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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spawnpk

They're going to hate you! (SR/dominion/jungle)

Spawnpk Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Normal SR/Dominion/Jungle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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These are my builds and they work great for me. One of the biggest things with twitch is finding your build, your style and what works for you. I have tried other builds and i get little success this one however gives me great success.... so try it, customize it and see if it works for you. If not try another guide and mix and match, you will find what suits your play style!

The original idea for jungle twitch is not mine and i don’t claim it. This is my take on it, but feel free to check out the original at Rats in the Jungle

P.S. I’m a bad speller so don’t down vote for that, but let me know and ill correct my errors.

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  • moved disclaimer to the top of the build
  • Added a new build and items to SR Normal item guide

    • Re worked SR Normal - Early Game
    • Re worked SR Normal - Mid-end Game

    • Move the reason you are hated to its own section and updated them
    • Added a section on lane choices and why i choose the lane i do
    • Small spelling tweeks
    • Add Xerath and Leblanc to enemy list

    • Change starting stretegy for dominion

    • Updated summoner spells for dominion
    • Re-evaluated promote

    • Updated items for dominion as i found a different build that worked better
    • Added a section on how to survive and choose fights
    • Added evelynn to the enemy list
    • Ran guide through spell check
    • Changed some format, (Learnt how to upload images so will try get some soon).

    • updated title and disclaimer
    • included a third build for jungle twitch
    • Changed build layout so sections were better defined (SR Normal, Dominion, Jungle)
    • Started defining my jungle build... will finish as I have time
    • Updated Items - Dominion
    • added Summoner Spells - Dominion
    • Updated wording and added a few bits to nearly all sections
    • Added Wards/Oracles for dominion... Must read for dominion games

    • Updated dominion section to include wards etc
    • added a few items to dominion section
    • added need for oracle vs teemo in enemy section
    • corrected spelling to be "turret" instead of "turrent"
    • added Tryndamere, Mordekaiser, Jax and Cho'gath to enemies section

    • Started section on dominion
    • Started section on enemies

    • Substantially updated item section
    • Added explanation of title in introduction
    • Corrected title spelling
    • removed full item list from top so people had to read item section
    • Wards/Oracles section updated
    • alternate masteries added into mastery section
    • added an extra paragraphs into early game
    • updated late game a little

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Well after playing Twitch for such a long time and finding some very good guides for pure lvl 30's i thought it was about time that i put my touch on it. I have also included hinters and pointers for people that are lower in level. These are depicted by the text in Green

Please read all of the guide before you mark it down, I know the standard build doesn’t have defensive items but that will be explained later in ITEMS - SR.

There are also two other builds to look at. My dominion build, which i have divided up into parts with - Dominion after it. and my jungle build... YES i did say jungle, marked with - Jungle

Jungle twitch, contrary to common belief is actually a viable option (i didn’t believe it at first either) when played properly. I will try and add enough of an explanation in my guide to describe it, its usage and its benefits but if you don’t believe me, try it yourself... But remember it only works on premade teams!

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Why they will hate you

The title is true if played correctly the enemy will learn to hate you, nearly every single game i get a "bloody rat" or "damn you twitch" comment from the enemy... and occasionally from my team, this is why:

  • You will randomly pop up when they are expecting a kill and kill them
  • You are everywhere and nowhere
  • You backdoor towers and inhibiters
  • You catch them as they recall... god i love doing that.. wait till the last second as a lot of people go into shop and get caught out.
  • You can steal baron or any buff from them at the last second
  • Can annoy their jungler if you catch them taking out red or blue
  • With Spray and Pray you will do insane damage to the entire team late game!

SPACE [Your Team
  • If played right you get most the kills
  • You will be blamed for KS a lot (kill stealing[/green])
  • Some battles you wont come out of stealth and they will blame you for their death. (They may die but unless you two are going to win just doing attack)
  • You can farm a huge minion wave in seconds with Spray and Pray thus allowing you more gold and leaving none for them
  • If having a hard game you will die a lot early game and will be blamed for feeding. (You will catch up late game)

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Pros / Cons

  • Great at ganging
  • INVIS INVIS INVIS In low level games this isn't countered.. YAY
  • Handy at escaping
  • Can penta kill very easily
  • Great harass early game
  • Lots of fun
  • Has a decent slow move
  • Ranged, always a bonus
  • Can still kill a champion with a little luck even after your dead
  • Can wipe out waves of creeps very easily, stunting a push
  • Great at backdooring inhib's or turrets if their is a minion wave present
  • can stealth around the dominion map making capturing easier
  • great at roaming/jungler gangs.
  • Very squishy More so without your Quintessence of Health
  • Very slow movement
  • Is a high priority Target
  • Your teammates will not always love you
  • Vulnerable to Oracles/Wards
  • In higher level games requires teamwork
  • Neutral and Enemy turrets in Dominion cause you to be visible
  • Not a very good jungler to begin with

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Runes - SR Normal/Dominion

As stated above my standard Rune build for Twitch is:

  • Greater Mark of Desolation This will really help in the starting phase of the game. Nearly all champions will be treated as if they are 0 armor meaning you get to do more damage!
  • Greater Seal of Evasion As stated in the cons you are Very Squishy, the dodge percent chance from this will allow you to have a Tra La La affect as you remain alive and they die... AGAIN
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist This is to stop those pesky mages and try to correct the lower magic armor you have especially late game.
  • Greater Quintessence of Health Your HP, you need it early game to be able to kill one on one, its as simple as that!

Getting lower runes cost quite a bit (early levels) and waste quite a lot of IP. Remember that once you hit lvl 20 you can get third tier runes. You are going to need about 15000 IP to buy them all so save if you can. If you are forced to buy runes, skip lvl 1 and only get lvl 2 runes

These are some other options that "can" work on twitch but i dont run.
If you run crit chance on all you get a bonus 20% but if you run crit damage at start all crits gain an additional 45.51% cirt damage.. that’s nearly the same as having an infinity edge effect at start!

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Runes - Jungle

Now i know this is a little strange but i don't run the normal runes when jungling, although they do help you in combat vs players you just wont survive long enough to even try and jungle.

Now these are exactly the same as the jungle guide that got me on it as there are very few other options that can work.
You can of cause run Greater Quintessence of Health which will help a little in jungling but you loose a lot of time running so i do suggest following the main idea.

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Masteries - SR Normal/Dominion

Masteries are a little bit of a personal choice and over time I settled with the ones above let me explain.

SR Normal:



My masteries are primarily in the offensive tree getting both Alacrity for the bonus to my attacks and Sorcery so that i can access Archaic Knowledge to boost my expunge. Even though expunge is the only attack spell you have, you dont want anyone getting away with only 5 or 10 health!

I use 1 point on Burning Embers for early game bonus, boost Expunge a little bit when on cooldown and can be the difference of winning early game battles. This is change for one point in Brute Force on dominion games as I don’t run Ignite

By following these you have to then give up on Brute Force but 3 damage isn’t really that much compared to the boost you are going to give your expunge.. try both way's if you don’t believe me!

only put 1 point on Resistance as this is made up by your Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

The other key thing i can say is even from low levels. ALWAYS get 3 levels in Hardiness without it you will fall very very fast! that little bit of armor can make a huge difference to your start game!

As an alternative, IF you are a skilled twitch you can forget the defence tree and aim for Awareness for the extra levels (faster levels better gangs) and then move on to Greed to pay off the wards you are going to buy. this can work but as i keep saying find out what works for you.

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Masteries - Jungle


Your masteries for jungle is going to be quite different to any other style of playing twitch. As with most junglers there are two things you are really going to want to max, Plentiful Bounty and Utility Mastery . These will help quite a lot as they increase the time of your blue and red buff as well as reducing cooldown on Smite and giving a few extra gold.

Remember you are a jungler so extra gold will help, thus why you also want to put a point in Greed . Although it doesn’t sound like much, 1 gold every 10 seconds, its still a free ward every 12.5 minutes, when looking at this alone!

Now with jungle twitch you are going to be relying heavily on your exhaust at the start and even into mid game to be your primary means of jungle. As it is AP based, you want to put points into Archmage's Savvy , Sorcery and Archaic Knowledge , boosting your natural damage you are going to do with it.

Finally i would personally put points into Quickness as you are going to be moving a lot and Hardiness so you can start off a little stronger. The rest of the points are personal preference.

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Summoner Spells - SR Normal

My choice for summoner skills on normal games are quite simple:

  • Flash Once skilled with the use of this skill you will be surprised at what you can do. I shall write a new section just for this skill to explain some of the uses and how to use it correctly with twitch.
  • Ignite This is generally linked to my D as i find it easier to press. Its a great damage dealer especially when stacked with the Damage over Time of Deadly Venom. It will get you early kills and with the mastery attacked makes your expunge do that little bit more early game.
Before level 7 you wont have access to Ignite. It sucks but its not that big of a problem. Get Heal

Some alternative Spells are:
Teleport This used to be my get back into action move. I try to never leave battle until I have the gold i need early game. Once I recall I buy/heal and Teleport back in. Less time out of battle means more lvls on expunge and Ambush

Cleanse A great skill for twitch if you are destined to face a lot of Crowd Control.. (stuns etc.). Although if Twitch is played right, they won’t have time to target you and you shouldn’t need this.

Ghost This isn't really that handy with twitch as you will primarily get boots of movement to get around and if you cant Ambush and get invis you generally wont escape even with ghost. Chasing isnt an issue either with Venom Cask

Exhaust Obvious advantage is 1v1 against a DPS. this lowers their damage by 70% which means you can actually take a few hits.

Heal Using this skill you will get a LOT of criticism.... that said, twitch is all about finding what works for you and trust me i have seen heal work.. You are super squishy and this boost even in late game can mean the difference between life and death IF USED CORRECTLY!

Not really useful Spells:
Smite You are not a jungler

Rally Your not a tank

Fortify You shouldn’t be visible or hugging towers

Clarity If you need this you are playing twitch wrong

Clairvoyance There’s much better things to get

Revive Why on earth are you letting yourself get caught?

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Summoner Spells - Jungle

I have tried a few different combinations for the jungle version of twitch and there really is nothing better then a good Smite combined with the usual Flash.

Smite will allow you to actually defeat early game blue and steal buff's, dragon and even baron. It takes a little practice to do but really helps our and can cause you to anti-jungle. Nothing funnier then watching a Nocturne taking red, get it nice and low then you pop up with spray and prey through him, hitting the lizard and Smite to steal it, killing him in the process.

It can also work well when stealing baron, as you will always be running oracle, keep an eye out for wards and counter oracles, wait in the back of baron as they fight it. Once low enough to smite, hit it and Smite, stealing it and Flash over the back wall.

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Summoner Spells - Dominion

With dominion you now gain access to two additional summoner spells, one of which i find to be incredibly handy.

  • Promote this upgrades one of your minions to a super minion and can help when attacking a turret or a battle at the minions. If you find yourself pushing, this bad boy can really change the tide of the battle, They have to make a choice, target you or target the super creap, either way ends up bad for them!! This works even better if you and an ally has it, 2 super minions means you can just target hero's and the creaps will capture the point for you.
  • Garrison Just WOW!!! This has two different effects and can be used in a variety of ways. The first is your defensive; It increases the attack speed of a turret and heals it. Place it while the enemy is trying to capture it and it really causes some havoc for a few seconds. Offensive though is great as well, as twitch you can actually turret dive... yes that’s correct DIVE??? With the 80% damage reduction it gives you a great advantage when trying to take people out at their turret and ensuring you and your team mates survive...

So as you can imagine, the major difference between my SR and dominion games is that I just get rid of Ignite and replace it with Garrison, is just unbelievable and once you are used to using it will end up causing you to win most turret's.

As for the second summoner spell you can still run Flash if you find the need for it. and hey it does come in handy, but for team effect i have found if you and an ally run Promote it is just crazy! so i generally run this!

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Flash Usage

Flash is one of the most versatile and commonly used summoner spells in all of LOL.

With twitch you really do use it a lot like most champions, flash over walls to escape or just to get a little distance when they try and jump you.. Remember how I keep saying you are super squishy, this can and generally will allow you to escape. The thing is that is not the only use for flash and i shall give you a few hinters i have found work.

yes u heard me correctly... and your asking why on earth would you want to flash invis... well here is why...
If someone has ward or oracle, hit Ambush.. as soon as you invis, flash and you are now generally out of range of their ward, oracle or very close to. A few weaves and you are safe. Just remember don’t flash until you are actually invis or it wont work!
Another good time is if you have a nukers who are watching you invis as you enter a bush, duke them, ambush, run in to bush, flash and all of a sudden they have waisted all their nukes and have no idea where you are... after all twitch is all about the element of surprise! (this works especially well vs Kat's Ult)

Flash is an offensive skill and should only be used that way to guarantee a kill. if its only 50/50 don’t do it! if you are going to die... DONT DO IT. A lot of times enemies will be just outside your range and although you may be able to hit them with spray and pray, people like caitlyn, ezreal or katerina will use their skills to gain distance and thus escape. A quick flash in and a few more hits will make all the difference when you go to slow them with Venom Cask and will allow you then to get your 6 stacks to expunge and get the kill.

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Skill Sequence - SR Normal/Dominon/Jungle


Deadly Venom PASSIVE This adds a poison stack for every hit that you land on a target. With a maximum of six stacks, this skill is DOT (Damage over Time) causing 2.5/5/7.5 Damage Per Second per Stack or/and is manipulated by your other skills. Stacks last for 8 seconds from last hit.

Ambush This is your invis skill. Once active it takes two seconds of not receiving damage before you turn invisible. Twitch becomes stealthed for 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 seconds. If Twitch attacks a unit while Stealthed, he gains 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100% attack speed for up to 10 seconds, depending on how long he was stealthed before attacking.

Venom Cask As suggested its to debilitate (slow) all the nearby enemy champions' move speed by 30%, plus 6% per Deadly Venom they have. 2.5 / 3.25 / 4 / 4.75 / 5.25 second duration. It has a deceptively long range!

expunge Twitch uses the stacks of poison already on a player and sucks them away, Deals 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+100% of ability power) magic damage to each nearby poisoned enemy, plus 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 additional damage per stack of Deadly Venom applied to them.

Spray and Pray Twitches ultimate. Twitch gains 15 / 25 / 35 attack damage and his attacks become long range line missiles for 12 seconds, dealing 100% damage and poisoning all enemies hit (Yes effects hit every target). During this duration, a maximum of 5 / 6 / 7 missiles can be fired. Downside is that it shoots in a straight line so if the enemy is running on an angle this can and generally will miss them once active!

There’s really two ways to start as twitch, the Scout or The Harasser, i generally always play the Scout these days although Harasser will score you FB (First Blood) most of the time.

If you prefer to scout, start with Ambush and use it to scout the bushes before the first wave. Getting expunge next and follow normal sequence.

If you prefer to harass, start though with Expunge for the chance of pre lvl 2 kills. Yes they happen, More so if you have a stunner on your side.

If you are playing jungle twitch you will have no choice and will have to start with expunge otherwise you wont be able to kill anything at the start!

If you are playing dominion you will start at level 3 so you can skip choosing what to get and go for 2 points in expunge and one in Ambush. Gotta love the boost!

You will always want to max your Expunge first as it does a substantial amount of damage and is your last hitting move, ensuring you get the kills you rightly deserve. It is very easy to KS people with this as well but try not to.

The next one to max is obviously Ambush. This is your backdooring/ganging/towering/escaping/tralala skill. Its fun and when used right will make the other team call MIA (MISSING IN ACTION) all the time. Forcing them to waiste cash on wards etc.

ALWAYS when it becomes available put a point on Spray and Pray. its the tool that makes quadra's possible.

Finally you only need 1 point on Venom Cask early game. putting more points on it is a waiste. Depending on what style or play you are doing it might be with getting this point at level 3 for a jungler or you can leave it till level 8 for normal games. Just remember this is your slow so if people are getting away, get it earlier.

In a gang/fight your skills sequence should be:
Ambush-> Spray and Pray-> Venom Cask-> expunge

Be warned that Spray and Pray can cause your hits to miss if they are running on an angle to you.. if that’s the case don’t use it!

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Items - SR Normal

The best way to look at twitch is the standard build which I recommend most if not all games and then go from there. (For dominion games read this and then go to the dominion section) There are a few different starting options though and a different build altogether mentioned at the bottom of this section so please read it all before you decide how you are going to build and why!

My standard build is:

I use this order on purpose, boots may seem to be late however i always get them by second back.

When you start, start with a Vampiric Scepter this will give you plenty of healing and help you harass and stay in lane a lot longer. Don’t go back until you have at least 1195. If your forced to go back get a Dagger and signt ward or and Health Potion. By second back you want to have another 1000 but preferably 1350. Your priority here is your boots (my preference is Boots of Mobility followed by an Targon's Brace.

You will notice from here on out your damage will be less and less so it is imperative that you get a B. F. Sword next and build towards your Infinity Edge.

From here it becomes situational, so I will divide the items up into options and then show my standard build at the end.

Recommended Situational Items:

  • Sword of the Divine Awesome item vs Jax and Teemo. replace zeal with this item
  • The Black Cleaver Great vs teams that are stacking armor. and the attack speed boost is nice
  • The Bloodthirster Very high damage and a great life steal effect that only gets better with stacks
  • Phantom Dancer great attack speed and crit chance will also add a little movement which cant go astray
  • Madred's Bloodrazor Required against a very high hp team
  • Frozen Mallet Great if you need hp, still adds a little attack damage and can add another slow effect so less getting away. Will process on ult so can slow whole team
  • Executioner's Calling adds an extra dot effect to your hits and an 50% reduction to healing active. Great vs those heavy healing teams
  • Cloak and Dagger Very handy against high CC (Croud Control) teams with its 35% tenacity also adds crit and attack speed.
  • Banshee's Veil Required item if vs a karthus also great vs stunners.
  • Zeke's Harbinger Great healing, high attack speed, helps out your team and reduces enemy armor... ITS THE BOMB!

Optional Items
  • Avarice Blade eary crit chance and gives cash, sell later on or upgrade to Youmuu's Ghostblade
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade great all round item for twitch, the active adds another 50% attack speed and 20% movement speed
  • Quicksilver Sash a free cleanse every 90 seconds is not a bad option if your being focused with CC
  • Hextech Gunblade handy slow, high attack damage, adds ap witch can help expunge, life steal and spell vamp, all up not a bad item.
  • Wit's End Can be used to increase your survivability vs caster heavy team.
  • Tiamat Can add a small splash effect to every attack and will be proc with every hit on your ult. That said i never run it but it is an option
  • Sword of the Occult great if you can get stacks, its a very cheap damage item but its a risk that i prefer not to run.
  • Last Whisper Great vs very high ac team but i prefer to run The Black Cleaver instead of last whisper.
  • Hexdrinker can save you vs ap burster but gain there are better things you can use
  • Wriggle's Lantern This item is near a must in ranked games but works well with my life steal build. The creap bonus is great as well so u get even more cash!

Boots are a personal choice, i prefer the extra movement but to help out here are all the boots and what they are good for.
First Item Options
Just for those who are curious there are alternatives to starting with Vampiric Scepter and they are:
  • Doran's Blade a great start item, giving extra damage and hp but only 3% life steal, i find it harder to stay in lane with this item however the extra damage can help score you FB.
  • Doran's Shield A pure defensive style item giving armor, hp and hp regen. Will keep you in the lane the longest but i find it to slow down my item progress.
  • Dagger More attack speed can never hurt, and with this you will be able to buy a few health potions to get you going. this also builds towards your Zeal
  • Brawler's Gloves extra crit chance at start and builds towards your Zeal and will still allow you to buy two health potions
  • Boots of Speed if you want to rush early boots get this and 3 health pots

but remember a Vampiric Scepter can be built into some good things to help you in the game and doesn’t always need to be Targon's Brace thus i run it nearly every time as it is just so versatile.

Now you are a scout and will be on the lookout for enemy wards (read the ward section bellow) but don’t neglect buying your own, a well placed sight ward on the river, at dragon or/and baron or even at their blue/red buff can help your team survive and score free kills. Wards are a big part of game play and the higher your map awareness the better twitch you will be.

My Builds
For my standard build i go:

this will work on most games especially as they are more sqwishy however you will need to customize it using the list above dependant on your enemies.

Vs Tanks i go

Vs casters i go

Life Steal Build

This build is quite different from my normal but i have found it to be fun and the life steal is just something stupid! The advantages are that with Doran's Blade and Wriggle's Lantern your life steal is quite high already but your damage is actually +33 which is most the way there to the B. F. Sword that gives +45. The extra damage will be noticed very quickly. You will need to get a Berserker's Greaves though as your attack speed is low at the start and without it you just cant do the damage or stack the poison fast enough.

Remember that every game is situational, If your lane is going very well and you are free to gang, get your boots earlier and move around and get assists/kills. Base your items off what is happening in the game at the time and always remember with twitch you want high attack speed. Faster stacks will help your team and ensure your expunge will do maximum damage [/green]

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Items - Dominion

(Please read Items-SR Normal first then read this section)

The items change a little for this map and so does strategy as you all start with 1375 gold and level 3. So the early game weakness of twitch can actually be substantially reduced.
there are a few new items to choose from to start though, the biggest being the Prospector's Blade I try to start with this item and a pair of Boots of Speed to allow for quicker movement. These are the recommended items in dominion for Twitch btw.

For the next back you will need to complete your Boots of Mobility with hopefully enough to purchase a B. F. Sword. If not get just the boots and get back out there. Your aim from here is get damage, followed by attack speed, and then finish some items. To allow maximum versatility the two i go for are the B. F. Sword followed by the Recurve Bow. From here it depends on how you are going and who you are facing. An Infinity Edge is an option for an upgrade to the B. F. Sword but of late i have been racing a Sanguine Blade for the bonus damage and life steal. It stacks very quickly and if done right you should nearly always be at max stacks (unless you have Ambush in). After that i complete The Lightbringer This is an awesome new item but if you want there are some great older items that a Recurve Bow can become, i.e. Zeke's Harbinger. Generally once you have got these you will be going well in fights and still stealthing and getting points. If you find you need more movement speed, get the Zeal next. It really does depend on how you are going though.

Now comes the fun part, there are a few new items that are situational but are well worth it (i currently use two in my new build), Consider getting some of these rather then the expensive versions you would get in SR Normal.

  • Kitae's Bloodrazor a mini version of the bloodrazor but a lot cheaper, handy vs tanks especially as no one will make full build in this map (unless something’s gone wrong)
  • The Lightbringer a recommended item but is only really great vs. someone like akali, twitch and shanco as they will be unable to go invis for 5 seconds after your last hit. That said if you hit someone and they walk into a bush they will still be visible making it a viable item for everyone.
  • Ionic Spark I like this item as it gives you a little hp but also allows your 4th hit to hit up to 4 enemies. A lot of times you will be fighting 1v2 or 2v3 so it helps.
  • Sanguine Blade A small version of the blood thirster works as a per hit effect instead of a killed stack effect (preferable to its SR counterpart in dominion).
  • Entropy This item gives a nice amount of hp and damage and processes a slow effect. Much like a mini Frozen Mallet
  • Odyn's Veil Great vs. casters, it will give you hp and MR and store 10% of the damage they do to you. Upon activation its a free burst damage for up to 600 damage... woot

Optional non recommended
There is one other item i would like to mention from the new Dominion map and that is the Priscilla's Blessing It heals you and gives you a +15% capture speed which does make a huge difference, it also has a active that gives a movement boost for two seconds. This item though is quite expensive for what it does (1600) and in general is not worth getting for twitch. Its more designed for tanks, however if you are continually backdooring and capturing points alone it might be worth getting.
remember to choose your items according to who you are vs. but also that you will not get to full build so plan accordingly.

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Items - Jungle

I have looked at and tried two different builds with jungle twitch both seem viable but really depends on what your team requires.

The first idea is directly off another build and is focused on support jungle twitch with a decent amount of survivability.

You start off with Cloth Armor and five health potions (you will need them). Heading on first back to complete Boots of Speed and hopefully Madred's Razors. If you can afford more health potions get them as you will be using them for a lot of the game.

Next time your back you get a vampiric sceptre and buy a Wriggle's Lantern followed by a Boots of Mobility. Wriggle's Lantern is great for a jungle twitch but you will be trading versatility for damage, just remember that and remind your team your not the carry. It will give you a free ward every 3 minutes so make sure you keep dragon warded at start.

From here you want some extra HP and CC effects so you get a Phage and build towards a Frozen Mallet. If you have done your job right, your team will be getting a lot of kills by now and you a lot of assists.

As soon as people start dropping a lot of wards, get an Oracle's Elixir and start taking them out. It will pay for itself in no time.

Now you need damage, Again your looking to help your team so The Black Cleaver is generally the best to get as it reduces the enemies armor followed by two defensive items depending on who you are facing.

Your final build for this type is something like this:

An alternative to this is more of an offensive annoying rat. You are still going to have to start out the same getting Cloth Armor, Health Potion, Boots of Speed, Madred's Razors, vampiric sceptre but from here is where you change. If you are finding you are getting more of the kills or just a butt load of assists and your cash is quite high, buy a Recurve Bow and a Pickaxe as you can see this is heading towards a Madred's Bloodrazor. If you are needing more life steal though you can get a B. F. Sword and get a The Bloodthirster or complete the Targon's Brace and get a Zeke's Harbinger. I would still recommend though with this build to then complete the Frozen Mallet as it really will help a lot in counter jungling.

Remember though with this build you are going to be a lot more offensive but you will not have the free ward of bonus damage from Wriggle's Lantern so you are going to have to keep buying sight ward and placing them down.

After this you have to gauge how you are doing, defensive items are still a high priority and as such your final build will look something like this


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How to Survive

As i have said throughout this guide, Twitch is one of the sqwishiest of champions. He is a high priority target and will very quickly get pummelled as soon as you become visible. So I really cant stress this enough CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTS! I know your team may scream and ***** and moan that you didn’t jump in and die.. but that’s fine because you didn’t jump in and die, feeding the enemy another kill for nothing!

I know a lot of this is common sense but its annoying watching other twitch players feed so please read this!

How to choose?

  • Is there a ward or oracle? Refer to that section of the guide as it is important to know!
  • if its a 2v2, Your ally is nearly dead and you don’t think you can kill them both - DONT GO VISIBLE. 1 kill for 2 deaths isn’t worth it. If you think you can save your ally and still escape, Make sure you have a route to escape and fine. But be ready to be their primary target!
  • Don’t be afraid to stay in smbush a few seconds longer, The extra time to position also gives you more time to assess the fight and see if your team mate has just ran into a bad gang bang.
  • Use the bushes to your advantage, If you Ambush and run through one their is a high chance you will go invis and get away
  • JUKE JUKE JUKE, If you are running into a bush and Ambush stay near the edge and as they enter you run out. Change directions often
  • Ambush when fleeing will make them think your out of the fight, but if you still have a fair amount of health running isnt always the best thing, reposition and wait, See what happens first and only when you know you can kill and get away fight
  • As soon as you are in ambush, change direction. DONT BE DUMB AND RUN STRAIGHT TOWARDS YOUR TOWER AND BASE!
  • Flash if you need to. It can be used even while you are invis!
  • When vs. another stealth player DONT BE THE FIRST TO STEALTH! Whoever gets the first hit will generally win and if u stealth after them you will stealth longer!
  • Try not to stealth where visible! Behind turrent or in bushes will help you with the element of surprise!
  • Ambush when walking along the river as it is generally warded
  • Dont target tanks! stay invis and take out those high damage squishes!
  • Dont be a hero!
  • Above everything else ALWAYS HAVE AN ESCAPE ROUTE bush, river, jungle makes no difference as long as you know what you are doing to get out of there WHEN it hits the fan!

Hopefully i have made my point here! Timing is everything, Choose your fights wisely and always have an escape route and you should be fine.

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SR Normal - Which Lane is for me?

This is something i always debate with my premade team. As you can imagine their idea is GO MID GO MID GO MID.

Well let’s look at the different options and why i disagree and hope you will as well.

Mid lane is a great solo, always guaranteed to have a lot of xp, last hit kills, gold.. Great hu?? well look at it this way. You are always going to have to have a strong start, You are only going to be able to leave if/when the enemy centre leaves or is killed. You are going to be ganged from the side as often as they can. The bushes are in **** locations. So yes you can do it and it is fine, it works but there, are a few disadvantages

Now this is just plain stupid. A super squishy stealth player vs two players at level 1. Are you mental! Look if you do ok and manage to just last hit at tower you will get average gold, great xp but the chances of killing are small and the ability to leave the lane is non existent thus removing a huge advantage of twitch. So simply dont do it!

This is your bread and butter! You are with someone so you will get less xp, less gold but with two vs two your chances of killing are now higher and I don’t just mean your lane! If you see mid in a little hassle, let your team mate know, walk into the wall bush furthest from the river (let the enemy see you do this) then Ambush run through the river straight to mid side bush. wait for it then Ambush again. Position yourself behind them and with your mid champions help KILL KILL KILL! With any luck there will be no MIA call as they thought you were still down bottom just stealthed! Next time do it the same, but this time don’t go up river, wait for them to try attack your ally or even better tower dive and backdoor them! This is your job and being tied to one location hinders it!

So as you can see the freedom to move is what you really need. By mid game, you shouldn’t really be stuck in a single lane anyway. You need to roam and the only way to have that flexibility all game is to go dual bottom lane (or jungle...but that’s a different story). That said if forced to MID don’t stress as you are still a good mid, just be careful early game, and choose your fights and you should end up on top!

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Early Game: Farming/Harassing/Killing - SR Normal

Before I really start with the section on game play, let me say that this stage is your weakest stage. You can be easily out zoned, out farmed, and killed if you are not an experienced player. It may take you a while to get past the early game phase (defined by the purchase of a B. F. Sword) but once you do the game changes for you so stick with it!

IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO GET FB, If you are bottom lane with a stunner or high damage player run like buggery to the bushes and wait, Set your first skill as expunge, use Ignite and you can/will normally get FB! If you aren’t that brave/stupid then don’t stress start farming early with a point in Ambush.

Now farming with Twitch is actually very very easy although it goes in stages.

Early game, all you do is last hit. During this phase of the game you should be more focused on harassing then pushing and only last hit creeps. You will need to be able to last hit at least 50% of the creeps to do well here. If you’re not killing then last hitting 90-100% is the way to go (especially if you are soloing).

I can’t stress this enough, EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, hit an enemy champion at least once then fall back. It’s not the damage from your hit your looking for, its your passive ( Deadly Venom). This is your primary damage against champion’s early game. It’s what you want to stack often and keep stacked if possible. Once the enemy has 3 stacks, Count to at least 5 in your head (and make sure their in range) then hit expunge! Just be careful not to over do this however or you will run out of mana for when you really need it!

IF a champion has ran out of health pots and is 1/2 health or under OR your team mate is up for it, fall back as if you are going to run back to tower to recall. Once out of their vision, Ambush then run back towards them. Indicate your target using G, run behind them and target them so u pop out of Ambush getting the attack speed bonus. IMMEDIATELY use Ignite and Bilgewater Cutlass if u have it. Generally by this stage they will run but if they don’t, don’t stress you always have a trump card. WAIT FOR THE MAXIMUM STACKS of Deadly Venom that you can allow and pop Expunge (Its preferable to have 6 stacks, but if you are in fear of dying pop it early). People will be pissed and want to try it again as they will generally hurt you quite a lot but you will nearly always win.

A good strategy for positioning is if you can position yourself just outside of the bushes behind your enemy. This will allow for a last minute run. Turn on Ambush and run straight into the bush. By the time they enter you will generally be Invisible!

By Mid game you would already have Zeal and a B.F.Sword, enough said, mow down those creeps and start your push, Remember to ambush before going at the tower, the added attack speed with your B.F. Sword will make the tower drop in no time.

After LVL 6, if you see a large wave in a lane and you can get there, Ambush, run to the side of the creeps so that they are in a single line in front of you, attack the closest then pop Spray and Prey. This will make the entire wave go bye bye in just a few seconds and score you some nice cash.

This strategy can also be used when Post LVL 6 vs 1 hero. Don’t stand face to face, line them up with a creep wave so you will hit them and their creeps and then attack using Spray and Pray the extra healing you will get from hitting their creeps as well will more often then not leave you 3/4 health and them dead.

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Mid - Late Game: Team Work - SR Normal

Your job as twitch now is very simple, SCOUT, GANG, GANG, GANG, SCOUT, BACKDOOR, GANG.

There is very little room in there for solo heroics and twitch is really not specifically built for that.... Yes you can backdoor a few lone squishes and why not, but you are really there to help the team wipe them out.

You need to spend the majority of your time transiting between lanes (Roaming) in Ambush as you don’t want to be seen by those pesky sight ward. The element of surprise is your key. Backdoor people or find locations to fight and don’t forget to check Dragon, Baron, Red and Blue Buff’s as you can steal the buff/kill the hero in one foul sweep. Your vision, mobility and scouting techniques are what are going to save you and your team’s lives. Don’t go in half hearted because you see someone hitting the blue. Check the bush, indicate for an ally then start your attack.

When you know a team fight is going to happen, you really want to scout the location (with Ambush) where a battle is about to begin. This will allow you to know numbers, locations and items (Don’t forget to check for Vision Ward/ Oracle's Elixir) and even initiate counter ambush’s. Then you wait (in the bush with them if your team is on the way).

Only after the battle has started, and they have chosen a target for you to strike, Take the extra 1/2 a second to position yourself to strike the majority of them with Spray and Pray, then let loose. Remember that Spray and Pray processes every effect on every person so if you crit one you crit all, if you have life steal the more you hit the more you heal etc. Hit them up to 6 times (or when they start to run) and pop Venom Cask. Hit them the rest of the 6 and Expunge.

Don’t forget to time it so you get a few kills as well. If done right this will get you Triple kills to Quadra Kills and your team will love you for it.

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Well for those who were lucky enough to try out dominion, this is a little section to explain my findings and give a few hinters i have worked out.

Starting Stats
Cash = 1375
Level = 3
Yes that’s right you get a boost from word go! There is plenty of time to buy as you can’t leave base until the ramp is built so take your time, work out your strategy and communicate

Game Length
The game will only last between 15-20 minutes.. it is quick and although you will start at level 3 i have yet to play a game where i reach level 18... plan accordingly
Item builds are also hard to complete, even with the 1375 starting cash, you will only get 3/4 of the way done so choose items to suite.. see item section.

Map Layout
There are a few things to remember with this map and layouts that i will try to explain....

  • The outside circle is the control points, we will go into these in greater detail in a second
  • The next circle in has healing points, just run over them for a small quick heal...
  • The next circle in is speed boosts, Run over them for a short speed boost.. worth hitting
  • centre is the unique shield runes, these take time to grab but can add a handy shield.

Control Points
Control points are done slightly differently. You have to stand at one after you have clicked on it doing nothing but focusing it take it from the enemy to neutral or claim it for yourself. Generally speaking just outside of the turret range (the circle around it) is a small wall on each one, this is a good indication of the range of the turret and vision so you can still stealth. Remember that even neutral Control Points though can see invis so no point stealthing there.

If an enemy controls the point obviously it will attack you. A little trick i worked out is to go in to the control point with an ally, allow the ally to attack the enemy champion that is defending it while you attempt to capture the point. The point of this is not the capture but to stop the turret from hitting you or your ally. As soon as you start a capture (while you are still focused) the enemy turret is unable to fire, thus levelling the playing field.

Also remember that the more of your allies that are capturing the point the faster it captures! so it can really help a lot.

If you can Promote the super minion is great at capturing points and really will pull an enemies attention!

The only other hint i have with control points is to get Garrison it is just nuts and well worth getting as a summoner spell!

Start Strategy
The standard strategy has now emerged with dominion. That is to have characters divided into three separate categories:
  • RUNNER – These are your fast pace movers to get to capture points first or move around and assist where needed.
  • CAPTURER – These people only focus on capturing points from enemies, backdooring as much as possible, killing the enemies if needed at their point.
  • DEFENDER – As suggested their job is to hold a point.

As I am sure you have figured out Twitch is not a defender and my god he is way to slow to be a runner…. Yep that’s right you are a CAPTURER

When you start you really need to know your role in this situation, Your defender whomever that is will always want to go south (standard play), capturing the first point and holding it for the entire game. When there is an opportunity they “may” try and capture the enemy’s bottom point but this runs at a risk of loosing their point so generally frowned upon.

The other four players will all move north, 3 heading to the windmill (furthest north) and the fourth capturing the one on the way (yep that’s generally your job). In many games though you may find that all 4 will head to the windmill first as this is generally the first real conflict. A team that has some high runners though may be able to capture this point before the enemy can even get there. IE Singed or Rammus. If you can capture these three points you will have a great start and will want to hold them as best as you can. If not your capturer’s really need to do their work, hitting the centre points or any point they can as often as they can to disrupt their team. If you can divide them up you can generally win back points with co-ordinated strikes. JUST DON’T MOVE AROUND ON THE OUTER CIRCLE AS THE ENEMY CAN SEE YOU!

From here on out, chaos rains! Remember to do quests when you can and use your stealth to your advantage to get control points in the middle of the ones they own. When stealing run along the second or inner ring so you heal and get speed boosts and so you don’t get detected.

If you get the chance grab your rune in the centre, it will give you a boosting shield and a little extra damage!

These will appear sporadically throughout the game and are worth getting, Not only do they damage your enemies health bar but they give your entire team a 10% damage bonus... WOOT

Will add more as I find more but hey at least its a start!

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Jungle Twitch Strategy

This part of the guide is not for beginners or solo queue. Only experienced players with a good team can try this and make it work. If you’re under level 18 just don’t, if your team can’t survive without you carrying just don’t. And if you suck just don’t! That said it is possible and I have had some great results with this. I fed our Twisted Fate 8 kills by the 25 minute mark making him unstoppable! Just remember communication will be the key here, make sure you and your team talk!

I can’t emphasize this enough
I have tried it solo queue and even if you explain you wont be a carry that your are there for support and harass and making them waste cash on wards/oracles they wont believe it and will expect you to deal out all the damage. Just don’t do it!

Jungle Twitch is completely different to any other style of twitch you can play and i'm many regards is kind of a troll/tralalalala build. First and foremost, YOU ARE NOT A CARRY. You are a support with a great slow, possibly even area slow with spray and prey. You are an annoying harasser making them waste summon spells and dying a lot. And you are a ward killer. Don’t expect to solo people as it won’t happen (except counter jungle explain that later).

That said here is the sequence and what I do:
Where/how to start
It is imperative that you start at blue buff. You need to get this if you are going to even stand a chance to jungle. but most of all you are going to require a good pull from your mid champion!
Get them to pull and start stacking your Deadly Venom on the golem. As soon as he hits you pop your first Health Potion and keep stacking your poison. Once it hit's 6 stacks, expunge and start stacking again. expunge and Smite to get the kill as quickly as possible.

Once done her go to the wolves. Again stack your Deadly Venom and expunge after about 5 hits on the big wolf to kill it. Pop another Health Potion if you need to as you don’t want to let your health get to low. Once you have completed the wolves you will be level 2 and should have Ambush.

Stealth over to the wraith's and target the big one. Stack your poison and expunge again, kill the smaller wraith's and you should be level 3. Here you have to make a choice. expunge if you are going to continue jungling or the other team is slow with no CC, otherwise get Venom Cask and head top/mid for your first gang.

Ambush in behind the enemy letting your team mate know what you are doing. Don’t initiate, let your team mate, and then stack them with as much Deadly Venom as you can before you use your Venom Cask, get a few more stacks and expunge. Try not to steal the kill though as you are playing a support not a carry.

You then have a few options, I generally go straight for the golems, get the cash with the standard strategy and if I’m still full or close to head for red. If not, recall and start a counter jungle. Run flat out towards the enemy red camp. If they have also ganged or you feel they could be doing it after your initial gang, you should be able to steal their red and get a kill on them. Most people get very low when fighting red on the first time. Plan for this, using Ambush to scout it. If you can, wait in the bush or move back as needed. When red is nice and low, hit the other player not red, Smite red when you are sure you can kill it and expunge to kill the other jungler.

If you’re vs. a team that does not have a jungler, ignore that top section and secure your red buff. Now comes the roaming. You are meant to roam/jungle between gangs. Don’t spend too much time in the jungle or you won’t be doing your job and that is to instil fear in the entire team. You want them to say **** twitch is mid... where did he go... damn he came bottom... dam where is he... **** he is top and so on. The more you can do this the more they are going to waste on wards.

As soon as they start buying and placing wards, (make sure your team mates keep an eye out and tell you) buy and Oracle's Elixir and start taking them out forcing them to spend more cash on wards, or finally forking out for an oracle themselves. As soon as they do get your team mates in that lame to suppress them and harass them so when you do gang they will die.

If done correctly after the first few gangs you will have a Wriggle's Lantern and be working towards your Phage-> Frozen Mallet. The sooner you get this item the better your support role is. Combine the slow from the Frozen Mallet with Venom Cask and they will appear to stand still.

Make sure every 3 minutes you place the ward from Wriggle's Lantern. I generally place this near dragon so I can see when they place a ward there or if they are trying to take it. If they do Ambush in and Smite steal it, making sure your team is on the way to secure the kill as well.

Now if this is played correctly you will have 0 kills but should also have 0 deaths and a huge amount of assists. At least 10-15 by the 20-25 minute mark (have done). If so I guarantee they will surrender. If you don’t do so well don’t stress, just keep working on it, feeding your team kills and your team will carry you to victory.

As a final note, make sure you and your team talk, make sure they tell you when an enemy have used their summoner spell, an enemy without Flash is a great target. Make sure they also tell you when they placed any Vision Ward/ sight ward and what type as it will be your job to get rid of them. Make sure they tell you if anyone has an Oracle's Elixir as you and your team will have to take that out ASAP and finally make sure they tell you if their champions are missing as they could be looking for you in the jungle and trying to catch you by surprise! If they are, Ambush and find them so your team mates can gang. Don’t try and take them alone and if possible let one of your team mates get the kill.

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Just thought I would add a small section on enemies, what to look out for and small counters

  • Katarina She is a pain in the butt with her flash in and her ultimate Death Lotus. If you are vs a kat, be glad that you ran Flash. Just wait until she jumps in and ulti's and flash out. once her ulti is over go back in full gun's blazing and you will generally get the kill. (remember if she ulti's while you are invis you will still get hit so flash while invis and you will remain invis just out of range)
  • Veigar This little nuker can be a pain in the *** especially if he collects you with a stun. If he does you are guaranteed to die! so wait, be patient and sit near him, wait for him to Dark Matter a mob wave then hit him as hard as you can. DONT MOVE, a lot of the time they will just miss you with their stun and if they do you can still hit him and generally get the kill without ever being stunned.
  • Caitlyn Is only a pain in laning phase, try to avoid her Piltover Peacemaker as it does hurt and stops your farming. Just Ambush and take her from behind. Another good thing is you can block her Ace in the Hole while you are Ambush. Taking the damage and still remain invisible both saving your team mate and allowing you to escape.
  • Blitzcrank Not to hard to vs just try and remain behind a creap wave or at least 1 minion between you and them. If you are in a battle, you are stealth and your team mate is running from him, remember to stay between them. He can still grab you with his Rocket Grab but they wont see you and you would have saved your ally
  • Annie Until she is level 6 harass her like hell. As soon as she is level 6 fall back, she can insta kill you with her Summon: Tibbers and skill combo. If you are going to gang her though make sure you cant see an aura around her. it means that her Pyromania is charged and will stun on her next spell.
  • Brand Another nuker, Just what you want... just wait for him to put out all his spells as they have a long cool down. As soon as he has hit him and hit him hard, remember to expunge at 6 stacks so you get him down as quickly as possible
  • Kog'Maw This guy is very weak and should be a priority target. Just watch out for his Living Artillery as it will do nice damage to you and will make you visible.... not good! Make sure you hit him from range though because once he is dead, you need to run like buggery as his Icathian Surprise hurts you!
  • Leona Strange to fear a tank but just be careful of her. Once you pop vis she will target and suppress you thus stuffing you up. wait until she uses her Zenith Blade then go visible and hit them all. Without it it will take her time to close the gap and hopefully allow you to take a few of them down.
  • Teemo Ap teemo is a pain in the ***... watch out for his Noxious Trap as at high levels can do up to 1/2 your health. This is one of the times that you will require an Oracle's Elixir. He can also blind you with Blinding Dart which without a Sword of the Divine will really stuff you up!
  • Karthus Apart from his ulti Requiem which is bloody annoying and will make you need a Banshee's Veil he is a very easy target, Remember to Ambush sit behind him and gang every time. He will hate you and you can generally get away. Once he is dead though dont remain close to him as he can still damage you for 7 seconds.
  • Jax the biggest problem you are going to have with jax is his bloody dodge percent, buy a Sword of the Divine to counter this. Wait for him to leave a creap wave and his attack bonus ( Relentless Assault) to slow down (takes 2.5 seconds) then pop out of Ambush and he should be all yours. Look at his items though as even without the bonus he can hurt a lot!
  • Cho'Gath Once this bad boy has got a few stacks on Feast its just not worth touching him until you buy a Madred's Bloodrazor without this item you are going to have some serious trouble killing him. Also look if he is buying armor and if so you will need to get a The Black Cleaver.
  • Mordekaiser used to be a threat with his Iron Man it really made him a pain in the *** to kill. Now that he has been changed so his shield generation is 1/2 on creeps ect he is easier to kill head on. If you want to kill him quickly though, Ambush wait behind him until a wave has passed and his Iron Man has reduced to 0 then let loose, Spray and Pray the creep wave through mord so u get the extra healing but either way he will die quickly.
  • Tryndamere Until level 6 this guy is super weak so out level, xp and gold him. If you cant dont play twitch! Once level 6 though he becomes a real threat as during his Undying Rage he will be able to kill you. If you are soloing him try not to use your expunge save it. When he goes into Undying Rage hit Venom Cask and run. He should have 6 stacks on poison on him so just wait, once his rage has worn out (5 seconds) then expunge, its a good idea after 2-3 seconds to put another bolt into him though so your poisons dont ware out (happens if a stunner comes in at the right time).
  • Evelynn Without her stun eve is really not that much of a threat. Just remember to hold off on your Ambush and use it just after she uses her Shadow Walk (both skills stealth for the same time when at the same level). Getting first hit will generally turn the tide in these stealth fights. Keep an eye out for oracles and wards though as they are highly likely on these fights. Target her early and often, and she shouldnt be a threat to you all game.
  • LeBlanc Now this is someone you are seriously going to hate! She has insane damage even in laning phase and will target you, taking off 1/2 to 3/4 of your health in a quick early game burst. As you can imagine this will equate to an insta death when it comes late game! Your only option is to get some HP and MR ( Banshee's Veil is a good option) so you don’t die or to remain in Ambush until she has used her stuff. Work her over while she is on cooldown and you won’t have a problem. Try never to fight her solo and even more importantly don’t be visible at the start of the fight and you will kill her insanely fast so you should have no problems!
  • Xerath This new long range nuker is a treat for twitch! As soon as he has used his ultimate Arcane Barrage he is yours for the picking! At max CDR it’s a 30 second cooldown and without it he cant insta burst anyone down. Get in nice and close and let loose. Expect he will hit you with mage chains followed by Arcanopulse so that he can stun you for 1.5 seconds. Again if you have a Banshee's Veil it wont stun you and you wont have to worry. His Arcanopulse is only available every 3 seconds so chances are he wont even get a second round out before he is already dead. Enjoy the feast! (Yes his ap will give him extra armor but nothing that will really stop you… worst case scenario The Black Cleaver is all you need)

Will add more as i have time

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Side Note: BARON

If you have a madred's and someone to tank Baron will fall very quickly, but that’s really not what this part of the guide is about.

I really just wanted to remind you that you are a SCOUT and a very very CHEAP player......
As long as the other team doesn’t have an oracle... and if you and your team have been doing your job that shouldn’t be a problem. Once the opposition disappears, check Baron.

If they are there (generally because they have taken down some of your team or kicking their buts) don’t run but Ambush, go in and wait in the back of the baron alcove.

Indicate to your team that they are there so they can start an ambush on them, that’s their job, yours is to focus on baron. Wait till the enemy has it very low, target baron, hit, Spray and Pray, Smite if your playing jungle twitch, and steal the bloody thing.

I’ve done this multiple times and with the damage they have received from Baron, the fact that your entire team now has the Aura, Them in a small confined space with Spray and Pray, very few if any of their team will survive, changing the course of battle

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WARDS/ORACLE: Teamwork is the key - SR Normal/Jungle

Low level games rarely use these items, but it is good to read through as, when you get to level 30, They are used continually!!!

These will be the bane of your existence....

If you cant invis you are useless...


Pay close attention to which wards the enemy team is placing and where they are placing them. If its a sight ward, meh laugh at them and continue what you are doing, just remember they have a larger sight for when you are visible.

Vision Ward Now this is a different story! They will always be able to see you if you are in range, unless you are in a bush (ward is not in bush) or you are outside the range of the ward. These are annoying but not impossible to beat. As soon as they drop the ward look at the time. Remember the spot as it is now a bad area for you for the next 2 minutes. Make sure you’re team is on the lookout for them as well and lets you know where and when they are placed. More often then not they are placed in the centre of an isle, this isn’t an issue as their are generally bushes on either side, perfect for an ambush... and they have a range. You can walk around the range through the jungle and backdoor them still. If you are unsure if there is one in your lane and the enemy is elsewhere, Walk in front of your creep wave while invis through the enemy wave. If an enemy minion hits you then there is a Vision Ward there and you know it wont be safe for the next two minutes!

You also have the option to take out the Vision Ward with your own Vision Ward. This will become a battle of placement and both teams will loose cash so its not my preferred way to beat them.
If you saw where the ward was placed, and have your ultimate ( Spray and Pray) ready, then line up a mob so that it will go through them and hit the location of the invisible ward. If done correctly you will destroy the ward without even needing to see it. This will force the opposition to change their strategy!

Oracle's Elixir is the bane of your existence... a moving vision ward.... DAMN...
as soon as anyone has one on them they are your teams prime target. If there is no way of you taking them down, ask someone to come for the gang. You will need to either be sneaky and avoid them or kill them its that simple. If that cant happen swap lanes with someone and make another one of their team go for this little beauty. Late game these become more prevalent and as such act as if you are always visible. Use ambush for the attack speed bonus rather then the stealth until they have been taken out!
When you get one
You can also buy an Oracle's Elixir and in certain circumstance it is worth doing. Just remember though you are very squishy and as such it can be a waste. If you vs another stealth player use it to get the drop on them.. especially if its another twitch as who gets the first hit is generally who wins in this case. Also its great for jungle twitch as you will be roaming a lot and can defeat wards in jungle giving you a little cash per one (just don’t get caught) and teemo's bloody mushrooms as if your vs an AP teemo they can really really hurt you and your team.

Your enemy will be spending money on Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixir... this is a good thing. Its more money they aren’t spending on damage which will help your team in short term as well as the long run!

Vision Ward and sight ward can be countered with an Oracle's Elixir of your own. Although if you can get around doing this i would. As soon as you get an Oracle's Elixir then they will follow suit!

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WARDS/ORACLE: Watch the items - Dominion

A good note for twitch is that you CANT buy wards at all in dominion and even the Oracle's Elixir is unobtainable... however they did put in a cheaper version of it called the Oracle's Extract, it only lasts 5 minutes or until death... but there are two items to watch out for on players....

casters will use:
hextech sweeper grants 4 seconds vis on hit and has an area vision cloud that if you walk through makes you vis for 6 seconds...
mele will use:
The Lightbringer upon hit you become visible for 5 seconds... (this works both for when you try and ambush and when you walk into a bush) There is no escape!

obviously you now have to watch out for all three of these items! but hey at least no more vision wards, so the biggest thing is to pay very close attention to the items people carry.

The only other way you can be seen in dominion is when you get close to an enemy OR NEUTRAL turret. If you do you will be seen and they will be coming for you I guarantee it! Get in, capture and get out!

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I hope this has given you some insight into twitch and at least gained a few ideas on what to do. It’s not for everyone but has worked great for me. Once i can work out how to upload stats I will but my last few games have been:

VICTORY 7 0 5 <--- perfect game
VICTORY Dominion 2nd on our team
VICTORY Dominion 1st on our team
DEFEAT 8 6 3
VICTORY 7 0 2 <--- perfect game
VICTORY 10 4 10
VICTORY 11 2 6
VICTORY 12 4 7
DEFEAT 20 16 7 <--- had a leaver/**** tank ali who cost us the game
VICTORY 7 3 10
VICTORY 13 4 8
DEFEAT 11 8 7 <--- can’t win them all. Other team played well