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Fiora Build Guide by Sparkfire

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sparkfire

Fiora-Trust Yourself![Short Guide to Victory!]

Sparkfire Last updated on February 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings Community! This is mine first Guide, so please, be polite, because mine english isn't perfect, but still I will try to do mine best, and pass on you mine knowledge of Fiora. I think, that Fiora is a great champion, because she is awesome on early game, hers ultimate on Teamfights do TONS OF DAMAGE, and she can easily slide between Teamfights Chaos, to get close to enemy team AD Carry!
I really wanted to do mine guide longer, but still I want to save mine originality. I know that mine guide isnt perfect, so if you want to read some in-depth Fiora guide, try this one:
Fiora- A Double Edged Sword

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+Big Damage
+High Survivability(Ability To Survive Teamfights, dunno how to call it :D
+Nice farming ability
+Great Tower Pusher!
+Pretty Damn Low Mana Cost for Everything!

-If jungler will gank you, it all depends how you will use your Lunge And Flash
-You can't play her nervously, you have to stay calm, and carry the game
-Hers Voice Acting on Polish Version SUCKS :<

I was thinking a lot of her Blade Waltz, because it can be placed in pros, but neither I can see her ultimate in cons, because of chaos, that she will do with it. I mean: You Have Blade Waltz, and you are fighting against top. You are winning, but then jungler ganks you. In attack of panic, you used your Blade Waltz, it kills enemy solo top, but when you have jumped on jungler, he run under turret and you have been killed :C. That's why her ultimate isnt pro or con. Its Neutral

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Yea, you can laugh because of Quint for Health Regeneration. But on Fiora, one of them is great help on early game! If you are against champion like Nidalee or Darius, you only have to hit minions to regenerate your health like Garen!
But anyway:

Most Important Runes

Greater Seal Of Armor. It gave us 1.41 Armor per one rune, which gaves us 12,69 additonal armor(To be honest, it's 13 additional armor :D), that's accumulated with 6 Armor from Masteries. It gives us 19 Armor. It's always better than 0.4 Damage from Greater Seal of Damage.

Greater Glyph Of Magic Resists. It gave us 1.34 Magic Resists per one rune, which gaves us 12,06 additional magic resists(12 Additional Magic Resists :P). I recommend this one cause 0.28 additional Damage from Greater Glyph Of Damage, IS NOTHING.

Greater Mark Of Attack Damage. It gave us 0.95 Attack Points per one rune, which gaves us 8,55 additional Damage(It's 9 Additional Damage). This rune is essential, trust me. 9 Additional Damage accumulated with Quints and Masteries, gives us about 14 additional damage, that is accumulating with Fiora Riposte Passive(+15 Attack Damage_. It's 29 additional damage on start.

Greater Quint Of Attack Damage. Nothing more to say. Truly Amazing Rune.

Greater Quint Of Health Regeneration. Additional 2,7 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds. Trust me, this runes is highly recommended when you are playing on top. But you should also try to equip three of them. I havent tried it yet, but it can be awesome. You know, its costs 2050 IP, and I need to buy some new characters for 6300 IP and with runes that I have, playing Fiora is Fuuuuun :)

Other Runes that can help you

Greater Glyph Of Attack Speed. Really Not Bad Rune. But it makes us more squishy too :(. It's helpful against jungle creeps, but its useless on top lane. I mean: Nidalee! Her spears are truly painful, and without resists she will own you only for 3 spears! Additionaly, when you are ganking mid lane, you can get killed easily by ap carry like Le Blanc. You know, you are ganking her, but yours AP Carry Sucks and Runaway. Then LeBlanc who is not afraid of you, kills you, and says "Thank You For Rabadon". And all team starts to blame you.

Greater Mark Of Armor Penetration. Another Good Rune, but makes you easy feeder against champion like Rengar. I mean: You Get High Armor Penetration, but its useless against Rengar who will jump on you from bushes with TONS OF DAMAGE, and leave without any scratch, because you dont have enough damage to engage him :C. It can be useful on Late Game, because it can stack with The Black Cleaver or Last Whisper, and your Blade Waltz will Decimate even Darius health ^^

Greater Seal Of Mana. Thats not a joke. I saw Fiora with these types of runes. She was awesome XDD. I know that you might think of that rune, as a troll one. Because it is troll rune. Fiora really dont need it.

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Boots of Speed + 2x Health Potion +1x Mana Potion It's standard beginning for many character, because of 300 health regeneration. I recommend to take with you Mana Potion, because Fiora don't feel so big mana hunger, but still, on early laning phase, it's more safely when you have mana.

There was a time, when i was taking Doran's Blade with me, because of Attack Damage Bonus, and a bit Lifesteal, but then i realised, that this is a sort of mistake for Fiora. You can try it on your own, but you will conclude very fast, that when you really want to have BIG DAMAGE on early game, it's better to take Long Sword with you, because it can be changed to Vampiric Scepter, Tiamat or Last Whisper

This item is great for earl jungling, because of bonus that it grant us, and still it's better than Hunter's Machete. With our runes, it gaves us additional 31 armor points, that are very valuable on jungling. When you are going on top lane, it's great item too, but it makes you slow, so when you will encounter someone like Darius, and he will start with boots.. Sorry for you, but he will rip you to the bone. So if you really want to start with this item, don't push so hardly.

Early Game

The Early Gaming Phase, is the time for Fiora! Cause of high damage, she can easily gank lanes when you are jungling, and she can deal massive damage in a short term of time when you are on top. When I was playing Fiora when I was on levels 12-24, mine build usually looks like that:

I hope that I don't have to tell you what's wrong in mine build. Anyway, back to the topic. Mine build was like that, but then, I have started to watch videos like FIORA TIAMAT POWER, FIORA PENTA WITH ULTIMATE, and more like them. So I changed mine build a bit, and replaced Phantom Dancer's with Double Tiamat. But that was still weak build, because of really hard earl-game, and I was nothing when I get engaged with enemy 1v1. Then mine friend have told me about great ability. It was armor penetration. From then, mine build evolves many times, and it end like this one that i recommend you. Damn, sorry guys, I get sucked into mine memories, but you want to know options for earl game. So let's don't extend more:

This is a great earl game item, because it gaves us 180 additional health, and it's necessary for The Black Cleaver. It's important to buy it before Vampiric Scepter, because as game is further, the more useless Ruby Crystal become. It also can be exchanged for Warmog's Armor, but to be honest, Warmog's Armor is pretty damn useless item for Fiora. If you want lots of Health, it's better to build Frozen Mallet, which build includes Ruby Crystal too!

And that's all about health problem. Let's continue:

Long Sword. Trust me, this is really important item, that should be buyed right after Ruby Crystal. To be honest, I've never seen so elastic item in League of Legends, as Long Sword is. For Fiora, this is really helpful item, that help us on early game phase. Depending on the situation on your lane, you can evolve Long Sword to Vampiric Scepter when enemy is poking you from distance, but has too low damage to attack you closely. If you will have to face champions like Amumu, it's better to buy The Brutalizer, because of his armor penetration.

I think that Ninja Tabi's is a perfect shoes for Fiora, if she gets usual top enemy character like Olaf or Volibear. But still, that perfection isn't perfect at all. Shoes are very important items, that makes sense for our build. It's a binder for any further items. That's why I have chosen Ninja Tabi for Fiora shoes. But anyway, boots like Mercury's Treads are another good option too! If we will have to play against Nidalee, Amumu or Vladimir these boots are fundamental. Tenacity from them is great ability, neither additional 25 magic resists.. I'm in. It's really hard to choose between two of them, but I think, that still better way our is to buy them situationally.

Vampiric Scepter has been buffed when we've get big League Of Legends patch, which changes prizes for some items, deleted another, and add another yet. Now it gaves us 10% of Lifesteal, and additional +10 Attack Damage, which is really helpful, because it's old Long Sword and Vampiric Scepter in one great item. It's also good opening for The Bloodthirster or Ravenous Hydra, so we can carry that item till mid game phase.
philosopher's stone

philosopher's stone Is well knewed item for all players. It gaves us a bit health and mana regeneration, and it's generating gold. This item is good when enemy is pushing you, because your regeneration will be damn high, if u accumalate it with Health Potion and Duelist. And still you will get gold! But anyway, that item can't be carried forever. Thanks to Riot, we dont have to sell it and forget about him. I recommend you to buy it right after Long Sword and exchange it for Eleisa's Miracle When you reach level 14. It costs only 400 gold, and gaves 15 Health Regeneration, 10 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds. Maybe this is a bit support item, but his passive is great. From Big League Patch, Eleisa's Miracle disappear when you will advance by 3 levels when carrying it, but regeneration from it will magically change into your passive, with epic graphic effect! It's like 7th item.



The Black Cleaver is great item, but still I think that Riot nerfed it on Big League Patch. Before Big League Patch, Black Cleaver has got Armor Penetration, and Attack Speed. This attack speed bonus was great, and I thought that Riot will not delete it. But it happened. But still, I'm happy that The Black Cleaver makes our Champions more tanky right now. The fact is, that The Black Cleaver is irreplaceable item for Fiora. It gaves us a lot of Armor Penetration, and it's stackable! That means, that our Blade Waltz will decrease enemies armor on teamfights! It's amazing! If you will use your Blade Waltz smartly, your AD Carry will kill your enemies in an instant, if your Blade Waltz will not be possible to destroy them to the end :D. This item is way more amazing than Last Whisper.

And here it is, THE Ravenous Hydra!!! This is amazing item, when I saw it after Big League Patch, I was rapturous. The Tiamat from before Big League Patch, was condemned. It was still missing something. But then, Riot makes us able to evolve Tiamat into amazing Ravenous Hydra! This item grants us a TONS OF DAMAGE, a TONS OF REGENERATION, and TONS OF LIFESTEAL. Even its passive that let us get lifesteal from splash damage is awesome! But what about an active skill? You see, there's a big teamfight, you have used your ultimate, and you appear near 3 LOW HEALTH ENEMIES. What will you do? You don't have time to attack them all, so what will you do? It's simple. Use Lunge on enemy in the middle of them, and activate Ravenous Hydra. One Shot, TRIPLE KILL. But if you dont want to build Ravenous Hydra, there's a plenty of items that you can buy instead of Ravenous Hydra. But let me show you one video, when I was playing ranked with mine buddies. Enjoy(Sorry for no commentary, but I'm from Poland, so lot of you guys might not be able to understand what am I saying :) It's our first Video, so sorry ^^)):
Another important item for Fiora is The Bloodthirster! You ask me why? Mine answer is like that: +100 damage and 20% Lifestal. Problems? Another great thing that how is that item binded to Ravenous Hydra. Because Hydra lifestealing from splash damage, depend on lifesteal that's dealed by champion. For me, The Bloodthirster is a Core-Item for Fiora. You again ask me why? Then mine answer is: Blade Waltz. I mean: It's all in it's ability for applying on-hit effects. There are 2 enemies chasing you, and you know that you can kill them at ease if you will have full health. But your health bar shows you only 300 Health. What are you going to do? Without The Bloodthirster you will have to run high as f**k away from them. but with Bloodthirster, you only have to surprise them with your Flash, Lunge, and Blade Waltz. And now, the tables are turned, because you have full health, and their health bar shows 300 Health ^^. You mad, coward playing Fioras?

Late Game <3

So far, so good. If you are playing good with Fiora, and your teammates aren't feeding, then there's no late game for you. You aren't able to finish the build. But still, if teamfights are balanced, and all game is great game, you should go like this:

Infinity Edge. This item will help you a lot, if your team is a kinda ******ed, and everybody walks alone. Because of high additional damage, passive that makes your critical strikes hit for 250% damage, and additional 25% Critical Strike chance, you have your way in 1v1 fights. This item is truly recommended by me, because our Last Whisper will gave us only +40 Attack Damage, and 35% Armor Penetration. It's helpful on teamfights, but what about playing when there's no teamfights, only hard ambushes in jungle, and trying to get farm from creeps? Then it's high chance to encounter enemy AD Carry, who will have high attack speed, and critical strike chances about 40%? You dont have to care about Attack Speed, because you have your Burst of Speed. But still, we have critical strikes. If you will not have critical strike chance, your only chance to kill AD Carry, is when you have your Blade Waltz. But this is just wasting your best skill. So then Infinity Edge is way more better item than Last Whisper.

Awww yeah, The Guardian Angel. Freakin' awesome item, especially when enemy team have silencers like Kassadin, Blitzcrank or Talon. I mean, there's a big teamfight, you're jumping in right after your tank, but you discovered, that you aren't able to use your ultimate, because somebody silenced you. This is the most painful thing for Fiora EVER! You only need to die first, because your team will have to make chaos on the battlefield, to not give enemy chance to use his CC on you after revive. Great item for Fiora, but it can be replaced with Frozen Mallet, or Mercurial Scimitar. Mercurial Scimitar helps us a lot, in a situations like that before, because of its cleanse active skill. It's really helpful. Frozen Mallet Gaves us big amount of Health, and will slow all of enemies in teamfights! It can help us to get injured enemies ^^


Enchantment: Furor Is a great enchantment for most of AD Champions, that are mainly focused to do damage. We called them AD Carry. This enchantment is pretty cheap, and it still can help us to chase enemies. It stacks with Fiora on hit Burst of Speed passive, so you only need to Lunge on your enemy, hit him twice, to get great movement speed to finish him off. It saves us from buying Frozen Mallet.

Enchantment: HomeguardI really appreciate buying this enchantment, because it helps us when the things are pretty bad, or when enemy is trying to backdoor you, when you win teamfights, and you are with low health. It grants us huge amount of speed, and gaves us full Mana/Health, instantly after recall. This enchantment can be used too, when you are nervously pushing their turrets, because you will be able to recall, and be back in a short-term of time with full health, and you can save your game!

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Match UpS!

In other guides, the Match Ups chapters are truly interesting, and it's necessary to know how to fight against special opponents. This chapter will be expanded soon, because there's a lot of champions, so I can't analyze all of them in that short part of time. Let's get it started then:

Akali is a hard top champion for Fiora. Her Twin Disciplines makes her almost impossible to rip from health, because of it's Spellvamp Discipline. If She will build Long Sword as beginning item, prepare to fast buy of Vampiric Scepter, because of her Mark of the Assassin. It's important to buy Vision Ward right after first recalling, because of hers Twilight Shroud. It's pretty pissing off ability, because she will use it when she is jumping on you. So then Vision Ward is a most important item for Fiora against Akali. Twilight Shroud almost makes us impossible to make some high combo with Burst of Speed and Lunge, because she will disappear, so be patient, and save your mana for Riposte, because right after throwing Mark of the Assassin, she will try to hit you with melee attack. But anyway, Akali's ultimate Shadow Dance, allows her to jump on us without losing any energy, and it's easy for her to detonate Mark of the Assassin, to receive energy, high amount of health, and still she can use Shadow Dance to jump back to minions, without any scratch! It's important to buy Mercury's Treads, and when the things go badly, u should also try buying Mercurial Scimitar, if she will buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter, because if you will get caught by her's slow, you should try to attack her twice with Burst of Speed turned on, Lunge to nearest minion, using Mercurial Scimitar, and try to escape, or kill her as well.

Amumu is rather champion, who will be near minions, and saving his Bandage Toss for jungler ganks. So when you will see Amumu fooling around without Despair turned on, prepare yourself, because jungler is coming. It's almost certain, that Amumu will start from rushing Sunfire Cape. Then you should rush The Brutalizer and Phage, because armor penetration is nothing, when you don't have health to engage enemy. Mercury's Treads can also be helpful, because of Tenacity. Amumu is freaking champion with some serious CC, so it's important to buy them. Maw of Malmortius can be superior item against Amumu, because of it's passive, that grants us more damage, when our health is lower. The shield from Maw of Malmortius, should protect us perfectly, when we have low health, and amumu still got mana for Despair and Tantrum. When shield is activated, u should try to get some serious health from hitting Amumu. Curse of the Sad Mummy is a troublesome ultimate, because of its hellish range, only because of it, Amumu can run away from us really easily, because of it Amumu can get us when we're escaping, and because of it Amumu can change every teamfight! So it's important to get tenacity that offers us Mercury's Treads.

Cassiopeia is another pretty troublesome champion for Fiora. I mean, POISON!
Poison is really painful ability for any champion. That's why we hate Teemo! Cassiopeia is rather unusual top champion, because we see her especially on mid. But there is some exceptions. Cassiopeia's passive, Deadly Cadence, allows her to do amazing combo, without losing so high amount of mana. I think that hers passive is a bit overpowered, but unskilled Cassiopeia can't use it wisely. Cassiopeia's skills aren't homing skills, except Twin Fang, so we need some serious mobility. I prefer Boots of Swiftness, or Mercury's Treads with Enchantment: Alacrity, because we need some serious mobility to avoid Miasma and Noxious Blast. U should buy fast Hexdrinker too, because poison is pretty damn pissing off finishing dps damage! U should also be sure, to shut her down before some serious teamfights, because hers Petrifying Gaze is dealing some serious damage, and when connected with Miasma and Noxious Blast, can wipe out whole team in 3 seconds. So you should engage teamfights then, but by ambush. Ya know, Flash, Lunge, Blade Waltz, and all of it should be used in 0,5 seconds ^^.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Cho'Gath is amazing counter against Fiora, we have to only try zoning him as much as we can, because if he will get farm or level fast, we have f**ked up whole game. It's important to avoid his Rupture, because Cho'Gath is pretty aggresive champion, that will only use Feral Scream, and finish you with TONS OF TRUE DAMAGE by Feast. Feast also grants him big health bonus, so if Cho'Gath will get a chance to Feast on minions.. Dude, i'm sorry, but whole team calls you feeder. It's really important to have a nice teamwork with your jungler, because it's hard to kill Cho'Gath alone. It can be done only with Talon, because of his burst damage :). Cho'Gath don't need resists, to be tanky, because he is nearly immortal only with Rod of Ages, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter :C. So then we need to go full damage. Maw of Malmortius u ask? This is trully useless item against Cho'Gath, because Feast, isn't magic damage. It's true damage, so we can't protect ourselves with Maw of Malmortius. I recommend to buy Mercury's Treads, because of tenacity. When Cho'Gath uses Rupture, our lifesteal becomes useless, because it will knock us airborne. And also it's additional 500 damage, so Cho'Gath will try to use Feast on us, right after Rupture. Cho'Gath's passive, Carnivore, makes him pretty impossible to scary off from lane. So when he will buy catalyst the protector, be careful, because you can't do anything special to him :C.

I'm not afraid of you, Darius! Darius is an amazing champion, that can be really painful for most of top champions (but not for us heheszky :D). His Hemorrhage is a bit great passive skill. It's DPS damage, so it can finish us off like poison, especially when connected with Ignite. It also grants Darius additional 5% movement speed per each champion affected with bleeding. That makes him a living terminator. Another Darius's skill, is Decimate. For Fiora, that skill isn't anything special, because we can't receive big damage from it, because our Lunge places us freaking near Darius. The Darius is starting to panic, and uses Decimate when we are near him, so we aren't receiving a big damage from it. But anyway, Darius is an off-tank champion, so we can expect that it will be hard to kill him. So then, I recommend for you, to build early Giant's Belt, or Phage. The Brutalizer will work great against Darius, but still we have to not lose our minds, because we can counter him easily. Ninja Tabiis a great shoes for us, because it gaves us armor, and 10% decreased damage from other champions auto-attack. Crippling Strike can be pretty painful for us, because of its big damage, but our runes, Giant's Belt, Ninja Tabi, should decrease feeling of it. I think, that we have to be most scared of Apprehend, because it pulls out near Darius, and it grants him passive armor penetration. Noxian Guillotine is another great ability for Darius, because it deals TONS OF TRUE DAMAGE, and when it will be killer hit, it refreshes its cooldown, so it's pretty painful on teamfights. It's almost certain, that Darius will build fast Frozen Mallet. So if you are playing ranked games, it can be helpful to take Relentless on Mastery Tree, instead of Resistance .

Dr. Mundo goes where he pleases? No when I'm playing Fiora! The most important thing that we have to know of Dr. Mundo, is the more health we got, the more painful Infected Cleaver is. So if you want to buy Frozen Mallet, or another item that will grant you lots of health, it's also important to take high movement boots, like Boots of Swiftness, or buy Enchantment: Alacrity to yours Mercury's Treads. It's also really nice game, when you play against Dr. Mundo, because he don't have any ability that would help him to get to you through minions, so it's Fiora farming time! But when you want to fight against Dr. Mundo, u should buy Statikk Shiv, because it's really hard to get near Dr. Mundo, because you will just get hitted by his Infected Cleaver, then Dr. Mundo will get nice chance to activate Burning Agony, and Masochism. That connection can kill us in a few seconds, because Infected Cleavers are truly painful slowing things, and Masochism grants really big attack damage. It's also important to take Ignite with you, but if you still want to take Exhaust, you should buy Executioner's Calling. Executioner's Calling, is also great item, because connected with Blade Waltz, will disable all enemies Heals, or Soraka's ultimate. But still, Frozen Mallet can be really handsome for us, because of Dr. Mundo Sadism, which will give him huge movement speed bonus.

It's impossible to play against yourself when you are playing Draft, or Ranked Games. But still, we can encounter ourselves in Blind Pick. But anyway. The hardest battle is against yourself. That words are truly truth. I find pretty difficult to play against champions, which we are good with, because if we know well some champions, we know what a character can do. So we are avoiding situations, that can makes us dead. If we are playing against Fiora, most important thing should be that: Be first, if you don't want to get yourself killed, but in some cases, you should be the last one. I mean, Blade Waltz! When huge teamfights are coming, try not to be close to your teammates, because of Ravenous Hydra, and Blade Waltz power. You should be patient, and wait till enemy Fiora uses Blade Waltz first. IT'S MOST IMPORTANT THING. Because:
-Enemies Fiora, will only do damage
-Your health will be ripped to half, or 25%
-Enemies Fiora will have Full Health
+Then you are using Blade Waltz
+It recovers your health to max
+Enemies Fiora will get 25% Health, and no Blade Waltz to regenerate health.
It's also important to catch some armor, I mean: When you will get Vampiric Scepter, you should buy Chain Vest right after it. It's great opening for Guardian Angel, and gaves us plenty of armor on earl game.

Playing against Gangplank, is truly simple for Fiora. It all depends, how will you use your Riposte( it's better to keep some distance from him, if your reflex sucks, I mean: When somebody is coming on you with targeted skill on you, you will see his character surrounded with yellow light, you should come closer and use Riposte, because Gangplank's Parrrley, is counterable by our Riposte). It's well knewed in whole League of Legends, that Gangplank will try to get some nice crits, so we need to play carefully, because each Gangplank's strike, will poison, and slow us, because of his Grog Soaked Blade passive. When cumulated with Frozen Mallet, and RED BUFF, Gangplank is able to chase us like crazy! So I recommend to buy early Frozen Mallet, or Mercury's Treads, because of Tenacity.
It's also important to get some nice armor penetration, so if Gangplank will become tanky, with serious resists, It's better to exchange Guardian Angel for Last Whisper, because it will be more useful against him. Well farmed Gangplank is able to carry whole game. I remember situation, when I was AFK for 15 beginning minutes of game, mine turrets were pushed, and only thing that I was able to do, was getting farm under turrets. It was hard, but I was killing minions with Parrrley, and getting more tanky. I've carried that game. So please Fioras player, don't let Gangplank own you on your lane.

Garen is one of most haten top champions. It's also painful for Fiora. Garen's Perseverance skill is truly outrageous, because it's regenerating health like crazy! And another sad fact is, that Garen don't have mana, so he can spam his skills all the time! It's important for you, to attack Garen Like crazy, but you should be sure, that his Decisive Strike is on cooldown, because it's important to use ONLY ONE Lunge, to get on Garen, try hitting him few times, and run back away with your second Lunge, before he start using Judgment. When we are playing against Garen, we need to play more smartly, and the safest way to kill, and not get killed, is wait for jungler backup. When engaging Garen 1v1, it's important to save your Blade Waltz, until you will have about 50% health, because Garen's Demacian Justice, is more effective, when we will have less health.

I really like Hecarim, because he is one of the best champions, that Riot ever made. Playing against him, isn't so hard, but it's hard to run away from him, cause of his high mobility, and ignoring collising with units, because of his Warpath. It means, that he don't have to buy Phantom Dancer, to go through whole teamfight, without collisions :). Hecarim is rather tanky champion, who is gonna have about 4k health, so it can be hard to go 1v1 against him. So we need to bully him from earl game. It's better playing passively against him, and baiting him nearly jungler bushes, and get nice cc on him, because his movement speed is amazing! Also he can get nice healing by his Spirit of Dread. It's better to keep long distance between him, and minions. Also his Rampage, can be our Nightmare, because it's unblockable with our Riposte. When you will engage him, it's better to give him everything you got. Try to find place in your build for some attack speed item, like Zephyr, because Hecarim isn't champion, who can be killed in a few seconds when we are using Burst of Speed. Get your own pair of Ninja Tabi, and recommend your jungler to get Runic Bulwark, because it will help you a lot in teamfights.

Irelia is a hard champion, because it's really hard to get her, and it's really hard to stop her farming. Her Bladesurge is a nice skill for farming, but it can't be used repeatly, so you should try using Lunge on her, when she used it on creep, but she hasn't killed it with Bladesurge. It's almost certain, that she will use hers Equilibrium Strike, to stun you, but it will deal you only about 120 damage, in exchange of 400 for Lunge and two strikes with Burst of Speed. Irelia is gonna buy more tanky items like Warmog's Armor, or Randuin's Omen, so we need to get our The Black Cleaver fast, and try to get early Giant's Belt, or Chain Vest. It can be useful later, because if the game is going really bad, you should forfeit your Guardian Angel, and buy Sunfire Cape, because Irelia will try to deal you additional magic dps with Wit's End, and some true damage with Hiten Style. The wise fights against her, is fights without creeps around, because she will use hers Transcendent Blades to recover her health by hitting you, and creeps. Frozen Mallet should help you a lot too, because Irelia is pretty damn fast champion, and Frozen Mallet should stop her really effective.

Jarvan IV is a pretty good top champion, because he can knock us airborne and deal some high damage with his Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike, and Martial Cadence combo, so beware, and pay pretty high attention, when Jarvan is putting his flag, because if you hear it, u should instantly use yours Riposte, to eliminate biggest damage from Martial Cadence. It's also important to save yours Lunge, to get out from his Cataclysm. When Jarvan IV jungler is going to gank you, you should try to provocate Jarvan IV to use his combo on you, because enemies jungler will engage too. Erm.. I will show you this on a picture :)

U should try to use Lunge, on jungler, that is coming after you, by the yellow line, and try to run away, saving your Flash. If Jarvan IV will use Cataclysm on you, you should try to Flash away from it, and run under turret, calling your jungler to help you, because it's almost certain, that you will finish with about 40% of health, and they will try to dive your turret.

Jax is a pretty tanky hybrid champion, who can show us pretty damn burst dmg. Also his passive Relentless Assault, can be pretty painful, because of fast turret pushing. Then when you know, that you will play against Jax, Teleport can be a good way to get some nice farm, and keep Jax away from turret. Leap Strike is a very special ability, because it can be stopped by pretty nice CC, like Stun or Knocking Airborne. Also pulling and kicking out, can stop Jax. It's pretty good to have Tristana in your team, when you see Jax in enemy, because Tristana's Buster Shot, can be truly helpful, if Jax is engaging teamfights by Leap Strike, Counter Strike and Grandmaster's Might. For us, Jax is a champion, that can be beaten easily, but we need to be smart. It's necessary to buy your own Mercury's Treads, because of tenacity. When attacking Jax, you should start with short Lunge, and try to hit him two, or three times with Burst of Speed enabled, and then run back with your second Lunge, when he will turn on the Counter Strike. I also recommend you to get some Mercurial Scimitar, to lower his Spellvamp, cause of Hextech Gunblade, additional damage, and cleanse to use, right after his stun.

Jayce is one of the newest champions in League, and I can say, that he is pretty annoying for us. Not really a big danger, but he is annoying. Our tactic should look like that:
1. Try to stay in a clean way for his To The Skies! / Shock Blast, because it will provocate him to use it on you. It's important to be sure, that you are going to avoid them.
2. It would be nice to suck Jayce out of mana, and don't let him hitting near minions, to stop his mana regeneration.
3. It would be nice to get some resists from early Guardian Angel.
4. Damage him all the time, but don't try to kill him. Better wait for your jungler ganks, because Jayce's Hextech Capacitor, connected with Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate, should get him out off most of troubles
5. Remember one thing: If you have trouble with Jayce, stay extremally under turret, because Jayce can ambush you in bushes, and put on you his extremally high as f*ck 6 abilities combo!
Early Vampiric Scepter should help you to recover your health, when you suck at avoiding Jayce's bullets

Playing against Kha'Zix, is truly pain in ***. His burst damage, and escaping abilities are scarying me. It's almost impossible for Fiora to kill pretty skilled Kha'Zix. His Unseen Threat, gaves him a tons of additional damage, for first strike dealed. It's really bad for us, because as usual, if we step into bushes, we aren't doing it with activated Riposte. And Kha'Zix makes a pretty slaughter on us. I mean: Auto Attack, Taste Their Fear, and Void Spike, deal us a tons of unblockable with Riposte damage, because as usual the first Kha'Zix strike is surprising. When Kha'Zix reaches 6 lvl, it's really important for us to buy Oracle's Elixir, or Vision Ward, because our Blade Waltz isn't affecting invisible champions. Also is pretty nice to get Ninja Tabi, and Frozen Mallet, but only after The Black Cleaver, because Kha'Zix has rather tanky runes, so it's bad for us to get engaged without any armor penetration or health. Also when you will see him in queue, it's better to change ours Greater Mark of Attack Damage to greater mark of armor penetration, because if we got rid of them, we can start with Frozen Mallet, and still got better damage than him. It's also important to be near your minions, or teammates. Remember, Taste Their Fear is your biggest enemy.

Lee Sin is a champion, that I like to play as much as Fiora. He can make pretty nice combo, in short term of time, and he can also save his teammates on teamfights. But for Fiora, Lee Sin is tough opponent. I mean: He can spam us with his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, and it's rather hard to dodge it, because Lee Sin is champ who can use Safeguard / Iron Will on his minion or ward, and jump on us with tons of damage. Im not sure if Resonating Strike can be blocked with our Riposte, and I don't want to lie. It's important to get fast The Black Cleaver, because Lee Sin's Iron will grant him a lots of additional armor. It's also nice to get Banshee's Veil, if Lee Sin is always starting his killing combo with Sonic Wave. It will make him pissed off, and losing control of laning. If enemies Lee Sin will starting to play nervously, and trying as much as he can to kill you, you should call jungler, because it's possible for us, that Lee Sin has falled in rage, and don't care about warding. Zephyr can be handysome item against him, cause of tenacity, high attack speed bonus, and some cooldown reduction for our Riposte. Movement speed bonus can be helpful too, because of connection yours Zephyr Tenacity and additional Movement speed, you should be able to flee his slowing Tempest / Cripple. It's also important try to not lose your center ;).

Mom, why? Malphite is amazing against Fiora. If we are talking about tankiness, the most powerful is Malphite, and Garen. But Garen is also building some damage for being absoultely killing machine. And Malphite can go full tank, and still own us ;/. The best tactic against him, is to bully him from start, calling your jungler as much as you can, and count that you will be able to get away from all enemies jungler ganks. His Granite Shield is perfectly countering our burst damage, because it's almost certain, that our Lunge, and attacks with Burst of Speed, will only makes him angry on us. I recommend to keep him in some distance, and be sure, that he is not receiving experience (yup, it's called zoning, I know. But still some players can be not experienced in League as we are, so it's better to explain anything ;)). You should buy early Guardian Angel, some Mercury's Treads, and Mercurial Scimitar, because his Seismic Shard is amazing skill to short gap between you and Malphite. It also can be helpful, if their Malphite is engaging teamfights with Unstoppable Force. But as you can see, in teamfights your Lunge can be great ability to dodge his ultimate. If you were watching attentively, you can see me using Lunge to avoid his ultimate, and get rid of that BadAss Riven.

In mine opinion, Maokai looks like wooden cousin of Malphite. And he can own us as much, as Malphite. I mean:
► He don't need a wards, if he is buying lots of Mana Potions, or catalyst the protector, because of his Sapling Toss.
► He can go AP Tank, an still save his tankiness, and also his damage is TONS OF DAMAGE
► His Sap Magic is pretty damn good passive ability, because it heals Maokai for 7% OF HIS MAXIMUM HEALTH. If he will get blue buff early, you have a biiiig problem mate.
► His Twisted Advance is really powerful ability, because it deals pretty good damage, and still makes us unable to move for 2 seconds. This ability can't be stopped. When I was playing Maokai, I remember funny situation, when I used Twisted Advance, and scared LeBlanc used twice hers Distortion to run away, but that move only makes me fly further :D
► It's really dangerous to jump on Maokai, even when he is at about 40% of health, because if we even use our Blade Waltz, his Vengeful Maelstrom will made us cry. And also, it's two abilities stacked for his Sap Magic. His combo should make us almost dead, and he will still get healed ;/
► Finally, THE ARCANE SMASH, is the ability that can also let Maokai escape from us, because it can knock us a little bit airborn, and we will get some nice slow ;/.
Great items against him should be Zephyr, connected with Frozen Mallet, and Mercurial Scimitar. They will make us get out alive from most of dangers, and also will help us to get Maokai knocked down, when the situation let us to do this.

Master Yi is rather easy champion for Fiora. Their abilities are similiar, but Fiora is dominating Master Yi if they will go on themselves with same items, same runes, and same players :D. It's all about the time, that Master Yi's Alpha Strike, mades him untargetable, and how long time we will get with our Blade Waltz. The differences are like that:
» Master Yi's skill to get to his victim, is Alpha Strike, but if he will do it, he will lost his untargetable ability. On Fiora, our chasing ability is Lunge. Is way more better, because Fiora's Lunge, let us use it twice.
» Meditate is a skill that regenerates lot of health when Master Yi is AP. But if he is builded for Attack Damage, it can heal him only for 800 health over 5 seconds. It's 140 health per second. That's a lot of time for us, to get his life ripped down. We only need Ignite, to make his health regen fall down to 70s/400 health. That's the situations, when I recommend to buy Last Whisper. In those 5 seconds, we are able to deal about 1546 damage, if we will calculate how much health will he restore, and how much resists will he get. But it's easy, because Ignite is dealing 400 true damage, and this is health that Master Yi is restoring in Meditate :D
» Wuju Style. Attack Damage Buff Skill. When activated, it grants double boosted damage for 10 seconds. It's the time, when we should use our Blade Waltz, because this is most dangerous moment for us.
»Finally, Highlander! It's skill that drastically raises Master Yi movement and attack speed. But Fiora is way more better, because she have it on usual ability, as Burst of Speed.
It's important to play aggresively against Yi, because he can be fast running Terminator, if we let him to fool around and farm. Also he can push our turrets damn fast. Mine advices against him for today: Time your Riposte correctly, because it's your biggest advantage against him. It's nice to use it at least twice in fight against him.

Playing against Mordekaiser is pretty damn hard. It's all caused because of his Iron Man. This ability is his most deadly weapon against us, because he can implicate pretty high damage, and survive most of DPS skills like Ignite, or poison. It's important to kill him first, before he use Children of the Grave, because it can turn us into deadly killing machine. For real! I'm pretty sure that you have seen Mordekaiser's Penta Kill, because he possess Caitlyn. I recommend to take him out first. Maw of Malmortius is essential item against him, because of his Children of the Grave DPS finisher. It can't help us against his Ignite, because this is true damage, but still, we can recover our health fast if we use our Blade Waltz wisely. Mercury's Treads is another great item, but(as we know now :D) it's typical item against AP champions. Try to get him with Lunge, deal him as much damage as you can, and run back with your second Lunge. And don't let be yourself feeded, if Mordekaiser is able to kill you!

Nasus is a tough opponent for us. I mean: Lifesteal! His Soul Eater passive grants him huuuuuuuuuuuuge Lifesteal bonus. It's impossible to win against him, if enemies jungler is doing well. Don't let Nasus get farm with his Siphoning Strike, because of his deadly cooldown, that can(when well connected with Wither) hit us twice, for about 500 damage. It's pretty lethal strikes. But still, we have to be in a good friendly terms with our jungler. Without his support, you will only be a feast for Nasus. But so far, so good, our Riposte can block Siphoning Strike, and get a little advantage for us. But we need to be careful. Fury of the Sands grants him massive health boost, and DPS Percentage damage for nearby enemies. It's useless to using our Blade Waltz. It's better to save it when he is back, but his Fury of the Sands is still on cooldown. Ninja Tabi, and some tanky items like early Guardian Angel, or even Sunfire Cape.

Nautilus is rather tanky ap champion than full tank. Bully him from start to the very end, because if he will get catalyst the protector early, he will play more aggresively. His Staggering Blow is moreless great ability, when enemy jungler is going to gank you, and also his Dredge Line can stop us from flashing. Titan's Wrath is ability, that he will try to using after your Lunge. It's hard to counter it, because when stacked with his Sunfire Cape, it can deal on us TONS OF DAMAGE. Better prepare to get instant feed from levels 1-4, and rush fast The Bloodthirster, because Nautilus don't have so much health on mid game. You should try dodging his Depth Charge with Blade Waltz. I haven't tried it yet, but I think, that it should save our lives :D. Well knewed boots, and Mercurial Scimitar. Also we can try to buy Maw of Malmortius, and Runic Bulwark.

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Special Thanks For Headinpants, who showed me the way to make mine guide look better. As well, I can say thanks for all Fiora players, who'd played with mine build.

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