores around 4-20 courage. Learning to manage this passive gives Kled a decently high skill ceiling. Engaging unmounted without Violent Tendencies is sure to lead you to death.

A sure-fire combo to getting Skaarl back is 4 Violent Tendencies AA> Pocket Pistol>AA. You should then be able to turn the fight in your favor.

This passive also opens up two different playstyles: Do you build items like Phantom Dancer to make sure you get the autos in or even tankier items like Randuin's Omen to make sure you survive the autos? Your choice.

JOUSTING Mounted only. Dash to an enemy. You can dash again if it hits enemy champ Divers are classified for their high mobility. This ability, along with Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, fits Kled into this subclass. The ability is fairly simple, kinda like Renekton's dash, Slice and Dice: Dash to someone, then you can dash again. It makes you extremely sticky, plus Phage. Additionally, Jousting allows you to go over walls on second cast, ensuring that your target can't escape by any means. Flash stands no chance against this ability.

CHAAAAAAAARGE!!! The duo blitz towards a given location and blitz to first target seen When you are playing against a Kled and hear trumpets (the GLORIOUS trumpets), you better run for the hills if you are somewhere vulnerable. When you say Kled, this ability (and the stupid lizard too) are one of the first things to come up. Regardless, this is your engage and what also makes Kled a great teamfighter. He truly lives up to his lore: If you are going in, other people are bound to follow you, thanks to the speed path you leave behind.

One simple tip: If you have an inkling of a doubt that your team won't follow up on your Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, then DON'T. DO. IT. You should always consider the worst case scenario, and plan accordingly. You're a madman, but you at least have some wits.

FLASH: Flash is always and probably will be a must take summoner spell for nearly any champ. Kled is no exception. Your main use for this spell is to secure kills that you can't reach in unmounted form. Running away is for losers, but Flash helps with that too.
EXHUAST: It is a rare choice for me: being without Teleport always makes me feel pretty useless. However, if I know that I am in an extremely tough lane, Exhaust is a great choice and is better than Barrier. The idea is that since Exhaust reduces DPS, you can get in more autos or a Pocket Pistol before dying. As I mentioned above, it's a rare choice, but it is worth enough to put on here.
TELEPORT: Perfect for any top laner! This ensures that you can always join a fight, dragon, or baron, regardless of location. It is also great for getting back to lane quickly. 99% of the time, I take Teleport on Kled.

Skill Max

> > >


Always take points in Chaaaaaaaarge!!! when available. From there, you primarily make Beartrap on a Rope, since it scales extremely well as it levels up and increases the slow. Violent Tendencies you actually max second. Sure, the extra damage is nice, but in the end, you are better off increasing the potency of your one CC skill rather than increase your damage. Finally, level up Jousting whenever necessary. Jousting's scaling is too much of a joke to be considered a first or second max.

Your core is pretty set; you should usually never derive from it.

Black Cleaver

The amount of stats this item offers to Kled solidifies it as a core item + the first item you should get. Not only is the health nice, but the AD and CDR makes this an important item for him. However, the main reason you take this is that it synergizes greatly with Kled's Violent Tendencies. The armor shred stacks up quickly, allowing you to kill anyone you want in an extended fight. I suggest getting Tiamat first though, since this will boost your CS so you can get the gold to buy Black Cleaver.

Titanic Hydra

For Kled, this item is a godsend. Along with Black Cleaver, it gives Kled everything he wants: health, AD, % health on-hit damage, plus an auto attack reset (which pairs perfectly with Violent Tendencies and your passive). This is also a benefit of building an early Tiamat: you can build into this item faster. Not much else can be said: Titanic Hydra is a great item and you should almost always get it after Black Cleaver.


Ravenous Hydra

Now, lets say you are snowballing hard. If you want to close the game faster with more damage, you may want to consider Ravenous Hydra instead. Unlike Titanic Hydra, Ravenous Hydra offers more AD, health regen, plus lifesteal. However, it lacks the survivability of Titanic Hydra in the form of health and an auto attack reset. 9 times out of 10, you will most likely take Titanic Hydra, but it is always a choice to consider.

Below is an extensive explanation of the items in the item pool and why they work well with Kled. The champion icons on the left are champions that are commonly countered by said item.

Adaptive Helm
Always a great source of MR and health, regardless of how the enemy works. However, it's passive works best against DPS champions who also have some sort of magic damage

Blade of the Ruined King One of the few pure AD items you can get away with. I usually never get this item, but the powerful raw stats it offers is always a guilty pleasure every now and them. Same with Statikk Shiv.

Dead Man's Plate
This item provides a solid amount of health and armor. However, it also offers a strong offensive value: it's passive. Land that empowered auto on any champ that lacks good disengage and they are sure to be dead.

Death's Dance
Usually ends up being my third item. Has CDR, AD, and a passive that protects you from being completely one-shot. Counters most assassins and burst mages.

Duskblade of Draktharr If you are running Electrocute and snowballing hard, consider buying this item to amp up your power when you dive. Any squishes will die.

Edge of Night
Lethality is nice, AD is nice, health is nice, but this item is a Banshee's Veil for AD casters, assassins, etc. Counters any champs that require CC to pull off a combo.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
If I usually need a tankier item, I go with this item. The pure defensive stats make you a god in teamfights, plus the active makes you even tankier. Counters champs that need teamfights to thrive.

Guardian Angel
Always a great third item. Armor and AD plus a revival passive make you guranteed to get Skaarl back! Counters assassins and ADCS (since it's still dmg).

Knight's Vow
Health and armor is great and all, but why this item? This item is for those games. Those games where you have fed so hard that you finally get Black Cleaver after 20 minutes. At that point, do your team a favor and build this item to help out your ADC.

Maw of Malmortius
Damage? Check. CDR? Check? Resistances? Check check and check. Maw of Malmortius is perfect for dealing with pesky burst mages that burst you down to unmounted form. The shield, free AD, and spellvamp/lifesteal comes in great help in getting back Skaarl as well. Great item.

Mercurial Scimitar
Not only are the stats good, but this item is great at countering a team comp that thrives off of hard CC, like Veigar. Perfect for when you need to be mobile and dive the backlines.

Mortal Reminder
This item gives some armor pen, which is nice and all, but you get this item for the grevious wounds it provides. Any heavy healer requires this item to counter them.
Vladimir is the biggest offender.

Phantom Dancer
Are you ever just tired of losing Skaarl? Do you just wish she would just come back at a moments notice? Well, now you can with Phantom Dancer! It gives you an insane about of attack speed and some crit chance as well! Skaarl will never leave your side!

Randuin's Omen A common tanky item I build on Kled. Its active is not only great for catching up to enemies, but the passive is great at shutting down crit-reliant champions. The health is nice too.

Ravenous Hydra
Didn't I cover this already?

Spirit Visage
This anti-magic item is like a jack of all trades. It has health, CDR, and MR. Other than that, the healing passive is nice, although you don't benefit unless you have lifesteal.

Sterak's Gage
Before 8.12, Sterak's Gage boosts your damage off of base attack damage instead of bonus attack damage. That means that by building this item, [kled] receives no damage amp on his abilities! However, 8.12 changed that, making this item viable on [kled] once again. Perfect for teamfights that start with a burst, since passive gives you a strong shield once taken X amount of damage.

If a champion you are facing is AD and has a high DPS, then Thornmail should keep the problem in check. The high amount of armor it provides is only complimented by the small amount of health you gain as well. However, you mainly buy this item for its passive, which punishes high dps champions with grievous wound and reflected magic damage. ADCs (and a select few) suffer under this item.

Warmog's Armor
If you need a boost on Skaarl's health in the late game, look no further than Warmog's Armor. This item has the highest amount of health in game, which counters true damage abusers such as Conqueror runners and Camille. However, this item is extremely situational, so only buy it under your own risk.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Along with Blade of the Ruined King, this item is also a guilty pleasure. The lethality and AD is great at obliterating squishy targets. Also, for the squisher ones that have a better disengage, Youmuu's active can help catch up to fleeing targets.

{Pre-Game} When you first spawn in, you need to consider what type of matchup you will be facing. Normally, you will take a Doran's Blade plus a Health Potion. The Doran's Blade provides you the perfect stats for the early game, versus the other starting items. However, if you feel uncomfortable in a matchup, it is always acceptable to take Doran's Shield instead. The passive will keep you topped off, plus the extra health helps as well. On the other hand, if you feel like you are going to smash your lane, you can instead go for a Long Sword and a Health Potion instead. This will help you start your Tiamat or Phage early, at the sacrifice of health and lifesteal.

Kled has a decent leash, so you shouldn't run into the problem of stealing a jungler's buff. Simply use Beartrap on a Rope, auto, then leave at about 500 health. Otherwise, if the jungler doesn't need any help, camp in a nearby bush by the other buff. This will prevent any loners from trying to ward a camp. After minions spawn, head for the lane.

{Early Game} Kled has a very strong level 1-3 powerspike, mainly due to his Beartrap on a Rope and Violent Tendencies combo. But during early levels, if you level up Violent Tendencies, then you will immediately have to use the passive on your next auto, placing it on a heavy cooldown. Instead of wasting it, rather wait till you initiate a trade. Your first auto will be empowered and you won't waste it. After that, however, you are stuck having to manage the passive, since there is no way to toggle it off. With Kled, you need to be extra careful when it comes to CSing; since his attacks come out so fast with Violent Tendencies, it is very easy to get mixed up and miss CS. Additionally, if you feel a trading opportunity is coming up, restrain yourself from activating the passive. Last time I checked, a blown summoner spell or a kill is much better than 1-2 CS.

During the laning phase, you need to be mindful of two things: CSing, and openings for trades. One key factor is keeping an idea on cooldowns of your opponent. An example I like to commonly use is the Kled vs Darius matchup. Darius has a very punishing moveset. Stepping to close can get you trapped into his Apprehend >> Crippling Strike >> Decimate combo. However, his combo is only attainable if he doesn't whiff his pull, Apprehend. If he whiffs, his engage is set on a hefty 24 second cooldown. This 24 second period in the early game leaves Darius with no CC skill, allowing you to punish him with your own. If he tries to CS, all-in with your own CC, given that you haven't wasted it ( Beartrap on a Rope). Watching the cooldowns of your opponent is important for maximizing the effectiveness.

Pre-Six Trading Combo



AA X2~X4

( Violent Tendencies)


After Six All-In Combo



AA X2~X4

( Violent Tendencies)



(Just throw Chaaaaaaaarge!!! in when you notice some CC, or if you need a catchup.)

When you are dismounted in lane, you need to pay more attention to your Courage. This is the meter that fills while you last hit, attack enemies, and land hits on champions with your Pocket Pistol.When the meter fills, Skaarl will return, giving you a massive chunk of health back and your Jousting, Beartrap on a Rope, and Chaaaaaaaarge!!! abilities. Managing your Courage separates a good Kled player from a mediocre one. Since your health is very low in dismounted form, it is ok to step back a bit if you fear that the enemy has CC ( Riven) or a deadly execute ( Garen). However, if you choose that, focus heavily on CSing under turret. This will be the only way to get Courage. If you can't even do that, just recall and come back after you've healed.

{Mid Game} This starts when the first turret is usually taken. At this point, roaming or pushing your influence is a great idea, maybe even a bit earlier. Fortunately, Kled does this very well with his ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, which allows him to go 0 to 100 to a select destination, and his Teleport, which also allows him to reach even further destinations. However, you can't just roam for free; you need a plan and have to account for many other variables, such as where the jungler is, enemy vision, waves, etc. Below is a quick checklist on if it is ok to roam or not.

Should I roam/TP?

However, you also have a mirror option: splitpushing. Splitpushing is a crucial aspect for any toplaner; being able to control waves and force pressure around the map is an easy way to secure objectives and more games. Splitpushing is the opposite of teamfighting: instead of sticking with your team, you instead push a lone lane, in hopes of forcing someone to come and deal with you. However, be aware that splitpushing only works if you are strong enough. If the enemy can just send one person to kill you, then it defeats the purpose. Your goal isn't to just get turrets, rather, it is to force indecision on the enemy team.

With Kled, you need to push fast. Use Beartrap on a Rope to clear caster minions, while you use Violent Tendencies to clear out the melee minions. Titanic Hydra speeds up this process greatly, allowing you to push faster. Demolish is also an essential rune choice if you plan to splitpush. The extra damage proc allows you to bust through turrets and cause more pressure.

This counters teamfighting, so if you notice that the enemy is grouping up, perhaps it would be a good choice to push. This can't work if your team can't handle you not being there. If your team dies in a 4v5, then sure, maybe their progress is slowed down, but now, you have to defend your base. Pushing doesn't help protect you. If your team needs you, then scrap pushing, even if it may be the right choice. Note: If you want a clean balance between the two, consider setting up a slow push: Simply run to a pushing lane and kill all of the cannons and caster minions. The wave will slowly push itself towards the turret, causing pressure while you aren't there. However, it isn't as aggressive.

{Late Game} If the match gets to late game, you are in deep trouble.

Kled and late game do not mesh well. By now, ADCs are extremely strong, while tanks can shrug off your damage and prevent you from getting to the backline. However, you can still manage, regardless if you are not strong late game.

For starters, you need to be focused on Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor . This two buffs can secure the game in your hands and lose it in the enemies hands.Position your team around these buffs and try to get them when they come up. Additionally, make a solid push to grab inhibitors. The Super Minions that spawn have enough power to push a lane until stopped by a champion. This type of pressure can ensure any objectives you want to take, such as dragons. Finally, make sure that you are present in every. single. teamfight. Teamfights are essential in the late game, due to the long death timers. Chaaaaaaaarge!!! can allow you to target a tricky backline. At this point in the game, you are a nuisance. Let your teammates work for you.





Ah, the bane of Kled's existance. This duelist is known for getting a free stun off of Kled, since the pull is very telegraphed. Kled mains hate Fiora. The prancing duelist scales better, hits harder, and has max health true damage. However, the true reason we hate Fiora is because of her W, Riposte. Essentially, any immobilizing effect that happens during the cast becomes nullified, and anything in a small skillshot-ish line is stunned. This wouldn't be a problem if Beartrap on a Rope triggered this stun and if it wasn't extremely easy to pick up on...but it is. That skill alone nullifies the whole start of your combo, making it very diffcult to win trades. And of course, she shreds you late game.


Fiora is not built around whittling you down, rather, she likes to hit Vitals from her passive, Duelist's Dance, over and over again in quick succession. Your standard start will work fine. However, if you are really scared, you can opt for a Doran's Shield.


  • Fiora becomes more potent when she reaches level six, since she has access to Grand Challenge, which places Vitals all around you. If you see them, run. However, if you think you can pull out the fight, attempt to position yourself against a nearby wall. This will prevent Fiora from accessing one or two Vitals, denying her the AOE heal from hitting them all.
  • Prior to level two or three, you are actually level with Fiora. This is because she usually doesn't level up Riposte until levels two or three. Therefore, you can rapidly poke with Beartrap on a Rope to keep her away from early CS. Additionally, you can bait her if her Vital is at an easy spot: Simply wait till she uses Lunge, then follow up with your Beartrap on a Rope and auto away.
  • Keep in mind that Riposte only stuns if you are within the small skillshot line. The ability is still dodgeable. Stepping to the side or baiting it out early is a surefire way to ensure that you aren't stunned.
  • If Fiora becomes a problem late game, you may not be able to pull it through. Two items that are great at shutting her down are Thornmail and Ninja Tabi. Thornmail because it applies Grevious Wounds, which prevent Fiora from healing from her Ravenous Hydra, and it can damage her as well. Ninja Tabi because it blocks 10% of damage regardless.





Demacia may beat Noxus in this matchup. His Q is absolutely brutal, plus his free healing and Tenacity. Nothing makes me tear out my hair more than a Garen main. Garen is made to be an easy to play tank/bruiser, but in the end, he is usually dealing a ton of damage while being impossible to kill. When it comes to Kled, the problem lies in Garen's ultimate, Demacian Justice. Nine times out of ten, if you are dismounted, you will die to a Demacian Justice. It doesn't even take much. Garen simple has to whittle you down with his Decisive Strike into Judgment combo. Low health? Perseverance will take him back up to full health. Trying to hit him with Beartrap on a Rope? He simply shrugs it off with Courage. Infuriating kit, infuriating champion...I just don't like him.


Garen and his combo is brutal. Fighting him on low health is rarely an option, so take Doran's Shield to protect yourself from the might of Demacia.


  • Garen's bread and butter combo all starts with his Decisive Strike. However, since it can also function as an auto attack reset, Garen may use it to last hit a minion. If he does, engage on him. By doing so, he won't have any movement speed to get away, and he can't silence you as well.
  • Harrassing is a good choice in the early game. It takes 9 seconds for Garen's passive to kick in after he's been damaged. At level one, your Beartrap on a Rope also runs a 9 second cooldown, so make sure you land it to prevent the most healing.
  • If you are marked by Garen, you will take true damage instead of magic damage from his ultimate, Demacian Justice. Staying around while low is a death sentence, especiall if you are unmounted. Don't be afraid to back to heal up.
  • Late game, Garen can either be a pure tank or a bruiser type of build. Check what build he is taking in order to make the proper choice on item selection. Tank builds could call for Youmuu's Ghostblade or other lethality items, while the bruiser build requires more defenses like Randuin's Omen.





Heimerdinger is an annoyance to everyone. Would you like to not have fun today? Good, because Heimerdinger was created to do just that. His main part of his kit, H-28G Evolution Turret, allows for insane lane control and zoning. Walking up to CS or trade can get you hit with his Hextech Micro-Rockets or CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade, which are both very potent and can lead to an easy kill. Trying to kill him? Too bad, his ultimate can place an even bulkier turret, which will whittle you down until Skaarl doesn't even want to come back. A difficult lane, and a boring one as well.


No exceptions here. Heimerdinger's poke is deadly, so this is a must. The only other substitute is a Null-Magic Mantle and as many health pots as you can afford.


  • This matchup requires severe resilience. As the game progresses, the lane control will only go more towards Heimerdinger. If he has all three turrets set up, don't even think about trading. One CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade and you may be out of business.
  • As with other champions, observe Heimerdinger's cooldowns. If he just used an ability, think about the state of the lane and if you could kill him with one rotation or not. As for his turrets, Heimerdinger can only place three at a time. When there are none there, that is a great time to engage. Also, an early Hexdrinker is always a safe choice if he has a few kills under his belt.
  • Don't be afraid to roam or back. Your time is better spent making picks or stealing the enemy jungle than waiting until the enemy waves hits your turret.
  • Late game, Beartrap on a Rope should one shot the turrets Heimerdinger places down. It is essential to try and prevent him from setting up a formation, or else he will be very dangerous in teamfights. Adaptive Helm and Maw of Malmortius will severely reduce the damage he does.





Illaoi is a tough case. Her difficulty is actually fairly situational, but her healing is nothing to scoff at. Priestess of the tentacles, Illaoi is all about her tentacles. They are on nearby walls, they are in her little trinket, and they spawn out of nowhere from her Leap of Faith. However, all of those tentacles have one thing in common: they heal for an insane amount. Her ultimate can easily flip a teamfight or trade or gank upside-down. Not only that, but she has risk free poke if she lands her Test of Spirit. She's an odd case, but in the wrong hands, you are dead meat.


Standard start will work for Illaoi. Doran's Shield is also acceptable.


  • Her kit thrives off of landing her Test of Spirit. Early levels, a misuse sets it on a 20 second cooldown. Engaging between that time is the best time to engage.
  • If she ults and you are caught in it, run. The number of tentacles that spawn make it practically impossible to fight her. Additionally, the healing she will receive is unrealistic. Overall, just don't fight her. It's not worth it at that point.
  • She is terrible at roaming, since her Prophet of an Elder God only spawns every few seconds. This means that for a majority of the game, she will be pushing your lane as hard as she can, making her vulnerable to ganks from your jungler. If she does happen to leave lane, kill as many tentacles as you can before she gets back. Kled's Violent Tendencies make this a breeze.
  • Late game, a Mortal Reminder will prevent her from being a monster in teamfights. Overall, just avoid being clumped up. Splitpushing is also a great choice, however, she can kill you if you are not careful with your pushing.





Kennen is the lighting yordle of death. Packed full of CC, he makes unmounted Kled a pain to play. Pray that you never see this thing in your ranked games. His Thundering Shuriken is very fast, allowing little chance to dodge. Additionally, Mark of the Storm causes three simple abilities to turn into a deadly 1.25 second stun. Not only that, but his Lightning Rush lets him run away with ease. Simply put, he can stun you a lot and still deal a ton of damage.


As with Heimerdinger, the Doran's Shield is a necesscity. The poke you will receive from Thundering Shuriken and Electrical Surge allows it to proc often.


  • In reality, Kennen is actually very very squishy, it is just that everytime you engage, you are met with powerful CC. But his autos allow can't proc a mark on Mark of the Storm, unless it is his fifth attack. Kennen will poke you often, so capitalize if he misses a skill.
  • Lightning Rush actually has a fairly low cooldown early levels, so be careful around level 6. A simple Lightning Rush into Slicing Maelstrom can be fatal if you are low.
  • Chaaaaaaaarge!!! actually makes you immune to CC (while you are traveling to your location). When Kennen consumes the mark, you will not be stunned, allowing you to catch him at his weakest point. Additionally, beside Electrical Surge, Kennen has no reliable way to proc his passive. Every other ability he has can be dodged, so focus on what he's doing.
  • Late game, teamfights are the name of Kennen's game. Thanks to his wide AOE area of Slicing Maelstrom, he can stun and kill a majority of targets that are trapped inside. Therefore, it may be better off to be splitpushing. Additionally, buying an early Stopwatch or Hexdrinker can shut him down early, making him less of a threat in the late game.





Pantheon only beats you for two reasons: point and click stun, and crit on low health. Pantheon plays like a wimp during the laning phase right up until you get to low health. He'll chuck his spear at you over and over again, while Manaflow Band saves his mana and Summon Aery pokes even harder. Once you are dismounted, you may as well run...which you really can't as Kled. Pantheon's E, Heartseeker Strike, is also a passive. Certain Death sets Pantheon's critical chance to 100% when fighting a low health enemy. Combine unmounted Kled's mobility and Pantheon's Certain Death and Aegis of Zeonia...and you get a snowballed lane. Oh, did I mention his Spear Shot also follows the same passive too?


Doran's Shield is a necessity, since getting dismounted in this matchup is not a good idea. You could also opt for a Cloth Armor and as many pots as you can afford.


  • A good Pantheon will normally take Manaflow Band in their runes. With the Spear Shot being on such a low cooldown, he can spam it forever throughout the lane. If he starts to use it early game, back up. You don't want to be dismounted in this matchup.
  • If the lane is pushing towards you really fast, look for your jungler. [pantheon does not have any type of dash and can't handle a 2v1. As with Kennen, Chaaaaaaaarge!!! can nullify Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia and cancel his channel on Heartseeker Strike.
  • Watch out for level six. Pantheon's Grand Skyfall has a long range level one, and can catch you off guard if you are taking down the enemy turret. Not only that, but his ultimate makes him a great roamer as well. Notify your team when he's missing.
  • Late game, Pantheon falls off extremely. However, don't underestimate his power when he gets to an ADC. Pantheon builds a ridiculous amount of lethality, so if he manages to stun an ADC, you may as well kiss your ADC goodbye. As for Kled, the CC late game is more potent than his damage. Consider getting Quicksilver Sash if it becomes a problem.





Don't pick Kled into Quinn. Any good Quinn player will punish you with her range and her lethality. Quinn is such an odd case. She appears to be more like an ADC, yet she has the mobility of a top laner. Her damage early is fine, except the fact that she can hit you more often while you are CSing. If she wants to all-in, Quinn can simply use her Q, Vault, and push herself right out of your reach. Not only that, but your Beartrap on a Rope is so far that she can simply just walk out. The worst part? When you play passive, she can simply use Behind Enemy Lines and roam as far as she wants, reducing your influence. It's a lose-lose situation.


This is one of the only matchups I always take Cloth Armor and Health Potion. Quinn's early damage is absolutely unreal.


  • If I am being completely honest, don't pick Kled into Quinn. There are many things that can go wrong in this lane. However, if you are stuck playing against her, then be prepared to build some early armor. Ninja Tabi and Bramble Vest are great early items to counter Quinn.
  • When Quinn uses her Q, Vault, it slows you and speeds her up as well, since Quinn also gets a Harrier mark. Run away. If she chases, try and land a Beartrap on a Rope + Jousting combo. They need to be right after each other to get your highest chance of success.
  • Past level 6, Quinn can roam very easily. Take this time to farm up as much as you can and push until she came back.
  • Late game, Quinn can be a full-blown assassin. She can fly all around the map and seek out squishy targets. Consider buying items like Randuin's Omen if she builds critical chance. If she goes lethality instead, maybe going some health items instead, such as Sterak's Gage or Sunfire Aegis.





Renekton has mobility that rivals even you. Not only that, but his base damage early is very high. This is one angry croc, one to even rival Kled himself. In the early game, he is a monster. Cull the Meek has a high base damage, which is only amplified when Reign of Anger is loaded. It also heals him a lot in trades. However, the main appeal to Renekton is his E, Slice and Dice. Renekton can simply dash in, stun you with Ruthless Predator, and dive back out. And if he wants to all-in, he can just activate Dominus and run the same combo. Very oppressive lane.


Doran's Shield will keep your health safe in between trades, since Renekton can only pull off his combo every once and a while. Cloth Armor can work too.


  • Renekton's Q, Cull the Meek only gets stronger when he levels up, since it scales so well. If he uses it on minions, that would be a good time to trade. Otherwise, he can combine it with his dash and stun to deal massive early damage.
  • When Renekton triggers Dominus, run. His moves become extremely strong then and he deals magic damage around him. Diving him after six is not the best idea, unless he has burnt Ruthless Predator or Dominus. Otherwise, he can simply stun you, then dash away, leaving you with having to chase after him and escape turret.
  • Renekton will look to stomp the early game to scale into the late game extremely well. If you deny him early kills, then he can't scale into the late game, reducing his impact throughout the match. Play safer than normal and CS only when it is safe.
  • Late game, Renekton can be a tough cookie to crack. His teamfighting presence is scary, and no ADC is safe around him. However, he can be pretty squishy early game. Buying something like Executioner's Calling can prevent heavy heals and armor items like Sunfire Aegis are great at reducing the croc's damage.





Teemo is the devil. 'Nuff said. Yordles are annoying as is. But Teemo takes it a step further. The main problem Kled has with the swift scout is his Q, Blinding Dart. Blinding Dart makes all of your auto attacks miss, which is extremely inconvenient if you go to trade with him. Also, his Toxic Shot passive deals annoying DOT damage, causing you to take unnecessary damage during lane. Past level six, his Noxious Trap makes him even more annoying to deal with. Just a little ball of pure annoyance.


Doran's Blade will work for Teemo. If you manage to get on top of Teemo, he is actually really squishy.


  • As mentioned above, Teemo has an edge over Kled with his Q, Blinding Dart. His blind lasts around 2 seconds in the early game, but your abilities still land. Land a Beartrap on a Rope, then wait until blind wears off. Once it does, go to town. If you attack early, you will waste your Violent Tendencies, which reduces your damage output.
  • Teemo's one mobility skill is his W, Move Quick. The cooldown is very high, since it is usually his only way to escape. However, it isn't a dash or anything, so Jousting will allow you to stick to him to deal more damage.
  • Past six trades, examine where Teemo runs when you are trading with him. Most of the time, Teemo will run towards his mushrooms that he lays with Noxious Trap. They slow and do painful damage. Running into one or two can easily shut you down and force you to retreat.
  • Late game, Teemo doesn't have any teamfighting presence. He will usually end up splitpushing instead of teamfighting. To deal with him, a good defensive item is Adaptive Helm, since it reduces Teemo's poison damage. However, if you want a more offensive item, Maw of Malmortius will grant some MR, and a magic shield for when you are low. Also, Oracle Lens is good for dealing with Teemo's hidden mushrooms.





Urgot only became stronger after his rework. He is truly a ranged bruiser. Urgot isn't a joke now. He actually deals an insane amount of damage and is a true champion now. However, this only made more oppressive in the top lane. Kled usually struggles with ranged matchups and Urgot is no exception. Urgot's Q, Corrosive Charge, is great at poking, plus combines well with his main damage source, Purge. To make matters even worse, his R, Fear Beyond Death is an execute, meaning that you are never safe as dismounted Kled. Oh, did I also mention his stun on Disdain?


Doran's Shield keeps you healthy between Urgot's Corrosive Charge. However, if you want to build an early Bramble Vest, consider going Cloth Armor instead.


  • If Urgot lands his Q or E, it marks you for his W, Purge. This means that it will hit you first before hitting minions. Avoiding both skills makes his Purge useless around minions. He can't target you then unless you are the only one within his area.
  • Purge has a very heavy shield that comes with it. If you happen to be caught within his Disdain into Purge combo, use Jousting to get out and run. Once his W is down, this leaves a solid 13 seconds where he isn't able to counterattack. Use that time to get in some solid damage.
  • Don't hang around dismounted when Urgot is level six. His Fear Beyond Death guarantees an execute and can go through minions, meaning that sitting under turret won't help you. Recall instead and use Teleport when necessary.
  • Late game, Urgot can be a ranged bruiser menace. He is perfectly capable of splitpushing, but is lackluster in teamfights. Due to his high fire rate of Purge, consider getting Thornmail to reduce his damage and send some back to him as well. Otherwise, just buy general armor items. He doesn't build pure damage, so that will be enough to shut him down.

Well, after all of that, this is the end of this guide. Thank you for reading this guide! I put a lot of hours into it, so I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment and let me know. Also, feel free to look at my other guides as well.

Now, with your newfound knowledge, go kill some trespassers with Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier.

"Yeehaw! I knew you couldn't quit me, Skaarl!"
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