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Hecarim Build Guide by The Real Fake

Jungle platinum

Top/Jungle [9.23] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide (In-Progress/Cons

By The Real Fake | Updated on December 6, 2019
62 Votes
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ninjaplatypus03 | October 20, 2019 12:48pm
Voted +1
solid build
Fruxo (157) | April 30, 2019 1:02pm
Voted +1
Hey The Real Fake,

I really like this guide, it looks very nice :)

I'm not the biggest fan of Hecarim but when i do play him, he's a very fun champion.

I personally think that Top lane Hecarim is a bit to underrated in this guide, and you should really talk about what the advantages of top lane heca can do to be honest. It's a really great champion for the role even if it's not a usual Tank like Nasus or Renekton it's still very powerful and always underrated, especially in low elo.

Still going to +1 this guide though, very nice :)
The Real Fake | April 30, 2019 2:01pm
Ah, I'm not trying to underrate Hecarim. I believe he is one of the best Top Laners right now. As I have in the title, this guide is still in progress. I am trying to complete it as soon as possible but I'm still in school and exams are coming up. Thank you for your feedback!
Dyt0Xx (2) | April 30, 2019 12:50pm
Thank you for taking the time to write this guide! It will help me a lot if I decide to play Hecarim some more. Do you think Hecarim is hard to learn? And is there some combo you have to keep in mind when you are playing him?
The Real Fake | April 30, 2019 2:13pm
Im glad you appreciate it! Personally I do not think Hecarim is hard to pick up at all, because his kit is very straight forward.

Hecarim really only has one combo, which is press E and run at your enemy. Some tips however, is that you should use your Q right as/before your E hits because the damage will be increased by the movement speed you get from E. Another tip is that using Ult stops the timer on your E. Therefore as you are running someone down, can ult behind the enemy to reposition, then use knockback auto to kick a target into your team. A final tip is that your W heals you for 30% of all damage dealt to enemies, so use it once you have your Q stacked up or when you think you/your team will do the most damage to the enemy.
ArKaDaTa Fanboy | April 17, 2019 3:13pm
Voted +1
Amazing guide
TenebraeFL | April 6, 2019 7:48pm
Voted +1
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