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Sivir Build Guide by Meridianprime

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Meridianprime

Sivir - All you ever need to know!

Meridianprime Last updated on November 23, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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I - Prologue

I'm Meridianprime, level 30 and playing on the EUW servers. Started playing early season 1 as Ashe until a champion rotation forced me to pick another champion. I simply picked one from the new selection that I also saw during a practice match with bots. Sivir was my choice due to her similarity as ranged, easy to play champion. Later on I discovered there is actually a HUGE difference between Ashe and Sivir regarding their CC and how to master. Since I love a challenge in games, I kept playing her, making the best out of an unloved, unwanted, overlooked champion.

Started to play ranked seriously somewhere end of season 3 and currently worked my way up to Gold League. Where new challenges await me. New tactics, strategies and formation of builds.

Here I am, making this guide for other players that like to try out and learn more about Sivir. My efforts of making her be loved again, understood and NOT to be underestimated!!
So... what have I done to create this guide?
  • Reading and testing other guides
  • Using Excel and other tools to compare item sets
  • Experience from nearly 2000 games
  • Learn and listen to other players with more experience
  • Be creative forming knowledge in a pleasant to read guide

Please feel free to express your thoughts, relevant information, constructive criticism and other points of improvements in the discussion section or PM me. I hope you enjoy reading it was it was for me to write it. Thank you for your time!

Contact information

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II - About Sivir ( Overview / Abilites / Lore / Pros & Cons / Skins )




Pros & Cons


Patch Notes

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III - Setting up for battle! ( Masteries / Runes )



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IV - The battle is about to begin! ( Summoner Spells )









Don't Take

The above chart shows what spell can be used for a certain purpose as well as the level of recommendation. The 2 spells you need to pick depends on a few factors.
  • Team composition
  • Enemy team composition
  • Strategy
  • Personal play style

During champion select all the factors are known. The champions in your team and those of your enemies. With a quick chat with your teammembers ( good luck with that in solo queue ) you may create a certain strategy. And I hope you are aware of your own play style.






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V - The battle has begun! ( Abilities sequence )


In order to know which ability to upgrade first you have to consider the following 4 factors. As you will see that enemy factors weight more in which ability to consider next.
  • Enemy composition
    Knowing your enemy's abilities is very, very important. This can put you in big trouble if you upgrade the wrong ability first. Some enemies can CC lock you at level 2.
  • Enemy behaviour
    After a few minutes you got to know more about your enemy's intentions. If they just stick to last hit or don't ward very well. You can determine which skill has a higher priority.
  • Abilities of your support
    This is very important to know whether you go for damage first (W)(Q)(Q) or play casual (W)(Q)(E). Not often you have to play defensive with just regarding your support.
  • Personal play style
    Regardless of setup, if the player (you) dislike to sing out the laning phase and is eager to get First Blood. Go for some more offensive sequence. Others just like to hug their turrets and wait for a gank to start the fight.

The above is no golden rule / wonders of the world, but it helps in the majority of the time. Also having passive enemies with risky abilities, you can still pick offensive order. Same goes for other combinations. Consider them wisely!

Ability Sequence


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VI - One step ahead ( Itemisation )

Itemisation is probably the hardest chapter to write as author, since factors like personal play style, chosen strategy, counter measures are not set in stone, but still determines which items to buy and in which order. I'll try to explain as clearly as possible which items are a must ( Core Items ), into which items they are upgraded, item comparison and their pros/cons/optimum efficiency, all depending on "The Flow of the Game" (from now used as FoG). But first let me to explain the elements of an ADC and Sivir in general.

Every champ has its optimum setup depending on its base stats / abilities and designated role. Sivir is an ADC and is made to deal AoE physical damage. Focused on Attack Damage (AD) to boost up her abilities, Attack Speed (AS) to help with Kite / Chase situations, Crit Chance (CrC) to crank up the damage in team fights / jungle objectives and a form of Armor Reduction/Penetration (ARed) to counter tanks and such.

These will increase Sivir's output but is pointless if she can't stay in the fight. So she also needs Life Steal (LS). Whether it is early or late game, team fighting or farming camps in the jungle. It is ESSENTIAL!

Last but not least, a way to counter enemy output. This comes in forms of Health HP, Armor, Magic Resist (MR), cleanse and AS reducing passive / active. This last is important to keep in mind but not essential!

offensive Elements

Defensive Elements

Utility elements

Now that I have explained the elements, essentials of an ADC and priority for Sivir. We wonder what should buy in the "core build". First let me address the word Core build. Honestly I think "core build" isn't used properly. Marking an item set as "Core build" will be shown on the outside of your guide as an indication on the guide's focus. Basically every core build containing 6 full items is incorrectly shown until you read the contents.
I think core build should be seen as a set of items that are always used in a match.
E.G. If you have an enemy team with only AD champs. Why bother getting MR. So if the guide has MR items as core build, its a useless build. The core in things is usually the most important part and cannot function without it. The rest of the items evolve/upgrade based on the FoG.
In Sivir's case as an ADC, you MUST have AD, MUST have AS and MUST have LS.
So with all the builds I have seen on ADC's Boots of Speed, Vamp Scepter and BF Sword are always there.
The rest depends on the ADC and the FoG. In the next part I will show you the way you upgrade your items from your Core Build to end builds based on the FoG.

Let the games begin!
Doran's Blade Health Potion Vision Ward

Now the vision Ward is the core de la core. No game should be started different.
Depending on your strategy, you can start off with

Doran's, HP pot, ward
Standard most used build. As everything ADC needs, AD, LS and HP. Used because you can be flexible with what you want to deal with your lane. Dorans blade late on sold to make room for other items.

Early Game : "Entering the core"

Here are the essential items previously mentioned. These core items form the base of every build. Also starting with these three keeps you remain flexible to counter your enemy. Depending on how your enemy team performs in this early laning phase we can conclude 3 different paths that lead to the core build.

If you have 1550+ gold
The ideal way to start off a match. Adds tons to your overal laning dominance.
- Good last hit skills
- somewhat passive enemies
- good on health and mana
- FB or Early kills
FB and good coverage of the jungle makes sure you can suppress the enemy and repell any offense. Stay sharp and focus on last hitting instead of "team" fighting. Boots of Speed
Get boots first helps you dodge and escape early danger
- The enemy is having alot of skill shots
- Their jungler is babysitting
Though not ideal to start with attack speed, but sometimes needed.

Vamp Scepter
Regaining lifeback on hits and adds some damage
- When you take scratch damage or being harassed
- having trouble last hitting
Sometimes you suffer scratch damage, attacks from their ADC/Supp whenever you trade hits with eachother. AFter some times you are to low to repell an attack. Vamp will help you keep up with the loss of HP from these pesky hits.

Get these items first, the better it goes the more you can buy at your first back. Be patient and alternate strategy if things go bad. Buy what you need accordingly.

First steps out of the core

Now that we have what is essential to Sivir. We take the FoG into consideration for our next sets of item choices.
Usually we are near the end of the laning phase and the first turrets are about to fall. Drake is also starting to be on the menu list.

Things can be rough and you somehow need to make a stand/comeback. Some way to get cheap damage.
- you are ganked often
- suffer alot of trade/harasses
- enemy team is pushing hard

pick axe >> IE
You are doing great and there is nothing to worry about
- You have no difficulty zoning out the enemy botlane
- You doing great on last hitting
- A few early kills

If you can't decide which of the 2 to go for. You can always go for pick axe first and see what the next 5 minutes bring you.

Balancing out the build

Having either BT or IE, you want to have some sort of attack speed / crit item. One that is cheap to purchase and offers a broad variety of upgrades keeping your options open en flexible. Unless things still goes bad and their team is getting beefy.

Pick axe > LW
LW is a great item to counter enemies with more than 100 armor.
- You are still struggling to get back in the game
- enemy tanks are getting beefy
- Poking is all you can do

The most common attack speed item (besides greaves) all ADC's will buy or one of its many upgrades.
- Crank up your farming speed
- Opens the doors for jungle farming
- The game goes stable or great for you

Sneak peak your enemy

This phase is important to take a peek at your enemy stats. Who is leading? What items do they have? What kind of strategy are they playing? The answers determing which item is most suitable this time around. Also the next item choice comes with a long debate which is better. ANd no matter which is marked in the core build. People has and will always wonder / complain why I didn't selected another or why not this one...

Phantom dancers are lethal. Your overal DPS gets a huge boost!
- ideal for small teamfights
- skirmishes on stranded enemies
- No more minions blocking you

Statikk Shiv is common but not as the above mentioned.
- You still need a comeback on CS
- Ideal for pushing back a few waves
- Jungling is child play
- Large teamfights
- good poke ability
- Adds damage to the initial hit

Trinity Force is for some the best item in the game. It is a jack of all trades, master of none.
- When you need high initial damage on single targets
- damage proc Works on turrets
- Take when you feel it suits your playstyle
- just to damn expensive

Completing your vamp scepter with blade instead of BT is much better after mid game. This is why...
BT Blade
Auto Attacks v
Abilities V
Farming Tie
Living Objectives V
Turrets Tie
Scales late game V
Passives V
Actives V

The last parts

The final part of the game where a teamfight can decide the winner. Baron and drake are high priority!
What to do with your last item slots. Many factors play part in the choice. The longer the game went on, the more variety it brings. I will sum up some items that can be bought this time around and why.

Black Cleaver
- Your game went rather positive
- Your can count on your team to protect you
- Amazing in teamfights
- Lots of AD champs in your team
- Enemies have low to no armor stacked < 100

- The enemy tank seems to have a good day and gets beefy
- Your team is slightly throwing and teamfights are messy
- They try to counter you with armor

Magic Resist without losing a slot with now output power.
- Mages aim for you
- In need of some extra health (barrier passive)

- Heavy CC team

Frozen mallet
- Enemy team are evasive
- They got a lot of movement speed
- In need of some HP to survive teamfights

Randuin omen
- you hate their ADC
- Awesome allround defense item

Guardian angel
- Overal the best defense item (vs AD/AP)
- Need team to protect you when it procs

After party

If the game isnt over yet, try to swap items for more output.
- Guardian Angel after it procced
- Swap boots for another movement speed item with more output
- Buy red/blue potions

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VII - Not this time ( Spell Shield List )

Spell Shield List / Enemy Chart

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VIII - Credits

This guide is made possible thanks to the following people for layout / discussion / testing / 2nd opinion or for other additional knowledge.

  • MissMaw for her assistance on the details of my guide.
  • LucyHeartphilia - For assisting me with the re-vamp of the spell shield section
  • Theory Crafting veteran : Searz for the rune knowledge
  • Poki3 for the detailed spell shield block list
  • Sivir Guides from Kibblinator and Svingas for inspiring me to make my own Sivir guide.
  • Feedback credits to make this guide getting better and better.
    • jasie3k - Item tips
    • PotatisFarfar - For recommending my guide
    • BakaGirl - Layout tips
    • jhoijhoi - For the most constructive feedback I'd thought possible. Making me re-write my guide's detail / layout and other textual improvements based on her guide Making A Guide AND for making the banners added to my guide and signature!! Thank you so much!
    • Dozens of people sending in their opinions about the remake of Sivir
  • And you for reading / commenting and voting on this guide making it one of the viable guides for Sivir for everyone to use.

Want your credits listed? Give me useful feedback in the comment section or PM me so I can test it out and adjust the guide where needed.