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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helgasst

Everything, in a nutshell:)

Helgasst Last updated on September 9, 2013
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I just wanted to introduce my guide and myself!

Hi! My name is SoFcknPro. I'm playing in the EUwest servers.. I am from Hungary and i like to make guides on MobaFire! This will be my third guide, my second guide was a Ranked Carry ~here~ Sivir, my first guide was a jungler ~here~ Blitzcrank.:)

This guide will help you to find your favourite champion, and help you to find the role what's fit to you. I will explain a lot of thing what you may have not known before.

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The mighty roles.

If you want to know what champion fits to you, or what role will be your favourite. First, i will list you your options, and you can chose the role what you like. THEN you can make a decision what is the best champion for you.

AP carries

These champions using abilities to deal as much damage as possible, they main "fuel" to cast spells is mana. Almost all of the AP casters, are using ranged auto attacks, with this you can stay at a long range from your enemies, and don't have to get close to minions to farm them down. So first of all, AP casters need ability power, to improve their spells damage. You can get a lot of AP trough items, like this one Rabadon's Deathcap.

AD carries

These champions using auto attacks to deal an insane amount of psychical damage! Every AD carry has ranged basic attacks! Usually every AD carry also has mana, in early game, carries using their abilities to harass they opponents, but also you can poke them with basic attacks if you have the chance to do it without letting them trading back the damage what you've just dealt. You will need a bunch of AD through items. You will need Attack Speed and Lifesteal as well. There are some carries whose using abilities to deal the huge damage like Ezreal or Corki. If you are playing against AD carries, you can buy armor against them.


These champions helps the AD carries in early game, and then helps the whole team to get stronger trough buying Aura Items, and bring vision to the map. These kind of champions doesn't farm, they get money from the money generator items, like philosopher's stone and kage's lucky pick. They goal to get item(s) which has auras what's gives your team boosts passively. And also they have to get sight wards or Sightstone's to bring vision to hot spots, just like warding baron nashor and/or warding dragon .


These champions usually playing in the jungle, with this strategy they can create another lane, therefore there will be 3 lanes where players are playing alone, who's getting more money, and experience because the don't have to share it with another player. The junglers goal is to help the other lanes by ganking them. Giving the AP carries blue buff s if they want, and hold the lanes till the original lane players comes back from the base. That is a very important part of the team, if some of your lane fails against the enemy, its your task to help them out!


Tanks haven't got a fixed lane, a tanks can go to jungle (not all of them for example Shen, Dr. Mundo, Amumu.), can go to top, or can play as an aggressive support. If a tank goes to top, he will have to get more armor or/and magic resist, hp items etc. If a tank goes to jungle, he is going to lack from it in early game, but he will have more aggressive items. If a tank goes to bottom lane to help the AD carry, as a supporter he has to get more hp, and aura items.

Melee DPS

This kind of champions, are almost the same as the AD carries, they will use auto attacks mainly to deal a high amount of psychical damage, but of course using abilities as well, and they also get AD items, with more hp items as well. They are usually go to top lane in ranked games, but you can try going bottom lane as a carry, but this is not recommended.

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Roles? Pros and Cons!

Now you can take a look at the positives and negatives of your role. You may change your mind, and you won't like your first decision, that's why i show you the bad things behind the roles!

AP carries



+ Extremely high magic damage!
+ Game changer role!
+ Nice team fighters!


- Low defensive, armour and magic resist, hp.
- Might be hard to handle.
- If out of mana, its useless.

AD carries



+ Insane damage!
+ Useful without mana!
+ Important for the team!


- Low defensive, armour and magic resist, hp.
- Might get focused in team fights.
- Squishy early game.




+ Easiest to master!
+ Important for the team!
+ Grate starter role!


- Might be boring with a bad team.
- You won't get a pentakill.
- If you fail, your mate will fail too.




+ Good defence, armour and magic resist, hp!
+ The most satisfying role!
+ Good feeling, after a successful gank!


- Hard to master.
- Not the best late game dps.
- They always blame the jungler.




+ Huge defence, armour and magic resist, hp!
+ Flexible role!
+ Can save lives with it!


- Not very much dps.
- Hard to do a good engage.
- Not easy to master.

Melee DPS



+ Huge damage!
+ Normal defence, armour and magic resist, hp!
+ Awesome team fighters!


- Squishy early game.
- Melee, and its dangerous.
- Not easy to master.

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Play styles, and regular starting items!

Now you know, what is the work of each roles, and now you know what is the negatives and positives behinds the roles, now i will show you the play style of each role!

AP carries

The AP carries, going to mid lane, to fight against another AP carry, except if you gets countered! You can get countered for example, when you are going to mid with Kassadin they might counter you with a Talon etc., But this is unusual in normal games! First of all, if you are with an AP carry, you will start with a Boots of Speed, and Health Potions x2, Mana Potion. It depends on your champion. If you are in low level, when you haven't really got masteries, nor runes, you can try to start with Doran's Ring, but you won't be able to stay on your lane longer! If you want to farm, you have to last hit! What means you will do the killing blow on the minions! Not less, not more. By this you will have more money then your opponent, and your lane will not be pushed against the enemy! What is good because your jungler can gank easier! After some farm, you can get boots, of upgrade your boots, the main boots for an AP carry, is the Sorcerer's Shoes, but more boots viable too. After your boots you can get some more AP from cheaper items, like a Hextech Revolver, this is not good for every AP casters of course. After you have a boots and a small amount of AP, you can rush for an expensive item, like Rabadon's Deathcap. All in all, when you are stronger, got some AP etc. You can be more, and more aggressive! Actually with or without runes, or masteries, you have to be aggressive when you reach lvl 6! Not before not after, this is recommended, but! You can harass too! Harassing means you do one or two auto attacks on the enemy champion to get his HP down a little bit, then run away to block the minion aggro what you have generated by hitting the enemy champion! Hold your lane, win your lane, and then in team fights you will be a beast!:)

AD carries

With an AD carry, you will go bottom! Its hard to counter an AD carry, but its possible! If you notice that you have been countered, of anything, start with a Boots of Speed with Health Potionx3! That means even if you have got countered, you can stay on your lane more, and more, waiting for a glorious gank from your jungler! If you countered the enemy, or just simply you think your champion is better, and you can handle him more than the enemy, you can start with a Doran's Blade, for the bonus AD, and lifesteal! You have to last hit! What i mentioned at the AP carry section. After if you last hit all of the minions, and let enemy champion push his lane, and you harassed him a little bit, you can call your jungler to take a try to kill him! And minimize the chance that you will get ganked by the enemy jungler! After upgrading your boots for a Berserker's Greaves you can rush for a B.F. Sword depends on your money, of if you are having a bad time, you can have some sort of attack damage, attack speed, etc. depend on your champions requirements! With an AD carry, you have to be aggressive by harassing the enemy carry, to send him home ASAP! But! Its better if you are NOT giving a kill for the enemy carry, then risk the chance to get a kill for you! Farming is always a better way to get some gold then try to kill yourself for it! Win your lane, hold your lane, send the enemy carry home ASAP, get better items than him, and in the team fights focus the AP, or the AD carry!:)


You will go to the bottom lane, to support your carry, and protect him at any cost! Even if you have to sacrifice yourself! You will have to start, by getting some wards! I show you a regular starting sequence for supporters! Get a Faerie Charm, a Vision Ward, and one or two sight wards! You have to get to get the Greed and Wealth masteries, to more sight wards! At 2:00, put a sight ward, near to the dragon, but a bit more closer to the bottom lane! If you see an enemy supporter whose trying to put down a ward, you can counter his ward, by putting down a Vision Ward what reveals all of the stealth wards, enemies, etc. Stand in one of the bushes near your carry, to bring vision into that bush too, help him at any cost, but leave him farming and don't steal minions because its annoying. When you want to go home, upgrade your Faerie Charm to a philosopher's stone, get more sight ward, and Vision Ward, and rush to your next item: Heart of Gold. After it you can ask your mate what do he needs, zeke's herald etc. And buy it! After when the middle game comes, and your team starting to engage in team fights, you can start to buy way more sight wards and reveal all of the map! More wards, more vision, better chances to win!:)


You will start in the jungle, there is two ways to start it, kill the wolves, or kill the wraiths, then you can go to red buff , or blue buff it depends on your champion. You have to call someone to help your starting! The main starting items are a Hunter's Machete and Health Potionx5! If your champion using more abilities, fuelled by mana you should get the blue buff first, if you are not, you should start at red buff , and you can do after reached level 2, you can do a fast gank, to a lane where the enemy is pushing, etc. The good way to be a successful jungler, less farm, more successful gank! No one likes the a jungle camper jungler. Go home to buy stuffs, when you can't really gank, and you have enough gold, to get something awesome!:)


Tanks, are the most tough champions in league of legends, if you like to take damage, and save your mates life, and engage first in team fights, this is your champion! You can go, top, if you go top, you can get Rejuvenation Bead, and Health Potions, or just a Boots of Speed and Health Potionx3. If you are going to jungle, you can start with Cloth Armor and Health Potionx5, or Rejuvenation Bead, and Health Potions, of course. If you are going to bottom as a supporter you can get a Faerie Charm, Vision Wards! I explained almost everything, but i didn't explain the solo top lane, so, you are going to top, you have to last hit, and stop pushing at any cost! Because top lane is the main lane, where are the junglers ganking the most! After the first recall, you should get a sight ward, and ward near baron nashor , but closer to your lane. If you feed yourself, get HP, and armor, magic resist. You should get more defense, by checking the enemy team, if the AD carry fed more, get armor, if the AP carry fed more, get magic resist. There isn't any fixed build for tanks, because it depends on the enemy team:)!

Melee DPS

So, with a melee DPS, you can to jungle, and solo top! If you are going to jungle, you will need defence what i mentioned before, if you are going to top, you will need Boots of Speed + Health Potionx3, or different things, like if you are with Tryndamere you will need Brawler's Gloves, Health Potionx2. If you are fed up by last hitting, and getting successful ganks, you can have your Berserker's Greaves, and some hardcore AD items, after that, something defensive items, and then you can rush full AD, and attack speed, and some sort of lifesteal. In team fights, you should engage second, after the tank, except if you are the only tanky champion in the team, then you have to buy a Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor, and a Atma's Impaler, if you want some armor, crit chance, and more AD, from its passive. So after you engaged or, engage second, you have to focus their carries!:)

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Summoner Spells on your own!

i i i i i i i i i i i i

So here are the Summoner Spells!

The summoner spells, helps you in any situation. There are three types of the summoner spells. First is the offensive summoner spells. Second is the Defensive summoner spells. And third is the Escaper summoner spells. Of course there are more an more summoner spells what doesn't really fits in my group. The first of all, you will have to have, if you are an, AP carry, melee DPS etc. Who's work is to kill the enemy. You will need two type of summoner spells. Not two escaper, like a Ghost and a Flash. No! You will need, an offensive or a Defensive. Like an Ignite, or an Exhaust. And you will need an escaper of course. Flash, or Ghost. If you are a supporter, etc. Who's requirements are different from what i explained before, you will need an escaper summoner spell, like Flash, and a Team Helper, summoner spell, like Clairvoyance, Exhaust, Clarity, etc. Now i will explain the summoner spells for each role!.

AP carries

These champions, what i said before, are playing in middle lane. So there is two place when the enemy jungler can gank! So you will need a fast escaper spell, Flash is the best for a middle AP carry! But you will need one offensive spell too! There is not too much offensive spell, to be honest there is only one, Ignite, but this is fair enough isn't it? You if you want to use your Flash more effective, use trough walls, etc. But you won't always have the chance to do this! You can also escape from a tower dive by using Flash to get out of there in the fastest way! You can use Ignite, in 1v1 fights, or when you know that the enemy has Heal, because the Ignite will reduce the effectiveness of Heal -50%! You can use Ignite when an enemy tries to get away, etc.:)


AD carries

So what do we need for an AD carry? Usually, you need an escaper summoner spell of course, Flash is the best for a fast get away. But lets talk now about the second summoner spell. Players at low level using Ignite usually for every champion but its not good, for an AD carry you won't need an offensive spell, because you will spend your early game time with farming, and the best way to farm, and get stronger is to stay on your lane and don't die! Your team needs you alive not dead, thats why i won't get an Ignite, for AD carries, because they have enough damage without it. What we need is a Defensive summoner spell. The best is Heal for you. You can use it in team fights, 1v1 always, to stay alive and get some more extra time to be alive, and give yourself another chance to kill that bastard!:D



And here we go! The mighty supporter role, what is very very important! In ranked games, you can't start a match if you haven't got a supporter or a tanky one! First of all, we need a good ol' friend, the escaper spell, of course here is the Flash is the best too, because when you put down wards, in the enemy jungle, you will be able to flash trough the forests (walls) and escape faster, and safer! Second you will need a Team Helper spell! It can be a Clarity, if you are with a mana hungry aggressive supporter like Lux, or a simple supporter like Soraka, who need Exhaust or Clairvoyance first. But only pick Clairvoyance if you can use it! Use it always when its possible, take a look with it in the enemy jungle, to check down the buffs! Or help your top lane is he haven't got a sight ward and he is pushing, etc. Use Exhaust if you want to be in the middle of the team fights, and Exhaust down only the carries! If you can of course, and you can use Exhaust to run away from an Exhausted enemy champion!



What should i pick for my Junglers? Easy question, pick a Smite first, what is the most important for a Junglers! Its a common mistake to think Smite is only for boost up your speed to finish your jungle! No! With Smite you will be able to secure your buffs, dragons, and even your baron, to protect it against the stealer enemy team. Always use your Smite when you are about to finish off your monster! Don't use it after your first hit! So you will need an escaper spell don't you? Yes you need, Flash, and Ghost both are good, you can chose from them what you need. Except if you are with Lee Sin, Shaco, Shyvana, Blitzcrank! Because they have escaper abilities, and if you use them properly, you won't need an escaper summoner spell! If you are with them, you can choose from Exhaust or Ignite, what you want to!:)



If you are with tanks, it depends on your role, if you are with a jungler one, you should use the jungler summoner spells, if you are with a supporter one, you should use the supporter one, if you are with a solo topper, its different, not really different, but a little bit it is!:) You can use Teleport, if you think you will have to recall very frequently. And with Teleport, you can make easy ganks for your team, if they put sight wards down, or gank the enemy while they are doing dragon etc.! You will need an escaper spell, Flash is the best, because of the ganks! So, you can choose, Teleport, Ignite or Exhaust, its up on to you! And your champion requirements!:)


Melee DPS

So where can a Melee DPS go? He can go to the jungle if he does, he should use the jungler spells, if he goes to bottom, as a carry, he should use the AD carry spells, if he goes to top, he should use the solo topper ones. The chose is up on you :) But of course there is a regular summoner sequence for him, but this is only good if you go solo top, what is the Melee DPSes favourite place!:)


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But What Champion? (ap carries)

Now you know a few thing about the play style of the League Of Legends. If you decided what kind of role you want, now i thing your first question would be, but what champion?

AP carries

First of all, if you are poor, and haven't got too much IP i will list you a few awesome AP carries.

There aren't too much champion in the 450IP section, but you can choose from a pair.

The first is Ryze, he is the most tanky AP carry in LoL. Why is he tanky? Because you only have to buy mana based items. Not only, but you know the old school Ryze has way more mana then AP. The pros of this champion is, that you will have insane middle and late game damage, with a very tanky champion. You will have a huge burst AOE damage from your Desperate Power, and spamming your other spells. The cons of this champion is that its very hard to play good with it. You need awesome farm, kills, etc. And lastly if you got counter picked, and you got kicked in the ***, basically you won't be as badass as you have to be.

Ryzes counters are: Cassiopeia!!, Brand!, Xerath.

The second champion i would suggest you is Annie. Really she was my favourite AP carry, you can farm easily with your Disintegrate, because if you kill an enemy unit with it, you will get back the full mana cost of your spell! With this trick, you can easily stack up your Pyromania to nuke the enemy without any harm you get. Annie could get counter picked very, very easily, because Annie's spells hasn't got a really big range. To be honest they have a very small ones. Anyway if you want a fully AP Burster, with insane damage, and nice tanky stats because of her Molten Shield, then choose Annie.

Annies counter picks are: Brand!!, Kassadin!, Morgana.

If you want to make another step forward, till the 1350IP champions, then read this thread too, if you want further introductions about AP carry champions!

I will list your three AP champions in the 1350IP section. Not only three AP champions are in this section, but i think they might be the most viable chooses for you.

Morgana is a very good champion, but a bit overrated with those "must have bans" in ranked games, but still she is a very awesome team fighter AP champion! If you want to play her as an enemy team killer, of course you want, then you should get a Zhonya's Hourglass, because when you are casting your Soul Shackles in the middle of the enemy team, you will need that protection till your Soul Shackles finishes them off. Morgana a really fun to play champion, you can stay on your lane more, because of your Soul Siphon. Your Dark Binding helps you in escaping, or just snare the enemy if your jungler coming for a gank! You can easily escape from any CC harm with your Black Shield such as Amumus Curse of the Sad Mummy etc.

Morganas counter picks are: Talon!!, Fizz!, Vladimir.

Twisted Fate is a nice but a scum bag champion! He is awesome because he can stay in his lane a very long time with full mana bar, because of his Pick A Card, he has stun, and AOE slow too, also because of his Pick A Card. He can farm easily, he can poke the enemy easily, and the best he can get the low hp jungler with a random Destiny, or just simply get the enemy with it, or do an awesome gank with it of course. But he has cons too. He can be counter picked easily, and if he hasn't got gold for his gear, he is just simply useless.

Twisted Fates counter picks are: Fizz!!, Le blanc!, Diana.

Oh Veigar, if he got fed he is just simply one shooting every AP Based champions with his Primordial Burst, the main goal with Veigar, is you have to farm over the first 15mins, and last hitting every minions with your Baleful Strike to stack up some AP, you can chase and kill everyone by using your Event Horizon, so you won't suffer any damage from them. You can turn a team fight with your Event Horizon too. The goals are, Farm, Kill, Gear, and stun 'em and kill 'em. Of course he could get counter picked very easily because of his low HP etc.

Veigars counter picks are: Ryze!!, Talon!, Fizz.

So here comes the 3150IP champions.

Anivia is a very tough and skilled champion. She has a skill shot, and you have to aim with your crystallyze very well. Your Rebirth is very useful if the enemy tower dives you, because after a, 3 sec delay you will come back to life and you can finish them off easily. Anivia is a very slow carry, and she is very mana hungry, so basically you will need a really good team to get the most out of it. With Anivia you will have a very high burst damage, with your Frostbite and and other spell combo. But be aware if you have a bad team, sometimes your Rebirth is useless because when you go into an egg form, and your team doesn't protect you in it, its useless and you give another free kill to the enemy.

Anivia's counter picks are: Fizz!!, Kassadin!, Diana

Karthus is a very OP champion in my opinion, and that's why he is one of my favourite champion. He can help the team fights even if he is dead, be honest, lot of pro Karthus tactics based under, that you rush into the middle of the enemy in a team fight, and do how much damage is possible, and when you are dead, after one or two Lay Waste you can cast your Requiem easily, and after this huge damage, the enemy team must be dead. With Karthus you have to focus for the farm only until level 4, then with your Wall of Pain you harras the **** out of your enemy. Karthus is a very hard carry, but the easiest to counter. So be aware, and get fed:)

Karthus's counter picks are: Kassadin!!, Fizz!, Ahri.

What is the best with Gragas? Every spell what is yours, is damaging in AOE. So you can farm very, very easy. The second thing is Gragas is very tanky, can get a lot more damage then the other paper AP carries. And lastly Gragas has insane damage output. So if you want to do some damage, use your Barrel Roll on your enemy, then instantly use your Body Slam, because if you hit the enemy champion with Body Slam he gets a little snare, so he can't escape from your Barrel Roll. With your Explosive Cask you can separate the enemy in a huge team fight, or push them away if you have to escape, or just simply push them to yourself if you want to kill 'em. Gragas has a very nice escape mechanism as well, with his Body Slam he can dash trough walls easily to escape from his chasers.

Gragas's counter picks are: Fizz!!, Mordekaiser!, Swain.

Lets see some 4800IP champions.

Cassiopeiaactually is my favourite champion. Your poisons does AOE damage, you can farm easily of course. If you hit an enemy champion with Noxious Blast you will get an insane movement speed bonus, what you can use if you are chasing, or if you are running away from someone. With your Miasma you can do a nice amount of damage, slowing your enemy, and you can spam your Twin Fang if the enemy is standing in it. Your Petrifying Gaze simply OP if you use it properly. You can stun a whole enemy team with it, then putting your Miasma under them, spam a couple of Noxious Blast then you can execute, the survivors with Twin Fang. If you want to do some nice pentakills, then you have the champion for it.

Cassiopeia's counter picks are: Galio!!, Le blanc!, Talon.

She is a very hard champion. Not the easiest to play with, but she a nice damage output as well. You can support your team as a carry, with your Command: Protect, you can save a mate, you can give yourself to save or helps you to chase the enemy, and its shields you as well. You can send your ball with Command: Attack, it does a nice amount of damage, if you combine it with Command: Dissonance it will deal more damage, at its slowing the enemy who passes trough in it. With your Command: Shockwave at your ball's location, it will generates a force field, what will grab all of the enemies in your ball's area, and drop them inside the field, dealing a very nice amount of damage. Orianna is a very insane champion if you can with it well, you can harass your enemy easily with your auto attack because of your passive: Clockwork Windup.

Orianna's counter picks are: Le blanc!!, Diana!, Ahri.

He is the real anti-tank. You can farm very easily, with your Malefic Visions, because if you use it on a minion, and if the minion will die it will bounce to another minion or enemy champion without any mana cost, and the best thing, you will receive mana if you kill an enemy unit with it. Your Call of the Void, silence the enemy an deals a nice amount of damage. Your Null Zone places an area, what damaging your enemy. If your enemy has more health, you will deal more damage. Combined this with your ultimate Nether Grasp, you will kill them easily. So the route is, silence them with Call of the Void, then put Malefic Visions on them, place your Null Zone under them, and lastly your Nether Grasp will kill him instantly. Have fun with him.

Malzahar's counter picks are: Gangplank!!, Lux!, Galio.

And here comes the 6300IP champions.

She is a very strong champion, she has two skill shot ability so you have to aim good if you wanna play with her. She has a charm, what makes the enemy come slowly towards you, and she has a very nice and strong skill shot, what does damage when you send it away, and does true damage when it comes back, so you can do a nicely amount of damage against tanky enemy. Her ultimate is Spirit Rush she can "flash" two times dealing tons of damage to the enemy. It can annoys them as well, when they try to gank you, but you just easily ult away!:) You can do an OP combo with Charm, then Spirit Rush, activate Fox fire, send your Orb of Deception and your last Spirit Rush. :)

Ahri's counter picks are: LeBlanc!!, Talon!, Kassadin.

Fizz is a very hardcore carry, with Playful / Trickster you can juke every enemy abilities, like Brand and Karthus ultimate. He has awesome damage, two AOE ability, and a nice DOT ability. And of course he has his Urchin Strike, what is used to dash forward to your enemy, or away them rescuing yourself. A fed Fizz, is a really awesome team fighter, with his ultimate Chum the Waters, he can distract at least two enemy champions. Afterwards dashing in the team fight with Urchin Strike and then another awesome AOE ability, his Playful / Trickster, you can also deal a bunch of damage with it. All in all, Fizz is a very tough and can be a very annoying champion in the enemy's eyes;).

Fizz's counter picks are: Ryze!!, Mordekaiser!, Akali.

Xerath is a real tanky carry, because he earns armor trough ability power, what is a really nice thing against a hardcore AD enemy team. He is a real burster, you can use his Arcane Barrage three times, dealing insane damage. By using a combination of your Mage Chains, and any other offensive Xerath spell, you will stun your target. Locus of Power is simply an OP ability, you will acquire a ridiculous amount of range for you abilities, and you will have another bonus quantity of magic penetration. If you interrupt this standing, you will get a nice bonus movement speed. All in all, Xerath can burst the enemy team, while his team is fighting, and he is out of range from them! You will enjoy him:).

Xerath's counter picks are: Ahri!!, LeBlanc!, Fizz.

Viktor is a very nice AP bruiser, he has ridiculous amount of damage output in a lil' period of time. You can eliminate a whole enemy team, your ultimate does instant damage to an area, then it will follows a champion and it will does DOT damage them. So if you combine your ultimate with a Liandry's Torment you will have a ridiculous HP burner ability. If you combine your Death Ray with the Augment: Death, you will have again a deadly HP burner. You can stun a whole enemy team with your Gravity Field, and you can shield yourself and by damageing the enemy with the Power Transfer ability. If he is fed, you're gonna die.

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But What Champion? (ad carries)

AD carries

And here comes the 450IP champions.

If you want to know everything about Sivir, look up my Sivir guide here: Sivir guide by SoFcknPro :)

Ashe is a real late-gamer epic carry. Her Hawkshot gives her, +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 gold, /minion kill. Depends on the level of the skill of course. If she is fed, and farmed very much, she will have a scary amount of auto-attack damage, output. Seriously she is is ridiculous, she has epic slow, she can chase easily, and her ultiamte, is a very huge advantage in late-game engages. Of course its always a huge advantage.

Lets see some 1350IP champions.

Tristana has the biggest, auto attack range at level 18. That's why she is extremely viable as a carry. And her Rapid Fire is also good, to give you a huge attack speed bonus for a time. Her Rocket Jump gives her a nice chasing, or an escaping ability.

Lets see some 3150IP champions.

Corki is an AOE dealer auto-attacker bruiser. His ultimate dealing tons of damage with, Trinity Force. His Gatling Gun deals nice amount of AOE damage in front of him. His Valkyrie is a nice escaping/engaging ability, and his passive makes his auto attack does more damage trough true damage bonus. And his Phosphorus Bomb deals a little magic damage and shows all enemy players who has been hit by that ability.

Twitch is a very paper carry. But if you position yourself nicely, you can take down the enemy team if you combine your auto attack with Spray and Pray, and you can also use your slow Venom Cask. So the point is, let your team engage, then if they used their CC skills, i mean the enemy, then go in the fight with your stealth, pop your Venom Cask, activate your Spray and Pray, and kill 'em all. After that, pop your passive stacks on the enemy, using your expunge and if you done everything right its an easy win.

Are you ready? Here come the 4800IP champions.

Oh yep, Ezreal the most OP carry in the world has been added as a 4800 one from the 6300 section. Why? Because there is too much 6300 champion and they want to make another tier, i mean the 4800 tier existed before, but there weren't as much champions as there should be. So yea Ezreal, the most hard AD carry in my opinion because all of his abilities are Skill Shots. So if you want to deal hardcore damage you have to learn how to use Skill Shots. Ezreal's greatest power is, that his Mystic Shot applies on hit effects, like Trinity Force frostborn gauntlets. His ultimate is a global ultimate, you can snipe down low HP enemies, or wait your opponent entering the bush where you are camping and hit him in the face with Trueshot Barrage. So yea he is awesome if you can use him:)

Caitlyn is a real auto attacker, like Ashe, her Headshot is kickass with a support like Nunu, who gives you AS what is insane for her. She has a nice escaping mechanism with 90 Caliber Net, and a nice long ranged ultimate Ace in the Hole. So basically you need a Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, to PWN everyone:)

Ahh i love her, she is a very awesome team fighter with her ultimate Bullet Time, she have a nice harassing/killing blow ability Double Up, she has slow, Make it Rain, and she is a very mobile champion. You can farm with her easily, and she is very OP of corse if you can play her well, okay okay, what is not OP if it is fed. But really, if you want to have a very satisfying match, then pick her:)

Kog'Maw is a real anti tank carry. If he is fed, oh boy, you are dead. The nice thing is that, you can play him as an AP carry, very effectively. He has awesome AS, and a very nice damage output, and he get HP% burner ability, what is a nice thing if you are going against a tanky enemy:)

Phew finally the 6300IP champions.

He is a really underused champion to be honest. He is very hard to play, and you can't locate yourself very good in team fights because of your Spinning Axe, what is a very nice early/mid game harasser ability. Your ultimate Whirling Death is a very good 1v1er and team fighter ultimate. You have to be a very good player if you want to kick some *** with Draaaaaven:)

Currently he is the most tanky AD carry in the game due to his passive, True Grit. His Buckshot is an awesome and a very high damage dealer ability, don't forget his Quickdraw, what gives him an awesome amount of AS. You can blow in a team fight, and destroy the whole enemy team with an easy route, Quickdraw, Buckshot, Collateral Damage. Have fun:)

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But What Champion? (junglers)


Lets start with the usual 450IP junglers.

He is not the best jungler to be honest, but he can be dangerous if you use your passive well. After you got the red buff, and you have your passive active, you can start a gank. First of all, wait in the bush for the perfect time, then activate Wuju Style, and after you used your Alpha Strike on the enemy, you can slice him with an epic Double Strike, what will give you the most damage output, slow effect, and true damage dot on the enemy. If your mate is doing his job as good as you. Then here's your free kill!:) You can combine this of course with Highlander what is a nice chaser and escaper ability.

Now a pair of 1350IP champs.

Amumu were a very fast jungle cleaner in S2, but unfortunately they patched it out in S3. Know its way harder the jungleing with him. But still, with Bandage Toss you can dominate all of the lanes, and your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy is IMBA in team fights. So to be honest if the enemy don't ban Amumu, then insta pick it, because a tanky Amumu is an easy win if you can play him properly. Really badass jungler!

Jax is very over powered if you feed him. An insane engager, an awesome tanky damage dealer too. You can jungle with him, and you can also gank with him very early, at level 2. After a Trinity Force he is unstoppable. A nice counter jungler, and if you got wards with your, for example Sightstone, or a Wriggle's Lantern. Nice engager and escaper so yeah, a very satisfying champ.

Udyr is a very dangerous champion. His damage output + his tankyness is ridiculous. Now he is a bit of a forgotten champion, but don't worry, at least you can surprise the enemy with him. He has very huge amount of sustain in the jungle. You can farm there without losing any HP or Mana with his Turtle Stance. You have a very nice chaser ability too, Bear Stance, of course you can use it as an escaper ability. His Tiger Stance deals seriously tons of damage. He hasn't got ultimate but he has a fourth ability called Phoenix Stance, what is a nice clearer ability in the jungle. If you want to try something new out, give it a shot!:)

Warwick is still a very nice jungle, he has extreme "lifesteal" from his Eternal Thirst and also from his Hungering Strike. He can gank nicely, if the enemy has less then 50% HP because of his Blood Scent, or if he has his ultimate up, Infinite Duress. He can be very tanky, and he is a real anti-carry players. You can focus out in team fights the enemy carries very easily. And, if you build he tanky, he's gonna deal awesome damage still. So if you wanna tank everything down, and you don't like to go home if you are low on health, pick him!:)

Some of the 3150IP champs.

A long time ago, he was a permanent ban in ranked games. Now not really, but if you can play him well, it can lead your team to victory. He can travel and gank fast with his Powerball. You can clear your jungle faster by using it against the monsters. Defensive Ball Curl Gives you insane armor and it deals damage to the units who hits you, its a very good way to protect yourself and deal damage to the enemy in team fights. Puncturing Taunt forces the enemy to walk forward you, then start hitting you. Combined with Defensive Ball Curl you can also deal damage to them. Tremors is a very good way to get down turrets faster, or eliminate the enemy, it also has a very little cool-down.

I love Shaco, i am playing a lot of matches with him, because its really fun to play him. Your Deceive and Statikk Shiv combination is insane. You have free Flash and crit from Deceive. Your Jack In The Box helps you greatly in your jungle, and it also helps your team placing it down to fear away the enemy. If you are a good Shaco] player, you can combine it when you are ganking. He is also a really good counter jungler, and in team fights, your primary task is to kill the 0 HP enemy, but firstly take down the carries, with a fast bursting. Easy win.

Riot nerfed Xin Zhao in the 3.02 patch, but nothing special don't worry. As far as you have Blessing of the Lizard Elder , you can gank VERY easily! Just an Audacious Charge combined with Three Talon Strike and Battle Cry, he won't escape that's for sure. You can also build Xin Zhao as a tank, he's still going to have damage output not as much as before the patch. Now you have to build it way more offensive. His ultimate Crescent Sweep is simply kick-*** in team fights. Just charge on the carry, sweep away the rest of the enemy team, and kill dat bastard.

If you want to know everything about Blitzcrank, look up my Blitzcrank guide here: Blitzcrank guide by SoFcknPro :)

Da 4800IP ones.

[Jarvan IV] is a very tanky champion. At least if you build him tanky. Actually he only needs Boots of Mobility, Locket of the Iron Solari and a The Black Cleaver. He is a very dangerous ganker, because he can gank at lvl 2, if he has Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard. You only have to knock your enemy up, and that is far enough, to make him burn his Flash, send him home, or even get the first blood. Basically all of his abilities are useful in ganks, Golden Aegis for slow, and Cataclysm for ultimate cc. Jarvan IV is an insane teamfighter also. If you want to get some assist, you only have to put down your Demacian Standard in the middle of the team fight. Have fun:)

Nocturne is a very dangerous tanky bruiser. You can easily gank, and engage with his ultimate, Paranoia. His Duskbringer can be used as a chaser, 1v1er, and an escaper ability. His Shroud of Darkness is a ridiculously huge advantage in an 1v1 fight, because after you resist a spell, you will gain a huge amount of AS. The gank process is easy. Use your Duskbringer on the enemy, you will gain MS, so you can catch him easily. After you reached him, if you have Blessing of the Lizard Elder , or Phage, give him an auto attack to slow him while you're using Unspeakable Horror, so he can't escape from it due to the MS slow. Build him tanky, because you will engage with your Paranoia in the middle of the enemy team, so you have to be tanky to survive it!:D

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Was it useful?

Tell me if it was useful, tell me what should i add in the guide, and i am going to add 2 champions/day. I haven't got more time for it guys sorry, but ill try my best!:)

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