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Lux Build Guide by lonelydevil90

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lonelydevil90

Lux - Long Range Ownage (S4)

lonelydevil90 Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lux is for sure one of the best AP Carry. This guide will help you play her properly.
After all we all know why we are still playing Lux :)


The guide is under construction and it's my first one, so be patient and all chapters will be done. Thank you for your patience, stay tuned and comment for tips, question etc..

The chapter Tactics and Tips is in progress. If you have some tips that are missing in the list just tell me and I will add them.


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Pros / Cons


+ Useful Snare that hits up to two targets
+ Huge range with all spells
+ Very long range ultimate
+ Shield multi-targets
+ Good mobility
+ Nice burst damage
+ Spells granting vision

- Mana dependent
- Very squishy
- All spells are skillshots (aim needed)
- Need cooldown reduction
- CC weakness
- With Flash on cooldown you got no other escape mechanisms

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 - 7.83 magic penetration
Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration x9 - 3.69 mana regen / 5 sec
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power x9 - 27.54 abiity power at level 18
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 - 14.85 ability power

  • Magic Penetration on Mark is essential for AP carry characteristics.
  • Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration are useful for early game sustent but can be replaced by Greater Seal of Health if you prefer to play with more health all game long and focusing only on last hits instead of playing aggressive before you hit level 6. buy instead a Doran's Ring or two if you need resistence, mana regen and some ability power. I advise you to play on mana regen because Lux is heavily mana dependent and Blue Buff is not always granted. If you play against AD Greater Seal of Armor is the best option.
  • Ability Power per level grants you a nice extra damage during the game combining with Rabadon's Deathcap.
  • Flat Ability Power on Quintessence are important for early laning.

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Not much to say about Offense Tree. Brute Force and Martial Mastery are really nice to help you farm early game, but can be replaced by other masteries( like the 2 missing points on Archmage ).

Utiliy Tree is better than Defense Tree. Mov speed, mana regen and Runic Affinity are for sure must have masteries on Lux.

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- Starting Items:

Why not Boots of Speed? Yes it could help with movement speed and it's actually cheaper so you can buy more potions. Useful when you are playing against skillshot champion. Dodge is the key for victory!

- Early Items:

If you are starting bad buy one or two Doran's Ring: low cost but really effective items. If you don't need them you can build Chalice of Harmony. Try to have after the second recall Sorcerer's Shoes with a helpful magic penetration and Athene's Unholy Grail. This item is really a must have on Lux: tons of mana regen and 15% cooldown reduction as passives, with ap and magic resist which let you lane more easily against ap casters. You could prefer more cooldown reduction with Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I really suggest you to don't buy it.

- Mid Game Items:

Time to burst! If you are going to buy a Mejai's Soulstealer it's time for it.
If you don't want it, start soon with Rabadon's Deathcap. Still want other ap? Or you just need to save you in weird situation? In both cases Zhonya's Hourglass is what you need, granting some armor too.
Of course as soon as you have some spare gold you can upgrade Greater Totem and empower your shoes. 2 options: Enchantment: Alacrity are good in any case, Enchantment: Furor for hardcore players or if you feel under the weather!

- Late Game Items:

Build Void Staff and some of your enemies' magic resist has been wasted, combining really good with Sorcerer's Shoes. You could like Lich Bane too: his amazing passive combine really well with your passive( Illumination) and the mastery Arcane Blade . After you hit an enemy with your spells, your next basic attack will deal your AD + (10+10*level) + (50 + 75%AP) + 5%AP= AD+60+10*lvl+80%AP. Huge damage isn't it?
Need Magic Res? Go for Abyssal Mask.
Need more burst? Go for Deathfire Grasp
They have too much health regen/life steal/spellvamp or your blue buff is always denied and you need more cooldown reduction? Go for Morellonomicon.

- Other Items explanations:

Mejai's or not Mejai's? It's really your decision. If you play Lux properly you are able to finish a game with few deaths, making Mejai's Soulstealer an amazing item. I suggest you to not build it when enemy team got a lot of magic resist or there are at least one or two assassin champions.

Have you got more than one mage in your team? This item will help your team reducing magic resist of your enemies in a 600 range.

A nice choice for some other burst damage. You will really need it against a tanky enemy team. Use it at the start of your combo or after a successful Light Binding to do more damage with full combo.

A lot of cooldown reduction, some mana regen and a sort of ignite in all your spells as passive. Very effective against champions like Swain and Sion and limitating support cures on affected champions.

I bought this item sometimes during season 3. Extra life is nice but you don't really need the slow; AP bonus is also low. You have better options.

Still want some sort of slow or magic res? This may be is the item for you. Not suggested by the way: 50 ap is not enough. May be useful combined with Lich Bane granting an overall movement speed buff.

Still testing it, but you can need it only as last item. Otherwise rush Haunting Guise for some early stats when you are so much behind.

- Don't Buy Items:

Lots of people think this item should be good for Lux. You probably want to buy this item as first or second one and you will lack damage doing it. You don't need the passive restores on level up and the item will be completed after 10 minutes.

You have not to stay in the centre of teamfights so you don't need it at all. It could be better with other mages in your team, but I still prefer Abyssal Mask or something else in those cases.

You don't want to spam your skillshots. A bit expensive and the shield passive is useless on Lux.

A waste of gold. AD, life steal and spell vamp are not necessary at all.

Attack speed would be completely useless on Lux.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is surely a need, which can save you in most of cases if used well. As second summoner spell Ignite is one of the best, helping you to secure a kill or simply halving healing effects of heals, life steal and champions' ultimates like Swain or Sion ones.
You may also prefer Exhaust or Clarity but they probably would be less useful. Another option is Clairvoyance in order to snipe with Final Spark

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Amazing passive which let your next basic attack (or Final Spark) deal more damage after you hit an enemy with your damage spells. Don't understimate this passive: it's so useful both for farming and damage enemy champions.
In early game you force your enemy to stay back, you can almost half your enemy's healt at level 3 with Light Binding, basic attack, Lucent Singularity, basic attack; you only need to snare for this nice combo.

Snare up to two targets with awesome range. What else? Nice damage breaking down teamfights. You can use it to start a combo, save a mate being followed or in order to start a gank. It's the only way to protect you from being harassed and keep you out of a bad situation or just to keep your enemies back. You are not melee so you have always to stay out of the centre of the fight.

Always remember that it's a skillshot so it can be dodged. If you are so pushed, everytime your Light Binding is on cooldown you are in a risky situation. When you have it on cooldown it's the best situation for your enemies to start a gank against you.

Very good support spell that hit 2 times. It can save you from Ignite, reduce an enemy spell damage or absorb it at all. Use it everytime you need to help you and your mates preventing damage received like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Teemo's Noxious Trap.

This is your primary damage spell on early and mid game, moreover it's a AoE spell that grants vision in that area. You can make the orb explode earlier recasting the spell, but you will lose the SLOW effect all over the duration of the spell.
Nice damage, very good range and a slow. Moreover Lucent Singularity let you farm very easily.

AWESOME! Incredible range and very low cooldown. SPAM it as soon as you can. It has a very huge burst, useful to snipe low life enemies predicting their path. You can cast it on a row of minion to push a lane or trying to steal drags/baron/buffs.
Remember always that Final Spark will burn Illumination with a nice extra damage.

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Skill Sequence and Skill Combinations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is an AP Carry guide so you have to max Lucent Singularity first and follow with Light Binding. Of course give one point to the amazing ultimate Final Spark every time you can. Of course don't forget one point in Prismatic Barrier at level 4, it can really save your life.

Harass Combo

Early-game Kill Combo

Late-game Kill Combo

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Tactics and Tips

- Warding:

You don't want to die. especially if you have Mejai's Soulstealer. So the better way to stay alive is to WARD every time you can. On the first way back you'll better take two wards to put in these places.

These are probably the best places where to put wards. In yellow circles you have more vision around, but you can also ward only one side in red circle and play on that warded side of the map. Don't forget to buy some wards all game long especially if your team is in trouble. Also ask your support to ward drag/baron if possible in order to have the opportunity to steal them with your long range spells (especially Final Spark).

- Farming:

Your priority is always to farm, earning the more gold you can from the beginning. You would have more or less 150-200 cs after 20 minutes (depending from game to game).
Farming with Lux is not so difficult. You are able to hit all caster minions thanks to your Lucent Singularity followed by one hit for each one( Illumination). After you hit level 6, you may use Final Spark to kill instantly a row of minions (use it during pushing/not-engage phases).

- Early game:

Play safe. Try to dodge all enemy's spells and focus on farming until level 3. Now continue to dodge every attack and try to counter when possible. If you hit with Light Binding finish all your combo and keep farming. Anyway you have to push less you can focusing on minions and receiving no damage. Whenever you have the possibility to harass the enemy try with your combo or just wait for a gank. As you hit level 6 it's time to kill: try to finish your opponent in mid and take a look in other lanes in order to use your Final Spark. If your jungler let you pick at least the second blue buff you are able to stay in lane much longer and coming back after 1-2 kills. If you are not so lucky remember that your priority is not to die!

- Late game:

After you build Athene's Unholy Grail mana would be less problematic than before. Feel free to use your spells and keep your opponents far away from you. Gank if you could help or at least take an assist beeing careful when you are changing lane ( opponent jungler may be near). Don't lose too much minions and experience and recall when you have enough money to buy something( unless you need to recover mana/health). When it'll be time to teamfights just remember to stay back and use your range to hit enemies from long distance focusing ad carry and ap first.

- Tips:

  • Try to slow enemies as long as you can using Lucent Singularity.
  • Enemies slowed by Lucent Singularity are easier to hit with Light Binding.
  • Spam your Final Spark and try to snipe enemies.
  • Remember that Light Binding can snare up to two enemies.
  • Shield your mates in teamfight and prevent the more damage you are able to.
  • Stay out of the fight and hit your enemies the further you can. If you want to toggle your passive (especially after Lich Bane) pay attention to enemies who can jump on you.

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How to manage with your midlane matchup

In this chapter I describe how to play against each midlane champion with Lux. If you want me to add other champions (less used in mid lane) just ask and I'll do my best to update the section.

N.B: Champions are alphabetical ordered

Until level 6 Ahri is not that problem if you dodge horizontally her Charm first of all and her Orb of Deception that deals true damage on the way back. She can creep very fast and regain health with her passive so play a little passive cause you will hardly kill her before you have Final Spark. After 6 she can towerdive you with Spirit Rush if you have low life stay back and try to snare her (snare means probably that you will kill her with your full combo if she has no R). Never get caught by Charm

Play aggressive before she hit level 6 and don't let her farm. When she hits you with Mark of the Assassin try to stay out of her range of Crescent Slash and her harass would be insignificant. If she goes stealth use your Lucent Singularity in the center of Twilight Shroud and detonate as soon as you can. Don't push after 6, her Shadow Dance could be lethal.

First of all NEVER forget Anivia's passive Rebirth. Keep advantage of her slowness and low life to continue harassing her. Stay out of her spells if you have the "chilled" defuff on you and try to avoid beeing hit by her Flash Frost that luckily is a very slow spell. Not a real problem for Lux but care for her Glacial Storm too.

Pay attention to her stun marks ( Pyromania), her amazing single-target burst and very long range auto attacks that deny you to use your passive effects against her. Her Summon: Tibbers is very effective too. So focus on your combos or wait your jungler and stay away from her.

High damage and high range just like you. His spell will burn 2% of your maximum health due to his passive Blaze. While you are burning he can stun with his skillshot Sear. Pillar of Flame is his main spell damage so predict him when he could use it and zone him with Lucent Singularity staying behind your minions and away from burned ones. His ultimate Pyroclasm is really powerful and prioritize champions burned so be careful after level 6.

Easy one for Lux if you use your full range. Cassiopeia has short cooldown and Twin Fang refresh his cooldown if hits you while poisoned. So try to not be poisoned by other spells and if it happen stay back and dodge Twin Fang. You'll probably never be in range of his ultimate Petrifying Gaze but if you thinks she may use it turn away and the stun will be only a slow.

Probably not really a problem to stay alive against him, but not so easy to kill due to his tankiness and passive Carnivore. You need your jungle help soon or he will stack Feast and the game become even more difficult. Remember to keep the distance from his CC (knock-up and silence).

One of my best counter when I play ranked with Lux. You'll probably can't beat a good Diana. Gap closer, shield and really good damage. You have to play in lane on surviving. Dodge Crescent Strike moving to your right. If she hits you with this spell she can start the combo otherwise you are probably safe. Never waste Light Binding and use it after her Moonfall or it will be probably wasted if you're trying to escape. Lunar Rush has cooldown refresh if you have "moonlight" debuff so it's extremely powerful. Resist, wait for jungle and gank other lanes when possible.

Don't let her approach you. Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite is hurts a lot dealing a percentage of your health. Effective in human form when you have high HP and in spider form when you have low hp to shut you down. If you have low life go base or you will die for sure. Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy(human form) deal a good damage and prioritize champions. Moreover she has a skillshot stun too (human) and gap closer (spider), but you can easily manage with them. Deny her some CS and she'll be useless mid/late game.

Don't push and you will be safe from Hate Spike. Stay away from your low life minions too. Call SS anytime you can't see her and don't change lane if you thinks you can meet her in the river. Her Dark Frenzy and Agony's Embrace don't make you escape. Use Vision Ward if you want, call SS and don't push. She is very squishy so it will not be a problem for you because your comboes really hurt her.

He continually charge his life with Drain. A pain in the a*s but not so dangerous. Stay away from your minions to prevent his Dark Wind bounce on you. He is level 6 and you can't see him? Probably waiting the good time to use Crowstorm. Beware of his fear too.

Fizz is one of the champions that counters Lux if used well. That's mainly for his Playful / Trickster becoming untargetable for 0.75 sec, enough to dodge easily your Light Binding or Final Spark. You'd better try to snare him when he has it on cooldown (he is not able to spam it). Harass him with Lucent Singularity, always pay attention to his Chum the Waters scaling 100% of his AP and also be aware of Urchin Strike combined with Seastone Trident

Galio counters just about all AP mids due to his passive Runic Skin. So aim for farm and ganking other lanes cause you can't kill him if you don't have a nice gank from your jungler. He is a nice pusher too, able to attack you under your tower with his combo Resolute Smite - Righteous Gust. Remember to not attack him while shielded with Bulwark or he will heals himself and stay away from his Idol of Durand or you are probably going to die.

A really good mid, but not so used. His Barrel Roll acts just like a Lucent Singularity with more damage but slower(in last patch range was lowered). He has good sustant thanks to his passive Happy Hour and Drunken Rage. His gap closer Body Slam is useful for escape, go through walls or attack you(with slow effects). Last but not least his awesome ultimate: Explosive Cask can break all positions in teamfight with a huge damage scaling 100% of his AP. Try to not beeing hit by Explosive Cask, all other spells are less dangerous if you stay back and counter attack efficently.

It's all about positioning. Stay ALWAYS behind your minion and Hextech Micro-Rockets will never hit you, stay away from H-28G Evolution Turret when you are farming and care his CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade. The real problems are his UPGRADE!!! power-ups and his huge pushing abilities. Never go away from your turret or it will be lost.

Just pay attention for his Lay Waste and you'll be ok. With your huge range it won't be a problem but he can farm very well and restore mana with Defile, so you have to play aggressive because he's so squishy too. His Requiem will be more or less halved by your Prismatic Barrier or parred by Zhonya's Hourglass as soon as you have it (build it before if you play against him). Otherwise if you have no problem to survive his ultimate, you can do your full combo on him and shut him down while he is casting it (when Death Defied is not active of course).

We all hate him. Jumping here and there with his Riftwalk and you can't catch him. Your Light Binding is not a stun so he can Flash or Riftwalk while stunned and simply dodge all your spells. His weak point is early game so harass him hard from distance (stay out of Null Sphere range) and try to get a kill before level 6. Don't let him farm and don't give him easy kills and his burst power will be limited

Not a big problem to deal with but care to not run out your mana or you are defenseless ( Katarina has NO mana). Just stay out of the range of her Shunpo and away from your minion to avoid being hit by Bouncing Blades. Her ultimate Death Lotus is really powerful and you have no spells to stop her, so use as soon as possible your Prismatic Barrier and get out of his range to limitate the damage. Never use Light Binding if she has Shunpo available and harass her from distance.

I played her for a really long time and I know well (like you probably) that she has the strongest burst damage of all champions. Her good mobility grants her high survivability all game long so a jungle gank will not help at all. Make sure to focus only on last hits and stay back. After more or less 20 minutes LeBlanc is useless, so she will play aggressive to sustent her horrible late game. She has quite all single target spells so she sucks hard in teamfight. Not saying you just to wait 20 minutes. You are able to kill her if you aim well your spells, but always be careful for his gap closer ( Distortion + Flash is quite a bit).

It can happen (at least not in ranked). If you are playing Lux for some time you will know all about her. Now it's time to remember all tips and techniques; it's all about YOUR skill this time. Don't do stupid mistakes and ALWAYS dodge Light Binding. If you are following this guide you have nice Runes, Masteries and Equip Build, the rest is up to you. Good luck!

Harass him with your range, and stay away from your own minions to prevent his Malefic Visions. Other spells are quite easy to dodge ( care his silence-spell Call of the Void). After level 6 remember his powerful suppress ultimate Nether Grasp, it has a nice range (more than Warwick suppress) and can be a problem in teamfights. So never push your lane or you will die at all enemies ganks.

Save your mana, and avoid his attacks. A good Mordekaiser is able to keep his shield due to Iron Man all the time, so it will be hard to harass him. You can prioritize your Prismatic Barrier in the first levels if necessary and focus on cs or ganking other lanes if possible. Care for Children of the Grave or your team will play 4v6.

Your spells are similar. Her Black Shield will prevent her from taking some of you skills (probably your snare). The key to win against her is harass her more than she can heal herself with the spell vamp and always stay behind creeps cause her Dark Binding only hit one target, differently from your Light Binding. Your range and burst can keep you far away from her ultimate letting you shut her down.

Dodging spears all time makes the fight hard. Stay behind your minions or Javelin Toss / Takedown will be the last thing you see before you die. At the same time try to harass her hard or she will recover her health back each time. Don't unerstimate Aspect Of The Cougar cause she is able to do a good damage and her mobility is increased.

Again similar spells, but you range is more. There are not so much good Orianna players, since she's not so easy to play. All her spells use her ball in some ways. Command: Dissonance has quite similar effects of Lucent Singularity and she has a shield as well ( Command: Protect). Predict the ball movements and stay away from it in order to avoid beeing hit by Command: Shockwave. If you start well you can snowball easily against her.

A good Ryze probably build mana and tanky items. He is stronger every minute past, incresing his maximum mana with Seraph's Embrace and spamming his spell all game. But he lacks in range so it's just a piece of cake for Lux. Care his Rune Prison and harass him hard in early game so he can lose some cs, before he starts to be effective.

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Viktor is one of my main too. So trust me: he's really underplayed but his burst damage is incredible! Your main problem will be the unpredictible Death Ray which deals a huge damage so make sure to dodge it. After level 6 be careful because Chaos Storm deals a good damage too, 0.5 sec silence and damage over time as long as you get off of the cloud (remember he can move it). Other spells are less significant if you stay back, more than all his low range stun. How to beat him? Use your range and don't let him push too much, attacking him with Lucent Singularity if he gets too close. If you are zoned under your tower you can't farm well but he can still harass you with that awful laser. Differently, after you deal him some damage he will be less aggressive and he will be scared about jungler coming.

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Nothing else matters

This is probably all I have to say about Lux. Feel free to ask me questions if you need to.

Thank you all for reading my guide and do your best on ranked games.

IGN: lonelydevil90
Server: EUW